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  2. iLangston08/30/2019
  3. Seems like something is up with you. Wanna talk?
  5. ZebukielYesterday at 5:14 PM
  6. lets hear it
  8. iLangstonYesterday at 5:16 PM
  9. What else do you want to hear? I am not going back and forth with you. Do you want to fix whatever is happening or just prove that we will never see eye to eye.
  11. ZebukielYesterday at 5:19 PM
  12. All you have stated thus far unless I’ve missed something is;
  13. You have a problem with me.
  14. You assume I want a show.
  17. If you have a problem with me, I’m happy to hear it and see if said problem can be fixed.
  19. If your problem is you just don’t like me, not much I can do.
  21. iLangstonYesterday at 5:19 PM
  22. Do you have a problem with me?
  24. ZebukielYesterday at 5:20 PM
  25. No, I don’t have a problem with you.
  27. iLangstonYesterday at 5:21 PM
  28. Oh. Ok. Then I guess you're just an ass, which I can live with. I thought there was an issue between us. As you were then :)
  30. ZebukielYesterday at 5:23 PM
  31. While very few would disagree with you, that I’m an ass.
  33. Not sure what you contrived as me being an ass to you.  I challenge your point of view often as we don’t see things the same nor should all people.  Though I’ve never done anything purposefully “assholish” to you
  35. iLangstonYesterday at 5:31 PM
  36. Honestly, when I used to watch your channel and communicate with you, it was great. You were easy to get along with and then something changed. People tell me why they left PLG and it is usually because of you and how this discord has been the exact opposite of what it is meant to be for. I never endulged those conversations until recently since you have become passive aggressive, abbrasive, disrespectful and just difficult to enjoy having conversations with. It primarily started when Mixer became a main focus of conversation. You seemed to make it a battle between Twitch and Mixer and typically the conversations  became about how mixer doesnt do this well or whatever... Daggy may not speak up but when you chimed in about him using appropriate channels when he was merely sharing a gaming discussion, it felt like such a familiar attack on your front.
  37. I honestly dont care if this goes anywhere and you can do with this feedback as you wish but I am not the  first person to feel this way and I have always out of respect wanted to keep it between us so we could discuss it and grow as a community but now I am just over it. I have better things to worry about, especially if you are going to continue to be so dismissive as if you couldnt care less.
  39. ZebukielYesterday at 5:35 PM
  40. Not sure how I’m being dismissive I’ve several times stated I’m not.   What ever textual meaning you’re getting thats dismissive try to understand its not meant as dismissive.
  42. Pastor made fun of my childs mental health and i could give zero fucks his opinion.
  44. Daggy posted in the wrong channel i asked further stuff be in the right channel and kept going with the conversation its my obligation as staff to moderate. As you have pointed out
  46. I meant zero offense to him and if he had problem wish he’d brought it up instead of talking behind my back about it.
  48. Sorry you don’t care anymore, not sure how I can help in this aspect.
  49. As far as the mixer thing goes I feel you’re off, as ive never directly hated on mixer I had patreon set up to make the switch.
  50. So, obviously not a hater
  52. iLangstonYesterday at 5:37 PM
  53. Daggy was having a conversation with Huddy and posted a link that had to do with that discussion... He was not advertising.. That is my point.
  54. Also, I never mentioned who I heard these things from. You are making assumptions
  56. ZebukielYesterday at 5:39 PM
  57. My opinion on that stands even if my assumption is wrong.
  59. So you’re saying that if we are in your chat talking about ninja linking his stream in your chat is not advertising its just part of conversation
