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  1. Hint:
  2. !!- = Must be done! (Most wanted)
  3. * = Fixes.
  4. - = Ideas not taken to effect yet.
  5. > = Noted for next version or future versions.
  7. ------------------------
  11. - Massive bugfix overhaul (Take in all community feedback possible).
  12. - Finishing what is required below.
  13. - Add Thudo's helpful tips to improve performance.
  15. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  17. NOTES FOR NEXT VERSIONS (due to limited time before leave)!
  19. (AI) - The Tyranid AI will continuously deepstrike Hierophants upon Claim World research.
  20. (CHAOS) - New unit: Deepstrike Turret
  21. - New deepstrike effect: Chaos Drop Pod (Thanks to Dark Prophecy Mod)
  22. - New structure: Warp Forge (Thanks to Dark Prophecy Mod)
  23. - Tier IV now requires the Warp Forge.
  25. - New win button: Dark God's Army (ability)
  26. - All unit ucs was updated to match those of the standard nine factions.
  27. (IG)
  28. - New research: Techpriest Enginseer Upgrade.
  29. (ELDAR)
  30. - Wraithlord wraithbone regeneration FX changed up and was remade.
  31. (IDH)
  32. - Placeholder removed: Infantry Bunker (Thanks to Codex mod)
  33. - The Chaplain In Terminator Armor was removed due to him being moved over to Space Marines. Did not fit the theme of the Inquisition.
  34. - All unit ucs was updated to match those of the standard nine factions.
  36. - New wargear for the Chaplain: Dual Wielding Crozius Arcanum with Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, Jetpack, Demoralizing Shout, Word of the Emperor, Terminator Armor.
  37. (TAU)
  38. - New unit: Tigershark (Thanks to Boychaos)
  39. (TYRANIDS)
  40. - Tyrant Guard can now upgrade with crush claws after tier II.
  41. - Tyrant Guard can now entrench, increasing their armor by a lot, making them mobile walls.
  42. (SCAR)
  43. - AI can now research wargear in multiplayer!
  45. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  46. ------------------------
  47. AI Changes:
  48. ------------------------
  49. * All AIs will no longer die out in the end if no Critical Location is captured.
  50. * Tyranids will now build a Cappillary Vein when requisition is low.
  51. * AI can now tier up to tier V.
  52. * IG Chemical weapons are available earlier.
  53. * Necron AI economy was nerfed, due to imbalances with even players.
  54. * Sunfire Battlesuits can now upgrade.
  55. * Phantom Titan (Eldar) will no longer become invulnerable with shields and can now use its ability!
  56. * SOB faith income increased as it was a bit low.
  57. * Necrons no longer cheat for good.
  58. * Removed a bad name tactic error from the Eldar which would rarely on occasion crash the game.
  59. * Bombsquig tactic was added so that they can blow up.
  60. ------------------------
  61. Global:
  62. ------------------------
  63. * The main menu side image button select area was changed up from blue circuitry to red.
  64. * All HQs and turrets give off a bigger control radius. HQs also project a larger sight radius.
  65. * New Research for all factions: Tier V requisition.
  66. * New Research for all factions: Tier V power.
  67. * New Research for all factions (except Orks): Tier V.
  68. * New Research for all factions: Strategic Hold Upgrade
  69. * Relics now provide +8 requisition instead of +6.
  70. * Strategic Points now provide +8 requisition instead of +7.5.
  71. * Tier V requires a critical location and allows winbuttons, mega titans (for example Manta or future Warlords), tier V resources, god tier research, and other race specific qualities.
  72. * All super structures (such as Neclear Weapons Center or Kabal Citadel) and a critical location is required for Tier V.
  73. * All objects (except winbutton researches specific) that requires a critical location no longer requires a critical location, but requires tier V.
  74. * Commander hero researches level 5 and up now requires a relic. A description was added to notify player.
  75. * All hero research icons were changed up.
