MH - S01 E16

May 19th, 2019
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  1. [21:40] <Darkling> It's the next day, middle of first period, and everyone is at school. Billy didn't get suspended, or charged with assault, so that was something.
  2. [21:42] <Avaline> "Another day closer to graduation. You girls as thrilled about that as I am?!"
  3. [21:43] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy yawns. "If I bother making it that far."
  4. [21:43] <Tina_Wagner> "I dunno. I mean, it'll be cool to be an adult and all. But this is just so much fun."
  5. [21:44] <Darkling> "I'll be quite happy to go off to college or university." Elisa says as she writes away in her notebook.
  6. [21:44] <Avaline> "College is pretty fun, too. Wild parties and all."
  7. [21:46] <Mr_Rage> Izumi scratches at her nose. "I probably get sent somewhere expensive; business school or something like that."
  8. [21:46] <Tina_Wagner> "But what do you *want* to do?"
  9. [21:48] <Mr_Rage> "Me? Want to start my own business. Make my own money, no family fortune." The girl nods firmly.
  10. [21:49] <Darkling> "What kind of business?"
  11. [21:50] <Mr_Rage> "... still figuring that out," she admits. "Managing people's money maybe?"
  12. [21:51] <Avaline> "I want to be a star."
  13. [21:52] <Darkling> "What about you Billy?"
  14. [21:52] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Eh?"
  15. [21:54] <Mr_Rage> Izumi leans forward, listening intently.
  16. [21:54] <Darkling> "I mean, if you don't even want to be in school now, what is it you want to do?"
  17. [21:55] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Dunno. Run free out there." She motions out the nearest window. "I feel trapped in here, itchy. Restless. I want to flex my muscles and move my body."
  18. [21:56] <Tina_Wagner> "That's not really a job or anything though."
  19. [21:56] <Avaline> "What about you, Tina?"
  20. [21:57] <Tina_Wagner> "Well. I like taking pictures. I could be a photograher!"
  21. [22:00] <Darkling> "What kind of photography though? Nature would be my guess."
  22. [22:02] <Mr_Rage> "Maybe models?" The Asian girl snickers.
  23. [22:03] <Avaline> "I could model for you."
  24. [22:03] <Tina_Wagner> "Both! I like taking all sorts of pictures, really. And Ava, you were made for the camera."
  25. [22:07] <Darkling> The bell rings ending the period, and they're off to their next class.
  26. [22:08] <Mr_Rage> Izumi gathers her things, clucking her tongue to get on her way.
  27. [22:10] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billt grunts and, after grabbing her things, heads out.
  28. [22:11] <Tina_Wagner> Tina gathers her things as well, heading off.
  29. [22:11] <Darkling> They reach their next class and their usually teacher is not there, instead a substitute is sitting at the front of class.
  30. [22:13] <Mr_Rage> "Hmmh?"
  31. [22:13] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy lingers long enough to sniff the air before plopping down in her seat.
  32. [22:16] <Darkling> A bald man sits at the desk flipping through some papers. He looks startled when the girls walk in the room, his eyes bulging and following them to their seats.
  33. [22:17] <Tina_Wagner> Tina looks at him for a second then cocks her head to the side and shrugs. She goes off to sit by the others.
  34. [22:18] <Avaline> Avaline eyes the teacher after taking a seat with the group.
  35. [22:20] <Mr_Rage> Izumi adjusts her hair, sitting carefully, making an uncertain but extended eye-contact with the man.
  36. [22:22] <Darkling> Class starts. It takes what seems like a few minutes for the teacher to get up and compose himself. "I'm Mr. Freeman. No my first name is not Gordon." That doesn't get as many laughs as he probably hoped.
  37. [22:23] <Darkling> "Mrs. Quiddlebaum is sick, I'll likely be your teacher for the remainder of the week."
  38. [22:26] * Tina_Wagner is already doodling.
  39. [22:26] <Darkling> His gaze seems to pass over the girls and you see him gulp. "For today, I'll just ask that you start by reading chapter 8 in your textbooks."
  40. [22:27] <Darkling> "I need.. I need to go photocopy some handouts for you." He adjsuts his tie and all but runs out of the room.
  41. [22:27] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Weirdo," Billy mutters, pulling out her book but not bothering to open it.
