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  1. 1) Three new foreign ships
  2. -Destroyer Z1 (Leberecht Maass) - Obtainable by repeating expedition 30 and 31
  3. -Destroyer Z3 (Max Schultz) - Obtainable through Normal Const. after unlocking Z1 [1]
  4. -Battleship Bismarck - Obtainable through Large Const. after unlocking Z1 [1] [2]
  5. 2) New maps: [3] [4] [5]
  6. -World 1, Map 1-5 Extra Operations: Anti-Submarine Patrol (5 stars difficulty)
  7. -World 5, Map 5-5 Extra Operations: Second Salmon Sea Area (11 stars difficulty)
  8. 3) Three new expedition (grant lot of experience upon clearing):
  9. -Expedition 23 - Aviation Battle Exercise
  10. -Expedition 31 - Contact with Foreign Ship
  11. -Expedition 38 - Tokyo Express 2
  12. 4) Seven new equipments:
  13. -Zuiun (634 Air Group)
  14. -Zuiun Model 12
  15. -Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (931 Air Group)
  16. -Tenzan (931 Air Group)
  17. -12.7cm Naval Gun [6]
  18. -15cm Twin Gun Mount [7]
  19. -38cm Twin Gun Mount [7]
  20. 5) Six new quests:
  21. -Four one-time quests: Expedition Quest D8, D9, D10 and D12
  22. -Two daily/weekly quests: Expedition Quest D11 and Development Quest F12.
  23. 6) Several new enemy classes:
  24. -Destroyer I-class Flagship rank
  25. -Torpedo Cruiser Chi-class Flagship rank
  26. -Light Aircraft Carrier Nu-class Flagship rank
  27. -Standard Aircraft Carrier Wo-class Flagship Kai rank
  28. -Battleship Re-class
  29. -Battleship Re-class Elite rank
  30. 7) Limited White Day cookies, consisting of Mamiya Food Supply and resources. Sold in shop for 500 yen.
  31. 8) Difficulty adjustment for:
  32. World 5, Map 5-4: Tokyo Express: New enemy patterns, improved ASW stats.
  33. 9) Bug fixes for several problems: Marriage animation, Bucket consumption, other minor UI issues
  34. 10) Hulls (for Medium and Large ships) receive more armor buffs.
  35. 11) Type 0 Observation Seaplane is now obtainable through Development.
  37. NotesEdit
  38. [1] 1.0 1.1 Several more requirement seems needed to unlock this ship, however, what are they still haven't been confirmed yet.
  39. [2] Comes with capability equal to Battleship Kai level. Further remodel is possible
  40. [3] Map is accessible without need to wait the game progress once the world is unlocked. However, the boss node is only accessible once the all 4 maps in that world is already cleared.
  41. [4] Both Extra Operation maps difficulty and fleet composition is based on how far you've played and the fleet composition you're sending.
  42. [5] This two new maps seems to be a permanent addition, and will have it's progress resetted monthly. Completely defeating the boss will grant a collectible medals to be traded with various resources. Defeating the boss will also grant lot of admiral EXP. First time win each month will also give bonus points for the rank.
  43. [6] Stock equipment for Destroyer Z1 and Z3
  44. [7] 7.0 7.1 Stock equipment for Battleship Bismarck
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