Punished husband

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  1. Lisa drove home fast and mad, cursing continually.  Her bright blue eyes were flashing dangerously as she stared out at the highway, barely paying attention.  "That motherfucker," she growled.  "Five fucking years of my life I have given him!"  She yelled out in the car, pounding the palm of one hand on the steering wheel.  "And for what?!" she asked the empty SUV.  "So he can throw it away on some fat piece of secretary ass!"  She screamed again, no longer making words, just furious.  Her mind spun, struggling to come up with a way to get even, to quench her steaming desire for revenge.  
  3. When she took the exit towards her house, she stopped at a red light, looking around.  Anything to take her mind off things!  To the right was a shiny, over-the-top luxury car lot, the employer of her brother-in-law.  She stared a moment, her jaw actually falling open a bit as suddenly an idea clicked into place.  When the impatient driver behind her gave his horn a toot as she sat at the now green light, she flipped him off and ripped a U-turn, heading into the driveway of the car lot.
  5. David looked up from his desk as he heard the screeching tires to see the SUV barrel into the parking lot. He was about to jump up and reach for his phone to call the police, thinking an upset customer had decided to cause havoc in their parking lot, or that maybe someone was not too happy about having their credit rejected.
  7. His hand stopped at the phone the minute he caught a glimpse of the driver though. It was his sister-in-law Lisa! Quickly turning to the other employee that was there for the evening, he told them everything was fine and rushed out frantically to meet Lisa, the only thoughts coming to mind were that his brother had been hurt badly...or worse.
  9. Lisa calmed herself, or at least made it look like she was, and brought a big smile to her face, showing off her irresistible dimples.  She took a second to touch up her lipstick and stepped out of the car.  She straightened out her dress, a sexy but tasteful black A-line she'd been wearing for work.  Accenting her tiny waist was a wide, blood red belt, with heels to match.  
  11. Spotting David running towards her, she walked to him, putting the sway in her wide hips that she knew drove men crazy.  "Why, hello there, handsome," she purred, looking up at him.  "You seem to eager to see me.  You practically ran out here."
  13. "Eager to see you? What? Is everything OK? Ollie isn't hurt, is he?" David babbled out, his short black hair fluttering a bit in the wind as he ran over, finally slowing to a trot as he saw her reaction. He looked about the lot, suddenly feeling slightly embarrassed that he may have overreacted. Straightening out the tie to his gray business suit, he took a moment to catch his breath and let his heart slow down.
  15. "Well, it is always a pleasure to see you Lisa...just, the way you drove in here. I thought something might have happened to Ollie. Jesus woman, you scared the hell out of me!" he said as he moved in and wrapped his arms around his beautiful sister-in-law, hugging her tightly. "What brings you here to see me now? Shouldn't you be working?"
  17. She hugged him tight, letting her curves press to him firmly.  "Oh, well...  I needed a break," she said with a bright smile up to him.  "I actually came by to invite you to the house.  I needed some help with something."  She thought fast, struggling to come up with a reason for him to come over.  "The truth is, I do need to discuss something with you about Ollie.  There's a problem."
  19. "There is? Is it serious? I can take the rest of the day off if you need Lisa, anything for you. You are family, after all," he said as he felt compelled to help her. Despite himself, he had always had a thing for her, ever since he first met her when she had started dating his brother. He always regretted not mentioning it to her then...maybe things would have been different. Eventually, it became too late, and before he knew it, she was to marry his brother. That didn't stop him from fantasizing about her though. The feeling of her firm body pressed against his had only resurfaced such thoughts and he felt at her mercy yet again.
  21. She held him in a tight hug for a moment, grinning over his shoulder, her mind now on her plans, though her voice was properly humble and concerned.  "Thank you, David.  You are such a sweetie.  Leave your car here, hm?  Let's head to the house and I can drop you back later."  Don't want Ollie to see his car in the drive, she thought to herself.  Without another word, she spun on her heel and started towards her SUV, swishing her hips sexily as she went.
  23. David's eyes followed her hips as they swayed to and fro, his feet slowly back peddling himself to his office. He ran in quickly to grab his coat and briefcase before telling the boss he had to leave early due to a family emergency. Being the top-seller had it's perks, so the boss gave him no hassle, especially after looking out his window to see the girl in the car waiting for him.
  25. A few moments later, David was in his sister-in-law's SUV buckling up. "Is everything OK, dear?" he asked as soon as they had left the parking lot.
