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  1. R- The tights were the hard part, but once they were off, all that she'd have to do was slip off her panties.
  3. T- As soon as those tights were free from her wife's pale, shapely legs she took it upon herself to insistently tug at those panties next.
  5. R- A rather snide grin formed on her normally blank face as she tugged the last barrier to her crotch down. If she was in range, once they were off, her erect cock would flop out and smack her right in the face.
  7. T- Her own bit of natural deadpan was interrupted with a wince as soon as that hefty, heated shaft came clapping down into her face. She simply held still for a moment, letting the girth pulse and stretch over her visage before she'd finally tease its belly with light, teasing licks that had it bouncing off her nose, keeping her eyes on that looming grinning all the while.
  9. R- In all honesty, she was a slight bit worried that she might get angry for allowing her anaconda to do such a thing without warning. The intense silence and lack of motion didn't help her fears either. Still, she enjoyed just being able to make skin to skin contact with her again. She had almost forgotten how warm and soft she felt. All it took was that single lick to throw her from her throne, that cocky expression being wiped off her face and replaced with one of shock. Knees bent inward, thighs trembling from just the slightest bit of attention. It had been quite a while since she had done anything even remotely sexual.
  11. T- The intense reaction to her somewhat tame licks should have been a sign for her to take it easy on her pent-up partner, but no. Instead, Tama's lips spread nice and wide so she could dip in and engulf that beefy tip in one fell swoop. She let her hands stay comfortably on her lap all the while, simply watching her wife's face while she slurped and swirled her tongue, positively bathing the likely sensitive cockhead in an all-encompassing wet, milking warmth that only seemed to grow stronger as time went on.
  13. R- Until recently, her sex drive had been through the roof. There wasn't a time of day that she wasn't jacking off or doing something of the sort. Then it just decided to take a dip one day. She hadn't touched herself since December. The poor woman bit down on her tongue to stop herself from even remotely showing more weakness that could be exploited by her scheming wife. With each and every slurp, bob, and swirl, she looked to be in pain. Anyone knowing the situation though would know that it wasn't pain, but intense pleasure. This is what she had yearned for for so long. Her sensitive member twitched and throbbed almost violently, the potent seed in her sack beginning to churn once more. "G...G...Give me the right hole already and stop teasing me-..." A moan forced its way from her. "-Before I end up wasting my seed!"
  15. T- As fun as it was to toy with and watch her wife writhe, she couldn't deny such an earnest plea from her lover. One last, greedy slurp and her spit-soaked lips popped free from that meaty mast, thick translucent strands stretching thin between them even as she spoke. "Stop whining." Tama couldn't help teasing, a subtle smirk gracing her features before she went on to lie flat on her back. The position made it easy for the fat-bottomed human to roll back and lift her hips from the floor, just enough for her thumbs to slip the waist of her skimpy shorts downs past the curve of plump, pale globes to leave a pair of panties as the only thing still standing in Racc's way. A glimpse between Tama's thick, squirming thighs showed the fabric at her crotch was plenty damp already, several less than graceful kicks eventually flinging the pair of shorts from her feet so she could settle in, leaned back with her arms planted firmly behind her, and her legs spread wide to leave her thinly veiled honeypot on full display. "Is this what you wanted~?"
  17. R- As violating as it was, not being the dominant one for once was quite refreshing. When was the last time that her wife got to be the cruel dom for the noble raccoon anyways? It had to have been sometime before they were married. "S-Sorry..." There was not a hotter sight in the universe than the one that she had in front of her right now. If she wasn't so dazed and confused by the sudden lack of pleasure from her sensitive fuckrod, then she might've just forced her cock right back into her mouth so she could see it again. For now though, she focused on her stripping wife. After having to dodge a pair of shorts, her cock gave a throb of approval. It was now time for her to claim what was hers...As well as she could, that was. After a blowjob like that, she didn't have much less in her before she busted a fat one. "Don't play coy, you know damn well this is what I wanted." The woman let out a rather bestial growl as she hovered over her wife's form. Her tail waved back and forth in pleasure while she examined her form, a singular hand slowly making its way down to the last barrier to her honeypot only to rip it off. Her animal brain was taking over, so much so that she didn't even have to aim before plunging her heated cock as far as she could go inside of her lover's wet folds. There was no slowly picking up speed to prolong their experience, no basking in the heat of her folds. As soon as their hips met, she dragged her cock out only to force it back in with astounding speed and might. Each thrust roused its own growl-like huff. It wasn't often that her instincts decided to take the reigns, but when they did, there was no stopping her.
  19. T- Something about those beastly growls never failed to send a thrilling chill down her spine whenever she heard one. Her excitement was made all the more difficult to endure once a clumsy tug at her panties had them being torn clean off her wide, child-bearing hips to leave the swollen, wet lips of her slit in full view. Expected or not, the sudden plunge into her snug, silky love-tunnel knocked all the wind from her lungs, normally half-open, disinterested eyes now wide and trembling while her juicy walls spasmed and clenched around the ruthlessly pumping invader. A series of unflattering grunts and groans were practically forced out of the platinum-haired girl with each fresh buck, an excess of her sloppy nectar ensuring the fleshy claps of their rutting were cushioned with a sucking squelching that rang out alongside her mindless moans. That immense and immediate stretching had her eyes rolling back in an intense fit of bliss, thick thighs clenching with sporadic spasms and her toes curling tightly with pleasure. That hard, harsh humping had her gasping desperately, her legs seeming to move with a mind of their own as they took a break from trembling to suddenly wrap roughly around her beloved's hips, flexing with all the stretching she could muster to help ram that sensitive shaft as deeply into her needy self as possible. "B... Breed me!"