  76. * In general, all relic commanders, like the Swarmlord, Grand Master, Primarch Angron, and etcetera requires a relic with extra wait times. Tooltip descriptions updated for all commander types.
  77. * All primarch like commanders or god heroes requires tier V.
  78. * All anti infantry turret damages versus commanders decreased as it was way to high of an armor piercing.
  79. * SM armor mechanic was changed up. Since the armor mechanic breaks a lot of weapons, like Pylons dealing 0-1 damage,
  80. or Shoota Boys killing them in two-five shots with other races armor mechanic unaffected; SM armor is almost gone, but overall health is tripled.
  81. * SM armor mechanic also affects vehicles, commanders, and structures.
  82. * Thermo Plasma Generators decrease the costs of super structures greatly.
  83. * Added description to super structures saying they will decrease in price the more generators built.
  86. ------------------------
  87. Chaos Marines:
  88. ------------------------
  89. * Sorceror Global abilities (Rituals (except for All Seeing Eye)) recharge wait times increased by a lot.
  90. * Sorceror's global abilities do not affect builder units.
  91. * Lord of Change's Bolt of Change can now be casted in a swarm of 6 with more expansive impact radius.
  92. * Lord of Change's Winds of Chaos fires over and over with more damage and expansive impact.
  93. * Terminator Reaper Cannon is a lot more powerful and can pierce all armor types. But is more expensive and requires tier IV.
  94. * Chaos Terminator Lord Reaper Cannon is a lot more expensive and powerful.
  95. * Mutilators damage output greatly increased.
  96. * Brass Scorpion damage against titans greatly increased, including morale. Costs 100 power more.
  97. * Daemon Prince moves faster and can now use global abilities, inspired by the Chaos Sorceror.
  98. * Daemon Prince and Chaos Embodiments are now affected by hero research.
  99. * Daemon Prince and Chaos Embodiments can now research hero research and upgrade with inspiring choices!
  100. * Desecrated Castle now provokes an aura of fear when the main addon is completed.
  101. * Hell Talon Incendiary Bombs no longer attacks aircraft.
  102. * Bolt of Change can now attack ground and make a circular impact, damaging nearby targets.
  103. * Hell Drake's VO changed up.
  104. * Hell Drake now reads that it can properly detect infiltrated units in description.
  105. * Great Unclean One health increased.
  106. * Blight Drone now has a proper hotkey and location in UI.
  107. * Soul Grinder was repositioned and costs more to build.
  108. * Defiler health decreased.
  110. ------------------------
  111. Chaos Daemons:
  112. ------------------------
  113. * New structure: Nightmare Gateway (Thanks to Dark Prophecy mod)
  114. * New unit: Hell Drake
  115. * Planetary Exterminator research is now placed within the Maledictum and Hellspawn. Name changed: "Endgame Research: Raze Planet".
  116. * Raze Planet now costs 10000 power.
  117. * Planetary Exterminator win button now costs 15000/15000 requisition and power from 28000/28000 requisition and power.
  118. * Sacrificing a unit now decreases the wait time to produce Primarch Angron.
  119. * Sacrificing is no longer a global required ability for both minions and daemons.
  120. * Sacrificing now kills units at the end of the duration, no matter how tough they are.
  121. * A description tool was given to Primarch Angron saying he will take a very, very long time to build, but sacrificing will speed up the process.
  122. * Angron's sacrificing works the same way as HQ sacrificing, only free and will refill Angron's strength with relic resource increments.
  123. * Primarch Angron now requires a captured relic to field.
  124. * Primarch Angron health doubled, health regeneration decreased by almost half.
  125. * Primarch Angron ONLY costs lots of relic points, but requires an extensive wait time to field.
  126. * Primarch Angron no longer reinforces with Bloodthirsters, instead, he can direct spawn an entire reinforced squad of Bloodthirsters that can be attached with Angron.
