Mutant Lust Chimera Ch. 4 -Seperation Anxiety

Jan 29th, 2014
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  1. >Hours went by. Days, years -maybe a million. That's a long time to run around naked in the dark forest with two half-conscious mares clinging to your body.
  2. >Stepping on damp branches, twigs and getting slapped in the nuts by hard, unkind leaves and sharp weeds was the opposite of fun. If this was a movie you'd leave the theater and ask for your money back. However a hell of a lot more than seven bucks and the price of popcorn was on the line here. Getting the three of you somewhere safe was the chief urge that kept pushing you through the night.
  3. >You can't see a thing. The wind cackled and whooped in between twisting branches. Melanie keeps slipping from your arm. Both of your elbows started burning after carrying the two of them for a scant few minutes. Your shoulders would've said screw two week notices and popped out of their girdles within the first hour if they could.
  4. >You didn't know where you were going. The canopy was too thick. Only sadistically small shavings of moonlight slipped through the cracks of intertwining tree limbs. Did these woods even have a name?
  5. >Asshole Forest. That's what you're calling it now. North of Crap City, east of Piss River that floats into Fat Bastard Bay.
  6. >Your throat was freezing, and your lungs were on fire. This curious dichotomy kept you from laughing. But there were tears on your face. We'll say they were from joy so the situation doesn't seem so grim.
  7. >Word of the forest had made its way to you off-handedly. Full of black bears and bugs and slithering reptiles. No one told you the damn thing was guarded by the queen dick-dragon. The thought of that thing flapping just a few feet above the treeline was like a hot prod into backside. You picked up the pace.
  8. >The terrain was maddeningly unchanging. It was only dark trees against dark trees, with a few lurking trees tossed in for variety. Towering trunks and jagged walls of bark carved into ugly faces. You didn't belong here and the forest didn't want you here.
  9. >Time was measured out only by the stamp of your feet, the ragged breathing of Melanie and Ace, and the numbing, pendulous slap of your balls against your thighs.
  10. >You had fallen into a steady, hypnotic spell of misery that had been built up with hours of desperate trudging. You rightfully pissed when you tripped on a completely flat dirt path that had the nerve to rip away your zen-like mania.
  11. >Hold on, you idiot. Flat. Dirt. A path. Yes. YES! Paths lead to places. Places with people who can help and provide things like medical attention and pants to protect your dick from the apathetic and sharp, pointed ends of nature! The treeline still covered the path, but the flecks of light shone upon a definitely man made walkway.
  12. >You bundled up your sisters in your arms once more and decided after very little deliberation to go THAT way instead of THIS way on the trail.
  13. >More steps. More stumblings, but your pace steadied out. Eventually even the suffocating gang-up of trees gave way. You entered a clearing. Call it luck, call it a blessing, but for the moment you called out "FUCKING FINALLY!" when you saw a small cottage warmed from the inside by soft yellow lights.
  14. >Your adrenaline made a last, mighty push and propelled you across the grass and straight for the house. You ran straight into the wooden door with your knee and forehead.
  15. >You knocked with whatever limbs were available. You yelled things too. "Help. Open the door, for god's sake. There are monsters. My balls hurt." Things like that.
  16. >You heard rummaging inside. The door rattled and you heard metal slide back and locks coming undone. The door swung open wildly and you saw a girl with strawberry-blonde hair staring wild-eyed into a wild-eyed, nake, filthy man covered in nicks and cuts carrying two unconscious mares shivering under his arms.
  17. >It was because of those two mares that she didn't hit you across the temples with the bat she clutched. Instead she exclaimed in well-founded incredulity
  18. "Who are you!?"
  19. >You straightened up and said, "We're the prettiest whore in the whole wide world." The brain gave your body permission to fall to the floor.
  20. >The girl looked down at the three of you, dropped her bat and put her fingers up to her mouth.
  21. "Oh dear."
