Vertex - Chapter X, You and Me Against the World

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  1.         Chapter X, You and Me Against the World
  4. After leaving Craig near his place, Andrea began heading home, thinking it had been long enough for Roxxie to be about finished now. Maybe another lap around the block for good measure, just in case? It was really awkward being under the same roof with her when she was putting things in herself, blasting porn at extremely high volume and screaming bloody murder. Sometimes literally, just to mess with him.
  5. "Bloody murder, aaaauuuughhh~!" she'd go, just because he'd once told her that. She could be a handful.
  6. Having resigned to whatever fate awaited him, Andrea did some stretches at the door, and entered the building reluctantly. Being an athletic young man, he naturally took the stairs up, rather than the elevator. For the sake of exercise, not because he wanted to loiter. Of course. Ahaha... aaah, the door was there already? At least the hallway wasn't filled with indecent noises, at least... at least...
  7. "I'm hoooomeeee~" he cried out, closing the door quickly behind him.
  8. "Ah, Andy, your timing is juuuuust peeeeerfeeeect~!" Roxxie's delighted voice rang out from somewhere in the apartment. That bode ill. She was feeling frisky again.
  9. "I'm hitting the shower" Andrea said, kicking his shoes off and heading straight for the bathroom while taking off his shirt. Entering the bathroom with his shirt over his head left him without a clear view of what awaited him, and thus he was caught off guard when he managed to get the shirt off and was greeted by the sight of his sister in the bathtub, stretching out one long, smooth and pale leg out of the water, her tail plopping off the side of the tub. The foam and bubbles hid her privates and shapely body, at least... at least...
  10. "Oh you, what's your rush?" she asked, leaning her head on her slender arm and running her sensual fingers through her auburn hair, her cheeks blushed with the lust she'd fallen victim to more and more often now that she'd become a Succubus.
  11. "The water is plenty hot, I juuuust gooooot iiiin~" she stretched out her words while stretching her arms and wings, lifting her shoulders and chest out of the water, revealing her tits. Nothing Andrea hadn't seen before, but unsettling anyway.
  12. "Uhh, I'll just, umm, wait for you to..." he attempted to save himself. But Roxxie's eyes were aglow already.
  13. "Oh no, my dear little brother. You're so dirty! Can't have you walking around the house like that, can I? C'mere, let sister scrub you good..."
  14. Her voice was but a whisper, but Andrea couldn't escape it. She was using very little magic in that command, hell, she probably wasn't doing anything to directly control his mind or body, her eyes were just glowing to remind him that she could, and that turned him on. He couldn't help it. The idea of being completely helpless... and not just that, but to willingly surrender to become so... oooh.
  15. "Oh, is that for me?" she asked, staring hungrily at his tent pole.
  16. "N-no..." he tried to fight back. Couldn't let Roxxie take what she wanted without a fight, no sir, she preferred to work up an appetite...
  17. "Oh look at you, there's still sweat running down! Strip for your sister, will you?"
  19. Giving up on that resistance without too much effort, Andrea dropped his shorts. His erection was plenty more visible now, through his briefs... he used to wear boxers, but Roxxie didn't like that.
  20. "Aww, and here I was hoping the little guy would have escaped again..." she said with a disappointed expression. She was referring to a time some time ago when he'd removed his pants and his boner had been jutting out from that hole at the front of his underpants. She'd thought it was funny.
  21. "H-hey... uhh..." Andrea started, even though he didn't really want to stop at this point. His only real complaint - apart from moral qualms - was that he was worn out from the jog. Hey, he'd tell her that!
  22. "I just came back... I'm not really feeling all that... you know..."
  23. "You're still young and all that jazz. Now off with them panties! And the socks too, don't want your stinky socks in the tub!"
  24. The commanding tone of her voice left him with little choice. He quickly got rid of his remaining garments and then stood before his sister, his arms at his sides so she could observe his front unobstructed.
  25. "Junior must like me a lot when I'm in the nude. Doesn't he usually shrink during your jogs?"
