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Rewdius - Lost Time (PART1)

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  1. Filename: LostTime.txt
  4. Title: Lost In Time
  6. Author: Eliston X. Gaulfre Rewdius@gmail.com
  8. Codes: Mg Mg+ gg fg+
  10. Keywords: Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Piv, 1st, Teen, Preg, ScFi, Inc, Harem
  12. Summary:  Once the new 'Kubrick/Clark' space station was complete it was only a matter of waiting until an assignment was posted.  While busy inside the 'Oregon-4' cargo/maintenance shuttle everything went crazy. The next thing I knew the door was sealed, the emergency vehicle ejection system actuated, and I was by myself in space.  Before a month was out I had a small family of prehistoric young wives to take care of. My old life was gone, but my new life was much better.
  14. Copyright: 2011
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  18. Preface:
  20. This document contains contextual information of an adult nature. Sensitive and/or non-adult individuals should delete this document immediately.
  22. If you are under 21 or you are an adult who does NOT wish to view sexually explicit contextual material, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW!
  24. By continuing you are stating that you are an adult and understand that falsely claiming otherwise is unlawful and may result in your prosecution.  You are hereby warned to conduct yourself according to your local standards regarding the reading of adult erotic material.
  26. The following is a literary work of adult erotic fiction and is laced with tremendously immoral and strongly perverse sexual activities between an adult man and underage girls.  If you are the least offended by physical contact of a sexual nature between an adult man and young female children, then delete this file and be on your way.  There will be no pity taken on, or comments accepted from anyone who does not heed this warning.
  28. None of the events described herein ever took place nor were influenced by the descriptions or deeds by any human being ... yet.  Everything in this fantasy was the creation of a single person's mind, where nobody was touched, fondled, coaxed, or coerced into any sexual situation.
  30. Enjoy this wicked reverie at your own risk, and do not be surprised if you find yourself aroused.
  32. Eliston X. Gaulfre Rewdius@gmail.com
  34.      -----------------------------------------------
  36. Prologue:  No great story is the work of a single mind.  One of my most ardent supporters and frequent editorial assistants is a reader who goes by the identity of "JD."  In spite of his rather unassuming name he's been a Clossus of help and a wealth of invaluable suggestions for this and other works.  Without his input this work would have been rife with far more errors than I'd care to acknowledge.  His many recommendations have turned what was a good tale into what I think is one of my best and most entertaining stories.  I hope you agree.  If you'd also like to thank "JD" for his help send me a note and I'll pass it along.  It should be painfully obvious from a few of my earlier works that I've been the recipient of some truly unimaginable help.  Thanks, JD.
  38.      -----------------------------------------------
  40. When the station alarm sounded and the entry hatch to the cargo shuttle I was working in slammed shut on its own I was taken completely off guard.  My shift wasn't supposed to include my unwitting participation of what I suspected might be an unplanned station evacuation test, because the nice folks in the Operations Center usually told everyone about such things well in advance.  This was especially the case when the utility and maintenance people like me might be involved, but particularly so where one of their multi-billion dollar shuttles was concerned.
  42. The next thing I knew my body was shoved hard against the station side of the shuttle, and I had to fight to get to the captain's station.  The claxon blaring inside the shuttle, the warning beacons flashing every half second, and the sensation of zero-G a few seconds later was as foreign to me at that moment as trying to figure out what was going on outside the three front view ports.  Once I was buckled in just enough where the vehicle commander usually sat so I didn't have to fight to stay in one place with both hands I silenced the audible warning annunciator, hit the emergency warning illumination override button, grabbed a communications headset, and almost screamed into the microphone.
  44. "Comm Center, this is Ingram on the Oregon-4!  What happened?"
  46. "Not now, Oregon-4!  We'll get back to you!"
  48. Get back to me?  I was a first-year Alpha Level maintenance technician inside an expensive crew and cargo vehicle by myself after some kind of system anomaly that sent the small craft away from its docking port ... and they were going to get back to me?
  50. The systems and controls on the shuttle were all fairly familiar to me, since I'd been trying for quite a while to get an assignment on the new 'Kubrick/Clark' Space Station for the previous six years.  In my quest to earn my position I'd learned everything I could about any system and aspect of space station operation that might get me a seat on board. That included how to read the many styles of maintenance and operations displays and engage the appropriate systems to test and control just about any part of my new home away from Earth.  The fact that I didn't have a doctorate degree in astrophysics or engineering meant I wouldn't get to be at the controls of one of their crew and cargo vehicles, at least officially, so sitting in the captain's chair while the craft was moving meant something was *very* wrong.
  52. Confirming that 'my' craft was functioning as programmed was easy, but trying to figure out why I was watching the double-tube circular space station drift further away from the port side of the shuttle was going to be much harder.  The entry hatch had obviously been secured by one of the many automatic protection systems, the VLM-23 flight computer was functioning correctly, all of the environmental systems were operating as per the TRM-2832-MR2 maintenance manual, and I was sitting in a seat that I'd snuck onto more than once.  The real problem was I'd never been in that location when the damned thing was moving or even under anyone else's control.  Normally I'd be strapped in toward the back of the craft while we were ferrying materials from the cargo drop-off point in low-Earth orbit and headed either away from or toward the station.
  54. I hadn't begun to unload the shuttle, transfer any liquid nitrogen or oxygen stores from the cryogenic bottles to the station, nor done a complete systems check of the electronics and vehicle stabilization systems, which was my day's assignment, and had only been on my ten hour shift for thirty minutes when all Hell broke loose.
  56. 24:30 Zulu.
  58. That would have been 6:30 PM Dallas, when my parents and best buddy Curly might be sitting down to some barbecue, beans, potato salad, sweet vinegar cole slaw, and a tall glass of ice cold sweetened tea.  I could almost feel the cheek-tingling flavor of my dad's barbecue sauce as he liberally poured it in a huge slathered coating over the meat.  What the heck was I doing out in space when so much good food and friendly company were down there back home?
  60. As if from some horribly written 'B-movie' script a series of confused comm chatter began pouring in from all manner of personnel, from various operations and maintenance locations on the K/C Station, the Operations Center, Mission Control, and one or two dozen EVA techs whose voices I recognized around the station in their suits doing maintenance outside. It wasn't until I heard a person scream into their microphone that I became aware of what might have triggered the cargo hatch to close, and I truly got scared.
  62. "SINGULARITY!!!"
  64. Impossible!  We'd have seen evidence of something that bizarre as it approached the Earth long before it endangered us, wouldn't we?
  66. The sound of something hitting my craft from behind forced me to reconsider just sitting like an unauthorized passenger at the captain console and watch everything go to Hell.  The Vecom-23 radar guidance and inertial navigation systems were turned on, and the display revealed a cloud of swirling dust particles approaching from the astral side of our orbit, the sun dutifully glowing in its typical big yellow disinterested way from the other direction.
  68. Acting to save my technologically sophisticated ass I turned the Alpha-2 vehicle control systems on, saw the lights on the primary and secondary reaction control thruster systems go green, gently pushed the control stick forward and acquired a sense of motion.  I was in control alright, or as much as I figured could be helpful, and hoped I'd be able to get back to where I'd lived for a few months so somebody else could take responsibility for the multi-billion dollar craft I was sitting in. There might have been a few seconds of doubt regarding my getting back, but with the automatic guidance systems able to reposition the docking port so it could create a perfect air-tight seal and open the hatch I knew I'd soon be back doing what I'd been contracted to do ... or so I hoped.
  70. With brief bursts of the reaction control jets I turned the ship away from the circular mass of confusion as it drew closer to my home away from home behind me and only realized I was headed away from the K/C Station when I saw the cloud and the station at the same time in the large multi-color display on the console.  It wasn't my intention to abandon the only place I knew as my temporary home away from Earth, but anything as malevolent as an approaching storm in space had my respect, and I wasn't about to tangle with the space equivalent of an F-one-billion hurricane.
  72. The sense of gravity in my seat was comforting, except I was no longer attached to the K/C Station.  Sure, I'd spent a few hours jumping around in the designated zero-G recreational area of my new residence just to see what it was like, but I'd never spent that much time as an EVA tech outside the sturdy walls of my home away from home, nor did I have the need to test my space legs for an extended period of time unless I was assigned by my supervisor to assist in transporting or repairing something away from the only place I felt was safe in outer space.
  74. The instant I let go of the control stick and allowed any forward momentum to carry me further away I realized it wasn't the thrusters providing the sense of weight and pressure, but something far less pleasant and far more destructive.  Sure enough I became aware of what must have been the singularity acting on me, my work assignment in the Oregon-4, the K/C Station, and a whole collection of hardware in the immediate area.  I'm glad I'd emptied my backside before starting my shift, because I felt a pucker factor of about nine thousand at that moment.
  76. In spite of my desire to finish my shift and have a nice dinner at my favorite ethnic section of the cafeteria I was about to be turned into a string theory one atom at a time.  That's when I had second thoughts about volunteering for a long space assignment on what had been touted as the most technologically sophisticated machine since prehistoric man had been smart enough to grunt and build his first fire.  With death in the form of a tightly packed vacuum of infinite density and microscopic size approaching my sorry ass the only thing for me to do was hope my Karma would grant me a better life the next go around.  I'm sure my knuckles were white when I gripped the frame around the pilot's seat, but there was little I could do, so I figured I'd just sit back and stare out the view ports.
  78. Something from the TRM-2832-MR2 maintenance or TRO-1621-FM flight and operations manuals I'd read and been qualified in told me to do more than be a passenger on the best roller coaster ride in the universe, so I began to run through everything in my head to increase the odds of my being able to have one more meal.  In order to extend my chances at survival I shut everything down except for the MW-PEO2 personal emergency oxygen system, was able to clip the face plate over my nose and mouth, and tightened the safety harness I'd instinctively strapped myself to.  That included closing the protective view port panels along the front of the Oregon-4, even if I wanted to see what was going on outside at the time.
  80. My actions might not have done much, but I felt as if I'd just increased my chances at seeing another one of sixteen sunrises per orbital day. The increasingly violent snaps and bangs on all sides of my shuttle made it sound as if I was sitting in a car during a Texas Panhandle hail storm, except the stuff striking my craft must have been either bigger or harder than ice.  I was sure I'd get pummeled into a small ball of dust with all the racket and frequent hits my ship was having to endure.
  82. The sensation of gravity slowly increased to the point of discomfort like an incredibly heavy load was being dumped onto my body as I sat in the conformal seat.  It felt like a million hands were pressing down onto every portion of my body, legs, arms, and head until I was pinned so tightly into the snug captain's chair that I could feel and even hear the cushion under me begin to groan and the metal of the frame make a few noises that I'd rather not have heard.  I wanted to look around to see if everything else was still strapped in place, but I couldn't turn my head at all.
  84. Trying to lift my hand to turn off an overhead LED lamp was a mistake, because I nearly knocked myself out when my appendage came back down into my face.  I almost lost my breathing mask in the attempt, but was able to wiggle my chin just enough to reposition the lower edge so I could still take in the steady stream of oxygen.  It was a real struggle to breathe, although I somehow managed to keep doing that despite the tremendous weight on my chest.
  86. The most noticeable perception I had after becoming one with the fixed seat was being turned slightly so the nadir side of my craft was automatically turned under.  Even with the intense gravitational forces being levied onto my borrowed ride the reaction control system through the automatic positioning monitor of the Alpha-2 control system had enough power to keep me pressed into my seat and my feet pointed away from whatever was about ten miles from my neatly combed hair.  It looked and felt as if I'd been invited onto an incredibly large and very expensive version of the biggest roller coaster ride in the universe, the three forward-facing ports my only connection with the space outside once my head was pinned back into the seat, *if* I was brave enough to open them so I could see what was going on.
  88. Were it not for the very real possibility that I was about to die a horrible death I might have enjoyed the ride.  When I saw the lights go out inside the shuttle I figured I wasn't long for the pearly gates. The only way I knew I was still alive was when I saw the light from the sun burst through a side view port each time my ride was spun in the correct orientation as if I was riding a huge Ferris wheel.
  90. I held on as long as I could, but the pressure against the seat and the loss of blood from my head were too much, and I blacked out from the immense G-forces without the benefit of a single prayer or one last cigarette.  The fact that I didn't smoke made me a better candidate for my position, but at that moment I would have liked to get off my joy ride and ask somebody for a chance to die a slow and horrible death from lung cancer rather than a quick and exciting one alone in space.  My only saving grace that day was having the good sense to park my sophisticated ass into the only seat on the shuttle that was specifically designed to help a human cope with such unrealistic loads on a body that wasn't meant to tolerate anything above nine or ten G's.
  92. When I came to I was able to move my arms, legs, and head.  My hands were in the air in front of my face and floating as if gravity were once again a foreign concept, so the singularity was no longer of any concern.  It took me a few moments to collect my thoughts, because I wasn't all together sure I was alive or just dreaming after having been knocked unconscious.  With a few controlled movements of my hands and fingers I realized I wasn't dead, or at least as alive as my mind could comprehend, so I immediately looked at my watch.  24:45 Zulu.  That alone proved that I'd survived, because dreams don't come with watches, schedules, nor shift changes, and I felt a tremendous sense of relief.
  94. Everything was quiet, I discerned no sense of motion, and I saw light coming in through one of the small side polycarbonate view ports behind me.  The three larger forward windows were still protected by the opaque safety panels, so craft power was turned on and my view outside enhanced considerably.  Once the last protective cover was moved to its stored location I saw the moon glowing as brightly as ever in front of me as it went from one window to the next, so that was another good sign.
  96. It was obvious I was drifting in space, but why?  That's when I realized I'd survived something that was impossible to describe.  Wow!  Fifteen minutes of pure Hell and I was alive to talk about it.  Nobody was going to believe me back at the station, much less back in Texas, but it would still be fun to recall the events and share them with anyone who'd want to listen.
  98. The power was turned back on to the guidance system and the reaction control jets commanded to steady my orientation.  The craft was turned around, and I was about to make a call back to the K/C Station when I was dumbstruck.  I saw the Earth, but my home away from where I was born was gone!
  100. The station, all of the support hardware around it, and every satellite that I could normally see surrounding it had disappeared.  Where did it all go?  Could I be on the nadir side of the station?  Having seen the moon I knew that wasn't the case, so where had everything gone?  I yawed the ship in two 360 degree turns, pitched the ship 90 degrees, did two more, and saw nothing except the Earth, Moon, and Sun.  That's when it hit me.
  102. The singularity.  No way!  No fucking way!
  104. How the Hell did I survive when everything else had vanished?
  106. Rather than sit there, ponder the fate of the universe, and my twin tube temporary refuge away from the hard vacuum of space I fumbled with the headset and radio controls once more.
