Riot Hrrl Ride

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  1. Inaugural Ride with Riot Hrrl
  2. Saturday at 10:30 pm
  4. Our streets are not safe. Five women have reported assaults in the last five weeks. In response to this, we’re told it’s our duty to prevent these attacks, our duty to dress a certain way and not go out alone at night. Well, they are right about one thing: we can do something. But we know the problem isn’t our clothing or actions; the problems are attackers and the culture of Allston that protects and encourages them. Saturday, we reclaim the streets. We will let them know their behavior will not be tolerated. We will come together as a community for a bike ride/walk and show them that we are strong, we are watching, and we will fight back.
  6. This Saturday, November 17th, we will go on nighttime patrol (by bike and on foot) to make our presence known. We will be chanting, watching, and offering escorts to those feeling unsafe on their way home or on their trips out. The ride will start at 11pm, with a brief meeting at Ringer Park to discuss our strategy and form affinity groups beforehand, at 10:30pm.
  8. Please know that while the ride and the affinity groups comprising it will be an immense source of strength and support throughout the night, we’ve learned that potential harassers can become irate when confronted. Verbal, even physical, insults or threats will probably be hurled our way, if past experience is any indication. Please note: shitty language and oppressive behavior, whether from within or outside of the group, will not be tolerated.
  10. Wear black, fight back! Warm clothes definitely encouraged. All feminists and radical-minded activists, regardless of gender, are welcome. Cisdudes, check your privilege. Doing a lot of talking? Try listening instead. Find yourself inadvertently leading the ride? Maybe it’s time to drop back. Be good allies by making space for the prioritization of women and trans* folks’ voices on this ride and in this fight. If you think you might have difficulty with this, please ask around for a good male-ally who can help you. DO NOT place the onus of keeping your privilege in check on those already burdened by your privilege.
  12. The idea of Riot Hrrrl was inspired by a group of feminist activists who call Allston Rat City home and did similarly awesome rides last year. We’d like this to become a regular ride and action in the Allston-Brighton area. “Like” Riot Hrrl on Facebook for regular updates:
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