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  2. [20:25:10]  <Debaser>   true AAAman
  3. [20:25:13]  <g0shzilla> 'huge change' - what is that hugeosity?
  4. [20:25:19]  <mime>  It was for people who got banned etc. from other channels due to tyranny.
  5. [20:25:21]  <AAAman>    g0shzilla is back quoting the Bible -- good
  6. [20:25:23]  <g0shzilla> and now? it STILL IS for the politicallyt DERANGED!
  7. [20:25:28]  <mime>  No.
  8. [20:25:41]  <mime>  Today it is for people who licks ass for a living.
  9. [20:25:50]  <Debaser>   mime: you're here though
  10. [20:25:55]  <mime>  For so long...
  11. [20:26:04]  <Debaser>   did you just tell us your job?
  12. [20:26:06]  Nelafk is now known as Nellie
  13. [20:26:15]  <AAAman>    Trump lies --Of all people, Neil Cavuto of Fox News reminded his viewers of THE PAST. Trump's new line that Mexico would pay for the wall through trade deals, prompted Neil Cavuto to cut him up.
  14. [20:26:20]  <mime>  At 60 dollars an hour you wouldnt think otherwise?
  15. [20:26:37]  <Debaser>   mime but ass licking? you're nasty
  16. [20:26:47]  <mime>  Well, thats how this room has changed.
  17. [20:27:00]  <mime>  g0shzilla used to be an objective channel manager, she was just a formality.
  18. [20:27:00]  <AAAman>    Cavuto remarked, "All right, this is an Abbott and Costello thing (and in a high pitched voice continued) but that is not exactly what you said - in the past."   He then played a compilation of Trump's comedy routine:
  19. [20:27:00]  <Debaser>   keep your job to yourself dude
  20. [20:27:06]  <Debaser>   no one wants to hear about that
  21. [20:27:06]  <mime>  Today, this is very different.
  22. [20:27:17]  <mime>  g0shzilla used to uphold conservative values.
  23. [20:27:21]  Nellie ( left IRC (Quit:
  24. [20:27:26] X sets mode +l 56
  25. [20:27:31]  <AAAman>    If Mexico is magically paying for the wall with a trade deal that hasn't been signed into law yet then, why is he shutting down the government at all and demanding Congress gives him 5 billion dollars to build the wall?
  26. [20:27:34]  <mime>  Today, I can be banned for saying that.
  27. [20:27:50]  <mime>  Today, one are banned at her wims, as she said.
  28. [20:28:27]  <mime>  What is this other OP in #political or #politics, which used to ban g0shzilla for saying her opinion?
  29. [20:28:38]  <mime>  Anyway, g0shzilla has turned into that one.
  30. [20:29:04]  <mime>  Today, one cant speak as an adult, but everything is personal...
  31. [20:29:04]  Deanr` ( joined the channel
  32. [20:29:34]  <PlagueRat> oh my gawd, it's "poor pathetic me" time...
  33. [20:29:35]  <mime>  Its very sad to see.
  34. [20:29:35] X sets mode +v Deanr`
  35. [20:29:38]  <^skunk``>  aaaman every time u eat taco bell u pay for thew wall
  36. [20:29:50]  <Debaser>   god i want taco bell
  37. [20:30:22]  <PlagueRat> Help, help.  I'm being oppressed because I can't be a totally revolting flaming dickhead on IRC
  38. [20:30:26]  <mime>  Please, Debaser and PlagueRat, do not abuse the Lords name.
  39. [20:30:42]  <mime>  This is written in stone in Western culture.
  40. [20:30:57]  <^skunk``>  BREAKING: White House has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to see which projects they could cancel or delay in order to divert money to construction of a border wall in event of emergency declaration - NPR sources
  41. [20:31:04]  <Debaser>   god fucking dammit jesus fucking christ off the titty fucking cross don't tell me what to do
  42. [20:31:08]  <mime>  Hush.
  43. [20:31:12]  <PlagueRat> mime... you mean god?  as in saying god damn ?  or do you object to "holy fucking god"
  44. [20:31:18]  <mime>  Hush.
  45. [20:31:23]  <mime>  Teens, stop that.
  46. [20:31:24]  <^skunk``>  aaman that wall is going to be buitl
  47. [20:31:26]  <^skunk``>  built
  48. [20:31:29]  <Debaser>   what did the priest say after he took a dump?
  49. [20:31:31]  <Debaser>   holy shit
  50. [20:31:36]  <mime>  Thats not even funny.
  51. [20:31:37]  <Ragtime^>  PlagueRat never speaks ill of Islam.  In that sense, he is the yellowest of cowards.
  52. [20:31:41]  <Debaser>   lol
  53. [20:31:46]  <Debaser>   that's why it's funny
  54. [20:31:47]  <PlagueRat> Debaser -  I think you are going to hell now.
  55. [20:31:57]  <mime>  Debaser Lack of humor?
  56. [20:32:15]  <g0shzilla> people might wonder what 'goshzilla' means - well - as a child i was told not to say God, certainly not to take the Name in vain, so...
  57. [20:32:20]  <mime>  PlagueRat I want to ask you. Mohammedan terror - does it exist?
  58. [20:32:24]  <g0shzilla> gosh not God
  59. [20:32:29]  <g0shzilla> and so :)
  60. [20:32:38]  <PlagueRat> Ragtime^ -  well,  to tell you the truth,  Islam hasn't shit all over me most of my life.  But if it were the dominant religion around here I suppose it would do so,  so Fuck Muhammed, Fuck Allah,  Fuck Islam.
  61. [20:32:48]  <^skunk``>  Joe Biden’s Brother Says Family Voted For Trump haha.
  62. [20:32:53]  <mime>  I guess that answers the question.
  63. [20:32:58]  <Debaser>   true
  64. [20:33:02]  <g0shzilla> pr come on has christianity done that?
  65. [20:33:03]  <g0shzilla> come on
  66. [20:33:07]  <mime>  Debaser Your time.
  67. [20:33:21]  <Debaser>   g0shzilla: christianity told me i was a sinner when i was a little kid
  68. [20:33:25]  <Debaser>   lol
  69. [20:33:32]  <Debaser>   i was like "fuck you"
  70. [20:33:33]  <g0shzilla> and islam seems very much to WANT to do that to you/all of us
  71. [20:33:42]  <mime>  Debaser Could you even say "fuck Muhammed" without being put in jail in Canada?
  72. [20:33:43]  <^skunk``>  And Biden ripped Clinton for calling Trump voters "deplorables."
  73. [20:33:49]  <Debaser>   that's when i stopped going to church
  74. [20:33:52]  <Debaser>   of course mime
  75. [20:33:55]  <mime>  Debaser Do it.
  76. [20:33:58]  <^skunk``>  aaman hillary made a mistake
  77. [20:34:00]  <Debaser>   what's wrong with you?
  78. [20:34:04]  <Debaser>   fuck muhammed
  79. [20:34:06]  <mime>  Debaser Do it then.
  80. [20:34:09]  <Debaser>   fuck muhammed
  81. [20:34:10]  <Debaser>   fuck muhammed
  82. [20:34:10]  X kicked Debaser from the channel (### Channel Repeat Protection Triggered ###)
  83. [20:34:12]  <PlagueRat> g0shzilla - oh jezuz...  Christianity used to insist no beer sales on sunday,  no dirty books,  no this, no that.  Christianity infects schools with superstition.  Christianity tries tocontrol almost every aspect of people's lives...  
  84. [20:34:18]  Debaser ( joined the channel
  85. [20:34:20]  <mime>  OK.
  86. [20:34:24] X sets mode +v Debaser
  87. [20:34:32]  <mime>  Debaser So you do not like muhammedanism?
  88. [20:34:42]  <g0shzilla> pr i wouldn't say 'control' - but yeah - any religion would address all life
  89. [20:34:45]  <Debaser>   you have a severe misunderstanding of a lot of things
  90. [20:34:52]  <Debaser>   Canada and Tesla among them
  91. [20:35:00]  <mime>  Canada has no culture.
  92. [20:35:05]  <Debaser>   see?
  93. [20:35:08]  <Debaser>   you don't know shit
  94. [20:35:10]  <mime>  Debaser Show me your national suits.
  95. [20:35:16]  <PlagueRat> g0shzilla -  the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't try to address your choice of Antipasti !!!
  96. [20:35:25]  <g0shzilla> pr lololol
  97. [20:35:34]  <g0shzilla> i think islam might lol
  98. [20:35:44]  <Debaser>   suits aren't proof of culture
  99. [20:35:48]  <mime>  Debaser hehe
  100. [20:36:00]  <mime>  Debaser says suits aren't proof of culture, to a European.
  101. [20:36:04]  <mime>  heheh
  102. [20:36:06]  <g0shzilla> wait a sec! mime is still #here! talking freely!
  103. [20:36:19]  <mime>  Ja, just wait...
  104. [20:36:20] g0shzilla    checks her rules
  105. [20:36:29]  <PlagueRat> my birthday suit proves I have no culture.    Here, let me turn around and show my the fundament of my birthday suit...   ( | )
  106. [20:36:29]  <mime>  I posted a link and got banned last time.
  107. [20:36:34]  <g0shzilla> oh that's right - they're only *guidelines* - and they're MINE!
  108. [20:36:34]  <mime>  Accidentally, even.
  109. [20:36:44]  <g0shzilla> lolol mime - you know - people can make mistakes
  110. [20:36:54]  <mime>  Really??
  111. [20:37:00]  <g0shzilla> i might NOT've made a mistake - but cripes - GET OVER IT
  112. [20:37:01]  <PlagueRat> such as mime's parents.  they made a mistake
  113. [20:37:10]  <g0shzilla> we ALL have to get over things, mistakes, crummy choices - by others
  114. [20:37:11]  <mime>  g0shzilla You get over yourself.
  115. [20:37:13]  <g0shzilla> really - grow up
  116. [20:37:15]  <g0shzilla> no.
  117. [20:37:24]  <mime>  There is this rumor.
  118. [20:37:30]  zec_ (~euler@ joined the channel
  119. [20:37:56] X sets mode +l 58
  120. [20:37:56]  <g0shzilla> are you making it up right now mime? as we speak?
  121. [20:37:58]  <mime>  I am not saying more.
  122. [20:38:00]  <g0shzilla> 'this rumor'?
  123. [20:38:19] X sets mode +v zec_
  124. [20:38:19]  <mime>  Yes, ask anyone. I doubt they will tell you.
