Hair of the Dog [Wolf; Halloween, Lewd]

Sep 2nd, 2017
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  1. Hair of the Dog [Wolf; Halloween Party, Sex and Intimacy]: Anon is snatched away by a (were?)wolfess for a night of fun to show him how much better monsters celebrate their favorite holiday.
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  7. "Cry Wolf" part 1:
  8. "Cry Wolf" part 2:
  10. >October 31st
  11. >You and the guys are going to the annual “Freak Fair”
  12. >It has everything you could ask for: janky rides, spooky food, a-little-too-into-their-roles street performers
  13. >Girls wearing a third of the coverage as the men even when dressed as the same character
  14. >Some of them don’t look comfortable on this particularly chilly night
  15. >You’re glad you’re wearing such a thick hooded robe, even if it’s an obnoxious blood-red color
  16. >One of your friends convinced everyone else to do a group theme
  17. >Unfortunately, it’s based off some obscure anime he knows
  18. >Halloweeb indeed
  19. >Gotta say, he can pull off the schoolgirl look better than you expected
  20. >But you’re fine with the character assigned to you, even if it means having no clue what to tell strangers you’re supposed to be
  21. >Freak Fair lives up to its name as your group of five passes through the mouth of a massive plaster skull
  22. >Virtually everyone’s in costume, some painstakingly crafted and some obviously cobbled together at the last minute
  23. >The commotion of the crowds is deafening, thanks in part to several screamer bands and their unintelligible lyrics
  24. >So you’re glad when the guys choose to do some of the indoor rides for a moment of reprieve
  25. >”Turmoil of Loath”, a two-person buggy ride through a haunted house
  26. >As is common with your friends, they’ve already paired up and left you as the fifth wheel
  27. >As you’re shunted into the next empty cart, the attendant turns to the queue
  28. >”SINGLE RIDER?” he calls out
  29. >That hits a little too close to home
  30. >But the crowd parts as a stranger hops in with you
  31. >They’re wearing an oversized frilly nightgown and a mushroom-like bonnet, similar to a frumpy grandmother
  32. >At least it’s not a “sexy grandmother” outfit
  33. >The clothes are unremarkable, but holy shit is the mask convincing
  34. >It’s a wolf’s head, incredibly detail with what looks like real fur, dark as coal, and narrow beastly eyes
  35. >Those must be some expensive contacts
  36. >Even the paws have authentic, lethal black claws
  37. >When the lips on the muzzle peel back into a fanged smirk, you feel your whole body tense up
  38. >A hundred thoughts zip through your mind
  39. >Is this for real?
  40. >Is this an actual werewolf?
  41. >Is it too late to run screaming from the ride?
  42. >The last one’s easy to answer:
  43. >Yes it is, because the safety bar locks you in place just as the cart speeds off
  44. >”What luck,” comes an unmistakably feminine, yet coarse voice. “I didn’t think I would find my Little Red Riding Hood so quickly tonight.”
  45. >She doesn’t take her eyes off you for a second as you barrel towards rickety doors that blast open into darkness
  46. >You’re afraid to break eye contact and risk provoking her
  47. >You’re definitely not going to get to enjoy the ride, either
  48. >The dim glow of the fake candlelight draws shadows into her features
  49. >It should be frightening, and yet the candescence of her golden eyes is almost calming
  50. >The rubber bats, ketchup blood, and grandma clothes also sort of downplay the terror
  51. >”Volfa,” she says
  52. >A-Anon
  53. >“Anon...” she repeats, leaning in closer
  54. >Her breath smells like fruit punch and alcohol
  55. >”Well, I think it’s almost as nice as ‘Little Red’.”
  56. >Your cart enters a room divided by a smoky glass wall
  57. >Another cart passes by on the opposite side, cheesy ghostly effects filtered over them
  58. >Volfa interrupts her gaze long enough to give the other riders a toothy snarl
  59. >The two look awestruck and crane their heads back for one last look before splitting off into the dark again
  60. >”So, Anon....”
  61. >Her attention is entirely on you once more
  62. >”You look like you’re not enjoying yourself much.”
  63. >You tell her...anything you can think of as an excuse
  64. >You’re not a fan of the music
  65. >And the crowds are a little too belligerent
  66. >And nothing about the place is that scary
  67. >You may have said something you’ll regret with that last one
  68. >Volfa gives a raspy chuckle
  69. >”What a relief! Here I thought it was ME making you uncomfortable!”
  70. >You shake your head
  71. >But is it out of fear for what she might do, or confidence since you managed to survive this long?
  72. >”Let me be honest with you,” she continues
  73. >The wolfess reaches up and over to put an arm around your shoulder
  74. >As she does so the sleeve droops back, revealing a spiked bracelet fastened around a fur-covered arm
  75. >”I enjoy messing with people, especially on a night like this. It’s not everyday though I find someone who doesn’t faint or scream at the sight of me.”
  76. >Her claw yanks your hood off so she can scratch your neck
  77. >Gently, chillingly
  78. >”Everyone deserves to have a good time on Halloween, and I’d like to show you nothing less than the best.”
  79. >Good lord this is a long ride
  80. >You try to explain you might have to let your friends know you’d be running off with a stranger you just met
  81. >”Of course. Just tell them you’re nice and safe.”
  82. >You send out a group text, but the moment you hit SEND she snatches your phone away
  83. >It’s devoured into her sleeves before you realize what happened
  84. >”You’ve got an impressive amount of trust in me already. Maybe that’s a bad thing. However, I’m sorry to say I don’t quite trust YOU yet.”
  85. >She gives you an impish wink
  86. >”You’ll get it back in the morning.”
  87. >Morning?
  88. >Mourning?
  89. >The cart screeches to a halt back at the station, and you’re pulled from the seat even before the safety bar is fully released
  90. >Soon you’re tearing through the throngs of people with the wolfess pulling you along
  91. >Your friends are no place in sight
  92. >Others turn to watch your kidnapping with amusement, but none of them get a good look at the wolfess as she carries you down the streets
  93. >And down back alleys
  94. >And down a rusted cellar
  95. >Down, down...
  97. >When you stop, you’re in what looks like the entrance to catacombs
  98. >But there’s a roomy foyer with rich tapestries and soft orange jack-o’-lanterns that actually make the space inviting
  99. >There’s a bin full of abandoned costumes nearby
  100. >Volfa tears off her bonnet and nightgown, and chucks them with the others
  101. >Now fully revealed, you see she’s entirely wolf-like
  102. >From top to bottom, and tail to breasts
  103. >Pretty modest ones, at that
  104. >Apart from her lupine exterior and lack of shoes, she’s dressed as casually as any other human on any other day
  105. >Slightly frayed jeans
  106. >The spiked bracelet around one arm and several belts around the other
  107. >A busy t-shirt with a band you’ve never heard of under a small vest (unzipped, of course) with a plush collar
  108. >And a classy jeweled choker around her fuzzy neck
  109. >Alright, maybe “casually” was the wrong word
  110. >You start to follow suit and remove your costume, but Volfa stops you before you can unclasp the cloak
  111. >”You may want to leave that on, Little Red. You’ll fit in much better this way.”
  112. >As she leads you through the catacomb passageways, you see why
  113. >It’s a veritable monster mash down here
  114. >Ghouls, mummies, lizard people, stitched-together abominations, and even a few other bestial humanoids
  115. >You’d say “were-creatures” but you distinctly remember the moon being only half full tonight
  116. >This humors Volfa with a hearty laugh
  117. >”Sorry, but THIS is permanent,” she says, flaunting her body with a swish of the tail. >”Born a wolf, live like a monster, do whatever I damn well feel like. Good luck finding many others like me out there.”
  118. >She’s coy with her words, and yet there’s a falter in her grin you almost miss completely
  119. >She rebounds before you can even process it
  120. >”But this night’s about YOU, and I can be the best damn wingman you could have.”
  121. >And just like that she’s back to dragging you along
  122. >There are a few different lounges around the catacombs, but Volfa sniffs out the perfect one
  123. >You’re deposited on a barstool where a skeleton is making drinks
  124. >”The word for tonight is ‘smashed’,” Volfa says. “Pumpkins, liquor, what you do AFTER the liquor...”
  125. >She flourishes her paw over the gathering of monstrous guests
  126. >”How about a nice girl for you?”
  127. >She kneads her paws together with a vulgar motion and another sly wink
  128. >Really driving the point home
  129. >”So, what’s your taste? Nymphs? Vamps? Witches or crones? Well, I KNOW you’re into grandmas.”
  130. >A tray of shots skates your way
  131. >Volfa grabs a glass without missing a beat and hands you an identical one
  132. >It’s so dark it may as well be crude oil
  133. >Thin wisps of smoke rise from the drinks, and it’s a little hot to the touch
  134. >”Hellhound’s Blood” she says
  135. >You gingerly toast and down the drink with a single gulp
  136. >It burns
  137. >Very, very, VERY badly
  138. >You’re gasping for air while Volfa only shivers once
  139. >You are so incapacitated from your drink you almost forget to take the chaser, until Volfa slides you hers as well
  140. >You take the two extra shots; so yellow they look like honey, and throw them both back
  141. >Relief washes over you, leaving a sweaty adrenaline high
  142. >Volfa slaps you on the back
  143. >”They used to think urinating on a wound would treat it, so if the first one was the Hellhound’s Blood....”
  144. >That makes you retch a bit
  145. >”Kidding!” she roars. “Didn’t I warn you I like messing with people?”
  146. >She slaps you again on the back
  147. >Then pats you softer a few times
  148. >Now she’s rubbing you in wide circles
  149. >It actually starts feeling good right before she retracts her paw
  150. >The two of you watch the crowd for a bit, now that you’re no longer the center of attention from the scene you made
  151. >”Hey,” she says
  152. >Her tone is smooth and almost muted
  153. >”When I hang out with others, I go by one rule: do what you want until someone stops having fun.”
  154. >She gives you a pitiful smile, as though ashamed of herself
  155. >”You probably still don’t know what to make of everything, and I’m sorry if I scared you. I really DO want you to have a good time, but if you aren't just say the word and I’ll take you back to your friends.”
  156. >You nod in understanding
  157. >Maybe it’s the endorphins talking, or some kind of Stockholm syndrome setting in, but you really don’t want to leave the wolfess just yet
  158. >But why YOU of all people?
  159. >”Like I said,” Volfa says, “you didn’t flip out AS much as every other human I’ve run into. It’s funny how much your kind loves monster flicks and horror stories, but when you run into the real thing? Pfft.”
