I'm Pretty Good at this Game!

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  1. "Ah yeah! Who's the king baby!" Melvin shouted while dancing around the room.
  3. "Shut up Melvin! You only won because you kept spamming that stupid belly counter move!"
  5. "Ah do I detect a bit of saltiness coming from your voice?
  7. Audrey and Melvin had just finished a 1 on 1 match of Big G.D vs Plump Queen in Major Crash Family Ultimate with Plump Queen being the winner. The two were with their friends, Lotta, Dot, Pinkeye, and Fredo who were all sitting down on a couch while the two players sat on the ground.
  9. "A deal is a deal Smith! You gotta rim me until I cum!" He said pointing at the girl.
  11. "Ah come on man can't I just lick your feet or something?" She asked trying to make a bargain with the boy.
  13. "Nope you made a pinky promise so it's non negotiable smith!."
  15. Melvin started to remove his pants as Audrey turned to her friends with a worried look on her face, She walked over to them.
  17. "You got any ideas on how we could escape?"
  19. "Sorry Audrey but you know I must heed by the pinky promise." Dot said while shrugging.
  21. "Yeah and I kinda want to see you rim Melvin since i'm too nervous to do it with Gerald and I think watching you do it will give me some confidence." Lotta said while rubbing the back of her head.
  23. Audrey let out a sigh of defeat as she turned towards Melvin who already removed his pants and was laying on the floor with his legs spread apart revealing his light brown tight asshole. Audrey walked over to him and got on her knees and placed her head in between his legs.
  25. "You better not fart!" She yelled.
  27. "Oh don't worry I won't dream of it love." He said with a fake British accent.
  29. Audrey turned her head to the other bloogey boys.
  31. "If I find ANY video of this online I swear i'll break both of your legs got it?"
  33. Both them nodded in fear as Audrey turned her head back towards Melvin. She lowered her head towards his body and stuck out her tongue and started to lick the outside of his asshole. She dragged the tip of her tongue across the hole a few times just before slowly sticking it in. The taste of it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be but it was still kinda funky tasting. Plunging her tongue deeper and deeper, She started to hear Melvin moan.
  35. "Oh ah that's feel so good!"
  37. She started push it in and out and kept doing this for a bit until she noticed that Melvin started to jerk himself off while she rimmed him.
  39. "Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He moaned to himself as he started to jerk himself off even faster with a bit of pre-cum pouring out making his hand wet.
  41. Audrey pulled her tongue and started to suck on Melvin's balls while sticking her middle finger into his ass. He noticed this but he didn't mind in fact he was kinda surprised since this wasn't part of the deal not that he minded since it felt great too him. With her tongue licking his sack and her finger sliding in and out of his ass. Audrey decided to twist her finger around like if she was screwing something which in this case was Melvin.
  43. Raising his hips into the air he let out a loud moan as he ejaculated all over her face with some of it getting into her hair. She popped his balls out of her mouth while pulling out her finger and raised her head up towards him.
  45. "Alright Melvin a deal is a deal now we're leaving!"
  47. "Not so fast you still need to eat my cum! That was part of the deal remember?"
  49. "Dang it! I hoped you would have forgotten about that." She said in a defeated tone.
  51. Audrey wiped the sperm off of her face with both of her hands and started to lick it off slowly. When she was done cleaning off her hands she presented both of them to Melvin.
  53. "OK You see it's all gone! Now can we go?"
  55. "Nah ah-ah There's still some left right here." Melvin said pointing to his cum covered dick.
  57. Audrey let out a groan and placed the cock into her mouth and used her tongue to lick the sides of his shaft. Licking all of the cum off just before slowly pulling it out of her mouth but not before sucking the tip of his penis making sure that any that slurped out would be gone.
  59. Pulling her head up towards him she opened her mouth showing him all the cum she had gotten with little bit dripping off her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all and opened her mouth again showing all of it to be gone before closing her mouth again but not before she stuck her tongue out at him. Melvin who was pulling his pants back up just smiled at the girl.
  61. "Alright you can go, I hope we can do this again sometime." He said smugly
  63. Audrey just got up and turned to her friends.
  65. "Let's go, I need to go home and practice, RIGHT NOW!"
  67. "Uh Audrey you got something in your hair." Dot said pointing to her head.
  69. Audrey felt her hair and turned to Melvin who was putting his pants back on.
  71. "Yo where's your bathroom? I need to clean this crap out of my hair!"
  73. "Down the hall to the left it's first door you'll see you can't miss it."
  75. Audrey headed down the hall while Melvin walked over to his friends and started to gloat.
  77. "Ah yeah did you see me nut all over her face! That bitch was covered in my spunk!" He declared proudly like if it was a major achievement or something.
  79. "Yeah man you owned that bitch!" Fredo said high-fiving his best friend.
  81. "Dude that bitch couldn't handled all that plumpness!" Pink-Eye said also high-fiving his best friend.
  83. "Uh yeah could re-frame from calling our best friend a bitch please, We're sitting right here!" Dot yelled at the Bloogey Boys.
  85. "Yeah that's really mean, Plus it's not like I couldn't beat you in this game so don't get cocky!" Lotta said putting her hands on her hips.
  87. "Oh you want to be destroyed too? Alright i'll bite, What happens if I win?" Melvin said folding his arms.
