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  1. * tsukino (tsukino@unaffiliated/tsukino) has joined #bitvps
  2. <tsukino> +Hi guys
  3. <tsukino> +I need tech support, there's a problem with my server :<
  4. <tsukino> +I haven't been able to connect to my server for at least 3 months
  5. <tsukino> +I was putting off contacting support about it because I was busy IRL and not working on my site anyway, but now it has become critical that I receive support
  6. <tsukino> +I hope someone comes back soon~ :/
  7. <tsukino> +The weird thing is, I can't seem to find my console on the new bitvps site
  8. <stqism> +tsukino: Please make a ticket, bitvps employees can't always monitor irc, though they do try
  9. <stqism> +arij: d34th
  10. <tsukino> +Mmm
  11. * Namworld ( has joined #bitvps
  12. <tsukino> +Ticket Created #132862
  13. <tsukino> +Woop
  14. <tsukino> +Gettin' things done
  15. <tsukino> +Hi namworld
  16. <Namworld> +Hey usagi
  17. <tsukino> +You couldn't possibly help me at all with an issue I am having? I wouldn't ask but it's been going on for like 2-3 months now
  18. <tsukino> +They told me they would look into it on april 15th, well, I dunno
  19. <Namworld> +Eh, you didn't remind arij about it?
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