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  1. Teleport message #1 (public).
  3. Start (1p):
  4.    Casting your arm up in a single, graceful movement, you shed a whirling cascade of cherry
  5. blossoms as you seek with your mind for TARGET.
  6. Start (3p):
  7.    Kaiel lifts his arm in a single, fluid movement, shedding a whirling cascade of cherry
  8. blossoms around his form.
  9. Leave (1p):
  10.    The sweet scent of cherry blossoms envelops you, and for a moment, you glimpse the unfolding
  11. of the beauty of the universe.
  12. Leave (3p):
  13.    A sweet wind lingers as the cherry blossoms envelop and bear away the form of Kaiel.
  14. Entry:
  15.    The sweet scent of cherry blossoms wafts through the air as a cavalcade of ivory petals
  16. heralds the entrance of Kaiel.
  17. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 2
  18. Teleport message #2 (public).
  20. Start (1p):
  21.    Tilting your head, you listen closely to the winds, allowing them to whisper the name of
  22. TARGET.
  23. Start (3p):
  24.    The winds murmur and stir as Kaiel tilts his head as if hearing an unseen voice.
  25. Leave (1p):
  26.    The winds surge and howl about you in a whirling gale, consuming you abruptly within the eye
  27. of a storm.
  28. Leave (3p):
  29.    The gale surges and howls to a crescendo, consuming Kaiel in a fierce whirlwind.
  30. Entry:
  31.    A sudden gale sweeps across the area, stirring dust and plucking at clothing as Kaiel steps
  32. out of the winds themselves.
  33. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 3
  34. Teleport message #3 (public).
  36. Start (1p):
  37.    You glimpse the mundanities and contradictions of the universe. Glimpsing TARGET through the
  38. twisting nature of reality and the twisting, shifting paradigms, you wrap a strand of domotheos
  39. energy about yourself in a twisting cascade of rainbow light.
  40. Start (3p):
  41.    Lips quirking in sardonic amusement, Kaiel seizes a strand of rainbow-hued domotheos energy
  42. and wraps it about himself.
  43. Leave (1p):
  44.    As the universe parts and shifts before your will, the rainbow light dissolves into
  45. ephemeral butterflies of many-hued motes. Stepping forward, you find yourself exactly where you
  46. wish to be.
  47. Leave (3p):
  48.    Kaiel explodes into the cloud of rainbow-hued butterflies he truly is.
  49. Entry:
  50.    Kaiel exists abruptly in this location, surrounded by dissolving, rainbow-hued butterflies.
  51. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 4
  52. Teleport message #4 (public).
  54. Start (1p):
  55.    You conjure a dancing cascade of chaotic bubbles that warp and fizzle from one color to the
  56. next. One of them blooms with the image of TARGET. Nodding sagely to no one in particular, you
  57. let it alight on the tips of your fingers.
  58. Start (3p):
  59.    Kaiel conjures a spray of oddly-warping bubbles. As he shifts through hues and sizes with
  60. disturbing sounds and impossible motions, Kaiel cups his hand as if holding something existent
  61. and nods sagely.
  62. Leave (1p):
  63.    Colors consume you, the rainbow domotheos energies enveloping you in sublime, shifting light
  64. that deliver you to your destination. The bubbles vanish in an disorienting, abrupt spin.
  65. Leave (3p):
  66.    Kaiel grins and nods, staring vacantly into midair as the bubbles pop one by one. As the
  67. last one vanishes, Kaiel simply pops out of existence.
  68. Entry:
  69.    Kaiel pops into existence, stumbling a bit as reality warps briefly into chaotic rainbow
  70. hues.
  71. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 5
  72. Teleport message #5 (public).
  74. Start (1p):
  75.    You trace the edge of a silvery mandala, expanding it in a shimmering array of light around
  76. yourself. Through the lingering curves, you glimpse TARGET.
  77. Start (3p):
  78.    Kaiel traces a curve in the air, manifesting a complex mandala of silvery energy.
  79. Leave (1p):
  80.    The mandala twists and grows, blooming outwards to envelop you in a precisely-ordered
  81. manifestation of time, space, and logic.
  82. Leave (3p):
  83.    The mandala twists and grows, consuming Kaiel in a blinding sequence of rapidly
  84. reconfiguring curves.
  85. Entry:
  86.    A silvery mandala manifests, blooming rapidly from a series of complex angles and curves
  87. into the figure of Kaiel.
  88. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 6
  89. Teleport message #6 (public).
  91. Start (1p):
  92.    Reaching out with your mind, you grasp the harmonic song of the domothean energies as you
  93. seek TARGET.
  94. Start (3p):
  95.    Kaiel lifts his eyes, gazing on something unknown. Lingering harmonic melodies swell softly
  96. in the air.
  97. Leave (1p):
  98.    The lingering notes of harmonic purity swell to impossible heights as you step confidently
  99. through the song of reality itself.
  100. Leave (3p):
  101.    Pure, crystalline notes swell to a climax of harmonic symphony as Kaiel vanishes into
  102. reality itself.