  125. [20:38:21]  <g0shzilla> is this one of those 'gonna MAKE her kick/ban me to SHOW everybody how horrid SHE is' kinda things?
  126. [20:38:33]  <mime>  No, absolutely not.
  127. [20:38:36]  <g0shzilla> i admit - that does work but only to a point
  128. [20:38:37]  <arch>  *gidelines* :D
  129. [20:38:38]  <mime>  I am not here to get kicked or banned.
  130. [20:38:42]  <mime>  Then I wouldn't be here at all.
  131. [20:38:50]  <PlagueRat> g0shzilla - I'd like to thank you for creating this comedy channel.  At first I didn't realize it was all satire,  but as time has gone on the rich vein of surrealism has slowly yeilded comedy gold.     Mime is doing a great job today !!!
  132. [20:39:02]  <mime>  You think I come here to get banned or kicked??
  133. [20:39:10]  <g0shzilla> pr :) thank you lol
  134. [20:39:18]  <mime>  Heavens, I would just go to #political and say TRUMP
  135. [20:39:47]  <mime>  This is what I speak of...
  136. [20:40:07] g0shzilla    is sooooo hard-up for kindness she'll take almost ANYTHING
  137. [20:40:18]  <mime>  Well, give me immunity for saying it, and Ill say what the rumor is.
  138. [20:40:21]  <PlagueRat> mime - as one of your 17 lawyers I'd advise that  you use your very big brain to STFU   :)
  139. [20:40:25] g0shzilla    spreads her lil arms wide wait everybody he's gonna spill his guts
  140. [20:40:30]  <Debaser>   heheh PlagueRat
  141. [20:40:32]  <g0shzilla> or - that other stuff from down below
  142. [20:40:36]  Jerenn ( left IRC (Ping timeout)
  143. [20:40:39]  <g0shzilla> pr lol
  144. [20:40:46]  arch ( left IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
  145. [20:40:56] X sets mode +l 56
  146. [20:41:47]  arch ( joined the channel
  147. [20:42:02]  <mime>  And, I think this channel needs to find it roots again, g0shzilla, and I know you have it there, inside you.
  148. [20:42:13]  <mime>  Somewhere inside that heart, youll find the roots of this channel.
  149. [20:42:22]  <g0shzilla> ok
  150. [20:42:32]  <^skunk``>  aaaman u dont like the elec college ?  
  151. [20:42:34]  <^skunk``>  too bad
  152. [20:42:46]  <mime>  I remember it all.
  153. [20:42:52]  <arch>  hi
  154. [20:42:58]  <mime>  We had a hoot, didn't we?
  155. [20:42:59]  <PlagueRat> please,  don't put "roots" and "channel" in the same proximity...  I am still afraid of dentists after that root canal
  156. [20:43:03]  <g0shzilla> the elec college is not a simple thing to understand, or respect, i think
  157. [20:43:09]  <mime>  It was the best.
  158. [20:43:15]  <^skunk``>  its a good system
  159. [20:43:28]  <g0shzilla> skunk i believe so, yes
  160. [20:43:32]  <arch>  hii
  161. [20:43:46]  <g0shzilla> we've been raised on a sugar diet of 'democracy' too much for too long
  162. [20:44:06]  <g0shzilla> flagrantly ignoring the perils of democracy that isn't curbed severely like a vicious dog
  163. [20:44:20]  <mime>  The disguise of communism, Tolerance - inside this little circle!
  164. [20:44:23]  <g0shzilla> people even talk immediate democracy now via the net
  165. [20:44:34]  yarkenberg ( left IRC (Quit: I come here to have fun. Don't blame me if it happens at your expense kekekeke)
  166. [20:44:42]  <mime>  Its like the liberal church - they are so liberal that anyone who thinks otherwise arent welcome.
  167. [20:44:45]  <g0shzilla> i DO blame yarkenberg
  168. [20:44:45]  <^skunk``>
  169. [20:44:55]  <PlagueRat> don't worry... it looks like Trump has a plan to curb all that excess democracy
  170. [20:44:58]  <g0shzilla> skunk i adore dennis prager
  171. [20:45:07]  <^skunk``>  Three Reasons Why We Need the Electoral College
  172. [20:45:11]  <g0shzilla> pr aincha glad?
  173. [20:45:13]  rosco (rosco@2601:602:a7f:8e70:21e:c2ff:fe12:8290) left IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
  174. [20:45:16]  <mime>  I know what I speak of, for I left the liberal church when the local congregation got a female priest.
  175. [20:45:18]  <g0shzilla> i miss the bot
  176. [20:45:23]  <mime>  So tolerant they wouldnt even dismiss her!
  177. [20:45:37]  <Debaser>   House Democrats are passing Republican bills to open the government and Mitch McConnell won't even put them up for a vote.
  178. [20:45:45]  <g0shzilla> there have to be limits to tolerance, to every 'group'
  179. [20:45:45]  <crypto->   Goshzilla hello
  180. [20:45:50]  <g0shzilla> hello crypto
  181. [20:45:53]  <Debaser>   amazing levels of hypocrisy by Mitch
  182. [20:45:54]  <mime>  No,.
  183. [20:46:01]  <mime>  I do not agree.
  184. [20:46:09]  <mime>  You see, the word tolerance is high-jacket.
  185. [20:46:18]  <mime>  So is the world liberal.
  186. [20:46:21]  <g0shzilla> every 'thing' has limits - must have limits in order to be defined at all
  187. [20:46:27]  <g0shzilla> that's WHAT 'definition' means - limits
  188. [20:46:36]  <g0shzilla> you mean 'high jacked'?
  189. [20:46:43]  <g0shzilla> misused
  190. [20:46:53]  <mime>  No, a definition has limits, reality has non but those pressed upon it by definitions.
  191. [20:47:10]  <g0shzilla> mime - this is the mime i always liked
  192. [20:47:23]  <g0shzilla> that's a powerful idea to work on
  193. [20:47:24]  <mime>  :-)
  194. [20:47:26]  <g0shzilla> i agree
  195. [20:47:50]  <g0shzilla> reality is unlimited - we can't work without limits - we carve reality into bits/defined spaces 'things'
  196. [20:47:54]  <mime>  And our responsibility, is to keep those aside.
  197. [20:47:55]  <g0shzilla> parts of the whole
  198. [20:47:59]  <mime>  Exactly.
  199. [20:48:11]  <PlagueRat> mime - so, what has you all whiney ?   are you upset that you can't use the N-word?   Do you want to call people "pedo files" ?    Do you want to use some of Ragtime^'s favorite words?   What the fuck in god's name has you all mopey ?
  200. [20:48:12]  X kicked PlagueRat from the channel ((GagaBot) Please do not use that word in #RebelYell)
  201. [20:48:13]  <mime>  Thats conservative thought, thats how to keep peace.
  202. [20:48:26] X sets mode +l 54
  203. [20:48:30]  <g0shzilla> oh
  204. [20:48:31]  PlagueRat (PlagueRat@ joined the channel
  205. [20:48:31]  <g0shzilla> sigh
  206. [20:48:32]  <mime>  There was this time, when freedom was the middle ground between polarity.
  207. [20:48:38]  <mime>  Today freedom has become the enemy.
  208. [20:48:38]  arch ( left IRC (Read error: Operation timed out)
  209. [20:48:42]  <g0shzilla> pr yes it's new - no 'p' word anymore
  210. [20:48:48]  <g0shzilla> too many people abuse it too much
  211. [20:48:57] X sets mode +v PlagueRat
  212. [20:48:58]  <PlagueRat> but I even misspelled it and put in a space ?
  213. [20:49:09]  <g0shzilla> pr what can i say?
  214. [20:49:17]  arch ( joined the channel
  215. [20:49:23]  <g0shzilla> noo - you have it there bald
  216. [20:49:29]  <PlagueRat> What if I buy a new nail file for my toe callouses...  I can't talk about my pedi file ?
  217. [20:49:32]  <g0shzilla> maybe you tried to cover it up
  218. [20:49:40]  <g0shzilla> pedi - give the wrong idea alltogether! lololol
  219. [20:49:40]  <mime>  hehe
  220. [20:49:44]  <g0shzilla> lOLOLOL
  221. [20:49:45]  <PlagueRat> okay...  that one works...  :)
  222. [20:49:57]  <g0shzilla> lololol
  223. [20:50:04]  <Debaser>   PlagueRat: lol
  224. [20:50:51]  <g0shzilla> hmm
  225. [20:51:21]  <g0shzilla> i was gonna put it in the window topic
  226. [20:51:22]  <PlagueRat> I've been doing research on PETA...    I have all the documents in a PETA FILE
  227. [20:51:26]  <g0shzilla> but i got ascared
  228. [20:51:30]  <g0shzilla> lol
  229. [20:51:42]  <g0shzilla> and that bready stuff too - pita file
  230. [20:51:48]  <g0shzilla> oh this is fun lol
  231. [20:52:03]  <Debaser>   I met a guy from from Ireland Pete O'phyle
  232. [20:52:03]  <mime>  As long as you dont speak of paraphilia, its all OK.
  233. [20:52:14]  <g0shzilla> see? i HAVE changed! once loooong ago i considered seriously joining PETA
  234. [20:52:16]  <g0shzilla> eeek!
  235. [20:52:22]  <mime>  There was this time, and IrishKing remember it.
  236. [20:52:36]  <PlagueRat> paraphilia is out,  but monophilia is okay ???
  237. [20:52:37]  <g0shzilla> debaser :)
  238. [20:52:40]  <g0shzilla> lol
  239. [20:52:48]  <AAAman>    Of all people, Neil Cavuto of Fox News reminded his viewers of THE PAST. Trump's new line that Mexico would pay for the wall through trade deals, prompted Neil Cavuto to cut him up.
  240. [20:52:51]  <mime>  When I spoke of paraphilia in #scripture, because an OP was of the opinion that I supported it.
  241. [20:52:56]  <mime>  Remember that, IrishKing?
  242. [20:53:03]  <g0shzilla> is THIS what it takes to make us all friends working happily together on the same topic?
  243. [20:53:23]  <g0shzilla> ok  - what IS paraphilia? love or parrots?
  244. [20:53:24]  <g0shzilla> of
  245. [20:53:28]  <mime>  hehe
  246. [20:53:41]  <g0shzilla> irish isn't about right now
  247. [20:53:44]  <AAAman>    What if -- What if a "President Kamala Harris"declares a national emergency comes for their guns? Unlike the "crisis" at the border, dead school kids are REAL.
