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  1. On August 2nd a blog got spread around the internet and garnered some attention:
  5. The blog details how Zoe Quinn compulsively lied and had an affair with several men,
  6. written by her boyfriend, the blog features photographic evidence and proves something very
  7. important, that the persons she was having an affair with have strong ties to the video game
  8. industry and video game journalism.
  10. This video made by InternetAristocrat explains what has been said further.
  14. After said video got posted and started garnering attention Quinn started complaining about the attention the article was getting and made a blog post telling people to back off
  15. because the entire story according to here is a personal issue, it’s not.
  16. What she has done means that she has created strong social ties to the very same people that are
  17. supposed to have an objective view on the game she has created. Instead the game has been
  18. casually name dropped by the same person that the blog claimed she had an affair with. This
  19. means that as consumers we have been lied to by people whose working title is “journalist”.
  21. This is what matters, the lying, the close ties that are created between developers and the
  22. conclusion that “journalists” shape their content based around how much they like the developer
  23. of the game they are talking about rather then the actual game itself.
  25. Too further show us this is indeed true there have been plenty of outrages in recent years that
  26. have centred around the same issues (Mass Effect 3 was critically acclaimed according to most
  27. journalists, when consumers vocally voiced their opinions about the game’s ending they were
  28. ridiculed by the very same journalists, too name one example).
  30. Back too Quinn, on her twitter there were a bunch of phone numbers and addresses posted, none of
  31. them leading anywhere particular, after 2 minutes she claimed she was hacked by 4chan. The hacking
  32. at best looks like something staged, you don’t get hacked on twitter (hell why haven’t we heard
  33. this before then? There has been plenty of people having their email hacked by installing
  34. malicious software on their computer and then having their password data sent to the writer of
  35. the software), you simply don’t get hacked in general these days as an user, you just install
  36. malicious software that steals your credentials.
  38. There are two explanations in the end. She either really got hacked and 4chan is frequented by
  39. some of the better software engineers known to man or someone who knows her personally, or she
  40. is simply lying in order to garner sympathy, something that seems very plausible based on the fact
  41. the data posted at best was irrelevant as can be seen here:
  45. Currently as of writing this she is claiming that this is misogynistic attackers, that this
  46. is strictly personal and is backing this by cropping out a small irrelevant number of posts from
  47. the larger image. As of now I can imagine some of the people she had an affair with is either cleaning their sheets or getting ready to defend her actions.
  49. TL;DR:
  51. Video game journalism is corrupt and you should take a stand against this.
  53. What should I do?
  55. Spread this everywhere where it is relevant, these are public persons that are supposed to do
  56. their job and be trustworthy, this trust has been broken and you can either sit their and
  57. knowingly support people with no integrity whatsoever or you can show the public that this is
  58. how the current state of the industry of video game journalism and video game development.
  60. Further reading:
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