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  1. Neutral Evil Female Elf Barbarian
  2. Physical Details
  3. Age: 122
  4. Height: 5'9"
  5. Weight: 105 lbs.
  6. Heritage/Nationality
  7. Nationality: The Worldwound.
  8. Homeland, Family, and Childhood
  9. Homeland: Unusual Homeland - Sea
  10. Parents: Both of your parents are alive.
  11. Siblings: You have no siblings.
  12. Circumstance of Birth: [Lower-Class Birth] You were born among peasants or slum denizens. You grew up working the land around a village or manor, practicing a rudimentary trade, or begging in a settlement.
  13. Parent's Profession: Serfs/Peasants
  14. Major Childhood Event: [Bullied] In your early life, you were a victim— easy prey for those stronger or cleverer than yourself. They beat you when they could, using you for their sport. This abuse nursed a powerful flame of vengeance.
  15. Adolescence and Training
  16. Barbarian Training: [Chaos Embraced] You grew up in wild lands where there were no laws except for those of nature—the laws of the predator and the prey. You searched for meaning in the world, in the gods, in the prayers of priests, in the patterns of the stars, but you found nothing. There is no true order to the natural universe except for that of raw and unbridled power. Chaos is the natural state of all things, and that's how you like it.
  17. Influential Associate: [The Dead One] One of your greatest influences was a sentient undead creature, such as a ghost, lich, grave knight, wraith, or vampire. You encountered it on several occasions and survived… mostly unscathed. Through this strange relationship you learned of its mortal life, giving you perspective on your own life.
  18. Moral Conflicts/Religion
  19. Conflict: [Betrayal] You betrayed someone who trusted you.
  20. Conflict Subject: Non-humanoid monster.
  21. Conflict Motivation: Amusement or Entertainment.
  22. Conflict Resolution: [You Enjoyed It] Those who cling to petty morals have no understanding of what true freedom and power is. The fact is, you enjoyed your part in the conflict and would do it all over again if the opportunity presented itself. Many people know of your misdeed, and they also realize your complete lack of remorse.
  23. Deity/Religious Philosophy: Urgathoa
  24. Romances/Drawbacks
  25. Romantic Relationship(s): [A Few Significant Relationships] You’ve tried to make deep connections with individuals on several occasions, but it’s never worked out.
  26. Drawback: [Attachment (Object)] You are attached to a precious possession with immense sentimental value and significance. Without it, you are no longer yourself and are prone to suffer from depression, moodiness, or aggressive behavior.
  27. Available Traits/Feats/Drawbacks
  28. (Trait) Bullied
  29. (Trait) Corpse Cannibal
  30. (Trait) Deathtouched
  31. (Trait) Poverty-Stricken
  32. (Trait) Sea-Souled
  33. (Trait) Unpredictable
  34. (Story Feat) Glimpse Beyond
  35. (Drawback) Attached
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