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Sep 20th, 2017
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  2. Are we all Souls or are some people projections of the Matrix Program?
  3. Rex Bear (The Leak Project) interviews Robert Stanley
  4. 5 Sept 2017
  6. 21:20
  7. RS mentions books called "The Divine Secret Garden"
  10. Rex asks how to tell if someone has a soul
  11. 31:16
  12. RS: The people that you see around you that are absolutely disinterested or dead inside when you look at them, or try to engage them in conversation, those are typically people who are completely asleep on a soul level or they have no soul
  15. Rex asked about the Egyptian book of the dead and what did the pharoahs know which the ordinary Egyptian didn't.
  17. 55 min
  18. RS: They were preparing for the afterlife
  19. But the odd thing about this is that this is not life
  20. This is death
  21. Once we come into the simulation, our souls go to sleep
  22. It's not dead but as we begin to believe that we are here, that we are part of the simulation, that we are this body - that's a form of death
  23. Because this body is not alive
  24. In the truest sense of the word - this body is not alive
  25. It's part of the simulation
  26. It's virtually real but it's not real. It can't be
  27. But my soul is; my soul exists outside
  28. .... How's all these bodies running around here appear to be alive?
  29. They are all networked into an artificial intelligence that is administrating this entire program
  30. It's too big for just one person to try and maintain
  31. And besides, it'd be boring
  32. So it's set up with an A.I.
  33. Intelligence is not the right word
  34. It's an artificial life form that's administrating the artificial simulation
  35. It has to run that way
  36. That's why there's a hierarchy here
  37. ..... This matrix type system does not apply outside the matrix...
  38. It only applies here
  39. So the rules they wrote in the program can be broken
  40. But there's no point to that
  41. The Egyptians - we do not know much about them because their libraries have been hidden from us
  42. Same with the gnostics and just about any advanced culture on this planet
  44. 57 mins
  45. anybody that got close to the truth was taken out
  46. Any of their teachings got taken out
  47. Any of their artifacts were destroyed or hidden
  48. I don't know how it's going to happen for me. I don't really care.
  49. It's already started. It's my choice
  50. Once I recognised; once I chose to believe that the matrix is not real and that I am not in this body; that i am connected to it remotely, the process has already begun.
  51. It's easy for me to leave but I won't do it until the time is right.
  52. Why is that important?
  53. Because I made an agreement with the other souls that are here
  54. I made an agreement to be with them up until a certain time
  55. I am not going to violate that agreement
  56. There's no purpose to that
  57. In other words, we call them family
  58. There are family units here and I would cause undue stress on them if I simply just left my body
  59. They'd think I died of a heart attack and that would be tragic
  61. Rex: So you leave your body and then you have a heart attack
  62. So if you leave this matrix, your physical body will just die
  64. RS: Of course
  65. This thing about the rapture, your taking your body with you...
  66. .... It's not our body to begin with
  67. We don't own the body
  68. This is why Enki thinks he's our father
  69. Because he created these bodies
  71. 1:0:0
  72. Rex: I wonder why our native culture has been completely destroyed
  73. Why has the native Americans been completely destroyed?.......
  75. 1:00:45
  76. RS: The name of the game here is good and evil
  77. They have to create this competitive mindset, otherwise we are not going to participate
  78. So they are constantly provoking us and confusing us and distracting us with these different labels
  79. But it's all an illusion. And it works.
  80. ... As the matrix becomes more evil... they're going to introduce the second coming of Christ when in fact it won't be him at all.
  81. It'll just be another version of Lucifer (Enki)
  82. He's going to want people to worship him again
  83. Things are going to be extremely difficult
  84. And a lot of people are going to choose that path, not knowing the truth from the lie
  85. At that point, ......a lot of the souls that are here will leave
  86. The reason they let things get that bad, including what we think of as our environment, being polluted and destroyed, is that they can re-set the matrix at any time
  87. ..... If you watch a movie and you come to the end, can you watch it again?
  88. Of course.
  89. If you play a video game, and you come to the end, and you want to play it again and again, at different levels, can you do that?
