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  1. Ayakashi/Mayakashi/Kabuki
  2. MIRACLE: GUARDIAN Erase the effects of one check on one person
  3. Miracle: Disappear: Erase the effect of one wound
  4. Miracle: Chai (Basically Anticipate)
  6. Stats: Reason: 7/12 Passion 6/11 Life 4/10 Mundane 5/11
  8. Psychology SL 3: Reason, Passion, Mundane
  9. Evasion SL 2: Life, Reason
  10. Melee SL 2: Mundane, Life
  12. Scare: Diff Control
  13. Change to Medium Range for mental attacks
  15. Bind SL 2:
  16. When you use this skill in a Combo, and
  17. inflict at least a 1-point {Physical or
  18. Mental Wound}, the target must make a
  19. <♥Life> Self-Control Check. If they fail,
  20. they reduce their AR by 1.
  22. Harmonics SL 1: Mundane, Timing Major, Single, Medium, Diff: 10
  23. Remove up to SL Bad Status
  25. Shuffle SL 2:  Mundane, Passion
  26. Alone, Major, Single, Medium, Control, Versus Will
  28. Lucky Strike SL 1: Life
  29. After playing your Wound Card for an
  30. attack, draw a card from the deck to use
  31. in the Check for this skill. If successful,
  32. increase the Wound Rating by [CV].
  33. However, if you Fumble, reduce the
  34. Wound Rating by [CV] instead.
  36. Hard Luck SL 1 Passion
  37. You may make a Dodge Check with this
  38. skill. You may use this skill as a Reaction
  39. to [Versus: Impossible] skills.
  40. You gain a [SL×2] bonus to the Result of
  41. this Check.
  42. Limit 1/Cut.
  43. This skill is considered an Action Skill.
  45. Eldritch Fangs SL 3
  46. When you attack using Unarmed, or with a Combo including any Ayakashi Style Skill,
  47. the rating of Physical Wounds you inflict gains a +[SL+2] bonus.
  49. Dream Demon SL2 Reason, Passion
  50. Combo: Free
  51. Max SL: 4
  52. Timing: Major
  53. Target: Single
  54. Range: Short
  55. Difficulty: Control
  56. Versus: Will
  57. You enter the target's dreams and bring them either bliss or anguish as you please.
  58. If successful, pick one card from your hand and give it to the target. The target must
  59. discard one card from their hand and take your card.
  61. †Evil Eye SL 3, Passion, Reason, Mundane
  62. Combo: Other
  63. Max SL: 4
  64. Timing: Major
  65. Target: Single*
  66. Range: Weapon
  67. Difficulty: Control
  68. Versus: Impossible
  69. You use the power of your true form's gaze in order to paralyze your opponent and sap
  70. their will to resist. There is no way for mere mortals to resist your evil eye.
  71. When you use this skill in a {Physical or Mental Attack} Combo, the target may not
  72. make a Reaction against it.
  73. Limit SL/Act.
  75. †Rotting Touch SL 1 Life
  76. Combo: Alone
  77. Max SL: 4
  78. Timing: Before Damage
  79. Target: Single
  80. Range: Medium
  81. Difficulty: Control
  82. Versus: None
  83. Your cause your foe's armor to soften for a moment, leaving them defenseless against
  84. the incoming attack.
  85. Use this skill when the target is about to inflict a Physical Wound. The Damage Type
  86. becomes X.
  87. You lose an AR.
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