  26. "Yeah..."
  27. "Mmh, he's still a little... lazy..." she said, slipping her finger in her mouth.
  29. These episodes were always a pain for Andrea. On one hand he knew it was wrong, absolutely wrong, to do sex-stuff with your own sister. Hell, their parents had always been uptight and religious and kicked Roxxie out as soon as she turned into a Succubus and disowned her. They'd been shocked beyond belief when Andrea decided to move out with her and cut ties to them the same they had to her.
  30. And on the other hand, here he was. Naked, body soaked in the half-dried sweat of his jog, dick hard, face flushed, heart thumping, waiting for her to get him off again, like she'd done so many times before. One of the benefits of living with a Succubus, eh?
  31. "Hehehe... heeeh, I can smell you all the way here, you know?" Roxxie asked, sounding like she'd lost several dozen points from her IQ after the aroma of his sweaty member reached her nostrils. The downsides of being a Succubus, maybe?
  32. She inhaled deeply, eyes closed, leaning out of the tub to get closer to him.
  33. "S-stop that... it's embarrassing..." he protested.
  34. "Whyyy? Because you're all dirty and stinky?"
  35. She inhaled again.
  36. "Mmm... a Holst could use you as a saltlick right now..." she moaned sensually. "You know, being tied to a pole in the middle of a meadow, all naked, having a herd of Holsts coming up to you, mooing, licking away at you as you squirmed and squealed... ooh, isn't that just the bee's knees? Ahahaha!"
  37. He would have been lying if he had claimed this idea wasn't an arousing one.
  38. "Buuuut we don't have any cows here. Maybe I could do it then, hmm?"
  39. Andrea felt his cock get too hard, it was aching already and everything.
  40. "P-please, Roxxie..."
  41. "Whaaaat~?"
  42. "Let's just do it already!"
  43. "Do what?"
  44. "S-sex..."
  45. "WHAT WAS THAT? I CAN'T H-E-A-R Y-O-U~!"
  47. "Oooh, you filthy little pervert! C'mere..."
  49. Andrea stumbled a few steps on wobbly legs, then stopped in his tracks when Roxxie's soft hand grabbed his achy member.
  50. "I can feel your pulse, little brother. Your, umm, how'd they say it? Your kokoro is going dokidoki? Yeah? I get that right?"
  51. "Y-yes..."
  52. "Aww shucks, maybe I'm turning into a weirdo too, from all that second-hand otakuing..."
  53. "T-that's not a word!"
  54. "Hmm? What was that? Please put your finger in my butt? Okay!"
  55. "N-no!"
  56. It was too late, Roxxie's middle-finger was in him already.
  57. "U-uuuuh~" he whined. He didn't like that kind of thing at all.
  58. "There we go! Don't feel like talking back at your smarter older sister who absolutely always knows better anymore, do you?"
  59. "N-no... uuuh, please take it out already! It feels gross!"
  60. "How do you think I feel? Your butt is probably really dirty!"
  61. "T-then take it out already!"
  62. "Hmm..."
  63. "Please?"
  64. "No"
  65. "W-why not?"
  66. "Because it makes you squirm so adorably. I wonder what happens if I move my finger a little..."
  67. "KYAAAH~!"
  68. "Oh my!"
  69. Roxxie seemed happy with his reacting and started to lick the tip of his penis, peeling back his foreskin with her hand.
  70. "Mmh" she said, stopping for a moment.
  71. "Why'd you stop?" Andrea whined.
  72. "You're usually more into it. More relaxed, you know? Just savouring my leet skillz. What are you so antsy about?"
  73. "Uuuh, I just..."
  74. "Just what?"
  76. Now here was a dilemma. Ever since Craig had told him about the kiss with Farai, he'd been thinking of nothing but kisses and dating and handholding and stuff. Should he tell her about it? It's not like a Succubus would understand this kind of thing.
