Trying To Cure The Dysphoria Blues

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  1. [F4TM] Trying to Cure the Dysphoria Blues [Reassurance] [Confidence Boost] [Friends to Lovers] [Fsub] [Gender Talk] one [Playful] [Daddy] mention, but [Not DDlg] [Oral] some [Sirs]
  3. Summary: Since your trans guy friend has come out and started presenting more masculine, he’s been visibly happier. However, he still has his off days where it feels like everyone sees him as something he’s not. Being a good friend and ally, you pick up on his low mood and talk to him about it. Quickly identifying his concerns as dysphoria, you try to reassure him of his masculinity.
  5. (Directions like action, tone, pauses, etc are in parenthesis)
  6. <SFX are in... these pointy guys>
  7. *Emphasized words are in asterisks*
  8. All of these are purely suggestion, feel free to add, remove or modify as you see fit! Use this as a starting point to give a performance you’re happy with!
  10. ~~~
  12. <Knock, then a door opening>
  14. Hey, buddy!
  16. (You give him a once-over)
  18. Wow, you’ve changed up a lot since the last time we hung out. I really like what you’re doing with your hair, and... are these all new clothes? They look good on you!
  20. Come on in and sit down. Let me get you something to drink.
  22. <From a distance, you carry on the conversation. You can also add in glasses clinking and water being poured if you’re feeling fancy!>
  24. Today just seemed to drag on and on. I didn’t have anything to do except wait for you to get here, so I tried cleaning up a little. Hope it shows! Even after I finished that I still had a couple hours left, so I binged (any show of your choosing). I wish you could have showed up earlier, I think you would have liked it, but I know you said you had to run some errands.
  26. (You return to where he is seated and hand him his drink)
  28. From your text, it sounded like you had a lot to do today! I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had cancelled, but... (warmly, sincerely) thanks for making time for me.
  30. (You start to give him a hug, but notice him pulling away from the contact)
  32. (Concerned) Oh, hey... what’s up? You’re like, always down for hugs. And you’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. Did I do something wrong? (Flustered and filled with cis guilt) I’m sorry, did I misgender you? I wasn’t paying close attention to my words. But I’ve been practicing your name and pronouns so much! I’m so—
  34. (He interrupts you)
  36. Oh, not me, but everyone else? What do you mean by that? Was someone acting hateful towards you while you were out today? (Pause) Not exactly?
  38. You feel like people... just don’t see you as a *real* man. Why do you say that?
  40. (He lists off various insecurities)
  42. Woah, woah. None of those things make you less of a man. I’m sure no one even picked up on all that!
  44. There’s nothing wrong with being a sensitive guy. I like that you’re sensitive.
  46. You just wish that people saw you as less sensitive and more... dominant? (A little flushed, your mind already wandering) W-What do mean by dominant?
  48. Oh, like a typical guy. Yeah, I guess we do tend to associate dominance with men more. I can see why you would want that. But, I mean...
  50. (You take in a deep breath, nervous about what you’re going to say. You try to tread lightly)
  52. Since you’ve come out, and started presenting as your most genuine self, you’ve got this... *air* about you. You’ve been a lot more happy, a lot more confident. You have this swagger that you didn’t when you were in the closet. It’s really... attractive? (Nervous chuckle) And you know me, you know I’m only attracted to... well... men. So... You know, you have the straight girl seal of approval.
  54. (A bit of silence. After a moment, he asks you if you mean that)
  56. Y-Yeah, I totally mean it! You’re really attractive to me now! When you make your voice all low, I could- I could totally see myself calling you “daddy”! (A second of silence, then you both laugh) Okay, maybe not that, but... Your voice *is* nice. It totally exudes dominance.
  58. Um... Would it be okay if I touched you? If you’re still not feeling comfortable with it, thats totally okay. (Pause) Okay. Is there anywhere you don’t want me to touch you? (Pause) Your chest, got it. Will not touch.
  60. (You give him comforting touches, ones that can still be read as platonic)
  62. I’m sorry that it felt like the world was against you today. You’re really brave, and really strong. (Soft giggle) You’re one of the best men I know, and you’re handsome to boot. And... if you wanted... or if you think it would help... I’d totally let you dominate me.
  64. (A quick gasp as you are grabbed, then kisses galore) O-Oh, woah... I’ll take that as a yes! (Pause) Yes... s-sir. (More kissing, maybe throw in some whimpers)
  66. Ah... Oh gosh... Your hands are really rough with my body. (Suck in some air, almost in pain) You’re grabbing me so tight, I feel so small and defenseless underneath your touch. (Your shirt comes off, you giggle) Do you like how my breasts look in your hands, sir? Is that why you’re squeezing them so hard?
  68. (More making out and heavy petting, feel free to ad lib but just noises will also work!)
  70. (You break away from the kissing, really worked up now) Um... Would you like me to use my mouth on you? (Building up a little more confidence) Can I please suck your cock, sir?
  72. <shifting of fabric as you get on your knees, unzipping his pants and pulling them down>
  74. (Breathy) Oh, wow. It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Is that because of the T? (Pause) Ah! sorry, you’re right, this isn’t a Q&A. Let me just—
  76. <licking/sucking>
  78. (Feel free to fill up some time with just noises, but here’s some lines you can throw in:)
  80. You taste so good, sir.
  81. Do you like having your cock in my pretty mouth?
  82. Grab my hair while I suck you off.
  83. Please fuck my mouth!
  84. Let me serve you.
  85. I want your cum all over my face.
  87. (He cums and you pull back, wiping your mouth with a smile)
  89. Hehe, was that good? You look pretty pleased. (flustered) God, I didn’t know I could get so turned on just from sucking cock. Let me just lift up my skirt... (giggle) I think I’m dripping through my underwear!
  91. (A noise of surprise and delight as he pulls you back up onto the couch, pinning you down with one of his hands) You’re so strong! But what are you— (moan) Ohhh, returning the favor? What a gentleman!
  93. (Here’s some more lines to throw in if you don’t want to only moan:)
  94. Your tongue feels amazing!
  95. You’re so good at this.
  96. This is the best it’s ever felt!
  97. Bury your handsome face in between my legs.
  98. I’m already so close!
  99. Can I please cum, sir?
  101. (You finish! Take some time to collect yourself as he comes back up for air and lays down next to you)
  103. Well... Do you feel better? At least a little? (smiling) A lot. I’m really glad to hear that. (kiss) Let me know whenever you feel this way again, okay? I promise I won’t always deal with your dysphoria like this, but I *will* always be there to help.
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