The perils of Anna

Jan 1st, 2014
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  1. "Are you sure about this?" Anna asked Elsa as the new Queen bundled up some clothes for her trip abroad. Anna leaned on her sisters luggage blocking her from continuing her packing. "You could always just send some dignitary and stay and build snowmen with me." Anna moved and sat on another of Elsa's trunks, "It'll be lots of fun".
  3. Elsa rolled her eyes, Anna had been goofing about for days trying to distract her from going on this goodwill mission which Elsa hoped would be the first of many.
  5. "No, Anna, this is an important step in dealing with the other kingdoms, I have to show them that I am an equal."
  7. Anna pouted, she'd been falling back onto some real childish habits when dealing with her sister in private.
  9. Elsa went over to her sister and hugged her tight. "And you mean the world to me Anna, but this is somerhing I must do as The Queen, okay." Anna nodded and rose from the luggage and left to her own room. Elsa smiled and a mischievous glint came to her eye, the seed had been planted and Elsa was sure her sister would not disappoint her. She tied up the last of her bundles.
  11. After all a city of mystery and enchantment like Agrabah would still be so dull without Anna.
  13. But those games would come in time, her primary motive was still to meet with the Sultan and gain access to the scarab that would open the Cave of Wonders. For she had read of a particular item within its depths that she needed to retrieve so she could continue her journeys to the other kingdoms.
  15. Anna sulked in her room, Elsa was going away and leaving her alone again and she didn't like it. Why were her duties dragging her away from her and what if they kept Elsa away for even lomger. Anna shuddered at the notion of being apart from Elsa for an extended period again, or the thought struck her if some misfortune stuck and caused her to become cold again.
  17. Anna struck a commanding pose, no she would not let such a misfortune befall her dear sister again, she decided that she must follow her in secret in order to protect her from harm. She'd be her silent guardian protecting her from the evils of the world, she'd be her mysterious everwatchful knight. Anna hurried out of her room and down to the castle armory, if she was going to be her sisters protector she'd have to be ready for anyrhing.
  19. Elsa grinned as she peeked out the door already knowing her sisters destination amd already had items that she'd known would draw Anna's eye but keep her relatively harmless in coming to her aid, she needed her sister to think she was being the hero. Elsa blushed a little at the image of a confidant heoric Anna. "Just the kind of hero I 'need." Elsa mused as she packed away the last of the official royal itemss she'd need for the trip. She looked out her windows down to the docks and the small little dinghy she'd tied up to the back of the royal barge that would give Anna a hiding place for the coming trip.
  21. Elsa made sure there would be enough supplies for Anna to "aquire" on the dock and a couple of books laying around for Anna to find that would familiarize herself for the region before they leave in a few days. Elsa also had the caravan that would take her to Agrabah load a few empty crates for carpets and other nicknacks from the bazaar. Anna wouldn't need them for the return trip, she'd be riding with her sister.
  23. Anna made her way dowm to the armory and picked up some of the items she felt she could take without them being noticed missing and then made her way quickly back to her room to stash them in a saddlebag along with some books she'd found on Agrabah that Elsa had left out. Anna hoped her sister wouldn't be looking for them else her plans would fall apart before she got started.
  25. Elsa stayed at her door watching Anna run up and down the hall making a little less noise then a horse and carriage in her attempts to be stealthy. Elsa was concerned at this, Agrabah was a dangerous place and her dear sister stumbling around like the loudest thief in town might get her hurt, Elsa had a thought that made her shiver, or even worse could befall sweet Anna.
  27. Elsa thought about it and decided that if she would have to take this game a little seriously if just to keep her sister safe, she'd have to find someone in Agrabah to guide her sister while she was busy with the Sultan at the palace.
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