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  1. Posted 22 August 2011 - 11:04 PM
  2. *NOTE* Where it says "jdk1.7.0" for classpath and path, edit that to your version of java.
  5. Okay so this is for everyone having trouble running the temp. client on windows 7.
  7. Step 1: Getting to environmental Variable settings.
  8. - Go to "Start"
  9. - Click on "Conrtrol Panel"
  10. - Once in control panel, In top right corner search "environme" and it should give you options to change user variables, or to change system variables. click "Edit the system variables".
  11. - Once you clicked that, another window will pop up, bottom right of that window click "Environment Variables"
  13. Step 2: Setting up your path
  14. - So now we are in the Environment Variables and you will see the user variables and the system variables on the bottom. We will be editing the system variables on the bottom.
  15. - Find "Path" in the system variables andchanges its value to wherever your jdk bin is located... for example...
  16. C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin;
  17. ^ this is where java should be but you can check by going to "Start" and searching "c:\" and finding where the jdk bin is.
  18. - Once your Path is set click OK and your path is set.
  20. Step 3: Setting up Classpath
  21. - Still in the "Environment Variables" window and still editing the system variables.
  22. - Now if you have a classpath in your system variables already, then just edit it to the code listed below.
  23. - If NOT click "new"
  24. - Now, where it says "Variable name"... name it "Classpath"
  25. - Where it says "Variable value" put this code...
  26. CLASSPATH=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin;%CLASSPATH%;
  27. - Once the value is added click "Ok" and "Ok" again on the second screen and your client should work!
  29. NOTE: where it says "jdk1.7.0" make sure you use your version of java
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