  21. R- All that she truly wanted right was sweet release from her pent up state. It was pitiful to see her like this, so sexually frustrated...But at least she was getting her release while also making her wife happy. It really didn't help either that she was suffering from an intense sensory overload right now. It wasn't that she was deciding to pump so erratically, it was just that she couldn't do anything else but that. She never went into heat, but this was the closest she had ever gotten to such a state. Right now the only thing her mind could think about was breeding her wife. Fingers dug into the cushions of whatever they were laying on just to stop herself from tripping up and falling over. Though one hand would forcefully lift up her top and remove any barrier to her breasts with ease. They were so small, so sweet, but that didn't matter to her. As odd as it was, she found small breasts quite appealing. Her pink tongue appeared from her mouth to quickly lick her lips before she began her assault on her pink capped mounds. Much like how she had been teased before, she gently brushed her tongue along the sensitive nub. Up, down, left, right: there was no stopping it as it swirled around. If she had gotten teased in such a mean way, she was going to deal it back with ever growing intensity, made obvious by when she took as much of that sweet, pale titflesh into her mouth as possible. There it was, that familiar burning in her loins. Each thrust only made it seem hotter and more intense, traveling up the length of her hefty shaft. By this point, she had truly been putting everything behind her thrusts. Hips moved like a blur as the air was filled with the sweet, cacophonous sound of their lustful lovemaking. If her mouth wasn't occupied, she would've used whatever mind she had left to make a snide remark. Beginning her signature "Racc Finish™," she pulled out all the way until the only part of her cock left inside of her wife was her thick, meaty, bulbous mushroom tip. It was odd not having something around her cock and it would've been a breath of fresh air had it not been for that nagging feeling telling her to cum. Without any remorse, her cock found its way back inside of her until her tip rammed against her cervix. If she wanted to be bred, then so be it. Showing a bit of control, she bit down gently on her nipple to subdue her moans. Jets of her potent seed would charge against the entrance to her fertile fields. Having been so long, it was thicker and in more copious amounts than usual. The intense desire to keep on bucking her hips was there, but she managed to resist it for both of their sakes. This was the perfect day.~
  23. T- Knowing how much her wife enjoyed her less-than-ample bust made her all the more comfortable with her physique, though that didn't stop her cheeks from lighting up with a bright blush the moment her perky, bouncing tits were brought into view. While unassuming in size, her nipples were always quite the weak point. Just feeling that slick muscle tease over her sensitive nub had her writhing and whinging out with a renewed vigor, that jiggling little mound of titflesh held mostly still once Racc took to greedily slurping at it. "Nngh~!" That frantic pace made it impossible for her to voice any sort of coherent thought, knowing all too well what was coming once she felt the deliberate retreat that left that fatass tip wedged snugly inside her juicy walls for what felt like an agonizingly long pause. And yet, even with her experience with the 'Racc Finish™' she found herself shrieking out in a started cry of sheer bliss, completely losing herself in the heat of the moment and cumming hard on that lengthy log of dick busy pumping her womb full. The hot, creamy filling only made her orgasm that much more intense, what felt like an uncontrollable attack of lust-addled seizures plaguing her from head to toe while she lay trembling beneath the blonde. Even with the sloppy gush and wild grip of her inner walls that shaft held firm in her depths, letting Tama fully ride out her climax to the fullest all while focusing on just how wonderful it felt to have taken that load again.
  25. R- Racc was there coming inside of her lover for quite a while. In fact, her orgasm hadn't lasted this long in ages. By the time she was done oozing her steamy, milky seed, it was just barely keeping itself inside of her. The only thing keeping it in being the cork that was her cock. Releasing her breast from her mouth and unarching her spine, the spent raccoon simply flopped on top of her wife. "Man, I love you so much. Like, more than anything else on this planet. There's nothing else I love more than you. There's no one better for me either. Everything about you is perfect.~" The raccoon closed her eyes, arms attempting to hold her lover but to no avail. She was simply too weak to actually do anything more than lay there.
  27. T- "I... I love... I love you too." Tama barely managed to pant out between pitifully labored breaths, her head still buzzing in the afterglow of her explosive climax as she stared back to her life in a dreamy, lust-addled gaze. "You're my everything.~" A weak smile lingered on her lips following the loving admission, her body still shaking and twitching occasionally through her recovery. Her thighs eventually eased up on the raccoon's hips, no longer clenching but certainly not in a hurry to urge her wife from dislodging that bloated shaft from her still-quivering depths any time soon. A slew of her slimy love had them weakly glued together at the hips, her hands coming around to give her wife's back a couple appreciative pats before she too went limp to simply bask in her stupor. "Nnh..."
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