  248. [20:53:45]  <Debaser>   love of the paranormal
  249. [20:53:47]  <g0shzilla> only his ghostly shell
  250. [20:53:53]  <mime>  Paraphilia is an abnormal sexual... attraction.
  251. [20:54:12]  <g0shzilla> to anything? just 'abnormal'?
  252. [20:54:16]  <mime>  Yes.
  253. [20:54:29]  tis (~tis@ joined the channel
  254. [20:54:30]  tis (~tis@ left IRC (EOF from client)
  255. [20:54:30]  <arch>  :P
  256. [20:54:31]  <mime>  In this specific case, it was a paraphilia to animals.
  257. [20:54:37]  <mime>  And I spoke against it, of course.
  258. [20:54:49]  <mime>  Then this OP in the mentioned channel thought otherwise, that I supported it.
  259. [20:54:54]  <g0shzilla> 'philia' being sexual 'love' - not fondness for or 'love'
  260. [20:54:56]  <mime>  How he managed to think that, dont ask me.
  261. [20:55:06]  <mime>  But he thought that.
  262. [20:55:12]  IndigoMan ( left IRC (Quit)
  263. [20:55:16]  <g0shzilla> we ops can manage to think the weirdest things, trust me
  264. [20:55:18]  tis ( joined the channel
  265. [20:55:28]  <mime>  hehe
  266. [20:55:30]  <mime>  Well...
  267. [20:55:35]  <mime>  That was a strange case.
  268. [20:55:44] X sets mode +v tis
  269. [20:55:47]  <mime>  For I cant even image how such a conclusion could be drawn for what I said about ZETA.
  270. [20:55:59]  <AAAman>    mime --Steve King Wonders When Terms Like 'White Nationalist' Became Offensive?
  271. [20:56:08]  <mime>  Huh?
  272. [20:56:18]  <Debaser>   him and Ragtime^ and mime should hang out
  273. [20:56:24]  <Debaser>   they'd all get along great
  274. [20:56:32]  <crypto->   Aaaman cause he supports white supremacist
  275. [20:56:33]  <mime>  I have no clue who Steve King is.
  276. [20:56:41]  <mime>  Sounds like a coloured person.
  277. [20:57:02]  <mime>  And I dont understand the question.
  278. [20:57:08]  <Viper40>   dead kids at school, but will you throw legal gunowners in jail or the crimnals?
  279. [20:57:26]  <crypto->   Aaaman cause Steven king  supports white supremacist
  280. [20:57:49]  <Viper40>   perhaps if we applied gun control theory to stop rapes we'd throw every woman in jail, that would stop rapes
  281. [20:57:54]  <AAAman>    White supremacists make up a critical piece of the modern GOP. Without racist dog whistle politics, they'd lose a lot of close elections.
  282. [20:58:00]  <mime>  White nationalist has obvious connotations to nazi, and I understand how such is offensive to Republicans.
  283. [20:58:02]  <g0shzilla> viper whoa, 'modern' thinking!
  284. [20:58:17]  <mime>  For republicans are for multiculturalism, in controlled forms. They want vetted and approved immigration.
  285. [20:58:18]  <Viper40>   if white supremacy existed it's best ally would be "opponents" like AAAman
  286. [20:58:26]  <mime>  Its far, far, far, far, far, far, far beyond anything else.
  287. [20:58:36]  <Viper40>   goshzilla, and if you oppose, YOU'RE PRO-RAPE!!!! :) !!!!! :) !!!!
  288. [20:58:37]  <^skunk``>  im an asian supremacist
  289. [20:58:44]  <^skunk``>  they are the master race
  290. [20:58:54]  <g0shzilla> i like indians - asian, not american
  291. [20:59:12]  <^skunk``>  they go to harvard etc and do well
  292. [20:59:18]  <AAAman>    Viper40--Salmonella: It’s What’s For Dinner! Thanks to the Trump Shutdown, food inspections are on furlough.
  293. [20:59:28]  <g0shzilla> indians are great mathematicians
  294. [20:59:34]  <g0shzilla> why such a thing should be - i dunno
  295. [20:59:38]  <^skunk``>  they come to america with nothing but do well in one generation
  296. [20:59:41]  <independence>  donald trump is not a white nationalist. he is an american nationalist of caucasian descent
  297. [20:59:45]  <Debaser>   i wouldn't be eating lettuce in america right now
  298. [20:59:48]  <Debaser>   that's the real danger
  299. [20:59:52]  <Debaser>   nevermind illegal immigrants
  300. [20:59:54]  <Debaser>   ot
  301. [20:59:55]  <Viper40>   AAAman, congress was blamed for the last government shutdown, has Nancy and Chuck apologize for putting all of us in danger yet?
  302. [21:00:05]  <Debaser>   it's e fucking coli on your lettuce you should be worried about
  303. [21:00:05]  <^skunk``>  indians invented the zero
  304. [21:00:10]  <mime>
  305. [21:00:14]  <^skunk``>  asian indians invented the zero
  306. [21:00:20]  <g0shzilla> i find indians just plain attractive, physically
  307. [21:00:24]  <Viper40>   e coli when illegal alien hand have been all over it
  308. [21:00:29]  <AAAman>    Viper40-- Calls Trump a liar once again as Trump promised to take credit for the shut down
  309. [21:00:33]  <independence>  asians invented swords
  310. [21:00:38]  <Debaser>   why dont you like american natives g0shzilla
  311. [21:00:39]  <AAAman>    Trump Shut Down
  312. [21:00:39]  <independence>  spanish perfected them
  313. [21:00:41]  <^skunk``>  indian woman are attractive
  314. [21:00:44]  <g0shzilla> that, plus that math thingy, then the sound of their language/accented english - oy
  315. [21:00:45]  <Debaser>   that sounds racist as fuck
  316. [21:00:55]  <g0shzilla> debaser i didn't say i didn't
  317. [21:00:59]  <^skunk``>  racist there we go again
  318. [21:01:03]  <mime>  This is called mother instinct.
  319. [21:01:05]  <Debaser>   oh
  320. [21:01:09]  <Debaser>   ok :)
  321. [21:01:12]  <g0shzilla> but i don't much - the sound of their voices/speech, their 'style', their looks - unappealing to me
  322. [21:01:16]  <^skunk``>  a lib  cant talk 30 words without racist
  323. [21:01:35]  <Viper40>   Trump should declare emergency build the wall, reopen, Trump hatred may seem deep (and it is) but it's very flexible, when the government is reopened the liberals will loyally shift their rage somewhere else in a moment's notice
  324. [21:01:48]  <mime>  A mother would want the best for their child, and when they dont see that quality in a person, they are turned off.
  325. [21:01:53]  <g0shzilla> viper lol 'loyally shift their rage' lol
  326. [21:01:54]  <mime>  Not sexually, but humanly.
  327. [21:02:19]  <mime>  This is how woman choose spouses.
  328. [21:02:29]  <^skunk``>  this is not abuot the wall really, its about taking on trump thats all
  329. [21:02:45]  <g0shzilla> one time an indian touched my breast in public - *purely by accident*
  330. [21:02:54] g0shzilla    still cherishes that moment
  331. [21:02:55]  <Debaser>   tis
  332. [21:03:10]  <Debaser>   have you seen your shiny new future?
  333. [21:03:10]  <g0shzilla> it was sooo smoooth - a complete stranger lol
  334. [21:03:14]  <mime>  Of course, everyone has been there. At first of puberty, sexual attraction is more important. But as the person mature, other elements become more significant.
  335. [21:03:26]  <g0shzilla> still cracks me up
  336. [21:03:27]  <mime>  Suddenly, intelligence is very sexy, not a six pack.
  337. [21:03:45]  <AAAman>    Viper40   > What if -- What if a "President Kamala Harris"declares a national emergency comes for RIght Winger guns? Unlike the "crisis" at the border, dead school kids are REAL.--
  338. [21:03:48]  <g0shzilla> 'how'd he DO that' i still wonder
  339. [21:03:59]  <Debaser>   tis:
  340. [21:04:02]  <PlagueRat> But as the person mature, other elements become more significant.   take Melania for example...   Gold became predominant.
  341. [21:04:08]  <Debaser>   PlagueRat: ^^^
  342. [21:04:10]  <g0shzilla> pr lol
  343. [21:04:11]  <^skunk``>  Turkey finishes construction of 764-km security wall on Syria border
  344. [21:04:12]  <mime>  I have both the brains and the body, of course.
  345. [21:04:13]  <^skunk``>  racists
  346. [21:04:13]  <Debaser>   look at dat shit
  347. [21:04:21]  <mime>  Just announcing that to all woman in the channel...
  348. [21:04:22]  <g0shzilla> of course lolol
  349. [21:04:26]  <^skunk``>  turkey found the money
  350. [21:04:26]  <AAAman>    Viper40-- Your want to go down that road of Presidential tyranny too
  351. [21:04:27]  <Viper40>   AAAman easy, judge shop in Texas, have him/her put the EO on hold
  352. [21:04:43]  <g0shzilla> don't be jealous of another's good fortune :)
  353. [21:04:49] PlagueRat    has the body of an olympic athelete..
  354. [21:04:54]  <g0shzilla> pr lolol
  355. [21:04:57]  <mime>  Well, I bought an Omega Speedmaster today.
  356. [21:04:58] PlagueRat    has the body of an olympic athelete.. It's in the freezer. Wanna see it ?
  357. [21:04:58]  <g0shzilla> you too??
  358. [21:04:58]  <Viper40>   USA has always been pro-feedom, the left has redefined freedom to be tryanny
  359. [21:05:02]  <g0shzilla> lol
  360. [21:05:08]  guerro ( joined the channel
  361. [21:05:11]  <mime>  4966.79 dollars.
  362. [21:05:19]  <AAAman>    Viper40-- You may want to go there , but TRump has yet to do it
  363. [21:05:26] X sets mode +l 56
  364. [21:05:30]  <Viper40>   note: Stephen King has the heart of a little boy, he keeps it in the jar in his refrigerator
  365. [21:05:31]  <g0shzilla> aaaman do you HAVE a joking mechanism within you?
  366. [21:05:42] X sets mode +v guerro
  367. [21:05:42]  <mime>  I doubt it.
