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  1. [2:33:47 PM] Nicole Brewer: so between 830 am and 6 pm we can only do PODs (past due) and Sds???
  2. [2:33:48 PM] Nicole Brewer: nice
  3. [2:33:54 PM] Nicole Brewer: smh
  4. [2:35:26 PM] Peter Rodericks: seems that way, at least til they're done training i guess..
  5. [2:35:47 PM] Nicole Brewer: and then what? we can't do any RMAs anymore?......
  6. [2:36:15 PM] Sakoya Willis: that is the million dollar question
  7. [2:36:34 PM] Jonathan James: We get the queue back
  8. [2:36:34 PM] Peter Rodericks: I believe they're learning to know what they're talking about when they function as ACC agents assisting us, but not positive
  9. [2:37:30 PM] Peter Rodericks: Asal is a relatively new ACC agent, and knows very little about RMA process in general, so i'm optimistic this is their new strategy
  10. [2:37:50 PM] Sakoya Willis: Why are they so secretive about it. Looks shady to our point of view.
  11. [2:37:56 PM] Nicole Brewer: well when I asked that Andrew dude one time a bit back about an RMA and if he was working in the q going forward or just one off..he said that he was going to be training for the new team...I asked if it was for RMA processing/dispatch and he replied "yes ma'mn".......
  12. [2:38:17 PM] Peter Rodericks: i see
  13. [2:38:22 PM] Nicole Brewer: right?
  14. [2:38:23 PM] Sakoya Willis: uh oh
  15. [2:38:53 PM] Nicole Brewer: so.....who knows what's going on, obviously not us...at least nto till the hammer falls....oh well....
  16. [2:39:25 PM] Peter Rodericks: i wouldn't be surprised, at this point very little surprises me anymore
  17. [2:41:42 PM] Nicole Brewer: yep
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