  78. "Oh never mind, you're probably still all exhilarated from your run. I'll get you all nice and calm after you're worn out"
  79. Whether or not Andrea had dodged a bullet there or jumped right in its path, he couldn't say.
  81. It turned out he had not. Her tongue teased his tip, her finger violated his insides, and soon enough she used her other hand to tickle the bottom of his ball sack.
  82. "Hiii~!" Andrea cried out, arching his back. That wasn't fair at all!
  83. "You're so ticklish..." Roxxie cooed, still licking, not taking him in her mouth. She kept moving her fingers around the bottom of his scrotum, making him shiver and try to lift himself on tippy-toes to escape her. His mind was already that addled.
  84. "Calm down before you hurt yourself... coochie-coochie-coo!"
  85. Roxxie was enjoying his squirming.
  86. "P-pl-aha-please stop it!"
  87. "Hm? You want another one in?" she asked, sliding her index finger in him to accompany her middle finger.
  88. "Oooh..." he whined.
  89. "Oh shut it, you know you love it!"
  90. "No I don't! I'm not gay!"
  91. Roxxie gave him a quizzical look.
  92. "Gay?"
  93. "I'm not!"
  94. "Never said you were. Are you confused? I'm a girl. Look, titties!"
  95. She moved up and down to make her breasts jiggle, making the water splash out of the tub.
  96. "And you're a guy, see, dick?"
  97. She gave him a little flick with her fingers, making his member wobble.
  98. "Uuu~"
  99. "Oh please, it didn't hurt that bad. Now buck up and enjoy yourself!"
  100. "N-not gay..."
  101. "Did you miss the part where I'm a girl and you're a guy?"
  102. "It's gay if I take it up the ass..."
  103. "How?"
  104. "'cuz I'm getting penetrated!"
  105. Roxxie rolled her eyes.
  106. "You're a real dumbass" she sighed, then removed her fingers from inside him, grabbed his loins with both hands and pulled him closer, causing him to lose his balance and fall into the tub.
  108. Once Andrea found himself in the warm water, his body touching his sister's smooth skin, he began to calm down again. Mentally. His loins were still afire, and he began to seek the eternally tight hole of the Succubus his sister had become, burying his face in her cleavage.
  109. "Hmm, and here I was hoping I could've licked you clean all nice and slow-like" she complained, guiding him in with one hand trying to get him in position where he was less likely to get his face underwater by accident.
  110. "But you know, lots of boys like it up the butt while still liking girls" she said, before his intrusion made her let out a long moan.
  111. Andrea ignored her words and began to move his hips clumsily. She usually did all the work, but now he had felt he had to be a man. Be THE man. And her insides were so tight and hot and so many men had used her and it wasn't right!
  112. "Uuuuhhh.... haaaaahhh...." his breathing was already heavy, the exhaustion from the jog still effecting his body.
  113. "C-calm down! We're not in a hurry!"
  114. "S-shut up woman!" Andrea snapped, grabbing her wrists and pinning her against the tub to the best of his ability, placing his feet against the other end to get more support for his thrusts. He had to be in control. He was the MAN. She was the woman. He was in charge. Not her!
  115. Oh no. That's something mom and dad might have said. Oooh, that's awful! He didn't think like that! But he couldn't be the bitch either!
  116. "Oooh, oooh, that's a little, hey? Andy? Aaahhh! You're an animal today! Whoa!"
  117. "S-shut up woman! Shut up and take it!"
  118. "Oh, okay!"
  119. Andrea opened his eyes for a bit to look at his sister's blushed face. She was smiling happily, although her expression was a little pained. Her eyes had the faintest hint of a magical glow in them. What was she doing? Holding it back? Or maybe trying to control him? Well that wasn't going to happen! He was a man! A man wouldn't be controlled by some bitch! He'd fuck her good! He'd fuck her until every last bit of her magic was in hiding! His rod was the magic they needed! Fucking a Succubus into submission was what a real man did! So what if his body wasn't big and burly? So what if his face was androgynous? He was man enough to do this! So what if Farai had kissed Craig? He got to fuck Roxanne! They were still virgins, but he wasn't! Hah! Even Lance hadn't gotten laid yet!
