Anubis Gets A Massage

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  1. >You’re a pioneer in your art. No one else has done this before.
  2. >A massage therapist who has specialized in all forms of monster girl.
  3. >It took years of becoming accustomed to the anatomy of all types, from the simple catgirls to the unique muscular structure of the ookumade’s many legs.
  4. >Your family and friends discouraged you from going into the massage industry in the first place.
  5. >They say you’ll never be respected, that 99% of masseurs out there are just prostitutes in disguise, that you’ll be raped every day.
  6. >Well, fuck them, because here you are standing behind the desk of your very own massage parlor.
  7. >It isn’t the prettiest on the outside, but the inside is decorated and colored specifically to bring about relaxation and comfort.
  8. >Today is your first day running your own business and you couldn’t be more thrilled.
  9. >You step over to the window and flip the sign in the front over to OPEN and wait.
  10. >And wait.
  11. >…And wait.
  12. >You opened at 8am.
  13. >It is now 5pm and no one has even stopped to look.
  14. >You’ve spent the last week handing out enough fliers to blot out the sun.
  15. >Just when you’re about to lose hope, the door slams open.
  16. >Beautiful tanned skin, shoulder length black hair, and Egyptian garb greet your eyes.
  17. >As the shock of your first guest arriving suddenly subsides, your brain registers just what she is.
  18. >An Anubis.
  19. >She walks gracefully up to the counter and you ask how you can help her, hiding the excitement in your voice at having your first customer.
  20. >She is less enthused.
  21. >”My pharaoh has… kindly suggested… that I take a moment to relax.”
  22. >You inform her that you are very well capable of doing that.
  23. >After filling out the necessary paperwork, you head back into your treatment room.
  24. >A sturdy massage table with sheets and a blanket lie in the center.
  25. >Candles are lit around the room and a vague aroma of sandalwood lingers in the air.
  26. >Various oils and aromas lies on a table, ready to be mixed and used for the benefit of your guests.
  27. >The Anubis explains that she has not received a massage before, so you quickly tell her how to prepare.
  28. >Undress to your comfort level, lie underneath the blanket with your face in the face cradle, etc.
  29. >You apparently neglected to mention that you should leave the room first, as she immediately begins stripping.
  30. >Before you can even tell her otherwise, she has her top off and her perky tanned breasts lay bare in front of you.
  31. >Embarrassed, you dash out of the room while explaining in jumbled words that you’ll be back in when she is ready.
  33. >You take a minute to take a few deep breaths outside of the door.
  34. >You are not going to let your first session go wrong!
  35. >You don’t want to go in there with a half-chub. That’s just unprofessional.
  36. >After calming yourself down, you knock on the door and ask if she’s ready.
  37. >She is, so you enter and prepare yourself to being.
  38. >You start by using your hands to rock her back and forth slowly to relax her.
  39. >A minute later, and she’s on the verge of sleeping. It’s easy enough to tell that she’s the kind of woman who lays down about once a week, the rest spent working her ass off.
  40. >You peel back the coverings on her back, exposing gorgeous tanned skin and toned muscles.
  41. >A faint aroma of sunbaked spices fill your nostrils as you bring yourself in close proximity to her.
  42. >Before getting too distracted, you grab some massage oil off the shelf and use some light gliding strokes to apply a small amount on her back.
  43. >You press your thumbs in at either side of her spine, along the erector spinae group muscles as you probe for how much pressure she needs.
  44. >You pride yourself on being able to intuitively figure out how much pressure the guest enjoys.
  45. >Slowly, you work your fingers down her taut muscles, pressing in and stretching them.
  46. >As you reach the top of her gluteal muscles, you discover some serious knots.
  47. >You make a mental note to spend some time on her lower back, but you still have her upper back to deal with.
  48. >You drag your fingers along her rhomboids, feeling just a few adhesions near her cute shoulderblades.
  49. >That’s the thing about being a massage therapist, nobody else would think “Oh, she has nice shoulderblades.” It makes you feel weird.
  50. >You move up to her neck and start working on her levator scapula, eliciting a low groan from her.
  51. >You jump a bit, this being the first sound she’s made since you’ve started.
  52. >It makes sense though, it is a muscle many people carry their stress in. You can only imagine what her daily routine is like.
  54. >As you worked more and more of the knots out of her back, the Anubis grows more and more relaxed and unrestrained, practically melting into the table.
  55. >She’ll let out little groans every now and then when you dig into a particularly stiff muscle, and has even begun letting out little comments to guide you along, even a little demanding at times.
  56. >”Mmph. Ooooh yeah… Right there. A little harder. Come on, just a little more…”
  57. >You pull her arm behind her back to get under her shoulder blade and she moans the second you press your thumb in.
  58. >”Ooooooh my god, I’ve needed this.”
  59. >That was the final stroke to set her in full relaxation mode.
  60. >Now, you get a lot of different types of people as a therapist.
  61. >Some are like dead fish, not reacting in the slightest to anything, and then saying that it was the best massage they’ve ever had after you’re done.
