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  1. April's first #stark challenge will simply be a mono type challenge. You will use a mono-type team and try to get as high on the OU leaderboard as possible.  Whoever is most successful in promoting discussion regarding this challenge will get hops until the next.
  3. To participate, you MUST contact Aldaron ON IRC and direct him to a shoddy alt that has not been used in OU, meaning it has 100 cre and .06 volatility in OU.  You may "test" on whatever alts you want, but you only get to participate in the challenge with one alt and only AFTER I have checked it is at 0.  Also, you MUST submit your challenge alt to me by 11 P.M. EST on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Let me reiterate; you may use alts, but only 1 alt will count towards the challenge and it must be shown to me by April 14th.
  5. A "mono type" team is defined as the following: 6 Pokemon that all have at least 1 type in common.  This means a team of Entei / Houndoom / Charizard / Typhlosion / Infernape / Heatran is allowed, since all 6 have the fire type in common. I'd like to emphasize that you may use Pokemon with dual types, but you have to make sure that one of those types is the same as one type from each of the five other Pokemon on your team.
  7. Rain Dance will not be permitted on water monotype teams. However, if you have one part-Water type Pokemon on a monotype team that is of that Pokemon's OTHER type, such as Kabutops on mono rock, Qwilfish on mono poison, or Kingdra on mono dragon, you may use Rain Dance ONLY ON THAT POKEMON.  
  9. Please discuss your strategies in #stark; the purpose of these challenges is to encourage poke-chat while having fun.
  11. This challenge will end at 11 P.M. EST on Saturday, April 24, 2010, or when the first person gets #1 on the OU leaderboard.
  13. Have fun.
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