  160. >You hear the sounds of rattling chains, distant rumbling, and faint wailing throughout the catacombs
  161. >Playing all together with the creepy ambient music, it’s all orchestrated into the perfect Halloween atmosphere
  162. >Half the patrons look ready for a night of wickedness and the other half are unwinding from it
  163. >Volfa pushes off the bar and extends her paw to you
  164. >The first time of the night she isn’t taking you by force
  165. >”Well, you didn’t let me abduct you just so we can hang around like sad sacks.”
  167. >Volfa leads you farther into the catacombs, passing even more rooms with their own theme of festivities
  168. >The next two hours becomes a party sampler of activity
  169. >You’re flung into one room for some awkward, uninhibited dancing on stained glass floors
  170. >Then you spin into a game room where Volfa plunges her head into a bucket of crimson water to fish out (what you really hope isn’t) a meaty heart
  171. >She wipes the dribble from her mouth and gives you a motion for silence when you get to the next section
  172. >It’s one part maze and one part art display of elaborate silky webbing
  173. >Now you make sense of her warning about making noise:
  174. >Even the slightest sound from navigating through the maze bounces the web all around, threatening to entangle you
  175. >You take it slow and think you get out unscathed, but Volfa pulls off a thick cord of the stuff affixed to your back
  176. >She turns around and you comb her fur for strands as well
  177. >Like a dog after rolling through the mud, she seems to really like you grooming her
  178. >The maze was a nice, slow chance to catch your breath, but the respite doesn’t last long
  179. >There’s a room of nothing but projections of old monster films (the grisly scenes, of course)
  180. >An entire amphitheater with dueling organ pipes
  181. >More bars with various shots of debilitating potency
  182. >And at last you’re off your feet, just the two of you sitting on what you assume is the gums of some colossal creature’s mouth
  183. >Volfa is actually joining you in heavy panting
  184. >” enjoying yourself yet?”
  185. >You can’t speak, so you just give a signal of approval
  186. >But your privacy is interrupted by a gang of trolls who have to duck down to get into the room
  187. >”Volfa? What the hell are you DOING?” the largest one booms
  188. >”I’m resting my feet, ya’ big neanderthal,” she says. “Keep your voice down!”
  189. >The lead troll’s lackeys just scratch their heads while he scrunches his ugly face
  190. >”What are you doin’ with HIM?”
  191. >”Showing Little Red a good time,” Volfa retorts. “What’s it to you?”
  192. >”But a human?” the troll says
  193. >”You lugs bring humans here all the time!” the wolfess says
  194. >”Human FEMALES,” he grunts. “Everyone knows it’s the monster MEN who take humans. It’s only the other way when the human males pair with of the three ‘S’s’”
  195. >He holds up four thick fingers to illustrate
  196. >”Sirens, Succubi, and Shapeshifters. You can’t even pass as a ‘shifter because you’re not an actual WEREwolf”
  197. >Volfa launches to her feet, staring daggers at the troll
  198. >”What the fuck are you trying to say?” she hisses
  199. >”I’m sayin’ either he’s defected in the brain, or you’re just THAT desperate. Human male with female beast pairings don’t work.” He folds his tree-trunk arms across his chest. “That’s the norm around here.”
  200. >”No,” Volfa says with venom, “the ‘norm’ for YOU is to not get ANY female unless you have to beat them over the head and drag them off! Why else would your mother be so deformed?”
  201. >You exchange worried glances with the troll lackeys
  202. >None of you particularly want to get involved
  203. >The lead troll pains himself in anger, trying to think of a response
  204. >But even a giant like him recoils when Volfa stomps forward
  205. >”Enjoy your circlejerk, boys,” she spits while body checking the leader
  206. >Even with him being marginally bigger, the wolfess still sends him reeling
  207. >There’s enough of an opening between the trolls for you to slip out after Volfa
  208. >You’re following her down some kind of secluded hallway, where no parties or even rooms exist
  209. >It’s eerily quiet, especially with neither of you talking
  210. >You realize the end of the corridor deposits you right back at the catacomb foyer
  211. >The bin of costumes is right where you left it
  212. >Volfa slams her fists against the wall a few times and hangs her head
  213. >”I’m sorry, Anon,” she says, her words heavy
  214. >“I don’t think I can show you a good time anymore. Just tell me when you’re ready to go.”
  215. >But you don’t really want to leave her
  216. >You place a hand on her shoulder
  217. >She inhales sharply at your touch and looks at you with a gloomy smile
  218. >”Heh. Thanks for trying, Anon, but I stick to my rule: do what you want until someone stops having fun. Wish I could say those jackasses didn’t spoil my night.”
  219. >She tries to back off, but you hold on strongly
  220. >Volfa turned a downer night for you into something incredible, and now’s your chance to pay her back
  221. >And you tell her so
  222. >She just shakes her head
  223. >”You don’t have to do anything for me. You gave me everything I could want just by being a good sport and some great company.”
  224. >Everything she could want?
  225. >That catches her off guard completely
  226. >”W-well, I mean, from a human, I don’t....”
  227. >You squirm a bit at “human”, and Volfa’s ears fold back
  228. >“Ah, dammit. That’s not me. I shouldn’t let that prick get under my fur like that.”
  229. >The mischievous side of the dark wolfess returns
  230. >She takes your hand in one paw and puts the other on your shoulder as well
  231. >”That’s a privilege I only give to my Little Red.”
  232. >You can tell she’s waiting for you to make the first move
  233. >But the eagerness in her eyes is as clear as the stars on a cloudless night
  234. >You lock lips, mouth to muzzle
  235. >She drives her tongue deeply inside you, making the taste of fruit punch and alcohol all the more flavorful
  236. >Out of your peripheral you see other monsters walk by
  237. >They dive back out of sight to give the two of you some peace
  238. >At least there are SOME courteous monsters
  239. >Volfa eventually breaks the kiss, and the string of dribble left over makes you think of the web maze briefly
  240. >Is that endearing, or a little gross?
  241. >”This won’t do at all,” she says
  242. >You think she means the passerby, but she’s tapping the clasp on your cloak with a black nail
  244. >Once again you’re being dragged along by the wolfess
  245. >You were actually starting to miss that
  246. >But you don’t head back toward the heart of the merriment
  247. >Instead, you peel off down yet another overlooked hallway
  248. >Now you’re going up an incline
  249. >And up a winding staircase
  250. >And even climbing up a ladder
  251. >Up, up...
  252. >When you’re at the top you’re in some kind of tiny efficiency apartment
  253. >It’s a very spartan layout, with only a few utilities and a disheveled bed
  254. >But there’s a large sloped window with an absolutely breathtaking view of the midnight city
  255. >You take in as much of the sight as you can
  256. >Which is long enough for Volfa to disrobe down to her fur
  257. >Only the jeweled choker remains
  258. >”I’ve been waiting all night to see a little more of my Little Red”
  259. >Her voice is outspoken and seductive
  260. >You certainly didn’t fall for her because of her subtlety
  261. >Finally the clasp is broken, and soon you’re joining her in total nudity
  262. >”And don’t worry,” she continues, “I won’t make you say anything cheeky about my teeth, or my ears....”
  263. >It’s not hard to tell what’s she’s playing at
  264. >And yes, she DOES have big, beautiful eyes
  265. >The bed already looks pre-ravished, and it only gets worse as you two tumble onto it
  266. >Your skin is electrified by the touch of her fur
  267. >Her aroma has an earthly, carnal scent
  268. >While you’re trying to burrow into her pelt she’s practically clawing to get inside of you
  269. >Her thighs gyrate over your own, pinning your growing arousal and giving it an occasional squeeze
  270. >She moves to straddle your hips, grabbing your erection with her leathery paws
  271. >”There are a dozen Halloween clichés I could make right now,” she says. “So go ahead and take your pick, my not-so Little Red.”
  272. >And what a treat it is
  273. >She bends over and rolls her tongue along your full length, starting at the sack and lifting the whole thing up
  274. >After several licks she takes the entire package into her muzzle
  275. >You don’t need to look out the window to see stars
  276. >Any warnings you give building up to your release are swiftly ignored
  277. >Your climax is heightened by her last few sucks
  278. >Everything from your orgasm vanishes down her gullet
  279. >Unsurprisingly the only liquid she refuses to let dribble, even as she smacks her lips loudly
  280. >When your strength returns you try to switch with her, but the wolfess continues to pin you down
  281. >”Catch your breath and we’ll move on to the good part.”
  282. >You’re still wet and stiff as she lifts her rump off your legs a bit
  283. >”Like I said, you don’t need to do anything more for me tonight”
  284. >By the time you can rebound, Volfa is already lowering her heat onto you
  285. >”And it’s not like I can’t enjoy this as well,” she says with a wink
  287. >You’re panting together, enjoying the warmth of the other’s body and breath
  288. >You never want to leave her tenderness, so when she escapes your grasp you’re left fruitlessly clinging the air
  289. >”One second, my Little Red, there’s something I want to do first.”
  290. >Even without the illumination of a full moon, Volfa’s shapely, bestial body is silhouetted against the window
  291. >She pushes the glass open and draws in a swelling breath
  292. >And howls
  293. >It’s a howl that reverberates to your core
  294. >Gorgeous, haunting, and proud
  295. >She holds the sound for longer than you’d think possible, carrying over the city
  296. >Even after she tapers off it’s still ringing out there
  297. >Off in the distance, you can hear the Halloween crowds making their own lively barks and howls in response
  298. >Volfa returns to you with a playful expression and throws the sheets over you
  299. >You’re wrapped into her embrace once more, her fur now carrying the scent of the midnight air
  300. >”This is a nice little change of pace,” she purrs. “It doesn’t have to be ALL about the sexual rush.”
  301. >”But the night is young, and we do have a lot to try out before the sunrise.”
  302. >Her nails are combing your hair; her muzzle under your chin
  303. >”And I want to see that with you.”
  305. >You sleep in late
  306. >A twinge of panic rouses you, as your wolfess isn’t there beside you
  307. >But she returns fully dressed and balancing plates of food
  308. >”Little Red had a good sleep,” she says. “Bet some big bad wolf made him give up the ghost.”
  309. >At least five times, you think
  310. >She sets the plates down for a late breakfast
  311. >Little bat pancakes, chain-linked sausages, dripping strawberries
  312. >And a sweet cider you really hope isn’t supposed to be more hellhound piss
  313. >The two of you chow down, but Volfa eats slower as time goes on
  314. >Soon she’s looking at her plate
  315. >Ashamed
  316. >”Anon...” she says when she can’t prolong the meal any longer
  317. >”We need to have a talk”’
  318. >This unfamiliar side of her immediately fills you with dread
  319. >”We’re going to have to separate soon.”
