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  1. Key: Logan Sweetleaf
  2. Character: Shasel
  3. Skill(or transformation): Vaizard Mask tier 2
  4. Reasoning:  
  6. After already killing one person on accident, and getting beat up in a fight with Raotsume against Gragnirr, which sadly wasn't even a close match.. Well, Shasel's realized that he's going to have to start training some.
  8. One of the main reasons he's been so adamant about it in the past is because using his mask brings out his supposed worst qualities. Which, coincidentally, are the qualities he was created to have. Being attuned to things such as poisons, death, and decay; he's tried his best to stray away from those things. Knowing full well that once he gives into the temptations, that it's hard to him to actually stop. It's what he's good at, after all - so it comes natural to him, and he even enjoys doing it.
  10. But since he's kind of weak right now, and the fact that not being able to control those urges actually makes him a huge liability on anyone that he's around. He's decided to start actually trying to control, and master these urges. Sadly for him, though, that those urges have a very high chance of just taking him over. And allowing for his 'true' self to be the one in control.
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