  108. "Operations Center, this is Oregon-4.  Come in."
  110. I paused to let someone answer, but nothing.  After switching to a channel that was only supposed to be used if something went wrong with the comm system on the K/C station I tried one more time.
  112. "Mission Control, this is Oregon-4.  Come in, please."
  114. Nothing.  Not even background RF white noise or channel static.  My radio was most likely dead, so it was time to test it.  After all, I was a highly skilled, thoroughly trained, and space certified MRP-23-V Alpha Level maintenance technician and could fix just about anything, or find an adequate replacement part, right?
  116. The safety harness was unbuckled, I floated in zero-G to the entry and egress docking port, located the survival stores compartment, and removed the emergency hand-held radio from its protective plastic sleeve.  The lithium/ceramic high density battery was installed, the power button pressed, and the thing came to life.  After I made my way back to the captain station I grabbed the headset control and keyed the mike switch, the signal strength LEDs on the hand-held unit peaking the instant I hit the button.  After doing it three times in a row for both the portable and shuttle radios I realized both of them were working.
  118. Now what?
  120. The ground lock beacon!
  122. The TRO-1621-FM flight manual was consulted, navigational computer turned on, the Omega-21 frequency dialed in, and I saw and heard nothing.  Not even the GPS system seemed to work.  Since there weren't any satellites anywhere in the area I kinda figured the whole radio network was off the air.  My puny 10 watt hand-held radio and 150 watt craft unit might not be enough to get all the way to the ground, unless I tuned into a radio not dependent upon the Omega multiplexer system for ground-to-space relay, but even that didn't work.
  124. I was alone.
  126. I must have stared out the left view port for over an hour without moving.  The K/C Station was gone, I couldn't contact anyone on the radio, and I had no way of knowing what had happened.
  128. "This is stupid!  All I've got to do is make an emergency landing!"
  130. Yeah, but I'd have lots of questions to answer by the time the space agency caught up with me, asked why I'd activated the emergency jettison procedure for my craft, and then commanded it to return to Earth without explicit permission.  What the Hell were they gonna do, fire me?  Fine! I'd be back on Earth.
  132. That's when I realized the K/C station was most likely around the back side of the Earth and out of my view.
  134. "Idiot!  Get a hold of yourself!"
  136. It took a while for me to get the ship oriented for continuous flight around the Earth in the right direction, but once I was all the way around and through the night side twice I realized my first assessment was correct.  The K/C station, everyone on it, and all those people associated with it had vanished.  That's when I remembered the singularity and the very real possibility that thousands of tons of metal, ceramic, and glass were ripped apart, crushed into a stream of atoms, and then swallowed hungrily one particle at a time until everything I knew was gone.
  138. Thankfully the Earth was spared, because I saw the bright blue orb silently hanging in space where it had been before all Hell broke loose. It looked truly beautiful in all its blue-green glory with lots of cotton-white clouds positioned like a master artisan had spent two semesters teaching art students how to create a random effect of light and dark.  It almost seemed as if the water looked bluer, the sky clearer, and clouds much more white than when I last saw all of it, but my comprehension of such specific details was most likely my excited appreciation for having been alive and instilled that perception.
  140. I studied the TRO-1621-FM flight manual for about four more hours, got a gist of what was required to do an unpowered computer controlled descent, and then made sure everything in the craft was secure.  Since I hadn't even begun to unload it nothing had been unstrapped from its original locations, so my cargo wouldn't have to be locked back down.
  142. That's when I realized my arrival might be more troublesome if the spot the computer picked for me was a lot further away from the recovery teams than the prescribed 100 mile minimum distance.  With a cargo shuttle full of replacement medical supplies, food stores, tools, and what had been called 'luxury items' by the docking master the stuff behind me just might make me the focus of more questions because of what the stuff was worth.  About the only thing I was worried about at the moment was staying alive and seeing another human being, so trying to sell the contents of the Oregon-4 to some black market dealer was way down on my list of things to think about.
  144. Just thinking about commanding the Oregon-4 to leave the circular orbit around the Earth and direct it back to Terra Firma was enough to make me shiver.  I'd have to reconsider what kind of job I'd find after the space agency folks got a hold of my ass.  With the thought of dying a slow and lonely death in space I pressed the EXEC button after entering the last command and instantly became a passenger rather than in control.
  146. It took three hours after the retro-thrusters fired before I became aware of a sense of that same uncomfortable gravity from the singularity I'd felt before.  This time, however, the ballutes under the ship had been deployed to act as a heat shield and a long carbon fiber drogue was trailing away from the top of the ship as a means to keep the craft stable as a growing stream of bright orange flames formed a halo around the edges near the forward facing view ports.  Sure, it might have been smart to keep the windows protected when the singularity was trying to pound me into dust, but after what I'd been through a continuous look through those windows just before I lost my job wasn't such a bad idea.
  148. The buffeting was incredibly strong, but the ride was no worse than the folks at the training center in Florida had warned me about.  The fact that it wasn't as bad as the space-based roller coaster I'd already been on made me feel better about the next portion of my journey.  I'd already gone through the worst of it with the singularity, so watching the bright orange radiance as it wafted up around the front of my craft in streams of iridescent colors that danced and split up into dozens of glowing fingers was like a walk in the park at night, or an expensive trip to one of the world's best action and adventure theme parks.
  150. Once the ionization envelope went away, the speed of my craft had been reduced enough, and I saw the tops of clouds quickly passing I felt a tremendous lurch as the first of four parachutes deployed.  After the first one had done its job the main three chutes deployed, and I felt another hard jolt as they completely filled and slowed me further. Immediately after that I saw an indicator light up informing me the radar and camera booms had been properly extended outside of the ballute's periphery.  The on-board radar control system then began to command the parachutes in a series of maneuvers to steer the craft toward what seemed a likely safe area, one portion of the monitor screen displaying the downward view.
  152. During one long slow turn I saw what looked like a large modern 'green' city off in the distance, but something about that image didn't quite seem right, although the details of the image were too difficult for me to discern why.  My problem was much more immediate, just getting my ass back onto Terra Firma something that had my full attention.  Thankfully all I had to do was hang on and watch everything go by, but I still felt uneasy about what I'd seen.
  154. The ground approached much more quickly than I anticipated, and when I was about a hundred feet from impact the craft proximity alarms began to warn any potential passengers on board that we'd need to have our seat backs and tray tables in their upright and locked positions.  Since there weren't any flight attendants around to double check whether I'd obeyed the typically boring instructions about preparing to land I took it upon myself to tug a few times on the ends of the safety harness straps, tightened my muscles, grit my teeth with my tongue safely tucked behind my molars and incisors, and closed my eyes.
  156. The moment of contact wasn't as bad as I'd envisioned, the ballutes serving their second function as large gas-filled shock absorbers. After all the Earthward motion had ended the ballutes were automatically commanded to empty of their gas and my craft settled down onto the underside.  That's when I took my first long breath and began to relax, my heart racing, my forehead heavy with sweat, my grip of the armrests so tight my fingers and thumbs were cramped, and my knuckles bright white.
  158. The sight outside the front view ports seemed strange but not totally unexpected, because a tall forest of pine trees about a hundred yards away was a familiar scene that I remembered from when I drove toward my uncle's place up north.  Based on the last few images I'd seen while descending toward the ground the area the computer decided upon must have been in the middle of a small clearing of a forest in the upper Midwest.  It would take a while for the recovery crews to find me all the way out there, but I wasn't going anywhere, and I had plenty of supplies to keep me healthy for quite a while should my wait be more than a few hours.
  160. It took me a minute to get my bearings, but the sensation of normal gravity felt incredibly comforting.  Since I'd been working on the K/C Station I'd only spent a few days in complete weightlessness as a 'tourist', so there was no concern for my having to suffer the effects of long-term muscle atrophy or bone loss.  My biggest concern was having to answer weeks of questions from the ground recovery crew and the folks at Mission Control.  After the restraint harness had been completely undone I turned all the electronics systems off except for the emergency locater beacon and then prepared to disembark at Gate 01.  About the only thing I didn't have to worry about was some clumsy dolt dropping his luggage on top of my head from one of the overhead storage racks or anyone else trying to beat me out of my ride so they could be first to pick up their baggage at the luggage carousel.
  162. Rather than blow the escape hatch and cause even more damage to my borrowed craft I opted for a less brutal method.  It took fifteen minutes of careful procedures, but each step of the flight manual was again followed and then checked off, just as a trained astronaut would do.  If anything I wanted to be absolutely sure I obeyed as many rules as were established, because I still had to hope I had a job to go back to after all the dust settled and I'd done my best to describe what I'd lived through.
  164. The moment I began the cabin equalization procedure I sensed a new and very pleasant aroma wafting in from the outside air through the pressure port, the smell as if I'd landed in the middle of a bed of roses.  The instant the hatch came open I was overcome with a strong sense of relief because I was finally back home.  The temperature was in the mid 70's, the sky was relatively clear, and the area immediately around my ship was like a green sea of grass about a foot tall that shifted in sinuous waves as each breeze acted on it.  All-in-all, not bad for my first unplanned forced landing.
  166. From nowhere I had the strange urge to pee, so with a blush on my face and expecting to see a flurry of photographers running toward me I made my way out and circled my craft.  Just as I'd seen through the front view ports I'd indeed landed in the middle of a forest clearing, the trees surrounding me forming what appeared to be a tall living blockade of brown and green.
  168. Rather than despoil the area immediately around my ship I opted for a small depression about twenty feet away, my wounded dignity preventing me from just whipping my cock out in front of so many trees and knee-high grass, so I faced the craft instead.  The sensation of relief was much more comforting than the feeling of a small plastic cup against the end of my dick, the harsh vacuum of the K/C Station urine collection and recycling device now a distant memory.
  170. After my first pee back on Earth it was time for me to police the area and make sure everything I'd assumed responsibility for was recovered. The first task was to retract the radar and camera booms and stow them in their previous locations.  Then I gathered up all four of the large red and white parachutes in a series of long lines, the material straightened, folded as best I could because of their size, and then the high-strength cords unfastened from the top of my craft.  It took me a while to heft each of the parachutes one at a time back toward the Oregon-4, and once that was complete I was exhausted and hungry.
  172. Dinner was a modest meal of a vegetable patty, a protein patty, some crunchy twists, and a large container of water.  It wasn't until I put all of the refuse in a small trash bag that I realized I hadn't seen what time it was in a while, and after I took a quick look at my wrist I became aware of the time indicator showing 2:17 AM.  That alone was odd, because the sun was just above the horizon and was soon going to be below it.  My belief was my watch having lost sync with the K/C station clock, which was set to Universal Time plus six hours, or Dallas time. It bothered me a little bit, but not enough to worry about.
  174. There was a strong temptation for me to light a fire, but I hadn't done a good job of clearing the immediate area first, so as the sun began to set in the west over the trees I made my way back inside the Oregon-4 and then closed the hatch.  It felt strange to climb back inside the small craft for the night, but it had everything I needed and served as my temporary residence until the ground recovery crew showed up.
  176. Trying to sleep in the captain's chair wasn't nearly as comfortable as I'd hoped, my back aching in the upright position, so I opted for the floor between the pilot and commander's seats.  Even that wasn't nice enough, so I located some flexible storage bags, filled them with air, and fashioned a more appropriate air mattress.  What a difference!  Once I was comfortable I turned out the last LED illumination and settled in for some sleep.
  178. The dreams I had that night topped anything I could have imagined during any of my previous ones.  I saw faces of familiar co-workers and friends, family members, and even a few lovely smiles who were little more than brief visits to the various parts of the K/C station.  The one image that forced me vertical in my slightly uncomfortable bed was the one where I was spinning around like a top inside a washing machine tub.
  180. The light streaming in through the view ports confirmed that I'd made it one morning closer to having the responsibility for days of long and boring explanations dumped onto my shoulders.  I wasn't looking forward to it, but I knew what I'd done by returning the Oregon-4 to Terra Firma was going to require it.
  182. My morning routine was about to be conducted as I'd done hundreds and hundreds of times before, personal needs first, and then food after that.  By the time I cracked the hatch and ventured outside I felt the urgent need to water the grass.  It was only after I'd finished and closed my uniform that I remembered I could have been refilling my water stores by using the temporary waste recovery unit.  Thankfully since I was back on Earth that system wouldn't be necessary.
  184. After I ate a small meal I turned the mains power on and did a quick radio check.
  186. "Mission Control, Oregon-4.  Come in."
  188. <pause>
  190. "Mission Control, Oregon-4.  Come in, please."
  192. Nothing.  Not even background radio chatter or static.  In order to verify my equipment was working I turned the volume of the Oregon-4's radio all the way up, grabbed the mobile unit, exited the vehicle, and walked about ten feet from the hatch.
  194. "Mission Control, Oregon-4.  Come in."
  196. My voice could easily be heard reverberating inside the cargo shuttle, so at least the portable radio seemed to be transmitting and the radio on the Oregon-4 receiving.  With the smaller unit volume turned all the way up and set to the ground I ventured back inside and did my last radio check.
  198. "Mission Control, Oregon-4.  Come in, please."
  200. Again I heard my voice in the smaller unit, so the primary radio was also working, and yet I heard nothing from Mission Control or any of the support crews.  What the Hell was going on?  All the radios were working fine, enough power required to 'shout out' to my home-crew, and yet I wasn't able to get a single response.  The main radio unit was switched to its standby mode, the portable unit located, turned off, the battery removed and stored in its pouch, and then both parts of the hand-held unit placed back into their storage location.
  202. I was beginning to get more than a little concerned.
  204. There was so much that could have gone wrong and yet I was safely back on the ground.  All cargo shuttle systems seemed fine, so why hadn't I heard from anyone?  There was just enough that wasn't according to Hoyle for me to locate and then remove one of the three emergency defense devices from their secure location, the smooth feel of the cool black ceramic in my hands affording me enough comfort to relax quite a bit. With as many as 100 rounds of ammunition available in the storage compartment near the entry/exit hatch and another nine boxes located in three other places I certainly had enough to protect myself and down some game if it was required.  I didn't like the idea of using the weapon against people, but I was trained to if the need arose.
  206. The first few days went by with no significant changes, except I noticed there weren't any jets flying over in the upper atmosphere to leave the typical white con-trails during the day, nor were there any blinking red lights or flashing white beacons at night.  Why weren't there any jets flying overhead?  No radio chatter and now no air traffic.  Could the micro-singularity have somehow affected all electronic devices on Earth? My radios and cargo shuttle computer seemed to be working fine, so what could have damaged all the ground-based equipment but not affected mine? The fact that the K/C station wasn't where it was supposed to be also didn't sit well, and it didn't correlate to my broken electronics theory.  What the Hell was going on?
