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  1. C1542
  2. Beside Yun Che, the pale-faced Dong Fang Han Wei's complexion was even paler by several degrees.
  3. "This …" The Eastern Han Country Lord looked at Yun Che, completely at a loss about what to do.
  4. A bunch of illumination that carried a dark might and boundless hostility firmly pressed onto Yun Che's body. However, he discovered that the other party's expression was astonishingly cold, without a single ripple. This made him suspicious in her heart, and her gaze turned to Yun Che again: "Fang Zhou, are you sure it's him?"
  5. Fang Zhou said calmly: "Of course, how could I dare to fool Clan Leader Ming. "Although this is not something that I personally have seen, but..."
  6. He looked at Yun Che, and the corner of his mouth revealed a very light cold smile: "This person is called Yun Che, even though she has the cultivation of a new Divine King, his origin is extremely suspicious, and her identity is nameless. He had been brought back to the capital by Princess Nineteen, and he had even said something to him... She said that this person was her savior. Many people here, including the country leader, can testify to his words. "
  8. "During the fierce battle, the king was worried about the safety of 19th Princess and ordered the commander of the East Cold Guard, Qin Xuan, to bring 19th Princess away from the Royal City. Young Master Ming Yang came for 19th Princess and when he saw 19th Princess leave, he would naturally leave with his."
  9. "To be able to protect Young Master Mu Yang's personal guard, one's cultivation must be extraordinary. It shouldn't be impossible for him to catch up to Qin San and Princess Nineteen. In other words, Young Master must have seen Princess Nineteen before. However, Young Master Ming Yang was killed by someone during this period of time. After Princess Nineteen returned, he did not mention anything to Young Master Ming Yang and just said that Yun Che was her savior. Then, who did he save Princess Nineteen's life from? "
  10. Mu Ming Xiao's eyes once again returned to Yun Che. Whether it was his expression or his voice, both of them became several times more sinister: "It's you …. Kill my son!? "
  12. All four of Mu Ming Yang's bodyguards were Divine Spirit Realm, but Yun Che's auras was a first grade Divine King! He did indeed have the ability to kill Mu Ming Yang.
  13. Before Yun Che could respond, Fang Zhou once again spoke: "Naturally, it is impossible for him to admit it in front of Clan Leader Ming. However, if you ask someone else about this, it would be easier to get the answer. "
  14. He slowly walked towards Dong Fang Han Wei with a gentle and kind smile on his face: "Princess Nineteen, when you left the city, Young Master Ming Yang also came for you. I believe you must have seen him before. Then, tell us, did Yun Che kill Young Master Ming Yang? "
  16. Her gaze focused on Princess Hanyi. Her body slightly swayed and she completely subconsciously shook her head, "No … "No …."
  17. "Princess Nineteen." Fang Zhou's voice sounded again, and it became a little more sluggish. "You must think carefully before you answer. This Yun Che's origins were unknown and his intentions were unfathomable. At the very least, he was definitely not a cold person from the East. Since he murdered Young Master Mu Yang, it had nothing to do with the Dong Han Empire! "Even if the cause is really you, as long as you tell us honestly and give us a detailed explanation, I believe that the chief of the Ming clan has a heaven defying character, he will not force us to make a fuss and will only punish the villain that did this to a great extent."
  19. "But, if you deliberately shield me …" No one will be able to protect you if you anger someone as important as the chief of the Ming Peng Clan. You will even implicate the entire Imperial Family and the entire Eastern Han Kingdom! I believe Princess Nineteen will understand such a simple logic. "
  21. "Han Wei …" The Eastern Frost Kingdom's King called out. At that time, he had expressed his deep gratitude, but during the banquet, he did not ask Yun Che who he had saved her from.
  23. After hearing Fang Zhou's words, he suddenly understood that it was extremely possible... It was really Yun Che who killed Mu Ming Yang!
