Sep 21st, 2016
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  1. This has *nothing* to do with the original TrapLight. But it still has traps in it.
  3. >"S-so, Anon... D-do you like butt stuff?"
  4. >You've heard worst opening lines at dinner dates, but--
  5. >Wait, no, you haven't
  6. >Twilight balls her fingers in the fabric of her skirt, the material bunching up between her fingers in little plaid ridges
  7. >A light shade of pink tinges her cheeks as she waits patiently for her answer
  8. >You just sort of... stare, for a little bit
  9. >Then you take a nice, long drink of your water, bracing yourself as you try to figure out how the hell to respond
  10. "Do I... what?"
  11. >"Like b-butt stuff?"
  12. "Please tell me that's a really clever, unfortunate euphemism for smoking. Or golf. Or anything."
  13. >"N-no, I mean like..."
  14. >Twilight starts to fidget with the buttons of her vest, index fingers tracing over and around each other as she buttons and re-buttons it
  15. >"Y-you know... p-playing in the mud? Traveling down the d-dirt road? Going through the b-back door?"
  16. "Uh... I'm going to assume you just really suck at euphemisms, and the joke here is that you're really talking about competitive mini-golf, or something--"
  17. >Twilight places her hands on the table, leaning across it to stare at you
  18. >"D-do you like anal?"
  19. "Uh..."
  20. >"It's o-okay if you don't. I think it's a-amazing! J-just as a concept, of c-course. I've never actually h-had the chance, but... h-humans are a-among the only species to have s-s-sex just for the pleasure of it. It r-really points to how highly cognitively and socially evolved we are as a s-s-species, and that just... it makes m-me"
  21. >Twilight's eyelids flutter, and she reaches up to wipe sweat from her forehead
  22. "That's um... really something, yeah..."
  23. >You drain nearly the entire cup of water, as if written at the bottom were some genius line that could get you out of this mess
  24. >What the hell was Sunset thinking?
  26. >***Three days earlier***
  28. >"Come on, Anon, please?"
  29. "No. I've got stuff to do."
  30. >"Stuff like what? Sit around and mope?"
  31. "I do not mope!"
  32. >You try to turn away from Sunset, but in her usual will-not-be-ignored attitude, she grabs your shoulder, holding you in place
  33. >"And the reason you own the entire Andrew Jackson Jihad discography is...?"
  34. "I, uh... really like folk-influenced punk music!"
  35. >"That just happens to exclusively be about being sad and hating yourself?"
  36. "It's a style!"
  37. >"Uh huh. And so is crying in your room to indie music all night, sure. Now come on! She really wants to meet you."
  38. "That's great. I'm not looking for a relationship right now, Suns."
  39. >"Whoa, hold up. Who's talking about a relationship? Just, you know, take her out for a night. See where things go."
  40. "No."
  41. >"Anon..."
  42. >Sunset runs a hand through her hair, sending red-and-gold streaks slipping between her fingers
  43. "Sorry, Sunset. I'm just not feeling it. Maybe some other time."
  44. >You grab your books, and start to head away from her
  45. >But Sunset isn't gonna let you get away that easily
  46. >Being in significantly better shape than you, she keeps pace easily
  47. >"Anon, you can't keep doing this to yourself. It's not what Sassy would want, and it's just making you miserable."
  48. >Well, there she goes
  49. >She played the Sassy card
  50. >You think that, after every shitty breakup, that card appears in the hands of each mutual friend
  51. >They only get to play it once, but when they do...
  52. >Instant win
  53. >You lean against the wall, and Sunset crosses her arms over her chest; she already knows she's won
  54. "I'll think about it, I guess."
  55. >A grin spreads across Sunset's face, and she pulls you into a quick, rough hug
  56. >"Thanks, Anon. You're not gonna regret this, I promise. She's super excited to see you again!"
  57. "Wait, what? Is this someone I know?"
  58. >"Yeah, dude."
  59. >Sunset's grin widens, and she holds herself with the confident poise of someone who's been holding in a secret for weeks
  60. "Well, who? And if you make me guess, I swear I'm gonna--"
  61. >"Twilight Sparkle!"
  62. >The name takes a minute to register
  63. "The... the weird kid from grade school?"
  64. >"She's not weird!"
  65. >Sunset's posture suddenly changes
  66. >She squares her shoulders, holding her hands on her hips in the way she always gets defensive
  67. >Back in Canterlot Middle, you saw that pose a lot whenever you'd come up against Trender and his gang
  68. >"She's a really, really nice girl!"
  69. "I... honestly had no idea she was a girl. She was always too dirty to tell."
  70. >"Well, sure. She has some... weird interests."
  71. "Wasn't she the one who always played alone in the woods?"
  72. >"She was seven!"
  73. "I mean, yeah, but..."
  74. >Sunset jabs a finger into your chest
  75. >"Anonymous, you already agreed to this and goddammit, I don't care what you have to do, you are gonna be nice to her and you are going to make *sure* she has a nice night. Is that understood?"
  76. >For a second, the side of her she likes to call Bitch Sunset shows through her face
  77. >You've tangled with Bitch Sunset before and, well...
  78. >You're not eager to do it again
  79. >So... well, here you are, now
  81. >***Back at this catastrophe that could loosely be called a 'date'***
  83. >The food finally arrives
  84. >And, good lord, Twilight ordered Vienna sausages with a side of honey-barbecue sauce
  85. >You can already see where this is going to go
  86. >"S-so, Anon... if you d-don't like butt stuff, w-what do you like?"
  87. >She reaches into the front of her vest and, for one indescribably awkward moment, you're terrified she's going to start undressing
  88. >But no, instead she pulls out a small notepad and pen, holding her tongue between her teeth as she waits for you to start
  89. "Uh... can I pass?"
  90. >"I m-mean, you c-can if you want to. But I'd r-really like to get some information. You c-can tell so much about someone by what sexually excites them! The human desire f-for pleasure is directly t-tied to our own cognitive advancement, s-so... if you c-could..."
  91. >She starts to scribble
  92. >"Anal is a n-no... what about f-fellatio?"
  93. >She somehow manages to mistake the shock and horror on your face for confusion
  94. >"Y-you know, getting head? Getting your knob slobbed? Have your cock gobbled?"
  95. "Yeah... I know what you mean."
  96. >"Oh, g-great! Then what d-do you think?"
  97. "I, uh... I mean, it's nice, I guess..."
  98. >"J-just nice? How would you rate it, on a scale from one to ten? One being--"
  99. >Twilight makes an exaggerated sad face, slumping in her chair
  100. >"And ten being--"
  101. >She throws her head back, eyes rolling back in her skull and tongue lolling out of her mouth, a line of drool dripping from its tip and trailing its way down her purple cheek
  102. "I never really thought... I mean, I guess like an eight?"
  103. >You thought cooperating would make this end more quickly
  104. >You were wrong
  105. >"An eight? O-okay, that's good! No, um... w-w-w-what about..."
  106. >She lets out a tiny chuckle, the blush on her face deepening
  107. >"G-giving fellatio?"
  108. "Strong zero."
  109. >Twilight's face falls
  110. >"Aww. T-that's okay though. What about being on the r-receiving end of anal--"
  111. "You know, Twilight, I really don't want to talk about me the entire time! Let's talk about you!"
  112. >You really wish you had more water
  113. >"Y-you want to talk about me?"
  114. >Twilight crosses her legs, squirming in flattered embarrassment
  115. >She starts to fidget with one of her loose locks of hair, winding it around and around her index finger
  116. >"I m-mean... I don't talk about me very much, but..."
  117. >She checks her own list
  118. >"Receiving a-anal is definitely a s-s-strong ten--"
  119. "I mean about other stuff! Stuff that doesn't involve things going into butts!"
  120. >Other tables are starting to look over at you
  121. >"W-why don't you want to talk about butts?"
  122. "Because I'm trying to eat?"
  123. >"S-sounds like the perfect time to m-m-me... the desires for food and sexual i-intimacy are also linked, at least if you buy into the theories of--"
  124. "Okay, so, uh... what do you do for fun?"
  125. >Twilight brightens
  126. >"What kind of f-fun are you talking about?"
  127. "The not-putting-things-in-your-ass kind."
  128. >"Oh, c-cool. That's my second favorite k-kind of fun..."