  368. [21:05:52]  <g0shzilla> most everybody's playin around, but aaaman continues stolidly
  369. [21:05:57]  <g0shzilla> drone drone drone drone
  370. [21:05:59]  <mime>  hehe
  371. [21:06:04]  <mime>  Thats the sad part, isn't it.
  372. [21:06:05]  <mime>  hehe
  373. [21:06:10]  <g0shzilla> what kinda body YOU got there, AAAman?
  374. [21:06:19]  <g0shzilla> any funny stories to share?
  375. [21:06:27]  <mime>  I feel kind of mean for laughing about it... but its true.
  376. [21:06:55]  <mime>  AAAman has no personality, to be honest.
  377. [21:07:09]  <mime>  Never seen AAAman doing anything else than quoting newspaper without making it.
  378. [21:07:13]  <mime>  +r
  379. [21:07:22]  <mime>  +s
  380. [21:07:25]  <g0shzilla> and i do kind of feel hypocritical sometimes the things i say, after yelling at everybody to not do that
  381. [21:07:39]  <g0shzilla> but aaaman - you make us wonder sometimes
  382. [21:07:47]  <mime>  He surely does.
  383. [21:07:48]  <Debaser>   PlagueRat: i am stealing that joke
  384. [21:07:49]  <PlagueRat> jaeger lecoulter gyrotourbillon...               50 made.   Price starts around $270,000    ....
  385. [21:08:00]  <Debaser>   i am not even giving you credit
  386. [21:08:06]  <mime>  JL is good, but then Ill go Reverso Grand Date.
  387. [21:08:20]  <mime>  Keeps value, and goes up.
  388. [21:08:20]  <PlagueRat> Debaser - that's okay... I stole it myself
  389. [21:08:21]  <^skunk``>  lol viper.
  390. [21:08:31]  <g0shzilla> it's viper's joke, i bet
  391. [21:08:49]  <AAAman>    mime -- To be honest, when you do not have the facts or the logic, such a loser makes a personal attack
  392. [21:09:12]  <mime>  As I always say, you dont want to wear a watch which will embarrass your wife. Its like wearing dirty pants.
  393. [21:09:14]  <g0shzilla> aaaman - so  - your answer is 'no' - ?
  394. [21:09:22]  <g0shzilla> mime you ALWAYS say that lolol
  395. [21:09:27]  <mime>  Hehe, yes, I do.
  396. [21:09:39]  <AAAman>    Losers maker personal attacks
  397. [21:09:57]  <mime>  ;-)
  398. [21:10:21]  <g0shzilla> aaaman you drive me crazy. but wait - now i think - EVERYBODY drives me crazy in #here. but am glad you're here. and everybody else too.
  399. [21:10:23]  <g0shzilla> mostly.
  400. [21:10:25]  <g0shzilla> sometimes.
  401. [21:10:43]  <g0shzilla> i think
  402. [21:10:53]  <mime>  Well, to this day I have never seen AAAman being a real, human being.
  403. [21:10:53]  <IrishKing> Yay!
  404. [21:10:58]  <g0shzilla> hey irish
  405. [21:11:02]  <mime>  Thats just my experience.
  406. [21:11:10]  <PlagueRat> I prefer the Ford F150 watch...    It has a 30 mm hemi under the crystal.  The second hand can do 0 to 60 in one minute.  
  407. [21:11:19]  <mime>  Never even a slight formulation, not an indication even, of such.
  408. [21:11:20]  <IrishKing> yo g0shzilla, channel leader!
  409. [21:11:27]  <g0shzilla> my GOSH All these watch experts in #here
  410. [21:11:39]  <mime>  I am watchmaker.
  411. [21:11:43]  <g0shzilla> how do yous FIND yourselves??
  412. [21:12:14]  <mime>  Well, my world is (((here))), right infront of my lupe.
  413. [21:12:21]  <mime>  It's a tiny, small world.
  414. [21:12:32]  <AAAman>    g0shzilla-- How many ways has Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall
  415. [21:12:36]  <mime>  Let me show you.
  416. [21:13:00]  <independence>  he did not say that mexico would pay for all of it
  417. [21:13:03]  <g0shzilla> aaaman i don't know or care - am hopeful he'll get it built, and paid for by somebody, it's ok with me if america pays for it
  418. [21:13:26]  <g0shzilla> i'm always willing to pay for good things
  419. [21:13:34]  <AAAman>    Do not care if Trump lies?
  420. [21:13:37]  <g0shzilla> and for REALLY good things it's only fair to pay a lot
  421. [21:13:44]  <independence>  he did not lie on that note
  422. [21:13:45]  <g0shzilla> i don't consider whwat hs 'does' as *lying*
  423. [21:14:00]  <Debaser>   but he said mexico will pay for the wall
  424. [21:14:01]  The_M ( left IRC (Ping timeout)
  425. [21:14:03]  <independence>  nobody was deceived
  426. [21:14:05]  <Debaser>   he lied
  427. [21:14:05]  <AAAman>    g0shzilla-- Lies are now truth OK
  428. [21:14:13]  <g0shzilla> exaggeration, hyperbole, sloppy talk, ordinary talk - not necessarily or even primarly or 'truly' *lying*
  429. [21:14:15]  <independence>  he did not say that mexico would pay for all of it
  430. [21:14:19]  <Debaser>   he said everyone will have health care
  431. [21:14:19]  <independence>  mexico is paying
  432. [21:14:21]  <Debaser>   he lied
  433. [21:14:28]  <Debaser>   mexico is not paying
  434. [21:14:31]  <independence>  thing that the united states does not have to pay for, mexico is
  435. [21:14:32]  <Debaser>   now you're lying too
  436. [21:14:40]  <independence>  yes, mexcio is paying!
  437. [21:14:42]  <g0shzilla> and there are differen wways mexico could pay/help pay for it without a check marked 'for gringo wall'
  438. [21:14:45]  <independence>  you are liying!
  439. [21:14:47]  <Debaser>   no they are not fucking paying
  440. [21:14:49]  <independence>  lying
  441. [21:14:56]  <independence>  yes, they are!
  442. [21:15:00]  <AAAman>    Trump makes baseless claims including those pertaining to the Wall -- The Wall is justied with lies
  443. [21:15:04]  <Debaser>   that's why the government is shut down right now
  444. [21:15:06]  <independence>  thing that the united states does not have to pay for, mexico is
  445. [21:15:08]  <Debaser>   over money for the wall!
  446. [21:15:13]  <g0shzilla> i think trump's claims are baseful
  447. [21:15:19]  <guerro>    independence, you're awake! First time I'm seeing you chat since 2019 :P
  448. [21:15:38]  <g0shzilla> isn't mexico working on its own wall to its south?
  449. [21:15:39]  <Debaser>   g0shzilla: he said everyone will have health care
  450. [21:15:42]  arch ( left IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
  451. [21:15:43]  <g0shzilla> did i hear?
  452. [21:15:44]  <mime>
  453. [21:15:51]  <g0shzilla> debaser we all want/hope for that
  454. [21:15:56]  <mime>  This is a rather big clock, a Gustav Becker from 1845.
  455. [21:15:56] X sets mode +l 54
  456. [21:16:03]  <independence>  wall or no wall, the more "caravan" people who are prevented from entering, the more it will cost mexico
  457. [21:16:09]  <mime>  Won gold at the World Exhibition, this patent.
  458. [21:16:10]  <independence>  get that though your fucking heads!
  459. [21:16:11]  <Debaser>   g0shzilla: as the president he has the power to actually do something about it
  460. [21:16:22]  <g0shzilla> mexico doesn't want unlimited/uncontrolled immigration either
  461. [21:16:27]  <guerro>    mime: are you a collector of clocks?
  462. [21:16:28]  <mime>
  463. [21:16:29]  <g0shzilla> or unlimited people traipsing through them
  464. [21:16:31]  <Debaser>   independence: so no you've moved on from lying about mexico paying for it?
  465. [21:16:34]  <mime>  guerro I am a watchmaker.
  466. [21:16:40]  <g0shzilla> debaser i think he's doing/trying
  467. [21:16:46]  <g0shzilla> he's only president - not king
  468. [21:16:48]  <independence>  mexico is paying for it!
  469. [21:16:54]  <independence>  not all of it, but enough
  470. [21:17:01]  overclock ( joined the channel
  471. [21:17:16]  <mime>
  472. [21:17:19]  <Debaser>   g0shzilla: he's been working on a healthcare plan you think?
  473. [21:17:30]  <Debaser>   why haven't we heard anything about it?
  474. [21:17:38]  <Debaser>   independence: source
  475. [21:17:38]  <Debaser>   ?
  476. [21:17:39]  <g0shzilla> debaser could be a lotta reasons
  477. [21:17:42]  <independence>  enough for them to wake the fuck up
  478. [21:17:44]  <mime>
  479. [21:17:53]  <mime>  Here I am using the lathe and making a hand made balance axle.
  480. [21:18:10]  Kippis` ( left IRC (Ping timeout)
  481. [21:18:20]  <mime>  You see it through a loupe.
  482. [21:18:41]  <independence>  again, the more "caravan" people who are prevented from entering, the more it will cost mexico
  483. [21:18:52]  <Debaser>   independence: source on mexico paying for the wall please
  484. [21:18:53]  <g0shzilla> independence that's a point
  485. [21:18:59]  <Debaser>   or admit you're a liar
  486. [21:18:59]  <mime>
  487. [21:19:01]  <g0shzilla> debaser reason is it's own source
  488. [21:19:07]  <g0shzilla> it makes sense
  489. [21:19:10]  <g0shzilla> money is fungible
  490. [21:19:11]  <independence>  if mexico is being costed anything at all, then that constitutes paying
  491. [21:19:15]  <mime>  This is an Omega quartz chronograph, water damaged after repair.
  492. [21:19:21]  <Debaser>   g0shzilla: the government is shut down over the wall money
  493. [21:19:25]  <mime>  5 coils and step motors.
  494. [21:19:31]  <mime>  More than 15 wheels.
  495. [21:19:35]  <independence>  read the mexican budget
  496. [21:19:36]  <g0shzilla> criminals don't come here but commit their crimes in mexico - they're paying for our wall
  497. [21:19:40]  <g0shzilla> in crime
  498. [21:19:42]  <independence>  that will be your source
  499. [21:19:58]  <g0shzilla> money isn't the only way to pay for something
  500. [21:20:04]  <BillyTheKid>   well mexico got 267 million in 2018 from us in aid. mexico isnt paying a cent
  501. [21:20:05]  <Debaser>   independence: link?