  103. Entry:
  104.    A series of pure, crystalline notes sounds in the air as Kaiel steps smoothly into being.
  105. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 7
  106. Teleport message #7 (public).
  108. Start (1p):
  109.    The scent of lavender reaches your nose as you contemplate the location of TARGET.
  110. Start (3p):
  111.    A subtle scent of lavender lingers in the air as Kaiel gazes off into the distance.
  112. Leave (1p):
  113.    Wisps of lavender mist consume you, whirling around and through your form. As they clear,
  114. you step free of the gentle fog and into a different location.
  115. Leave (3p):
  116.    Lavender mist manifests, swirling around Kaiel and rapidly hiding him from sight.
  117. Entry:
  118.    A tendril of lavender scent perfumes the air as Kaiel steps gracefully into existence.
  119. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 8
  120. Teleport message #8 (public).
  122. Start (1p):
  123.    Effervescent motes of light conduct a graceful dance about your form as you gaze into the
  124. distance, forming the image of TARGET in your mind's eye.
  125. Start (3p):
  126.    Effervescent motes of light surround the figure of Kaiel as he gazes off into the distance.
  127. Leave (1p):
  128.    The motes swirl rapidly about your figure as you languidly stretch a hand through the ether
  129. towards TARGET. Gathering the domothean energies in your hand, you step confidently through the
  130. light.
  131. Leave (3p):
  132.    Kaiel steps confidently forwards into the swirling dance of light and vanishes.
  133. Entry:
  134.    Motes of light coalesce, whirling in graceful swirls of effervescence around the rapidly
  135. coalescing figure of Kaiel.
  136. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 9
  137. Teleport message #9 (public).
  139. Start (1p):
  140.    You begin murmuring the names of the sefira in the Tree of Life. Eyes half-closed, you find
  141. the true name of TARGET and whisper it softly.
  142. Start (3p):
  143.    Kaiel's eyes droop, and he murmurs softly to himself, then smiles triumphantly. Soft,
  144. numinous energy swirls around his form.
  145. Leave (1p):
  146.    Domothean energies surge around your figure as you step forwards into the Tree itself and
  147. through Kether into another location.
  148. Leave (3p):
  149.    Kaiel vanishes abruptly, consumed in a white-limned outline of the Tree of Life.
  150. Entry:
  151.    The Tree of Life blooms from a spark of numinous light, unfurling the sefira in a display of
  152. white light. Kaiel steps out of the centre, wreathed in energy.
  153. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 10
  154. Teleport message #10 (public).
  156. Start (1p):
  157.    Tracing a line of sooty, ink-like energy in the air, you write the name of TARGET in curling
  158. script.
  159. Start (3p):
  160.    Kaiel begins to write inky calligraphy in the air itself with a dark, shadowy energy.
  161. Leave (1p):
  162.    The calligraphy blooms and grows, expanding in mere seconds to a whirling shroud of letters.
  163. As it sinks into your skin, you find yourself abruptly elsewhere.
  164. Leave (3p):
  165.    The calligraphy grows and bends, consuming Kaiel entirely.
  166. Entry:
  167.    Inky calligraphy blooms in midair, rapidly growing into the figure of Kaiel.
  168. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 11
  169. Teleport message #11 (public).
  171. Start (1p):
  172.    Clarion bells ring out, infusing you with stern, steadfast duty. With a deliberate, clear
  173. mind, you bring TARGET's visage to the forefront of your concentration.
  174. Start (3p):
  175.    Clarion bells ring out as Kaiel gazes sternly into the distance.
  176. Leave (1p):
  177.    The stern clamour consumes you as you stride determinedly forwards.
  178. Leave (3p):
  179.    Accompanied by the steady pealing, Kaiel strides forwards resolutely, vanishing into thin
  180. air.
  181. Entry:
  182.    The abrupt sound of solemn bells pealing echoes as Kaiel strides out of thin air.
  183. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 12
  184. Teleport message #12 (public).
  186. Start (1p):
  187.    With deliberate motions, you sketch the rough outline of the Seal of Justice in midair.
  188. Through it, you behold TARGET for an instant.
  189. Start (3p):
  190.    Calling gilded energy to their hand, Kaiel sketches the Seal of Justice in shining motes of
  191. light.
  192. Leave (1p):
  193.    As the scales of Justice shift and measure, you step forwards into the energy to seize them,
  194. and dart through reality itself.
  195. Leave (3p):
  196.    Kaiel steps forward, hands clasping the domotheos energies. A gavel striking wood rings out
  197. in the distance as he vanish into the Seal.
  198. Entry:
  199.    The sharp report of a gavel announces the arrival of Kaiel.
  200. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 13
  201. Teleport message #13 (public).
  203. Start (1p):
  204.    The sound of faraway horns lingers in your ear as you cast your mind towards the location of
  205. TARGET.
  206. Start (3p):
  207.    Kaiel straightens into a military bearing as the faint echo of horns lingers in the air.
  208. Leave (1p):
  209.    A proud march grows in volume until it reaches a firm crescendo. Reaching out, you touch the
  210. face of the Seal of War. As the martial rhythm thrills in your blood, you step forward into
  211. another place.
