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Anselm's Aerial Insanity

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  1. 06[22:49] * Anselm returns to the window, and looks out to attempt to spot new aircraft.
  2. [22:52] <antoine> Wind and rain buffets you as you stand in the opening you made. There are five aircraft in a loose formation approaching fast, two lead ones are vultures with three valkyries behind them. In the streets below you see lights being turned on in buildings and shouts of alarm are heard from the ant-like figures.
  3. 01[22:52] <Anselm> [How distant is the closest Vulture?]
  4. [22:53] <antoine> [1km and closing]
  5. 01[22:53] <Anselm> [Wow. I've got amazing eyesight.]
  6. [22:53] <antoine> [Genetically engineers super being]
  7. [22:54] <antoine> engineered*
  8. 01[22:54] <Anselm> [Yeah.]
  9. 01[22:54] <Anselm> [Let's see how much damage I can do...]
  10. 01[22:57] <Anselm> [I suppose I'll wait for the vehicles to get into range.]
  11. [22:58] <antoine> [k, about to hit]
  12. 01[23:00] <Anselm> [Alright, gonna leap out at the head Vulture first and attempt to latch onto the cockpit.]
  13. [23:00] <antoine> The two vultures cover the window two floors below you as Valks move in, their side doors being drawn back.
  14. [23:01] <antoine> [pilot]
  15. 06[23:02] * Anselm taks a quick step back, then drops down, guiding himself over one vulture and crashing against its pilot's canopy.
  16. 01[23:02] <Anselm> [Do I need to roll anything else, or should I just start wailing on the cockpit?]
  17. [23:02] <antoine> [start wailing, one attack for charge]
  18. 01[23:04] <Anselm> [Just going to make this clear for the next Vulture, I'm going to only attempt to break through the canopy on that one and not go for the pilot.]
  19. [23:06] <antoine> You cut into the cockpit before ripping it off it's hinges and throwing it into the wind and rain. The pilot looks scared out of his wits but the forward gunner closer to you is made of sterner stuff.
  20. 01[23:06] <Anselm> [Need I roll anything to rip this guy from his seat?]
  21. [23:06] <antoine> He jumps from his seat in the cockpit in an attempt to knock you off the vehicle
  22. [23:07] <antoine> [roll opposed str]
  23. [23:08] <antoine> You grab the poor gunner with a spare hand with ease, his legs and arms pumping in a wild flail.
  24. 06[23:08] * Anselm tosses the gunner over the edge, then grabs for the pilot.
  25. [23:09] <antoine> [their turn now]
  26. 01[23:09] <Anselm> [Fair enough, fair enough.]
  27. [23:10] <antoine> The Pilot yanks on the stick hard, pitching the craft over in an attempt to throw you off.
  28. 01[23:10] <Anselm> [Roll Agility?]
  29. [23:10] <antoine> [yes]
  30. 01[23:11] <Anselm> [Would it be possible to toss this guy and push that stick hard enough he collides with a Valkyrie before jumping off?]
  31. 01[23:11] <Anselm> [It collides, rather.]
  32. [23:12] <antoine> You deftly hang on, feet firmly planted on the nose of the craft. The hear the sound of the other vultures pilot and gunner over the vox in the aircraft. Looking up you spot them turning and retreating to get a shot at you. The first valkyrie has it's troops disembark, they fire lines into the interior wall of the room as safety line before jumping across.
  33. [23:13] <antoine> [your turn[
  34. 01[23:14] <Anselm> [Hm... what length of Action would it be to yank this guy from his seat? Didn't seem hard with the suit pilot.]
  35. [23:14] <antoine> [half action to grab and toss him over.]
  36. [23:14] <antoine> [opposed str]
  37. 01[23:14] <Anselm> [Alright, forget that then. Where's the other Vulture?]
  38. [23:14] <antoine> [60m]
  39. 01[23:15] <Anselm> [Then I think I can Pilot my way to it with Flyer [12]. Is that good?]
  40. [23:15] <antoine> [Sure, roll it]
  41. 06[23:16] * Anselm lets go of the gunship and fires his turbofans, leaping over to the second one.
  42. 01[23:16] <Anselm> [Anything else need to be done to grapple this one's canopy?]
  43. [23:16] <antoine> [they were overwatching you, they will fire first]
  44. 01[23:17] <Anselm> Let's see them try...
  45. 01[23:17] <Anselm> [Er. Ahem.]
  46. 01[23:17] <Anselm> [Let's see them try...]
  47. [23:19] <antoine> The chin turret of the Vulture rattles off a burst, jinking left and right you avoid them before the wing mounted lascannons fire, the shots go wide and you land on their nose.