  120. "OOOOAAAAAHHHHGGGHHHHH!" Roxxie screamed as she reached her climax, and tightened her walls around him. Andrea followed soon after.
  121. "A-aauuuuhhhhh..."
  122. With his orgasm, Andrea  felt his strength leave his body and his will leave his heart. A couple quick spasms and everything in him was in her, but his hips thrust a couple more times anyway, completely involuntarily, with such small motions his penis remained motionless in her.
  123. "Ooh, you came inside? Sorry, that's kind of my fault..." Roxxie said, petting his hair. "Let's stop here, you need to get yourself hydrated and then straight to bed, okay little guy?"
  124. There was, of course, no risk of her getting pregnant against her will, and she simply absorbed his jizz and the life-force that came with it into her body.
  125. "N-no!"
  126. "Huh?"
  127. "I can do more! I'm a man! I'm not some faggot bitch! I won't stop here!" Andrea said, tears in his eyes, and with a groan started up the movement of his hips again.
  128. "Hey! That's not cool! You might get hurt!"
  129. "Noh... I'll fuck you good! Haaahh! I'll.... hooohh... I'll prove it! I'm not gay! If I was gay, would... hhhhh.... would I be doing this? Well? WOULD I?!"
  130. Roxxie put her legs around him and locked him in place, wrapping her tail around his thigh. She was a Succubus, she couldn't help herself. She was loving this aggressive loving her loving baby brother was giving her. Lovingly.
  131. "M-maybe we should... you know? Condom?" she tried. A condom would prevent his life-force from being absorbed.
  132. "HELL NO! I'll fuck you like this! I'll overpower your magic!"
  133. "It doesn't really work like that..."
  134. "SHUT UP!"
  136. They kept going for a while. Roxxie's second orgasm made her lose control and got her fully into the whole thing, and she screamed encouragement to him rather than trying to get him to calm down. Andrea on the other hand let out a loud, obviously pained groan after his second orgasm, and then whined like a dog for a bit. At this point the Semen Demon didn't have to faculties to control herself, and so she simply let nature take its course; her eyes glowed red, and then his mind went blank, while his body became more eager than ever. Their wild thrusts made more and more of the now lukewarm water get thrown out of the tub.
  137. Roxxie came two more times before Andrea's third time. Not a word escaped from his lips, there was no time, she simply overrode his mind again, and again his body did the impossible. Every time he came, his life-force escaped his body and entered hers, and the joy of this made Roxxie ever more excited, ever less in control of herself.
  138. And so nature took it's course. As the life-force was sapped from Andrea to the point it approached a fatal deficiency, Roxanne's demonic powers began to replace it with a recycled form of the same force, the same corrupting force that had turned her into a Succubus in the first place. The two didn't stop until the water in the tub had cooled down to room temperature and a pair of horns had appeared on Andrea's head, hitting Roxxie's chest painfully.
  140. "H-hey?!" she asked, suddenly all sobered up from her fucking frenzy.
  141. There was no answer. Despite his body's movements having remained perfectly normal, Andrea himself was sound asleep. There were darkened spots on his skin, marking the spots where wings and a tail would sprout in time.
  142. "Oh no... no, no, no, no, no!"
  143. Roxxie got out of the tub and lifted her brother up in a princess carry, the freshly obtained energy in her body making her strong enough to do it easily. Panic stricken, Roxxie carried her baby brother to his room, tucked him in tightly, got an extra blanket to put on him and then rushed into the kitchen, returning with a carton of milk and a glass.
  144. She helped her brother into a more seated position and began to hydrate him to the best of her ability, with that ice cold Holstaurus milk.
  145. "Ooh, baby, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." she mumbled, her eyes filled with tears. When they moved out of their parents' place, they'd promised each other this would never happen. He'd said he was okay with helping her out if she got horny, but that they would always use condoms and make sure that never, never, ever would they lose control like this, ever.