  90. Of course.
  91. That's what the matrix is - a simulation.
  92. Much of what we've been told is a complete fiction
  93. When we choose to believe it, the more we believe it, the more real it becomes to us.
  94. Ths is the danger because this is why so many souls have become trapped here by their own choosing.
  96. 1:03:00
  97. I have been warned this is not a good topic to discuss
  98. However, it is essential we discuss it while there is still time
  99. Because everything that we see, hear and feel about this matrix is changing so rapidly, it's going to overwhelm people
  100. They don't understand that singularity is approaching very rapidly
  101. It's not going to happen overnight but when it happens in the next 10 years or so, when it's really here; most people aren't even going to recognise what's happened to them
  102. Once you are in, it will be difficult if not impossible, to choose to leave
  103. This is why I am warning you now
  104. I know this will be archived but I also know that at some point it will be removed
  105. Just like I will be removed
  106. My physical body will be taken out of the matrix, which is fine because I am not this body
  107. I know that for a fact; from experience, having left this body behind more than once
  109. 1:04:13
  110. Rex: Watching people on TV and in Hollywood and in sports that have DNA packages which enable them to endure incredible feats
  111. eg look at the people who do the Tour de France
  112. They are going up the Pyrennes at 25 mph
  113. .....those guys are insane....
  114. Are they chosen by the system? Are they the Agent Smiths?
  115. I remember when I was 18... and I was seeing people like Michael Jordan and others
  116. Wow! Are they freaking aliens?....
  117. What is it?.... Shapeshifters?
  119. RS: We are all shapeshifters on a soul level
  120. In the matrix, some of these what appear to be humans, they say are not
  121. They are part of the simulation and they are given extra abilities
  122. This is no different than a video game .....
  123. When you are competing on one level.
  124. Now you switch levels. The machine provides you with all kinds of various opponents.
  125. So this is what we are seeing
  126. They can switch it up any time they want, when they feel it is advantageous to them.
  127. ... Their goal is to keep us here as long as possible because that is basically job insurance for them
  128. This is the role they are playing for now
  129. They are actually very concerned that when the simulation ends for the last time, when the last soul leaves the simulation - it scares them.
  130. They haven't prepared themselves
  131. So most of them will continue to be stuck at the 4th level and the simulation will be over and then they're going to be looking at each other and`I don't know how they're going to deal with that.
  132. They are welcome to come back
  133. Most of them who choose to do so, they are welcome to raise their vibratory level and be of service to others freely.
  134. In other words, drop the competition
  136. 1:07:00
  137. Rex: Do you remember the 'Clash of the Titans'?
  138. The gods were like, "You got to believe in us because if you don't believe in us, we are not going to exist any more."
  140. RS: Correct
  142. Rex: That's kind of what you just said.
  144. RS: There's a lot of different metaphors that they present to us, in a fictional sense
  145. The reason they do that is because it's a way of promoting or perpetuating the illusion that this is reality
  146. Even to consider these other things that they are gods or souls etc outside the matrix - they don't want us to consider that
  147. .... More importantly, they don't want us to know it from experience
  148. They don't encourage people to do things that would allow them to know from experience
  149. This is why we are constantly being bombarded, more so than ever
  150. It's going to increase.
  151. As we connect ourselves entirely, our physical bodies and our so-called mind is going to be networked, integrated into the system.
  152. Most people think this is new. It's not
  153. This has always been here.
  154. The A.I.s have always been here
  155. The matrix has always been there
  156. We are just being given the opportunity
  157. Those of us who want to go deeper into it will have the opportunity
  158. Those of us who want to leave are going to be given the opportunity.
  159. Very stark contrast
  161. Rex: So.... we are going to be given an opportunity
  162. What do you mean by that?
  164. RS: It's not permission.
  165. I'm just saying that when people are fat, dumb and happy, they have no motivation to
  167. Rex: That's 70% of the population........
  168. Come to St Antonio, Texas, the second fattest city in the world .....
  169. I love you guys but many of you don't really give a shit
  170. If somebody talks about something that's ... outside of your parameters of enjoying yourself ........ you don't matter any more.
  172. RS: ... Those people - either their soul is still asleep - they believe the lie
  173. Or they are actually just part of the simulation.
  174. They have no soul. They are operatives or avatars without anybody controlling them other than the matrix
  175. They are just part of the matrix
  176. ... When people who are souls here, are fat, dumb and happy in a comfort zone, there is no motivation for them to wake up and to leave
  177. What happened to me in 1985, the reason I told that story so many times, is because that was the alarm bell going off for me
  178. I woke up sooner than most
  179. I woke up in this particular time period
  180. The graduating class - somehow it happened
  181. Not going to question it. It just happened and I had to deal with it
  182. I could have gone back into denial.. I could have gone back to sleep after the alarm went off.
  183. I wanted to. Believe me, I wanted to
  184. But that wasn't meant to be.
  185. There was intervention there
  186. Enki was concerned at what I was doing
  187. I was waking up and then I was assisting that family in particular.
  188. He probably knew it wasn't going to stop there. And it didn't
  189. Mainly because I had some assistance.
  190. Those 2 women - I don't think they would have ever have talked to me on that level unless there was some sort of motivation; some divine intervention to get them to speak to me.