  42. [22:28] <Mr_Rage> The girl bites her thumbnail, fidgeting in her seat, looking ready to get up and leave already.
  43. [22:29] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy turns her head, eyeing Izumi. "What crawled up your skirt?"
  44. [22:34] <Darkling> Everyone else in class gets to work, or lack of doing work and just gossiping.
  45. [22:34] <Mr_Rage> "I--it best I not say, I think."
  46. [22:35] * Billy_Blackfeather frowns.
  47. [22:38] <Darkling> "That sub must be new too, he seemed really nervous."
  48. [22:47] <Darkling> Without anyone else commenting, Elisa goes back to her reading.
  49. [22:47] <Darkling> A few more minutes later and the sub is back in the room with a stack of psper. He starts handing them out to the kids at the front of the class.
  50. [22:48] <Mr_Rage> Izumi had nearly gotten to her feet on the sub's return, sitting back down with a grunt. Worrying her lip, she takes her handed sheet and passes the rest back.
  51. [22:49] <Billy_Blackfeather> A strong, swarthy hand reaches over to Izumi's desk and presses her paper down flat. No words, just a meaningful look.
  52. [22:50] <Darkling> The teacher goes back to his desk, and stares. No doubt about it, he's just staring.
  53. [22:51] <Avaline> Avaline looks over her paper.
  54. [22:52] <Darkling> A few of the other students look over their paper and then back at the table of girls.
  55. [22:59] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy's eyes drift between Izumi, the paper with her picture and the sub. A growl is building.
  56. [22:59] <Mr_Rage> Izumi blanches, eyes going wide, darting to Billy, back to the teacher, the other girls, some of the other students at random. Swallowing hard, mouth dry, the girl manages to stumble to her feet, sprinting for the door.
  57. [23:00] <Darkling> One hand of the teacher reaches out, fingers splayed wide open after Izumi, then he just stares at the door.
  58. [23:01] <Avaline> Avaline just stares. Dumbstruck.
  59. [23:02] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy stares for a moment, crumping her own sheet in a fist. Rather than run she walks toward the door, stopping first to give the teacher's desk a good kick in his direction.
  60. [23:06] <Darkling> "What just happened?" Elisa asks Tina and Avaline.
  61. [23:06] <Avaline> "Teacher's being creepy."
  62. [23:09] <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~
  63. [23:13] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy pushed the door in, doing her best not to inhale through her nose. Always a mistake here. She let the door close behind her, eyes skimming the familiar tiles and sinks.
  64. [23:15] <Mr_Rage> One stall's door is locked and shut, though there's no sign of Izumi's feet in it. Probably curled up, her unsteady breathing quite audible on the smooth tile--especially for Billy. She's muttering something in Japanese.
  65. [23:16] <Billy_Blackfeather> The swarthy girl picks a bit of open counter space between two sinks to park her butt, casually unwrinkling the paper she took with her and examining it as she waited.
  66. [23:20] <Mr_Rage> The muttering stops with a deep breath, and after a moment: "What?"
  67. [23:23] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Dumb question for a smart girl doncha think?" She folded the paper up neatly and started tearing it into strips.
  68. [23:29] <Mr_Rage> A small huff. "He just a customer, I can handle it."
  69. [23:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Doesn't look like it from here. What else is there? You don't get to pull out all my secrets without giving up some of your own."
  70. [23:33] <Mr_Rage> "Just surprise me, is all." The click of her heels on the tile, and Izumi opens the door. 'Humiliated' too, but that goes unspoken. "I can take care of it."
  71. [23:35] <Billy_Blackfeather> A long leg stretches out to get in Izumi's way. "I told you guys the same thing, doesn't that mean I should annoy the crap outta you?"
  72. [23:35] <Darkling>
  73. [23:39] <Mr_Rage> Izumi makes a face, putting hands to her hips. "He a customer from a while back. Guess... he get too attached. It nothing, I promise; not at all like killing demon."
  74. [23:40] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Punching a prev could be satisfying. Gonna get the message a lot quicker too."
  75. [23:43] <Mr_Rage> "It not his fault, alright? I take care of it." Reaching, she gives Billy's leg a pat. "If I get in real danger, I call you, I promise."
  76. [23:44] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Not his fault? Only so much crap you can feed me y'know?" She lowers her legs, frowning.