  146. "Oooooohhhhh, oh sweety-pie, I'm so sorry..." Roxxie sobbed, running her hand through her brother's hair, feeling the small horns in disbelief.
  147. "It wasn't supposed to be like this... I'm sorry..." she mumbled again, tears running down her cheeks.
  148. "m...nt...ay..." Andrea mumbled.
  149. "What was that? Andy? It's okay, sister's here!"
  150. "I'm not... not gay..."
  151. "W-what?"
  152. "Lance... don't... that's... ahahah..."
  153. Roxxie stared at her sleeping brother. He was dreaming. About something lewd, like Incubi always did. But... wasn't Lance a boy's name?
  154. "Oh no..." she gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. When he woke up, he'd be... oh no. This wasn't happening. This was just a nightmare. Just a bad, bad dream. No way could it be like this.
  156.                         ***
  158. "Hnnnggghhh..."
  159. "Oh hush now little one, no need to exert yourself!"
  160. That was Roxxie's voice, Andrea thought. He was all warm and comfy so, she'd taken him to bed after the bath, right? That was nice of her. Had he fallen asleep on her? That was mean of him. He should apologize... but his body was all numb and stuff. Ehh...
  161. "Hnnnghmmbbhm?" he asked her. Wait, that came out wrong.
  162. "Oh please stay still, I'll give you your chocolate milk..."
  163. Andrea didn't have the strength to open his eyes, but that didn't matter. She helped him drink it up. It was cold. That's how it always was. For him. Roxxie preferred it hot. Hmm. Somehow he felt like he'd like it hot, too. Maybe next time...
  164. "H-how are you feeling?" she asked, feeling his forehead. Ahh, her hand was so soft...
  165. "Waaaarm~"
  166. Roxxie giggled.
  167. "You sound like a zombie"
  168. "Huuugs~!"
  169. "Okay little one"
  170. Roxxie got on the bed with him and gave him a proper hug. She smelled so nice.
  171. "So..." she began, but then trailed off.
  172. "What?"
  173. "We're kind of screwed now" she said.
  174. "Huh?"
  175. "You don't feel any different?"
  176. "I don't feel anything below my neck..."
  177. "That's fine I guess. So you don't remember what happened?"
  178. "We had sex?"
  179. "Oh yeah. Lots and lots of it. No protection"
  180. Andrea grimaced.
  181. "I didn't knock you up, did I?"
  182. "No, don't be silly. It's just that... I sucked out too much from you"
  183. "T-too much? Too much what?"
  184. "You know. Life-force"
  185. "A-am I paralyzed? For life?"
  186. "What? No! Not like that, no, it's just that, you know. You're an Incubus now"
  187. Andrea opened his eyes at that, and saw the worried look on her face. His sister was not joking around here.
  188. "I'm a demon now?"
  189. "Yeah..."
  190. He shut his eyes tightly and bit his lip. He didn't want to admit it, but this was exactly what their parents had told him would happen to him.
  192. Their family had never been all that tightly knit. Sure the grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins got along with their father and mother, and nobody had anything against the two kids while they were still little... but as time passed, that changed. Roxanne changing her name, for example. She'd been baptized as Sarah, originally. She bugged their parents until they consented to it, which took two years, during which she got her ears and navel pierced. She had stopped wearing those piercings ages ago though.
  193. As more and more time had passed, she'd become more and more rebellious towards their strictly conservative, highly religious family, and she'd, among other things, stopped going to church with them. With time, this last bit rubbed off on Andrea, who had always been fonder of her than of the uncomfortable pews and boring sermons. Despite their upbringing, somehow these two kids hadn't been successfully indoctrinated. Of course, had they known everything, dearest mother and father would have gotten exorcists to their house, for these two had since their early youth been possessed by spirits of PERVERSENESS.