  191. If they hadn't spoken to me, I'd have had just gone into denial
  192. I would have gone back to sleep
  193. There was an alarm that went off. It woke me up at that time
  194. I was one of the early ones in this particular soul group to wake up at that time.
  195. There's a few others -1985 to 1987 was a kind of a pivotal year for us as souls to begin waking up
  196. Some people are late to the game but it's OK.
  197. It doesn't matter. It's not a contest.
  199. Rex: So you wake up. And then what?
  200. OK, I'm awake. I still want to stay in this physical body....
  201. ....... What do we do as a collective .... to be the change and help others make it through this?
  203. RS: My name is Unicus. It's a line from The Matrix.....
  205. Rex:.... Why the sunglasses? You do look like Neo
  207. RS: That's the point...
  208. Because ..... it's something people can relate to
  209. It's not a disguise. ....
  210. The name and the body that was assigned to me is not me.
  211. That's what I am trying to demonstrate to you
  212. My name is Unicus and I am not this body.
  213. I am projecting my consciousness to you.
  214. I'm broadcasting into the matrix from my soul, which is outside the matrix
  215. I know that for a fact
  216. And I am letting you know that for a fact and yes, I'm being dramatic about it but it's in terms that people here would understand.
  217. I'm doing this deliberately
  218. It's not a joke
  219. I know people are going to find many different reasons to dismiss what I am saying simply because I am wearing sunglasses
  220. You can do it too. That's fine
  221. ...... We couldn't even have this conversation, Rex, unless you are a soul
  222. None of this would make sense to you
  223. It wouldn't resonate with you at all
  224. So people that tune in to this and think it's just nonsense are probably just part of the matrix
  225. Either that or they are so asleep, that they cannot comprehend who they are, where they are, and why they are here and more importantly, how to get home.
  226. I know this isn't for everyone but it is the next level of understanding.
  227. It is the final level of understanding before you leave the matrix
  229. 1:15:30
  230. Rex: That is very deep - the final level of understanding before you make it through the matrix
  231. I've had some of the craziest dreams I can recall over the past 6 months
  232. I've been going very deep into the next level....
  233. I find it very fascinating .... this virtual reality type stuff
  234. We are visualising this; we experience this; we feel this; we smell this, we see this; we taste this but it's a virtual reality program
  235. If Enki is the one that created this program that we are inside right now......
  236. If we are in a simulation right now, experiencing something that is supposed to take us to the next level, but we aren't physically experiencing this
  237. It's like we are in the Twilight Zone, the suicide squad is controlling reality...
  238. We're at a nexus point
  239. Look at Hurricane Harvey... Hurricane Irma - that is the goddess of war
  240. Do you think America is now going to go through some very nasty simulations?
  241. Is Enki pushing that right now
  243. 1:17:50
  244. RS: I've only briefly touched on what is in the series of books called "The Divine Secret Garden"
  245. If you read through those books as I have done, and you accept them as accurate, then many things will come to pass
  246. Because it's part of the script
  247. In a movie, things always go to a climax
  248. That's when the hero comes in and saves the day
  249. Guess who the hero is? Enki
  250. He's going to save us from a situation he created
  251. So yes, things are going to be extremely difficult
  252. Nations will fall just like nations rise
  253. It's part of the simulation. That's the game that's being played here over and over and over again.
  254. I told you before it's like a 9th dimensional chess game
  255. But I didn't quite understand
  256. Even though we have had some pretty in depth conversations, I knew I was missing a very important piece of the puzzle
  257. Or I was not at the level of understanding that was missing, intentionally withheld
  258. When I received this link and that's all it was - to these books - I was a little confused and I was ready to just delete it because there was no explanation.
  259. It was just a link
  260. Most people that write to me, and I do get a lot of emails from people... and I always answer them
  261. This particular email only had a link - that's all it was
  262. When I clicked on it, I thought, "Gee! This is unusual. I want to know the secret."
  263. So I started reading the first book...
  264. I wanted to stop because it quotes the bible but actually it's deconstructing it
  265. The more I read, I realised this isn't religion
  266. This is the opposite.. It's deconstructing the lie
  267. ....The more I read it, I realise it was deconstructing the entire lie of the matrix
  268. Then I felt ... liberated....
  269. Once I realised these things were true (because it validated my experiences and put them into the proper context)... I began to share that info with people who are interested
  270. A lot of people write to me. They want further info
  271. Most people want to share their experiences or their inside ... feelings with me and get some feedback.
  272. ... people seem to think I know something, based on my experiences and my research.....