  127. * Primarch Angron can now upgrade with weapons and Inspiring Choices via addons in his research list.
  128. * Primarch Angron's Eyes of Agony Wargear now displays properly! Eyes are now warpy upon wargear research.
  129. * Primarch Angron's morale increased.
  130. * Lord of Change's Bolt of Change can now be casted in a swarm of 6 with more expansive impact radius.
  131. * Lord of Change's Winds of Chaos fires over and over with more damage and expansive impact.
  132. * Greater Daemon Prince health increased.
  133. * Greater Daemon Prince research now requires a captured relic.
  134. * Turrets are slightly cheaper.
  135. * Tier IV description was fixed.
  136. * Most core structures are no longer able to detect infiltrated units.
  137. * Greater Brass Scorpion VO changed up.
  138. * Daemonettes are now available immediately.
  139. * Greater Daemonettes requires tier 1 now.
  140. * Fiends of Slaanesh position changed to the bottom.
  141. * Great Unclean One health increased.
  142. * Lord of Change VO changed up.
  143. * Gaze of Murder costs no power.
  145. ------------------------
  146. Dark Eldar:
  147. ------------------------
  148. * New unit: Voidraven Bomber (thanks to Oomperial! (UA member))
  149. * New unit: Voidraven Fighter (thanks to Oomperial! (UA member))
  150. * Incubi commanders are now affected by hero researches up to level 6. Health decreased.
  151. * Kabal Citadel Summon Soulportal ability actually works now and is placed in the right spot.
  152. * Kabal Citadel description was updated and fixed.
  153. * Dais upgrade is now located in the proper position on the UI.
  154. * Void Dragon Phoenix can no longer detect infiltrated units when directly above.
  155. * Tormentor Titans spawn with full shield capacity.
  156. * Kabal Citadel's ability to summon Soul Portals was fixed and requires a Soul Cage instead of Hero: Level 5.
  157. * Devastation Bomb now requires souls to fire.
  159. ------------------------
  160. Eldar:
  161. ------------------------
  162. * New unit: Ancient Wraithguard (Thanks to DOW 2 Importers)
  163. * Ancient Wraithlord, Phantom Titan, Striking Scorpions, Dark Reapers, and Howling Banshees (power sword upgrade) damage output increased.
  164. * Airborn Phoenix missile weapons changed up and can fire them like an artillery barrage, inaccurate but functions similar to a Phantom Titan barrage.
  165. * Airborn Phoenix's Brightlance weapon is now only anti air. Missiles and Scatter Laser attacks are for the ground troops.
  166. * Phoenix Brightlances are now 100% accurate.
  167. * Phoenix can no longer detect infiltrated units when above them.
  168. * Ancient Wraithlord can now cast Eldritch Storms (short range) at the cost of 300 power.
  169. * Farseer's Mastermind addon now increases the ability range of all of her abilities.
  170. * Seer Council is now affected by hero researches up to level 6. Health decreased.
  171. * Listening Posts damage output increased.
  172. * Fire Prism overall damage increased, especially against structures and infantry.
  173. * Scorpion overall damage increased.
  174. * D-Cannons turret and Wraithguard damage increased.
  175. * Uber Turret D-Cannons are effective against everything, dealing more physical and morale damage.
  176. * Avatar of Khaine now requires a relic.
  178. ------------------------
  179. Imperial Guard:
  180. ------------------------
  181. * Deathstrike Missile Launcher ability costs the same as the Nuclear Weapons Center.
  182. * Deathstrike Missile Launcher requires the Nuclear Weapons Center.
  183. * Basilisk Magnus no longer requires a critical location, but requires tier V and is increased in price if you build a NWC or another Basilisk Magnus.
  184. * Basilisk Magnus deals more damage and can pierce every armor type.
  185. * Basilisk Magnus can no longer be upgraded with Volcano or EMP shots (for now, will be temporary due to extra work on it).