  320. >Your heart just did
  321. >” know, ‘monsters’, live our own lives throughout the year. When Halloween rolls around, we have to follow certain rules to have that kind of freedom.”
  322. >”One of them is, ‘don’t keep humans around when the night is over’.”
  323. >”Halloween’s a wild night; people get hurt or go missing, there’s vandalism and crime, and some of us get...well, a little TOO invested.”
  324. >She tries to force a smile at that
  325. >”So of course the days after all the debauchery are a little tense. Police are out trying to solve crimes, and every dumbass with a camera suddenly thinks they’re a paranormal investigator. We have to lay low for days at a time.”
  326. >”Anon, I can’t do that to you. I couldn’t take you away from your life like I tried to last night.”
  327. >None of the drinks you had last night twisted your stomach as much as how it currently feels
  328. >”But....”
  329. >That one word is all you wanted to hear more than anything right now
  330. >”If you want to make this work,” she continues, “if you feel the same about me as I feel about you...we can think of something.”
  331. >It’s bittersweet news
  332. >Optimistic, but heartbreaking all the same
  333. >You lunge for the wolfess, hoping she won’t actually leave you
  334. >Her snout flares, and she sniffles
  335. >”H-hey, this is hard for me too. Don’t make it worse.”
  336. >Volfa pries herself from your grapple, but keeps her paws on you
  337. >It’s difficult to believe those golden eyes could ever have doubt or uncertainty
  338. >”C’mon, let’s get you dressed.”
  339. >All you have with you are your costume clothes, which you vow to never get rid of
  340. >She hands you the crimson cloak that started it all
  341. >”It’s a cold, sad day out there, and it’ll take you a while to find your way home, Little Red.”
  342. >It still has her hair on it
  343. >You’re never going to wash this thing
  344. >Reluctantly you make the descent back to the catacombs, neither saying a word
  345. >You get a few glimpses of what had been a monster mash just a few hours ago
  346. >There’s litter, debris, and unidentifiable stains everywhere along with a hollow mood
  347. >If you didn’t see the party for yourself, you’d assume this was just an abandoned building
  348. >Nothing left in the foyer but the bin of costumes
  349. >Volfa’s grandma disguise still rests inside
  350. >There’s a lot you could say that would just bring your spirits down even more, but Volfa refuses to go that route again
  351. >”Give it a few weeks for all the heat to die down. If you still want to see a gnarly dog like me again, I’ll come find you.”
  352. >Volfa reaches into her vest pocket and pulls out your phone
  353. >”A deal’s a deal”
  354. >You grab the phone along with her arm and pull her in for one last hug goodbye
  355. >She can’t fight it this time
  356. >”We’ll make it work,” she repeats with her voice breaking. “We’ll make it work.”
  357. >You lose count of how many times she has to say it, both for your sake and her own
  358. >And you can’t remember who it was to make the first move to detach from the other, but you know it was a slow drift apart
  359. >You almost can’t open the cellar door with how weak your body feels
  360. >The light outside is tormenting
  361. >In your momentary blindness, you can only see that stunning silhouette of your wolfess
  362. >Volfa doesn’t take her eyes off you for one second as you close the rusted doors behind you
  364. >Even if you could remember the path you took to get to the monster hideout you’re too distracted to retrace your flight with the dark wolfess
  365. >The towering buildings around you funnel your movement, and every direction you choose gets you closer to the human world
  366. >Plus, every turn you take seems to erase the way back to the cellar
  367. >Eventually you make it back to the streets outside the Freak Fair grounds
  368. >Wearing your costume is much less embarrassing when you see a few others doing the same
  369. >Desperately clinging to the memories of the previous night
  370. >Speaking of people and memories, you remember all those you left behind in the blur of activity
  371. >Your phone is overloaded with messages from different contacts
  372. >Some concerned for your safety
  373. >Some asking if you got lucky
  374. >Some completely oblivious to your absence
  375. >And one...from yourself?
  376. >There’s no mistaking it: you got a message that was sent to you from your own phone
  377. >”Hopefully this will tide you over”
  378. >When the last message is closed, you see what changed
  379. >Your wallpaper was replaced with an image of Volfa
  380. >She’s wearing that spiked bracelet, those arm belts, that elegant choker...
  381. >And nothing else
  382. >You scan the skyline of all the buildings around you
  383. >Somewhere nestled in the middle, unreachable and protected by the cluster, is a derelict apartment building
  384. >At the top is a figure leaning out of a sloped window
  385. >Wearing a frumpy nightgown and bonnet
  386. >And watching over you as you return home
  390. [[ HAIR OF THE DOG PART 2 ]]
  392. >It’s been over three weeks since Halloween
  393. >25 days, specifically
  394. >But who’s counting?
  395. >Almost a month ago you were whisked away from a dull Halloween night for one filled with literal monsters, including the love of your life
  396. >Volfa
  397. >You never have to set an alarm to wake up in the morning these days, because as soon as you’re conscious you’re checking the phone for any word from her
  398. >Nobody would believe you met an anthropomorphic wolf female dressed up like a grandmother that night
  399. >Hell, some of them wouldn't believe you met a female at all
  400. >Now, jaded thoughts intrude your mind, starting to make YOU believe it was never real to begin with
  401. >It takes increasingly more energy just to leave home and face the world
  402. >But then a crinkled letter shows up in the mail
  403. >You hold the envelope like it was your life
  404. >It might as well be, seeing as how life would be meaningless if you can’t share it with Volfa
  405. >Before you get your hopes up TOO much, you check the return address
  406. >You half expect it to just be some kind of insurance bullshit, a bill, or a straight up scam
  407. >When you do a quick internet search your heart leaps up
  408. >It’s the address of the Freak Fair grounds
  409. >You gingerly peel open the envelope, careful not to tear it accidentally
  410. >There’s a ticket inside, stiff in hardness yet warped as though it had been soaked in water (or something else) before
  411. >It’s covered in runes and hole punches, but “one week round trip” is legible
  412. >Also included is a single note, written on a contrastingly immaculate piece of stationary
  415. >Your life is put on hold leading up to the big night
  416. >Some of the people closest to you are a little concerned, and you probably burned a few bridges with work
  417. >You don’t know whether you should tell anyone you have a girlfriend just yet, especially if you’re just up and leaving so suddenly to be with her
  418. >Several days’ worth of clothes and other provisions have been packed and waiting since you got the letter
  419. >You even call a cab well over an hour before you need to be there
  420. >It’s a cold autumn night to be sitting by yourself at a bus stop
  421. >Just you and your fall jacket
  422. >Crimson red, hooded
  423. >Ten minutes until midnight you get some company
  424. >You were expecting a bus, or a limo, or even a hearse
  425. >What you get instead is just a plain old sedan
  426. >It’s not even made to be creepy or anything
  427. >An elderly man with sagging jowls parks the vehicle in front of you
  428. >He says nothing, not even acknowledging you as he stares off into the distance
  429. >You check your phone every minute, hoping you don’t miss something
  430. >11:59 PM
  431. >”Ticket, please,” he moans
  432. >You thrust the ticket at him, which he gives another hole punch and returns to you
  433. >You dive into the car; the possible danger of the situation doesn’t cross your mind at all
  434. >It’s too grimy to see out the windows as the ride veers multiple times
  435. >”It’s sweltering in here,” the driver says
  436. >He grabs the loose flabs of skin on his face and pulls the whole thing off, leaving only muscle stretched over bone
  437. >You feel like you should be shocked or terrified, but Halloween really desensitized you to a lot of crazy shit
  438. >The car soon falls into a smoother, turn-free cruise
  439. >Hours pass by
  440. >And you can’t fend off sleep forever....
  442. >You wake up still in the car
  443. >Dawn manages to pierce through the obscured windows
  444. >”We’re just about there,” says the driver, picking at his exposed tissue
  445. >You feel relief at not being murdered (or worse) in your sleep
  446. >Then you feel excitement as you see a gothic station come into view
  447. >This is just like in the movies!
  448. >You’re fidgeting in the seat as the driver finds a spot to drop you off
  449. >The sight of monsters and other supernatural creatures milling about inside almost doesn’t faze you in the slightest
  450. >You seem to be getting more attention than you’re paying to any of them
  451. >But you’re on a mission, and there will be time to gawk later
  452. >Still, you make sure to scan everything you can just for a glimpse of...
  453. >There she is
  454. >Tattered jeans and a busy t-shirt of a metal band
  455. >A long-sleeved version of a familiar vest, complete with the same plush collar
  456. >A lavish jeweled choker that gleams to draw your sight to her
  457. >Arm held against an archway, leaning with one leg over the other, and positively beaming at you
  458. >Volfa
  459. >She’s trying to play cool as much as possible, but as you run towards her she abandons any amount of composure she had
  460. >There’s no forgetting the strength of the wolfess as she lifts you up for a hug
  461. >You did it
  462. >You made it work
  463. >”It’s so good to see you again, Little Red,” she says, holding back tears
  464. >Her raspy, subdued voice is the greatest you’ve ever heard
  465. >She gives your jacket a feel after setting you down
  466. >”I like it. Not as cute as that Halloween cloak of yours, but at least you got one with a nice hood!”
  467. >Now that you’re safely reunited with the dark wolfess you’re able to take in the sights and sounds
  468. >There are the mummies and vampires you’d normally expect, along with some pretty eldritch and indescribable abominations
  469. >And whether through coincidence or a good sense of humor, most of the shops and restaurant stalls in the station are just like human equivalents with cheesy, spooky-themed names
  470. >Once again, monsters stare right back at you
  471. >”Haha, I guess you really don’t see any of this as strange until you got a human buddy with you,” she says
  472. >A paw clasps your shoulder and the wolfess leans over
  473. >”I’m still the best wingman you’ll ever have, so just stick close to me, alright?”
  474. >You exchange wide smiles
  475. >Hers falters for a moment, and that’s enough to put unease in your heart
  476. >Volfa immediately brings her cheery, toothy demeanor back out
  477. >”Hey, nothing’s wrong. Well, at least nothing we’re not gonna fix right now.”
  478. >You continue walking through the station, through some lesser-traveled parts
  479. >”I’m not sure if anyone has broken the bad news to you before, but...I’m afraid you’re a human, Little Red.”
  480. >You give her a look of mock surprise
  481. >”Yeah, I know, it’s heartbreaking. Inoperable too, unfortunately.”