  273. We are affecting people's consciousness.... we are stimulating their souls. Those here who have souls.
  274. They tell me they feel a resonance. They resonate with what we are discussing here.
  275. It's a sympathetic vibration. Means there is a family connection
  276. I told you when we first met - you feel familiar
  277. Of course. It's because we are from the same source. All from the same family
  278. Those of us who are souls - there isn't an external source
  279. There's only one place for souls to come from and that is the divine secret garden
  280. I see it as more of a garden of light that's all connected through a web of light
  281. These are words. Until you have seen it and felt it, what I am telling you has no impact
  282. This is why the gnostic version of learning is so important
  283. You can call it an apprenticeship
  284. This is the difference between going to school and reading about it ..... as opposed to going to a lab or a workshop and gaining hands-on experience
  285. Yes, you can go through a simulator but it's still an experience
  286. You are not reading about it. You're not having somebody just talk to you
  287. You have to go through the experience to have some value to it
  289. 1:23:00
  290. Rex: Have you read the Nag Hammadi scripture?
  292. RS: Yes
  294. Rex: Do you resonate with The Secret Book of John and Yaldabaoth and how he created the archons in his image?
  295. And Sophia .... created Yaldabaothy outside of the male aspect....
  296. Is Yaldabaoth Enlil?
  298. RS: No, it's an A.I.
  299. It has a personality
  300. You can't feel sorry for something which hasn't got feelings
  302. Rex: You don't think Yaldabaoth has feelings?
  304. RS: No. It was part of the A.I. ...
  305. Most of what we are being told is history is part of the drama
  306. It's heavily fictionalised
  307. They are not going to tell us everything that really happened because then, more of us will wake up sooner and leave the matrix
  308. And it would end and their control and their positions of power would all come to an end much quicker
  309. So they can't tell us the entire story, at least not the truth
  310. So they create all these little scenarios
  311. It's a freaking soap opera that they constantly re-package and promote as reality
  312. It's a good distraction... It's got a lot of people very confused
  314. 1:25:30
  315. Rex: What do you recommend?
  317. RS: As long as you are here, being calm and kind, creative, co-operative.
  318. Choosing to be of service of your own volition, not because you are forced to do so
  319. It's called 'good works'. It's bearing good fruit
  320. That's what we can do while we are here
  321. This is why you do the show
  322. That's why so many people are networking even though it was DARPA, the defense dept, the pentagon, the ones that are really going to shove A.I. down our throats through Google, and 5G and all that crap, nanotech, the singularity people
  324. Rex: What do you think of 5G?
  326. RS: They need that in order to run the next network - the new network they are creating for us
  327. This is what I heard last night - that it's gone from 'hold the ball' technology to wearable technology to implantable technology
  328. Ultimately, our consciousness allegedly will be networked into a cloud
  329. In order to do that around the globe, you're going to need 5G connectivity
  330. It's not for our benefit
  331. It's to keep us here longer
  332. It's already been developed.
  333. It's just hasn't been implemented into the infrastructure
  334. It's not integrated yet but they are working towards that goal rapidly in Silicon Valley and the Pentagon etc
  335. My point is even despite that, we can use their technology
  336. We are using their technology right now to have this conversation which will be archived and it will be shared around the globe
  337. Some people are going to resonate with this info and then they will seek out the experiences that will set them free
