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Dec 29th, 2016
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  1. -elChapo^ 1D [ASSIST] [ban] [undelete]
  2. deleted my old post ? i write again ... Eddie , i leaved waa cuz of you , i caught u hacking and stealer dont give a fuck so im out cuz i dont wanna play with hackers . You can ban me from wAa , from the server ... for me thats shit , like you .. And everything you say is shit . So stop change nick cuz of fr , stop beeing noob , stop talking about me , and fuck you mother fucker
  3. -elChapo^ 1D [ASSIST] [ban] [undelete]
  4. Eddie does it looks like i care with u ? I leaved wAa cuz i caught u hacking . I was waiting 2 remove my tag cuz i wanted 2 talk with stealer before to tell him i was leaving . I dont care about who you are or who you think you are . 4 me you're just a lil hacker . Everything you say is bullshit . So stop change your name cuz of your fr , stop beeing noob , and dont fucking talk about my name lil ass mf
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