  129. >She winks at you, as if that comment weren't suggestive enough without a wink
  130. >"I guess I l-like pretty normal s-stuff. I r-read a lot. Play a l-lot of video games. Watch a *l-lot* of anime."
  131. "Oh, cool. What shows?"
  132. >"P-probably stuff you'd n-never have heard of. I'm p-pretty good at watching anime."
  133. >She pulls out a second notepad from her vest, showing you a list at least two-hundred items long, scribbled in pen
  134. "Oh, a patrician, huh?"
  135. >You lean back in your chair, happy to finally have a normal conversation with her
  136. >Well, as much as shooting the shit about Japanese cartoons in the middle of an up-scale restaurant can be considered normal
  137. >"I w-wouldn't use that word. But I've s-studied the artform pretty extensively."
  138. "Artform, huh?"
  139. >"O-of course. Anime is art! And m-more than that, the psycho-sexual implications inherent in most of the ecchi and yaoi genres are fascinating to observe. For example, t-take my favorite show, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijo--"
  140. "Oh, sweet Jesus..."
  141. >"Y-you like it too?"
  142. "Not in the slightest."
  143. >"H-hah. That's understandable. You p-probably didn't know how to properly read into it."
  144. "I didn't know there was that much to read into in a show about snakes with tits."
  145. >"That's exactly w-why there's so much to read into! Just t-t-think about it!"
  146. >Twilight grabs a sausage from the plate and sticks it in her mouth, chewing excitedly
  147. >She swallows, still holding the rest of the meat in her right hand, grease dripping along its length and staining her knuckles
  148. >"Mankind's invented all sorts of hybrid terrors to t-t-terrify itself! But now, even the t-things we invented t-to kill us are being assumed into this g-giant ball of our collective s-s-sexual-somatic unconscious! We're consuming everything in o-our desire for m-m-more pleasure, even our own t-terror! Monster Musume no Iru Nichijo represents just one more step towards humanity's ultimate cognitive evolution."
  149. "Because there's a snake with tits in it?"
  150. >"Yep. B-because there's a snake with tits in it."
  151. "Huh. Okay."
  152. >Twilight picks up the dish of barbecue sauce, dipping the sausage into it
  153. >It squelches in the sauce
  154. >She giggles, licking her lips, and sticks it in further
  155. >The squelch is louder this time
  156. >Twilight begins to vigorously shove the sausage into the tiny sauce dish, giggling like a ten-year-old
  157. >When she notices you staring, she calms down
  158. >"S-sorry."
  159. "Yeah, uh..."
  160. >You stand up from the table, reaching for your wallet
  161. "I think I'm just gonna go. I need to, uh... help Trixie with... some... stuff."
  162. >You drop thirty dollars onto the table, more than enough to cover the cost of the meal
  163. "Thanks for, uh... yeah."
  164. >Not even bothering with a goodbye, you brush past Twilight's seat, heading for the exit
  165. >She sits in stunned silence for a moment, her face going pale
  166. >Then she lets out a nervous squeak, running after you
  167. >"W-wait!
  168. >She nearly trips over her own shoes as she sprints after you
  169. >Just as you get to the parking lot, Twilight catches up to you
  170. >She grabs your arm, then lets go of it, then grabs it again a bit longer...
  171. >And then lets go again, nervously fidgeting with her vest
  172. >"I'm s-s-sorry. Did I m-make things weird?"
  173. "You opened the night by asking if I liked anal sex."
  174. >"Y-yeah. I w-w-wanted to get to know you."
  175. "Uh..."
  176. >"And... t-that was too much, wasn't it?"
  177. "Maybe a bit."
  178. >Twilight nods, hanging her head
  179. >"I"m s-sorry."
  180. >She steps backwards
  181. >"If you w-want to go, that's okay. I'm r-r-really sorry about tonight. Here."
  182. >She digs through her pocket, and holds out the thirty dollars you left for dinner
  183. >"I'll p-pay for everything myself. You s-shouldn't have to lose money for a h-horrible night like this. I'm s-so sorry..."
  184. >Under her breath, she adds something you can barely hear
  185. >"M-mom was right..."
  186. >She looks like she's about to cry
  187. >You think back to what Sunset told you, back when she was trying to convince you to do this
  188. >"She's super excited to see you again..."
  189. >Does she really remember you from grade school?
  190. >And... did she really want to see you so badly that she had Sunset set the two of you up?
  191. >You take the money from her, staring at the crumpled bills
  192. >Twilight can't even meet your eye
  193. "Hey, uh... you know, it's still pretty early."
  194. >"H-huh?"
  195. "I mean, we don't have to call it quits just yet."
  196. >Immediately, her posture changes
  197. >She perks up, grabbing your arm and leaning in so close you can smell the sausage on her breath
  198. >"R-really? You think so?"
  199. >You resist the urge to take a step back
  200. >After everything that went down during dinner, you're not too eager to let her get her hands on you...
  201. "Yeah. Sure."
  202. >For Sunset, at the very least
  203. "Any place you want to go?"
  204. >Twilight steps back, once again tugging at her favorite lock of hair
  205. >"W-well, um... I h-have on idea, if it's okay with y-you..."
  207. >The arcade opens up before you like some clanking, chirping, buzzing wonderland, neon lights reflecting and splashing across you and Twilight as you step inside
  208. "Huh. Didn't even know places like this existed anymore."
  209. >"Y-yeah. I don't even know how it stays open. But it's p-p-probably my favorite place in the w-whole city. I can just be alone, and... y-yeah."
  210. >She takes a few tentative steps inside, waiting for you to follow
  211. >You're a bit hesitant yourself
  212. >You kinda don't want to think about what Twilight's doing here alone
  213. >Especially not when one of the arcade machines includes plastic guns with "realistic vibrating action"
  214. >Yeah, you're definitely washing your hands after you get out of here
  215. >In fact, you might have a pair of gloves in your car...
  216. >Before you can reconsider, though, Twilight grabs your hand and pulls you inside
  217. >The emptiness of the place is kind of eerie; it's like a giant art installation based around 80's nostalgia, and you two are the only visitors
  218. >"S-so, um... what do you w-w-wanna play?"
  219. "Uh... I dunno. I don't recognize a lot of these."
  220. >"Wait, w-what? Not even S-Space Invaders?"
  221. "Huh?"
  222. >"How did you never play Space Invaders?"
  223. "I dunno. My mom was super anti-video games growing up."
  224. >Twilight crosses a hand over her mouth
  225. >"That's t-terrible!"
  226. >She looks like she'd like really, really badly to give you a hug, but reconsiders it
  227. >"So you never h-had any games? Like at all?"
  228. "I mean, I had a Gameboy at one point. I dunno, it just--"
  229. >"Well, w-we'll start with the classics! Come on!"
  230. >She grabs you by the hand again, using her meager weight to attempt to drag you over to the machine
  231. >You're slightly surprised by the roughness of her hands
  232. >For such an awkward girl, they're surprisingly calloused, and her fingers betray hints of a hidden strength
  233. >Actually, no, you don't wanna know what she's been doing to make her hands so strong
  234. >You're just gonna try and enjoy this, and not think about what her fingers have been...
  235. >...
  236. >Goddammit, you're thinking about it
  237. >"Anon? Are you a-alright?"
  238. "Oh, yeah! Fine!"
  239. >You reflexively pull your hand away, wiping your palm on the thigh of your pants
  240. >Twilight looks slightly hurt by this, her shoulders slumping
  241. >She masks it quickly, though, pulling out a paper-rolled stack of quarters from seemingly nowhere
  242. >With a nimble, practiced flick of her wrist, she slips a quarter into the machine, and the screen flashes to life, filling with spaceships, aliens, and bullets, all of them moving too fast for you to follow
  243. >"Come on! You g-gotta shoot back!"
  244. "I, uh... wait, hold on..."
  245. >You're already dead
  246. >"You g-gotta do better than that! Here."
  247. >She puts in two quarters this time, setting up a two-player game
  248. >"Just f-focus on defending yourself, okay? If you t-try to get too aggressive, you're gonna get overwhelmed. Just s-stay where it's safe. Okay?"
  249. "Uh... alright?"