  338. ... The truth will set you free
  339. The problem is finding the truth in the simulation is like a needle in a haystack
  341. 1:28:20
  342. Rex: .... there's all these patents and opportunities that's suppressed from us....
  343. Most people are 2 IQs away from being flesh eating zombies
  344. What do we do as a collective whole to break out of this?.....
  346. RS: There is nothing to be gained here
  347. Fighting them is futile
  348. You cannot correct the simulation
  349. It was flawed from the beginning
  350. It will be flawed till the end
  351. It is good and evil and that will not change
  352. You can choose to be good.
  353. You can do good by your own choice and that is always going to be good
  354. But you cannot change the matrix
  355. You cannot change it from good and evil to simply good
  356. However, outside the matrix, everything is good, once you get to the 5th level and above.....
  357. Visualise a place outside the garage that you find to be scenic, serene, beautiful
  358. Can you visualise that place? In your mind.
  359. Can you see yourself there now?
  360. Can you see yourself standing by a beautiful nature scene? Outside the city. Outside your little box there.
  361. Is it visualising in your mind now?
  362. Imagine that the air is pure; water is pure; the food is pure
  363. The people are pure, good. They love each other
  364. Everything is healthy. Everything is clean.
  365. Everyone is calm. Everyone is kind. Everyone is related and they do not compete. They co-operate with one another
  366. That is life outside the matrix
  367. It requires no technology, no money, no time as we know it here
  368. It's not a miracle. That's normal
  369. It's not supernatural. It is natural
  370. It's not a dream and yet it is a dream
  371. This is a nightmare
  372. What I described to you is a dream reality that we created
  373. Our souls, our spirits create through the waves of consciousness that we generate
  374. Those patterns are formed based on the images our so-called imagination projects those wave patterns into the cosmos
  375. I'm not talking about the simulation
  376. Whatever is outside the simulation (call it the ether or whatever) that is where the wave patterns we generate with our souls / spirit
  377. They manifest very rapidly so if that's what your desire is - to be with people like that, beings like that, in a setting like that - you're free to do that
  378. You don't need permission
  379. It's not a religious thing
  380. It's a choice and most of us who are souls here are ready to go back home and to live again.
  381. When I said we're from the family tree of life, there's a meaning to that
  382. This is not life
  383. This is a simulation
  384. Where we come from, what I just described, that is truly living
  385. Everything here in the simulation is designed to die in the simulation
  386. It's not alive to begin with but it needs to appear to die, within the simulation
  387. This is something we should not believe in but we do
  388. Because once we believe we are the physical body and dies again and again and again, this is part of the sleep paralysis that overcomes our soul
  389. If we believe that, we become it
  390. So it's a small death of the soul.
  391. It's like taking a very strong narcotic and becoming comatose
  392. Our soul is literally numb, drugged out from believing the lies
  393. ... If you are under anaesthesia, you are not dead but it makes it very difficult to wake up until it wears off
  394. This is what's happening now here - the anaesthesia is wearing off
  395. More and more people are becoming alarmed
  396. They can't trust the government
  397. They know the media is lying to them
  398. They don't know what is true any more
  399. Even in alternative media, there's a lot of fantasy and discussions that lead nowhere
  400. Most of us are arguing over our opinion rather than fact
  401. We don't have many facts to deal with here so we are left to argue on opinions and it gets us nowhere
  402. That's by design
  403. They don't want us to know the truth of who we are and where we are and more importantly, how to leave
  405. 1:36:30
  406. Rex: Let's say we leave ... then what?....
  407. Do we really want to break out of the matrix?
  409. RS: No. Some souls will choose to stay here.
  410. I was told this prior to
  411. I explained this to you before - there was an opportunity coming
  412. Ther's would be waves of energy washing over this world
  413. At least it would appear to be that way
  414. That has come to pass and more and more people are waking up
  415. They want to know what's real. They want answers
  416. What do we do after we leave?
  417. Most of the souls I can relate to are going to leave in the near future
  418. They will choose to leave. They will realise the matrix is a lie
  419. They will no longer believe in the lie so they will choose to leave and go back to real life
  420. What does that look like?
  421. I gave you a brief description
  422. If you have watched the movie "What Dreams may Come" with Robin Williams,.....
  424. Rex: Yeah, doesn't his wife commit suicide and she ends up in this hell matrix and he tries to capture her and bring her back
  425. He'll do whatever it takes
  426. Because she kills herself in a simulation, she gets put in hell
  428. RS: It's a hell of her own.
  429. She created that hell with her thoughts
  430. She thought she was guilty. She judged herself to be guilty and worthless and ugly etc
  431. And he helped her remember she is none of those things
  433. Rex: Is that what the media painted the picture as?
  435. RS: What I just described is just my opinion of the real message there
  436. The truth has to be mixed with lies in this world
  437. Good and evil
  438. They show us this all the time
  439. There is a happy ending to this movie
  440. A lot of people will get up and walk out after the movie's over
  441. Some of them will choose to stay and watch the movie again and again and again
  442. That is their choice
  443. They are not forced to do that
  444. I was warned of this and I have already explained to the people that it's a lot like being in prison too long
  445. If you look at humans here, as we know ourselves
  446. In the matrix there are people who spend most of their lives in prison
  447. When they are released, they feel very uncomfortable in what they call 'the world'
  448. So they will commit a crime so that they can return to prison and feel normal again
  449. This is a terrible analogy for what is happening to some of the souls here
  450. They are not ready to leave
  451. They choose not to leave because they are asleep
  452. They believe the lie. They're paralysed. They're dormant
  453. This was why Jesus wasn't the only one to come here to assist the souls that are dormant or are stuck
  454. He was one of the most recent and he definitely had a huge effect or they would not have killed him and then twisted his words and used him as a prop to set up the final act of this particular version of the matrix
  455. It's coming.
  456. Once they make things so bad that when the saviour arrives - the Second Coming of our so-called saviour - most people, (even a lot of souls who are awake right now) are going to fall back asleep