  208. In order to keep the on-board batteries properly charged I deployed the solar panels on my craft and saw everything return to 'inspection' condition in very little time.  My maintenance supervisor, Lu-Ming Xiao, would have been proud at my clear thinking, although she'd most likely demote me for having borrowed her craft and landing it back on Terra Firma without her permission or specific orders to do so.
  210. There was a growing sense of fear developing within me, and I knew I'd need to change my routine significantly.  If nobody was willing or able to answer my calls and the rescue crews I'd expected hadn't gotten to my landing site after a week and a half I'd need to go seek them out.  I really didn't know where I was, and without a working GPS system I'd have to revert to some good old fashioned seat-of-the-pants survival methods to make my way toward what I'd last suspected was civilization. But even that unsettled me, because I didn't see any evidence of artificial lighting on the horizon at night in any direction.
  212. I remembered seeing what looked like a large 'green' city about twenty or thirty miles away from my landing area while I was descending, and I oriented myself in that direction multiple times during my frequent observations, but I couldn't see any evidence of humanity.  No radio chatter, no lights, no air traffic, and no noise.  It was as if what I'd seen while descending was merely a painting on the surface of Earth.
  214. In spite of my desire to wait patiently and remain with my temporary home I needed to find out what the Hell was going on.  It was already far too late in the afternoon for me to be heading out by the time I was getting too nervous to sit still, so the next morning would have to do.
  216. In the meantime a survival pack was located, enough emergency food and water rations for about a week loaded, and then a whole collection of necessary supplies set out.  A few bottles of water, a reverse osmosis water filter, binoculars, large high-tech multi-purpose knife, hatchet, convertible digging implement, magnifying lens, mirror, med-kit, wax, matches, string, rope, leather strap, a souvenir canvas bag that must have been destined for one of the tourist shops on the K/C station, a few zippered plastic bags that could have been used for anything from wet clothes to somebody's kitchen supplies, and a piezo-powered LED flashlight were all collected and then loaded into the pack.  The external hiking boot covers I found in the EVA storage location fit my flight booties well enough that I wouldn't need actual shoes or boots, so wearing my flight 'jumpsuit', and with a pair of gloves, a rain poncho, and emergency blanket the last few items were tucked into some external pockets.  After that it was time for me to get some rest.
  218. The next morning seemed to come a lot sooner than any before, so with my personal needs met, my tummy filled slightly, my supplies hefted into place, and the hatch closed and locked, I checked my gear and began to head toward town.  I felt like a hermit who hadn't seen another human being in ten years as I strapped the knife to my left thigh, the firearm to my right, and tightened the harness for the backpack.
  220. "Well, Ingram ... it's time to go on a little hike."
  222. By the time I'd gotten a hundred yards into the forest I found a nice looking walking stick and cleaned off the upper end to afford me a firm grip.  All I needed after that would be my rifle, a dog, and I'd be set to go hunting.
  224. In keeping with my previous adventures 'in the wilds' I marked a series of trees as I walked, a single head-high horizontal gash carefully placed so I could find each 'breadcrumb' along the way if I should need to retrace my steps, even in the dark.  I could almost picture a young preteen couple happily making their way toward their grandmother's house alongside me with a large covered basket filled with all sorts of goodies.  The idea of a wolf chasing after them brought me back to the cold sting of reality.  Just tapping the holstered weapon on my right thigh was enough to coax a lewd grin onto my face, any four legged beast certain to be skinned long before it grew cold if it should attempt to gobble me up.
  226. When I transitioned from the skyscraper forest to a mixed pine and tall deciduous timberland I took a compass bearing, scanned the horizon as best I could, checked my time, and then made my way forward.  Along the way I crossed a nice creek with clean flowing water and knew where I could refill my water stores when required.  All I needed after that was to come across a 150 pound deer and I'd have a nice excuse to camp out for a few more weeks.
  228. By the time the second major transition from forest to open area was made a large open valley was below to my right and a fairly moderate up-slope to my left.  The scene was reminiscent of classic paintings I'd seen where hundreds of species of flowers were blooming, every tree was resplendent with perfect verdant hues of lush green, a mixture of growing forms of vegetable life sprang up from every nook and cranny, and the ground in every direction was like a living carpet of perfection.  I had to stop and admire the view, because I'd longed for a Utopian image of greenery ever since I stepped foot into the launch vehicle for my first trip to near-Earth orbit.
  230. Something about my surroundings was very different, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Things almost seemed more beautiful than I'd remembered, but it could have been my slightly altered appreciation for life in general after what I'd been through.  I could have stayed where I was and admired the view for hours, but I had a place to be and a limited amount of sunlight to get there in.
  232. Since I could see for a few miles I retrieved the binoculars, took up a seat on a large flat rock, and began to scan the horizon.  Off in the distance toward the east I was able to see some distorted evidence of the city that I'd located during descent.  That would be my first heading, so I did a compass bearing, found some landmarks to help guide me, and was about to start walking when I heard a woman scream way off in the distance.  It sounded as if her voice came from the valley far off to my right, so I repositioned myself and began to do a careful sweep from left to right with my binoculars.  What I saw left me startled and very unsure if I was awake or not.
  234. About four or five miles off in the distance and down in the valley I saw what looked like a naked woman wildly waving her arms in the air over her head and turned away from me.  I followed what I suspected might be her line of sight and the object of her interest.  That's when I saw two more women and one man walking away, their pace steady, and none of them the least concerned at all with anything the woman was attempting.  But it was what they were wearing that left me wondering what I'd found, because both of the women were just as naked as the first one, except for some kind of crude sandals on the two who were leaving, and the man had on what appeared to be a furry pair of shorts and shoes.  All of their hair was long and unkempt, and nothing was in their possession except for a club in his hands.
  236. What the Hell had I stumbled across?
  238. I shifted my vision back to the first woman who was still screaming, jumping up and down, and waving her arms back and forth as if she needed to get the other peoples' attention.  I watched almost disembodied as she went from facing away from me and trying to get her comrades' attention, to facing me, looking down at her feet, yelling, looking back toward the people who were walking away from her, then turned around toward me again, gesticulating with both of her hands, and attempting to convince someone or something beneath her feet to move.  She kept going back and forth from trying to get her friends to stop and talking to something or someone at or beneath her feet that I couldn't see from my vantage point.
  240. Her antics looked pitiful, and she left me with the impression that something was important enough for her to be concerned about a possession or person about to be left behind.  She seemed to call to whatever or whomever it was below her feet over and over again, as if by repeating herself and flailing her arms and hand in front of her she might eventually be able to effect some kind of change.  Rather than assume the same sort of indifferent mood that her traveling companions had I took a quick reading of the compass and made my way toward her even though I had no idea what I might find when I got all the way down the hill and confronted the distraught woman.  It might take me about an hour to get close enough to find out what she was so troubled about, but I was bound and determined to help if I could.
  242. An hour and a half later and all the way down the "U" shaped verdant canyon I emerged from beyond a small stand of trees close to where the woman had been screaming and waving her limbs in the air.  She was no longer anywhere to be seen, but I could still hear her yelling off in the distance.  Rather than her impassioned cries and wild yelling I heard someone else crying, so I took another bearing, looked for anyone in the area, and after nobody could be seen I walked away from the protection of the trees and quickened my pace toward an outcrop of tall grass.
  244. The tone and timbre of the new voice made them sound like a young child or small woman, the wails low and weak but constant.  By that time the woman I'd heard and seen frantically waving her arms and screaming had long since left the scene, but I could still hear her yelling off in the distance, presumably a feeble attempt to coerce her friends to return and help her accomplish her desperate mission.
  246. When I was finally close enough to make out where the screaming woman had been I was standing in front of the outcrop of tall grass I'd seen from the tree line, and I saw a collection of boulders nestled into the earth with a wild mass of green and brown growth around them.  Rather than take a chance of twisting my ankle or tripping over a sharp rock I opted for a route around them.  By going around I ended up on the other side of the person crying, so I backtracked and determined whomever was in distress must have journeyed through the unpredictable landscape that I avoided.
  248. In a careful shift through the tangled mass of vegetation around the larger boulders I bisected the collection and made my first trek toward the noise.  Each time I'd crest the top of one stone I'd stop and listen, my movements eventually loud enough for the person to hear and call out as if they were desperate to gain someone's attention.
  250. "Nya-na!  Nya-na!"
  252. What the Hell kind of language was that?  I'd attempted to program the shuttle computer to time the deceleration burn so I'd land in the USA, but I could have returned to some European or Asian country instead. The images outside the view ports in near-Earth orbit confirmed that my glorious country of origin was in fact still where I left it and the land mass that I was headed toward during my descent was the Central USA, but the language I heard made me doubt any and everything from the moment I heard that strange repeated two word call.
  254. The only thing to do was act as dutifully as I could and call out.
  256. "Hello?  Can you hear me?"
  258. Again all I heard was the same pained call as before.
  260. "Nya-na!  Nya-na!"
  262. After the supposed child or young woman called out a second higher pitched voice joined in, my perception of its owner being younger or smaller in stature.
  264. "Nya!  Nya!"
  266. "Keep calling out.  I'm getting closer."
  268. In spite of the language barrier she must have understood my intent, because the older of the two called back to me as she had before.
  270. "Nya-na!  Nya-na!"
  272. The moment I discovered where the voices were coming from I almost fell down a steep and narrow hollow between two megaliths, the entrance well masked by a tuft of tall grass and a large bush.  Having no desire to repeat their blunder I looked around for any other chasms, found none, and set about to provide some help.  The next thing I did was to remove my pack, set it off to the side in the open, and then made my way belly-first over the largest rock closest to the gaping hole.
  274. The sun was almost directly overhead and I was able to discern a rather large burrow or vertical cave whose entrance had been made impassable by the sheer rockface.  Now it was nothing more than an open pit for some unsuspecting or clumsy passerby to fall into.  Rather than take the chance that I'd lose my grip and slide down face first I placed my walking stick across the narrow opening and used the sturdy limb as a support beam so I could look down inside.
  276. When I caught sight of the older of the two people I was again utterly spellbound.  She was probably a young teen, barefoot, naked, with a long bloodied gash along her right lower leg, and holding an equally nude little girl.  The younger child seemed to be relatively unhurt, about seven or eight years old, and although she did have a few scrapes and bruises she didn't appear to be harmed otherwise.  The instant they saw me peering down they both reached out with their hands and began to plead with me using that same unrecognizable language reference as before.
  278. "Nya-na!  Nya-na!" "Nya!  Nya!"
  280. "Okay, okay!  Let me find something to get you out.  Just stay there."
  282. I had to pause and reflect on what I'd said and what was going on.
  284. "Good one, Ingram ... like they'd suddenly develop the ability to defeat gravity and fly through the opening toward you."
  286. When I slithered backward and began to rise both of them started to scream pitifully, as if they assumed I was going to leave them as their former friends or family had.
  288. "Nya-AAAAAAAHHH!!!" "EeeeeeeEEEEEEEE!!!"
  290. Their voices were so pitiful I had to do something to convince them I wasn't going to leave, so I changed my tactic immediately.  As quickly but as carefully as I dared I returned my face to the opening, pressed my full weight onto the walking stick using one hand as a single point of focus, and reached down into the hole as far as I could with my other hand.  My reach wasn't enough to span the short distance between me and the older child's outstretched hand, but I needed to communicate that I wasn't going to abandon them.
  292. "Hey, hey, hey!  I'm not gonna leave you.  I need to go find something to climb down with, or to have you climb up on, okay?  I promise I won't leave you to die in that hole."
  294. The older girl's voice took on an incredibly pitiful tone, as if she was doing her best to plead with me for her life.
  296. "Soss nya-na?"
  298. To convey as gentle a demeanor as possible I softened my voice and used as tender a tone as I could while smiling.
  300. "I'll help you out of there, Sugar.  I promise.  Just, give me a chance to go get something to help you up, okay?  Will you trust me?"
  302. My keeping my place, reaching down inside, and smiling down at her seemed to have the right effect, her voice also softening and her plea less desperate.
  304. "Nya-na."
  306. What the Hell.  I didn't understand what she was saying, but parroting what she uttered might communicate something.
  308. "Neeyoh nah ... or however you said it."
  310. A second or two later the older girl cradled the petite one in her arms, held the smaller girl's face in both hands, nuzzled her nose into the smaller girl's, and then hoisted her up into the air toward me.  Holding the petite child by her waist and shifting her higher into the air she began to direct the younger girl into my reach.  By the time I felt the younger girl's small fingers I changed my position slightly, leaned across my walking stick dangerously close to tumbling into the narrow opening, and lunged forward.  The instant I grabbed the smaller child's left hand the older girl pushed up against her companion's bare butt and shoved.  It was just enough for me to reach further down, grip the smaller girl's forearm, and then pull up.  A moment later she was in the open air and bright sunshine, so I rolled backward and pulled her onto my belly.  She immediately began to sob and clutch me with an intensity that belied our lack of familiarity.
  312. "You're okay, Angel.  Don't cry.  You'll be safe now."
  314. <Boom-boom-BOOOM-boom>
  316. "Great!  A thunderstorm ... just what I needed to help me.  What else could go right for me on this trip?"
  318. Before I could effect a complete rescue the littlest one attempted to lunge toward the opening that I'd just helped her out of and practically screamed toward her slightly older companion.
  320. "Lee-sha!  Lee-sha!"
  322. "Hey, hey, hey!  You're not going back down there, Little One.  I'll get your friend out, don't worry."
  324. It took me three tries, but I was able to shift the little girl into a narrow gap that was close to the opening, but still safe enough to keep her from tumbling back down inside.  With her settled into place it was time for me to get busy, so I left my walking stick in place across the opening for her to hold onto and looked around for any resources that I could use to help the older girl escape her underground prison.
  326. A small grove of trees was close enough to the rocky outcrop to be useful, so I scampered over the rocks to my backpack, retrieved the hatchet, and scurried off toward the trees.  The younger child seemed more intent on talking with the older girl than pay attention to anything I did which gave me plenty of freedom to venture off without any distractions.  It took longer than I had hoped, but within about ten minutes I'd felled two fairly straight trees with lots of branches along the periphery of both to be used as steps or ladder rungs.
  328. Both were dragged close to the opening of the small pit, but once the younger girl saw me approach she rose from her place, began to scream, and then tumbled backward over the rocks until she was about fifteen feet away from me and my impromptu ladders.  That just made it easier for me to work one of the trees down into the hole after I retrieved my walking stick.  I hadn't gotten three feet of the trunk of the first tree down into the hole when the older girl began to scream at the top of her lungs, something about the sharp end of the tree most likely very frightening to her.  It was apparent it was either the trees or my moving them in such a careless manner that scared both of them.