  482. >You glance at the directional signs as you pass them, one in particular you seem to be following
  483. >Licensing and Customs
  484. >”Yeah, we’re going to need to check you in before going anywhere. Not like we don’t have humans here, but those are usually your sorcery types with magic in the blood. Anyone we bring over from ‘your’ world needs to come here first.”
  485. >The hallway leading to the customs office is barren compared to the rest of the station
  486. >Obviously not needed extremely often
  487. >”Getting approval is next to impossible by yourself. That’s why I’m gonna be your sponsor, Little Red.”
  488. >Her muzzle hovers close to your face, and you plant a kiss against her black lips
  489. >She pulls you firmly into her torso
  490. >”Woah, down boy, easy! I’m just as pent up as you are, but it’ll make the payoff so much better if you can reel it in just a little longer, alright?.”
  491. >You nod in understanding
  492. >She waited patiently for you, and you can do the same for her
  494. >The customs office is bigger than you’d expect for such little traffic
  495. >Of course, you soon see that’s entirely for the sake of the head supervisor
  496. >Your neck doesn’t even reach the top of his desk, and cigar fumes smokescreen the ceiling completely
  497. >Only the middle head is smoking
  498. >The right one is absorbed in a phone conversation
  499. >The left one is busy with paperwork
  500. >A massive cerberus, straining a dapper business suit
  501. >The middle head takes one last draw of his cigar before setting it aside, smoke venting from his nostrils
  502. >”Back again so soon, Volfa?” he says
  503. >His casual voice is enough to reverberate through your body
  504. >”Nah, just got lost on the way to the little girls’ room,” the wolfess says
  505. >”So I see,” the middle head responds
  506. >He looks at you with disdain
  507. >”I assume this is the one you’ve flippantly ignored getting pre-approval to bring to our world?”
  508. >”Yup,” Volfa says. “This is Anon, and it turns out he doesn’t NEED your bullshit pre-approval.”
  509. >The desk is higher than even Volfa’s pointed ears, but she pulls herself up to the ledge and hangs there with her head in her paws
  510. >”So then,” the cerberus continues, “does that mean he is magically awakened? Or a registered human ambassador? Or a provable deity reincarnation?”
  511. >”Nope,” Volfa says. “He’s my lifekin.”
  512. >The left head snaps his pen like a twig, spraying blood-red ink everywhere
  513. >”I’m going to have to call you back,” the right head growls before slamming his phone down
  514. >All three parts to the colossal hound are fixated on you
  515. >”He’s your...lifekin?”
  516. >”Yeah, funny story. Turns out after Halloween was over I realized I was DYING without having him close by. Got checked out by an apothecary and everything.”
  517. >”So I see,” the cerberus seethes. “Regardless, he still needs the appropriate paperwork to be considered your lifekin. I’ve already made a GENEROUS exception giving him the ticket here, which, might I remind you, is valid only for ONE WEEK.”
  518. >”You got a lot more excuses than exceptions,” the wolfess barks back. “You better not have forgotten the bet we made, either.”
  519. >Volfa unfolds a stack of papers from her jacket and slams them on the desk
  520. >”Anyway, here you go. All in writing from the doc herself. And if you want to confront her about it, be my guest. I hear she’s still a bit sour about needing to get a ‘practitioner’s license’.”
  521. >The cerberus doesn’t even look at the papers before shoving them aside into a built up pile
  522. >”Be that as it may, he will still have to go back to where he came from after his week is over.”
  523. >Volfa’s face is full of spite
  524. >”You wouldn’t KILL a poor girl like that, would you?” she says
  525. >The flame in the cerberus’ six eyes tells you Volfa may have crossed the line with that remark, but the context of their feud is lost to you
  526. >The middle head straightens his tie
  527. >”Then I highly recommend you start filling out his paperwork for a return visit, and likewise for yourself if you ever want to visit him outside of our sanctioned yearly events.”
  528. >He grabs out the largest, sharpest fountain pen you’ve ever seen
  529. >Much more like a dagger than a writing utensil
  530. >”I hope we’ve come to an understanding. Now then, on to the records. What is his name, again?”
  531. >”Why don’t you fucking ask him yourself, old man?”
  533. >The two of you leave the office without any forms, receipts, permits, or passports
  534. >And yet, you have subtle feeling of belonging to this world now
  535. >”Yeah, we don’t do that crap here,” Volfa says. “Not all monsters have clothes, let alone pockets. Where are they going to keep an ID card?”
  536. >You ask her what a “lifekin” is supposed to be
  537. >”‘Lifekin’ is just what it sounds like: people bonded for life. It’s usually for master/servant magical pacts, or some kind of, ah, symbiotic relationship? Body stuff, you know.”
  538. >And now you’re her lifekin?
  539. >She’s quiet for a moment
  540. >”Might as well be. After we said our goodbyes, I got really, really sick.”
  541. >You open your mouth to say something, thinking back to your Halloween dalliance
  542. >”Ha, not like THAT!”
  543. >She punches you on the arm
  544. >“Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing a bunch of little Little Reds all over the place. Not yet, anyway. But I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought maybe my depression drinking caught up with me, or I had some nasty bug from the Halloween crowds.”
  545. >She leans over and gives you a sloppy lick from neck to ear
  546. >”And now you have it, too.”
  547. >You don’t want to touch the saliva
  548. >A little because you’re afraid she’s right
  549. >And a little because you want to keep any reminder of her
  550. >”Ha! C’mon, you think just because we’re back together I’m gonna stop messing with you?”
  551. >At this point, you wouldn’t care if you shared an illness with Volfa
  552. >”Anyway, it was stupid to deny what it REALLY was. I was pretty smitten with you, Little Red. Heh, who would have thought THAT would be the thing to do me in?”
  553. >Her head rests on yours
  554. >”Buuut just to be sure, I got a second opinion from a sweet little apothecary, and she was more than happy to get her diagnosis in writing. Didn’t think it’d be so easy to get a doctor’s excuse for puppy love.”
  555. >The outside of the station is on a hill (probably for aerodynamic monsters) overlooking an endless stretch of patchwork terrain
  556. >Fields of gnarled crops, gaseous purple swamps, forests that shake with something huge moving inside them...
  557. >It’s everything you’d imagine a land of monsters would live in
  558. >Except maybe the scattered towns with some pretty high, modern towers
  559. >”What, you think we all just live in huts or caves or something?”
  560. >She points to a small glade nestled in the middle of all the intersecting domains
  561. >”That’s where we’re going. Gonna have to explore every little space we can while you’re here.”
  562. >Volfa gives you a wink
  563. >”And after that, maybe I’ll even show you around town, too!”
  564. >Boy is she pent up
  566. >Gulchgut is a rather tight-knit town that looks like the residents are putting off removing their Halloween decorations for as long as possible, even after a month later
  567. >”It’s a pretty big deal here,” Volfa says, “in case you didn’t notice.”
  568. >You see even more unique and unimaginable creatures here than you did at the station
  569. >And still, it’s you who gets the most stares
  570. >But the faces (or at least what looks like a face) of the townsfolk brighten up when they see Volfa happily escorting you
  571. >”Volfa! Is this the lucky one you’ve been talking about so much?” says a cauliflower-like spore, her children affixed to her back
  572. >”Sure is!” the wolfess says proudly. “Can’t stop to introduce him to everyone yet. Gotta freshen up first. He’s really dirty.”
  573. >”Oh? Well I’m no stranger to dirt, and he doesn’t look that...a-ah, I see!”
  574. >The spore mother puffs up sheepishly
  575. >Volfa leads you to a weathered apartment building with a sunken in roof
  576. >Orange lights are stringed around it like chains, there are little bat stickers on the windows, and piles of decomposing pumpkins flank the main doors
  577. >Volfa takes you by the hand, racing you inside
  578. >Just like old times
  579. >The inside has no consistent design or pattern to its layout
  580. >Hallways twist and turn with dozens of doors all shapes and sizes
  581. >Some corridors have simple carpet
  582. >Some are filled with plants or bones
  583. >Some have entrances you’d have to jump (or fly) to reach
  584. >But once on the right floor, it’s impossible to miss her place
  585. >Mostly because the door has “Volfa” carved deeply into it
  586. >”Not like you’re going to reuse a monster’s room when they’re done with it,” she laughs. “You’re never getting your safety deposit back, that’s for damn sure.”
  587. >Inside is exactly what you pictured the wolfess’ den to be
  588. >Wall-to-wall posters of monster bands like the one on her shirt
  589. >Bottles decorating the shelf space that all the clutter on the floor should be using instead
  590. >A nest of bed sheets and clothes strewn about
  591. >The only thing neatly organized you see is a familiar nightgown and bonnet resting on a table
  592. >”It’s not like I was wearing it or anything!” she says, pitching the costume out of sight
  593. >She then removes your jacket and folds it onto the now vacant space
  594. >Her own jacket comes off and is placed on top, with her spiked bracelet like a crown on top
  595. >”Much better. Gotta keep this clean and safe when you’re not wearing it. Everyone needs to know you’re MY Little Red when we’re out and about.”
  596. >When you get a better look at the wall decoration you see probably the only formal picture in the room
  597. >The three faces of whom you didn’t expect to see again so soon are fighting over the affection they’re giving to a lone, dark-haired female human
  598. >She’s wearing a jeweled choker, and has subtle but familiar features that have been engraved into your thoughts since that fateful Halloween night
  599. >”Yeah, that’s her,” Volfa says grimly. “Uncanny resemblance, right? No need to tell the whole story, because I’m sure you’ve heard this kind of thing countless times already.”
  600. >”Beast man meets woman, the two fall in love, some miracle brings a bastard child into the world, woman dies in childbirth. None of the medical practice in the monster world knew what to do with a human.”
  601. >Volfa plays around with the choker on her neck
  602. >”Frankly, I’m surprised the old man didn’t split her in half on the honeymoon. He got pretty despondent, though. Guess I was the lucky one for not being too attached to her.”
  603. >She walks over to the picture and flips it around
  604. >”But they don’t need to see this “
  605. >She claws at the hem of her shirt
  606. >”You’re here for a week, so let’s start making the most of it. That’s seven times longer than we had the last time!”
  607. >She wriggles her hips side to side as her top is yanked off, letting her humble breasts flop out unrestrained
  608. >”Fourteen times, now that I think about it. We only hung out for like half a day, and what is that, like at least SIXTY half days since we last saw each other?
  609. >She turns around and bends over to kick off her pants
  610. >With a flick of her tail you see Volfa’s swollen lips, an arousal over a month in waiting
  611. >”But who’s counting?”