  77. [23:47] <Mr_Rage> "... okay, it a little his fault, but he not need to get punched for it, alright? Violence cause me enough problems this week." Izumi points to her chest, giving them a bounce. "How you feel if I take away your drug, y'know?"
  78. [23:51] <Billy_Blackfeather> As great a distraction as breasts should be for Billy her answer is to bristle and grit her teeth.
  79. [00:01] <Mr_Rage> "I can deal with it," Izumi softens her voice. "... just... not sure I can go back to that class." The girl frowns, biting her thumbnail.
  80. [00:07] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Them I can deck, right? So hard they forget. Every last one." She cracks her knuckles.
  81. [00:08] <Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl rubs her temple and sighs, unable to help a smile.
  83. -----
  85. [22:13] <Darkling> The next day. The girls decided not to go to school and just meet up in the morning. After what happened in the classroom the substitute teacher was quickly escorted off the property and to the police station for questioning. Rumours abound flew everywhere about him and Izumi, and it was just not something to be around. So here they were, early morning, except Billy for some reason. She must have been dawdling behind.
  86. [22:16] <Avaline> Avaline looks pretty solemn for a change. Perhaps the rumors are bothering her on some level.
  87. [22:17] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi seems to have put her composure back together, save for being perpetually distracted, running her fingers through her hair. She's dressed down even, sparing the world her cleavage and AT field.
  88. [22:19] <Tina_Wagner> Tina seems oblivious and mildly distracted as well
  89. [22:20] <Darkling> "Elisa was sipping somethign from a steaming cup. "Anyone seen Billy? She's not gone to beat someone up has she?"
  90. [22:24] <Avaline> "Nope, not today. Honestly I figured she'd want to take a break after that mess."
  91. [22:24] <@Mr_Rage> "Mn... I tell her I can handle it. Probably not believe me."
  92. [22:28] <Darkling> "I hope that's the case." She takes another sip and looks around. "Shall we conmfy and wait?"
  93. [22:30] <Avaline> "Sure, let's."
  94. [22:30] <Tina_Wagner> "I hope she's ok."
  95. [22:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Wait for what?" There's Billy now, half-eaten sandwich in one hand and a cup of coffee from a gas station in the other.
  96. [22:33] <Darkling> "Oh, there you are!"
  97. [22:35] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Did some sleepwalking." She sips her coffee and makes a face.
  98. [22:36] <@Mr_Rage> "You alright?"
  99. [22:37] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Getting the taste of squirrel out of my mouth."
  100. [22:37] <Avaline> "How is it?
  101. [22:37] <Avaline> "
  102. [22:37] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Gamey."
  103. [22:38] <@Mr_Rage> "Better than long pork."
  104. [22:39] <Billy_Blackfeather> "What, like bacon?"
  105. [22:40] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi can't help a giggle, adjusting her hair again. "Nevermind. Now we all accounted for."
  106. [22:41] <Darkling> "Wait, squirrel?"
  107. [22:41] <Tina_Wagner> "So, what do we do?"
  108. [22:41] <Billy_Blackfeather> She shrugs helplessly at Elisa.
  109. [22:43] <@Mr_Rage> The girl bounces her foot, biting her thumbnail in thought.
  110. [22:44] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I see him again I'm gonna eat him too."
  111. [22:45] <Darkling> Elisa starts listing off things to do, ignoring Billy. "Movies, lunch, the park, go to the woods..."
  112. [22:45] <Billy_Blackfeather> She says this looking directly at Izumi.
  113. [22:46] <Avaline> "There's better stuff to put in your mouth. Like Izumi!"
  114. [22:47] <Darkling> Elisa stops her list, mouth open.
  115. [22:49] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi looks up, and then at Billy. "... I tell you people, I can deal with it. He just need... detox."
  116. [22:49] * Tina_Wagner giggles. "Avaaa."
  117. [22:50] <Billy_Blackfeather> "He hasn't had enough time already? How recent is this guy?"
  118. [22:51] <Avaline> "I tried."
  119. [22:54] <@Mr_Rage> "Not that recent, but there more to it than just cold turkey. Don't want to hurt him." Worrying her lip, the girl stands up.
  120. [22:54] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy huffs and sips her coffee again, looking away.