  89. "If you win then i'll let all three of you guys fuck me anyway you want!"
  91. "Alright! Ear Sex!" Pink-Eye said high-fiving both of his friends.
  93. "But if I win then you'll have to eat me out while I sit on your face until I cum! deal?" Lotta said while holding out her hand.
  95. Melvin pondered this for a second before he decided that he could easily beat the girl.
  97. "Deal." He said reaching out to shake her hand, After that the girl got up from couch to floor and picked up the controller. Audrey walked from around the corner to see her best friend holding a controller and sitting down next to Melvin.
  99. "What's going on?" She asked Dot.
  101. "Oh Lotta made a bet with Melvin."
  103. "SHE WHAT!?" The girl yelled out.
  105. "Oh don't worry Audrey i'm pretty good at this game, I mean i'm no master but I think I can win." The Large girl said with a smile. Audrey just stared at her.
  107. "OK but i'm not bailing you out if you lose! You didn't bail me out so i'm doing the same thing to you!"
  109. Lotta just shrugged at this.
  111. "That's fair."
  113. She turned back to the TV to pick her fighter.
  115. "Alright i'm gonna stick to my main Plump Queen! So who are you going to pick to lose to me? Stack Jack? Ultra Girl? Oh how about Annie Sword she's a pretty decent fighter, I mean she's no Plump Queen but her reach on her sword attacks are pretty good."
  117. "Dude what are you doing? Are you trying to lose?" Fredo asked.
  119. "Don't worry, It's not like she's actually gonna beat me!" He responded while waving his hand at the boy.
  121. "I'll choose Leaping Lana!" Lotta declared.
  123. "Wow Leaping Lana? She's the worst character in the game, She's in her own tier at the bottom of the list, Please do us all a favor and pick someone else!"
  125. "I'm ready." She said to Melvin in a serious tone.
  127. Melvin just shrugged.
  129. "Alright but don't start crying when we bust a nut in your ear!"
  131. "Wait what?" Audrey asked in confusion.
  133. "Oh don't worry Audrey, Like I said before, I'm pretty good at this game!" She said looking back at her friend while giving her a thumbs up.
  135. She turned her head back to the TV.
  137. "Alright let's go!" Lotta and Melvin both yelled as they started the match.
  139. Due to how lazy the writer of this story is, Instead of actually writing the fight out, Lotta and Melvin's match will be simulated by Lucretia.
  141. We cut to scene of Lucretia who was sitting in front of a table where she starts slamming two dolls together until one falls of the table, She looks at the viewer in a confused matter before looking away.
  143. We cut back to the room where we see the winner on the TV. Leaping Lana, Melvin's mouth was wide open as well as his friends, Lotta just had a small smile on her face, She turned towards her friend's and said "See? Told you I was good at this game!"
  145. Melvin shook his head and spoke.
  147. "How did you do that? You just three stocked me! WITH THE WORST CHARACTER IN THE GAME!"
  149. "There are no bad characters, Just bad players." Lotta said as she high-fived her besties who walked behind her to congratulate her.
  151. "B-b-but I-" Melvin started to stammer.
  153. "Sorry Melvin a deal's a deal, Tell you what though, How about instead of me sitting on your face, Audrey will be the one to sit on your face."
  155. Audrey looked over at Lotta who just winked at her.
  157. Melvin took a deep breath and spoke.
  159. "Alright that's slightly better."
  161. He laid down on his back and said "Well? Are you gonna sit on my face or not?"
  163. Audrey looked down at the boy and smirked at him.
  165. Removing her pants and underwear, She walked over to him and sat down on his face, Melvin started to lick Audrey's pussy, Getting a taste for it while he started to breathe through his nose. Audrey felt his warm tongue against her pussy which felt amazing to her.
  167. "Ahhhhh yeah just keep licking it just like that!" She moaned out.
  169. Melvin couldn't believe he had this girl's ass in his face, Her sweaty ass which smelled good to him? Hmm guess it was something that he was now into. The taste of the girl's pussy made him plunge his tongue deep inside her which made her excited and he could tell due to amount of juice coming out of her pussy.
  171. "Ah fuck that feels good!" She moaned out.
  173. Wanting to get it over with, Melvin started to move his tongue faster as he also grabbed the girls ass with both of his hands and started to grope it.
  175. "H-hey that wasn't part of the dea-AH!" She moaned out as Melvin placed his lips around her pussy and started to suck on it. Audrey placed both of her hands around Melvin's head and pulled him even closer to her pussy as she continued to moan out.
  177. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck i'm gonna cum!"
  179. Just then Melvin felt something spray into his mouth. The taste of it was oddly enough somewhat sweet. Audrey slowly got up and pulled her pants back up with Melvin getting up as well as he wiped away the sweat and pussy juice from the side of his mouth.
  181. They both looked over at their friends with each of them having different reactions. Lotta was fingering herself with her pants completely down, Dot just covered her mouth trying to hide the large blush that was across her face.
  183. Fredo just had one hand over his mouth as if he was thinking of something to say and Pink-Eye had a strange expression on his face as he had a large pillow covering his crotch.
  185. The two looked at each other and nodded in agreement that they would never tell anyone that this happened, Unknown to them that Lucretia and The Bow where watching them from the bushes outside.
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