  612. >One second she’s teasing you from across the room, the next she’s at your pants before you can pull your own shirt all the way over your head
  613. >She hasn’t lost one bit of her skill at drawing your manhood to an almost painful hardness as she inhales it into her muzzle
  614. >And it doesn’t take long before she’s already bringing you close to your limit
  615. >But unlike last time, she heeds your warnings and lets go with a slick pop
  616. >”That won’t work,” she says.
  617. >”Like I told you, I’m just as backed up as you. If we’re going to finally be together, shouldn’t we get it all OUT together?”
  618. >She makes a good argument, but damn if you’re not at the breaking point
  619. >Volfa crawls onto the disheveled bed and presents herself to you
  620. >”But I’ll let you take the wheel first, since I had to be the one to break your heart last time.”
  621. >She shakes her rump as you kneel onto the bed behind her
  622. >You part her tender lips and dig in with your fingers
  623. >Your tongue finds a deep passage, ending with a flick against her button
  624. >Her tail reflexively bats you on the head
  625. >”S-stop! Anon! “I’ve been THIS close for ages now! Don’t you d-dare get me off first, unders-stand? Just put the damn thing in already!”
  626. >You try to get a few more seconds out of her, but that’s a huge mistake
  627. >Her toned leg hooks around your neck and flips you onto your back
  628. >Volfa’s now on top with her rear planted on your face, stifling you with her wet heat
  629. >She squeezes your erection and raps a claw against your raw head
  630. >”Oh, you don’t want to see me be the BAD wolf, Little Red. Keep testing me and I’ll take my bracelet and use it as a cock ring, with the spikes turned INWARD. Now, are you ready to do this right?”
  631. >You try to give her a muffled response, which only tickles her delicate bits worse
  632. >”AH, g-good then.”
  633. >She lifts herself off your head, only to twist around and sink down onto your shaft
  634. >You’re locked with her golden eyes
  635. >”I can’t stay angry at you, Little Red.”
  636. >With a strained “ruff”, she begins rocking
  637. >The heat of her insides and the reddening marks from her claws on your chest make you feel like you’re burning up
  638. >You’re sweating, and she’s trying to soak up as much as she can with her paws
  639. >She’s fighting against her orgasm more than trying to build up to it
  640. >”I...hah, you might...uggh....”
  641. >Her thoughts are fragmented by her urges
  642. >”N-no, not...yet.”
  643. >Her efforts to stave the climax for just a moment longer recoil back at her
  644. >Her face freezes, and a throaty whine escapes as her orgasm wracks her to the core
  645. >It would have been a slow deflation of pleasure, if it weren’t for your release hitting her the very next second
  646. >You’ve all but fried her mind as her climax rebounds
  647. >Any semblance of restraint was thrown out with the most uninhibited groans and gasps you’ve ever heard from her
  648. “God...dammit, Little Red. I don’t want to have to sleep in because you wore me out so much already.”
  650. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  652. >It’s the shortest, most action-filled week of your life
  653. >Volfa has something planned for every day
  654. >And every night
  655. >Your first full day is spent in Gulchgut, getting to know all the locals
  656. >You meet an endless number of monsters. Friends and neighbors and a few strangers
  657. >You try to remember as many as you can, but half of their names are unpronounceable anyway
  658. >Thanks to Volfa, you’re accepted as one of their own within minutes
  659. >Nothing goes unshared with these creatures, from greetings to stories to more trinkets that you know what to do with
  660. >The food they provide isn’t too bad either, once you close your eyes and try to ignore where it might have come from
  661. >When night stops by, the wolfess brings you to the tallest structure in the town: the bell tower
  662. >”Alright, pants off,” she commands
  663. >What, right here?
  664. >”It’s not like most of them haven’t heard our little tryst last night. If we’re out in the open like this, they’ll still know to give us some space.”
  665. >It doesn’t do much to ease your doubts, but once she’s at your groin again there’s no stopping her, or your erection
  666. >When she howls her climax, it reverberates above you in the massive bell
  667. >The second day is at the murky, bubbling wastes of the swamps
  668. >It’s incredibly viscous, but despite the fetid look it’s safe enough for the two of you to wade in
  669. >”Watch out if something tries to pull you under,” she says. “It’s probably me....”
  670. >She doesn’t “splash” you so much as hurls a glob of sludge at you
  671. >You both have to take a shower to wash out all the gunk, but it’s the perfect opportunity for a little “deep cleaning” in the shower later on
  672. >The third day is at the biggest museum of dungeon designs, famous monsters, and torture devices in history
  673. >”Just let me know if there’s anything you want to try out,” the wolfess whispers in your ear as you pass by the bondage displays
  674. >You end up leaving the gift shop with a few extra belts for her arm’s vast collection
  675. >A few for you as well
  676. >Not for daytime use
  677. >And she tightens them every time you make a dog joke (or she baits you into saying one)
  678. >The forth day is at the Gulch Brawl, a free-for-all of monsters constantly pouring into the ring for a bit of “unwinding” and king-of-the-hill-style feats of strength
  679. >The smart ones run away as soon as Volfa jumps in
  680. >The dumb ones at least try not to land on their faces when she throws them off the hill
  681. >You head home with yet another belt, though this one’s entirely for the wolfess
  682. >”It’s nice, but not something I’d wear,” she shrugs, trying to fit it over her arm rather than her waist
  683. >“But those knuckleheads didn’t get all my aggression out. I think you know what that means, Little Red....”
  684. >Your pelvis already starts to ache
  685. >Each day has a life’s worth of memories, but it’s not without trepidation
  686. >Every morning you wake up alone, fear rushing back as you remember the first time you were in an empty, foreign bed without her
  687. >Volfa appears not long after, reassuring you with your first kiss of the day
  688. >But each time she returns she’s increasingly haggard looking
  689. >When you ask her about it, you never get a good answer
  690. >”Don’t worry about it, Little Red,” she says. “Just a little bit of business. As much as I’d love it, we can’t be connected at the hip ALL the time, right?”
  691. >Isn’t that what lifekin are supposed to be, though?
  692. >You don’t tell her that
  693. >On the night of the fifth day Volfa leaves you alone a second time, and is visibly stressed when she comes back
  694. >”Just getting things ready,” she pants
  695. >For what?
  696. >”Just wait. You’re gonna love this!”
  698. >When night falls, she leads you to an old mausoleum on the edge of town
  699. >You can hear the bass of music coming from underground before you even enter
  700. >She opens the door at the bottom of the stairs with a flourish and you’re struck with nostalgia
  701. >”Just like Halloween, yeah?”
  702. >It’s not exactly like the catacombs, but it’s pretty damn close
  703. >In fact, a lot of it seems like it’s made to be as much of an imitation as possible
  704. >The decorations, the music, the guests...
  705. >Is this what she was always running off to do in the morning?
  706. >”Hmm? Oh, yeah, you got me! Just had to get everything ready for our repeat performance! Everyone’s been helping me make the place just right!”
  707. >Well it’s certainly an impressive effort, but something’s not right
  708. >That’s when you notice Volfa’s barren neck
  709. >Was it like that before she left you the second time today?
  710. >”O-oh, my choker?” She winces at the word
  711. >”Must have misplaced it somewhere, I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually, heh....”
  712. >Her voice tells a different story, like a mother saying she “misplaced” her only child
  713. >But she doesn’t dwell on it for very long, and you’re soon dragged through the various rooms of the party
  714. >A little harder than you remember
  715. >”Do you remember what order we did things in? I’m sure we’ll remember if...oh, drinks first! Trying to think what we all had.... Ah, screw it. We’ll just have to try every combination we can think of!””
  716. >True to her word, the festivities start off with some pretty heavy drinking
  717. >What was once nausea from thinking you drank the piss of a hellhound is now just regular old binge drinking nausea
  718. >Even Volfa seems to have hit the bottle a little too hard when you stagger out of the bar
  719. >She was already looking pretty wiped before you even started
  720. >The events in each room are set up vary similarly to before, with only a few minor changes to account for the space and attendance
  721. >The other partygoers don’t even seem too invested
  722. >They remind you of movie extras, paid just to be in the background
  723. >Halloween was a blur of excitement, but now it feels like forcing through the motions a second time
  724. >And with Volfa being a little tipsier, she stumbles through most of it
  725. >Knocking over tables, missing targets in games, getting stuck in the web maze
  726. >She’s even more worn out than you when you end up in the same kind of monster-mouth room with gums for cushions
  727. >”Hah, hah. Man, we did all that and still have the whole night!” she hoots
  728. >”I think we could probably do another whole lap around the place, maybe even two! Where are those trolls? I need something to hit!”
  729. >It’s time to put your foot down
  730. >”What’s wrong, Little Red? Don’t tell me you’re throwing in the towel already! Come on!”
  731. >You didn’t go throw the whole Halloween gauntlet just to see her so out of character from the wolfess you knew before
  732. >”B-but...this night’s about YOU, Little Red! I’ve been trying to find a way to keep us together all week, and now I just want to spend as much as I can with you! I did everything I could for this....”
  733. >It hurts you to hear her begging, and it hurts even more to have to remind Volfa of her one rule:
  734. >Do what you want until someone stops having fun
  735. >She genuinely looks crushed
  736. >But there’s acknowledgement in her eyes, as though she’s aware she needed to hear those words from you
  737. >”I get it...I’m sorry. I pushed you a little too hard back there. It really IS supposed to be your night, and I guess I tried to make it too much about MY memories.”
  738. >She sighs dejectedly
  739. >”Well, can we at least grab a few more drinks before we head back?”
  740. >It’s a mistake to give in to her, because “a few” turns out to be borderline lethal for her
  741. >She’s leaning on you for support as you walk her back home
  742. >”Maybe thish is for the bess,” Volfa slurs once back in the apartment building. “I’d rather spend the night juss with my Rittle Led instead of those losers!”
  743. >There’s a smell of fruit punch and alcohol on her breath, with the latter much more noxious
  744. >It would be sweetly reminiscent if you weren’t so concerned about her
  745. >She’s throwing herself over you as you enter her room
  746. >Her full weight on you makes your knees quake
  747. >”C’mon, let me see Big Red again!”
  748. >It’s not a matter of if you want it or not, but that she looks so pitiful trying to win you over
  749. >She can barely get her shirt and pants off, and by then you’re leading her to the bed and tucking her in
  750. >Her confusion is oddly sobering for her
  751. >”W-wait! It’s not time for sleep yet! We have the whole night for fucking! When did you turn into such a prude!?”