  250. >You have no idea how to actually do that, but you don't have time to ask for clarification
  251. >Twilight is already starting the match, and dozens of little spaceships immediately spawn into the space above your ships
  252. >She's a natural, as you'd imagine, her ship easily maneuvering linearly across the screen, perfectly matching enemy patterns while keeping in their blind spot
  253. >You, on the other, just sit in a corner and spam the red 'fire' button
  254. >This time, you last about five minutes before exploding into an orange ball of pixels
  255. >Twilight actually gives you a tiny little golf clap for that
  256. >"T-that was better! So, what do you t-think?"
  257. "It's pretty fun, actually. Can we play again?"
  258. >"A-Anon, we can't waste our whole night on one game. C-come on! I want to show you DDR next!"
  260. >So, okay, you knew games like this existed, but you never thought people actually *played* them
  261. >Twilight steps onto the glowing stage, holding herself poised and confident, as if she were actually about to dance for real
  262. >Instead of, you know, just stomping on colored buttons
  263. >She puts two quarters in, and the stage next to her lights up
  264. >Turning to you, she nods her head towards the empty stage
  265. >"Well?"
  266. "I dunno. I'm probably gonna look like an idiot."
  267. >Twilight giggles, doing a little twirl as she waits for the song to start
  268. >"You're *d-definitely* going to look like an idiot."
  269. >She places her palms against the railing, leaning on her arms and using her biceps to squish her non-existent cleavage together
  270. >"B-but that's part of the fun! Here, I c-can put you on beginner mode. It's s-super easy. Just r-relax, go with it, and have fun. I p-promise..."
  271. >She twirls her dangly lock of hair, winking
  272. >"It won't be b-bad."
  273. "Alright. But if I twist my ankle or worse on this stupid thing--"
  274. >"Than I'll t-take you right to the hospital. After I f-finish laughing."
  275. >She nudges you with her shoulder as you step onto the platform, but her meager weight ends up causing the gesture to backfire, and she rebounds off you, nearly losing her balance
  276. >You raise an eyebrow, and Twilight pouts
  277. >"S-shut up."
  278. >She places her quarters into the machine, and the song starts
  280. [Embed]
  282. >Onscreen, vague humanoid figure appear in front of each of you, all of them glowing in digitized primary colors
  283. >The mixed green and blue hues wash over the two of you, throwing soft, flickering contour-shadows over Twilight's body as she warms up, twirling in place and spinning her arms
  284. >She looks so ridiculous yet, at the same time, so confident and so, dare you say it... cute?
  285. >Your nervousness over playing this stupid game starts to abate, and you try your best to mimic her warmup motions
  286. >When the dancing actually starts, though, you're completely unprepared
  287. >A storm of colored arrows flashes by on Twilight's screen and she immediately begins to step in line with their pattern, even adding little flashy hand motions and the occasional twirl
  288. >You have like one arrow every five seconds, and you're practically tripping over your own feet
  289. >"D-don't think so much! Just m-move!"
  290. "I'm trying!"
  291. >Even though she's out of breath from so much dancing, Twilight still manages to laugh at you
  292. >You end up trying to hit both the right and left arrow with the opposite legs, ending up doing some sort of awkward crossed-knees pose
  293. >When the next up arrow comes, you don't have time to uncross them
  294. >Instead, you attempt a clumsy Michael Jackson-esque half-turn, stomping the up button with your heel
  295. >Twilight cheers
  296. >In spite of yourself, you feel kinda cool
  298. >When the song winds down, you're both sweaty and breathless
  299. >Twilight pulls out two more quarters
  300. >"Again?"
  301. "Where do you keep getting those?"
  302. >She grins
  303. >"I'm a r-regular."
  304. >The two of you launch into the next song, and you even ask Twilight to crank it up to whatever level comes after "beginner" this time
  305. >"You sure?"
  306. "I'm always up for a challenge."
  307. >"Heh, alright. I'm l-looking forward to this..."
  308. "Really digging the lack of confidence."
  310. [Embed]
  312. >You don't even get a chance to make more snappy remarks
  313. >The next songs starts, and the two of you are moving again
  314. >When the songs ends, Twilight starts another, and another, and another
  315. >You even start to get into it, trying to mimic her extra showy motions, waving your hands, and grooving your shoulders along to the mid-2000's dance hits
  316. >Gradually, you start to lose sense of time, and the songs begin to blend into each other, becoming on long series of thumping bass drums, strobe lights, and sweat
  317. >You almost feel like you could have gone on like that forever
  318. >However, after what feels like dozens of songs have gone by, Twilight finally slips up
  319. >Her foot lands badly on the left arrow, slipping out from under her
  320. >She goes pitching backwards, conveniently slamming right into you
  321. >You wrap your arms around her, trying to keep her from hitting the ground
  322. >She knocks you back into the safety rail, and the two of you sink down onto the platform together, her in your lap
  323. >You're surprised by just how... *dense* she is
  324. >Doesn't feel like anything like the pudgy nerd-girl you expected
  325. >Despite the lack of weight, she feels surprisingly strong all across her body, not just concentrated in her hands
  326. >So either she's had some pretty intense fap sessions, or DDR is a better workout than you thought
  327. >Or... well, you're not sure what else, and you don't get a chance to think through it
  328. >Twilight starts to giggle, too exhausted to get off you, and you're too beat down to push her away
  329. >Besides, this isn't bad
  330. >"T-that was awesome. You did really well!"
  331. "Hah. Same to you. You play this a lot."
  332. >"Yeah. I come here a l-lot, because..."
  333. >She coughs
  334. >"You know... n-not much else to do."
  335. "Yeah..."
  336. >You scratch at the back of your head, becoming more and more away of her weight pressing against your thighs
  337. >Holding her doesn't actually feel too bad
  338. "I mean, if you'd be cool with it, I could come hang out with you more often. I like this place, it's super cool."
  339. >"Y-yeah?"
  340. >Twilight smiles up at you, the light from the DDR turning the blush on her cheeks purple, then green, then a deep blue
  341. >"I'd really like that. Thanks."
  342. >She adjusts her position, glancing over at the exist
  343. >"You want me to, um... g-get us something to drink?"
  344. "Oh, yeah, sure. Thanks."
  345. >Twilight forces herself to stand, leaning heavily on the railing
  346. >She staggers out towards the lobby of the arcade, out of the darkened game room
  347. >You sit up, your head spinning from a mixture of exhaustion and emotional confusion
  348. >You're actually starting to like being around her
  349. >Which really begs the question, what was going on back at dinner?
  350. >And, if you hang out with her, are you going to have to see that side more?
  351. >Twilight reappears, carrying a clear glass bottle in each hand
  352. >Only when she sits next to you can you read the labels
  353. "Smirnoff Ice? Isn't this stuff alcoholic?"
  354. >"Y-yeah, I guess. Why?"
  355. "How'd you get this?"
  356. >"We're the only ones h-here. I just took it."
  357. "Wait, what? The only ones here? How?"
  358. >Twilight just shrugs
  359. >"I t-told you, I'm pretty much the only business they get here. They just kind of let me stay as long as I want."
  360. "That's... weird. But cool."
  361. >You reach for the bottle in Twilight's left hand
  362. >"A-ah! No, here, this one's for you."
  363. >She pushes the one in her right hand towards you instead
  364. "Huh?"
  365. >"I, um..."
  366. >She glances at the bottle she kept from you
  367. >"I already d-drank out of this one. It'd be gross."
  368. "Gross? You didn't seem like someone to care about gross. But I guess I wouldn't want to catch that cold you've got."
  369. >"C-cold?"
  370. "Yeah. Your voice has sounded super raspy all night. Seems like a cold to me."
  371. >"O-oh, yeah! That's it. I've been a bit sick, and I'd feel r-really bad if you got sick too."
  372. >She lets out a nervous chuckle, pressing the bottle into your hands
  373. "Hah, thanks. But yeah. For being sick, you can really dance. That was super awesome to watch."
  374. >Thirsty from exertion, you drain half the bottle in one go
  375. >It has a bizarre taste mixed in with the lemon, but you assume that's just the alcohol
  376. >Twilight's eyes go wide
  377. "You alright?"
  378. >"Y-yeah! You, um... uh..."
  379. >She glances at the half-empty bottle
  380. "What? Was I not supposed to drink it that fast?"
  381. >"N-no! I'm just, uh..."
  382. >She starts to fidget with the collar of her shirt, licking her lips
  383. >"I'm r-really happy you liked my dancing. I've never gotten to show that to anyone."