  62. >Some elicit little moans and groans as you help them work out their tension.
  63. >Some people talk. A lot. You learn every little detail of their life in the hour you spend on the table.
  64. >You didn’t expect this at first, but it turns out that the Anubis is a talker.
  65. >”And that’s when my pharaoh found her husband and I feel like she barely even likes having me around anymore! It’s like she hates me working for her! She says that I work too hard and need to relax. I think she doesn’t want me to protect her anymore.”
  66. >By the time you’ve finally finished on her upper back, you think you know enough about her master’s pyramid that you could organize a professional heist if you wanted to.
  67. >”And that’s when the new mummy starts to try to explain how she lost her bandages, which we didn’t believe at a-UGHHHhhhhhh!”
  68. >You were so distracted by listening to her stories that you didn’t even notice you had moved to the base of her tail.
  69. >The muscles there were so tight that you knew it would take at least five minutes of serious work.
  70. >You start working your fingers in when she lets out a loud groan again.
  71. >You ask if everything is alright and she sort of nods in her face cradle.
  72. >You take that as your signal to keep working.
  73. >Every now and then, when you press in a certain way, she tenses up a little, but you take that as a sign of some latent trigger points.
  75. >You finally have worked out all the tension in the base of her tail, and move onto working on her lower back.
  76. >In all your time training, you have never worked on someone so pent-up. Her muscles are like bricks.
  77. >But for how bad she is, it just makes you more and more satisfied when you’ve loosened her up.
  78. >She has quieted down a bit, though still letting out the occasional groan.
  79. >Her tail has started lazily wagging too.
  80. >You stretch her upper gluteal muscles, eliciting more noises from her, including a little whine.
  81. >You’ve finally finished on her back, and cover it back up.
  82. >You uncover one of her legs and tuck the sheet up it so won’t be exposed.
  83. >Her legs are, to put it shortly, absolutely fantastic.
  84. >Slender, smooth, but strong, you can’t help but run your hands along them for non-therapeutic purposes.
  85. >You, of course, immediately disguise this action as some light relaxing stroking by following through with some deeper gliding.
  86. >You spread the fibers of her gastrocnemius, moving your fingers across her calves as you mentally remark on just how soft her legs are.
  87. >Moving up to her upper legs, you use open palm strokes to stretch her semitendinosus muscle.
  88. >The strengthening of the sunbaked spices in your nostrils allows you to notice that you’ve gotten closer to her, nose almost touching her skin. God, you didn’t realize just how good she smells.
  89. >You shake your head and return to focus on your client.
  90. >What kind of self-respecting massage therapist thinks so intimately about his clients? It’s unprofessional.
  91. >You keep your head clear and finish massaging her other leg too.
  92. >Moving up to the head of the table, you inform her that it is time to turn over.
  93. >She complies immediately, throwing the covers off of herself and flipping over, giving you not only another great view of her breasts, but also a glimpse of the large wet spot on the sheet underneath her.
  95. >You blush heavily and help her to cover herself back up.
  96. >The damage is done though. You’ve seen everything.
  97. >Her scent is overpowering your nostrils.
  98. >You’re hard as titanium and can only hope she hasn’t noticed.
  99. >You get back to work to clear your mind as you get a bit of hand lotion and start working it into her paws.
  100. >Her soft, soft paws. This is where your intimate knowledge of monster girl anatomy comes into play, as you’re acutely aware of where the muscles and bones of her paws are, and how best to massage them.
  101. >Her fur is immaculate. You might as well be the one getting massaged.
  102. >Her paws are so wonderfully large, you’d love to know what it feels like to be caressed and held while the two of you hold onto each other, passionately thrus- WAIT NO.
  103. >You’re better than this! You can overcome your lust for another twenty minutes.
  104. >You return your focus to her, noticing that she’s a little flushed herself. You keep working her paw pads, feeling the graininess of overworked muscles underneath.
  105. >Working up her arm, you give a few good stretches and work her biceps.
  106. >Now for her feet.
  107. >You’re well versed in foot reflexology, knowing that each part of the foot corresponds to a part of the body.
  108. >You start by working the part of her foot that pertains to her diaphragm, making sure to move along with her breaths.
  109. >Then it’s moving up the side of her foot, which corresponds to her spine.
  110. >You move along as normal, except you also massage a specific spot on her heel that corresponds to her tail.
  111. >Now that you’re done with her feet, you have one thing left: Her scalp.
  112. >Some therapists advise against massaging a monster girl’s scalp, as it can be interpreted as a headpat and increase the risk of affection towards the therapist.
  113. >You feel obligated to massage the whole body. After all, what are they paying for if not the whole experience?
  114. >You sit down on your stool next to her head and notice the small puddle of drool under the face cradle.
  115. >She must have enjoyed her back massage.
  116. >You run your fingers through her hair, dragging them along her scalp, then massaging her scalp almost like one would scratch a dog.  