  752. >You hold her tight, trying to calm her down
  753. >”Is it my buzz? I can still show you a good time! What do you want me to do for you!?”
  754. >She’s listing off some unbelievably raunchy sex acts, even for her
  755. >You stand your ground and refuse to let go of her as she tries to worm from the bed
  756. >Then she goes still
  757. >You saw the wolfess upset not long after you met her on Halloween when you had to part ways
  758. >You saw brief uncertainty in her promise to see you again the following morning
  759. >You saw her fight back tears and hold down sadness when you gave each other what you thought was your last hug
  760. >You’ve never, ever seen her outright weeping
  761. >She’s sobbing hysterically into your chest, her willpower finally gone
  762. >”L-Little Red...Anon, please! You’re m-my lifekin! You’re my LIFE!”
  763. >All the air in her lungs turns into mournful howling
  764. >It’s nothing like the music of satisfaction she gave to the city that night
  765. >”P-please! Don’t leave me again! I don’t want anyone leaving me ever a-again! I don’t want to be ALONE again!”
  766. >The proud, bestial woman you knew, reduced to a wailing, trembling pup
  767. >”Anon...Anon, please....”
  768. >Her pleas turn to whispers
  769. >” you....”
  770. >Then she’s silent
  771. >But you can still feel her mouth the words
  772. >Only when she cries herself to sleep do you get some peace
  773. >The last thing you ever wanted is to not have her always by your side
  774. >Now, you almost find yourself wishing for a wholly different wolfess than the one lying in a fetal position next to you
  775. >Wishing for your guide, your wingman, your lover
  776. >The Volfa you met that Halloween night
  778. >It’s a morning you wish you didn’t have to wake up to
  779. >Your arms and chest are covered in lacerations from Volfa’s clawing embrace throughout the night
  780. >She let go of you sometime early morning, and for a brief moment you fear she might be dead as you try rousing her
  781. >The fatigue from the whole night on top of all the alcohol has made her utterly catatonic
  782. >There was something she was trying to do that was wearing her out
  783. >It wasn’t about the party, you’re sure of it
  784. >And you’re going to finish it for her, for her sake
  785. >You leave a quick note for her, something along the lines of, “Be back soon”
  786. >You wonder whether it would worry her more if you left your red coat behind, as though you were leaving her a parting gift
  787. >Or if you took it with you, as though you were taking the last piece of you out of her life
  788. >You decide to take it with you; all the monsters know you as Little Red, even if not by name
  789. >You find the spore mother not far outside the apartment building
  790. >Her and most of those around her stare at you and the space where Volfa should be
  791. >”Anon, dear, where’s Volfa? Is something wrong?”
  792. >You ask her if there’s anything she knows about Volfa and what she was doing
  793. >”Well, she’s been with you most of the week. Other than that I’ve seen her visiting Medafet, the apothecary, a lot recently. Probably at least once a day. Now, what’s happened with the girl?”
  794. >You try to tell her you need to do something for her, alone
  795. >It doesn’t do much to satisfy the spore mother
  796. >”I hope you know exactly WHAT it is you’re doing, Anon. We may be all different kinds of monsters, but we take care of our own like family, and nobody wants to see that poor girl hurt.”
  797. >She inflates to a much more imposing size
  798. >Venom’s in her glare
  799. >”You won’t make it back to the human world if you’ve done something to her.”
  800. >You nod in fear
  801. >Nod and ask for directions
  803. >Medafet’s shop is the amalgamation of every unnerving idea you can think when you hear the word “witchdoctor”
  804. >Bifurcated, unidentifiable creatures strung from the ceiling
  805. >Jars of wisps and spirits and gazing eyeballs
  806. >Shadowy corners where no light exists and anything could be hiding
  807. >Shelves straining under the weight of a hundred curios
  808. >You just assume she’s part of the display until she blows pipe smoke toward you
  809. >A robed, emaciated feline with sickly yellow fur (or skin, as she looks entirely hairless) and beetle eyes
  810. >She says nothing until you introduce yourself
  811. >”Did you think I wouldn’t know the human who has been the subject of all the gossip this past week? This past MONTH?”
  812. >It’s a little exciting to be a celebrity
  813. >But if you can’t help Volfa, you might as well be the enemy of every monster here
  814. >”You’ve met just about everyone in Gulchgut, Anon, but you’ve waited until now to come to me? Well, better late than never. Volfa has told me SO much about you.”
  815. >Medafet bares her teeth in the most Cheshire smile you wish you hadn’t seen
  816. >”In fact, she is so infatuated with you that she’d use a pet name, one she obviously NEVER uses except only in the intimacy of your company.”
  817. >A slender hand with overgrown nails reaches forward and strokes your red hooded jacket
  818. >”How many times do you think she’s called you by that name? More than your real one at this point? More than any of her family’s names? Oh, she would do anything to have you....”
  819. >Noises around the shop chime and clatter, as though taunting you with every word from the cat
  820. >”Which is why she returns to me day after day with a tribute, hoping I can help her find some way to be with you forever.”
  821. >”Sometimes it’s coin and gems....”
  822. >”Sometimes it’s rare and dangerous ingredients....”
  823. >”Sometimes it’s her dearest possessions.”
  824. >You think back to Volfa’s bare neck with guilt
  825. >”But alas, it’s never quite enough to gratify me. What she asks is not something I can so frivolously hand out. I need something of VALUE in this exchange....”
  826. >She grows, standing to full height that seems almost impeded by the cramped shop ceiling
  827. >From out of her robes she pulls a horrifying instrument
  828. >A twisted fusion of dagger and syringe, with dried gore on its blade
  829. >”So then, Anon, what would you give to me in exchange for what your Volfa seeks?”
  830. >”All your wealth? Some blood? A limb?”
  831. >”Your life?
  832. >”Your soul?”
  833. >Yes
  834. >Anything
  835. >Everything
  836. >You won’t let a single obstacle stand in your way
  837. >Medafet chuckles, making her whole body rise and fall
  838. >”What a predictable response. They all say that just before they run with their tails between their legs, even abandoning the thing they love most.”
  839. >”And yet, I shouldn’t dismiss your answer as insincere just yet. I hope to be pleasantly surprised someday.”
  840. >”Now, how about this one: would you rather be together with Volfa forever, or wish to see her happy?”
  841. >Both
  842. >”Yes, of course, hero. But if you had to choose-“
  843. >Both
  844. >Anything
  845. >Everything
  846. >Whatever it takes
  847. >Medafet gives you an unimpressed look
  848. >Does she think you’re mocking the seriousness of her questions?
  849. >Does she think you’re lying?
  850. >She lifts her weapon high into the air and throws it down with a sickening THUNK
  851. >It sticks into a table, vibrating slightly from the impact
  852. >Her whole body arcs over you like the crescent moon
  853. >And she smiles
  854. >Not mischievously, but in merriment
  855. >”That’s all I needed to hear.”
  856. >From out of your view she pulls a small wooden box, an exquisite cherry wood with not a speck of dust on it
  857. >”This is what she wants.”
  858. >That’s it?
  859. >You won?
  860. >Just like that?
  861. >”My sweet Anon, Volfa is very dear to my heart. I was a midwife to her mother through her pregnancy, though she likely has no idea. I wanted to watch her grow from afar, and I doubt her father ever let on what he knows.”
  862. >”And speaking of her old man, I was the one who persuaded him to accept you into our world when Volfa’s requests were denied. I needed to see this ‘Anon’ she has gushed about for the last several weeks.”
  863. >The whole thing feels incredulous
  864. >You’re still reeling from what was impending death seconds ago
  865. >Now you’re trying to take in everything the cat is saying, hoping it’s not a cruel joke
  866. >”Yes, I wrote the ‘ doctor’s excuse’ she gave him. Your ‘official’ lifekin with her, in writing. But, I didn’t give her what she wants most now, because I needed to make sure her love was authentic. She’s proven her loyalty, but I needed to hear it come from you as well. It worried me each day I saw her without you by her side.”
  867. >When an intimidating figure like Medafet looks sad, there’s something that magnifies the emotion to its fullest level
  868. >Her face is the very embodiment of the “tragedy” mask
  869. >”But, I’m sure she kept you away from here because she didn’t want to show her vulnerability, her weakness. It truly pained me to have a solution for her troubles but have to deny her so many times, and when I saw her last, there was something in her I never expected:”
  870. >”Defeat.”
  871. >”She knew her time was running out, which is why she wanted to spend her last few moments with you, and not divulge to you the life she could have given you if successful to spare you from the disappointment.”
  872. >”But, nobody should have to witness a girl miserable like that. I still have a heart after all these years. Please, take this.”
  873. >You accept the box from her, and she holds up a finger for patience
  874. >”And, this as well.”
  875. >From behind a counter she pulls out a folded pile of clothes
  876. >Specifically, a nightgown and a bonnet
  877. >”I’m sure she would like these back. It was an endearing gesture as one of her tributes, but they don’t exactly fit me.”
  878. >You thank her for all she’s done
  879. >Even though her methods are a little terrifying, motioning to the instrument stuck in the table
  880. >”What can I say,” Medafet shrugs, “I enjoy messing with people.”
  882. >You rush back to Volfa’s place, ignoring the confused looks and inquiries of the monsters
  883. >You fling the door open and see her gazing at your note solemnly, as though it was truly the last thing you left her
  884. >The wolfess quickly turns to you with an aching smile
  885. >”I’m...glad you came back. I mean, I knew you wouldn’t leave without a proper goodbye, right?”
  886. >You drop your gifts just in time to avoid getting smothered by Volfa’s embrace.
  887. >”But, any time away from’s hell, ya’ know? Now I can see what I put you through every morning I left you alone in our bed.”
  888. >She’s burying into your comfort, almost breaking down again
  889. >”I don’t ever want to wake up without you there, Anon. And I never want to be the idiot who leaves you in the first place.”
  890. >You pat her reassuringly, trying to turn her to see the gifts
  891. >She notices the costume first, looking like she’s seen a ghost
  892. >Or rather, what YOU would look like, since ghosts are pretty much as abundant as squirrels here
  893. >”How did you get that back?”
  894. >She picks the nightgown up, revealing the box underneath
  895. >”And what’s...that?”
  896. >You tell her you don’t really know, but it’s from Medafet
  897. >Volfa, on the other hand, seems to know exactly what it is the moment you say the cat’s name
  898. >”H-how!? Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get something like this from her? What did you even GIVE her?”
  899. >The truth, you reply
  900. >She pries the lid off, almost snapping it from its hinges
  901. >It surprises you more than her to see her jeweled choker sitting on a small velvet cushion inside
  902. >It’s a little underwhelming, you have to admit, though you’re still happy she got her heirloom back
  903. >But this is supposed to be the answer to your problems?