  186. * Generators now affect the Basilisk Magnus by decreasing its price.
  187. * All Leman Russ main cannon variants reload time decreased.
  188. * Increased the cost of the Shadowsword Titanicus by a lot.
  189. * Stormhammer damage output increased. Is slightly more expensive.
  190. * All Baneblade variant heavy bolter damage outputs increased.
  191. * Marauder lascannons are now 100% accurate. Cost increased.
  192. * Massively improved Kasrkin flamer and melta weapons and are actually worth getting.
  193. * Kasrkin Airborn Veteran squad cap decreased by 1.
  194. * Applied a heal icon above priests.
  195. * Guardsmen weapon upgrades are now cheaper to get. Flamers actually cost less than Grenade Launchers.
  196. * Medusas are now more accurate like a Basilisk weapon, only fire more frequently and are equipped with Incendiary, Earthshaker, or EMP rounds.
  197. * Conscripts can no longer reinforce with leaders.
  198. * Punisher Cannon damage increased, especially against commanders.
  199. * Stun Grenade Launchers cost increased greatly.
  201. ------------------------
  202. Inquisition:
  203. ------------------------
  204. * New wargear (Grand Master): Armor of the Demi Gods, Demi God's Nemesis Blade, Demi God's Storm Bolter, Demi God's Iron Halo, Grand Scale Abilities.
  205. * Absolute Purification IS tier V now.
  206. * Land Raider Phobos now fires its weapons aesthetically.
  207. * Grand Master can now load into a Nemesis Dreadknight, taking command of it, while also tripling its health and damage output.
  208. * Grand Master requires a relic and 5 minutes to field. Cost decreased.
  209. * Terminators and Grey Knight Interceptors take less time to teleport.
  210. * Dreadknight health and damage output increased as it is underpowered.
  211. * Maintenance Servitor schematic description is now correct.
  212. * Listening Post addon II damage output increased.
  213. * Venerable Dreadnought health decreased.
  214. * Nemesis Dreadknight health decreased.
  216. ------------------------
  217. Necrons:
  218. ------------------------
  219. * New research: Hero upgrades I-VIII.
  220. * New addon: Particle Accelerator
  221. * Mobile Obelisk and Tomb Stalker support cap decreased from 6 to 5.
  222. * For every Monolith constructed, it will add more time required to construct Plasma and Amplification Generators.
  223. * Amplification Generators also decay over time like Plasma Generators.
  224. * All commanders are now affected by hero researches much like other factions.
  225. * Nightbringer and Deceiver are now affected by hero researches.
  226. * Nightbringer health leach ratio increased.
  227. * All commanders regenerate a lot more when not in combat.
  228. * Essence of the C'Tan research no longer requires the Ancient Summoning Core.
  229. * Nightbringer ability research no longer requires the health research. It instead requires tier IV and a captured relic.
  230. * All Necron specific unit researches get backup chances increase upon final research.
  231. * All Necron units (except vehicles) have higher health, regeneration, and get back up rates to make them the army of death once again (as they are supposed to be)! Get back up chance description was placed within the base tooltip.
  232. * Immortals damage against structures increased.
  233. * Immortals Tesla Carbine cost increased.
  234. * Tesla Carbine damage versus super structures decreased.
  235. * Heavy Destroyers weapon damage and range decreased.
  236. * Destroyers weapon range decreased.
  237. * Turrets weapon damage and range decreased.
  238. * Deathstrike Pariah, Annihilation Barge, and Necron Warrior weapon damage increased.
  239. * Doomsday Ark, Gauss Pylon, and Sentry Pylon armor piercings changed up as it was too weak versus 90% of its targets.
  240. * Doomsday Ark and Gauss Pylon damage against morale increased.
  241. * Gauss Pylons are now effective against all armor piercing types. Reload time doubled, fires less often and can obliterate most targets (except structures) in one shot.
  242. * Tomb Stalker damage output increased.
