New Battle Villa Intro (ver2.2.0)

Oct 29th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. 📓 New Villa Intro (v2.2.0) 📓
  4. 1: "Oh! By the way, [Player]...",
  5. 2: "I got some souvenirs from the Battle Villa!",
  6. 3: "I can share some with you, [Player]!
  7. Here you go! ",
  8. 4: "You can break open a lucky cookie to get a neat
  9. surprise! But what you get is all up to luck!",
  10. 5: "[Player], why don’t you try
  11. your luck and open one? You might get something
  12. really good!",
  13. 6: "Wow! Looks like you’ve learned a new kind of
  14. skill! That’s so cool!",
  15. 7: "There are all kinds of lucky cookies, too!",
  16. 8: "You can get lucky scrolls and lucky cookies as
  17. prizes for winning battles in the Battle Villa!",
  18. 9: "I also heard that the Battle Villa is only open at
  19. certain times!",
  20. 10: "If you want to give it a shot, I’ll go and battle
  21. with you!"
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