  384. "Hah, yeah. It was insanely cool. You think you could teach me to move like that?"
  385. >"Oh, definitely. We're gonna be hanging out here a lot more often, after all."
  386. >She's starting to shake now, sweat that has nothing to do with dancing building on her forehead
  387. "Twilight? You sure you're okay?"
  388. >"Yeah. Perfectly fine!"
  389. >Despite how bad she's shaking, she's not stuttering anymore
  390. >Weird
  391. >Maybe it's like an inverse thing?
  392. >Wait, why are you so focused on her stutter all of a sudden?
  393. >You raise your hand to your head, surprised to find you're sweating as badly as Twilight is
  394. >The glass in your hand turns inside out, but no liquid spills out
  395. >Wait, no, it still looks the same
  396. >Does it?
  397. >The arcade's light has become prismatic and semi-solid, dripping down in puddles of colored wax onto your hands
  398. "Uh, Twi... how strong is the alcohol in this? I feel really weird."
  399. >Twilight folds her hands in her lap, a shaky, excited grin spreading across her lips
  400. >"It's gonna be okay, Anon."
  401. >She takes your hand in hers, stroking your knuckles with the tips of her fingers
  402. >The sensation is bizarre and electrifying
  403. >"Everything is gonna be just fine..."
  404. >Her fingers curl around your palm, grabbing ahold of your hand and pulling you to your feet
  405. >Gravity seems to have completely stopped making sense as you stumble after her, the rushing lights pulling your eyes in different direction
  406. >The room seems full of green, blue, and purple, and each clang and clamor of the arcade machines rests on you like an earring made out of lead
  407. >"How do you feel?"
  408. "Twilight, what's going on?"
  409. >You try to pull away from her, but you can't
  410. >Somehow, the minute you start to tug away from her hand, you're hit with this horrifying feeling that, if you do, your body will loose corporeality, and you'll simply dissolve back into the swirling mass of glowing screens and flashing lights behind you
  411. >"It's nothing, Anon. You don't need to worry."
  412. >She pulls you into the center of the arcade, where a few comfy lounge chairs are arranged in a semi-circle
  413. >Keeping one hand holding yours, she pulls the cushions from the chairs, tossing them into a heap on the floor
  414. "Twilight... please, I don't... what is this..."
  415. >Twilight pulls you against her, and the rush of contact drives all worry from your mind
  416. >Slowly, gently, she lays you onto the cushions
  417. >You try to keep ahold of her, but she pulls away from you
  418. >All around you, the lights seem to shapeshift into grinning faces, watching excitedly as Twilight begins to undress
  419. >"I had a really nice time tonight, Anonymous. I've never felt so good about myself."
  420. >She drops her vest to the ground, and then begins undoing the buttons on her shirt
  421. >"Sunset was right about you. You haven't changed at all."
  422. "Changed?"
  423. >The word echoes in your skull, making you feel queasy
  424. "I haven't... I don't know what you..."
  425. >"Remember? When we first met?"
  426. >She shrugs the shirt off, then unclasps her bra
  427. >As it falls away, it reveals absolutely no breasts to speak off; her chest is as flat as a boy's
  428. >For some reason, that worries you
  429. "First met?"
  430. >She kneels down next to you, touching a finger to your forehead
  431. >At her touch, you can physically feel the synapses firing through your brain as your memory collapses backwards, falling into a pit years deep, arriving at one single, unremarkable moment when you were barely seven years old
  433. ***
  435. >You're standing at the edge of the playground
  436. >Soarin doesn't want to play Wonderbolts with you today, he wants to join the older kids for kickball
  437. >So you're alone, wondering what to do
  438. >Everyone on the playground is playing Castle, and you don't really like playing Castle
  439. >Someone always gets punched in the face, and it seems like they always find a way to blame it on you
  440. >As you wander around, you find yourself trailing nearer to the thin blob of forest that borders Canterlot Elementary
  441. >And between the branches, stomping through a pile of dust and twigs, and you see him
  442. >Or maybe her, you think
  443. >It's hard to tell, the kid is so dirty
  444. >You recognize them as the weird kid who reads all day, and never talks to anyone
  445. >And when recess comes, she disappears into the woods
  446. >You approach her, ask her her name
  447. >The kid silent, and for a moment you're worried she doesn't even know how to talk
  448. >But, after sticking in her hands in her pockets, she stares firmly at the ground and answers
  449. >"T-Twilight..."
  451. ***
  453. >"See? You remember me, right?"
  454. "I think. But why.... why this?"
  455. >You try to gesture to the swirling mass around you, but your hands seem to move on their own, like a puppet controlled by a drunk master
  456. >Twilight starts to stroke your hair, the motion sending waves of warmth through your body
  457. >Her touch feels existentially comforting, as if it's the only thing holding you in your body and keeping you from joining the swirling arcade lights
  458. >"Because you need it, Anonymous."
  459. >She takes your hand and places it against her chest, allowing you to cup her non-existant breast
  460. "No. I don't need this. I feel--"
  461. >Her finger moves to your lips, and the sensation is overpowering enough to silence you
  462. >"Shh. You felt a connection, right? For a moment, while we were dancing?
  463. >She lets go of you for a moment, and you start to shudder, worrying that you'll vanish before she touches you again
  464. >Her fingers slip into her skirt, beginning to slide the garment down
  465. >"For a moment, you accepted that you could love me. Or, at least, you could love the me you thought I was. But you could never love the real me."
  466. >She slides her skirt down, and her panties along with it, dropping both to the floor in a heap of plaid and lace
  467. >The purple fluidity of her skin mesmerizes you for a moment, the bare wholeness of her body driving into your head like a blanket-wrapped bullet
  468. >But through that, horror cuts through, settling on your brain like barbed wire
  469. "You're a... a..."
  470. >Twilight hangs her head
  471. >"I am. And I know you could never love me. Not when I'm the way I am."
  472. >She -- he -- they remove their shoes, and then their socks, until they're completely naked, aside from a pair of glasses
  473. >When Twilight kneels down next to you again, you're not sure if you want them to touch you
  474. >But they do anyway, and your entire body bristles with a sensation you can't describe
  475. >"But if you're like this, though... I know I can. I can show you I'm worth loving!"
  476. >Their hands start to remove your own shirt, your skin screaming where the conditioned arcade air brushes against it
  477. "Twilight, please, stop..."
  478. >The drugs force your arms upwards, and your hand circle around Twilight's body, cradling it
  479. >"No. I'm sorry, Anonymous. I've waited too long for this to stop now. But I can promise you'll enjoy it."
  480. >They start to stroke your bare chest, licking their lips
  481. >"Just focus on what you felt for me. For that one moment. And I promise, this'll be good for both of us."
  482. >Their hands slip into the waistband of your pants, fingers delicately tugging them down
  483. >You try to curl up, to hide the now-overpowering defenseless that rubs your skin raw
  484. >But you can't
  485. >The drug holds you paralyzed, able to do nothing other than hold Twilight as they clamber atop you
  486. >Purple thighs clench your hips, holding you in place as Twilight's hands move downwards across your belly, gut, and then to your crotch
  487. "Twi... agh..."
  488. >The lights feel like they're in your mouth, drowning you in sugar-coated, flashing liquid
  489. >You start to rub down along Twilight's back, your hands moving to her hips of their own accord
  490. >Something wet, slippery, and extremely cold is rubbed across your genitals, and your body heat seems to skyrocket in response
  491. >You're sweating now, and every single contact point between you and Twilight seems to crackle with electro-magnetic force, keeping you attached to them
  492. >"See? I told you it wouldn't be bad."
  493. >Twilight bends down, placing a gentle kiss on your lips
  494. >You try to worm your way away from them, but instead you obediently crane your neck, letting them kiss you
  495. >She's holding something above your head, and you're dimly aware of a blinking red light staring you in the face
  496. >And then Twilight slides you inside of themself, and your mind goes blank
  498. >The sensation of Twilight atop you, and the overwhelming intimacy of being *in* her drives your consciousness apart into little fragments, each of them spinning away like the swirling lights of the arcade
  499. >You come into focus only for a moment, long enough to hear Twilight let out a squeal of pleasure as she forces you deeper inside her
  500. >She's stroking herself as she rides you, her tongue lolling from her mouth
  501. >Her saliva and pre-cum drip onto your stomach, burning like raw bleach
  502. >Your mind fades out again, but the red light continues to watch
  503. >What is that?
