Hindu Nationalism

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  1. Appadurai, A. (2006). Fear of Small Numbers: an Essay on the Geography of Anger. (this is a great little book - there is a chapter on Hindu nationalism but also on other cases of ethnocide)
  3. Ruparelia, S., Reddy, S., Harriss, J., and Corbridge, S. (2011), Understanding India’s New Political Economy.
  4.  - Great collection of chapters, I especially enjoy the following chapters:
  5. Desai, R. (2011). ‘Hindutva's ebbing tide’  
  6. Jayal, N. (2011) ‘The transformation of citizenship in India in the 1990s and beyond.’
  7. Gooptu, N. (2011) ‘Economic liberalization, urban politics and the poor.’
  9. Oza, R. (2007). The geography of Hindu right wing violence. chapter in D. Gregory and A. Pred (Ed.), Geographies of Violence
  11. Corbridge, S., Harriss, J. and Jeffrey, C. (2012). ‘Has the rise of Hindu nationalism halted?’ chapter in India Today. Economy, Politics and Society.
  13. Jaffrelot, C (2007). Hindu Nationalism: a Reader.
  15. Ansari, K. (2016). Hindu nationalism in theory and practice. MA, Duke University (This is someone’s master’s thesis available online. I read it a while ago but it’s quite an easy, general and useful read)
  17. Sud, N. (2008). Secularism and the Gujarat State: 1960-2005. Modern Asian Studies, 42(6), 1250-1272. (this article focuses on the importance of Gujarat state as a breeding ground for Hindu nationalism)
  19. Jaffrelot, C. (2015b). The Modi-centric BJP 2014 election campaign: new techniques and old tactics. Contemporary South Asia, 23(2), 151–166. (short article on Modi’s and his political campaign and image)
  21. Michelutti, L. (2007). The vernacularization of democracy: political participation and popular politics in North India. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 13(3), 639–656.
  23. Nanda, M. (2009). The State-Temple-Corporate Complex and the banality of Hindu nationalism, chapter in The God Market: How Globalisation Is Making India More Hindu. New York, Monthly Review Press, 108-143. (long but fascinating chapter on the connection between the state, Hindu institutions and the corporate world)
  25. Gooptu, N. (2015). New spirituality, politics of self-empowerment, citizenship, and democracy in contemporary India. Modern Asian Studies, 50(03), 934–974. (again, really great article on how religious Hindu practice is being reshaped in daily life. Gooptu has more work on this)
  27. Nussbaum (2007). The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India's Future. (some good chapters in this too, I like the one about education in particular because it talks about the Hindutva ideology and propaganda in the education system)
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