  502. [21:20:09]  <mime>  People think battery watches is just a battery.
  503. [21:20:11]  <Debaser>   you must have read it already
  504. [21:20:13]  <mime>  No, its far from that.
  505. [21:20:17]  <Debaser>   ;look in your history
  506. [21:20:35]  <mime>  The quartz itself as a regulator has to be cut in a peculiar shape, to resonant the electrify correctly to the IC.
  507. [21:20:38]  <independence>  ever hear the phrase, "you will pay for this!"?
  508. [21:20:40]  <Debaser>   independence: maybe you lied
  509. [21:20:47]  <independence>  does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what it means
  510. [21:20:56]  <Debaser>   oh so you lied when you said mexico will pay for the wall
  511. [21:20:58]  <independence>  maybe you lied, Debaser
  512. [21:21:01]  <Debaser>   nope
  513. [21:21:06]  <mime>  And being ETA, it has gold connections, of course.
  514. [21:21:11]  <mime>  Such do not corrode.
  515. [21:21:14]  <independence>  mexico is paying
  516. [21:21:18]  <mime>  You do not find that in Japanse watches.
  517. [21:21:26]  <independence>  if mexico is being costed anything at all, then that constitutes paying
  518. [21:21:34]  <independence>  it is costing mexico
  519. [21:21:36]  <mime>  Not even jewels, in Japanese watches.
  520. [21:21:42]  <independence>  this is obvious
  521. [21:21:45]  <mime>  Only high ends, those at 2000 dollars and up.
  522. [21:22:22]  <Debaser>   independence: you're just repeating yourself and claiming things are obvious
  523. [21:22:22]  <guerro>    <+independence> if mexico is being costed anything at all, then that constitutes paying <------ LOL
  524. [21:22:30]  <Debaser>   we're talking about billions of dollars
  525. [21:22:32]  <guerro>    magical thinking, independence
  526. [21:22:36]  <guerro>    how far will you shill?
  527. [21:22:40]  <independence>  there is nothing magical about it
  528. [21:22:42]  <Debaser>   guerro: VERY FAR
  529. [21:22:51]  <mime>  Do they keep time? Sure. Do they keep good time? Sure. Are they good planitarums? Hell no.
  530. [21:22:52]  <PlagueRat> so, if Mexico were to give 2 pesos...  that's PAYING for the wall.
  531. [21:22:53]  <independence>  simple logic
  532. [21:22:54]  <Debaser>   independence: we're talking about billions of dollars
  533. [21:23:04]  <Debaser>   apparently PlagueRat
  534. [21:23:14]  <mime>  Its like wearing a hole in your pants.
  535. [21:23:37]  <independence>  it is not about what mexico "gives"
  536. [21:23:45]  <mime>  Ja, its like Mexico.
  537. [21:23:47]  <mime>  A shithole.
  538. [21:23:51]  <independence>  it is about what the mexican government loses
  539. [21:24:23]  <independence>  it gains nothing from having illegal aliens from guatemala and honduras
  540. [21:24:31]  <mime>  Go for Eterna, Certina, Tissot.
  541. [21:24:34]  <independence>  which is what is happening
  542. [21:24:35]  <mime>  Thats quality stuff.
  543. [21:24:45]  <mime>  Tissot having the most COSC certified watches after Rolex.
  544. [21:25:00]  <independence>  and happening even more with those people not being able to enter the united states as easily as usual
  545. [21:25:09]  <mime>  Gold connections, high polished bushings, jewels etc.
  546. [21:25:44]  g0shzilla ( left IRC (Quit)
  547. [21:25:47]  <mime>  The Japanese has metal against metal etc.
  548. [21:25:50]  <mime>  Its brute.
  549. [21:25:54]  <mime>  BRUTE I say.
  550. [21:26:04]  <independence>  spanish steel
  551. [21:26:06]  <Debaser>   independence: so when trump said mexico will pay for the wall he meant mexico will be burdened by extra people?
  552. [21:26:16]  dyre (~sus@ left IRC (Quit)
  553. [21:26:26] X sets mode +l 52
  554. [21:26:28]  <independence>  that is definitely one way to interpret his words
  555. [21:26:35]  <independence>  he deceived no one
  556. [21:26:46]  <mime>  Debaser he meant no more benefits for Mexicans.
  557. [21:26:51]  <independence>  no deception whatsoever
  558. [21:27:08]  <mime>  No hole in the immigration system, no benefits in the welfare system etc.
  559. [21:27:25]  <Debaser>   that is a HILARIOUS interpretation
  560. [21:27:25]  <Debaser>   you should get into stand up comedy independence
  561. [21:27:39]  <mime>  Thats what we mean when we say "no more benefits".
  562. [21:27:54]  <mime>  Just try google translate.
  563. [21:28:04]  <independence>  revoking a child's allowance is equivalent to making him or her pay for something
  564. [21:28:28]  <Debaser>   but Mexico still receives millions in aid
  565. [21:28:35]  <Debaser>   so........................................
  566. [21:28:39]  <Debaser>   so much for that!
  567. [21:28:42]  <independence>  at the moment
  568. [21:28:54]  <PlagueRat> Debaser -  it's like watching a baker make pretzels...
  569. [21:29:07]  <guerro>    lol PlagueRat
  570. [21:29:08]  <Debaser>   rofl
  571. [21:29:16]  Shepherd ( joined the channel
  572. [21:29:18]  <Debaser>   independence: during the two years of trump controlled government
  573. [21:29:24]  <mime>  That must be a Canadian thing.
  574. [21:29:32]  <Debaser>   you think it's going to stop under a democratic house?
  575. [21:29:38]  <independence>  trump is only one third of the government
  576. [21:29:43]  <Debaser>   man share what you're smoking
  577. [21:29:49]  <Shepherd>
  578. [21:29:53]  <mime>  Debaser Why aren't you working?
  579. [21:30:08]  <independence>  spare use the hyperbole please. hyperbole is trump's schtick
  580. [21:30:10]  <Debaser>   why are you so nosy?
  581. [21:30:13]  <mime>  Is it all due to drugs, Debaser?
  582. [21:30:30]  <mime>  I mean, you should be proud and honest enough to say.
  583. [21:30:34]  <Shepherd>  Ginsburg died days ago - the swamp dont wanna announce it - cuz they dont want Trump to appoint a new Justice to replace that wicked witch
  584. [21:30:35]  <independence>  nosy because you are the one who uses all the ad hominem attacks
  585. [21:30:45]  <independence>  what goes around comes around
  586. [21:30:57]  <tis>   let’s go around the channel
  587. [21:31:00]  <tis>   mime: Why aren’t you working?
  588. [21:31:01]  <mime>  Debaser Did you screw up in life?
  589. [21:31:04]  <mime>  Yes or no.
  590. [21:31:08]  <tis>   Shouldn’t you be attending the meth lab?
  591. [21:31:12]  <Debaser>   right tis? wtf
  592. [21:31:13]  <independence>  lol
  593. [21:31:23]  <Debaser>   who cares what people are doing on here
  594. [21:31:43]  <independence>  perhaps he sits on his behind and pays his expenses from divideds
  595. [21:31:43]  <mime>  Debaser You know, through my humanitarian work, I have met a lot of unfortunate people.
  596. [21:31:48]  <mime>  Debaser Are you one of those?
  597. [21:31:52]  <independence>  totally legit
  598. [21:32:27]  <Viper40>   Shepherd, unlikely that's not something that can be kept silent too long
  599. [21:32:43]  <mime>  Debaser Or is it a work damage?
  600. [21:32:47]  <Viper40>   the more insiders you have to a "conspiracy" the more likely you have it'll be uncovered
  601. [21:32:57]  <mime>  Debaser For you should be honest with us.
  602. [21:33:11]  <tis>   A chatter having time to chat on a weekday afternoon reveals nothing about his life. What IS revealing, however, is when somebody thinks a 9-5 is the only possible way to make money
  603. [21:33:12]  <mime>  We actually have a right to know it.
  604. [21:33:39]  <tis>   Not only does mime think an “ordinary” 9-5 style job is the only possible way to make a living, but he thinks ALL jobs would absolutely forbid and prohibit anybody from using IRC during intermittently throughout the day
  605. [21:33:45]  <tis>   the point I’m making here is simple: mime is a fucking idiot
  606. [21:33:49]  <tis>   mime has very little experience in life
  607. [21:33:55]  <mime>  That lie is as old as IRC itself.
  608. [21:34:13]  <mime>  "I work from home", "I use IRC during lunch" etc.
  609. [21:34:32]  <independence>  questions like these go over smoothly between people who are on friendly terms
  610. [21:34:33]  <mime>  No, if you work from home you don't do IRC. If you do IRC during lunch not spending it among colleagues? Guess what.
  611. [21:34:39]  <Debaser>   tis: he told me today he heard some news on the radio about Mercedes manufacturing all the frames for Tesla, but that he can't link to an article about it because "not everything is on the internet"
  612. [21:34:40]  <tis>   they aren’t lies, retard. They’re almost always true. A lot of people in tech DO work from home, you fucking moron
  613. [21:34:40]  <mime>  This lie is as old as IRC itself.
  614. [21:34:53]  <independence>  this is not going over smoothly because you people detest each other
  615. [21:34:54]  <guerro>    What's tragic is when folks who claim they've done "humanitarian work," show no improvement in empathy or kindness afterwards
  616. [21:34:59]  <tis>   mime is just jealous that he doesn’t have a good job lol
  617. [21:35:02]  <tis>   has never had one
  618. [21:35:05]  <Debaser>   independence: yea mime is a sexist racist liar
  619. [21:35:07]  <mime>  OK.
  620. [21:35:16]  <tis>   Tech is also full of contract work
  621. [21:35:16]  <Debaser>   not exactly on friendly terms with him
  622. [21:35:29]  <tis>   let alone the standard exempt salary reqs that allow for a lot of remote work
  623. [21:35:35]  <mime>  I just spend about 5000 dollars on a watch, and I must say, I have a crappy income.
  624. [21:35:41]  <tis>   let alone the fact htat most tech companies simply wouldn’t give a fuck even if you IRC’d in the office
  625. [21:35:45]  <tis>   all they care about is that the work gets done
  626. [21:35:58]  <mime>  I have two Mercedes Benzes, both 3 years old, I have exchanged everything 4th year, and I must say, I have a crappy life.