  504. >You focus on it, trying to pull your consciousness back together
  505. >When you resurface, you're in a moving car
  506. >Your own car, but you're not driving
  507. "Twilight? What...?"
  508. >A gentle hand caresses your cheek, the roughness of the fingers offset by the cool, gentle feeling of their skin
  509. >"It's okay, sweetie. I'm taking you home."
  510. "Okay. Thank you."
  511. >You curl into a ball, rapidly fading back into darkness
  512. >Is the red light still watching you?
  513. >You feel like you can see it, but maybe you're just wishing you could see it
  515. ***
  517. "Gah!"
  518. >You sit bolt upright in bed, hands scrabbling at the covers wrapped around your body
  519. >You're relieved to find they're under your control, but you're not sure why
  520. >Holding your head in your hands, you try to catch your breath, your head spinning
  521. >You don't recognize the bed you woke up in, nor the closet-sized room it's been shoved into
  522. >Something is terribly wrong, but your head is too fuzzy to make out exactly what happened
  523. >You were with Twilight, and then you couldn't move, and...
  524. >Then you *felt* her
  525. >For one horrible moment, you feel like you're about to be sick
  526. >Leaning over the bed, you dry-heave for a bit, your breathing gradually slowing
  527. >It's okay, you probably just had too much to drink
  528. >You'll find Twilight, and get home, and--
  529. >A knock sounds at the door
  530. >"Good m-morning, sweetie~!"
  531. >Twilight opens the door to your little room, dressed in faded pajama pants and a stained, ratty-looking apron
  532. >At the sight of her, memories begin to creep back into your head, and you scoot back up against the wall, drawing the covers closer around you
  533. >You're completely naked, still
  534. >Comfortable, especially beneath the wool covers, but you're completely defenseless
  535. >You don't even have your phone
  536. >Twilight saunters in, carrying a tray of pancakes
  537. >"I made you b-breakfast! Are you h-hungry?"
  538. >You just stare at Twilight
  539. >Her face falls as she sets the tray on the bed
  540. >"It didn't work, did it?"
  541. "I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't care. Get me my clothes so I can go home."
  542. >Twilight looks like she's about to cry
  543. >She starts to chew on her nails, talking to herself
  544. >"She said it would work. Maybe I didn't use enough?"
  545. >Twilight pushes herself toward you, trying to kiss you
  546. >You shove her away, rolling off the bed
  547. >Your right hand grabs the blanket, dragging it behind you so you have a way to cover yourself
  548. >Twilight hits the wall, slumping against it
  549. >"I thought it'd work... she said it'd work!"
  550. >Twilight accidentally knocks the tray of pancakes over as she jumps up from the bed, sending the syrup-covered pastries spilling to the floor
  551. >"Are you sure? You don't even feel a *little* bit in love with me?"
  552. "No! You..."
  553. >The memories finally click
  554. "Holy shit. You're evil."
  555. >"No!"
  556. >A tear slides down Twilight's cheek as she chases after you
  557. >You back up, making sure to keep a couple feet of distance between the two of you
  558. >"This isn't how it's supposed to happen! Please, just... just listen to me, okay?"
  559. "Listen to you!? Are you insane!?"
  560. >Wait, you're pretty sure you already know the answer to that
  561. >Before she can say anything more, you turn and sprint out of the room
  562. >Twilight's faster than she looks, though
  563. >Before you can even get four steps out, she's grabbed your arm
  564. >"Please! Look, maybe what I did last night was a bit much, but--"
  565. >You shove her again, harder this time
  566. >She hits the bed, slipping on the pancakes and going spilling to the ground
  567. "A bit much? A bit? Holy shit, you're..."
  568. >You have a sudden urge to take a shower, or throw up, or both
  569. >Forcing both down, you run out into the rest of Twilight's house
  570. >It's cramped, dirty, and poorly lit
  571. >Looks like the setting for a horror movie, or one of those indie flicks about a junkie's trip to hell
  572. >Near the door, dropped in a heap, are your clothes
  573. >You sprint to them, tugging your pants on as Twilight staggers out of the bedroom, lurching towards you like a zombie
  574. >"Stop. Anonymous, please. Just stop."
  575. "No. This is sick, you're sick, get away from me, just--"
  576. >"I don't want to have to do this."
  577. >Her voice has dropped back to the raspy, deadly tone from last night
  578. >You freeze as you see the red light again
  579. >This time, you realize where it's coming from
  580. >It's the "recording" light on her phone's camera
  581. >"But, if you try anything stupid..."
  582. "No. You wouldn't..."
  583. >"I don't want to. But I can't let you get away from me now. I've waited so long for this. Please, Anon..."
  584. >She crosses her hands over her chest, where you notice they're still stained with batter from cooking breakfast
  585. >Your mind snaps in panic and -- still only half dressed -- you turn and sprint from Twilight's house
  586. >You run, to your car, stumbling over your feet as your speed overcomes your coordination
  587. >All along your back, your skin bristles with the fear of pursuit
  588. >It’s only when you’ve reached your car that you realize Twilight has made no attempt to chase you
  589. >She merely stands in the doorway, wringing her hands, causing her to accidentally smear pancake batter across her chest
  590. >You lock eyes for a moment, and she looks at you with so much desperation, you could swear she was drowning
  591. >And then revulsion overcomes you, and you throw yourself into your car and drive away, avoiding even looking back at the run-down husk of Twilight’s home
  593. >You don’t do much more than lay in bed once you get home
  594. >It feels like, if you simply stay still long enough, all of this will fade back into the surreal territory of dreams, and real life can take over
  595. >But if you allow yourself to continue living with the memory of last night, you’re terrified that it’ll make it real again
  596. >Thoughts spin through your head, most of them nonsensical and terrified, and you drift into and then back out of an uneasy sleep
  597. >As your brief naps slowly grow longer, you begin to regain your composure
  598. >It was just one night, after all
  599. >And she wouldn’t dare release that video; in fact, she probably doesn’t even have it!
  600. >It was just a bluff, to keep you from going to the police
  601. >Which you won’t do, because… well, you could never admit it
  602. >”This little purple girl-that-isn’t-a-girl overpowered me and raped me, I swear!”
  603. >You run your hands through your hair, twisting in bed
  604. >Slowly, the weight of sleep descends on you again, and you allow yourself to slip back into unconsciousness
  606. >This time, hours pass before you wake up
  607. >When you do, you find sunlight filtering through your blinds
  608. >It’s Sunday morning, already
  609. >For a brief moment, as you regain consciousness, your brain experiences a terrifying flashback to the drug Twilight gave you, and the ungodly spinning colors of the arcade fill your head once again
  610. >And then it’s over, and you’re back in your own bed, in your own sheets, with no Twilight
  611. >You rub your eyes, rolling over, causing your head to end up in Sonata's lap
  612. >You let out your breath, snuggling up against her, your head pressing into her stomach
  613. >She giggles
  614. >Wait a minute...
  615. "Gah!"
  616. >You throw yourself backward, toppling off the bed in a pile of sheets
  617. >Sonata raises an eyebrow, but doesn't even look up from the clipboard clutched in front of her face
  618. "Sonata! What the hell! What are you doing here?"
  619. >"Uh... watching you sleep? What does it look like I'm doing?"
  620. "You... what..."
  621. >You curl up on the floor, hiding your indecency with the blanket
  622. "Why!?"
  623. >"Because I wanted to draw you! Duh? What did you think the clipboard was for?"
  624. >She pouts
  625. >"And it was going really well, until you had to throw a stupid fit"
  626. "Then why the hell did you have to sneak in!? You could have just asked! Or at least woken me up first!"
  627. >Sonata sets the drawing down
  628. >"Uh, because then it wouldn't be genuine? Duh?"
  629. >She rolls her eyes
  630. >"Come on, Anon. Don't you know anything about art? I need to capture the true beauty of the sleeping form!"
  631. >To emphasize her point, she holds the drawing out towards you
  632. >It just looks like a bunch of random shapes
  633. " in the hell does that even look like me?"
  634. >"It's cubist!"
  635. "That's not what cubism looks like, you idiot."