  457. That will be like a drug to them. They will be absolutely deceived
  459. 1:41:15
  460. Rex: Is there a saviour or are we our own saviours?
  461. Do we have to rely on another entity?........
  462. Will God send his son here to save us etc etc
  464. RS: Everything here is made up. It's designed to serve the matrix
  465. What you said is accurate but that's not how I'd portray it
  466. The matrix is very well designed but it's full of confusion
  467. That's the way we are distracted
  468. Every time a soul begins to wake up, they are usually targeted so that they will remain asleep and continue to believe the lie
  469. This is why we see increasingly they're using technology to do all kinds of control mechanisms over our bodies, hoping that they can keep our souls here longer
  470. It's going to get worse
  471. We're coming up on a very, very difficult time
  472. Unfortunately, not all souls are going to want to leave
  473. They are going to be deceived into staying here under a false pretext that they have been saved
  475. 1:43:20
  476. Rex; Yoiu said 'false pretext of being saved'
  477. How is one truly saved?
  479. RS: It's not what I would call a valid question.
  480. It's not an insult to your intelligence.
  481. They want you to ask
  482. It's a dead end street
  483. They want us to think we need to be saved
  484. There's no way you can save anything in the matrix
  485. It's a simulation
  486. The only way we have any kind of life or salvation or redemption is outside the matrix
  487. The only way to get out is to go within
  488. That's the gateway
  489. It's not religious. It's not a ritual. There's no technology involved - it's not necessary
  490. It begins with a choice
  491. If you choose to believe the matrix is a lie and you are a soul that is here only remotely and then you can go home whenever you wish, then you will begin to take the steps.
  492. I give you an example
  493. For me, I have a family so naturally I will do everything I can, in the time I am here, to assist them
  494. But every day I take an inventory of the things I am attached to - that I choose to be attached to
  495. For example, let's say those guitars behind me
  496. I like them very much but I am not attached to them any longer
  497. I don't consider them mine. They're part of the matrix
  498. Nothing in the matrix appeals to me any longer
  499. And I've had to take an inventory because I'm conditioned
  500. I'm programmed to believe I am this body; those are my guitars; this is my apartment etc
  501. If you believe that, it's like an anchor. It ties you down. It keeps you here
  502. So, every day is an opportunity to take an inventory and to cut those ties.
  503. Free yourself. It's preparation.
  504. It's what I said about the Egyptians.
  505. They knew. Most of them knew, I should say, that they need to prepare themselves for the journey of the afterlife
  506. They weren't planning on coming back here
  507. They were planning to continue their life outside the matrix
  508. Most of those teachings, they were written by Hermes or Thoth or whatever you want to call him
  509. That's the reason they were hidden or destroyed - because it taught us how to prepare ourselves
  510. Much like how we are having this discussion right now
  511. It's not magic. You don't need permission.
  512. You just have to make the choice
  513. But you can't make that choice unless you have some sort of basis to really make a choice on
  514. Otherwise it's just like an intellectual exercise
  515. I told you I have experience to base this on - just going out of body, meeting other people, having some of that validated to a point.
  516. But I didn't understand the context of it until only recently
  517. This is why we are discussing it now
  518. Because I realise this is just preparation
  519. What we are talking about here is not going to resolve things for individuals
  520. They have to do it on their own
  521. No religion. No one person can do that for you.
  522. You have to choose for yourself
  523. It's your consciousness. It's your soul
  524. No one can make that choice for you and I know it's difficult
  526. 1:47:44
  527. Rex: How do I leave this matrix right now?
  529. RS: As I have said earlier, if I was to leave this body right now, it would just drop dead.
  530. You would appear to be dead, because it is dead
  531. It's just part of the matrix
  532. And if I did that, I would be declared ....'died of natural causes'
  533. Natural causes is sudden death. It happens
  534. If I withdraw my soul entirely from this body, unless they somehow injected or inserted another entity into my body, and I think you would know .....
  535. I have been transparent my entire life
  536. It will become quite evident if .... another player took over this body in the matrix, people will notice
  537. That's a possibility if I left and they wanted to just screw with people
  538. That is a possibility but I don't see that happening
  539. I have no idea when my time will be up
  540. I am not going to force the issue
  541. Suicide is a really bad idea
  542. I don't want to encourage it for anyone because I believe it gives them more ability to recycle you., to keep you here
  545. 1:49:35
  546. Rex: Is there a messiah?
  548. RS: There was a teacher that came to show us the way home
  549. That was his only purpose
  550. In modern times, if you are speaking about Jesus, he was one of our family members that took it upon himself to come here and help us.
