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  2. Suitonia - CSM
  3. I'm late to the party here, but here is my take on the ships listed.
  5. Frigates: I think the combat/attack frigate lineup is balanced well, everything but the Rifter is competitive and in a good place from a solo perspective.
  6. Tristan is the most new player friendly ship, and it's incredibly versatile, there are like 5 different archetypes for it (Kite, Blaster All-In, Rail Scram kite, Neut, Hull tanked). It's popularity is probably because of this, and also because of how easy it is to fly the kite version. Launch drones, orbit 20km, go AFK. I don't think the Tristan needs to be hard nerfed, or even changed at all, but if you want to maybe consider nerfing a secondary attribute like the agility (it's currently very agile) or the lock range.
  7. Rifter I feel like the Rifter suffers a little from non synergistic bonuses. If you use the Falloff bonus efficiently while scram kiting you can't make much use of the utility high, and vs lasers/missiles you often come in close to use utility high and waste the falloff bonus.
  8. The Breacher is a stronger scram kiter and the Slasher is the stronger brawler with the lower sig, speed, cap stability (for running neut) and the tracking bonus. Maybe if the utility high was removed for a 4th lowslot? (Same layout as Incursus/Tormentor) This would differentiate it a bit more from the Slasher and Breacher, and open up more Armor options for Minmatar. Although since the Rifter is the only combat frigate (with exception to the Tristan) with a utility high right now it may also lower diversity.
  9. Alpha Issues Amarr Frigates: every single one uses lasers as a primary weapon system, including the faction options, so not much flexibility or versatility for the race. Small Ancillary prices are still too_damn_high.jpg. I am still not a fan of the Punisher which essentially has destroyers fittings put onto a ship that otherwise wasn't working well, it's also not as flexible for Alphas because many popular Punisher fittings use blasters and autocannons, but it has surged in usage at least. I would like to see the Punisher changed into a t1 vengeance or maybe a drone platform.
  10. Comet: stands out to be a little stronger than the Hookbill/Slicer/Firetail. I think it's a little too good with Hull Rigs in scram kiting fits. Maybe lower the structure a little, -50 structure HP would be a fair nerf.
  12. Destroyers: Thrasher, Talwar, Algos, Catalyst, Cormorant and Coercer are all in a good place. All see use in doctrines or as solo PVP ships, usually both. I think it's worth mentioning that T1 Destroyers currently are incredibly slow, especially the 'tier 2' destroyers like the Corax, Dragoon and Algos. The Stork is 1.2km/s faster than the Corax and has a 50% sig bloom bonus before modules. While not in the scope of these changes I think Command Destroyers should be slower than Interdictors and T1 Destroyers positioned between attack cruisers and Interdicto
  13. Corax: It's slower than a Maller with a 1600 plate, the fittings are also atrocious, it only has 3 more grid than the Kestrel despite fitting 3 more launchers. The reason why it's not flown is the Talwar has a better slot layout, better fittings, is faster, and thanks to the 60% sig bloom bonus on alphas is almost 3x harder to track when you take speed/sig/bloom bonus into account.The Corax needs to set itself apart from the Talwar, Perhaps increase the kinetic damage from 5% to 7.5% per level to solidify it's role as the slower, and far easier to hit missile destroyer but it does more damage and applies better with the other bonus it has. Improve the PG so you can fit 7x rocket II, MSE, mwd, scram, web, DC, BCU without a PG module. .
  14. Dragoon: 2 Mid Slots on a control ship that uses neuts, pretty much. Remove a high and give it a mid. Has CPU issues but it's somewhat workable. The other solution would be to keep the slot layout but go for a design similar to the Prophecy with armor resist bonus instead of the neuts but this would lower uniqueness.
  16. Cruisers: Caracal/Vexor dominate hard, Thorax/Rupture/Moa/Celestis/Blackbird are in a good place, Maller, Stabber, Omen, Arbitrator, Bellicose are in a bad place.
  17. Caracal: Wait and see with the RLML nerfs, HML/HAM fits look fair. It mostly sees use because RLML are incredibly strong.
  18. Vexor: It has incredible versatility, and all the strengths and power of the other racial brawlers (Moa, Rupture, Maller) without being weak to frigates or long range tackle. I think the fittings are a little too much when you don't fit medium hybrid weapons. Reduce the PG by 75~ to nerf overtanked fits that run small weapons or neuts.
  19. Rupture/Moa/Thorax: These seem ok to me atm.
  20. Maller: Cap Problems, 3 mids. slow, no utility high. Maller doesn't have a way to deal with frigates or extract itself from a fight, it also has to choose between cap injector/web. Could remove the damage bonus and replace it with 10% energy weapons cap per level, then improve the drone bay up to 25m3 with some spares to make up for some of the damage loss. Could also boost max cap but nerf regen rate to keep cap/s the same but help it vs neuts.
  21. Omen: Terrible Fittings, Cap Problems. Almost every fit you try to make on an Omen is always 2% over on PG and CPU, even with compact modules. Give it more grid, improve it's max capacitor amount but also nerf the cap regen time to keep cap/s same as now but a bigger buffer before it caps itself out and more resilience to neuts would probably make it a lot better. Maybe give it some spare drone bay.
  22. Stabber: Only Cruiser with only 8 mids/lows. The two utility highs are cool I guess, but it doesn't have the resources for them. Give it a mid slot and some CPU so it can do a knock-off dual prop XLASB Zarvox Scythe Fleet issue with less damage and -1low and it would be flyable.
  23. Bellicose: The lock range is atrocious for an EWAR Cruiser. 42.5km lock range base on a ship that uses Target Painters. Please improve this. Also the fittings are really too bad to make it into a HAM brawler. copy pasting a RLML Caracal fit on it leaves it severely over CPU as an example.
  24. Arbitrator: Exactly the same problems as the Bellicose, fittings need to be improved and more lock range.
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