  117. >You would have merely only mentally acknowledged the similarity to a dog, but then she starts shaking her leg.
  118. >Jesus, that’s adorable.
  120. >A few minutes of headrubs later, it is time to conclude the massage.
  121. >You begin to instruct her to take a few deep breaths.
  122. >”Wait!” She says hurriedly. “Um… Could I also get a pectoral massage? I don’t mind paying for any extra minutes.”
  123. >You had forgotten about massaging the pecs. Many therapists don’t do it, as they feel uncomfortable, especially on females, but you’ve never really cared.
  124. >You tell her you have no problem doing just that, and take care to use the sheet to properly drape her so as not to expose her breasts.
  125. >You run your fingers along her pectoralis major and deltoids, stretching out muscles that often stay shortened in most due to bad posture.
  126. >She, however, is fine, due to usually having a prim and proper stance.
  127. >After giving her a nice sternum rub and stretch, you start to withdraw your hands.
  128. >She grabs them.
  129. >You start to think that, perhaps, this pectoral massage was not really needed by her.
  130. >She pulls on you and in half a second you’re on top of her.
  131. >Next thing you know, she’s put your hands on her soft, perfect breasts.
  132. >You instinctively start to squeeze and feel them up and she pulls you in for a kiss.
  133. >She explores your mouth like she’s suffocating and the only thing she can breathe is your breath and your saliva.
  134. >Her tongue wrestles yours as she starts grinding on you through the sheets still covering her.
  135. >You’re still fully clothed, though the sweatpants you wear have done nothing to hide how hard you are.
  136. >She’s too worn out from the massage to do more than kiss you like her life depends on it, so you know are going to have to do most of the work here.
  137. >Despite your desire to keep kissing her, you wrench yourself away and pull yourself down.
  138. >You pull the sheet off of her like a magician pulling a tablecloth out from underneath a fully set table.
  139. >Slowly, you trail kisses down her body until you reach her thighs.
  141. >The scent of her womanhood is overpowering and you can feel your head spinning.
  142. >Spicy, musky, delicious. It is perfection.
  143. >You kiss her thighs, coming closer and closer to her entrance until you are just about there, then pull away again.
  144. >What fun is eating a treat without the anticipation?
  145. >She is panting, hot and heavy, and you know just how to do this right.
  146. >You inch closer and closer with your kisses, and finally, when she least expects it, reach under her and dig into the base of her tail while you penetrate her with your tongue.
  147. >She tightens up so hard, she feels like she did before you began your massage.
  148. >Her taste could only be compared to her scent. Erotic, musky, perfect.
  149. >You thrust your tongue into her entrance, occasionally lapping at her clit, and she is going crazy.
  150. >You thought she moaned a lot when getting a massage, but this is something else.
  151. >It takes no time at all to bring her to her limit, though she manages to catch you off guard when she clamps her legs around your head like a vice.
  152. >Thank god she’s not an oni, or you’d probably be dead.
  153. >Half a minute is spent locked between her legs as she trembles and bucks, until finally she relaxes, panting for air.
  154. >While panting for air, she looks you in the eyes and gives you a wide grin.
  155. >And you thought you couldn’t get any harder.
  156. >You kick off your sweatpants and boxers and almost rip off your shirt and move yourself back up to her face level on the table.
  157. >She reaches a paw down and strokes your cock, her immaculate fur rubbing you in the most perfect of ways.
  158. >You can’t do much more than kiss her, which is not a problem for you.
  159. >You take more initiative and thrust your tongue in her mouth without warning.
  160. >She’s surprised momentarily, but quickly returns the affection.
  161. >After moving your hand down to her ass a giving a squeeze, she gives a little yelp, causing you to laugh.
  162. >She gives you a wry smirk and slowly guides your rock hard member to her entrance.
  163. >On second thought, you may have died while you were giving her a massage, because right now you are clearly in heaven.
  164. >She’s emanating heat like an oven and squeezing down on you like she’s worried you might leave.
  165. >You slowly start to thrust in, hilting as she lets out another long moan, then slowly bring yourself out.
  166. >A few more thrusts like this and she starts to get impatient, and just before she almost seems ready to flip over and take charge, you quickly change your pace and start thrusting quick and hard.
  167. >If your massage didn’t melt her into a puddle, this did. She is a moaning, thrusting mess.
  168. >You alternate between kissing her and nibbling at her dark olive nipples, each eliciting more noises from the Anubis below you.
  169. >Finally, she starts to show signs of cumming again. A second later, she is bucking and trembling and you can’t hold on any longer.
  170. >You let your load loose with a gasp, filling her to the brim and then some.
  171. >The bucking continues just a bit longer, until finally you both calm down and you lay on top of her.
  172. >As you catch your breath, you remark that you don’t even know her name.
  173. >”Femi.”
  174. >You tell Femi that next time, her massage is free.
  175. >”That’s not a very good business model.”
  176. >You laugh with her.
  177. >The two of you embrace each other and fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.
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