  212. Leave (3p):
  213.    Kaiel steps forwards into the faint outline of the Seal of War and vanishes abruptly from
  214. sight as the horns fade away.
  215. Entry:
  216.    A martial flare of horns sounds long and proud as Kaiel steps forwards from the numinous
  217. outline of at the Seal of War.
  218. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 14
  219. Teleport message #14 (public).
  221. Start (1p):
  222.    A bloody, cloying haze grows as you gaze coldly into the Domothean energies themselves. The
  223. location of TARGET reaches your perception.
  224. Start (3p):
  225.    Kaiel goes still, a cold sneer on his lips as he gazes into the distance. A bloody haze
  226. pools around his ankles and whirls upwards around his limbs.
  227. Leave (1p):
  228.    The crimson fog surrounds you, coating your lips with the taste of freshly spilled blood. As
  229. a sense of purposeful rage overtakes you, the mist consumes you and reassembles you in another
  230. location.
  231. Leave (3p):
  232.    The bloody haze consumes Kaiel entirely, leaving only a faint crimson mist that soon
  233. dissipates.
  234. Entry:
  235.    A freezing cold fills the air as blood-coloured fog spills from a gap in the air. The form
  236. of Kaiel manifests within.
  237. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 15
  238. Teleport message #15 (public).
  240. Start (1p):
  241.    Casting your head back, you sense the buffeting of wings and the sweet smell of flowers. The
  242. name of TARGET is murmured to you on an errant breeze.
  243. Start (3p):
  244.    Kaiel's head falls back as he smiles softly at nothing in particular. The faint outline of
  245. numinous angel wings grows around him.
  246. Leave (1p):
  247.    A multitude of softly-glowing wings manifests around you, and a sense of serenity fills your
  248. heart. As the feathers whisper together, you open your eyes upon a new location.
  249. Leave (3p):
  250.    Kaiel is consumed in a flurry of sweet-smelling wings.
  251. Entry:
  252.    A still, calm pool of serenity spreads outwards from a numinous spark in midair. Invisible,
  253. sweet-smelling wings buffet the air as Kaiel steps forth, smiling softly.
  254. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 16
  255. Teleport message #16 (public).
  257. Start (1p):
  258.    Light surrounds you as you listen to the swelling murmur of the Domothean energies. A single
  259. strand sings out the name of TARGET.
  260. Start (3p):
  261.    Kaiel closes his eyes as light blooms around his form.
  262. Leave (1p):
  263.    The energies envelop you in a soothing warmth, cradling you briefly between the concepts of
  264. form and motion before issuing you forth into another location.
  265. Leave (3p):
  266.    Kaiel sighs in soft contentment as the light draws him in and away.
  267. Entry:
  268.    A soft light blooms from a spark in midair, expanding into the energy-wreathed form of
  269. Kaiel.
  270. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 17
  271. Teleport message #17 (public).
  273. Start (1p):
  274.    With sharp words in a foul tongue, you call to the spirits of the dead, ordering them to
  275. locate TARGET.
  276. Start (3p):
  277.    Foul syllables drip from Kaiel's mouth as he snarls to the air in an unknown tongue.
  278. Leave (1p):
  279.    The wailing of the spirits surrounds you, and their cold grasp seizes you. With an arrogant
  280. sneer, you call their energies to yourself and stride forwards through reality itself.
  281. Leave (3p):
  282.    Wailing, faceless spirits manifest, swirling around Kaiel and riming the area with a deathly
  283. frost. With a sneer, Kaiel strides forwards, melting away into little more than a spectral
  284. impression before vanishing entirely from view.
  285. Entry:
  286.    The despairing wails of spirits and the chill of the grave precedes the arrival of Kaiel as
  287. they melt from the form of a translucent spectre to something akin to flesh and blood.
  288. 9300h, 7300m, 7300e, 10p Belrxk-powers choices teleportmsg 18
  289. Teleport message #18 (public).
  291. Start (1p):
  292.    You turn your mind to the strange arts of death and the cold chill of the grave. A mist
  293. billows about you as you glimpse the eventual decay of TARGET.
  294. Start (3p):
  295.    As Kaiel gazes coldly into nothing at all, a chill mist begins to grow around his ankles.
  296. Leave (1p):
  297.    The chill of the grave sinks into your bones as the mist envelops you. For a moment, you
  298. glimpse your own death and the fragility of all things. As it passes, you find yourself in
  299. another location.
  300. Leave (3p):
  301.    The mist clings to the skin of Kaiel. As he shudders, he ages rapidly and begins to crumble
  302. into dust. The mist consumes the remains and fades away, leaving nothing behind.
  303. Entry:
  304.    Kaiel emerges from a cloud of icy, freezing fog, his eyes glazed with the chill of the
  305. grave.
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