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  1. Forum Guidelines
  3. The following guidelines are for the betterment of your forum experience and are enforced at the discretion of the staff with full backing of ownership. Please read them carefully before you post. Your posting activity in this forum serves as de facto acknowledgment of these rules whether you actually read them or not.
  9. 1.) General Attitudes and Behavior
  11. - 1a.) Arguments and/or Personal Insults
  13. We are all for the spirit of debate but, when that debate becomes derailed and it's just insults-vs-insults, our moderators will be stepping in. Simply put....argue all you want in the spirit of discussion but, the second it turns to personal insults, it will be handled by the staff. This includes repeating that somebody is stupid in every other post. You can disagree with somebody without being a turd.
  15. Examples:
  17.     Poster A is arguing with Poster B over something with the Team/Player. Poster B's logic is completely dismantled by Poster A. His only resort is to call the other one an idiot, etc. When your argument turns from sports to personal insults, it will be removed by a moderators.
  18.     Poster A fairly displays why Poster B is incorrect in his assessment of the Team's draft selections in a certain draft. However, he tops it off at the end by calling him a fucking moron. This is the type of activity that will also be deleted without further explanation.
  22. Racism, Homophobia, Threats of Physical Violence, are off-limits. This includes working around censored word filters.
  24. For the most part we will ask you to take your petty squabbles, if you insist on acting like children, into private messages. There is a reason they are called private messages: they are to remain out of sight of the general public. If you are directly threatened and perceive this as harassment etc., please use the "report" function. DO NOT make a thread airing out the private message as this will be a warn-able and/or ban-able offense.
  26. - 1b.) Antagonizing and/or Following Users
  28. You agree to not be hostile on If your only reasoning for being on the site is to be antagonistic, this is not the site for you. We are all sports fans, there is no reason for anybody to be at each others' throats.
  30. Abusive, hateful, posting in harassing tones will result in deleted posts and a warning. Continuation will result in bans without any further explanation.
  32. This also includes posting malicious images. This may include, but is not limited to: graphic images, pornography, strobe-like images. Even when intended as a joke. Being clever and hiding images that you are hell bent to post, but are considered malicious to other users(children, epileptics, squeamish, and so on) will also result in a ban and deletion of the posts, pending the situation and judgment of the staff.
  34. If there is a user you dislike, don't follow them around the forum and reply to their posts to create a rouse. Use the ignore function first. If you choose not to use the ignore function for whatever reason, by default you accept the other users activity and it is no longer our problem whether you believe in using an ignore feature or not.
  38. 2.) Basic Standards for Posting News / Events
  40. If you post breaking news, please take the time to include a source. By doing so, you will reduce posts asking for the source, which will impact the discussion of the thread. It should take you less than 5 to 10 seconds to state the source of your information so please do so. If the source originates from a social network, also include a URL as close to the origin of the story as possible. Tweets from inside journalists are perfectly fine. Including sources are important, not just for convenience (perhaps mobile users, or someone behind a limited Internet connection at work), but to know where the original post is coming from.
  42. Moderators can edit the post and subject. It is nothing personal. Misleading news items and false reports will be deleted.
  44. Also, do not copy-paste post entire articles unless you have written consent to do so from the content owner. Use a fair sample of the article, or simply link to the article and explain the content in your own words.
  48. 3.) Using and Mis-using the Reported Posts Feature
  50. This is a feature that sends an email to all of the staff and it creates a thread in the Reported Posts section of the Staff Forum. If you mis-use this feature, not only will your ability to report posts be removed but, you could be banned as well. It is very annoying when this is taken advantage of. I think we've all got out the "cheap reported post" thing for a laugh. Enough please.
  52. Reporting posts out of personal retaliation will be ignored, and could be seen as abusing the feature. Instead, put the user on ignore.
  56. 4.) The Bar
  58. The Bar represents an off-topic section of the site suited for topics that do not fit anywhere else. The Bar is meant to be more relaxed for users and it is not directly indexed by outside search engines, which is why it is private for registered members only.
  59. We want to concentrate on sports, so for the bar, expression is further tolerated. We ask that you be considerate in your postings and the same standards as in the sports forums will apply. If you're laying into somebody and just repeating that they're a moron, idiot, etc. it will be removed.
  61. Threads started "honoring" banned posters will be removed and warnings will be issued. Continuation will result in bans. Any open discussion about user bans and temporary bans can be found in this thread, otherwise the details of a ban are between the user who is banned and the staff. Any shared information on bans can be found in the Village of the Banned thread, here. Otherwise use Private Messages if you have questions.
  63. The Beliefs and Ideologies section.
  64. Discussion about politics, religion, and controversial topics go into the Beliefs and Ideology(Social Issues, etc) sub-forum and are not allowed elsewhere on the site. Opposing views will exist and we ask that you tollerate other views and opinions. You still must be courteous and are free to ignore the contents of the topic. Do not click-bait topic names, and be sure the topic title is transparent enough to allow users to skip something they are not interested in reading or discussing any further. If it isn't a true discussion, and you're just bashing an idea/belief, your access to that forum will be removed and the post will be deleted.
  66. Read the rules of the Belief's and Ideology Forum before posting
  70. 5.) How Diverse Chicago Fan-bases Co-Exist
  72. Not all fans of one Chicago sports team are necessarily supporters of other Chicago teams. Not all Chicago baseball team fans are fans of both, or rivals of both. If a user is here to create hostility in a rival team section, they will lose access to that section or get banned from the site. We don't ask that you suddenly become a fan of a team you may dislike, just understand that once you enter that teams section, you are not on your home turf as a rival fan. Opposing fans and general sports fans are welcome on ChiCitySports, but registering to simply bash on a team will result in action from the staff.