  27. "No," she said sweetly.  "Everything is, in fact, so fucking far from okay it has nearly come back to the other side.  However..."  She paused and looked over at him, then placed a hand way up on his thigh.  "It's going to get much better, very soon."  She drove quickly, heading for home.  Arriving in record time, she paid no attention to the shocked look on his face and simply exited the car.
  29. What the hell is going on? he thought to himself as her hand had went to his thigh. He didn't know what to do or how to react to her touch, let alone her words, so he just kept his mouth shut and sat still for the rest of the ride. He quickly ran about the car and followed Lisa up to the front door, his eyes glancing from her long smooth legs to her perfect round ass once or twice along the way.  "What has happened Lisa? Did Ollie do something stupid?" he questioned, his mind wrapping itself around what might have caused her to act as strange as she was.
  31. She unlocked the door and grabbed his tie, pulling him inside forcefully.  "Oh, yes," she answered.  "He's slipping that undersized cock to his fat secretary, it seems.  She left a voice mail and told me all about it at work.  Apparently, I am too busy to give him enough attention.  But tonight, my handsome brother-in-law, you are going to help me give him plenty."  With that, she dropped her purse and keys on the table and headed for the bar.  "Drink?"
  33. David didn't even try to hide his startled reaction to her words, let alone did he grasp the meaning she had in mind right away. "He what? Sheila? Her? Nooo, that can't be true! Why would he when he has you?  You are hot as all fuck, Lisa!" he said in utter disbelief as he closed the door behind him.
  35. She shrugged one shoulder and poured them both a healthy drink, aged Scotch, on the rocks.  Handing him his glass, she said, "Apparently not hot enough.  But thank you."  She gave him a smile and deliberately patted gently on his crotch.  "Have a seat on the sofa, hun.  Ollie will be home any minute."
  37. David jumped at her hand on his crotch...and his cock jumped a bit too, despite her gentle touch. He shook the surprise off his face and sat down as instructed.  He took a deep drink of the scotch...followed by another, emptying it in two gulps, "He will be home soon? What exactly do you have in mind, Lisa?" he questioned her.
  39. She looked over at him and sipped her scotch, leaning up against the bar.  Kicking off her heels, she stretched her cramped toes, enjoying the feel of the thick carpet on her feet.  "Hm?  Oh...  I am going to fuck you and make him watch," she replied calmly, a little smile turning her pretty face into something far more sinister.
  41. It was a good thing he had already finished his drink or he would have spit it out across the living room at her words. "You're going to what?!" he exclaimed before letting out a laugh, "Jesus, woman! Are you and Ollie playing some twisted joke on me? Because...this...this is not funny!"
  43. Her eyes narrowed as she set down her glass on the bar, walking forward to her brother-in-law, seated on her expensive Italian leather sofa.  Without a word, she dropped to her knees before him and reached for his belt.  With an expert tug and a zip, she managed to fully expose him, reaching her hand in the fly of his boxers, slipping her cool fingers around his half-erect cock.  "No joke.  And if you aren't man enough to help me, I can find someone else.  Are you in or are you out, David?  You have thirty seconds to decide."
  45. David's mind raced quickly through what was happening, realizing that it was no joke...and he was not dreaming. That fact became very apparent as her cool fingers touched the flesh of his thick cock, sending a chill up his spine as he stared in amazement at what was happening. A soft moan escaped his lips at her touch and his world spun in a moment of light-headedness. "He really cheated on you Lisa?"
  47. She began stroking him, urging his cock to full readiness.  "He really cheated on me," she repeated.  "Tell me you will help me get that lowlife son of a bitch back, David.  And I will give you anything and everything you could ever have imagined."  She pulled his cock through the hole in his fly, admiring the size and girth, far larger than her husband's.  "Want to fuck my tight little ass?  You got it.  Want to slide this fat rod between my tits and blow all over my face?  All yours.  Anything.  Just tell me you will help me."
  49. David knew he should be a good brother and tell her no, tell her to stop and think this through, that what she was doing was wrong but the minute she pulled out the full eight inches of his thick meat and stroked it before his eyes, all such thoughts flew from his mind.
  51. "That cheating bastard," he said with a grin. "We really should teach him the errors of his ways!  And what better way then him seeing what it is like to have the one you love fuck someone else? God, I have wanted to feel your lips around my cock since the moment I saw you, anyway!" he confessed as he brushed aside her hair before grabbing it and giving her a little tug closer to his awaiting rod.