  330. When the screams within the pit stopped I also quit shoving my natural stairway down and peered inside.  The girl must have imagined I was going to impale her with the recently cut wood, because she'd fainted and was lying back on the rocky floor unconscious.  At least that would make it easier for me to finish preparing her escape.  The younger girl was also so traumatized she ducked down face first and hid behind a few of the rocks along the edge of the outcrop.  With neither girl able or willing to help it was time for me to get busy.
  332. It took me a few minutes to get both trees situated, but once the sharp ends were nestled into the floor of the cavern about two feet apart and twisted a few times to bury the cut trunk between some debris I made my way down inside.  It was a risk for me to trust the branches to my weight, but I needed to get down inside and then the older girl up and out before she woke up.
  334. My heart was only able to stop pounding once I'd gotten the older girl along the two central vertical shafts, through the tangle of limbs, and back into the bright sunshine.  The instant the younger girl saw me lift her friend up out of the hole and then carefully hoist her away from the opening she screamed and began to dance wildly outside of the rocky outcrop.  She might have wanted to approach, but the trees or the memory of falling down into the hole must have seemed far too intimidating.
  336. Once the two girls were far enough away from the opening I lay the older one on her back and returned for my gear.  The younger girl seemed very attached to the older one and I began to suspect they were sisters, the little girl hugging the larger one with a ferocity that implied kinship. My pack was reclaimed, the hatchet stowed, my walking stick recovered, and then my duties as nurse required.  Since the older girl was still unconscious I was able to clean and then dress her leg wound, wrapped it with a flexible bandage, and then checked her from her wild-hair-head to her dirty bare feet for any other injuries.  She had a few other scrapes and bruises, but none that seemed life threatening.  I also noticed that her body was developing very nicely and my slightly older rescuee had a pair of plump apple-sized titties but no pubic hair.  If she wasn't so dirty I'd have thought she'd make a very nice little playmate.
  338. Half the time I was tending to the older girl the younger one kept trying to climb into my lap and hug me, her need to show what I assumed was appreciation so strong she made it nearly impossible for me to help her companion.  I checked her over as well and found myself fascinated by her casual disregard for clothing, her nudity stirring my interest only after her older friend had been tended to.  Since the little one had some overriding need to show me affection the only thing I could do was wrap her up in my arms, give her an ardent hug, and then softly whisper into her left ear while placing little kisses on her cheek.
  340. "You're okay now, Sugar.  Your friend is safe and her wounds tended to. I'm gonna leave the trees in the hole so other people won't stumble into the same trap that you two did.  By the way you both reacted to the trees I'm gonna figure that will be enough warning to scare even the most intrepid adventurer out of harm's way."
  342. All she could do was cry and whimper against the side of my face, her grip so tight I was convinced she might think I'd throw her back down inside the hole if I found her the least attractive or something.
  344. <Boom-boom-boooom>
  346. The thunderstorm toward the south was far enough away that we weren't going to get wet for a little while, so I didn't have to worry about putting something on to stay dry, but my day's travels were no longer of as much importance as the care and feeding of my two new companions. I'd spent half a day walking about fifteen or twenty miles by myself, and now I had to figure out what to do with an injured teen and little elementary school octopus who seemed much more interested in hugging me than being close to what I suspected was her sister.
  348. In order to provide some measure of comfort I retrieved my pack, claimed a water container, popped it open, took a sip, and then tipped the end toward the little girl's mouth.  She was hesitant at first, but once she tasted the clean water gulped down about four or five large swallows. Since the little one was anxious to be attached to me like some human limpet I shifted her to my left hip, held onto her nude body with my left hand, and then directed the open end of the bottle to the older girl's mouth.
  350. As carefully as I dared I dribbled a small stream of drops onto her slightly splayed lips and saw her throat shift in the typical movement indicating she was swallowing.  Since she wasn't able to control how much water I provided I made sure to add only sparing amounts of water to her lips so she didn't choke.  When I saw and heard her cough once I knew I'd offered enough.  Just before closing the bottle I gave the little one another few sips and saw the makings of a lovely smile after she wiped some of the dirt away from her mouth with the back of her left hand.
  352. "Do you feel better, Sugar?"
  354. "Tun!"
  356. I guess that meant 'yes', but then she didn't appear to know what I was asking, so it could have meant anything.  For her to give me an incredibly tight hug and bury her face into my neck and whimper communicated far more than any foreign language I could have attempted.
  358. The next most important task was finding shelter, my desire to sleep in the rain somewhat lacking, so I tried to peel my preteen-remora off my left side three different times with no success.  It wasn't until I began to softly whisper to her in a very paternal tone before she relaxed her grip slightly and let me look right into her eyes.
  360. "You stay here with your friend, Sweetie.  I need to figure out where we need to go to get out of the weather before I end up soaked.  You've got nothing to get wet except your hair since the rest of you is perfectly drip-dry.  Why don't you stay right here with your friend so I can find us something to keep warm and dry under?"
  362. She looked at me with a puzzled expression, but she seemed intrigued with my tender and gentle demeanor and let go.  I pat the ground next to her older friend a few times close to the other girl's naked left hip and smiled, the school-aged girl grinning back at me as brightly as any child who'd felt completely at ease.  Holding her until the last moment I directed her bare butt to the ground and watched her snuggle close to her friend, her small right hand shifted across the older girl's body until the teen's left half-apple-sized breast was being cupped.
  364. The moment I rose to my feet the younger child immediately screamed.
  366. "NYAAAAHHHH!!!"
  368. Moments later she threw herself to the ground near my feet, remained on her knees and left hand, extended her right arm out with her cupped hand palm down, lowered her face to the dirt near my temporary work booties, and then began to cry all over again.  I hadn't taken that very many anthropology courses when I was in college, but I recognized her posture as one of supplication and submission.  She was making it plainly obvious that she must have considered me her new owner or master, the last living human male she had any dealings with so unconcerned with her welfare that he just walked away to let her die in a dark hole in the ground.
  370. I crouched down in front of her, took her small right hand with my left, tugged her closer to me, and then instantly became the recipient of yet another intense hug.  She sobbed into my chest for a few minutes while I held her tight to my body, my right hand cupping her bare and pert little preteen ass, and my left hand holding her around her back.  She was far more emotional and physical than any child I'd had any previous dealings with, my duty as child care technician while in high school leaving me with the impression that I was never fit to be considered a 'daddy'.  My newest young and very naked companion was quickly changing my perception that I could be considered worthwhile by anyone younger than drinking age.
  372. <BOOM-boom-boooommm>
  374. With the child unlikely to be out of my grasp for very long and the weather much more likely to get me wet it was time to get us moving.
  376. "Sweetie?"
  378. She actually looked up into my face and tried to smile.
  380. "I need to put my pack on, somehow get your friend up on her feet, and then get you away from this jumble of rocks.  I don't know how I'm going to do this without being able to communicate with you, so you're just gonna have to trust me.  I only hope you don't end up taking a bite out of my throat after I fall asleep some time later."
  382. To attempt some kind of pleasurable change in her attitude and with her small arms locked around my neck I shifted my left hand up under her right arm and gently tickled her armpit.  At first she looked puzzled, but with my slowly adding pressure and wiggling a little firmer she instinctively clamped her arm down over my hand and yelped.  By giving her a few more seconds of gentle tickles and smiling at her she seemed to understand I wasn't trying to hurt her and then giggled at me.
  384. "Tee-hee-hee!"
  386. "Ohhh ... so you like tickles, huh?"
  388. Without giving her any warning I set her butt to the ground, withdrew my right hand, and then began to tickle her tummy as well.  Her joyous squeals, light-hearted laughter, and animated movements made all the difference in the world, her attitude far different than the one I'd seen when she was prostrated on the ground at my feet.  I tickled her for no more than a minute going from her chin, to the two bright pink and slightly puffy points on her chest, to her tummy, belly-button, along her thighs, and even one very dirty foot and toes.  She seemed torn between liking the loving abuse and unsure if she was supposed to feel such unbound joy.
  390. <Boom-BOOOOMMMM-boom-boooommm>
  392. She didn't seem terribly concerned about the thunder, but I had assets I needed to keep dry and warm, so I discontinued her tickles and just looked at her naked body while she settled back down.  But rather than let me completely discontinue our game she claimed my right hand, tucked it between her chubby but strong thighs, clamped her legs tight around my appendage, and then just lie back with a concerned look on her dirty but pretty face.  It was only then I saw just how intense her gaze could be.
  394. Her eyes were a kind of light golden brown and seemed to drill right through my soul.  As strange as it seemed after I'd stared into her piercing gaze for about five seconds I might be the one prostrating myself at her feet and supplicating to her for mercy fairly soon.
  396. Rather than take on some immoral attitudes with the preteen I gave her naked vulva a single snug squeeze, smiled at her, got a smile in return, and then gently pulled my hand away from her tender charms.  She looked uncomfortable with my actions, but didn't grab my hand a second time.
  398. "Come on, Angel.  Let's go find some place to stay dry."
  400. Holding her by her waist and picking her up seemed to settle her nerves, my smile returned with dividends.  After a short hug and a soft kiss on the lips I set her dirty feet to the ground and held her tight to my left thigh for a moment, hoping she'd recognize that I wasn't about to leave her alone.  Her strong stare into my face conveyed an awareness that she might have finally understood my intentions.
  402. The moment I turned to claim my pack she whimpered, so I stopped, smiled at her, nodded, caressed her fanny, and then turned again.  She might have wanted to restrict my movements, but she let me close up my pack and then watched as I slipped the straps over my arms and hefted it onto my back.  The harness around my waist appeared to scare her, but the sound of the plastic clip when I secured it around my belly was like an exciting experience for her.  I wasn't sure if she thought the black plastic was strange or if the sound it made was more intriguing.
  404. I'd never carried more than one person in my arms before, and that girl was about half my age at the time in high school, so my trying to carry the older teen girl and the preteen child was going to be a feat unto itself.  My only recourse was to give it a good old fashioned college try, so I moved the younger child up onto a rock that was about hip-high, motioned for her to stand still, and then shifted over to the older girl's body.  The younger girl immediately began to moan her disapproval, so I turned around, leaned as far forward as I could, gave her a tight hug, a kiss on the lips, patted her on her bare bum, held her body with a grip that might have been a bit more snug than it should have been, stood back with a smile on my face, and looked right into her incredibly beautiful eyes.
  406. "I'm *not* gonna leave you, Angel!  Just stand there and I'll show you what I'm gonna do next."
  408. She appeared to accept my suggestion and only pouted as I turned around.
  410. I bent down slightly, took the older girl's right hand in mine, gently hoisted her up into a modified standing posture against me, shifted my left hand around her back, reached under her naked body with my right, and then did my best to lift her into a 'bridal' posture.  I was able to get her nestled against my body without any major problems and then shifted her up onto my left shoulder so her small breasts were pressed to the top edge of my pack behind me.  That left her arms and head dangling down along my pack, but there was no way she was going to be helping me in her unconscious condition.
  412. She might have weighed about eighty or at most a hundred pounds, but wasn't more than I could handle, so I jumped up and down a couple of times to settle her into place with my left hand over her naked butt and then turned to my left so I could attempt something similar with my smaller frightened human octopus.
  414. By the time I'd gotten turned toward the younger one already had her arms out in my direction and was anxious to get a ride too.  My body was turned a bit more so she had complete access to my right hip, her small arms went around my neck, my right hand cupped her soft round bum, and I nestled her to my body as if I needed another hip ornament.  The weight was more than I might normally heft around on a daily basis back on the K/C station, but my duties as maintenance and technology technician required me to lift lots of stuff, even if that stuff weighed only 80% of what it did on Earth while in orbit.
  416. My mind was immediately brought back to what I'd intended on doing earlier in the day, locating the city no longer on my list of activities for the immediate future.  My walking stick was retrieved, handed to the younger girl to hold, and then I began to make my way to the spot further up on the hill where I'd started when I heard the woman screaming.
  418. It took a few minutes, but I was able to make my way toward the same collection of trees where I'd felled my make-shift ladders.  From there I saw the spot through the trees where I'd first noticed the screaming woman about two hours before and began to head in that direction.  Her vocalizations had dropped off completely some time after I'd found my two new friends, so I wasn't sure if she might have also abandoned her younger companions like the man and other two women had, or might be making her way back toward them ... and me.  The right thing to do would be for me to walk slowly enough so she could catch up if she was going to attempt some sort of rescue, but quickly enough so I could make the taller tree line before dark and the impending rain storm.
  420. I'm not sure when I noticed it but while I was slowly hiking away from the rocky outcrop I sensed the older girl was awake again.  Maybe it was the way she reacted to a few steps I'd taken, or her fear of being in my possession, but about halfway beyond the first wall of trees I decided to see how she'd react to me.  I turned to my smaller companion, kissed her on the lips a couple of times in a playful manner, smiled, and then softly spoke as I neared another small group of flat stones with no grass or bushes around them.
  422. "Would you like to take a rest, Angel?  I'd kinda like a drink of water, and I'll bet you and your friend would like one too, huh?"
  424. She grinned at me, pressed her mouth onto mine a bit more firmly than I had with her, tried to kiss me somewhat ardently by emulating what I'd done with her, and then leaned back with a broad smile on her face.  She didn't say anything, but I could tell she liked the idea of me teaching her how to kiss.  To keep things friendly I spoke to her as if we both understood each other clearly.
  426. "Yeah ... you'd like to take a break and drink something."
  428. The moment I stopped and twisted my body so her feet were close to the bare surface of the polished rock she looked down behind her and kicked her feet out.  All it took was a slight lean to my right and her small, bare, and dirty lower appendages were safely back on Terra Firma. Before she let me go she again planted a nice kiss on my mouth and then pulled back with a broad smile, an immediate return gesture from me in keeping with polite interpersonal relations, of course.
  430. To make her older friend more comfortable I removed my hand from my quiet shoulder ornament's plump fanny, held her around her upper thighs, and then reached as high as I could around her back to support her.  I then turned around and slowly lowered my body into a kneeling posture so I could direct her bare feet to the same slightly elevated natural platform as her younger companion.  Once it seemed her body was close enough and without any ability to discern where she really was because of my reduced vision I then used both hands to lower her until her feet touched down.
  432. The moment her weight was borne by her injured right leg she yelped and clung to me much harder than her younger friend had before.  Her grip around me was a comforting sensation, but her injury must have been more troubling than being in a stranger's grasp.  The appropriate thing for me to do was provide some comforting words and lightly caress along her smooth bare back.