  627. [21:35:58]  <tis>   mime just pretends not to believe this becuase his work experience is taco bell
  628. [21:35:59]  <Debaser>   lol
  629. [21:36:00]  <mime>  I admit it, folks.
  630. [21:36:09]  <guerro>    I will never pay $5000 for a watch. I'd be ashamed to broadcast such an expense
  631. [21:36:11]  <mime>  I, mime, have a crappy life.
  632. [21:36:15]  <mime>  I admit it.
  633. [21:36:21]  <independence>  does mime mean to harm anybody of the sex opposite his own?
  634. [21:36:32]  <mime>  I wouldn't even dream of it.
  635. [21:36:35]  <tis>   and he thinks wasting money on a benz is something to brag about
  636. [21:36:36]  <tis>   holy shit
  637. [21:36:40]  <tis>   what a fucking retard
  638. [21:36:43]  <independence>  great!
  639. [21:36:43]  <mime>  Well, its that game.
  640. [21:36:47]  <mime>  I would harm it!
  641. [21:36:54]  <mime>  I would destroy it!
  642. [21:36:55]  <independence>  does mime mean to harm anybody of a color different from his own?
  643. [21:36:57]  <Deanr`>    time for tis to go back on ignore
  644. [21:36:57]  <tis>   tell us, mime, since you know so much about big-boy employment: How does a 401k work?
  645. [21:37:01]  <mime>  Everydat!
  646. [21:37:05]  <mime>  +y
  647. [21:37:09]  <Deanr`>    done
  648. [21:37:19]  <tis>   guess I struck a nerve with the religious retard too:P
  649. [21:37:20]  <guerro>    a chunk of the benzes you see out there are: 1) alimony 2) leased 3) they're in over their heads on debt
  650. [21:37:23]  <tis>   …….and I didn’t think so
  651. [21:37:32]  <mime>  tis I take 60 dollars an hour and I live a good life.
  652. [21:37:32]  <tis>   guerro: Exactly
  653. [21:37:34]  <PlagueRat> I can do IRC while working.  My job for the NSA is to monitor terrorists and malcontents on the internet.
  654. [21:37:45]  <mime>  lel
  655. [21:37:52]  <tis>   guerro: It’s almost a guaranteed sign of fiscal irresponsibility, actually. People who have their shit together almost never buy that car
  656. [21:37:53]  <independence>  fort meade
  657. [21:37:57]  <tis>   guerro: Same for BMW
  658. [21:38:03]  <independence>  what a joke
  659. [21:38:06]  <mime>  BMW is for poor folks.
  660. [21:38:06]  <IrishKing> tis, Mime is a Norwegian and not eligible for a 401k
  661. [21:38:13]  <Debaser>   guerro: the smiling drivers are the alimony ones
  662. [21:38:42]  <guerro>    tis: or it's a sign that they feel the need to keep up with the joneses in their squishy subdivision
  663. [21:38:50]  <mime>  IrishKing has checked my VPN.
  664. [21:39:09]  <guerro>    plenty of professionals own subarus or toyotas, on purpose. To minimize frivolous expense
  665. [21:39:09]  <PlagueRat> did he use gloves and hand sanitizer ?
  666. [21:39:35]  <mime>  I have anti-bac wet-serviets in the dashboard of my cars.
  667. [21:40:05]  <guerro>    more evidence of class anxieities in America: it's usually the people hard on their luck in life, that make these snippy remarks about wealth, luxury cars or zip codes
  668. [21:40:28]  <guerro>    gotta love that American dream. It makes the ordinary folks bitter, and the rich folks more arrogant
  669. [21:40:30]  <PlagueRat> I am so wealthy my car has a zip code
  670. [21:40:31]  <mime>  Thats very stereotypical thinking by the ghetto residents.
  671. [21:41:09]  <guerro>    I've friends who call Acuras "the poor man's luxury"
  672. [21:41:19]  <Shepherd>  RAT 666
  673. [21:41:24]  <mime>  I rest my case. guerro has friends.
  674. [21:41:31]  <guerro>    I should say, frenemies. Or acquaitances that I keep at arm's length
  675. [21:41:41]  <tis>   There’s really little reason to buy a toyota or honda as mazda exists
  676. [21:41:44]  <mime>  Rest my case.
  677. [21:41:53]  <tis>   jsut as reliable, better handling, better tech, same price
  678. [21:41:56]  <PlagueRat> I don't have friends.  I have loyal subjects
  679. [21:42:13] Shepherd sneezes
  680. [21:42:22]  <tis>   I mean if you’re buying an old used reliable civic or something, like mime’s mom would get for him, sure I guess
  681. [21:42:24]  <tis>   nothing wrong with it
  682. [21:42:40]  nine ( joined the channel
  683. [21:42:40] X sets mode +o nine
  684. [21:42:46]  <tis>   oh great
  685. [21:42:50]  <tis>   mime and nine here at the same time
  686. [21:42:51]  <PlagueRat> tis - mime lives in Scandanavia... he probably has an old volvo... "It's boxy, but safe"
  687. [21:42:55]  <guerro>    then there's the club scene, and car judgements on that
  688. [21:42:56] X sets mode +l 54
  689. [21:43:03]  <tis>   PlagueRat: lol:) I like volvo!
  690. [21:43:04]  nine is now known as Scorpio
  691. [21:43:10]  <guerro>    if you roll up to the club in a Civic, it's a chick killer lol
  692. [21:43:21]  <Scorpio>   feel better, tis ?
  693. [21:43:22]  <guerro>    your chances of gettin laid tank by 90% lol
  694. [21:43:30]  <tis>   Scorpio: Yes:)
  695. [21:44:32]  <mime>
  696. [21:44:34]  <PlagueRat> tis -
  697. [21:44:37]  Mouser ( joined the channel
  698. [21:44:46] X sets mode +v Mouser
  699. [21:44:58]  <PlagueRat> guerro - with so many new diseases it's better to have a safe car than a chick magnet   :)
  700. [21:45:00]  <mime>
  701. [21:45:14]  <guerro>    heh, well that's one way of looking at it :)
  702. [21:45:14]  Mouser ( left the channel
  703. [21:45:19]  <tis>   if I were dictator of California, I would pass a law that Prius & minivan drivers were not allowed to drive in the far left lane. Punishment? 55 years in prison for the first offense.
  704. [21:45:26]  <mime>
  705. [21:45:29]  <Debaser>   lol
  706. [21:45:40]  <tis>   also Prius drivers would be forced to get tattoos on their foreheads so everyone knew what pieces of shit they were
  707. [21:45:47]  <Debaser>   lmao
  708. [21:45:49]  <CowTippa>  .bible 1 Timothy 2:12
  709. [21:45:52]  <guerro>    sidebar: Priuses are RARE in Texas :D
  710. [21:45:55]  <Debaser>   don't hold back
  711. [21:46:11]  <tis>   it’s really not the car - the’s the human
  712. [21:46:21]  <^skunk``>  seems trump is winning, no bravado from lefties here lately
  713. [21:46:23]  <tis>   a prius & a minivan cal all do 80 on the freeway just fine
  714. [21:46:26]  <tis>   it’s not a problem with the car
  715. [21:46:26]  <mime>  You see those two cars?
  716. [21:46:28]  <guerro>    ppl here buy Ford F-150s just to roll up on Walmart and get groceries lol
  717. [21:46:32]  <mime>  Let me show you more.
  718. [21:46:36]  <tis>   it’s the HUMAN who decides to get into the fast lane and do 60
  719. [21:46:37]  <guerro>    "me & mah pickup and mah groceries"
  720. [21:46:41]  <mans0n>    MUELLER IS CLOSING IN
  721. [21:46:42]  <tis>   it’s the HUMAN who never gets over to let people pass
  722. [21:46:47]  <mime>
  723. [21:46:49]  <tis>   it’s the HUMAN who is a complete and utter piece of fucking shit
  724. [21:46:52]  <^skunk``>  drumpf is in the soup.
  725. [21:46:56]  <PlagueRat> ^skunk`` -  yeah...    I'm out buying chips and dip for the Mueller Bowl
  726. [21:46:59]  <guerro>    tis:L you're in LA, right?
  727. [21:47:11]  <tis>   guerro: Bay area:) Used to be LA though
  728. [21:47:16]  <^skunk``>  drumpf is in for the high jump now.
  729. [21:47:20]  <mime>
  730. [21:47:21]  <tis>   same shit either area though
  731. [21:47:26]  <mime>  This key house is of hand-hammered tin.
  732. [21:47:31]  <tis>   except in LA……this whole “going fast on the freeway” thing doesn’t happen very often
  733. [21:47:51]  <mime>
  734. [21:47:59]  <mime>  Here I have opened the key house.
  735. [21:48:05]  <mime>  See those two different keys?
  736. [21:48:15]  <PlagueRat> tis - can't one still go fast on 280 south of Pacifica ?
  737. [21:48:17]  <mime>  Thats my car par, to over 100 000 dollars.
  738. [21:48:22]  <mime>  car park.
  739. [21:48:31]  <guerro>    tis: define "fast" on the freeway, in California terms :P
  740. [21:48:48]  <mime>  And yes, I have the videos too.
  741. [21:48:53]  <mime>  But would you download it to see it?
  742. [21:48:56]  <tis>   PlagueRat: 280 is still fairly open yeah
  743. [21:49:06]  Slayer66 (Slayer66@ joined the channel
  744. [21:49:28]  <Slayer66>  hi there
  745. [21:49:28]  <tis>   Living in pacifica and using the 280 to commute to the palo alto area used to be the perfect cheat code……until housing there skyrocketed too
  746. [21:49:34]  <tis>   it’s still the perfect cheat code if you can afford it
  747. [21:49:40]  <tis>   pacifica was cheap as hell for a long time though
  748. [21:49:45] X sets mode +v Slayer66
  749. [21:49:57]  <PlagueRat> if Trump declares a state of national emergency,  can he shut down Mueller ?
  750. [21:49:58]  overclock ( left IRC (Quit: ZNC 1.7.1 -
  751. [21:50:00]  overclock ( joined the channel
  752. [21:50:16]  <mime>  You see, I have my own business, and yes, that costs money.
  753. [21:50:24]  <overclock> normal :)
  754. [21:50:35]  <guerro>    tis: are you near Bakersfield?