  53. She gave a long, slow lick around the swollen cock head, then trailed her tongue down the length, before heading back up.  With almost no difficulty, she took him into her mouth and slid downwards, pausing only long enough to take a breath and swallow, letting him pop past the muscle at the back of her throat.  Hilting his thick, pulsing shaft in her throat, she bobbed her head on him, up and down, slowly.  She was careful to maintain gentle even pressure, not wanting him to cum too quickly.  She planned to keep him going long enough for Ollie to walk in the door and catch them.
  55. "Ohhh...fuck," he gasped out at the feel of her tongue working it's magic up and down his length, his cock jumping slightly at it's touch before she held it tightly in her lips. A groan of pleasure filled the room as she enveloped his entire cock, something no girl had ever done to him before.  ", you're amazing! Why the fuck," he said before a gasp took his breath away for a moment.   "...why the fuck would he want anything but this?"
  57. David stared in amazement as he enjoyed her slow ministrations to his cock. His hands moved out to feel through her hair, wandering through it and grasping it tightly from time to time as he followed the flow of her head up and down steadily working on his shaft.
  59. Moving her head up and down a bit faster, Lisa swirled her tongue around, tucking her teeth under her lips to press down on his shaft as she did.  One hand moved to his heavy, hanging balls, testing his closeness by just how far they'd drawn up and how tight and hard the sack was.  Mmm, he's close, she thought with pride.  Doesn't take much more than a couple minutes, like his brother.
  61. Lisa continued, tugging and rubbing his sack, licking and slurping happily on the fat cock in her throat... right until she heard Ollie's key in the lock.  At that moment, she deployed her secret oral sex weapon: suction and pressure in just the right spot.  Drawing in her cheeks, she sucked hard, squeezing his balls and pressing up against the soft patch of muscle just behind them.  
  63. She felt him spasm, riding the edge, milliseconds from blowing his load down her throat, timed beautifully with Ollie's entrance.  He dropped his briefcase and coffee mug to the floor, screaming, "LISA!  What the fuck are you doing?!?!?!"
  65. David had died. He must have. There was no other explanation for the pleasure he was feeling at this moment. His hands gripped tightly at Lisa's shoulders as he felt himself not able to hold back any longer. He had never felt like he was going to cum so soon ever before...but she was a fucking pro! His brother had been lucky for the last five years to have her suck his cock and he ruined it!  "God, Lisa...going to make me cum in that sexy mouth of yours," he grunted out. "Oh fuck!" he shouted out as he felt his balls tighten in her grip...and then he shouted it again as he saw Ollie walk through the door. And then one more time as he felt his load free itself from his cock.
  67. He started to cum inside of his sister-in-law's mouth right in front of his brother's eyes. His eyes widened in shock and pleasure as the warm wave of semen shot through his shaft in pulsing streams, flowing out into Lisa's warm waiting mouth, every spasm up his spine shooting his hips forward and filling her mouth more fully with his load.
  69. Internally, her head was filled with applause for the perfect execution of Stage One.  Groaning loudly, making sure she was heard over to where Ollie stood, transfixed and dumbfounded in shock.  She took all of David's thick cream, her throat gulping as he unloaded spurt after spurt of heat into her.  She pulled off just in time for the last, weak spurt to blast her chin, pearly white against the blood red stain of her lipstick.  She stood, paying no mind to David for a moment, letting him recover.  
  71. Walking to her husband, she scooped the glob of cum from her chin and balanced it on one fingertip.  With her free hand, she spread her fingers and drew her hand back, then rocked forward, slapping the shit out of her husband.  The dark red lines of her fingers showed up at once on his pale skin.  Still seemingly in shock, first from the sight, then from her strike, she took the moment to bring her finger forward, smearing his brother's jizz across his lips.  "Welcome home, you cheating, lying piece of shit," she said in a sweet sing-song voice.
  73. David watched in amazement, his head still dizzy from the effort of unloading into Lisa's perfect mouth. He stared at his brother's shocked face and felt a pang of guilt for just letting his brother's wife fuck him with her face...despite how amazing it felt. And then, his words of apology were stolen from his lips by Lisa's vicious treatment of him. His cock still throbbed and begged for more, spurred on to further excitement still by watching her lick his last bit of load from her fingers...but then the slap and her words reminded him of what she had said to him. " shouldn't have done it Ollie," he said sheepishly as he sat their, his cock still waving hard before him. Lisa's next move of rubbing his own cum on his brother's lip sent a chill of excitement up his spine.  How devilishly naughty of her! Something about the thought of his brother tasting his cum thrilled him, though...
