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  1. Cogmind Build Prototypes:
  2. SS-001: Katyusha -FAILED-
  3. SS-002: Stromwagen
  4. Type: Rolling Energy Artillery
  5. Design Goals & Motivations:
  6. Of the five propulsion types, wheels are the only one that have no heat output. This suggests that heavy investment into heat-by-product equipment would work well in conjunction with wheels, so that any heat produced is not compounded by your mobility. It also allows the heat it would otherwise produce to be allocated to heat-producing-defences such as armour plates, which work well to protect the otherwise fragile wheels. If you can manage the heat, plates work well with energy-based weapons, as advanced technological utilities such as shield generators and Hard lights consume critical energy essential for offensive purposes.
  7. All these facts suggest, in general, a compounded synergy potential of an armor-plated rolling energy weapon build. While potentially classified as a "combat" build, investment into information gathering increases longevity by minimising unfavorable combat encounters, while providing data needed to take pivotal survival decisions.
  8. Design constraints and Countermeasures:
  9. Safe wheel acquisition is possible due to extremely low matter use: This allows for near penalty free switching to the data jack, blocking the distress signal of worker caste robots and allowing easy harvest of components. This same fact means hauler raiding and tracking is possible, though its use should be more limited due to the possibility of compromising the storage network.
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