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  1. At Your Door is the second police procedural in the DCI Anna Tate series and is even more compulsive and compelling than the first. It isn't essential to have read the first instalment before this but I would recommend it in order to understand Anna's character and motivations. Only a fortnight has passed since her last case was closed and now Anna and her team are thrown into a world of rumour and press interest. Model Holly Blake has been found murdered in Barnes park with her throat brutally cut but what they uncover about her life and the company she keeps opens up a huge can of worms. Meanwhile, as they try to contain the fallout of their discoveries, Anna finds renewed hope in her search for missing daughter, Chloe, as an interview produces some promising new leads.
  3. The dual plotlines, unlike in many other thrillers, are equally as intriguing as one another and I found it a difficult book to put down; I literally read until my eyes would no longer stay open. Both storylines have some very unexpected and unguessable twists in the tale, which I thoroughly enjoyed. There is intensity, suspense, mystery and plenty to engage your emotions, and it is a beautifully written and constructed novel, which is gripping from first page to last. It had me burning to know where it was all heading and I found the fact that the plot was grounded and based in reality made it even more enjoyable for me. As for Anna, she is a hard worker and takes her profession very seriously, however, we know little about her personal life besides daughter Chloe's parental abduction. Roll on book three! Many thanks to Avon for an ARC.
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