  434. "It's okay, Baby.  I'm not gonna drop you, but you've got to get down for just a minute so I can get us something to drink."
  436. "Soss nya-na?"
  438. "Neeyoh nah, Angel.  I guess you're asking if I'm gonna help you or something, so ... neeyoh nah."
  440. She took her weight onto her left foot and her younger friend quickly shifted to her right side to act as additional support.  Even though the older girl might have been unsure if I was to be fully trusted she still kept at least one of her hands on my shoulder and gripped my flight suit somewhat anxiously.  Moments later the older girl was doing her best to smile while holding onto me with her left hand and her small companion with her right.
  442. Before I could have the slightly older girl sit and in my reduced height position in front of my new companions the younger girl dropped my walking stick to the ground, reached out with her right hand, pressed her cupped appendage against the left side of my neck, and shifted toward me half a foot, uttering a single word to her older friend while smiling.
  444. "Tun!"
  446. The older girl looked horrified.
  448. "Ni, tun!  Vost!"
  450. Just as quickly the younger girl repeated her earlier claim, with a bit more energy, and a more stern expression on her face.
  452. "Ni vost, Lee-sha.  Tun!"
  454. For the younger girl to lunge forward, give me another tight hug, tilt her head down toward mine, and pucker her lips took me off guard, but I knew of only one way to respond without stirring her into yet more crying.  As if we'd been long-time buddies and playmates I leaned forward slightly and gave her another fairly chaste kiss.  I wasn't about to teach the preteen what I knew about making out, since we'd only just met, and I had to worry about the Space Agency folks finding out I liked to kiss little girls.
  456. Maybe I was expecting it, or maybe I needed to just accept the fact that the little girl had an extreme need to prove something, but I let her wrap her small arms around my neck and then lay a very impressive kiss onto my lips.  It lasted two or three times longer than any innocent kiss I'd given her before, so I was more than a little nervous until our lips separated.  When she pulled back with a broad smile on her face I knew I'd already polluted her young mind.  She then turned to her older friend and repeated her one-word claim.
  458. "Tun!"
  460. The older girl looked at me, then the younger girl, then back at me. The language barrier was going to make it difficult to understand more than a few simple concepts, but we'd have to just accept a certain amount of trust and assume some basic fundamentals of survival if we were going to live together for more than a day or two.
  462. In order to move the process along I gently shifted the younger one away from me and looked into the older girl's eyes.  They were a combination of slight brown tinged with flecks of sky blue, and her stare was even more intense and intimidating than her younger companion.  Rather than get lost in her gaze I gathered my thoughts and softly spoke to her.
  464. "Have a seat on the rock, Angel, so I can get some water out."
  466. Gesturing with my left hand flattened and shifting up and down toward what she was standing on seemed to convey enough information, because both girls then looked at each other and wordlessly agreed to obey me, their bare butts nestled onto the smooth surface.  That's when my first full view of their vulvas was permitted as they sat with their knees cocked all the way out.  It felt incredibly strange for me to be granted that sort of freedom, but neither of them seemed the least troubled about showing off their bald and baby-smooth if not dirty little puds, or any portion of their naked bodies for that matter.
  468. My pack was removed, opened so I could extract the water bottle, and I saw the younger girl immediately brighten up.  She'd already associated my retrieving something refreshing from my mysterious, bulky, and overstuffed possession, even if the older girl was frightened enough to pull back slightly and try to crawl away to safety.  That's when the younger girl held onto the older girl's right hand and tried to comfort her.
  470. "Ni, Lee-sha!  Ta!"
  472. My first clear concept broke through like the sun from behind storm clouds.  'Ta' must have meant water.  That's when I recognized three more that I'd inadvertently and only temporarily let slide by.  'Ni' must mean 'no', 'Lee-sha' must have been the older girl's name, and 'tun' most likely meant friend or some similar concept.  I'd have to surmise that 'vost' meant something other than friend and just associated it with 'not friend'.
  474. I had to test my theories immediately.  Looking right at the younger girl's face I slowly lifted the water bottle into view and said what I suspected was the right word.
  476. "Ta?"
  478. Moving it back into the pack and out of sight I then spoke again.
  480. "Ni ta."
  482. The preteen immediately piped up and confirmed one concept.
  484. "TA!"
  486. Okay ... so I knew what water was to my new young friends and directed it toward the older girl asking for confirmation on two subjects.
  488. "Ta, Lee-sha?"
  490. She smiled brilliantly back at me and looked quite a bit happier, only one word echoed back.
  492. "TA!"
  494. The top was unscrewed and then very slowly directed toward her mouth. She wanted to claim it as she might the last crust of bread or tidbit of meat, but until we made it back to the creek I'd crossed earlier in the day I'd have to ration our water supplies.  When she attempted to grab it greedily I used my newfound knowledge to my advantage and barked out a single brutish claim and withdrew the bottle.
  496. "Ni, Lee-sha!"
  498. The older girl immediately withdrew her hands, dropped her head in a submissive posture, extended her right arm out toward me with her right hand cupped and palm down, and then softly whimpered.
  500. "Ni, tun!  Ni, tun!  Ta!"
  502. "Look at me, Lee-sha."
  504. She must have recognized her name rather than my English, because she slowly tilted her head up and looked at me sheepishly.
  506. "Ta, Lee-sha?"
  508. In a very subdued and much less commanding tone she softly responded.
  510. "  ta  "
  512. The pack was leaned against the rock beneath her feet using my left hand and while holding the water bottle with my right I lowered my height until I was slightly below her eye level.  With my knees pressed into the soft material of the pack I leaned slightly forward, took her right hand with my left, and drew it to my face.  Both girls watched as I carefully tugged Lee-sha's small and dirty appendage toward my mouth, Lee-sha much more intimidated than the still unnamed younger girl.  When she saw and felt me kiss the back of her hand her eyes grew wide and she ducked her head down again, as if I'd frightened her.
  514. The younger girl had no such fears, got up onto her knees, and then shifted her body a little closer to mine with a broad smile on her lovely young face.  While looking right into the younger girl's eyes and with a little smile on my lips I pulled Lee-sha's hand a bit further forward and kissed her knuckles, then directly over her dirty fingertips and fingernails.  No master's or doctorate degree in socio-anthropology was needed for me to discern the blush on Lee-sha's face as anything but intense embarrassment.  Her right hand was placed onto my left shoulder, my left hand shifted to her chin, and I gently urged her to lift her gaze more fully into mine as I very softly called her name and smiled.
  516. "Lee-sha ... ta?"
  518. She kept watching the bottle as I drew it closer to her mouth but didn't move a muscle, as if in doing so I might strike her down or toss her back into the darkened pit.  Tilting her head back slightly as I rose to my feet I leaned closer to her face and teased her lips apart with my left index finger and thumb.  She seemed to react instinctively, closed her eyes, opened her mouth slightly, and appeared to grant me her permission to do as I wished.  The bottom edge of the plastic water bottle was tenderly placed upon her lower lip and the bottle tipped up just enough to dole out a slow but fair portion of water.
  520. As if I'd been responsible for her welfare for years she accepted the gesture and silently drank down as much as I offered.  The younger girl was looking on hungrily as I silently shared the meager ration of liquid refreshment with Lee-sha, the little girl's tongue frequently darting out and taking wide swipes at her crimson lips in anticipation of getting just as much.  Since Lee-sha had been injured and might soon need more intense medical care I decided to let her have as much water as she wanted.
  522. Lee-sha's needs were met after only a quarter of the container was emptied, her right hand pushing against my left shoulder ample indication that I needed to tilt the water bottle backward and then withdraw it completely.  Once I righted the bottle and leaned back slightly she gripped the cloth of my jumpsuit and tried to keep me in place, as if to tell me that I wasn't supposed to go far.  In a show of utter civility and tenderness I cupped her chin with my left hand and used my thumb to wipe across her lips to dab any wetness away.
  524. Her intense stare into my eyes and a single tear in hers told me far more than any language course I could have taken.  But it's what she did immediately after that confirmed our roles, because she leaned her head hard into her right shoulder, tilted it down, released her grip of my outfit, gently pressed her hand against the left side of my neck with her digits cupped and palm down as before.
  526. That was my cue to confirm some basic social rules about our new relationship in as clumsy a manner as I could by tenderly caressing her face near her mouth.  Her response wasn't shocking, but it confirmed my position in her mind, the single word uttered from her pretty lips something that was to change my life in ways I'd never imagined.
  528. "Tun."
  530. To seal the deal I lightly tugged on her face and drew us together, her eyes clamping shut as soon as she realized what I was up to.  As gently as I dared I lightly caressed her lips with mine, slowly growing anxious to munch on her mouth and then kiss her like I'd kissed my last real girlfriend a year before.  Lee-sha didn't fight me, but she must have been too frightened to respond in kind, because she remained motionless until I broke our kiss.  Her eyes then came open, I smiled at her, caressed her face again, and then leaned back.  All she could do was watch me intently and stare deeply into my eyes when I shifted to my left and assumed a position in front of the younger girl.
  532. The preteen was just as anxious for some water as Lee-sha was, but she seemed to immediately understand to keep her hands away from the bottle and waited with her head tilted back and mouth open.  I felt a mixture of erotic lust and parental obligation as I held her face with my left hand and then carefully poured a sliver of purified water between her lips, her level of acceptance far more than any woman or little girl I'd ever known.  The moment I saw her open her eyes a little bit I knew she'd had enough, so I righted the bottle, withdrew it, and then wiped her mouth just as I'd done with Lee-sha's.
  534. For the younger girl to pucker her lips after she'd swallowed, licked them, and then lean forward embarrassed me, but I accepted that I'd taught her a gentle kiss was nothing more than a pleasant gesture of thanks.  For her to press firmly against my mouth conveyed something more than just her appreciation, though, and I couldn't help but softly nibble on her lips.  For the first time in my life I was openly kissing a very young girl, my passion growing much more quickly than at any time in my life.  Thankfully my awareness of what I was doing and who I was doing it with stopped me from stuffing my tongue into her mouth and teaching her the finer points of making out.
  536. <BOOM-boooommm>
  538. The remaining quarter bottle of water was then directed to my mouth, the contents emptied, the bottle sealed, and then returned to the inside of my pack.  As much as I wanted to sit and rest for another hour or five it was necessary for us to get moving, but I needed to know the younger girl's name so I didn't have to refer to her as 'Little One' or 'Angel' any longer than necessary.  I centered myself between the two girls and gently tapped on Lee-sha's bare chest above her breasts and called her name as if my voice wasn't supposed to carry more than my two naked visitors' ears.
  540. "Lee-sha!"
  542. My index finger was then directed to my own chest and I shared my name with them for the first time.
  544. "Ingram."
  546. I then tapped on the younger girl's naked chest, shrugged, and said what I understood as 'no'.
  548. "Ni?"
  550. In order to confirm what I was trying to convey I repeated the procedure a second time, smiling.
  552. "Lee-sha ... Ingram ... (shrug)."
  554. The younger girl immediately beamed, drew closer to me, and then hugged me for a second while hopping up and down before she said what I understood as her name.
  556. "Tee-la!"
  558. Absolute verification was then attempted, both verbally and with my touch.  Lightly stealing a fondle of Lee-sha's and then Tee-la's erect nipples wasn't noticed, or at least I thought it wasn't.
  560. "Lee-sha ... Tee-la ... Ingram."
  562. Both of them began to smile, Tee-la giggled, and then mimicked me by touching her own left nipple, the older girl's, and then the center of my chest.
  564. "Tee-hee!  Tee-la ... Lee-sha ... Ung-rum!"
  566. It was good enough for the moment, so I turned to Lee-sha.  She did just as Tee-la had done with just as excited an expression on her face, only without the giggle.
  568. "Lee-sha ... Tee-la ... Ing-rum!"
  570. I immediately smiled back and offered my congratulations.
  572. "Very good, Lee-sha ... Tee-la!  Both of you did very good."
  574. To top off my thanks and appreciation I gently tugged Lee-sha's face closer, she closed her eyes, and I kissed her again.  This time I felt her press into my face a little bit harder, so I softly nibbled on her plump and slightly dirty crimson lips.  Fractions of a second after we separated Tee-la made herself welcome to my mouth and kissed me much more enthusiastically.  While kissing her my left hand brainlessly reached around her body, cupped her naked butt, and my fingers softly mushed her supple ass.  If I wasn't careful Tee-la was going to get my fire started before Lee-sha did, and I'd most likely find out just how dangerous the girls' real owner and master could be.  I hadn't even considered what her parents or the cops might do.  In spite of them being so young I also didn't think about what either of them might do if they perceived my preference of one over the other.  So much was going on and yet I was still overwhelmed by the newness of my experiences.
  576. After the impromptu kissing lessons were complete I withdrew slightly, but Lee-sha seemed to want to share something more.  She lowered her head, bent her body at the waist, and displayed the same submissive posture that Tee-la had before.  Tee-la followed suit, both of their right arms extended toward me and their hands cupped palm-side down. But that wasn't the most humbling of their deed, Lee-sha uttering both my name and the word I associated as 'friend'.
  578. "Ing-rum ... tun!"
  580. Tee-la followed suit, the little girl actually shifting much closer to me than Lee-sha had, with a lot more emphasis on my new title.
  582. "Ung-rum ... TUN!"
  584. That was my cue to tug them back into a kneeling posture and then tight to my body for a shared hug.  Tee-la had already been in my arms a few times before, but Lee-sha was still a little intimidated by the intense and very personal contact.  Their culture might have very strict rules about intruding into one another's personal space, but both of my young companions were quickly learning that I had no such hang ups, especially with two lovely and very naked young girls.  Lee-sha didn't remain away from me for very long, though, her arms finding as much of my body as was available once she realized I had more than one way to show them affection.
  586. <Boom-boom-boooooommm>
  588. I could have forgotten all about making our way up the valley and kept hugging or kissing my new young female companions, but the rain was going to arrive whether I was ready for it or not.  I broke our hug, the pack was hefted over my shoulders, the straps slipped over my arms, the waist harness clipped into place, and then a smile offered to both of my young charges.  With my left arm extended away from my body to the left and index finger pointed toward the forest up the valley I queried my two companions for their acceptance.
  590. "Lee-sha?  Tee-la?"
  592. They immediately assumed the same submissive posture as before, their heads down, bodies bent at the waist, arms extended, and cupped hands offered in absolute resignation.  Without realizing it I'd completely assumed ownership of the two girls, their lives forfeit by their last 'master' because he left them to die and rot in a hole in the ground. It was their timid verbalization that confirmed my assumptions.
