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  1. Chances are, if you’re reading this you’ve recently gained power and a small trinket to transform yourself or know someone who has. I’ll write and explain as if you’re the Noble with some special notes if you’re a family member or friend.
  3. First to note: Don’t panic! This isn’t a bad thing! Here’s some immediate need to know details:
  5. The elephant in the room: You might be religious in some manner. Some faiths do not recognize us as good. That doesn’t mean you are bad. There’s nothing wrong with you. More faiths regard us as something that’s here for all mankind, like an angel-but remember, there’s a reason angels said fear not. We’re a little terrifying to the regular guy on the street!
  6. You can feel when people are hurting. Help them out if you can and if it’s safe. No one will blame you if you have to keep walking if it’s not safe to stop. You’ll feel like crap, more than you ever did before-but there’s a lot more you can do aside from the obvious, now.
  7. You don’t have to fight in the streets. There’s a lot of ways you can use your powers, especially if you’re young or circumstances don’t allow it.
  8. Keep your magic secret. There’s a lot of bad guys out there and people in general who would rather be miffed if you’re using your powers to keep pace with highway traffic or lifting buses. It’s a good idea as well to watch your family and start asking questions to see if they’ll react well. Some won’t, many do. There’s help out there if they don’t.
  9. Mind your dreams. You’ll start to dream of your room but with a door that doesn’t belong. Transform and go through the door. DO NOT GO THROUGH AS NORMAL! Stick to the main roads and find a castle. You’ll get help there. DO NOT TRUST THE LADY WITH MIRRORED EYES.
  10. Pace yourself. Self-care is extremely important. Keep close to your friends and do not isolate yourself at all costs. Isolation weakens us! If you are feeling down, go out to somewhere positive, with people you like. A little low on friends? Volunteer! Find something you can get passionate about and find friends who are into the same stuff you are.
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