  75. Standing before her husband, Lisa looked at him with an expression of deadly calm, but the high color in her cheeks and blaze behind her eyes was scary as hell to look upon.  "Here are the facts, my beloved," Lisa began.  "Fact one, you promised to be faithful to me and to honor me 'til death do us part.  And you failed.  Fact two, you have been having an affair with that fat cunt who types for you for nearly three months.  Fact three, I don't plan to leave you.  This is my god damned house and I worked hard for it, just like you did.  But...  you must now be punished for what you've done.  If you love me and want to save this marriage, you will do exactly what I say."
  77. Ollie stared in disbelief, his hand moving to his lips to wipe away the seed of his brother as he spit and tried to remove the taste from his mouth. " know?" he managed to stammer out. "I...I'm sorry! I was going to break it off, I swear!" he said as he shut the door and made his way quickly to his wife, taking a hold of her by the arms. "I don't love her honey...I love you! With just sorta happened. I didn't mean for it. I'd do anything for you, you know that!"
  79. "Fuck you!" she spat at him.  "Just sorta happened means once, you asshole!  You've been doing it for three months!"  Her careful control snapped and she raged, throwing things at him and screaming, calling him every name in the book.  "Don't you touch me with the same hands that touched that whore," she snarled as he approached her.  
  81. The look on her face transformed once more into something calm and dreadful.  "In fact, you need to be clean.  Right now."  She looked at David on the couch, still stiff as a railroad spike.  "Get up and go into my bathroom.  Bring the blue bowl on the vanity table in here.  Fill it with hot water and soap."  She looked back to her husband and said, "Take off your clothes."
  83. David sat silent, quite unsure now what he had gotten himself into. Lisa seemed to have snapped and was honestly scaring him. He wasn't quite sure what to do, so he quickly got up and did as she told him. He looked back at his brother who simply nodded to his wife and started to remove his clothes, his eyes glaring at David when he returned with the bowl. He set it down on the end table before he finally stuffed his softening cock back into his pants.
  85. His brother stood naked before them both, his slightly smaller and less built frame seeming all the weaker after the tongue lashing of his wife. He was not in bad shape, but he was not close to David in physical form. His cock hung limply between his legs, measuring only 6 inches long, and his short dark brown hair was sat in a mess on top of a worried head.
  87. Lisa smiled and nodded in approval, looking all the more hateful with every passing moment.  "David, you, back to the couch, please, baby," she said in a sweet little voice, noting the wince on her husband's poor face as he heard the term of endearment.  "And you," she murmured, looking back to Ollie.  "Kneel down and clean yourself, thoroughly.  Every inch of you, scrub and get the stench of bitch off of what is mine."
  89. Ollie quickly kneeled down, shaking as he did so, and grabbed the washcloth out from the bowl, "Yess...yes, honey," he said as he started to wash himself in front of her, his head cast down in shame. He honestly did love her and felt horrible for what he had done...and if this humiliation is what would save his marriage, he would do it. He ran the warm water over his body, feeling it flow over his stomach and back, down over his cock as he scrubbed himself clean while David and Lisa looked on.
  91. Lisa smiled in approval and bent down to pat him on the head.  "Good boy," she said kindly.  Turning her green eyes to David, she asked, "And where did that fat cock go that I was having so much fun with?"  She stood between them, grinning, looking from one to the other, loving the confusion and slight fear on each face.  
  93. Moving to David once more, she took his hands and stood him up, then wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, grinding against his crotch, feeling him spring to life once more.  Her hands moved over his body rapidly and before he knew it, she had him hard and exposed once more.  Breaking the kiss, she smiled in satisfaction.  "Take off your clothes for me too, while I explain what is going to happen."
  95. Ollie looked on as his wife kissed his brother, her hand working to remove his large cock again. A pained look was on his face...but, he deserved it, he knew it.
  97. David though...he was quickly forgetting about his brother as his tongue moved against Lisa's, his hands holding her hips as she quickly aroused him again. "Sure thing babe," he said as he unbuttoned his shirt and tore off his tie, getting naked with an eager look on his face.
  99. With both men now nude and under her control, she stripped herself, shedding the slinky black dress and belt, standing topless in just a pair of baby blue panties.  Hands on hips she looked between them, thinking of her next move.  Nodding to herself, she slowly pushed her panties down and off her long legs, bending at the waist, ass facing David, sitting on the couch again.  
