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  1. <aura:attribute name="myBooleanAttribute" type="Boolean" access="private"/>
  2. <lightning:recordEditForm
  3.                 onsuccess="{!c.redirect}"
  4.                 onsubmit="{!c.showSpinner}"
  5.                 onload="{!c.hideSpinner}"
  6.                 onerror="{!c.hideSpinner}"
  7.                 recordId="{!v.recordId}"
  8.                 objectApiName="Opportunity">
  9.                     <lightning:inputField fieldName="SomeBoolean__c" value="{!v.myBooleanAttribute}"/>
  10.                     <lightning:inputField class="{!v.myBooleanAttribute?'':'slds-hide'}" fieldName="Move_in_Date__c"/>
  11.         </lightning:recordEditForm>
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