  243. * Mobile Obelisk armor piercings changed up and is effective at almost everything like standard monoliths.
  244. * Necron Obelisk Wailing Terror ability deals more damage.
  245. * Heavily Fortified Obelisk damage increased. But now costs 250 power. Reliable.
  246. * Sentry Pylons are now equipped with just an improved long ranged Gauss Blaster by default (non global).
  247. * Sentry Pylons are now able to have two different upgrades - Particle Whip, and Particle Accelerator.
  248. * Sentry Pylon (units) no longer requires support cap, but are instead shared a limit of 10 with Builder Scarabs. Limit 3. Updated tooltip.
  249. * Sentry Pylon health decreased.
  250. * AEonic Orb ability weapons cost increased by a lot.
  251. * AEonic Orbs drain the power source a little more. Tooltip description added.
  252. * Heavy Thermo Generator takes less time to construct due to new tier V system.
  253. * Walls are easier to see when cloaked.
  254. * Upon cease firing with the Pyramid, the Pyramid will cease fire of all weapons.
  255. * Because of the new hero research change, Death Lord health increment modifiers decreased.
  256. * Overloaded Gauss Weaponry research now costs 350 power and tier 1.
  257. * Gauss Overload research now displays properly.
  258. * Amplification Generators and Plasma Generators descriptions were updated.
  259. * The Death Lord can now reinforce with Pariahs as "leaders".
  260. * The more beacons constructed, the more Pariahs can be reinforced with the Death Lord instead of infinite resurrection, up to infinity.
  262. ------------------------
  263. Orks:
  264. ------------------------
  265. * New Unit: Weirdboy (Thanks to Galaxy In Fire Reloaded mod)
  266. * New addon: Oy! Me Wants More Waagh!
  267. * Nukklear Bomma cost to unload a payload of bombs decreased from 6500/6500 to 4500/4500 req/power.
  268. * Nukklear Bommas take 180 seconds longer to build. Description updated and fixed.
  269. * Nukklear Bomma and Fighta Bomma weapon recharge time decreased.
  270. * Kommandoz are now affected by hero researches up to level 6. Health decreased.
  271. * Kommando Nob is affected by heroes level 8. Cost increased.
  272. * Shoota Boy Big Shoota weapon damage decreased.
  273. * Kill Krusha range and area affect radius decreased.
  274. * Kill Bursta now shares the same VO as the Kill Krusha.
  275. * Battlefortress battlecannon fires off 2x faster.
  276. * Looted Tank battlecannon damage reload time decreased.
  277. * Bombsquigs can now be toggled to detonate with a big boom, 2 ability variants.
  278. * Bombsquig damage on death decreased.
  279. * Most population requirements have been changed, things are available later in tiers. Refer to new Ork Tech Tree in future development.
  281. * Great Gargants take 15 seconds longer to build.
  282. * Army Painter was rearranged. Armored Nobz are located at the bottom now.
  283. * Supa Dupa money now gives a lot more resources and does not require a critical location.
  284. * Great Gargant Tech now requires a Critical Location.
  285. * Big Mek keen sight radius increased.
  286. * Ork Gargant damage versus titans increased.
  287. * Teknolojee Tree icon changed and is now obvious to notice when able to build.
  288. * Squiggoths health, rampage damage, and damage (especially) increased. Ranged accuracy on the move increased.
  289. * Squiggoths can now rampage more often and when pounding the ground in the air, the radius and knockback is much greater.
  290. * Squiggoth cost increased.
  291. * Nukklear Bomma Tek requires 190 population now. Required wait time increased.
  292. * Grot Tank and Grot Gang VO changed up!
  293. ------------------------
  294. Sisters of Battle:
  295. ------------------------
  296. * The Arch Angel requires no relic resource, but instead a captured relic. Faith cost increased.
  297. * Arch Angel research II requires tier V.
  298. * Living Saints now costs 250 relic resource.