  636. >You stand up, starting to dress yourself
  637. >Sonata watches with mild interest, clearly unwilling to let this argument go unsettled
  638. >"It looks like however I want to interpret it, dummy! I'm the artist!"
  639. "Okay, whatever. You're a genius and your drawings are amazing."
  640. >Sonata beams
  641. >"Thanks, Anon!"
  642. "Whatever. So, can I, you know, have some privacy now?"
  643. >"Nope! I'm bored."
  644. "Great. Literally the most terrifying words in existence."
  645. >"Oh, calm down. Just because you're equal parts boring and dumb doesn't mean we *all* have to spend entire Saturdays in our beds."
  646. "Wait... how did you know I was in my bed all day yesterday?"
  647. >Sonata grins
  648. "How!?"
  649. >"I have no idea what you're talking about."
  650. "You... I swear to God. I thought Twilight was bad enough..."
  651. >You blurt out her name before you can reconsider
  652. >Upon hearing the word "Twilight," Sonata perks up
  653. >"Oh! You need to tell me how your date was!"
  654. "No, I don't."
  655. >"Yeah, you really do."
  656. >She scoots to the edge of the bed, flipping to a fresh page in her notebook
  657. >"Spare no detail. Did you guys hold hands at dinner?"
  658. "No."
  659. >"Did you accidentally give her the perfect compliment? Did she blush and call you a baka?"
  660. "No."
  661. >"Did she reveal a super-embarrassing secret? Did you think the secret was actually really cute, and made her a more complete, beautiful person?"
  662. "No, and no."
  663. >"Then what happened?"
  664. "Nothing. It didn't work out."
  665. >Sonata looks like you just told her that her grandmother has cancer
  666. >Still, she begins to scribble furiously on the clipboard, her hand scrawling notes with a mind of its own
  667. >"What happened? Did she reveal her tragic past?"
  668. "Not exactly."
  669. >"What, then? Did she have a secret lover in another state? Was she actually a lesbian using you as cover? Was she just really autistic?"
  670. "That's..."
  671. >That's not far off
  672. >What the hell is wrong with Sonata?
  673. >Or, rather, what the hell is wrong with you for having a life that even remotely matches anything in Sonata's empty azure head?
  674. "No. That's not what happened."
  675. >"Yeah? What, then? Was she secretly evil? Was she too lewd? Did she spike your drink?"
  676. >Sonata leans in closer, her pencil pausing as she waits for your response
  677. >You can only stare
  678. "No. None of that happened. She didn't even show up."
  679. >"Aww. You're no fun!"
  680. "Yeah, whatever."
  681. >Fully dressed, you stand up, shoulders cracking
  682. "Let's just not talk about it, okay?"
  683. >"Alright! We've got better stuff to talk about, anyway!"
  684. >She stows her clipboard away, happily kicking her feet
  685. "That's a relief."
  686. >"It is! Sunset super wants to talk to you!"
  687. "Sunset?"
  688. >"Yeah! She wants to hear about the date! And apparently there's some big dance party coming up that she wants you to go to! She didn't invite me, of course, because she's a total meanie, but it sounds super fun!"
  689. "Eh, I'll pass."
  690. >"Aww, come on. Apparently there's gonna be some major Canterlor-area rappers there!"
  691. "Underground rappers? I'd rather listen to an audio recording of the Hiroshima bombing."
  692. >Sonata leans back in your bed, kicking you with the heel of her boot
  693. >"You're such a grump! Come on, please go? For me?"
  694. "For you? Why can't you go yourself?"
  695. >"Because funny things happen to you! And then I can write about them! It'll make top-tier fodder for my next Power Ponies-inspired epic!"
  696. >She holds up her clipboard
  697. >"Pleeeeeease?"
  698. "No."
  699. >"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"
  700. >Sonata comes dangerously close to hitting the resonant frequency of your bedroom, and her shrill pleas rattle the walls a bit
  701. "No! Just go yourself, and write about Young Treezy or whatever wannabe Juggalo shows up. I'm gonna stay here."
  702. >"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea--"
  703. >A small crack begins to appear in your bedroom window
  704. "Okay, okay! I'll think about it."
  705. >"Awesome! Let's go talk to Sunset!"
  706. >Sonata jumps up from your bed, grabbing you by the hand and dragging you towards the front door
  707. "Alright, alright. Chill. If I talk to Sunset about this... whatever it is... will you leave me alone?"
  708. >"Nope!"
  709. "Yeah, that'd be too much. Will you at least stop breaking into my house to watch me sleep?"
  710. >"I dunno, maybe?"
  711. "Goddammit. Fine. Whatever."
  712. >You let Sonata drag you out to your car, waiting patiently while you unlock it
  713. >Honestly, you have no idea how she can appear all over town the way she does when she doesn't even know how to drive
  714. >Still, you've got bigger concerns than her transportation right now
  715. >Talking to Sunset might actually be a good idea
  716. >The two of you need to have a long discussion about Twilight's actions
  717. >Maybe she can even help you figure out what to do...
  719. >"Can I borrow your aux cable?"
  720. "No."
  721. >"Please?'
  722. "Don't start this again."
  723. >"Come on, I have a song you'll really like!"
  724. "No, you don't. You're going to play some random Nightcore, then get all sad when I don't like it, and then you'll make me listen to it again, and--"
  725. >While you're chastising her, Sonata steals your aux chord
  729. "Goddammit, stop!"
  730. >"Just listen! You'll like it, I promise!"
  731. "I already hate it!"
  732. >For a moment, silence falls over the car, aside from the chipmink-esque powermetal squeaking from your speakers
  733. >Sonata recoils, hurt
  734. >She puts out her lip, tears welling in her eyes
  735. >"Y-you... really mean that? You don't like my music? I wanted to share this with you..."
  736. >She sniffles, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand
  737. "You're doing the thing. The thing I just said you'd do."
  738. >Sonata pulls her hoodie up over her head, hiding her face
  739. >"I just... wanted us t-to... share a nice song together..."
  740. "Alright, fine! You did it again, Sonata! It worked!"
  741. >You can't even look at her right now
  742. >"Yay!"
  743. >Sonata kicks her feet happily, immediately perking up as she switches to the next song
  745. >By the time you get to Sunset's house, you have multiple Dragonforce songs stuck in your head at the same time
  746. >And Sonata singing them right next to you doesn't help either
  747. >"Did you hear that part in the last one, where the guitar went--"
  748. >She starts making guitar noses, strumming furiously an invisible instrument
  749. "I did. You skipped back to replay it four times."
  750. >"Well, yeah? Duh? Because it's cool!"
  751. >She continues humming guitar solos all the way up to the front door, skipping across Sunset's lawn behind you
  752. >You, meanwhile, are feeling significantly less like dancing
  753. >How much should you tell Sunset about what happened with Twilight?
  754. >She'd probably be able to help you with the police, or even just in figuring out what to do next
  755. >Still, there's no guarantee she'll even believe you
  756. >The two of you have been friends since middle school, but...
  757. >Eh, it's a pretty hard story to believe
  758. >"Yo, Anon? You alright?"
  759. >Sonata elbows you as you step up to Sunset's front door
  760. "Yeah. I'm fine."
  761. >"Okay. You just kinda have that "I feel like shit about something and I won't tell Sonata because she'll get *way* too into it" look on your face."
  762. "Uh..."
  763. >You glance over Sonata's shoulder, faking surprise
  764. "Whoa! Is that a Mistress Marevelous dakimakura!? And a 12-pack of tacos or whatever!? How did those get wedged so deep in Sunset's rosebushes!?"
  765. >"What? Where!?"
  766. >Sonata runs off, and finally get to ring Sunset's doorbell
  767. >The door opens almost immediately, and Sunset's face brightens when she sees you
  768. >"Anon! Hey! Come on in!"
  769. >She grabs you by the arm, practically hauling you inside in her enthusiasm
  770. >"This is awesome! Dude, you'll never guess who's already here?"
  771. "What? Who--"
  772. >You step into Sunset's living room, and there you see her
  773. >Twilight is sitting at the edge of the couch, dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, looking for all the world like any normal highschool girl
  774. >She gives you a meek little way
  775. >"H-hey, Anon..."
  776. >You don't say anything
  777. >Sunset doesn't let go of your shoulder, choosing instead to haul you over to the couch with her
  778. >"We were just talking about you! I heard Friday night went pretty well, right?"