  551. He said to follow him and that his kingdom was not here
  552. That he was the way, the truth and the light
  553. If we followed him
  554. What he meant was that if you follow what he is saying
  555. Now the problem is what he said before he was killed or taken out, has been distorted
  556. That's why I encourage people to read this series of books
  557. If nothing else, just read the first book.
  558. If you want to know what was really said and why it had to be covered up, just read The Divine Secret Garden book 1
  559. I think it's called Forbidden something
  560. It's forbidden by the Luciferians
  561. They don't want us to know why he came here and what he actually said to us
  562. Because it's designed to stimulate our souls to wake up and to continue our growth
  563. It's not all about him
  564. He was being of service to us because we needed assistance
  565. We still do otherwise we wouldn't even be talking about this
  566. I am summarising . Those books are free
  567. The author gave them to me for free and I'm sharing with everybody else for free because the truth is the only thing that would set you free from the matrix (which is a complete lie).
  569. Rex: What do the pyramids have to do with the matrix?
  571. RS: It's part of the design for the energy fields and it is something we have talked about before
  572. A lot of people in this new age understand that these various harmonics are used to control us
  573. It's a way of modulating the frequencies, the wave form
  574. It's not just power generation
  575. It's a way of maintaining the matrix
  576. It has a fabric
  577. It has an integrity
  578. It's like any other game
  579. It has rules
  580. It's based on some basic pattern....
  581. In 1975 when I entered the Great Pyramid and I had an out of body experience there, that was the 1st alarm going off
  582. I was only 15 at the time....
  583. I wasn't prepared to really wake up
  584. It was sort of preparing me to wake up 10 years later in 1985, when I was 25 years old and I had an out of body experience up on a mountain
  585. These things are progressive. They are not just sudden, a linear path you can trace out
  586. I am sure this is based on choices that I made on a soul level
  587. The way our souls are activated - we make choices in that next level up
  588. Doesn't always translate down into this level
  589. Because if we are distracted with whatever - there's a lot of things to be distracted with here
  590. It's difficult for some of that info or decisions to become part of our conscious awareness
  591. In other words, it's running in the background
  592. Your computer can run multiple programs but you can only focus on one at a time
  593. You could be editing a video but you got a Word document in the background
  594. The same thing is true for the way we are set up here
  595. I believe a lot of the choices I made were always there but I didn't fully become aware of them until recently
  596. Which may sound strange but time here is an illusion
  598. Rex: Are you happy?
  600. RS: Yes, I am at a loss for language
  601. Happiness is not adequate
  602. In human terms, I would have to say, "I am ecstatic."
  603. Ecstasy means literally: I am beside myself
  604. So what you see here, this projection that you know is Robert, is not me
  605. And I know that
  606. I am outside of this as well as connected to it
  607. This is what ecstasy means
  608. I often wondered about it and what that word means and why people use it very rarely
  609. More accurately, I am ecstatic
  610. I am liberated from the matrix
  612. Rex: What is the next level for you?
  614. RS: You and I talked about my retiring
  615. The reason that was coming up was because I thought I was tired of doing this, because I didn't have anything new to say
  616. At this point I realise this is because I am coming to the end of this search
  617. My quest is over. I understand it now
  618. What I have been seeking - what feels like most of my life is actuall;y a very short time
  619. Time here is an illusion so it's all relative but I have found the answers I have been seeking so I am not going to be searching any longer
  620. I am just preparing myself to leave the matrix
  621. In the meanime, I have priorities
  622. I make commitments
  623. I will follow through with them
  624. I am not leaving any loose ends behind because that would be foolish
  625. In other words, that could be bait to bring me back and I don't want that
  626. I am not going to allow that to happen
  627. In the near future, after I finish the next book about Malibu, I'll be done......from public speaking about these matters because there isn't that much more to say about this.
  628. I've been completely transparent and up front about what I've learned and if people want more in depth information, they should go to my library and spend some time reading those books.
  629. If anybody has questions or comments, I do answer all my emails......
  630. In the future, Robert won't be here.......
  632. Rex:..... Do you feel good about what you've done...?
  633. Do you feel like you've done what you are supposed to do?
  635. RS: Yes..... There isn't much left for me to do, that is what I consider to be desirable or good, in the Matrix
  636. I shall continue our good work outside the Matrix with the rest of our family - the souls, the seeds of light
  637. When I leave here, I'll continue doing that
  638. But it's not going to be on this level
  639. It's not about waking people up
  640. Everybody that is outside the matrix is already awake.
  641. It's more of a celebration, of creativity and family, ecstasy....
  642. It's difficult to explain....
  643. ... The eternal life that we live as souls or spirits, creators.....