  904. >Volfa secures the choker around her plush scruff, right where it belongs
  905. >The jewels radiate more than usual in the mid-morning light
  906. >She gives you another backbreaking hug, and the warmth from her neck feels as though you’re wearing the choker as well
  907. >When she backs off, she’s holding your shoulders
  908. >”So, what d’ya think?”
  909. >It’s absolutely gorgeous
  910. >But again, how does it help your situation?
  911. >There’s a smug grin on her face as she spins you around
  912. >In the cramped space on the mirror not covered in posters, framed as though in a collage, are two happy faces
  913. >Both human
  914. >The girl beside you unmistakably has Volfa’s dark hair, golden eyes, and bountiful spirit
  915. >A spitting image of her mother, hanging on the wall nearby with her own sweetheart
  916. >”So, NOW what do you think?”
  917. >It’s an incredible illusion
  918. >Though you still prefer your wolfess fuzzier
  919. >”HAH! I had a feeling you’d say that!”
  920. >She gives you a thorough lick on the cheek, which looks a little odd coming from the human girl in the mirror
  921. >”It’s a glamour charm. It’s not going to be fooling a lot of monsters, but humans and anything they look through are going to see just the disguise.”
  922. >You’re spun back around to meet face-to-face with your wolfess love
  923. >”The only other thing that can tell the difference is the unbroken gaze of my Little Red. Going back to the human world is never going to be a hurdle again!”
  924. >She brandishes her arm around the whole room
  925. >”Gotta be honest, I’d prefer to have us live here as your permanent home, but I’d love to meet your friends and family. Plus, we gotta make a return to Freak Fair next year, right?”
  926. >But what about getting back and forth between worlds? What about the rules?
  927. >Volfa gives you a wicked look
  928. >”Don’t you worry. My old man bet me that if I ever found a way to convincingly blend in with humans, he’d give us TOTAL exemption from those stupid travel rules. Well, I fucking hope he likes the taste of crow, because I'm going to be shoving his little wager down all three of his throats!”
  929. >You bop the wolfess on the nose playfully
  930. >Her tongue ejects like a cash register
  931. >”Man, I’m so glad she let me have this back,” Volfa says, tapping the jewels on her choker, “and it’s a pretty nice box to keep it in! Not that I’m ever going to take it off again....”
  932. >Come to think of it, the box did seem unusually heavy
  933. >You remove the cushion, and Volfa sputters in embarrassment
  934. >”H-ha ha...well, when I told Medafet how much I love you, I might have...heh...ran my mouth off about some pretty loft dreams for our future.”
  935. >Hidden at the bottom of the box are two vials: one red, and one gold
  936. >There’s writing above each of them respectively
  937. >”His”
  938. >”Hers”
  939. >And an etching of a heart between them
  940. >”When you’re ready, of course,” she laughs. “No rush. I mean, if you still want to, ah....”
  941. >You lean into Volfa for an impassioned kiss
  942. >The choker warms up between you, comfortably
  943. >You pause for air and a chance to get another good look at her wild attractiveness
  944. >When you go in for more, she wraps her arm around your neck and tussles your hair roughly
  945. >She pulls your crimson hood over your head and brings you in for another hug, blinding you to all but her dark fur
  946. >”And I hope you never stop wearing this, either!” she says, patting your back
  947. >That might make SOME things a little complicated, you think
  948. >She laughs
  949. >”How many times am I going to have to say it to you, Little Red?”
  950. >Even without seeing her face, you can imagine the look of rapture she has
  951. >And you can hear the waver in her voice
  952. >”We’ll make it work.”
  956. [[ HAIR OF THE DOG PART 3 ]]
  958. >”Get the lead out, Anon! You’d better not make us late!”
  959. >You and Volfa are rushing through the monster station, drawing even more attention than usual
  960. >On top of carrying BOTH your luggage, she keeps several strides ahead of you thanks to her long, powerful legs
  961. >Just two days ago you weren’t sure what your future with the dark wolfess would be
  962. >Now you’re on your way back to visit the human world with her
  963. >She seems even more excited than you
  964. >And of course it’s because of her you’re running late
  965. >The wolfess wouldn’t let go of you while you packed
  966. >”There’s no way your home is cooler than mine,” she sneered as you made the plans, “but I want to see it anyway. Gotta check out the dull life Little Red had before meeting me!”
  967. >Truthfully you don’t really want to stay in the human world for long either
  968. >However, there are still people who care enough about you, and you at least owe them an explanation for your sudden disappearance
  969. >”Just need to make one last stop,” Volfa says, steering you down the hall to “Licensing and Customs”
  970. >Oh, the “little girls’ room” again?
  971. >”You’re lucky I don’t have a free paw, buddy.”
  972. >That doesn’t stop her from ramming into you
  973. >”Anyway, this will only take a sec. I already ‘pre-approved’ everything with the old man yesterday.”
  974. >Indeed, Volfa launched out of her place to see her father and square things away
  975. >It would likely be the last time you ever have to leave her side
  976. >You walk into the office of the massive cerberus, who’s keeping himself busy with calls and paperwork
  977. >”Here you are,” the middle head sighs before you have a chance to even greet him
  978. >He drops a pair of tickets down from his sky-scraping desk
  979. >”Thanks again, pops,” the wolfess says with as much of a salute as she can with the luggage in tow. “We’ll be back in a week or two.”
  980. >”Very well,” the cerberus responds
  981. >As you turn to leave, his booming voice stops you
  982. >”Mr. Anon, a word with you, if I may? Alone?”
  983. >Volfa shoots him a look, as if daring him to try anything funny
  984. >When she’s gone the cerberus puts all his work aside and stands up, giving you a good look at just how colossal he is
  985. >”I’m sure you’ve been given your share of threats from everyone here since your arrival about what will happen to you should any harm come to her.”
  986. >He’s not wrong; that cheery spore mother in Gulchgut got pretty terrifying
  987. >”So I will spare you my own lecture. Instead, I have a request.”
  988. >You expected him to be angry or menacing as he looms over you
  989. >Not somber and soft-spoken
  990. >”Please, take care of my Volfa. I know I haven’t always been there for her, haven’t always been the best father. But, she’s all I have left in this life. I can’t lose her as well. Please, Anon.”
  991. >You didn’t give his desk much attention last time, but now you notice a much larger version of the picture that hangs in Volfa’s room
  992. >A three-headed canine and a human woman, love in their faces
  993. >You nod to the cerberus
  994. >You promise to let nothing bad happen to her
  995. >”Thank you for understanding.”
  996. >He turns to stare at the wall
  997. >”You may go. Have a safe trip.”
  998. >The middle head keeps looking directly forward while the flanking two each pull out handkerchiefs, dabbing their eyes and noses
  999. >When you return to Volfa she gives you a suspicious look
  1000. >”He better not have been too hard on you.”
  1001. >You just shake your head
  1003. >Through the station and into the sedan that brought you to the monsters’ home you go
  1004. >The driver is trying to hide his exposed muscle tissue with the mask of a saggy old man
  1005. >”Tickets, please.”
  1006. >The ride doesn’t feel nearly as long now that you’re not anxiously waiting to see your love again
  1007. >And yet, you almost wish the ride would be longer so you can continue spending such a peaceful moment with Volfa
  1008. >Her energy and willingness to have a good time are legendary, but even in complete silence you can feel her force of presence
  1009. >In the rear-view mirror you see some life in the driver’s face as he cracks a smile at the happy couple
  1010. >You look from him to the glamour of Volfa’s jeweled choker: you’re not sitting beside a wolfess, but a dark-haired human
  1011. >She’s no doubt a beautiful figure, one that is so similar to her mother’s that it’s no wonder her father fell in love with a human
  1012. >But all the while you see the illusion it just makes you more determined to always look at Volfa with your own two eyes
  1013. >No doubt a deliberate flaw in the glamour’s design from that sly apothecary to keep lovers’ gaze on the one who matters most
  1014. >Good move, Medafet
  1016. >You arrive back at your hometown in the evening
  1017. >Things look too boring already compared to the monster world
  1018. >Volfa easily reads your demeanor
  1019. >”Come on, I was just messing with you before. I’m sure it’ll be a good time!”
  1020. >You hadn’t even given much thought into who to visit or where you’ll even be staying
  1021. >Some friends and family would likely take you in, but there’s still something holding you back from introducing your wolfess girlfriend of one week to them
  1022. >”Well, if you’re giving up already, I think I have a place in mind,” Volfa says
  1023. >Sure enough, there’s a place hidden in the city that only someone like Volfa could find
  1024. >And much like the secret catacombs you were spirited away to over a month ago, the buildings around you seem to shift to give access only to those who need it
  1025. >There’s a stonework concierge inside for the single room he guards, though you wouldn’t be surprised by now if that room is some kind of weird extra-dimensional space
  1026. >”We can stay with your family sometime, don’t worry,” the wolfess says as she tosses the luggage inside, “but here’s our little getaway when we need some extra...privacy.”
  1027. >Well, it’s definitely cozy
  1028. >One bed, a few tables and assorted furniture, a bathroom, and a small hearth for warmth
  1029. >She reaches into a dresser and tosses you something
  1030. >It’s a stack of bills
  1031. >Holy...
  1032. >That’s a lot of money
  1033. >”Nobody beats us when it comes to Halloween. Nobody. We make bank off you guys every year from costumes and party stuff, and it’s enough to spread around to anyone who needs it when they come to visit.”
  1034. >So, how many other monsters are even allowed to freely walk around when it’s not Halloween?
  1035. >”Not many, so don’t blow this for us.”
  1036. >Volfa grabs the stack and playfully slaps you in the face with it
  1037. >”You saw how uptight the old man was about me coming here. Now, imagine if you don’t have a magical disguise choker, or good ol’ nepotism to help you out. At most you’re leasing a closet space in some small child’s bedroom.”
  1038. >She flips through the wad of bills with her claw
  1039. >”Not saying we should be wasting all this on ourselves, but I’d like to see the best of what you think the humans have to offer, you know?”
  1040. >She tucks the money into your crimson jacket and gives it a little pat
  1041. >”Just remember, when we’re back at ‘home’ home, you won’t need any of this. I’ve got everything I need over there to take care of you, Little Red.”
  1042. >You have the freedom to do practically anything
  1043. >Though despite what Volfa said about seeing “the best” of the human world, you get the feeling she just wants to do what you enjoy most
  1044. >Whatever makes you happy
  1045. >”Remember, I’m ‘Vee’ when we’re here,” she says with a nudge
  1046. >Right, “V for Volfa”?