  101. Balling her panties in one hand, she walked to her husband and said, "Open your mouth now, cheater."  His confused eyes met hers but he obliged.  Quickly, Lisa stuffed the panties into his mouth, fragrant with her juices.  "This will keep you quiet while I explain."
  103. David's mind had already figured it out...and his body had too, as was apparent by his stiff cock. He let a hand drift to his balls, slowly playing with them as he watched Lisa flash him the back of her pussy as she bent over. He tried to feel sorrow for his brother...but at this moment, it was not happening. He grinned as his brother took her panties in his mouth and stared at her perfect tits, awaiting the words that both David and Ollie knew were going to be coming from her perfect cock sucking lips.
  105. "As I said, I don't plan to leave.  This is my house and these are my things.  I do plan, however, to redeem myself.  And to do so, I plan to fuck your brother until I think we are even.  Then and only then, cheater, will you be allowed to resume your duties...  the HONOR of being my husband.  If you disagree, or have questions, I don't care."  
  107. With that, she moved to the couch, standing in front of David, one leg up on the couch, hands on her hips.  "Want to touch me, David?" she asked, staring down at him with a big smile.
  109. Ollie stared in horror as his brother nodded emphatically in the affirmative and then reached his hand out to slide up his wife's leg. Slowly it traveled over her long smooth leg, from her toned calf, over her bent knee, and down the inside of her thigh. "I've always wanted to touch you Lisa...always wanted to...feel your warmth," David said as he smiled back and slid his hand between her legs and teasingly fluttered his fingers over her mound, which he soon felt was already moist and hot.
  111. "Mmm, well now you get to as much as you want," she replied with a sultry voice.  She lay herself down on the end of the long leather sectional couch, in plain view of her gagged husband, smiling at the look of despair on his face.  His hands had stopped washing his body, hanging limply with the loofah in one.  Slipping one long leg up on the back of the couch, she said, "Taste me then."  
  113. Her eyes moved to Ollie, meeting his shocked gaze.  "You already know how I taste, don't you?  See how wet those panties in your mouth are?  Your brother's big cock got me that way, darling.  He is soooo big and fat and hard.  I nearly came sucking him off, did you know that?"
  115. "With pleasure Lisa," David replied as he laid down on the couch, his face going down between her thighs. Her words to his brother turned him on even more...hoping that they were true in regards to him. As wet as her pussy seemed to be the truth. He put her leg up over his right shoulder as he moved in, his tongue sticking out as far as he could, slowly coming in contact with the base of her folds, an intense wave of sweet juices filling his senses as his tongue traveled up her pussy, slightly flicking along the way, teasing on his way to her clit.
  117. He used his other hand to rub against her wet folds, further teasing her pussy while his tongue now rested at her click, lapping and licking at her sweet nectar. He turned an evil smile towards his brother...a thought to please Lisa more entering his mind. "God...your wife tastes divine nice of you to share," he grinned before returning to work on Lisa.
  119. All but cackling in delight, Lisa smiled down at David, looking highly approving.  "Much better than that fat cow he's been sinking his little pecker into, don't you agree?"  She looked over at Ollie and said, "I see you can't even follow fucking directions, can you?"  
  121. She sighed, shaking her head, wiggling under David's clever tongue.  "Get over here, useless one, and watch instead."  She looked back to David, slipping a hand into his hair, pulling his face firmly to her cunt.  "There you go... Mmm, drink all the sweetness I have for you."
  123. Ollie crawled his way over, tears rimming his red eyes, but he did as he was told. On his knees next to the couch, he watched as his brother's tongue lapped at the cunt of his wife of five years, tasting the sweet sweet pussy that had been his alone for all that time, the sweetest he ever had. And despite that...he had cheated on her, and even now he still wasn't quite sure why. David's eyes turned to regard his brother every-so-often as his finger slid inside of his sister-in-law, working deep into her as he let his head be controlled by her hand, his tongue her tool for self pleasure.
  125. She moaned loudly, getting more and more into the expert tongue lashing she was receiving by her brother-in-law.  One hand moved to Ollie's shoulder, digging her nails into his skin as she writhed and squirmed, adding insult to injury with the contact.  "Fuck, yes...." she groaned.  "Suck that sweet pussy, baby!"  
  127. She stared into Ollie's eyes, watching the pain as he looked between them.  David was doing an amazing job and Lisa was shocked to feel herself on the verge of orgasm, gasping and panting.  "Harder," she said quickly.  "Don't you fucking stop 'cause you are about to get a nice, long drink!"
