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  2. Terrorist pistol
  3. Aim - 3 fake short, bomber and other plant b. If site is clear, drop ct and split b/hold ct spawn.
  4. What to buy
  5. Joolz: 1x HE, 2x Flash
  6. F0oster: 2x Flash, 1x Smoke
  7. M0ey:  1x HE, 2x Flash (bomber)
  8. Clint: 1x HE, 2x Flash
  9. Pixel/Larman: Deagle/Armour
  10. Execution -
  11. Joolz: Holds outside tunnels on the right side, until ~50 seconds, and then walks into lower –
  12. flashes mid and short for Clint and pixel/Larman. Takes short. If a is clear, drop into CT and
  13. follow the aim.
  14. f0oster: Waits outside tunnels, smokes short at ~45, takes B after a has been faked.
  15. m0eycq : Waits outside tunnels. Takes B site after a has been faked. Plants.
  16. Larman/pixeL : Waits outside long, near tree. Takes short once it has been flashed. If a clear,
  17. drop into CT and follow the aim as nessecary.
  18. clintO : Waits outside long, near tree, and watches, and then flashes over long, takes short once
  19. it has been flashed and pushes A site. Drop CT and follow the aim
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