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  1. One thing that makes me feel happy is when I play CS: GO with my real-life friends, either with my classmates or friends from abroad.
  2. CS: GO is a counter strike 1.6 but with better graphics on the Steam platform. It was launched in 2012 and currently has about 1 million players a day.
  3. This game is computer-based, but can be played on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360.
  4. It is also an eSports game that plays in various international competitions, my favorite player being Olofmeister.
  5. CS: GO is the type of game where everyone strives to do everything in their power to win.
  6. The most played GameMode is Competitive, alongside Wingman (2 versus 2) and Public Servers. The tables in this game are Mirage, Cache, Dust 2, Cobblestone, Overpass, Inferno, Office, Vertigo, and other community-created maps.
  7. I can say that this game relaxes me, but at the same time to get angry. I often play when I come from School or Week-End. This is like a Hobby.
  8. I usually play full premade, and I rarely play SoloQ. I personally have reached the maximum rank, The Global Elite with 181 matches won.
  9. Together we play 5 vs. 5 competitive or MatchMaking as they say.
  10. We usually play on all maps, but my favorite remains de_dust2.
  11. A moment of maximum tension is when you are on TeamSpeak or Discord with the team and the score is very tight. Then we all have emotions because we do not want to lose.
  12. In conclusion I can say that even video games can make you feel happy.
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