  299. * Nunciate Superior now requires a captured relic.
  300. * Tier IV now requires the tier II addon, locally.
  302. ------------------------
  303. Space Marines:
  304. ------------------------
  305. * New Research: Advanced Terminator Weaponry
  306. * New Research: Wargear: Bionics Level 3
  307. * New Research: Wargear: Battle Armor 3
  308. * New Research: Wargear: Smart-linked Target Finders
  309. * Terminators, like Assault Terminators are equipped with randomized weapons. 25% chance each to upgrade with a flamer or Assault Cannon.
  310. * Assault Cannons for Terminators and Terminator Commander deals actual damage to structures and vehicles and match the ranges of Cyclone Missile Launchers.
  311. * Terminator Heavy Flamer deals more damage.
  312. * Extra Deepstrike turret addon was removed. Research also, but can be researched from turrets.
  313. * Orbital Destabilization addon now gives off proper fx on structure.
  314. * Turret probe addon no longer gives turrets a lascannon weapon.
  315. * Gladiator Command Squad health and armor increased.
  316. * Sternguard weapons were fixed up and changed.
  317. * Land Raider Helios weapon range increased from 150m to 250m and will now engage enemies 250m away from enemies.
  318. * Land Raider Helios setup required time increased, but reload time decreased. Cost increased.
  319. * Land Raider Helios has now an artillery barrage ability much like the Whirlwind.
  320. * All Librarian abilities are a lot more useful.
  321.         * Firebolt deals more damage.
  322.         * Halo shield is always on until morale is depleted. Halo shield even regenerates when on.
  323.         * Psychic Inquisition deals more damage, especially to monstrous creatures.
  324.         * Curse of the Machine Spirit lasts longer and disables movement.
  325.         * Aura of Honor was changed up. Increases damage output of all nearby units.
  326. * Both Predator names were changed.
  327. * Interface Relay Probe addon cost greatly increased.
  328. * Venerable Dreadnought health decreased.
  329. ------------------------
  330. Tau:
  331. ------------------------
  332. * Manta artillery range missile barrage damage output tripled, especially against titans, morale, and light armored structures like turrets.
  333. * Tau Manta now requires tier V.
  334. * Pathfinders keen sight radius increased.
  335. * XV202 Mako Titan deals more morale damage now.
  336. * Prototype Satellite Drone model is unselectable and invisible, but will have an orange like beam pointing at the ground to display its location.
  337. * Prototype Satellite costs no support cap, but 310 relic resource, cost decreased, wait time decreased, and does not require a critical location.
  338. * Prototype Satellite Drone icon changed up.
  339. * Satellite Winbutton requires both tier V and the Arka Cannon to fire. Cost increased to 30000/30000 req/power.
  340. * Vespids Sonic Pulse ability was greatly nerfed and no longer overpowered.
  341. * Vespids health regeneration increased.
  342. * R'Varna weapons changed up. More deadly and fires mini nukes from one of his arm weapons.
  343. * R'Varna costs a lot more but does not even cost requisition.
  344. * R'Varna Submunition research changed up, will now increase damage output, very expensive.
  345. * R'Varna will no longer cloak when attached with drones.
  346. * Fire Warriors maximum weapon range increased, due to an overwhelming request.
  347. * Hammerhead Gunship health increased.
  348. * Drone squads, Harbinger Drones, and Drone Harbinger damage outputs increased.
  350. ------------------------
  351. Tyranids:
  352. ------------------------
  353. * New structure: Bio Titan Chamber (Thanks to DOW 2 Importers)
  354. * New structure: Capillary Vein (Thanks to DOW 2 Importers)
  355. * New Endgame research: Errect Ground (allows every capillary tower (even those launched by a nuke) to spawn 6 new Capillary Veins that will increase requisition income.)
  356. * New Wargear: (Swarm Lord) Agony Blades, Newly Evolved Carapace Armor, Rapid Regeneration, Perfect Adaption, Biobomb.