  755. [21:50:41]  <tis>   eww no
  756. [21:50:48]  <tis>   why would anybody ever want to go to Bakersfield;P
  757. [21:50:58]  <Slayer66>  PlagueRat- dunno.. I doubt it
  758. [21:51:38]  <mime>  Welcome, Slayer66 - lutheran catechumen!
  759. [21:51:50]  <Slayer66>  hey mime
  760. [21:51:52]  <mime>  I just bought myself an Omega Speedmaster man on the moon.
  761. [21:51:57]  <guerro>    tis: my current chick was tellin me about it :P
  762. [21:52:02]  <guerro>    back in the day when she went to clubs out there
  763. [21:52:11]  <mime>  For the handsome sum, of 4966,79 Us dollars.
  764. [21:52:13]  <overclock> :-|
  765. [21:52:33]  <mime>  It will delivered within 5 weeks.
  766. [21:52:33]  <Slayer66>  hmm
  767. [21:52:40]  <guerro>    tis: I'm sure the Mexican food must be awesome there
  768. [21:52:41]  <mime>  I hope to get it before that, of course.
  769. [21:54:12]  <mime>  Every man needs a chronograph, and in our days, a NASA approved one.
  770. [21:54:19]  <mime>  We might live on the moon before we know it.
  771. [21:54:33]  <mime>  Not something which will embarrass your wife, of course.
  772. [21:54:37]  <Slayer66>  isnt the moon too cold for humanity to live there?
  773. [21:54:51]  <mime>  Not in special housing.
  774. [21:55:04]  <Slayer66>  fair enough
  775. [21:55:12]  <mime>  Besides, I am going to the moon.
  776. [21:55:27]  <mime>  I dont know when, but I tell you, I am going to the moon.
  777. [21:55:42]  <guerro>    Slayer66: aside from the lack of an atmosphere
  778. [21:55:43]  drrabbitfoot (DrRabbitfo@ left IRC (Quit:
  779. [21:55:46]  <mime>  You can stay here and be burned up by the sun.
  780. [21:55:50]  <mime>  But I am going to the moon,
  781. [21:56:08]  <mime>  NASA MOON WATCH
  782. [21:56:20]  <mime>  MOOOOOOOON WATCH
  783. [21:56:37]  <mime>  I spent
  784. [21:56:44]  <mime>  4000 dollars today.
  785. [21:56:48]  <mime>  I am in a kind of euphoria.
  786. [21:56:50]  <Scorpio>   somebody take his bottle away
  787. [21:57:15]  overclock ( left IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
  788. [21:57:17]  <mime>  This is more than you earn in a month, Scorpio.
  789. [21:57:22]  <Shepherd>  lol
  790. [21:57:22]  tis ( left IRC (Quit)
  791. [21:57:26] X sets mode +l 52
  792. [21:57:28]  <mime>  I bought the brag rights.
  793. [21:57:37]  <Scorpio>   that's not hard to do, mime
  794. [21:57:41]  <Scorpio>   nor is that
  795. [21:57:45]  <mime>  lel
  796. [21:57:50]  overclock ( joined the channel
  797. [21:58:02]  <mime>  Let me show you something.
  798. [21:58:06]  <Scorpio>   i think it's a capitalist fervor you suffer from
  799. [21:58:37]  <Slayer66>  yes, well, if you suffer from a communist fervor, send all yr cash to me
  800. [21:59:08]  <mime>
  801. [21:59:12]  <mime>  Shall we go inside?
  802. [21:59:27]  <mime>  Communist not allowed!
  803. [22:00:04]  <AAAman>    Pelosi is masterfully squeezing McConnell and Trump to reopen the government
  804. [22:00:04]  <Slayer66>  it's beyond me how anyone in the 21st  century can even begin to think that Communism is a good idea
  805. [22:00:04]  <Scorpio>   you go ahead. i'll be along shortly.
  806. [22:00:08]  <mime>
  807. [22:00:15]  <mime>  The pictures makes it looks a lot smaller.
  808. [22:00:31]  <Scorpio>   Slayer66, I feel the same way about unregulated capitalism.
  809. [22:00:34]  <AAAman>    Slayer66-- Tell that story to the CHinese
  810. [22:00:35]  <overclock> lol
  811. [22:00:53]  <mime>
  812. [22:00:58]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- then dont hesitate: send me yr money
  813. [22:01:07]  <mime>
  814. [22:01:17]  <AAAman>    Slayer66-- Chinese becoming rich
  815. [22:01:18]  <Scorpio>   i don't think you have a very accurate idea about what capitalism means
  816. [22:01:29]  <Scorpio>   money is not exclusive to capitalism
  817. [22:01:30]  <mime>  Tell me, do you have a painting of your great grandfather in the big living room?
  818. [22:01:31]  <mime>  No?
  819. [22:01:34]  <mime>  I tell you why.
  820. [22:01:42]  <Slayer66>  no, money is however exclusive to me
  821. [22:01:43]  <mime>  Because we didn't go to the same school. We are not dus.
  822. [22:02:05]  <Scorpio>   when you're the only one that has money, Slayer66, then money's irrelevant.
  823. [22:02:07]  <AAAman>    Slayer66 ideas are on the dust bin of history
  824. [22:03:11]  <Slayer66>  here's a novel idea: instead of hating the wealthy needlessly, become rich yourself.. you can thank me later
  825. [22:03:33]  <mime>  Not to doubt their talent...
  826. [22:03:39]  <AAAman>    Trump caves  --------------Trump Will Not Declare ‘National Emergency’ Now
  827. [22:03:42]  <Scorpio>   here's a better idea: instead of believing that what you know is the only possible truth, open your mind to other ideas.
  828. [22:03:48]  <mime>  But you think they can do that on their own?
  829. [22:03:54]  <Scorpio>   naw... that's silly, right?
  830. [22:03:57]  <Scorpio>   why would you do that?
  831. [22:03:58]  <mime>  lel
  832. [22:04:10]  <AAAman>    Slayer66-- That is what is done in Third World countries
  833. [22:04:16]  <Slayer66>  Scoripo- other ideas, such as?
  834. [22:04:20]  <Scorpio>   you can't possibly be wrong about anything - there can't possibly be any concept of which you're unaware.
  835. [22:04:21]  <overclock> mime!
  836. [22:04:25]  <mime>  overclock !
  837. [22:04:32]  <AAAman>    The great wealth disparity is in Third World countries
  838. [22:04:59]  <Scorpio>   first, Slayer66, the idea that your thinking has been manipulated by forces who want to profit from such manipulation.
  839. [22:05:03]  <AAAman>    Slayer66 promotes national proverty
  840. [22:05:17]  <mime>  Scorpio the communists.
  841. [22:05:24]  <Scorpio>   you've picked a side - in this example, it's Capitalism - and  you've decided to believe all it's propaganda.
  842. [22:05:32]  <mime>  OK.
  843. [22:05:41]  <Scorpio>   and any other side's propaganda is LIES/WRONG/FOOLISH
  844. [22:05:45]  <mime>  OK.
  845. [22:05:46]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- maybe.. but I still enjoy money, I enjoy earning it
  846. [22:05:49]  <Scorpio>   and your side is TRUE/RIGHT/SMART!
  847. [22:05:53]  <mime>  OK.
  848. [22:05:58]  <AAAman>    Ginsburg Shows No Evidence of Remaining Disease
  849. [22:05:58]  <Scorpio>   your thinking is too limited.
  850. [22:06:06]  <mime>  When is Scorpio going to say something shocking?
  851. [22:06:16]  <mime>  Something which do not apply to communist propaganda?
  852. [22:06:26]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- in all of 2 minutes of chat, you tell me that my 'thinking is limited'. Well, I can see how 'fun' this will be
  853. [22:06:38]  <Scorpio>   any kind of propaganda is manipulation, and i'll always suspect its motives.
  854. [22:06:51]  <Scorpio>   that doesn't mean it's all wrong.
  855. [22:06:53]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- does that apply to Communist propaganda too?
  856. [22:06:53]  <mime>  Then I suggest you keep politics out of your activity here, Scorpio.
  857. [22:07:00]  <Scorpio>   just that nothing is beyond questioning.
  858. [22:07:09]  <Scorpio>   Slayer66, absolutely
  859. [22:07:22]  <Slayer66>  if nothing is beyond questioning, that applies to Communism as well
  860. [22:07:32]  <Scorpio>   as I've agreed, twice now, Slayer66
  861. [22:07:36]  <Slayer66>  but I agree that nothing is beyond questioning
  862. [22:07:38]  <AAAman>    Trump backs away from the idea of declaring emergency for border wall
  863. [22:07:39]  <Debaser>   the middle class were they're most prosperous during progressive taxation of the rich
  864. [22:07:41]  <mime>  Phew, twice!
  865. [22:07:45]  <Debaser>   there*
  866. [22:07:50]  <Debaser>   their*
  867. [22:07:54]  <mime>  Make sure she doesn't need to agree a third time.
  868. [22:07:56]  <mime>  Then you're banned.
  869. [22:07:58]  <Debaser>   god damn my brain is shutting down
  870. [22:08:00]  ZShurp ( joined the channel
  871. [22:08:06]  <Slayer66>  Debaser_ your challenge for today: to attempt to say something intelligent
  872. [22:08:18]  <Debaser>   the middle class were their most prosperous during progressive taxation of the rich
  873. [22:08:19]  <mime>  lel
  874. [22:08:23]  <Debaser>   there Slayer66
  875. [22:08:26] X sets mode +l 54
  876. [22:08:31]  <Debaser>   ruminate on that
  877. [22:08:36]  <mime>  Debaser Excuse me?
  878. [22:08:36]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- I see alas no point in talking to you
  879. [22:08:36]  <Viper40>   to some point I believe most of the left is misled with a scant fewer being insane, and a very (rich) few being dangerous to be near (ie Hillary herself)
  880. [22:08:51]  <Viper40>   I don't see the left and t he right being on the same moral plane
  881. [22:08:53]  <ZShurp>    "the middle class were their most prosperous" -- thank god we put a stop to *that* !
  882. [22:08:57]  <Debaser>   what's up mime?
  883. [22:09:02]  <mime>  Debaser Which benefits have I received through the taxation of the rich?
  884. [22:09:02]  <Viper40>   I think the left is truly more idealogically driven
  885. [22:09:05]  <Debaser>   ZShurp: lol yes
  886. [22:09:20]  <mime>  Now I wonder.