  594. "Ing-rum, tun." "Ung-rum, tun."
  596. "Okay, girls.  Let's go up the valley so I can put together a shelter for the night."
  598. Tee-la was the first to right herself and then smile at me, a little kiss offered to her as a playful gesture.  To make sure each of my actions was equal among them I also kissed Lee-sha just as playfully. She wasn't nearly as offended or embarrassed as the first time and grinned back at me once I was standing back slightly.
  600. Since I had a lot of ground to cover and Lee-sha's leg was going to slow us down considerably the only thing to do was carry her as I had before. To offer her an opportunity to challenge my authority I stood in front of her, squat down near her naked toes, patted my left shoulder with my right hand, and lightly tugged on her waist with my left.  She never uttered a word of complaint nor attempted to object at being hoisted into the air over my body, her arms holding onto my shoulders as she leaned forward.  That time it was much easier to get her settled, because she was able to hold herself up a little bit and then wiggle back and forth so her tummy and hips were in the right spot.
  602. Holding onto her bare butt with my left hand and lightly wiggling my fingertips between her cheeks I assumed dominance over her position. The only thing she did to challenge what I was doing was to clench her butt muscles slightly at first and then relax.  It was obvious she may have considered my fingers' location crude, since we really didn't know each other, but she appeared to accept her fate and actually splay her thighs a little bit once she accepted who was going to be taking care of her from that moment on.
  604. Once I got Lee-sha settled onto my shoulder and had a firm grip of her lovely round butt I got to my feet, made sure Lee-sha seemed to be comfortable, and shifted in front of Tee-la.  All it took was for me to reach out with my right hand and pat against her left hip for Tee-la to smile and then practically jump up into my body.  With her legs splayed around my middle, her plump naked cunny nestled onto my right hip, her left arm around my neck, her right hand again in possession of my walking stick, and my right hand cupping her nude fanny, I turned around and began to make my way toward the tree line.
  606. It took me a lot longer to go up the slope than it did for me to come down it, primarily because of the added weight I was carrying, but also because my mind was split between keeping my balance while hiking, and trying to cop a feel of both girls' naked backsides at the same time. Neither of them seemed the least intimidated or offended by my antics, and Tee-la frequently stole lots of little kisses if I turned my head in her direction.  Any perception that she was an innocent preteen was quickly being disregarded in favor of her taking on a much more playful and provocative role in our new relationship.  She might have been young and small, but her demeanor and attitude was that of a much older little girl or teen.
  608. By the time I was able to reach the tree line I was getting tired, so I set Tee-la's feet down and then very carefully helped Lee-sha onto the ground.  The clouds from the thunderstorm were beginning to darken and thicken, so the most important task at hand was to create a shelter. My pack was removed, leaned against a tree, and then both Lee-sha and Tee-la coaxed to stay with my personal property.
  610. "Lee-sha?  Tee-la?"
  612. My right and left hands were flattened and then directed into a downward settling movement three times over my pack, as if I was pressing against the ground but in midair.  They seemed to understand immediately and hugged my pack and walking stick as if they were the manifestation of my very existence.  As their reward I again kissed them chastely using a free hand to lightly caress their naked bodies around their hips while my lips softly stole a little more public intimacy.  Moments later I extracted my hatchet and took advantage of my freedom.
  614. Luck was on my side yet again, because I was able to locate a hollow along the slope somewhere between twenty or thirty yards away and further up the tree line.  It had an outcrop of rocks directly in front of it, three large and very tall trees behind, a spot that I could easily dig out a little after I got our cover up, and a low spot near the front for a fire.
  616. After I returned to where they were huddled around my things my girls were gathered up first, Lee-sha over my shoulder again, and this time Tee-la close to my right hip on her two dirty bare feet so she could make her way on her own.  With Tee-la holding onto my right arm and Lee-sha upside-down over my left shoulder and anxious to look around both of them were directed to our temporary refuge against what might be some nasty weather.  Once they were sitting in the deepest part of the hollow they both seemed to relax a lot more and smiled more easily.  My pack and walking stick were retrieved, moved, and then I decided to enlist the assistance of my youngest companion.
  618. "Tee-la?"
  620. I lifted two small rocks from the low spot, handed one to her, put mine down onto the loose gathering, and then motioned for her to do the same. As soon as she realized what I was asking of her she smiled, nodded, and took off looking for some more.
  622. "Lee-sha?"
  624. The digging tool was extracted from the pack, unfolded halfway, shown to the naked young teen, and then I used it to work some of the soil away along the back wall of the hollow to make it deeper.  She watched me for a while and once I thought she might have gotten the idea I handed the digging implement to her.  She seemed utterly mystified by the tool for a moment, so I took it back, repeated my demonstration, and then handed it back to her.  She claimed it, positioned the pointed end into the soil, and began to make pitiful attempts at repeating what I'd done. All it took were a few smiles, one or two gentle caresses on one of her bare shoulders to prove I was proud of her accomplishment, and then the protected area made a little larger by a pleased and seemingly anxious young student.  By the time Lee-sha was fully focused on doing her job Tee-la had returned with a handful of rocks and softly queried for confirmation.
  626. "Ung-rum?"
  628. "Very good, Baby!  Those are perfect."
  630. My smile, a light fondle of her bare bum, and a little kiss were the perfect means for her to drop what she had found and then dash off to go get some more.
  632. That's when I needed to find some long straight limbs to erect a frame so I could use some of the local materials as cover.  The first place I began to look was near a grove of trees that seemed to harbor enough wood material to serve my purposes perfectly.  I hadn't been gone for more than five minutes when I heard a pitiful voice calling from about fifty feet away.
  634. "Ung-rum ... tun?"
  636. Tee-la must have lost sight of me, so I gathered the limbs I'd seen up to that point and returned.  The moment she saw me I discerned a look of slight panic on her face for a moment, but as soon as she saw my smile she seemed to feel better.  The collection of rocks was a bit more than actually required to form a backdrop and base for the fire, but I wasn't about to chastise my Little One for being that diligent.  After she got a little kiss I gave one to Lee-sha and had her discontinue her digging activities.  The soil she'd loosened was shifted around on the uneven surface until she appeared to understand I wanted to have a level floor to sit and walk on, and then I tugged on Tee-la's left hand so she'd come help me.
  638. We hadn't gone more than five feet out of Lee-sha's view before Tee-la tugged on my right hand and looked up into my eyes with a wicked and perfectly sexy little expression on her face.  The little minx wanted to play, but we had work to do.  I gave her one more kiss, a hug, and then rose to my feet.
  640. "Come on, Baby.  Help me find some wood for the fire."
  642. A stick was found, and then another, and then another.  They were handed to my young companion and then I smiled at her again.
  644. "Tee-la?"
  646. Holding one more stick in my hand and then pointing toward the hollow must have seemed familiar, because she nodded and then took off.  That was my cue to get yet more long straight limbs for our lean-to.
  648. Within an hour I'd found enough material to construct a very impressive frame over which I had Tee-la pack soil and grass and very tightly affix an earthen mortar along the narrow gap between the limbs.  Using lots of smaller straight limbs I had Lee-sha line the inside of the hollow and constructed yet another vertical frame against the earthen embankment so we wouldn't have dirt falling on us.  While Lee-sha and I were working on the inside of our retreat Tee-la disappeared.  I didn't become aware of her absence until I heard another round of thunder and looked around for where she might have gone.
  650. <Boom-boom-BOOOMMM-boom>
  652. They hadn't been part of my life for more than four hours and I was already acting like a greedy and protective boyfriend or father.
  654. "Tee-la?  Tee-laaaaahhhh!!!"
  656. Off in the distance I heard her giggling.
  658. "Tee-hee!  Ung-rum, tun."
  660. She was okay, but where had she gone?  When I stepped out of the hollow and caught sight of her she had two arms full of huge flat green leaves and was running like mad back toward our hideout-in-the-making.  The little happy homemaker had decided for herself to collect some more cover for the earthen embankment over the frame to help shed yet more water.  Creative little minx.
  662. "Where did you get that stuff, Tee-la?"
  664. She looked at me with a disappointed and confused expression, my brain still unable to come to terms with them not comprehending everything that I said or asked of them.
  666. "Oh, sorry, Kitten."
  668. I tugged on one leaf, shrugged, and then pointed in multiple directions. She grinned and dropped half her load as she pointed down the slope a little bit.  They seemed perfect for roof shingles, so I wanted to go get a bunch more before it got any darker or started to get wet.  Rather than dash off and scare Lee-sha I had Tee-la set the greenery onto the upper frame and lightly tugged on the older girl's hands for a moment.
  670. "Lee-sha, I'm gonna go with Tee-la to get more of the leaves for the roof.  You ... stay ... here!"
  672. As I spoke the last three words I patted the ground next to her and then smiled.  When I put the digging tool in her hands and gripped her fingers around the shaft she must have understood to use it for her protection, although against what I had no idea.  I don't know how long we'd be gone, but I didn't want her to be completely defenseless.  I also left my walking stick next to her bare knees, just in case she might think that more useful than the sharpened end of the metal shovel.
  674. I needn't have worried, because Tee-la and I were back much quicker than she'd disappeared the last time.  All it took was my ability to reach higher and extend my hands further into a dense tangle of thick greenery to collect more leaves a little bit faster.
  676. The wide foliage was applied in a series of rows starting at the bottom of the soil-filled frame, both of my girls helping.  By the time we got to the top edge only Tee-la was light enough not to risk collapsing the whole thing down onto the hollow immediately below.  The last thing I needed to do was carry Lee-sha back around the trees, nestle her into the deepest part of the hollow near the wooden inner frame, and then have Tee-la keep her company while I started the fire.
  678. They must have thought I was a living god, because after I was able to coax some smoke from the smallest kindling they couldn't sit still.  It seemed comical for them to stare in awe and shift back and forth in complete amazement as I created a slow building fire using all of the ample wood Tee-la had collected and any of the larger limbs that were left over from the frames.  With the rain about to approach the lower part of the valley the fire was well developed and protected by the upper edge of the outer frame and earthen cover.  The heat felt really comforting, more for the girls than me, since they were still naked.  I might need to craft some clothes for them, but not unless it was truly necessary.  I just loved to see a woman without any clothes on.
  680. Just as I was about to settle back into place against my two naked companions I heard my stomach grumble.  The rations inside my pack might be okay, but the girls' tummies looked as if they could be filled with something a bit more substantial, so a hunting I would go.
  682. "Lee-sha ... Tee-la ... stay here, girls.  I'm gonna go get us some food, I hope.  Play with the fire, but don't let it get too high, or you'll cook yourselves in our makeshift oven."
  684. None of it made any sense to either of them, so I gesticulated with my hands against the dirt floor while looking into their eyes.  Tee-la was the first one to lunge into my body and hug me and Lee-sha looked just as nervous about me leaving.  I gave them both a few nice hugs, some kisses to boot, and then I rose to my full height over them in the small hollow we'd call home overnight.  I hated to treat them like pets, but there was only one way I could communicate with them without language.
  686. "Lee-sha ... Tee-la ... STAY!"
  688. My voice was firm and hand movements clear enough that both girls immediately assumed their submissive postures at my feet, their heads down, bodies bent at the waist, and right hands extended.  I knelt back down, tugged them both into a shared hug, gave them one more kiss, and then took off before they could complain.
  690. One of my favorite uncles had some range land in the Midwest of the USA and we'd spent plenty of weeks and weekends hunting, trapping, fishing, and just plain old having fun being mountain men.  I'd picked up enough of his skills to quickly track, dispatch, and then field dress a small deer about thirty minutes into my hunt and knew he'd be proud of me for my efforts.  Having downed the small animal with a pistol instead of a rifle would have started an argument or a contest to see who could be the better provider, so all I could do was grin while tending to my quarry.  Carrying the carcass back to our camp site so I could cook our evening and most likely morning meals gave me a sense of accomplishment like none I'd ever felt before.  Maybe it was who I was going to feed with my prize or the fact that I'd become an unexpected 'provider', but no matter the size of the meal there were going to be three very satisfied tummies in about two hours time.
  692. The fire had gone down a little bit by the time I returned to the area of the hillside close to the hideout, but it was the sound of my girls crying inside that really bothered me.  They might have guessed I'd fallen into some dark pit similar to the one they'd succumbed to, or maybe it was something more that I couldn't understand, but the sound of my voice when I called out to them during my approach seemed to allay their fears.
  694. "Lee-sha?  Tee-la?  It's Ingram."
  696. Their cries immediately stopped and I saw Tee-la peek around the corner, her dirty cheeks streaked with tears, and a look of utter desperation on her face.  Her small mouth then let out an impassioned shriek the likes of which I'd never heard before.
  698. "UNG-RUM, TUN!"
  700. She literally tried to bowl me over before I stepped down into our hideout, her size no match for her strength.  What really astonished me was Lee-sha's outstretched arms and pitiful wails, her face also showing evidence of having been crying.  Rather than delay their first hug I set our meal down onto the floor near the fire and dropped to my knees directly in front of my oldest companion.  I was literally engulfed in four very strong arms and hugged tightly to two lovely bare bodies.  It actually felt as if I'd come home.
  702. Lots of hugs were shared, a number of long kisses exchanged, and a few gentle caresses worked along their bare bodies.  Neither of them seemed the least concerned about my lightly tweaking their nipples, cupping Lee-sha's breasts while I gently massaged Tee-la's developing mounds, or slowly running a digit or two between their full and strong thighs while they attempted to illustrate a growing need to hug me.  It was Lee-sha's tummy grumbling that forced me to reconsider some sexual adventures of the most wicked and illegal kind.
  704. Just as the rain began to pelt the area around us with a fairly impressive downpour I was cutting one of the sections of meat away from the larger carcass as it hung over the fire.  I checked for color, blood, parasites, and after everything seemed adequate and our meal safe I began to carve some cooked venison for us to munch on.  While facing the fire I held two nice hunks of meat in my left hand, trimmed away any gristle or any ligaments, and made sure they looked equal in overall size, my desire to show favoritism so early in our recently developed relationship lacking.
  706. The moment I turned around I was yet again shocked by the girls' strange demeanor toward me.  Rather than immediately take the proffered food both of them lowered themselves to the floor in their increasingly familiar submissive posture.  It appeared they were trying to give homage to their new provider, and I felt both humbled and incredibly proud.  Resting the cooked food onto a series of cleaned and sharpened skewers near the fire so the meat would stay warm I wiped my hands clean, turned around, and faced both girls.
  708. "Lee-sha ... Tee-la?"
