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Jul 10th, 2011
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  1. BC-Photo Kills,Advisory
  3. Drawing your attention to a series of 17 photo kills that have moved on AP PhotoStream this afternoon related to images made and edited by Miguel Tovar, an Associated Press freelancer working in Argentina.
  4. _MXMT102, showing a group of children playing soccer in El Algarrobal, Argentina, has been killed and removed from all AP photo archives because parts of the image were altered by the photographer in Adobe Photoshop before it was transmitted to AP.
  5. _MXMT101 and MXMT103-116, part of the same photo package depicting children playing soccer, have been killed and removed from all AP photo archives because the images were made and edited by the same photographer before they were transmitted to AP.
  6. _MXMT104, which was sent a second time as an APTOPIX, was killed twice.
  7. In addition to this advisory, individual kill advisories for each photo have also moved on AP PhotoStream.
  8. Several other images by the same photographer, shot at matches of the Copa America soccer tournament, have not been killed because the photographer had no opportunity to edit or alter them before they went through the internal AP photo editing and verification process. The AP has severed its relationship with the photographer and is eliminating more than 3,000 of his images from the archive.
  9. Customer questions about this advisory may be directed to the AP Nerve Center, 800-845-8450 (ext. 1600).
  10. The AP
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