  22. --------------------
  23. >You were having a series of twisted dreams that most people can't reach without the aid of serious drug abuse, but we're going to leave you alone for a moment.
  24. >You were dragged onto a couch and covered with a blanket to protect the world from your modesty. The bat was nearby in case your consciousness proved malicious. Melanie and Ace were carefully laid out on the only bed in the cottage, the poor little sweethearts. The girl fretted to herself and worried over the girls for every remaining hour of the night and most of the morning's.
  25. >She sat by the bed after providing all the first aid care she knew how. Even with three strangers in her house, the stress and surprise caught up to her. She dozed off for seven entire minutes and wake up to the sound of Melanie screaming her head off.
  27. >which in turn woke up Ace, who added to the conversation.
  29. >The poor girl woke up to the sight of her hands covering her eyes in self-defense from the auditory onslaught.
  31. >Melanie and Ace were faced with an impossibility from which there could be no calming down from. Ace thrashed under her covers.
  32. "Why are you on my right? WHY ARE YOU ON MY RIGHT?"
  33. >Melanie's sense of placement and order that she's known her whole life had been completely switched around and she was reacting equally as poorly.
  34. "You're not supposed to be there! Why are you so far away from me? Wrong, wrong, this is wrong! No nonononono!"
  35. >They scrambled over each other, crying to put themselves into their correct configuration, but a very important piece was missing.
  36. "FUCK! Where'd Guy go to?"
  37. "He's not heeeeeeeeeeeeeeerre!!!!"
  38. >They hugged each other and began to bawl. You were two rooms away snoring like a badger and still having the worst fit of dreams in recent memory. The strawberry blonde girl did her best to restore order.
  39. "You're okay! I promise, you're safe! Please stop yelling! Oh no, you're still yelling."
  40. >They were. But the girl managed to reign in enough control over her voice to keep it firm and reassuring, which was the thing your sisters needed the most right now, aside from a head in between them.
  41. >Melanie fell into a puppy-eyed winter.
  42. "Where did all of our legs go?"
  43. >Ace wrapped a pair of wings around Melanie and hugged her tight. She took a deep breath and managed to shoulder the avalanche of bewilderment for the sake of the three of you.
  44. "Where-" She needed to take another breath. "Where are we? Who are you? Where did he go? Where IS he?"
  45. >The girl stammered for a moment, but took was relieved that the pair had calmed somewhat. She placed her hands on the chest of her sweater.
  46. "My name is Florence. You're in my home -and it's safe here. It's okay. And if you're talking about that other...person...he's here too. He's asleep."
  47. >Ace exhaled and the tension from her body lessened greatly.
  48. "Ah thank god."
  49. >The girl named Florence looked uncertainly in your direction two rooms away. She turned her attention to Ace.
  50. "Do you...know that person?"
  51. >Melanie nodded weakly in Ace's grasp.
  52. "Yes, Yes, we know him. We love him."
  53. "Yeah. He's with us."
  54. "He should be with us.
  55. "But he's not. He's away from us."
  56. "And that's wrong."
  57. >Florence bit her lip because this was turning incredibly creepy. She leaned in and whispered with the concern of a social worker.
  58. "How old are you?"
  59. >Melanie and Ace exchanged a glance. Melanie ventured out first.
  60. "Do we count how old he is?"
  61. "No, that wouldn't make sense. He was just a "him" then and not an "us." Get it?"
  62. "Ohhh, you're right..."
  63. >They whispered amongst themselves. Ace popped her head up.
  64. "Hell. Less than a year?"
  65. "I can't wait for our birthday party."
  66. "Aw, it's going to be bitching."
  67. >Melanie nodded in excitement. Florence bit her lip again. She didn't know what was going on, but she was going to wait patiently by the couch with the bat in her hand until you woke up.