  48. 06[23:21] * Anselm climbs up the gunship's front and up to the pilot's canopy.
  49. [23:22] <antoine> The first valkyrie cuts its lines and moves off as the second moves in and deploys its troops.
  50. 01[23:22] <Anselm> [Gonna rip this thing open like the first one.
  51. 01[23:22] <Anselm> Rollan.]
  52. 06[23:23] * Anselm carves the cockpit open with his power sword, and brandishes his melta bomb in hand.
  53. 01[23:24] <Anselm> With a booming voice the Knight-Brother shouts at the pilot and his co-pilot. "Do as I say or I shall obliterate the both of you in holy fire!"
  54. 01[23:24] <Anselm> [Rolling to Intimidate.]
  55. [23:24] <antoine> [roll it]
  56. 01[23:27] <Anselm> "Open fire on that offloading Valkyrie!
  57. 01[23:27] <Anselm> "Do it now! Do it as I tell you!"
  58. [23:39] <antoine> The Lascannon cuts a huge gouge in the side of the first valkyrie, its banks left and pulls away, fire coming from its engines. The wing mounted missiles racks hit the second valkyrie, the force of the impact throws the aircraft into the building, where is explodes, taking a huge section of the weakened structure off and killing those who had just disembarked. The heavy bolter chin turret...
  59. [23:39] <antoine> ...turns and rakes the last valkyrie, shearing off the cockpit and nose of the aircraft. It falls in two halve down the side of the spire.
  60. 01[23:40] <Anselm> [And that other Vulture still remains?]
  61. [23:44] <antoine> [retreating]
  62. 01[23:44] <Anselm> [Fair enough.]
  63. 01[23:45] <Anselm> "There is a handheld vox-caster aboard, yes? Give its mouthpiece to me!"
  64. [23:47] <antoine> The man passes a handheld vox mic to you in trembling hands
  65. 06[23:50] * Anselm activates the vox. "Know me and know death, disloyal whores! I am Knight-Brother Anselm, Lord of Silen, bane of Tau, slayer of Tyranids! Death has grasped me and I have made it my mistress! You stand against he who spat in the face of the greatest xeno-atrocities and destroyed them from within themselves! You face damnation! To deny the God-Emperor is to meet the executioner's axe! Surrender and repent, and you may yet live!"
  66. 01[23:51] <Anselm> [A bit of a stretch, but shall I roll for Intimidate?]
  67. [23:53] <antoine> [sure]
  68. 01[23:53] <Anselm> [This'll be so fucking weird...]
  69. Session Time: Sun Aug 28 00:00:00 2011
  70. [00:01] <antoine> After a significant period a voice is heard through the wind and rain, ++Whoever you are, you have broken the peace of this world and attacked the spire, I cannot allow that, surrender and I will seek clemency from the Parliament.++
  71. 06[00:03] * Anselm looks down at the pilot, and clicks the vox open. "Then you shall know death."
  72. 06[00:04] * Anselm lets the vox's cord snap back as he releases the vox. "Pilot! If you wish to live you will repent... by strafing those ground units!"
  73. [00:05] <antoine> [roll intimidate]
  74. [00:07] <antoine> [refering to hydra batteries?]
  75. 01[00:08] <Anselm> [That and any troops on the ground. Whatever he gets to, really, before the Hydras shoot him down.]
  76. [00:09] <antoine> The two men scared out of their minds give furious nods in an effort to save themselves from your fury.
  77. 06[00:17] * Anselm repositions above the canopy and holds on.
  78. [00:19] <antoine> The vulture swoops down. It's engine roaring as it lines up on a hydra battery.
  79. [00:22] <antoine> The lascannons miss by a huge margin while a few rockets smash into the AAA unit, damaging it but no tell-tale explosion marks it.
  80. [00:24] <antoine> The return fire from another battery tears great chunks from the vultures hide, a great column of smoke starts coming from the engine, the speed and wind creating a high pitch whistle as it runs past your armour.
  81. 01[00:26] <Anselm> [Any lee-way for something such as directing myself to fall towards the Hydra?]
  82. [00:26] <antoine> [sure, need another pilot test for the landing]
  83. 06[00:27] * Anselm "You have done well!" the Knight-Brother booms, before letting go of his grip and dropping down, flying for the anti-air vehicles.
  84. 01[00:27] <Anselm> [Any other troops on the ground besides that?]
  85. [00:29] <antoine> You angle down towards the source of the return fire, barely dodging the heavy rounds and tracers reaching up into the sky. You ignite your jump pack to steady your decent but still land at break-neck speeds, crashing into the pavement 26m away from the hydra battery. On the way down you spotted squads of PDF pouring into the bottom of the spire with tanks moving into roadblock positions.
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