  710. They shifted further forward against the ground, their noses literally rubbing the dirt in front of my knees, and their right hands lightly pressed into my thighs just above.  That was all I could take, so I pulled against their outstretched arms and tried to coax them vertical. It might not be according to their culture or manners, but I didn't like to see my girls acting as if they weren't worthy of my deeds and food.
  712. "Come on, girls ... get up!"
  714. "Ing-rum, tun!" "Ung-rum, tun!"
  716. "Lee-sha, Tee-la ... come on, Babies, please get up."
  718. My softer tone must have been enough, because they tilted their heads up, looked into my eyes, and saw me smiling down at them.
  720. "Come on, Angels.  You don't need to do that all the time.  A little adulation and worship is fine, but you two really must have been brutalized into thinking a man needs to be treated like a god just for saving your life and feeding you."
  722. In spite of what I'd learned in my fairly lonely and empty life it was as if I didn't feel worthy of so much adoration, but to them I must have ruled the world, or at least their small part of it.
  724. "Come here, girls.  Come give me a hug, a kiss, and then let's eat."
  726. Without understanding what I was saying they followed my lead.  Their arms held me tight, their tender lips caressed mine briefly, and then their hands were filled with two nicely cooked samples of my skills as a hunter and provider.
  728. I could tell they wanted to gobble their small handfuls of meat the moment I handed it to them, but they maintained a slow and careful demeanor while munching.  It might have seemed strange for me to sit quietly while eating, because I was usually trying to get people to share funny stories or jokes while at one of the K/C Station cafeterias while we shared a meal.
  730. The girls watched me the entire time they ate, apparently fearful that I might take their food away from them at any minute.  Since I had the whole deer slowly cooking on a spit over the fire they need not worry about having empty tummies for a few days, or maybe even longer.  My serving them two more times must have seemed like a bounty to both of them, their eyes wide with shock and their mouths slightly open in amazement until I lovingly placed a morsel of meat between their lips.
  732. It was only the sensation of my bowels in turmoil that forced me to think along biological lines, but with the rain coming down in torrents and my clothes far too precious to get soaked there was only one way to take care of my needs.  It was time for me to strip down to my shorts or less and venture out into the early night so I could relieve myself. Asking the girls if they needed to do something similar was going to be an exercise in futility, but I had to try, just to keep them happy and healthy and our place clean and dry.  The meal was more important at the moment, so while they kept busy with a fourth small serving I was putting the finishing touches on my third.
  734. Both of them watched me studiously while we ate, their movements slow and careful, their vocalizations curtailed, their antics similar to a pair of wild children living on the plains of Africa, and a growing sense within me that they'd never enjoyed so much food at one time.  I tried not to focus my attention on them as much as how utterly bizarre it seemed for me to be eating with two naked girls a few weeks after having been 275 miles in orbit around the Earth.  The disparity of my surroundings was more than my mind could comprehend at the time, and I was lost to the mental image of sitting in front of a billion dollar console no more than a few hours before and then nestled in a dirt hovel later that same day.
  736. One of the forelimbs was removed from the carcass in order for me to get at some rib meat more easily, and before I could set the nearly bare bone down Lee-sha grunted at me.
  738. "Nuh ... Ing-rum, tun."
  740. Her expression seemed peculiar, as if she was trying not to indicate a sense of need while anxious to ask for more.
  742. "What, Lee-sha?  You want more meat?"
  744. Holding a cooked area of rib meat in my left hand and wielding my knife in my right I was about to carve yet another sample of dinner for her when she looked down at the fire.  The moment she looked back into my eyes with a pitiful expression I noticed Tee-la watching her companion intently as if something important were about to happen.  That's when Lee-sha leaned her head to the right, extended her right arm toward me, presented her down-turned right hand to me in yet another submissive display, and repeated her unknown request.
  746. "Nuh ... Ing-rum, tun."
  748. The second time she vocalized she looked more intently at the fire, as if it held some magical significance.  The moment I looked down to the approximate location where her gaze was focused I realized she must have been asking for the large limb bone.  By the time I recognized she might want to eat the cooked marrow, something that a few people felt was a particular delicacy, the juices along the outside of the bone were sizzling.  Testing for temperature I lightly touched the end furthest from the flames and then turned back to Lee-sha.
  750. "Is this what you want, Angel?  Tell me."
  752. "Nuh ... Ing-rum, tun."
  754. In order to increase my knowledge of their language it was time to play another quick game.  Her right hand and arm were gently pressed toward her body and I extended my right arm toward Tee-la, my index finger lightly coming into contact with the younger girl's bare chest.
  756. "Tee-la ... "
  758. My right index finger was then placed against the older girl's bare chest between her breasts.
  760. " ... Lee-sha ... "
  762. My finger was centered onto my chest over my sternum.
  764. " ... Ingram ... "
  766. I then touched the largest portion of the carcass still cooking and shrugged my shoulders at her.  She picked up on it immediately.
  768. "Nuh!"
  770. Okay, so 'nuh' meant food or meat.  Time for further clarification, so I lowered my finger to the cool end of the still sizzling bone and looked at her.  She didn't hesitate to confirm what I suspected.
  772. "NUH, Ing-rum, tun."
  774. It was obvious the bone held higher value to her than the meat alone because of her more obvious vocal inflection and the way she repeated my as yet to be understood title, 'tun'.  The bone was tested again for heat, lifted into the air in front of me, and then my eyes turned toward Lee-sha.  She immediately thrust her arm toward me as before, but this time she lowered her forehead to my knees and gently nuzzled against my legs as if she were a human cat.  I was a little surprised, but I must have acted the same way the last time I'd asked for a filet mignon and lobster dinner with a thin wallet.
  776. Her head was lightly caressed as I might the anthropomorphic female cat she was emulating, I slipped my fingertips under her neck a little bit, and then lightly tugged upward.  She slowly rose to vertical and kept her right hand out, eventually cupping the side of my neck and softly caressing me in her first obvious display of affection for her new male provider.  It felt nice for her to touch me, but food was more important to her than physical contact, and I didn't read too much into what she was communicating.  By the time she was upright I was ready to hand the long limb bone to her.
  778. The cool end of the bone was shifted in my right hand so the joint was open for her to see and then I lowered it toward her body.  With slow and cautious movements she drew her right hand closer to the proffered food and watched my face for any adverse reactions to her progress.  It was as if she was terrified to offend me, but still incredibly anxious to claim her prize, so I waited and just looked into her gaze.
  780. By the time her digits were close enough to touch the bone I was certain she'd just grab it as she attempted to claim my water bottle the first time.  She lowered her hand slightly, placed the back of her appendage along the underside of my hand and bone instead, and then softly spoke.
  782. "Nuh, Ing-rum, tun."
  784. I replied in as soft a tone as she had and smiled at her.
  786. "Nuh, Lee-sha."
  788. Having received confirmation she slowly turned her hand over and very tenderly gripped the end of the bone, her fingers and thumb holding the bulbous end, but not attempting to wrest it away from me.  She was amazingly patient and much more well-mannered than I'd anticipated.
  790. Something within me sensed an opportunity to show gentle dominance, so I lifted my left hand, slipped my fingers around the back of her neck, and pulled her face closer toward mine.  She must have sensed what I was going to do, because she closed her eyes and puckered her lips.  For the next minute I softly munched on her plump lips, Lee-sha beginning to smile the longer I kissed her.  For her to emulate me and kiss me back with much more enthusiasm than she'd ever shown before was a wonderful first step toward her accepting me as her future lover.  I knew it was inevitable, because I was the man who rescued her from what might have seemed a certain death.
  792. In a strange twist of fate I was the one who pulled back first, my nude teen female companion actually leaning into me as I attempted to pull away from our shared kiss.  I was able to withdraw when her reach was no longer able to maintain our kiss and our smile was yet another milestone that would cement our relationship.  As a final gesture of acquiescence I pushed the bone closer to her small mouth while staring into her amazing eyes.
  794. "Nuh, Lee-sha."
  796. The moment I let go she shivered and then drew the slightly cooler bone toward her face.  She sniffed it, extended her tongue to touch it near the base and began to lick up its length until she pulled back in pain. Part of her prize was still too hot to munch on, but I could tell she was incredibly eager to do so, so I opted to show her how to gain what she wanted without burning her lips or tongue.
  798. "Lee-sha?"
  800. Gesticulating with my right hand for her to return the bone produced a pitiful expression of disappointment on her face, but she must have sensed her less significant position and reluctantly presented it to me to claim.  Rather than take it away from her I held her right wrist and drew the hot end closer to my mouth.  Blowing on it seemed a normal enough means to cool it down, but both Lee-sha and Tee-la seemed utterly mystified with my actions.
  802. "Lee-sha."
  804. The bone was pushed back toward her face while I kept blowing at the less dangerous end, my desire to teach her how she could assume what I hoped she might remember.  Blowing on her hand, then into her face, and then on the hotter end of the bone seemed to finally make sense to her, her lips puckered and then a timid attempt at blowing at her 'dessert' tried.  After she carefully directed a series of cooling blows onto the bone I stuck my tongue out of my mouth and mimicked licking.  The instant she touched her tongue to the bone I saw her facial expression go from surprise, to joy, to confusion, to what looked like complete astonishment that I'd be that generous and gentle.  For her to cry while licking the bone seemed bizarre, but I suspected she was just overcome with intense emotions, so I approached her face, kissed along the side of her mouth, and then withdrew.
  806. Poor Tee-la was motionless and spellbound the entire time.  She even stopped chewing her food, but had the foresight to keep a firm grasp of the small portion of meat in her tiny right hand.  In order to show her a less intense but similar sense of acceptance I leaned in her direction and smiled at her.  She knew immediately what I wanted and presented her lips to me for a nice kiss.  It wasn't terribly erotic nor did it last very long, but a message was being communicated with her that she was just as important as her slightly older female companion.  To be sure she knew of her place in our small band of strangers I pulled back, smiled at her, and touched a cooked area of the meat while softly speaking.
  808. "Nuh, Tee-la?"
  810. Her smile grew, she nodded at me, and then scoot slightly closer. Another small hunk of meat was handed to her just as the last portion of her previous piece disappeared between her messy but pretty crimson lips.  I'd clean her and Lee-sha up soon enough.
  812. Another piece of slightly more charred meat was cut off for me to nibble on, and once skewered onto a cleaned stick like a meat popsicle I moved between the two girls and shifted back and forth until the three of us were nestled together.  To illustrate a strong need for them to be close to me I gripped the meat with my teeth and used both hands to tug the girls into my body.  They seemed bewildered at my continuous need for physical contact, but smiled as they snuggled tight to my sides.  With the comforting sound of the fire and the gentle hiss of the rain as our backdrop the three of us quietly munched on our food and took frequent glances at each other.  The girls seemed completely enamored with me, and I liked being needed and for them to depend upon me so strongly.
  814. My need to take care of my biological requirements couldn't be put off much longer, so once my skewer was cleaned of the edible portions I licked my fingers and rose.  Neither of the girls discontinued their meal as I set the wooden 'fork' onto one of the stones at the near edge of the fire and then tried to resolve how I was going to take care of my backside.  Since both of them were naked they might not be offended or even take notice of me stripping down to nothing, but my sensibilities were still a bit more Victorian, and I hesitated.  I didn't have to wait very long, my bowels tumbling a few times loud enough to get the girls' attention.
  816. Lee-sha was working the business end of the upper leg bone somewhat thoroughly when I began to peel my clothes off, her eyes not taking notice of what I was doing until I pulled the jumpsuit off both feet. That's when she looked up at me timidly, tossed the cleaned bone into the near edge of the fire, turned around to face the blank wall, shifted into the hollow slightly, pressed her face down into the dirt, shoved her sexy little ass into the air, and then splayed her knees far enough apart for me to see all the way into Heaven.  For Tee-la to mimic her older companion and openly invite my visual and tactile adventures was more than a little shocking.  It appeared as if it was time for them to pay for their meal using their bodies.  To say I was more than a little stunned would be a perverse and incredibly weak understatement.
  818. "Girls?"
  820. They remained with their faces pressed to the dirt and their heads turned away from each other.
  822. "Lee-sha?  Tee-la?"
  824. Both of them seemed uncomfortable turning around and looking up at me as I knelt behind them at their naked feet.  In spite of the delicious view and the level of my interest I had to assure them that they had value beyond a hot wet female hole meant to be filled by something of mine that they weren't ready for.
  826. "Girls ... I'm not asking for your bodies ... I need to go take a dump. I wish I could make you understand."
  828. They just looked at me over their shoulders with a confused stare and unsure what it was I was trying to convey.  The simplest method seemed for me to physically illustrate what was under duress within my body, so I gently splay their legs a bit further apart and then motioned for them to watch me.
  830. "Girls, look here ... "
  832. I lightly brushed their vulvas, applied a tender caress to the pursed pink openings of their asses for a moment, withdrew my digits, and then pointed out into the darkness.
  834. "Do you understand?"
  836. They kept looking at me as if I were some brainless dolt, so yet more was needed.  I didn't like using strongly graphic illustrations of what was going on during the process of elimination, but our language barrier was too great to overcome at the moment.  I cut a small piece of meat away from the larger bulk, stuffed it into my mouth, chewed it until it was little more than a small collection of mush, and then did something that I never thought I'd attempt.  I knew it was going to look crude and offensive, but I didn't know what else to do.
  838. Applying light pressure against their puckered asses I let the meat slowly ooze out from between my lips, the image most likely horribly disgusting after having enjoyed their meal.  Strangely both of them smiled and then giggled, the idea more fully comprehended after the meat fell from my mouth to the dirt floor of our temporary hideout.  When Lee-sha whispered I knew she had finally gotten it.
  840. "Hiss."
  842. Sounded reasonable enough.
  844. Applying pressure against their butts and tickling against their puckered rose for the third time I uttered the word the older girl had used.
  846. "Hiss?"
  848. They both nodded, so I smiled, sat back, and pointed outside.
  850. "Ingram hiss."
  852. Both of them immediately rose to their knees, turned around, and seemed to want to join me, so I figured why not?  The meat I'd chewed and dropped onto the ground was tossed into the fire, Lee-sha's bandage was undone, and the gauze removed and checked for any signs that her wound was going to get infected.  In spite of the impressive gash on the outside of her right calf her body appeared to already be on the mend, because her wound wasn't bleeding any more.  That was a good sign.
  854. I located the LED flashlight, just in case it was needed, stripped down to absolutely nothing, and then coaxed both girls to join me.  Lee-sha had to reach around my body for support since her right leg was still hurting quite a bit, but Tee-la just held onto my free hand most likely because she didn't want me to leave them alone in the dark.  We walked about forty feet down the slope in the rain, found a felled tree to sit on next to each other with our butts hanging off the back end, and with our bodies being pelted by a continuous spray of cool water took care of our business.