  1047. >”Hey, I didn’t come up with it myself. My old man thought it would work if he ever had to bring me here with him.”
  1048. >Wait, the cerberus expected to bring her here himself?
  1049. >Volfa is mum on the subject
  1051. >You take Volfa to your favorite hangouts and restaurants
  1052. >You go to typical dating spots like theaters, museums, make-out spots...
  1053. >For only being allowed to visit the human world once per year, she already knows how most things seem to work
  1054. >It’s not really showing someone around who has never seen “civilization” before, but rather showing someone around when they’ve only seen the place at night
  1055. >At first you’re on edge just walking around in public with her
  1056. >Nobody else can see her the same way as you do, but it takes some adjustment time to have a large anthropomorphic wolf walking with you down the street
  1057. >Like being naked on the “safe” side of a one-way mirror
  1058. >Every so often you’ll be in the city when Volfa and a random stranger make eye contact
  1059. >The two exchange nods, then go about their ways
  1060. >Friend of hers?
  1061. >”Heh, no idea who he is, but you should know better than anyone what comradery us monsters have.”
  1062. >She might be selling humans a little short, because your family accepts Volfa immediately
  1063. >Though she might just have some kind of power over people like that
  1064. >Still, she isn’t spared the same kind of, “Don’t do anything to hurt him,” warning you’ve gotten several times already from her own people
  1065. >She takes it in stride, making sure to give them plenty of cues as to just how much she loves you
  1066. >The only thing she holds back is your nickname
  1067. >Medafet made a good observation: she really doesn’t ever use it except when she’s alone with you
  1068. >You’re met with no resistance when you try explaining to your folks you’ll probably be living with “Vee” most of the time, but you’ll come home to visit everyone occasionally
  1069. >Speaking of which, your friends are awestruck by Volfa
  1070. >”Where did you even find someone like her?” they say
  1071. >When you’re feeling snarky, you tell them the complete truth:
  1072. >She met YOU when the rest of the group abandoned you for some crappy Freak Fair ride
  1073. >The guilt of their past deed doesn’t outweigh their jealousy
  1074. >Of course Volfa is the instigator type, rubbing it in with her public displays of affection
  1075. >”I really got the best one to be my Little Red,” she says to you in private
  1077. >You’re really looking forward to New Year’s Eve
  1078. >You’ve already bounced between worlds a few times, but you persuaded her to stay on the human side at least for the end of the year
  1079. >Knowing how much Volfa loves to party (and drink), you bet it’s going to be her second favorite holiday by far
  1080. >So it’s a bit of a shocker when she’s completely disinterested in going out for the celebration
  1081. >”You know, there’s something we really don’t do often enough, and I’d like to make up for lost time.”
  1082. >The two of you are back at the hideaway with a cozy fire going
  1083. >At first you think she’s just being sensual and getting in the mood
  1084. >That can’t possibly be what she was talking about given how blunt she is about her sex
  1085. >And how hard you rock the bed most nights
  1086. >”Come over here, big guy,” she says, sitting up against the couch
  1087. >Not even ON the couch, but right on the floor in front of it
  1088. >She pats the empty spot beside her and you take a seat
  1089. >Once settled she wraps an arm around your shoulder and pulls you in snugly
  1090. >You expect something big to happen, but it never does
  1091. >You’re soon wishing nothing ever does
  1092. >She leans her head against yours, stroking the back of your neck and massaging your scalp with her gentle paw
  1093. >You pay her back, running your fingers through her dark, smooth pelt
  1094. >Your free hand interlocks with hers
  1095. >There’s no urgency, no worries, no deadlines to dread
  1096. >Just watching the flickering hearth in your shared room, removed from the rest of the world for a moment
  1097. >She eventually leans into you too much, and you end up on your side with her pressed up behind you
  1098. >Her arm is draped over your body, and her legs over yours
  1099. >Your head is resting in the crook of her neck; its plush fur billowing over you just enough so you can savor her earthly aroma
  1100. >Your front is warmed by the fire while everything else is covered by your wolfess
  1101. >Her paw rubs your chest in slow circles
  1102. >You can hear the occasional thumping of her tail on the floor, when you’re not completely absorbed in the flow of her deep breathing
  1103. >Breathing that soothes you with a tranquilizing rhythm
  1104. >Your only wish in this moment is to see her face as she protects you with such a caring embrace
  1105. >Her chest heaves into your back before she lets out a drawn-out sigh
  1106. >”I don’t think I have the energy to make it to the bed tonight,” she chuckles
  1107. >Neither do you
  1108. >The fire stays with you until you can’t keep your eyes open any longer, then it excuses itself little by little
  1109. >”Love you...” Volfa whispers before drifting off to sleep
  1110. >It’s amazing how the floor can feel better than any mattress, as long as you’re in the arms of the one you love most
  1112. >October 31st
  1113. >Your one-year anniversary with Volfa
  1114. >The whole gang is back together at Freak Fair, with the addition of the wolfess
  1115. >This time, SHE’s in the red cloak while you’re wearing the nightgown and a cheesy wolfman mask
  1116. >The guys make sure to keep close to you, thinking your good fortune from last year is going to rub off on them
  1117. >Unlike last year, you’re in the FRONT of the line for the same ride you first met Volfa on, Turmoil of Loathe
  1118. >You’re not a single rider anymore, either
  1119. >When the ride’s over the two of you have a head start before the guys get off to escape for the “real” entertainment
  1120. >”Are you sure you don’t want them to come along?” the wolfess says
  1121. >You’ve thought about it; you’re sure a few of them would love the monster world
  1122. >But some selfish part of you wants to keep it a secret, if only for a little while longer
  1123. >”Yeah, I don’t blame you,” she says. “Remember how little I trusted you at first?”
  1124. >Like you’d forget ANY part of that night
  1125. >”I hope you saved my little memento from the next morning!”
  1126. >Even the dark, twisting road to the catacombs somehow feels the same
  1127. >Before you know it, you’re tossing aside your costume in the catacomb foyer
  1128. >Volfa hands you her cloak
  1129. >Your cloak
  1130. >”You know the drill, Little Red,” she winks. “It stays on until I rip it off!”
  1131. >The place is the same is how you remember it, only this time the monsters are more accustomed to the sight of you
  1132. >You run the gauntlet of festivities first, at Volfa’s request
  1133. >The two of you are shaking things up a bit by doing everything backwards
  1134. >When you take a breather, you’re back at the bar just leaning on the counter and slamming some pretty hair-raising drinks
  1135. >Everyone else is genuinely having a good time as well, and not standing around like they’re just here to be decoration
  1136. >”This is so much better,” Volfa sighs. “I feel like a real dumb pup for trying to force things back at the mausoleum....”
  1137. >You rub her back, and she does the same for you
  1138. >You spot a few human girls mixed in with the crowd, dreamy smiles and blissfully unaware of what exactly they got themselves into
  1139. >”Poor things probably won’t have a single memory of this tomorrow.”
  1140. >Volfa does a click with her tongue
  1141. >”You might have to consider bringing your friends next year. Getting kind of tired of seeing only the dude monsters have fun with the humans.”
  1142. >Looking back at ditching your friends, you hope they can still have a good night on their own
  1143. >Everyone deserves to have their own Volfa
  1144. >You’re pulled under her arm affectionately
  1145. >”Not like I should be sweating stuff like that. After all, my old man met the love of his life at a party just like this.”
  1146. >A human woman, stolen away for a night of merriment, likely having no idea she’d be the mother of a snarky wolf child
  1147. >”It was him who pushed so hard to organize this one night of freedom for everyone, even getting a shitty desk job just to keep our two worlds connected.”
  1148. >Guess it wouldn’t be completely the same with Volfa if she didn’t have a moment of reflection like this
  1149. >”And I was kind of a brat to him all those years, breaking the rules all the time and almost ruining things for everyone....”
  1150. >The sooner she gets it off her chest, the sooner you can get back to the revelry
  1151. >You give her a kiss on the muzzle, and you get a lick in return
  1152. >”This is why you’re my wingman!” she laughs. “You keep me looking at the best of things!”
  1153. >She stares at you with those golden eyes
  1154. >First with a dopy grin, then a more seductive one
  1155. >”Always the best things...” she hums
  1156. >You go back to people watching for a while, until Volfa clears her throat
  1157. >”Speaking of family....”
  1158. >You wait for the rest, but she just pauses
  1159. >Every so often her mouth opens to find the words
  1160. >Then she balks and goes silent for a while longer
  1161. >”Hey,” she finally says, “wanna go upstairs for a bit? Managed to get the same room and everything! We can come back to all this later, if you want.”
  1162. >Volfa reaches for two empty glasses and a bottle of wine before leading you to the higher levels
  1163. >Up to the apartments protected from the humans milling about on the streets below
  1164. >A beautiful sight of the city flooding you with nostalgia as you look out the sloped window
  1165. >In a room that seems completely untouched since last year
  1166. >All that’s different is a wooden box sitting on the table
  1167. >Lid open, with two vials on full display
  1168. >One red, like your lucky cloak
  1169. >One gold, like her mesmerizing gaze
  1170. >”I know I’ve talked about it before,” she says, “but I thought maybe I’d plant the idea in your head again.”
  1171. >She takes your silence as encouragement to continue
  1172. >”We might be an inseparable, wild pair, but someday we’re going to want to settle down for a bit, right? I think my old man was on to something in that regard.”
  1173. >She pops the cork, and it sails across the moonlit window
  1174. >”Gotta get some new goals when you think you have everything you want, ya know? What I want now is to see what kind of little bastards we can make together.”
  1175. >As she pours the wine, you think you can see the liquid in the vials twinkling in the corner of your eye
  1176. >”And if we want some alone time, I’m sure we can get someone to watch the pups. Obviously there’s my old man, but recently I heard there’s also a sweet little apothecary back home who knows how to handle troublesome wolf pups.”
  1177. >Well, if Medafet indeed taught Volfa what she knows about messing with people, “troublesome” would be softballing it
  1178. >”But, this is all for when you’re ready, Little Red. I’m not the type of girl who just rushes you into things, am I?”
  1179. >There’s that impish tongue of hers sticking out at you
  1180. >Volfa hands you your glass, then hooks your arm with hers
  1181. >There’s no doubt she’s going to have you under the sheets before midnight, but you’re content just staring into her eyes until that time comes
  1182. >”Happy Halloween, Anon.”
  1186. >The end
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