  68. "Alright, you know him. Can you tell me what happened last night? He knocked on my door in the middle of the night and all of you were a terrible mess." She stood up and paced around the bed's edge. "You looked like you were running from something. I had to check on my own animals after taking care of you -they were acting strange. But there's nothing...especially dangerous around here this time of year."
  69. >Ace started laughing.
  70. "Oh, you don't think there's-HA!" She covered her eye with a hoof. "Ho, shit. Dangerous. Dangerous, chick, let me tell you about something dangerous."
  71. >Her wings prickled like razor blades and her eyes lit up in fury.
  72. "There was a damn monster that broke into our house last night, and she picked us up and -fuck." She took a deep breath. "And we tried to fight, then we tried to run, but she caught us and then she HURT. HIM. and then she hurt US. She did SOMETHING that made it all go dark, and we had to crawl back into the light, but we were all over the place and...and..."
  73. >She punched the mattress.
  75. >She squeezed her eyes and tried to force the words out.
  76. "Fuck. She just...fucking...dammit. FUCK."
  77. >Melanie climbed up from the bed and held Ace as she began to quiver.
  78. "She's gone now. We're safe."
  79. >Ace shook her head. Her head snapped towards Florence.
  80. "Where is he?"
  81. >Her voice hit Florence like a baseball. Her arm shot up and pointed to living room.
  82. "He's asleep over there."
  83. >Ace grunted and crawled to the edge of the bed and fell to the floor. Her legs twitched and tremored as she stood. She took a step forward and fell to her side.
  84. "Goddammit, where did ALL OF OUR LEGS GO?"
  85. >Melanie rolled off the edge of the bed as well. She propped herself up against Ace's left side with a huff. They balanced against each other. Melanie nodded at Ace in reassurance.
  86. "I got us. On the count of three."
  87. >They both counted down slowly and marched uneasily down the hall like two drunks trying to keep each other standing.
  88. >Florence watched with subdued confusion and fascination. The naked man that came screaming to her front door last night obviously meant a lot to these two, but she had no idea what would cause such loyalty, or nearly debilitating closeness between them.
  89. >She stood and followed. Melanie let out a puff of relief when she saw you, in all your bandaged and bruised glory.
  90. "Ah, there he is. Sleeping soundly."
  91. "Lazy fuck."
  92. "That IS him, right?"
  93. "Snores like him."
  94. "Heehee, he does."
  95. >Ace recalled mornings where she and Melanie would be up and moving around for an hour while you snoozed loudly between them.
  96. >They moved up to the couch and clambered onto its cushions with all the dexterity of a sedated moth. Ace propped you up and wedged herself on your right. Melanie did the same on your left.
  97. >The three of you were a rainbow can of sardines held together in an invisible tin. The mares sighed. Physical contact with you held the same relief as slipping into a hot tub after falling down the grand canyon. Deep inside the heavily gauzed skull, the nightmares began to ebb away. You weren't used to sleeping by yourself anymore.
  98. >Florence crept around the scene, trying not to look too perturbed. She was disquieted by the sudden blanket of uneasy peace that was thrown over her unexpected house guests.
  99. "Erm. Are you comfortable like that?"
  100. >The two mares shifted on the couch like testing a shoe.
  101. "We could be closer, but...this is okay for now."
  102. >Melanie snuggled in the crook of your arm, whispering,
  103. "We're all safe now, just like we should be. Just like we always were."
  104. >Ace poked you in the cheek a few times to rouse you. You growled away in deep slumber.
  105. "Uh. Hold on a sec, this always gets him going."
  106. >She figured this should still work despite your altered anatomy. She stuck her tongue into your ear. Like a wind-up toy, your neck jerks and your eyes pop open.
  107. >"Hmm? Hi. Two waffles please, with strawberries." You cough up a leaf. "Orange juice..."
  108. >In front of you the blonde girl pulled up a chair and carefully laid a long metal bat across her lap.