  887. [22:09:33]  <Debaser>   mime: in Norway? Access to good healthcare and public infrastructure I would imagine
  888. [22:09:36]  <Debaser>   Education
  889. [22:09:44]  <mime>  Debaser Thats through the rich?
  890. [22:09:57]  <ZShurp>    a federal debt:gdp ratio less than 50%
  891. [22:10:05]  <Debaser>   yea ZShurp lol
  892. [22:10:07]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- yr an OP? are you not here usually under another name?
  893. [22:10:12]  <Scorpio>   nine
  894. [22:10:14]  <mime>  At some point you speak BS, Debaser, at another point you speak so much BS that it becomes an announce.
  895. [22:10:22]  <mime>  Annoyance*
  896. [22:10:33]  <Scorpio>   Slayer66, try /whois Scorpio
  897. [22:10:34]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- hehehe kewl :)
  898. [22:10:38]  <Debaser>   Norway has, like several other Nordic countries, adopted a dual income tax. Under the dual income tax, income from labour and pensions is taxed at progressive rates, while capital income is taxed at a flat rate.
  899. [22:10:53]  <Debaser>   so there is progressive taxation in your country yes mime
  900. [22:10:55]  <Debaser>   as i suspected
  901. [22:10:57]  <Slayer66>  Norwaty is incidentally also full of white people
  902. [22:11:00]  <mime>  Debaser that is correct, and that is conservative thought.
  903. [22:11:04]  <Debaser>   thanks racist guy
  904. [22:11:09]  <mime>  Debaser All socialists in Scandinavia is against flat taxation.
  905. [22:11:19]  <ZShurp>    hmmm so norway is playing the usual "we love rich people" capital gains tax game
  906. [22:11:28]  <Debaser>   yes ZShurp
  907. [22:11:31]  <mime>  lel
  908. [22:11:32]  <AAAman>    Slayer66 would be more comfortable in Norway
  909. [22:11:37]  <Debaser>   but at least they tax income progressively
  910. [22:11:41]  <mime>  For Norway has so many rich people, and so little middle class!
  911. [22:11:51]  <mime>  Debaser Against socialist will.
  912. [22:12:35]  <Debaser>   anyway progressive taxation of the rich is smart and should be implemented in America
  913. [22:12:39]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- anyho I find it hard to abide by Communism; every time it has been tried, it has ended in mass murder
  914. [22:12:41]  <ZShurp>    yes, Debaser, but capital income is the real problem... then again, norway is too small to fight it on its own, so there's no point in the mouse biting the elephant
  915. [22:12:41]  <mime>  We do tax progressively, but this has come with the blue-blue government. Blue being conservative here.
  916. [22:12:50]  <Debaser>   agreed ZShurp
  917. [22:12:56]  <mime>  Debaser progressive taxation gives the rich lessor tax.
  918. [22:13:07]  <AAAman>    Middle class is  80% in Denmark and Norway.
  919. [22:13:28]  <Scorpio>   Slayer66, i'm not a big fan of communism either. It's probably slightly worse than unregulated capitalism. That doesn't make unregulated capitalism ok.
  920. [22:13:48]  <mime>  This is what pot does to a brain, folks.
  921. [22:13:51]  <Debaser>   no, progressive means that above certain benchmarks your tax rate goes progressively higher mime'
  922. [22:13:52]  <Slayer66>  Scorpio- well dure, but it does make it ethically superior in every possible manner
  923. [22:13:54]  <AAAman>    Among the countries examined, the middle-class share in Western Europe ranged from 64% in Spain to 80% in Denmark and Norway
  924. [22:13:56]  <Debaser>   trust me
  925. [22:14:03]  <mime>  lel
  926. [22:14:20]  <mime>  Progressive means the oppsite, Debaser - the lessor income, lessor tax.
  927. [22:14:26]  <IrishKing> AAAman, Thw middle class in America has declined considerably since our parent's time
  928. [22:14:28]  <Debaser> mime:
  929. [22:14:29]  <Slayer66>  mime- it appears a Canadian is telling you how the taxation works in yr own country
  930. [22:14:35]  <Debaser>   the image speaks for itself
  931. [22:14:40]  <AAAman>    mime -- Wrong again
  932. [22:14:42]  <^skunk``>  norway is a small country
  933. [22:15:01]  <Debaser>   Slayer66: he doesn't understand what progressive taxation is
  934. [22:15:04]  <Debaser>   not my fault
  935. [22:15:07]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- he does
  936. [22:15:08]  <AAAman>    A progressive tax is a tax that imposes a lower tax rate on low-income earners compared to those with a higher income, making it based on the taxpayer's ability to pay. That means it takes a larger percentage from high-income earners than it does from low-income individuals.
  937. [22:15:13]  <Debaser>   nope
  938. [22:15:18]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- I fear it's you who lacks proper understanding
  939. [22:15:22]  <Debaser>   he is thinking of a regressive tax rate
  940. [22:15:34]  <mime>  Norway has a much higher GDP, Debaser.
  941. [22:15:36]  <^skunk``>  norway is the perfect society so aaaaman go live there
  942. [22:15:40]  <Debaser>   Slayer66: provide a link stating that progressive taxation means you pay less the more you make
  943. [22:15:40]  <AAAman>    mime -- I fear you never took an economics course
  944. [22:15:47]  <^skunk``>  but u wont cos youll be taxed too much
  945. [22:15:51]  <Debaser> mime
  946. [22:16:00]  <Debaser>   can you understand that image?
  947. [22:16:06]  Nellie ( joined the channel
  948. [22:16:08]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- this is not my argiment... plus yr talking to a Norwegian right this minute, genius
  949. [22:16:13]  <Debaser>   Slayer66: provide a link stating that progressive taxation means you pay less the more you make
  950. [22:16:23]  <Slayer66>  hey Nellie :)
  951. [22:16:24]  <Debaser>   it is your argument
  952. [22:16:26]  <mime>  Debaser As you see, there is a flat tax. The more income, the lesser in tex.
  953. [22:16:31]  <Nellie>    Yo
  954. [22:16:33]  <Debaser>   you told me i am wrong in my understanding
  955. [22:16:36]  <Scorpio>   hi Nellie
  956. [22:16:38]  <ZShurp>    So, can we all agree to endorse the idea embedded in the Laffer curve?  That when taxes are high enough, people will observe their marginal income after taxes and decide whether nor not to work additional hours?
  957. [22:16:39] X sets mode +v Nellie
  958. [22:16:41]  <AAAman>
  959. [22:16:46]  <Debaser>   mime you are not reading the graph correctly
  960. [22:16:49]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- no, it is not.. yr free to convince yrself otherwise, but it wont make you look any smarter, believe me
  961. [22:17:12]  <Debaser>   Slayer66: so explain what progressive taxation is to me
  962. [22:17:17]  <AAAman>    progressive tax is a tax in which the tax rate increases as the taxable amount increases.[1][2][3][4][5
  963. [22:17:17]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- I stand by that statement...
  964. [22:17:21]  <Debaser>   Slayer66: so explain what progressive taxation is to me
  965. [22:17:28]  <Scorpio>   maybe "smart is in the eye of the beholder" just like beauty.
  966. [22:17:36]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- there's literally no point in doing that, for mime is already doing so
  967. [22:17:41]  <Debaser>   thanks AAAman just as i said
  968. [22:17:47]  <Debaser>   no he isnt Slayer66
  969. [22:17:54]  <Debaser>   AAAman: just proved mime wrong
  970. [22:17:56]  <mime>  Debaser Of course you pay according to income, there is no doubt about that. But you pay lessor according to income with flat tax, you can earn more before you pay more.
  971. [22:17:59]  <AAAman>    Slayer66-- never took an economics course either  which explains his BS
  972. [22:18:00]  <ZShurp>    no, there is real intelligence and fake intelligence.  The difference is taht those faking it, thanks to the DK effect, don't know they're faking it
  973. [22:18:01]  <Debaser>   didn't you notice?
  974. [22:18:16]  <Scorpio>   wht's the DK effect?
  975. [22:18:16]  <Slayer66>  Debaser- well, I'm not respomsible for you not understanding... it's pretty basic and easy to me...
  976. [22:18:28]  <ZShurp>    Dunning Kruger
  977. [22:18:32]  <Debaser>   mime why do you keep bringing up flat tax when we are discussing progressive taxation?
  978. [22:18:34]  <Scorpio>   ty
  979. [22:18:35]  <ZShurp>    Stupid people don't know that they're stupid
  980. [22:18:38]  <mime>  From 200 to 500 the tax is flat according to the image you provided, Debaser.
  981. [22:18:43]  <AAAman>    Progressive Tax --- people with lower income pay a lower percentage of that income in tax than do those with higher income
  982. [22:19:01]  <IrishKing> 15:12] <+mime> Debaser progressive taxation gives the rich lessor tax.  You're Dead wrong as always
  983. [22:19:02]  <Debaser>   yes mime between the progressive increases the rrates are flat
  984. [22:19:04]  <mime>  From 500 to 800 etc.
  985. [22:19:10]  <Debaser>   IrishKing: thank you
  986. [22:19:14]  <mime>  Debaser So that is progressive.
  987. [22:19:16]  <ZShurp>    We probably should rename the DK effect.  "Fascist Effect" will do.
  988. [22:19:22]  <Debaser>   so now IrishKing AAAman and myself all say mime is wrong
  989. [22:19:32]  <mime>  No, IrishKing says you are wrong, Debaser.
  990. [22:19:33]  <Slayer66>  eh gawds.. the man is actually living under that taxation arrangement
  991. [22:19:35]  <mime>  He quoted me.
  992. [22:19:57]  timur` is now known as guerro
  993. [22:20:04]  <Scorpio>   i think the DK effect is a little too general. It paints the situation too generically. After all, we're all prone to biases.
  994. [22:20:08]  <Debaser>   Slayer66: it's amazing he doesn't understand this simple image
  995. [22:20:09]  <Debaser>
  996. [22:20:12]  <Scorpio>   And there's point of view to consider.
  997. [22:20:17]  <IrishKing> I am backing up DB and AAA
  998. [22:20:21]  <Debaser>   as income increases, the tax rate increases
  999. [22:20:23]  <mime>  Debaser You still don't get it, do you?
  1000. [22:20:27]  <mime>  Debaser No, no, no.
  1001. [22:20:30]  <Debaser>   yes mime, IrishKing is backing me up
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