  121. [22:56] <Avaline> "I guess I could go for a movie."
  122. [22:56] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I'll pass. Kinda worried about turning into a wolf just to eat a squirrel."
  123. [22:58] <Avaline> "Did you eat well before then?"
  124. [22:58] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl pounces on a chance to deflect to someone else's problem. "Wait, how you mean? Not a normal change for you?"
  125. [22:59] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Not to hunt down some dumb squirrel."
  126. [23:00] <Darkling> "Must've been some squirrel to warrant that."
  127. [23:01] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi touches her chin. "Maybe you more in touch with wolf now? Like... regular wolf, not big werewolf."
  128. [23:02] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I'm big though, you guys said it. Why would I care about some furry...rat? Bah." She stuffs the rest of her sandwich in her mouth.
  129. [23:02] <Darkling> "Is there a way we could find out?"
  130. [23:03] <Avaline> "Huh... I'm having a mystical thought here."
  131. [23:03] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Wuzzat?"
  132. [23:05] <Tina_Wagner> "Oh?"
  133. [23:06] <Avaline> "Well, what if the change is linked to something specific now, like a trigger condition? Or alternately, squirrel seems like a strange craving, if you know what I mean..."
  134. [23:07] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Guess I'm still cursed."
  135. [23:08] <Darkling> "But I thought we fixed that?"
  136. [23:08] * Billy_Blackfeather shrugs.
  137. [23:10] <@Mr_Rage> "Maybe more to it?" Izumi frowns. "Seems like a grandpa question."
  138. [23:10] <Avaline> "I'd agree there."
  139. [23:12] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yeah, alright."
  140. [23:13] <Darkling> Elisa shrugs. "I have no other suggestion, so let's go."
  141. [23:14] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy dumps her coffee cup in a trash can before striking out with the other girls in tow.
  142. [23:14] <Darkling> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  143. [23:15] <Darkling> It takes them awhile to get to Gramps' place, as they take a leisurely pace. Soon enough they're heading up to his cabin though.
  144. [23:16] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy hesitates, looking at the girls over her shoulder. She put a finger to her lips before opening the door. "Gramps? It's me."
  145. [23:20] <Darkling> He's in there, sitting on his chair under a few blankets.
  146. [23:22] <Billy_Blackfeather> "How ya feeling Gramps?" Billy walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder.
  147. [23:23] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi looks to the others, stepping up to follow Billy quietly.
  148. [23:23] * Tina_Wagner (~IceChat9@Rizon-849D0E71.cl.ri.cox.net) Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
  149. [23:26] <Avaline> Avaline makes her way in, but keeps her distance.
  150. [23:27] <Darkling> He gives a nod and a smile.
  151. [23:27] <Billy_Blackfeather> "How are you feeling?"
  152. [23:28] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Can you...give me some advice, Gramps?"
  153. [23:32] <Darkling> He looks up, you knew he would always answer.
  154. [23:33] <Billy_Blackfeather> She squats down next to him, hand on his arm, and explains things the best as the group seems to understand them.
  155. [23:36] <Darkling> He almost laughs, then whispers to her.
  156. [23:36] <Billy_Blackfeather> She groans and hangs her head, seemingly whispering back.
  157. [23:48] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy stands and gives him a pat. "He thinks I gotta talk to the Fae some more."
  158. [23:48] <@Mr_Rage> "Mm." A gentle frown. "Is he okay? He look... run down."
  159. [23:50] <Billy_Blackfeather> "He's getting his strength back but I don't think he'll be what he was."
  160. [23:52] <Avaline> "He's probably right."
  161. [23:54] * Billy_Blackfeather grumbles.
  162. [23:54] <Darkling> "Guess we should head for that clearing then?"
  163. [23:55] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Getting them to talk is such a pain. I should just go myself."
  164. [23:55] <@Mr_Rage> "Mn." A nod.
  165. [23:55] <@Mr_Rage> "Hey--! No you don't. ... not like we got anything else to do."
  166. [23:57] <Billy_Blackfeather> More grumbling. "Fine. Geez. I'll be back later Gramps, l-love ya." She looks embarassed to admit she loves anyway in front of the girls, looking down and blushing as she goes.
  167. [23:59] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi follows suit, giggling again.
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