  60. While i know he meant no harm its still advertising regardless
  61. If it makea a giant website link that takes up chat intent with standing its advertising
  63. iLangstonYesterday at 5:42 PM
  64. Zeb, it was literally a conversation between them
  66. Its not like he came in and said hey guys check out ship...
  68. ZebukielYesterday at 5:42 PM
  69. So if me being fair to everyone else I’ve told not to post advertising links in general offended daggy, It was not my intention but I’d do it again as it’s the rules of the server are there for everyone
  71. iLangstonYesterday at 5:42 PM
  72. This is my point. You jump straight in and cause  waves
  74. ZebukielYesterday at 5:43 PM
  75. Whats the need for the link in the convo?  Cant he just post the user name?
  77. iLangstonYesterday at 5:43 PM
  78. And this is why people dont like using this server as their home server. I dont require my viewers to leave one channel to continue a conversation. That is just a small example
  79. He was giving Huddy easier access...
  81. ZebukielYesterday at 5:44 PM
  82. So rules shouldn’t be enforced?
  84. iLangstonYesterday at 5:44 PM
  85. The fact you have to ask all these questions just know why this or that shows that you dont care about the entire picture. You literally just wanted to jump and and put your foot down.
  87. ZebukielYesterday at 5:44 PM
  88. Its not at all what i want to do
  89. Id rather not have to moderate the discord
  91. iLangstonYesterday at 5:44 PM
  92. If John came in and was brand new and posted a link, sure. Daggy is a partner and long time advocate for PLG and was clearly having a discussion with Huddy.
  94. ZebukielYesterday at 5:45 PM
  95. But someone has to
  97. iLangstonYesterday at 5:45 PM
  98. People who dont want to moderate typically dont moderate every single thing. They catch the  big things and move on
  100. ZebukielYesterday at 5:45 PM
  101. So, partners should be able to break the rules for convience?
  103. iLangstonYesterday at 5:45 PM
  104. This didnt need moderations
  105. Youre either stubborn or clearly not getting this
  107. ZebukielYesterday at 5:46 PM
  108. I think the same about you.
  109. All i did was ask for future links to be else where
  110. Nothing more
  111. A simple request
  113. iLangstonYesterday at 5:46 PM
  114. Well you made a stand on something, again in public, that didnt need to be addressed.
  115. But that is just what you do
  117. ZebukielYesterday at 5:47 PM
  118. Who are you to decide what does and does not be to addressed?
  120. iLangstonYesterday at 5:47 PM
  121. Listen man, I am not here to be the white knight of PLG. I really dont have time. You do you bud but just know I am not alone in this and this is the exact stuff that pushes people away from PLG and not support it.
  123. ZebukielYesterday at 5:47 PM
  124. You rarely use the server outside of advertising yourself,  you don’t use and social aspect you literally just bitch about things
  126. iLangstonYesterday at 5:47 PM
  127. See my last statement as to why
  129. ZebukielYesterday at 5:50 PM
  130. So you’re dismissing the convo but will say its me.  You’re by far the most manipulative person I know.   Ever want to have a real conversation I’m always avail
  132. iLangstonYesterday at 5:51 PM
  133. I am dismissing this convo. You have a family to have dinner with. I have a stream to get to. This feedback is being unheard and honestly sounding like an argument I would have with my girlfriend when I was 14. Nothing is being resolved so I am movin on. If you have more to say, i'm always avail
  135. ZebukielYesterday at 5:59 PM
  136. Have a great stream.
  138. iLangstonYesterday at 6:03 PM
  139. Always do!
  141. ZebukielYesterday at 7:31 PM
  145. iLangstonYesterday at 7:57 PM
  146. You clearly weren't listening.
  147. This wasnt about daggy, that was just an example
  149. ZebukielYesterday at 8:00 PM
  150. To which the person agreed I was right, so your example was just your opinion and not that of others as you claimed.
  152. iLangstonYesterday at 8:01 PM
  153. Im not doing this with you.
  155. Stop being toxic
  157. ZebukielYesterday at 8:02 PM
  158. Defending myself from your attacks is not toxic. Sorry you see it that way.  That post from daggy is referring to Octones, we have discussed it.
  160. iLangstonYesterday at 8:02 PM
  161. k
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