  779. >She raises an eyebrow, waiting for you to agree
  780. >You just stare at Twilight
  781. >She shrinks back into the couch, fidgeting with the strings of her hoodie
  782. >Sunset glances between the two of you, the smile fading from her face
  783. >"Uh... you okay, man?"
  784. >You step away from her, jabbing a finger towards Twilight
  785. "Kitchen. Now."
  786. >She gulps
  787. >"O-okay... if you say so..."
  788. >"Whoa, hold on."
  789. >Sunset steps between the two of you
  790. >"What's going on, here? Anon?"
  791. >Sunset's eyes narrow
  792. >"Explain."
  793. "Later. I need to talk to *her*."
  794. >You enunciate the word in a way that makes Twilight wince
  795. >Obediently, she stands and follows you into the kitchen
  796. >Sunset holds back, just out of earshot, but you can see that she's watching you
  797. >Twilight is aware of this too; she keeps her body posture meek, as if you were the abusive husband and she were your innocent, battered little housewife
  798. >And not, you know, a rapist
  799. "What are you doing here?"
  800. >"I'm just t-talking with my friend."
  801. >Twilight turns her back to Sunset, flashing you a small smile
  802. >"Why'd you c-come here? Did you want to see me that badly?"
  803. >She sticks a hoodie string in her mouth
  804. >"I knew it'd work. All it took was a little time."
  805. "I didn't come here to see you! I'm just here to talk to Sunset."
  806. >Twilight giggles
  807. >"No, Anon. No. You're here for me..."
  808. >She pats the belly pocket of her hoodie, and you hear her fingers rap against the case of her phone
  809. >"You should s-start remembering that, okay?"
  810. >You glance over at Sunset
  811. >Her eyes meet yours, and you don't see the reassurance you were hoping for
  812. >She just looks suspicious, and maybe a little protective
  813. >Reflexively, you take a step back from Twilight
  814. "And if I 'remember' enough to tell Sunset what you did? What then?"
  815. >Twilight shrugs
  816. >"Then things will g-get a little more interesting."
  817. >She pats her pocket again
  818. >"But the minute you t-tell anyone, this video is getting plastered everywhere. The whole school is going to see it."
  819. "Then the whole school will see that you're a criminal. Good work."
  820. >"Ha. You think they'll believe that? You looked *more* than willing in the video. Trust me."
  821. >She licks her lips
  822. >"I've s-seen it five times already."
  823. "You're fucked in the head."
  824. >Twilight giggles
  825. >"The angrier you get, the flirtier you sound!"
  826. >She sticks her hoodie strings in her mouth, chewing excitedly
  827. >"I knew it'd work! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! You c-couldn't stay away from me forever!"
  828. "You..."
  829. >You look back at Sunset
  830. >Seeing Twilight happy, she gives you an approving nod
  831. >Can you trust Sunset to choose you over Purple Daterape?
  832. >She has to, right?
  833. >You'd never make something like this up, and she knows it
  834. >Before you can get any further, though, you feel Twilight's hand slip into yours
  835. >Like before, it's coarse, sweaty, and eerily strong
  836. >She starts to drag you towards Sunset, giving you a wide, erratic-eyed smile
  837. >That smile seems to settle onto your shoulders like shackles, binding you to her
  838. >What the hell are you gonna do?
  840. >Twilight drags you into the living room, plopping down with you on the couch
  841. >Sunset follows, positively beaming at how the two of you are "getting along"
  842. >"So, you guys heard about the concert tomorrow, right?"
  843. >"Y-yeah! I asked Anon to t-take me, and he said yes!"
  844. >Twilight runs a hand through her hair, stroking the lock that hangs down the side of her face
  845. >Her cheeks go from purple to bright, rosy pink in less than a second
  846. >"It's g-gonna be our first date as a real couple! I'm s-so excited!"
  847. "It is not--"
  848. >Twilight turns to you, her hand trailing down her face to the collar of her hoodie
  849. >She hooks a finger into it, dragging the sweater down to reveal an ample -- though featurelessly flat -- amount of her chest
  850. >"video" is scrawled between her nipples, in sharpie
  851. >She winks
  852. >"Not what, Anon?"
  853. >Sunset scowls at you
  854. "It's, uh..."
  855. >Twilight cuddles up against your side, giving you an innocent smile
  856. "It's not a big deal. Just a dance."
  857. >You say it as if trying to convince yourself
  858. >It's probably best not to try anything drastic, especially with Twilight here
  859. >You can play along for a bit, and when you get Sunset alone...
  860. >Then you'll confide in her
  861. >Once Twilight isn't here to twist your words, you'll come clean, and you'll get her help
  862. >And if the video gets out, well...
  863. >You'll just have to deal with things as they come
  864. >The comfort of finally having a plan allows you to relax, if only for a moment
  865. >Then you're rudely reminded of Twilight's presence as she clambers into your lap
  866. >The boniness of her body becomes even more apparent as she settles atop you, feeling like a pile of TV remotes someone wrapped in a sweater
  867. >Her skinny ass presses against your thighs, and her hips poke at your belly
  868. >Twilight wraps one arm around your shoulders, and leans her head against yours
  869. >Up close, you can feel the hot, moist gusts of her breath and the staccato of her heart hammering with excitement
  870. >"I mean, it's n-not a big deal, I guess... but it's a b-big deal to me..."
  871. >Sunset crosses her hands over her mouth
  872. >"You two are so *cute*, oh my god."
  873. >Sonata pokes her head in through the door
  874. >Her hair is a tangled mess, full of bramble, thorns, and leaves
  875. >"Did someone say cute?"
  876. >Then she catches sight of you and Twilight, and her jaw drops
  877. >"Oh - em - gee! Look at them!"
  878. >Sunset joins her, the both of them harmonizing their squee's
  879. >"I know, right? Isn't it adorable!"
  880. >Sonata procures her clipboard from... somewhere
  881. >"Hold that post! I need to draw you."
  882. >Twilight's blush deepens, and she starts to play with her hair again
  883. >"A-are you sure that's okay? Do I look alright? You can draw just Anon if you want, I don't want to ruin--"
  884. >"No! Don't move! Just stay like that for like twenty minutes, okay?"
  885. >Sonata drops to the floor, sitting cross-legged as she starts to furiously scribble
  886. >Sunset peers over her shoulder
  887. >"Uh... any particular reason you're giving them speech bubbles?"
  888. >"For dialogue? Duh? Come on, Sunny. I can't include their passionate declarations of love for each other if I don't put in speech bubbles!"
  889. >Twilight giggles, curling into an embarrassed little ball in your lap
  890. >Her hand reaches for yours, curling around it with a vice grip
  892. >The minutes pass by like hours
  893. >Twilight refuses to leave your lap for a second, clinging to you like a purple alien parasite wrapped in a hoodie
  894. >She even uses your shoulder as a pillow, whispering little *things* into your ear
  895. >"You feel really soft..."
  896. >You stare ahead at the TV, not even processing what you're watching
  897. >Sunset keeps trying to put on Narcos, and Sonata demands she put on one of her Ouran Highschool Host Club DVD's
  898. >"I don't wanna watch your cartoons, 'Nata."
  899. >"It's not a cartoon, dumby! It's art!"
  900. >She dives for the remote, but Sunset karate-chops her in the neck
  901. >Sonata hits the ground in a heap, dazed
  902. >"Don't touch my stuff."
  903. >Twilight giggles, moving her mouth close enough to your ear that her breath tickles your aural canals
  904. >"See? It's not so bad, right?"
  905. >She places a little kiss against your earlobe
  906. >"I think we could both get used to this..."
  907. >She grabs your arm, pulling it over her like a blanket
  908. >You continue to stare straight ahead, pretending she's not there
  909. >Twilight, however, is not one to be ignored
  910. >Her tongue reaches out and prods the rim of your ear
  911. >Gritting your teeth, you repress a shiver
  912. >"Anon? You alright?"
  913. >Sunset shoves Sonata away from the remote again, glancing over at you
  914. >Twilight's tongue -- conveniently out of view of Sunset -- begins to circle down to your cheek to your neck, leaving a cold trail of her saliva in its wake
  915. "Fine! Completely fine!"