  129. "Cum in my mouth you dirty little girl," David begged between licks, his tongue moving faster as she neared her orgasm.
  131. Ollie looked on in shock, his mouth unable to fully close because of the wet panties in his mouth. He wanted to shut his eyes, but he couldn't...they were glued to the scene unfolding before him, and he also knew he would only be made to endure worse if he she caught him looking away.
  133. David grinned at his brother as he delivered the final flicks of his tongue that he knew would send his subject over the edge into an orgasm, showing her some of his own tricks as well. She wasn't the only expert at oral.
  135. Lisa shuddered roughly and threw her head back, crying out as she reached the first of many orgasms she anticipated.  Her legs clenched around David's head, holding him tight as she bucked and fucked his face, spurting out her sweet juice all over him.  
  137. A part of her mind kept up with Ollie, watching the way he stared enraptured at the scene taking place a few feet from him, eyes wide and unblinking.  "Stand up," she growled at him, reaching out to pluck her panties from his mouth.  She shook as an aftershock hit her, making her tremble and groan once more.  
  139. David felt her legs clamp on his head, holding his face inside of her pussy for the wet ride that followed, coating his nose and mouth with her juicy and delicious cum. His tongue continued to work the best he was able to with her motions, driving her along as he tasted her sweet nectar.
  141. When she finally released him, he sat back, up on his heels, watching as she plucked her panties from Ollie's mouth and commanded him to rise...which he promptly did.
  143. Lisa looked up at her husband as he stood, taking note of the erection bobbing just before her face.  With a smirk, she laid back contentedly on the couch, the aroma of her arousal filling the air.  "Well, then.  Seems you -can- still get that thing up for me, though I guess it's not only for me, eh?"  
  145. Laughing cruelly, she sat up on the couch, looking over at David, pleased to see the larger, more impressive cock waiting for her.  "But lookie at what I have, Ollie.  She took his hand and guided him over to his brother.  "Isn't that the hottest thing you've ever seen?" she said, nuzzling against his ear, snickering.
  147. Ollie looked down in shame, not only at his brothers hard throbbing cock...but the fact that she was right. His cock was rigid and hard...from watching his brother cause his wife to cum! He felt his cock jump at his wife's touch, her nuzzling at his ear. "Yeess.....yes it is honey," he muttered under his breath ashamedly, his eyes downcast towards the floor.
  149. "Well, that's a start in the right direction, anyway!"  Lisa grinned and said, "But now, it's time for me to feel just how good this big thing is going to be when I am on top of it."  With that, she released her husband and turned to David.  She positioned him on the couch, legs spread wide, cock standing straight up, begging to be ridden.  
  151. Turning to her husband, she pushed him to his knees, kneeling between his brother's outstretched legs.  Without another word, Lisa climbed up on the couch, her ass to David, facing her husband.  Lowering herself carefully, one hand on the back of the couch to hold her up, she slid her drooling pussy down onto her brother-in-law's fat cock, groaning loudly as each inch stretched her open, more and more.  Finally all the way down, that taboo prick hilted in her twitching pussy, Lisa tucked her feet against David's hips, leaning her back against his chest, off to one side so he could see down her body to his brother's shocked face.
  153. David summoned up all his willpower to not just drive his cock hard up inside of his sister-in-law the minute he felt her moist lips touch his cock head. She felt so warm and inviting and he wanted to fuck the shit out of her right then and there, but he knew she wanted to be in control...she wanted to set the pace for her husband's humiliation, and he didn't want to rush it.
  155. Feeling her slender body press against his, he looked down over her frame, past her ample tits with their hard perky nipples, and looked into Ollie's eyes. He couldn't help but grin and smile at the look on his face as he saw his wife impale herself on his cock in front of him...and he wanted to rub it in some more. "Holy shit your wife feels amazing! Still tight as wonder after fucking that small cock!," he teased, but more honestly, told the truth. "If you are lucky....maybe she will let you lick her pussy while I am fucking it brother. Maybe you could learn how to please her like a real man even?"
  157. Lisa laughed as she rode that fat cock inside of her, grinding her hips in slow circles, driving them both higher with the delicious friction created by her movements.  "I have an even better idea," she said, reaching out for Ollie's head, drawing him close.  
  159. "Tell me what you see, whore," she demanded.  "Look very close and tell me what's happening."  She lifted a hand to her chest, pinching hard on one nipple, moaning in pleasure, rolling her hips on David, inches from her darling husband's face.
