Monster Acceptance Letter

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  1. [CENTER]
  2. [IMG][/IMG]
  4. [B]- [/B]Hello Savage Games Player[B] -[/B]
  6. I'm the Monster Islands Administrator here on Savage Games, who will be speaking with you in regards to your application. After reviewing your above submission, overall punishment records, activity / performance on the server's surrounding platforms and consulting with the Staffing department of any concerns that may need addressed; I have come to a conclusion! I would like to inform you that the [U]written[/U] portion of you application has been accepted, Congratulations!
  7. -
  8. The next and final step to the application process includes contacting me on Discord. Please join the Savage Games public discord at this time, link provided below. Once you join, add [U]me[/U]([B]andreeaa#8617[/B]) to your [B]friends list[/B], and direct message me upon acceptance with your [U]Mod Application URL / Link[/U]. Administrators on our Discord can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen, in the color [COLOR=#b30000]Dark Red[/COLOR]. All potential applicants have roughly [B][U]five days[/U][/B] to get back to us. Those who fail to do so will be automatically denied the Moderator position due to inactivity.
  10. [URL][/URL]
  12. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you,
  13. - The Savage Games Administrative Team -
  14. [/CENTER]
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