  916. >You adjust your position, trying to get your face away from Twilight's mouth
  917. >She adjusts herself as well, keeping her face turned away from Sunset, and her tongue on your neck
  918. >You slump into the corner of the couch, and she follows, ending up on top of you
  919. >Sunset throws her head back, hand over her mouth, laughing
  920. >"If you two want a room, all you have to do is ask!"
  921. "That's not what this--"
  922. >Twilight's tongue hits the back of your neck, and you shiver so hard you nearly bite your own tongue off
  923. >Sonata sits up groaning
  924. >"You didn't have to hit me *that* hard, you big dummy."
  925. >Sunset rolls her eyes
  926. >"Touch my shit, prepare to get hit."
  927. >"Hmph. Meanie. I'll just watch my anime without you, then!"
  928. >She sticks her tongue out at Sunset
  929. >"Oh no, what will I ever do without 'Nata's gay cartoons..."
  930. >Sonata pouts, storming out of the room
  931. >Recognizing your chance, you shove yourself away from Twilight
  932. "I, uh... need to use the bathroom!"
  933. >Twilight bats her eyes at you, blushing
  934. >"I didn't know you were *that* excited, Anon. You could have just told me~"
  935. "Shut up--"
  936. >Sunset glares at you
  937. "I mean... just wait for me. I'll be right back."
  938. >You force the words out like spitting out your own teeth
  939. >Sonata seems to have completely disappeared; you don't run into her on your way to the bathroom
  940. >Inside, you wait a couple seconds before calling out to Sunset
  941. "Hey, Sun! Could you come look at this?"
  942. >"Look at what?"
  943. "The, uh... sink won't flush!"
  944. >"What?"
  945. "I mean the toilet, or whatever. Something's broken. C'mere!"
  946. >You hear footsteps creaking out in the hallway, and Sunset pokes her head in
  947. >"What's going on?"
  948. "Can I talk to you real quick?"
  949. >"Huh?"
  950. "In private, can we talk?"
  951. >"Uh... any particular reason we have to talk in the bathroom?"
  952. "I just want to get away from Twilight for a bit."
  953. >Sunset bristles
  954. >"Away from her? Anon, what's going on?"
  955. >She takes a step towards you, seeming to tower over you despite the fact that you're a good three inches taller than she is
  956. "She's... she's crazy, Sunset."
  957. >"Oh, yeah? You're the one trying to get me alone in the bathroom with you. She's just having a good time."
  958. >Sunset jabs a finger in your chest
  959. >"I don't know why you need to treat her like this all the time. Look how happy she is!"
  960. "I don't care how happy--"
  961. >"What!?"
  962. >Sunset shoves you backwards
  963. >"Anonymous, I don't know what the hell's gotten into you! She's a sweet girl, she adores you, she just wants to spend time with someone who's actually nice to her! You're treating her like trash!"
  964. "I'm not! I'm treating her like someone who--"
  965. >You realize you're shouting, and drop your voice
  966. "Look. Something happened on Friday night. She--"
  967. >Twilight pokes her head in, looking deceptively innocent
  968. >"What are you guys talking about? Who's treating whom like trash?"
  969. >Sunset turns to Twilight, patting her back
  970. >"It's nothing. Anon's just grumpy with someone."
  971. >"Aww, tell me! I l-l-love drama!"
  972. >Twilight runs to your side, grabbing onto your arm
  973. >Sunset leans against the wall, smirking
  974. “I, uh… it’s nothing, Twi. Really.”
  975. >”Come on, you’ll tell me, right? Is it Sonata? Did she do something?”
  976. “No…”
  977. >”Then who?”
  978. “It’s nothing Twi, really.”
  979. >”Awww, okay. You wanna go back to the couch? I have a show I’d really like to show you!”
  980. “Actually, uh… I need to go.”
  981. >Sunset narrows her eyes, then grabs your shoulder
  982. >”It can wait. Come on! We can watch whatever you want, Twi!”
  983. >”Yay!”
  985. >And then your forced back into the same position as earlier, only this time Twilight is holding onto you even more tightly
  986. >Something about giant robots and samurai swords is playing on the TV, but you’re not able to pay much attention
  987. >Sunset keeps glancing over at you, alternating between giving caring, motherly looks to Twilight, and “don’t you dare fuck up” glares at you
  988. >The amount of fire in her eyes is genuinely terrifying
  989. >Why is she so protective of Twilight?
  990. >You’d never even heard her mention this girl since highschool started
  991. >Twilight’s tongue flicks your earlobe
  992. >”You tried to tell her, didn’t you?”
  993. >You say nothing
  994. >She licks your cheek
  995. >”I like this a lot, Anonymous. It might be the happiest I’ve ever been~”
  996. >She lets out a little squeak, her tongue drawing a heart symbol right below your jawline
  997. >”And I’m not gonna let you take it away. If Sunset finds out, everyone is going to see the video…”
  998. >She gives you a small kiss, making it loud enough that Sunset can hear
  999. >Sunset smiles at the two of you
  1000. >She makes eye contact with you, and mimes a kissing motion
  1001. >You give her a “what?” look
  1002. >She repeats the motion again, this time pointing at Twilight
  1003. >Is she serious?
  1004. >Sunset’s eyebrows meet in an angry, lethal V, telling you she’s pretty damn serious
  1005. >Stomach churning, you bend down, and place a kiss on Twilight’s forehead
  1006. >She coos, nuzzling her face against you
  1008. >Only when dinner time rolls around does Sunset finally permit you to leave
  1009. >”You two take care, alright? I’ll see you at the concert tomorrow!”
  1010. >”See you, S-Sunny!”
  1011. >Twilight gives her friend a hug, and Sunset responds with nearly enough enthusiasm to lift the tiny girl off her feet
  1012. >As you head back to your car, Twilight trails behind you
  1013. >”See? That wasn’t bad, right?”
  1014. “Shut up. If Sunset’s not around, I’m not gonna talk to you.”
  1015. >Twilight hangs her head
  1016. >"Why do you keep doing this? Things have been really nice!"
  1017. "No, they haven't. They've been disgusting."
  1018. >Twilight balls her hands into fists
  1019. >"You know, I don't want to keep dangling this video over your head! But you don't leave me any other choice!"
  1020. "I do, actually. The choice to, you know, stop being a manipulative rapist."
  1021. >"I'm not. And I wouldn't have to manipulate you, if you'd give me a chance."
  1022. "I did give you a chance."
  1023. >You pull open the door to your car, plopping down inside
  1024. "And you used that chance to drug me."
  1025. >"I had to! Otherwise you'd have been disgusted by me!"
  1026. "What the hell are you talking about? You think that you having a... or being a... a whatever you are is really worse than you being a crazy rapist?"
  1027. >Twilight slumps into the passenger seat, tucking her legs against her chest
  1028. >"I'm not crazy. And I'm not a rapist."
  1029. "Yeah? Then what do you call all of this?"
  1030. >"It's what I had to do! Don't pretend you understand me!"
  1031. >For a second, the car is silent as the grave
  1032. >Sonata pops up from the back seat, whistling
  1033. >"Whoa, heavy stuff!"
  1034. "Gah! How long have you been here!?"
  1035. >"Uh, since Sunset decided to be a big, dumb meanie about everything? I know when I'm not welcome somewhere."
  1036. "Clearly you don't, but..."
  1037. >"Anyway, don't mind me! This stuff is as juicy as it gets!"
  1038. >Twilight's jaw is hanging open
  1039. >"How much did you hear?" she asks
  1040. >"Plenty!"
  1041. >Sonata beams, showing both of you a clunky drawing of the two of you cuddling
  1042. >Then one of you kissing
  1043. >And then one of...
  1044. >Oh, sweet Jesus
  1045. >At least Sonata is apparently under the impression that your cock is the size of a fire hydrant
  1046. >Twilight's eyes go wide at the sight
  1047. >"Isn't it great!?"
  1048. >"K-kinda..."
  1049. >You shove Sonata back down onto the space between the back seat and the front, jabbing a finger at Twilight
  1050. "I'm not talking about this with *her* here. But this isn't over."
  1051. >Twilight narrows her eyes, a smug grin slowly forming on her lips
  1052. >"No, Anon. You're right."
  1053. >She blows a kiss at you
  1054. >"It isn't."
  1055. >Sonata pokes her head out just long enough to whistle
  1056. >"Whoa! That's so spooky!"
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