  76. 6.) Staff Members and the Rules
  78. Staff members are held to the same standards as the members when it comes to these rules. If a staff member is seen breaking the rules, please help us by reporting the post. The reported post will make a thread in the staff forum that is visible by the entire staff.
  80. If you believe they are incorrect in how they are handling a situation, open a dialog though Private Message with the staff member or another staff member you feel comfortable discussing the situation with. You can also private message Rush and he will look into it.
  81. All Staff Members, Moderators, Owners, Administrators can be found in the site leaders directory found by clicking here.
  83. Do not start threads or make posts about personal issues, those posts will be deleted without explanation and could lead to further action if we feel users are simply trying to draw attention away from the focus of the site, sports discussion. We ask you to use PMs and the Reported Posts feature only.
  87. 7.) Users are allowed one account.
  89. Multiple accounts, including gimmick accounts, will be removed. The original user will be banned indefinitely. Accounts attempting to use proxy addresses, or recycled mobile IP's to skirt the multiple account detection will also be treated the same way. Registering another account while temporarily banned will extend the ban duration on all accounts, and may lead to a permanent banning, including adding credentials to a cross-network block-list.
  93. 8.) Requesting a User Name Change
  95. Name changes are made on request. Any confusing name changes, names just to instigate, gimmick, or possibly troll based on the admin's judgment and personal definition, will be rejected. Frequent name changes will also be rejected. All requests will be reviewed and any request can get ignored.
  99. 9.) Solicitation and Spam
  101. Do not spam other sites. If you are interested in getting traffic/activity to your website, PM me and we'll try to figure out a symbiotic relationship that can help both sites. However, flooding the site with your link is only going to make you look stupid, ruin any chance of the users ever seeing your site in a positive light, and it comes off as entirely douchey. Don't spam.
  103. For advertising opportunities, click here or send me a Private Message.
  104. The benefits of being a forum sponsor.
  109. Be Excellent to Each Other
  112. We don't want to flex our authority, we just want to keep this a legitimate place of discussion on the internet. If you cannot deal with the fact that our staff has discretion to remove your postings, we advise that you seek another website to publish your opinions on. We have to keep this place respectful, I did not start this site for it to be pillaged by jerks and pricks.
  114. We don't want to cease your existence from the site. It isn't about punishment, it's about rehabilitation. If you have over 100 posts, that means we like you enough to not delete your account and be done with you. We want you to post here, we just ask that you be kind enough to respect the guidelines. We're sports people, so in simple terms, please act sportsmanlike around other human beings.
  123. The vBulletin default FAQ (Helpful, but not completely accurate or up to date)
  125. Here's a quick post outlining some of the features that have been asked about in the past.
  128. How to place a user on Ignore:
  129. On the default theme, you can click on the username you would like to ignore in a post, and a +Ignore User should show up under the list of options. Otherwise going to your settings, “Edit Ignore List” will allow you to add users manually. This will cover up posts from your ignore list users, as well as most quoted posts.
  132. How and why to use spoiler tags:
  133. Spoiler tags are reserved for hiding storyline spoilers out of user courtesy. Also, the use of spoiler tags come in handy if you have questionable content that may be not-safe-for-work (NSFW) or on other monitored networks/environments. This doesn't mean the spoiler tags give users free reign to violate the above rules of the site, it only acts as a courtesy.
  135. Spoiler BBCode looks like:
  136. [spoiler]contents [/spoiler]
  137. And results in:
  138. Warning, the following may be Not Safe For Work or a storyline spoiler.
  141. How to embed tweets, vines, and google docs:
  142. [tweet]XXXXX_TWEET_ID_XXXXX[/tweet]
  143. The ID is found at the end of the tweet URL itself. Vines (use code [vine]) and Google Docs (use code [gd]) work the same way. Any malicious embedded media are still subject to the site rules.
  145. How to change themes/styles/forum skins:
  146. On the bottom left of the main theme, you will see the “Quick Style Changer” where you can try different themes. Otherwise go to your User Settings page and you will find an option to change styles in "General Settings". Only the CCS Default theme is maintained and updated. Also, if you switch to a mobile theme and need to change the theme back, just click back on your browser, and select a new theme. This link will reset you to the default theme.
  149. When to start a new topic
  150. Before derailing the topic of a thread, as found in the title and opening post, start a new topic with its own thread. Don't be afraid to start new topics when those topics do not exist as their own thread. Derailing topics and repeating the same agenda over and over will be subject to the above rules. Use the most accurate section of the site to post the new topic.
  151. Don't post unrelated topics in the wrong area just to get the attention of that section. Those threads will be moved, even if a crafty poster attempts to spin an unrelated story to relate. Use the most accurate sections of the site, and stay on topic.
  153. Who makes game day threads and how should a game day thread look?
  154. IGTs are short for Internal Game Threads or Topics. IST for a series thread, and GT/ST are also used. These are topics where users can watch the live games and chat. If the usual game thread makers miss a game, and you want to get the topic rolling, then by all means, feel free to make one.
  155. Here is an old suggestion guide on what elements are important to making a good opening post. All of which are optional, but very helpful for other users.
  158. What are donators, how do I become verified?
  159. Donations help fund the site and keep this place going. It's not much, but donors will have their names turn green, gain access to a donors only forum, see a visible chatbox at the top of the page, and your max allowed avatar size is increased.
  160. Donations are verified manually by Rush. Send him a PM if there is an issue, especially when the paypal email address and your registration email address are different.
  161. Anyone can donate here:
  163. Writing for the Blog
  164. If you are interested in writing for the mainpage, get in contact with zack54attack and/or Rush by sending them a Personal Message or use the contact form on the frontpage.
  165. PMs on the forum may be quicker.
  169. Thank you for using the forums.
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