  644. If you want to create a beautiful lake, forest , mountains - it's all available to us
  645. I'm homesick
  646. I am not sick of the matrix
  647. It's providing a service....
  648. Until recently, I thought it was just a mistake
  649. But it's not. It's actually being permitted
  650. There is something really profound coming out of all of this.
  651. Those of us who choose to come here and have these experiences, are altered forever
  652. We acquire a different skill set than the souls that never come in here; that never had to experience what it's like to be competitive; to be evil; to combat evil
  653. So in that regard, we are kind of elite among the souls outside the matrix
  654. We are stronger because we have come here
  655. Doesn't mean better. Just different because the experience has made us different
  656. .
  657. .
  658. Rex: ......Where do we go? What do we do?
  660. RS: From my perspective, everything is positive
  661. The matrix is real and we can either choose to believe it or not to believe it.
  662. If we choose not to believe it, it means ... by implication, at some point, we realise we don't belong here
  663. This is just a place we come to learn from virtual experiences
  664. Coming together is not part of the plan
  665. It's not permitted
  666. At some level, they will always find a way to divide us
  667. This is one of the reasons they have genocide all the tribal people
  668. We call them tribes but they consider themselves to be family, that the Earth is their mother and it's incompatible with where the matrix is going next
  669. They are trying to consolidate the souls that are here
  670. The most important thing I can tell you now, is we all have a choice to make.
  671. Individually. Only you can make this choice
  672. Do you want to remain in the matrix?
  673. And if so, you should realise it's going to get deeper and much deeper and more difficult for anybody that stays because of the network they've created.
  674. The A.I. is the next level. The singularity is real and it is not coming
  675. It's already here. They just haven't integrated
  676. They're waiting for the proper time when they can herd people into it under the pretence that if you go in and become this cyborg type of entity; that somehow you're going to live longer, be stronger, smarter, you can survive all the different calamities that they throw at us
  677. Personally, I don't suggest you do that but that's your choice
  678. I think that it's important that we are good as along as we are here
  679. It's more important now than ever that we remain calm and not be distracted
  680. Don't get off on a tangent
  681. Just because someone is attacking you doesn't meant you have to attack them back
  682. They want that
  683. I've known this. I've learned the hard way with the archons
  684. That if you attack them, you are giving them licence to attack you
  685. And they really want you to do that
  686. Sort of like what North Korea's doing right now.... That's a terrible analogy
  687. It happens to us on an individual level every day
  688. You have trolls attacking you.
  689. Basically they just want to argue with you
  690. There's no point to it as there's no way you are going to resolve it
  691. We all have different opinions and that's fine
  692. Those individuals - they just want to provoke a reaction from you and distract you or me from having these realisations, and ultimately, acting on them
  693. This conversation would be completely wasted if there wasn't some sort of plan of action
  694. It sounds overly simplistic but the way you go within - some people say it's meditation, I don't see it that way
  695. You have to choose for yourself. Whatever it is. Toning. Taking a bath......
  696. It starts with calming your mind...
  697. We need to be in control of our thoughts and emotions, otherwise others will do that for you.
  698. That's what they really want
  699. Others are so good at constantly provoking us every day with so-called fake news as though there is anything real that they can report
  700. That's why I knew it was coming
  701. En masse, there will be a realisation at some point, where the majority of the people are going to wake up and realise this is all a lie.
  702. At that point they will have to make a choice
  703. Do they want to stay and live the lie or do they want to move on?
  704. To me that's a very positive thing that we are even being given that opportunity again
  705. This is not the first time
  706. Do you remember the movie? How many times? The matrix?
  707. He said, "This is not the first time, Neo."
  708. It's like how many times they've done this
  709. And it will re-set itself
  710. There's got to be a climax to the movie
  711. There's got to be an end to the video game
  712. It will re-set and there will still be some souls here to participate
  713. I don't know how or when they will leave
  714. I just know that's part of the plan - that at some point, all of the souls that came here, will have left and it will be over.
  715. But life will continue
  716. To me, that's a very positive thing
  717. .
  718. .
  719. 2:11:00
  720. When I met Enki, he claimed he was The Father, and that is true
  721. He is the father of the matrix
  722. However, he is not the real father of Creation
  723. That is something that has baffled me for decades
  724. I know that he did that to me by design; that he can control me on some level.
  725. But now I know that we all have parents that are divine - those of us who are souls and that includes Enki
  726. We do have parents that are divine and they live in a higher state of being; on another level entirely
  727. Christians call it heaven, ..... nirvana, utopia etc
  728. Those are just words
  729. At this point, I know who my parents are and I know who I am, again, and I thank God for that
  730. Not the false god Enki
  731. I thank God that I am able to finally remember again who I am and where I came from so that I can go home and be with my family
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