  25. Dong Fang Han Wei's experience was still too shallow after all, and she was too kind as well. She must have thought that if no one else saw it, it wouldn't leak out … He actually dared to bring Yun Che back to the capital!
  28. This was the Young Master of the Ming Peng Clan!
  30. Dongfang Hanwei was only twenty years old. To be able to cultivate to Divine Soul Realm at this age, she must be a proud son among the proud sons of the Middle Star Realm. However, what she was facing right now was the threat of a dead nation, the precipice of despair, and the coercion and pressure of several Divine King s …
  32. How could she endure this!
  33. Her body trembled like duckweed in the wind, her face was as white as snow, she shook her head, shook her head in a chaotic and forceful manner … How experienced were these Divine King s? Her reaction was already the most obvious answer.
  34. However, even though her will was on the verge of collapsing due to fear and despair, her humble and quivering voice was still rejecting, "No … not Senior Yun … No... "That's not it..."
  35. Yun Che raised her eyebrows and glanced at her.
  36. This was the first time Yun Che saw her face clearly when she looked straight at her.
  37. The thing that everyone cared about the most would change differently at different stages.
  39. To the current Yun Che, one of the things she cared about the most was betrayal.
  40. Because, as the Savior, he had been betrayed by countless people and bled to death …
  41. It was the same as saving his life. Some people wanted to bury him in peace, while others were in adversity … He even chose to hold on in desperate circumstances.
  42. At this moment, Dongfang Hanwei definitely did not know that under the extreme pressure and fear, she still did not want to sell Yun Che's short words. Although she was so powerless, it had completely changed her, and the fate of the entire Eastern Han Country.
  43. "Heh." Ming Xiao let out an incomparably cold and low laugh: "Dongfang Zhuo, you really have a good daughter! Good... Very good! "Today, after killing the person who killed my son, Mu Ming Yang, I'll definitely slaughter your bullshit Imperial City!"
  44. "Patriarch Ming!" The Eastern Han Country's King was shocked and he said with a trembling voice, "My daughter is young and ignorant. I, Dong Han, do not have the slightest intention of angering the Ming Peng Clan. "Little Wang will definitely investigate the matter regarding Young Master Ming Yang and give the chief an explanation."
  45. "An explanation?" Isn't accompanying the dead the best explanation!? " Ming Xiao's voice was like a fierce ghost, filled with killing intent.
  47. "Hoh, you've truly brought about your own destruction. You can't live on." Fairy Violet Profound smiled in disdain, "It looks like it's not my Grand Moon Shen's Family's turn to take action today."
  48. Amidst everyone's fear, Ming Xiao took a step forward. Instantly, it was as if an enormous mountain collapsed in front of them. With just a single step, it caused all of the Eastern Freezing Sky Profound Practitioners to retreat in panic. Some of them even sat on the ground while trembling.
  49. However, Ming Xiao only took a step forward and his gaze shifted slightly.
  51. This was because Yun Che, who had been silent all this time, finally moved at this moment. He raised her eyes and looked at Mu Ming Xiao.
  53. And such a simple action, yet it actually caused a subtle, indescribable change to occur in the atmosphere of the entire space. Almost everyone inexplicably noticed, or felt Yun Che's action … But no one thought it was strange.
  55. "I was the one who killed that person called Mu Ru Yang."
  56. When Yun Che opened her mouth, the voice that travelled to everyone's ears was actually lower than Ming Xiao's. There was even a hint of disdain and contempt in his voice.
  57. Everyone's eyes, were all focused on Yun Che.
  58. "Yun... Senior Yun... " Dong Fang Han Wei absent-mindedly lowered his voice and bit his lips. She knew that he had implicated Yun Che … If he hadn't insisted on inviting him here, she wouldn't have caused him to fall into this deathly trap.