  357. * New addon for all structures: Regeneration Attachment, Production Attachment, Protection Attachment, Vision Attachment
  358. * Broodlord cost decreased.
  359. * Zoanthrope squad cap decreased.
  360. * Deepstrikable Spore Mines cost much less, but take longer to field and are in a bigger squad (max).
  361. * Synapse aura radiuses increased.
  362. * Swarmlord can now research wargear, but costs more.
  363. * Swarmlord now takes 5 minutes to field.
  364. * Swarmlord weapon damage and health regeneration increased.
  365. * Swarmlord damage versus titans and super structures decreased as a small weakness.
  366. * Hormagaunts cost less to deepstrike and reinforce, health slightly increased.
  367. * Gargoyles damage increased and can pierce armor.
  368. * Hive Tyrant's Devourer and Venom Cannon damage increased by 20%.
  369. * Hive Tyrant's Bone Sword and Whip and Venom Cannon now requires Hero: Level 6.
  370. * Hive Tyrant's Catalyst ability no longer disables death, but rapidly increases health regeneration.
  371. * Spinegaunt starting squad size decreased from 8 to 4. Reinforce cost increased to 3.
  372. * Spinegaunt reinforce speed decreased.
  373. * Spinegaunts no longer require squad cap, but a limit of 4 and are shared with all Spinegaunt variants.
  374. * Biotitan researches (carapace) increases the Hierophant's health a lot more.
  375. * Tunnel Warrens was moved to tier III.
  376. * Uberfexes are produced within Tunnel Warrens.
  377. * Uberfex overall range damage decreased.
  378. * Uberfex can now upgrade with Crush Claws (at tier IV).
  379. * Uberfex upgrades are more expensive and take longer to upgrade.
  380. * Trygons are now tier III units.
  381. * Trygons now cost 250 relic resource and 1200 requisition, health decreased.
  382. * Trygons can now upgrade with improved claws, one on each arm (at tier IV).
  383. * Titan like researches in general moved to the Bio Titan Chamber.
  384. * Bio Bomb is now given to the Swarm Lord.
  385. * Reclamation Pools no longer grant requisition resource.
  386. * Magma Vents now allows power like research, shared with Reclamation Pools.
  387. * Carnifex (all variants) melee and ranged damage versus structures decreased.
  388. * Warrior ranged damage versus structures decreased slightly.
  389. * Tier II Spore Chimneys produce slightly more requisition now.
  390. * Eat World endgame research cost decreased from 25000 to 20000.
  391. * Bio Acid Hive Node damage output increased, decreased versus structures.
  392. * Hierophant projectile launch locations are more well placed.
  393. * Reclamation Pools can no longer rally points.
  394. * Turret attachments will now be placed in the abilities area next to other structural attachments.
  395. * Eat World was renamed to: Claim World.
  396. * Claim World research was reworked. Instead of total growth of requisition, the Hive Mind can now spawn everything for free instantly, including deepstrikable Hierophants.
  397. * Claim World now costs 30,000 power.
  400. --------------------------------------------------------|
  401. SCAR (Winconditions): |
  402. --------------------------------------------------------|
  403. * New Wincondition: Restriction: Tier V.
  404. * New Wincondition: Addon: AI Donations
  405. * Restriction: Game Enders also restricts tier V.
  406. * Restriction: Game Enders (AI) now properly works and restricts Deathstrikes, Nukklear Bommas, and even Satellite Drones.
  407. * Dark Eldar now works with Aid - Titans wincondition and does not produce a scar error.
  408. --------------------------------------------------------|
  409. SCENARIOS: |
  410. --------------------------------------------------------|
  412. --------------------------------------------------------|
  413. SOUND: |
  414. --------------------------------------------------------|
  415. * New VO: Primarch Angron
  416. * New VO: Grot Gang
  417. * New VO: Grot Tank
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