  194. Roxxie was five years older than Andrea, and had been chiefly responsible for her brother's diapers and bathing and such in his early years, as their mother busied herself with important adult affairs like a good, pious wife should. Their mother had weaned both of them as soon as she could, and thus Andrea had grown to find his sister's as of yet undeveloped bosom the source of warmth and security his mothers' should have been. There came a point when they began to explore one another's bodies, though this happened long before they could actually do anything with the bits they found to be different from one another.
  195. Their wise father grew worried that the influence of an older sister would make the boy fruity, and thus deemed it necessary he become an athletic young man, and thus took him to one peewee league after another, trying to get him interested in the fine sports of hockey, soccer, 'murrican football, 'murrican football without padding (he refused to use the word rugby for some reason) and a number of other sports, all of which featured as a large element roughhousing, horseplay, the bodily contact of boys on boys, and showers taken together. That'll make a man out of him. And with pride he watched as the little bugger grew into quite the Duracell Bunny, although his frame never took the form that a real man should have.
  196. With Roxxie, he had a different approach. The company of boys would only serve to seduce the weaker sex into fornication and other such tomfoolery, and ensured her only contact with the opposite sex was her brother and other male relatives. When she entered her puberty, this became increasingly important to him, for no daughter of his would become a whore like all them Monsters out there. And Andrea would need to grow strong just to keep them rapists at bay! Their mother nodded at her husband's great wisdom. Both of them were quite shocked and appalled when Roxxie managed to obtain hickies, or clothes with metal studs, or clothes with demonic music being advertised, or pornography, or alcohol and cigarettes and aphrodisiacs and condoms, and when her lingo began to incorporate more and more curses, and when curfew and getting grounded became completely meaningless to her. Oh yes, Roxxie had stopped giving a shit about their opinions. She kept being very friendly to her meek brother though, and told him things she didn't tell mom and dad. Stuff about her boyfriends, about how she sucked them off and jerked them off, and afterwards they'd go into their own rooms and masturbate while thinking about the same stuff, and mommy and daddy had no idea their son had been so heavily influenced by their daughter's wickedness. And then she got into college and moved out. After her first semester she came back to visit them, with horns on her head, a tail on her fine, plum ass and wings on her back.
  197. What happened then was what broke the family apart. There was no great pomp or ceremony, their mother shrieked and cried and sobbed and locked herself in the bathroom, and their father grabbed her by the hair and began to beat her with all his might, telling her to give his daughter back.
  198. He'd never grappled with a Succubus before, so it came as a surprise to him how easily she tossed him across the room. She explained to him quite calmly that this was who she was, and that if they couldn't accept that, there would be reason for her to stick around. Their father told her to go burn in hell. She shrugged and walked out. And Andrea packed up and left that same night.
  199. By the time he was leaving, their parents had managed to gather their wits and they tried to stop him. First with words. He told them that if he had to choose, Roxxie was his family and not them. Then they tried force. Those karate lessons had not been wasted. He never answered a single call from them after that.
  201. It had been nice. Living with Roxxie, that is. Sure she slept around a lot, and it was awkward to meet new guys who claimed they were her boyfriend all the time, but that he got used to. It was even more awkward to get more and more familiar with her body, since this was her place and she could walk around in her underwear or naked as she pleased. It was even more awkward to have sex with your own sister who had always taken care of you, but it wasn't all that big of a step from what they'd done before. It become more fun and less awkward after he learned his way around her body. So what if dad had said he'd turn into a demon if he went with her? So what if he'd burn in Hell for loving his sister? It was the right thing to do! She had always been the one who looked out for him, the one who understood him and took care of him, so fuck everyone who tried to come between them! They were inseparable!
  203. "Hehehehe..." Andrea laughed out loud.
  204. "W-what? Are you okay?"
  205. "Of course I'm okay. After I'm done with growing my tail and wings and horns, maybe I'll go show mom and dad. They'll die from shock when they see we're both Hellspawn no! Ahahaha!"
  206. "Hmm..." Roxxie sighed and ruffled his hair.
  207. "Hey?"
  208. "Yeah?"
  209. "Now that I'm an Incubus, how big do you think my dick will grow?"
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