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  1. Ahh! This is just like one of my Japanese anime! Nngh all tied up totally helpless in the air~ ohh all these vines digging in to my soft supple flesh. T-TIGHTER! Oh it feels so good riding up against my needy littlr slit~ This hopeless pervert doesnt deserve too move~ Just all tied up thinking about flicking my bean raw! Haaa~ it's so much~ It feels totally amazing~ I bet it looks even better. Such a helpless whore dangling in the air with her body totally exposed~ I can't even cover up my hard nipples and leaky cunt for any perverts to look at all they want~
  2. Hmmm maybe I should get a new Pokemon who can really take advantage of me when I'm suspended like this. Mmm that gogoat was looking at me really intensely. I bet it was just waiting to get me where i couldn't resist, fill me all the way up and keep pumping like the wild animal it is. Fill me all up with its seeds and leave me there to cum while i lay his eggs~ or maybe a nice graceful liligant would take the chance to turn me into the snatch slurping lesbian she knows i am inside, forced to eat out her sweet smelling pussy for hours while im teased by her soft petals~ or if im gonna be teased, a leafany might think im shaking from cold and not pleasure~ wrapping me up in those nice soft leaves, moving it's dexterous hands all over me, leaving my erotic dripping pussy and heavy breasts totally uncovered~ just nice and wrapped up like a Christmas present needing to be filled so badly. Ahhh~  maybe I'll take a nap to get used to this~ wait. Did I remember to lock the door?
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