  109. "Good morning." She tapped the bat with a stated tink-tink of metal. "I'd like you to explain exactly why you were running around naked with two ponies at night. No, just...just sit where you are, please. Also explain why you kept screaming about dragons in the middle of the night. And please make it quick, I still need to feed my chickens."
  110. >You rubbed your hand against your face. You poked your eyes because you were expecting the muzzle to stop your hand, and you weren't expecting fingers there at all. You looked at your hand with a wild eye. You might as well have centipedes wriggling at the ends of your arms.
  111. >A quick glance over confirmed your worst fears: You were a useless, stupid human again. Bruised skin spread out underneath the many bandages and wraps that decorated the body you tried to fervently to escape from.
  112. >"So last night did happen." You closed your eyes. "Fucking hell, we had a good thing going."
  113. >We.
  114. >You straighten up and look to your left and right. Two little ponies were staring up at you with wide, incredibly confused glares. You pulled them both closer to you -a feat Florence would've considered impossible. "Oh holy shit, you're both alive! I thought we were going to get eaten by a bear last night." They giggled as you swing them around like rag dolls. "You have no idea how pissed I was going to be if I woke and we were all dead."
  115. "Ahem."
  116. >Right, right. The nervous looking lady with the bat. You carefully released them, but they still clung to you. In all fairness, the sight would've almost been cute if the three of you didn't have injuries that nearly necessitated a trip to the ER.
  117. "You can start with who you are."
  118. >"Ah, sure." You squeezed your brow to try and put your brain in order. "We're the monument to the world's lust, uh, the pinnacle of unearthly beauty, the whore of whores, desire and adulation given form and voice. The three-pointed star of universal copulation. I can give you the phone number, we have a very nice receptionist who will tell you our rates." Florence blinked.
  119. "Wh- I'm sorry? Whore?"
  120. >Ace waved a hoof side-to-side.
  121. "He likes to blow himself with the titles-literally, but yeah. We're really good at what we do." Florence waved her hand as if to grab understanding from thin air.
  122. "Wait, you said you're not even a year old!"
  123. "It's a natural talent."
  124. >Melanie wiggled her muzzle.
  125. "Maybe we should start the story from the beginning. I always like it when you tell stories anyway."
  126. >The way she clutched you said she just wanted to hear your voice, but you nodded all the same. "Yeah, alright lady."
  127. "Florence."
  128. >"Alright Florence-Lady. Tell your chickens they're getting a late brunch, 'cus I'm going to tell you a story that's R-rated as HELL!"
  129. "Oh dear."
  130. >You gesture to the air with the bravado of a wizard about to shoot fire out of his palms. "It all started when I wanted to be a slutty horse."
  131. >Florence stewed in abject terror and awe for the next hour.
  132. >"So all in all, I'm really glad you opened the door for us." Florence had her head between her legs in an effort not to be sick. "Even if you're not making us waffles."
  133. >Florence stood up slowly. She tapped the bat on the floor like a cane, and made an announcement.
  134. "I need to go outside. I'm going to feed my chickens and tend to my other animals. I might take a while. Maybe even longer than normal. I'm going to think about everything you said. In the meantime, help yourself to what's in the kitchen. Take a bath if you need too. When I come back inside I'll have made up my mind -if you're a crazy person or not who's a danger to these sweet little ponies."
  135. >"Sounds like a fair deal." You look to your counterparts. "What do you think?"
  136. "I'd do the same."
  137. "Florence, do you have anything to make waffles?"
  138. >She nodded.
  139. "I should have some flour on the third shelf. Bowls and whisks are in the cupboard to the left of the sink. Have whatever you need, loves." She pointed to you. "They better be full and happy when I come back inside. Or else I'll...I'll...or else I'll do something!"
  140. >She was pretty intimidating for a girl in a sweater with vague threats that could hardly qualify as threats.
  141. >"Okay."
  142. >She nodded, presuming she won, and went out the front door. Ace rubbed her thighs together.