  59. "Sure enough." The light in Fang Zhou's eyes flickered as he stared at Yun Che and said coldly, "The first time I saw him, I knew that she was definitely not a good person. 19th Princess, you actually brought such a person into the capital and even covered up her heinous crimes. As the teacher of Eastern Han Kingdom, I am truly disappointed in you! "
  60. The Eastern Han Country stood for this, and at this moment, he was no longer able to speak. His heart had never felt so depressed and desperate before.
  61. "You … Just who is it!? " Although he was extremely furious, and wished that he could personally tear Yun Che into millions of pieces. However, Yun Che was too calm, so calm that he could not help but feel suspicion: "Why did you kill my son, Mu Ming Yang!"
  62. Facing Mu Ming Xiao's anger and auras, Yun Che's face was still cold: "Do I need a reason to kill him?"
  63. When he said this, not only Ming Xiao and Mu Ao, but the people of the Great Moon Continent, Sky Martial Kingdom, and Eastern Han Country were all shocked.
  65. The Eastern of the Eastern Ruins, with the nine great sects as his sky, who would dare act so arrogantly and arrogantly in front of the Sect Master of one of the nine great sects?
  67. Ming Xiao was so angry that he laughed: "Very good! Yun Che... No matter what background you are from, today, I will personally … I'll let you die with my son! "
  68. "Patriarch." Mu Ming Ying raised his hand and said, "A mere First Rank Divine King is not worthy of your help."
  69. He took a step forward and stretched out his arm: "Yun Che, kill my Young Master. It is already too late for you to kneel down and beg for forgiveness! "
  71. Boom — —
  73. His body soared into the sky and his profound aura exploded as a terrifying wave of air swept across the area, shocking all the Profound Practitioners present. A black light flashed and Ming Ao had already charged straight down, his hands that were pointed at Yun Che's throat flashed with a cold light that was even scarier than the Demon Eagle's claws.
  75. The strength of the Ming Peng Clan was mainly due to the darkness and violent winds. Their speed was extremely fast. Facing a level one Divine King, if Ming Ying's level five Divine King were to be locked on, the other party would not be able to escape.
  76. The instant Ming Ao's body exploded forth, all the guards, Profound Practitioners, Eastern Han Kingdom Lord, Dong Fang Han Wei, Qin Ming, and Fang Zhou within a few miles were swept away mercilessly. The densely packed battle array instantly turned into a vacuum.
  78. And in this empty region, only Yun Che was left.
  80. It was obvious that he was suppressed by Mu Ming Ao's auras and could not even take a single step back.
  82. As the distance closed, Yun Che still did not move an inch. In everyone's eyes, the next scene was Yun Che's head being directly torn off by that terrifying Peng claw.
  83. When Ming Ying was less than three meters away from him, Yun Che finally moved. He raised her arm and faced Ming Ao who was swooping down, and slowly extended a finger to meet the Peng claw that was grabbing at him.
  86. There was no explosion of profound aura, no splattering of blood, or even any sort of miserable shrieks. The originally shocking scene had suddenly become incredibly eerie and quiet.
  87. Ming Ao was right in front of Yun Che. His right hand was still in a terrifying claw and a finger was still pointing at Yun Che's palm … It was also at that instant that the cold light on his claws, the windstorm on his body, and even the profound aura that was circulating throughout his entire body, all disappeared without a trace in an instant.
  89. The scene was extremely quiet and strange. Besides Mu Ming Ao, no one knew what had happened … No, even Ming Ying himself did not know what happened.
  90. In the eyes that had suddenly turned gray, Yun Che raised her head slightly and muttered softly, "Is that all you've got?"
  92. With that, he flicked his finger.
  93. Crack!
  94. An ear-piercing ripping sound rang out in everyone's souls. At that instant, Mu Ming Ao's entire right arm was torn apart. Countless streams of blood burst out and shattered into countless pieces within the scattered blood fountains.
  95. Mu Ming Ao, who instantly lost his right arm, flew out with a heart-wrenching scream. He returned to in front of Ming Xiao and rolled on the ground in pain.
  96. — —
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