  161. David's hips started to rock in motion with Lisa's hips, his cock slowly sliding further in and out of her tight cunt. His girth and length stretched her out with each tiny thrust. Ollie kept his face right where she placed it, his eyes moving only for a moment to watch her pinch her nipple between her fingers before returning to what she demanded he watch. "I...I see you with David's big cock in your pussy...fucking my wife....fucking you Lisa." he said, his voice sounding slightly far away and dreamy.
  163. Pressing him closer, Lisa panted heatedly, loving the fucking she was getting.  "Lick my clit, Ollie," she demanded.  "Smell and taste your brother's cock in me, watch it close.  This is how I deserve to be fucked...  And you can't do that, can you, little whore?"  She rode on her brother-in-law, bouncing on his prick, stuffing herself full with him.  Her tits bounced roughly, aided by her hands.
  165. "Lick her fucking pussy Ollie! Please your wife for once," David chimed in as he watched his brother get his face pulled in closer by his wife. Ollie hesitantly stuck his tongue out...but soon, it was out and pressed against Lisa's bouncing clit. sliding between her wet sweet folds and running along, hitting his brother's cock while she rode it.
  167. David groaned...and thrust harder at this accidental contact though...getting turned on more despite himself. "Oh god...his tongue feels good doesn't it Lisa?" he groaned into her ear as one hand reached around to squeeze at her tit, pawing it in his big hand as she worked at it's twin.
  169. Panting and twitching, Lisa nodded distractedly.  The sensation of the huge prick in her body, combined with the admittedly amazing skills her husband had with that tongue, drove her higher and higher.  She stared down at Ollie's face, in awe and more turned on than she'd ever been in her life.  
  171. "Lick us both," she rasped, her voice thick with need, eyes dark with lust.  Her hand pushed roughly on his head, forcing him to reposition his lips on the slick, slippery base of his big brother's cock.  "I want to see you do a good job, slut.  Don't let me down!"
  173. "...yes...yes honey," Ollie stammered out as he started to lose his reservations about accidentally touching his brothers cock. He...he hated to admit it, but it felt good. His tongue moved now more expertly, feeling the slick hard shaft moving against his tongue as it slammed into his wife, then came back out with the taste of her all over it again.
  175. He moved down further, looking up into his wife's eyes as he let his tongue touch his brother's balls, then dart back and forth along the thick rod as he worked his way up to her pussy, moving his tongue in small circles and up and down the entire way. He could hear his brother groan in pleasure...from his wife's pussy and his own tongue at work.
  177. Lisa could barely tear her eyes away from the scene in front of her, shocked into silence... aside from her grunts of pleasure.  She watched her husband lick and suckle his big brother's balls, licking up the length of his fat cock to her swollen little clit, nuzzling and sucking at it perfectly.  
  179. "God, David... Ollie... This is fucking incredible!"  She cried out, bouncing harder on the stiff rod, close to another orgasm.  "You hungry, Ollie?" she said heatedly.  "You are going to get some sweet cream pie for dessert.  What do you think about that, slut?"
  181. Ollie looked up, one of his hands daring to move up and grasp his cock, slowly moving over it as he watched his wife bounce up and down on his brother as he did his best to please them both. "You were always such a good cook honey," he said with a smile before his tongue went back to work. "Ohhhh did not tell me my brother was as skilled with his tongue as I am," David groaned out, slowing his thrust a bit, giving her harder and deeper ones in place of the speed.
  183. The hand gripping her tit moved down across her flat toned stomach to rest at her clit, his fingers massaging and rubbing it as his cock slammed in and out, his length being doubly pleasured. "You going to make my little brother taste my cum again Lisa?"
  185. Her eyes were locked on Ollie, watching as he stroked himself and licked each of them.  Her eyes nearly bugged out with lust, lost in the intense circumstances she now found herself in.  "So close," she moaned, gasping for air, bouncing hard on David's dick.  
  187. The sounds of her sloppy wet pussy, filled over and over rapidly, her grunts and cries of pleasure, filled the air around them.  She inhaled deeply, breathing in the mingled pheromones and juices of all three of them.  "Gonna cummmmm," she said, "Oh fucking God, I am coming!"
  189. David thrust up hard into Lisa as she came, burying his rod inside of her as her body spasmed, her pussy clenching and releasing his cock in rapid movements.