  143. "Our cock is gone."
  144. >"My vagina is gone."
  145. "Wanna trade?"
  146. >There was only contemplative silence. You all looked down at strange hooves and hands. Even sitting so close together there was a clear and unshakeable sense of total alienation. The weight of the traumatic last twelve hours hit you like a pair of brass knuckles in a dark alley. "Guys?" You felt Melanie's fur brush against your ribs as she looked up at you.
  147. "Hmm?"
  148. >"Is it okay to cry?" A mental tumbleweed passed through the air. You all came to a silent, unanimous decision.
  149. >The house echoed with a mourning wail over the separation of your genitalia, tits, and body.
  150. ---
  151. >Outside, chickens clucked and pecked with pea-brained enthusiasm at the corn Florence tossed generously to the ground. She hummed, and tried to put your insane, unbelievable tale into alignment.
  152. >It wasn't working out too well. The phone in her pocket rang with a cheery ding of bells, which broke her mind's useless hammering much to her relief. She smiled when reading the caller ID.
  153. "Hello."
  154. >A voice chattered on the other end of the line.
  155. "Oh yes. Fine. I think. Well, the little ones are okay, thank goodness."
  156. >More words.
  157. "Just tired. Goodness, I'm confused too. So very confused. Hm? I'm not sure yet. He's crazy, but I don't think he's dangerous." She threw another handful of corn to the ground. "Oh no, you don't need to do that. I can take care of myself." She laughs. "But I'll want to keep in touch with you on this one -I have that feeling."
  158. >She nodded.
  159. "Me too. Thanks for the check-up. I'll talk to you later. Bye."
  160. >She put the phone back in her pocket, and thought not for the first or last time how weird this planet was.
  161. ---
  162. >Meanwhile, in a very large, very well-guarded building Raul Blanco sat at long oak table that cost more money then the combined salaries of a small town. He took a drink of coffee that cost somewhat less. Around him were thick vanilla folders, six newspapers -all in different languages, stacks of paperwork, two laptops, a tablet, and a small fleet of cellphones that buzzed quietly.
  163. >Even so well distracted, it took him much effort not to stare rudely at the scaled, four-legged woman sitting at the other end of the table. At least she was wearing a shirt to the today. Waiters and guards bristling with napkins and small firing arms waited on the sides. Some were sweating visibly, but maintained their composure because that's what they were trained for.
  164. >Her well-manicured hands picked at the fruit laid out in front of her. She pierced and popped the plump grapes with glass-shard teeth, and carefully dabbed at the juices that ran down her chin.
  165. >She smiled and laughed quietly, like an invisible man whispered a joke into her ear. Raul had yet to touch his wheat bagel and scrambled egg whites. He shoo'd away some lint on his tie.
  166. "You seem chipper this morning, Ms. Schaeffer."
  167. >Samantha dipped a strawberry in a bowl of cream. She speared it on the stinger end of her tail so she could rest her chin in her hands.
  168. "Well, I'm always happy after I meet personal hero."
  169. >Raul remained impassive.
  170. "Is that so?"
  171. "Oh, definitely." She chewed off the strawberries tip. "But there's no such a thing as a perfect hero, you know. They're only human. Mostly. With all the flaws and little vices that most people come packaged with. Most people get disappointed - Not me, not anymore. I see it more as a...a sort of validation? Does that make sense? "
  172. >He nodded.
  173. "I have learned as much." Samantha laughed.
  174. "Raul, we have so much to teach each other."
  175. >She bit off the rest of the strawberry. Red nectar dripped onto the table.
  176. "But seriously, these are the best strawberries I've had in...I think ever. Wow."
  177. >She looked off to one of the waiters.
  178. "Can I get a few more?"
  179. >She was brought a few more.
  180. "Thanks a million."
  181. >She winked at the man, who would've ran out the room screaming , but he knew that lions and monsters always pounce when you turn to flee.
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