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  1. > **Interview ████-█
  2. >
  3. > **Date:** ██/██/196█
  4. >
  5. > **Dr. ████:** Please explain your outburst during the Site ██-wide meeting at 14:24:20 on ██/██/1969
  6. >
  7. > **Goldsheiner:** I had a tough day. I was dealing with some shit.
  8. >
  9. > **Dr. ████:** Please continue.
  10. >
  11. > **Goldsheiner:** I had been holding it in all day. You see, I had been dealing with… well… it didn’t really agree with me. And it aggravated me every time that I thought about it. I was feeling awful, but I had to try to hold my feelings in until I was in private. God, it was so hard.
  12. >
  13. > **Dr. ████:** And this was your outburst?
  14. >
  15. > **Goldsheiner:** No, I found some time after lunch to get it all out in the open. I went to the bathroom, locked the stall, and just let it go. I hate things that just //won’t// agree with you, no matter how hard you try. Plus dealing with that shit all day sure didn’t help. So yeah, I was in there for a good ten minutes, just screaming. God, it felt good though.
  16. >
  17. > **Dr. ████:** So then what caused the incident if it wasn’t this?
  18. >
  19. > **Goldsheiner:** It turns out that I missed a small bit, and it started to annoy me once I got to the meeting. I held it in as long as I could, but fuck, that kind of thing is never easy to keep to yourself when you deal with it for that long!
  20. >
  21. > **Dr. ████:** And that was your outburst. Now, please explain why you immediately exited the meeting in great haste.
  22. >
  23. > **Goldsheiner:** I had to get to the bathroom to wipe before it dribbled even farther down my leg!
  24. >
  25. > **Note:** //This is the only recorded case of Research Assistant Reject ever displaying an emotion other than deep resentment. However, unlike Doctor Gears, Reject displays one emotion simply because he fucking hates young people.
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