  191. Ollie continued to work her clit with his tongue, drifting down to tease at David's cock from time to time too, his hand still moving rapidly over his hard shaft. Ollie felt the warm cum oozing down out of her pussy, his tongue tasting the sweet taste, his jealousy and shame of earlier quickly forgotten as he got to taste his wife again...and taste his brother's flesh. "David is right do taste divine."
  193. Lisa shuddered through another marvelous orgasm, spurting out around the tight seal of David's cock, crying out in pleasure for several long seconds.  Finally, she panted, sucking in a lungful of air, trying to still her heart as it slammed in her chest.  
  195. She moved forward, pushing Ollie out of the way.  Dropping to her knees beside her husband, she stared up into David's eyes.  "Come for me, baby," she said, leaving no room for objection.  "Come for both of us...."
  197. David stood up quickly, standing for a moment to regain his balance from the pleasure he had just received and stared down at the naked forms of both his brother and sister-in-law, her voice pleading him to cum for her...and him. "It would be my pleasure to," he grinned as he stood before them. "Go on...I would love to feel you both suck the cum out of my cock."
  199. Lisa moved to the side a little, letting David step into the V shape their bodies made for him.  Grabbing her husband's hand, she drew him close, dismissing the look of arousal and fear on his face.  "You heard me, whore boy," she snarled.  "Lick.  Now."  
  201. Ollie blinked, mesmerized by the sight of the gleaming cock inches from his face.  Moving his eyes to his wife, he moved forward, taking a long slow lick of the shaft, tasting his wife on the unfamiliar texture.  Thoughts of incest swirled in his mind, making him feel weak with disgust and dizzy with need, all at once.  
  203. He gave in, plunging forward, taking the tip into his lips.  Lisa groaned loudly, shoving her hands down to her battered cunt, finger-fucking herself as she watched.  Leaning in, she helped, bending down to suck and lick the heavy hanging sack between David's legs, pulling each globe into her mouth.  
  205. Without warning, she reached over with the hand not busy with slamming in and out of her sloppy pussy and placed it on Ollie's head, giving him a rapid and sudden shove forward.
  207. "Oh fuck brother!" David shouted out as he felt his mouth move deeply and suddenly down his length. He was not expecting it at first after his timid licks and work, but then with Lisa's help, he felt a shudder run up his spine...a warning that he would be cumming before long if they kept it up.
  209. He gazed into Lisa's eyes, looking down past them after to witness her hand feverishly fucking her cunt as she moaned in pleasure at the sight of her husband sucking off his brother. "Suck your brother's cock Ollie, make him cum for you and your slutty wife."
  211. Lisa allowed no room for refusal, pressing her husband's mouth harder onto David's prick.  She watched his eyes go wide and the gagging sounds coming from him as the head found it's way into his throat.  "Breathe through your nose," she said through a moan, "and relax your throat.  Don't you dare fucking stop, slut.  Don't you dare!"  
  213. She returned her mouth to the heavy, slowly creeping balls, feeling them lift and get closer to his body, ready for release.  Licking wildly, she moved the hand from the back of Ollie's head to her dripping sex, slipping around a little to wet it.  Without stopping her worship of his heavy hot sack, she took the wet digit and moved it to David's ass, slipping between his cheeks and up to the first knuckle without hesitation.
  215. The mouth around his cock...the tongue at his balls, the visual stimulation...they were all driving him wild and taking him to the brink of cumming....but Lisa's finger up his ass drove him over that brink. "FUCK!" he shouted out, his load releasing the instant her finger slid inside of him, a large burst of cum shooting out into Ollie's unsuspecting mouth as David went rigid, his muscles taut in the ecstasy of orgasm. He felt his knees start to go weak and struggled to stay standing as he felt his cum flow out of him in spurts.
  217. Fingering David's ass roughly, and her own pussy just as hard, Lisa came with him, losing herself in pleasure for the third time that afternoon.  She watched and listened as Ollie shook and moaned, gurgling around the throatful of his own brother's hot spunk.  
  219. "Swallow," she ordered tiredly, slumping back against the couch as her orgasm released her, watching him close.  "Every drop..."  
  221. Ollie clenched his hand around his shaft, which had begun spurting wildly the second he felt his brother unload down his throat.  Matching him shot for shot, Ollie came what felt like gallons, covering his knees and the carpet in front of him.  He did as ordered, but did not need the words to want to complete this horrid, delicious, taboo act.  He drank down the salty,  hot jizz, taking it all down his throat, like the whore his wife insisted he was.
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