  856. Once finished and wiped with a bare digit I wasn't sure how they were going to clean themselves, so acting in my 'deity' role I reached under their bodies and used the rain and a lone middle digit to wash both of them clean.  What I hadn't anticipated was being allowed to slip my middle fingers far enough between their cheeks and inside their bodies to do a really effective job.  Neither of them hindered my attempts to complete my task, my precious Tee-la apparently far more interested in my touch than the simple act of being cleaned because of her broad smile toward me.  It was only a bright flash of lightning and the almost immediate clap of thunder that forced me to reconsider acting in a deviant sexual manner with my two new companions.  Once my fingers were dabbed clean against the wet grass in front of me all of us made our way back to the safety of our hideout.
  858. Since we were already wet and just before I let them make their way under the protection of our hideout I used my hands to wipe their rain soaked bodies down from chin to toes.  Without soap I couldn't truly clean them, but at least I could remove as much surface dirt and body oils as the clean water from the sky would allow.  While I was tending to Lee-sha Tee-la stood at the side of the outer cover and tilted her head back to drink from a small stream coming down from one edge.  That was my clue to refill my water stores with the pure rain after I'd tended to my girls' needs.
  860. With our natural shower complete and both of them anxious to get under cover I let them step just inside the hollow to dry off.  It wasn't easy to work my fingers through their hair, since they'd let their brown locks get tangled and slightly matted, and I spent the next part of our time together while they drip dried near the fire to try to straighten their locks.  I wasn't able to do a great job, but they both looked much more attractive once they were dry and their hair slightly unsnarled.
  862. After they were tended to I refilled the empty or nearly empty water containers from the rain dribbling down the side of the top edge of our upper frame.  Tee-la liked my having copied her actions, my mimicking her most likely making her feel very proud.
  864. Tee-la was the first to yawn, Lee-sha following along seconds later.  It was just enough to stimulate one from me as well, so with a single log added to the fire and the deer meat shifted to a higher spot on the spit it was time to get some sleep.  But while I was working on my tasks both of the girls assumed a position that I didn't take notice of until I turned around so I could lie down and shut my eyes.
  866. Both of them were again prostrated before me, again with their faces away from mine, and their bare asses pointed toward my body.  It might have just been the way they slept until I saw Lee-sha's small right hand wiggling toward me and her voice softly calling.
  868. "Ing-rum, tun!"
  870. I knee-walked closer, still naked, and then reached to her right hand with my left.  My assumption was she wanted me to take up a spot beside her and between my two naked companions, but instead of coaxing me to assume a similar posture to hers at her side she pulled me closer, shifted in front of me, and then tugged at my hips so I was directly behind her bare butt.  When I felt her reach under me and push the end of my cock up to the tender entrance of her vagina I almost fell over backward.  She was actually asking me to fuck her, either as a function of my ownership, or as a means to appease some darker hunger that food wouldn't satisfy.  For Tee-la to have her ass in the air and her knees cocked out told me a lot more about their culture than I could have imagined.  I only hoped their last master who 'took' both of my girls in their past used Tee-la's tight little ass rather than her tiny vagina.
  872. The hot silky sensation of Lee-sha's labia majora hugging my glans felt so exquisite, and I wanted so badly to slowly push forward and claim one of the two girls in a manner that illustrated the ultimate level of human ownership.  But something within me forced me to reconsider what I was about to do and what might happen to me when her real master and owner showed up to claim his former property.  I also had the Space Agency folks and the police to worry about.  I didn't want to, but I had to tell her 'no' and gently push her away.
  874. "Ni, Lee-sha.  Ni!"
  876. Holding her by her naked hips and pushing myself away from her elicited a response that I hadn't anticipated.
  878. "Lee-sha nuh, Ing-rum, tun."
  880. My understanding of what she said left me stunned.  Could she be trying to communicate that her body was to be used with the same level of reverence and utilitarian function as deer meat?  Her culture seemed to be a patriarchal based one, with women and young girls little more than food or fodder for pleasure.  I felt dirty for having wanted to fuck the lovely naked teen and more despicable for having sexual thoughts about her younger companion.  How the Hell was I supposed to illustrate to them that they had more value to me than any other of my possessions? It was *not* going to be easy.
  882. I tried to develop my best communications skills while she kept tugging on my cock and pushing backward, her grip just tight enough to feel very sexy and not the least bit uncomfortable.  It was my fervent hope she understood what I was trying to convey.
  884. "Lee-sha ni nuh."
  886. She immediately countered my claim in a slightly more desperate tone and a more determined push into me.
  888. "Lee-sha nuh, Ing-rum, tun!"
  890. The wet warmth of her vulva against the tip of my cock was quickly breaking my determination down, my need to fuck something tight, young, and willing incredibly strong.  It was obvious she thought it was required of her, and who was I to deny her what she understood as a normal function of her duties to her new master?  But my conscience was a much stronger ally than my hormones, at least for the moment, and I was able to slip my right hand between our bodies, cup her ass, and then push myself backward until our junction was completely broken.  Lee-sha seemed to be immediately heartbroken and began to cry.
  892. "Ni, Ing-rum, tun!  Lee-sha nuh!"
  894. For her to back up into me, center my dick so our genitals were lined up perfectly, and then push backward harder nearly spelled my doom and her victory.  But I was resolute in my desire to preserve one of the most sacred unions between a man and a woman, even if she was little more than a young teen, so I pushed against her bare butt hard enough to send her face into the dirt of the floor.
  896. "Ni, Lee-sha!"
  898. Before I could react Tee-la lunged toward me, her butt arched into the air, and her smile so wide I was convinced the younger girl assumed she was supposed to be my first lover.  For her tight little naked ass to wiggle backward in my direction, her small hands to claim my cock, and the end of my cock pressed against her bald vulva was a lurid fantasy that nobody had ever known about.  How could such a young preteen have the impression that I much preferred her more petite and underage body than her slightly older teen companion?  It must have been the number of times I'd kissed her more intimately that made her think she was more important to me sexually than Lee-sha was.  But I couldn't fuck her any more than I could her older companion, so I pushed her away from me just as forcefully as I had Lee-sha.
  900. "Ni, Tee-la!  Tee-la ni nuh!"
  902. While Lee-sha was crying Tee-la turned and looked at me as if I was about to cut her throat and throw both of them onto the fire, so I needed to do something that might seem odd, but necessary.
  904. It took a little effort to pull Lee-sha far enough away from the back wall and get her to look at me, but once I did I urged Tee-la to come a little closer as well.  With both sets of their eyes filled with tears I reached out to them with my open hands and encouraged them toward my body, just in a less sexual posture.
  906. "Lee-sha!  Tee-la!"
  908. Even while they were looking at me with a perplexed expression and the older girl still whimpering they rose, turned around, and extended their right hands toward me in the same submissive gesture as they had a few times before.  Rather than take their hands I knee-walked closer to them and then enveloped their naked bodies in a very tight embrace.  Yeah, they'd be disoriented for a little while, but until I was absolutely sure I had the right I wasn't about to have sex with either of them, especially Tee-la.
  910. It took a few minutes, but I was finally able to get them calmed down enough so I could lean against the back wall of our hideout and just hug both of my young naked companions.
  912. My jumpsuit was still where I left it, along with my underwear, socks, t-shirt, booties and outer hiking boots, knife, and firearm.  I should have gotten dressed before lying back with my two nude female friends, but my mind was full of cultural confusion, guilt, and hormonal lust. My body was also showing signs of how much energy I'd expended during that very strange day through eyelids as heavy as lead.  Some time after they were nestled tight to my body and Lee-sha stopped whimpering all three of us fell asleep.
  914. It wasn't until I tried to shift both of the girls away from my sides after I woke up that I felt a small hand tightly clutching my cock.  In the flickering light of the dying fire I followed the limb back to its owner, Tee-la.  The minx had claimed me after all, and I had to smile at her boldness.  It would have been nice to let her have more than a rude touch, but I was still really unsure what would happen when her 'owner' or parents found out and then what the rest of society would think of me when they found out I'd sexed a little girl.  In spite of what seemed to be total isolation I still had to worry about the recovery crew and Mission Control finding out that I might have sexed two underage girls.
  916. The cool of the night air was sending a chill around my bare body, so after I squirmed my way free of Tee-la's grip the first thing I did was stoke the fire and add a couple of limbs.  The deer meat looked so good I had to have another taste, so I cut off a sliver of one more done portion and munched on it as I started to don my clothes.  I felt like a hypocrite putting my clothes back on while my two young companions were lying on the dirt floor naked, but my desire to preserve their virtues was stronger than my need to display equality in our manner of dress.
  918. In five minutes the heat of the fire had re-warmed the inside of our hideout and both girls turned over onto their tummies away from each other.  I had to admit their nude asses looked very inviting, but my scruples required me to reconsider doing too much too quickly.  I might touch their bodies a little bit and kiss them freely, but having them sexually seemed to trouble me somehow.
  920. From the open end of the hollow and with the fire tended to for a while I watched my girls sleep.  That's when it hit me -- "my girls".  Had it not been for my taking notice of the older woman's antics earlier that day both of the naked lovelies less than three feet from my knees would have been left to die a slow and horrible death.  Of course, I had no idea what might have transpired if I hadn't rescued them, since the woman could have returned and figured out some means of getting Lee-sha and Tee-la out of the pit, but that was beginning to seem unlikely. Both of my girls appeared to possess a very rudimentary knowledge of survival, so why would I assume the other woman would be any smarter?
  922. Tee-la was the first to stir, her left hand directed behind her in an attempt to discern where I'd gone.  When she felt her female friend's bare backside Tee-la immediately lunged up into a sitting position and looked around the area.  The moment she saw me her face was twisted in a pitiful frown and her mouth turned down as if she was going to cry.  For her to softly call and reach to me illustrated more than any words she might have attempted in English.
  924. "Ung-rum, tun?"
  926. "Okay, Baby.  I'll come lie down with you."
  928. Even with our language differences she seemed to understand what I was saying, because she smiled a little bit, but still kept her right hand toward me in the familiar submissive gesture.  After one last glance at the fire to make sure it would be okay until morning I turned around and assumed the same spot I had before.  The fact that I was wearing clothes might have hindered Tee-la's desire to hold onto something of mine that was very personal and gender specific, but she seemed to accept that I was going to be close to her for the rest of the night.
  930. As I settled onto the floor deeper into the hollow next to the wood structure meant to keep the wall from caving in on us Lee-sha jumped and immediately twisted around with a look of horror on her face.  Once her vision was clear enough to recognize my smile she smiled back, directed her hand in the typical submissive gesture to the right side of my neck, and then settled into my side opposite Tee-la.  Moments later I was engulfed in two frightened naked young girls' embrace and they nuzzled their heads over my collarbones to get comfortable.
  932. For some unknown period of time I lie awake and watched the fire while my girls slowly succumbed to the day's trials and tribulations.  It was while I lie there and recalled the events of the last week that I had a very unsettling thought.  Had something more serious happened to my once beloved home as the singularity passed close to the Earth?
  934. What could have occurred to make it completely normal for women of all ages to feel so liberated and conduct their lives completely in the nude?  I'd only known of naturist camps or nudist family campgrounds where people were allowed or encouraged to remove their clothes, but I couldn't have just landed in the middle of a million acre clothing optional compound.
  936. Then something else bothered me.  Where had I landed that men were supposed to have sex with girls even as young as eight or ten when food was provided?
  938. A new thought sent a chill down my back, and I realized that my girls were very dirty and their hair was unbrushed for what could have been many months.  The most liberated woman in the world would have needed to wash and brush her hair, so something else was going on.
  940. What about the queer language that they were speaking, and their belief that their bodies were some sort of reward for my having rescued and fed them?  The only explanation I could come up with was a very abusive and restrictive man who wanted to dominate women to the point they were little more than slaves for his personal pleasure.  He must have kept them stupid, isolated, and only shared enough information with them to satisfy some perverse need to make him feel important.  But the only man I'd seen was just as dirty and unkempt as my girls, so his level of sophistication couldn't be that much better.
  942. That's when I knew I'd protect my girls with every measure of strength and diligence, the abusive conditions of their past lives to be left as easily and permanently as the hole that I'd rescued them from.
  944. Having rinsed them off in the rain with my hands earlier afforded both of my young lovelies with skin that felt much silkier, and I couldn't help but lightly caress their shoulders, backs, arms, and even slip my fingers down far enough to lightly cup and caress their bare butts.  I might have been decent enough to resist having sex with them, but I couldn't keep from softly fondling their tender bodies just a little. A winsome smile crept across my face until my dreams were suffused with immoral images of me and my new naked companions.
  946. "Ung-rum, tun?  Ung-rum, tun?"
  948. "Mmmmm!"
  950. "Tee-la, nuh?"
  952. Not again!  I hadn't even gotten my eyes open that next morning before the preteen was insisting that I have sex with her, most likely without her older companion's knowledge.
  954. My eyes came open, I rose slightly to keep my younger companion from attempting to climb up over my body and work her prepubescent magic on me, and was ready to put up an earnest fight when I saw Tee-la in the same submissive posture from before.  Except this time she wasn't on top of my hips, nor trying to work my cock out of my jumpsuit, but sitting closer to the fire and resting her hand on top of one of the empty skewers from the previous night.  My assumption was wrong, and I was glad for it.
  956. "Nuh, Tee-la?  Nuh?"
  958. She wiggled toward me a little bit, rested her forehead onto my knees, gently pushed her cupped hand against my neck, and kept her face toward the dirt floor.
  960. Poor baby!  She was hungry and must have been trained to beg for food rather than take any on her own.  I could only imagine what her owner must have done to Tee-la, Lee-sha, and all the other women in his small perverted tribe to make them so submissive.
  962. My vision was still a little blurry from having been awakened so abruptly out of an erotic dream, but I had no desire to let her think I was some Neanderthal brute who doled out food for sexual favors on a daily basis.  Lee-sha was still asleep, so I gently worked my right arm out from under her neck, lie her back so she'd remain undisturbed, approached the still smoldering fire, and placed my left hand onto the still warm deer carcass.  Pointing to a thick portion of meat along the back strap I softly called to the hungry child.
  964. "Tee-la?  Nuh?"
  966. She didn't look up but shifted closer to my new position and pressed the side of her small right hand against my hip.  That wouldn't do.  She was going to have to show me what she wanted, and I needed her to take on a bit more active role in our new relationship.
  968. "Tee-la!"
  970. She seemed to understand that I was asking her to look up and she lifted her head just enough for me to see her eyes.  While she was gazing up at me I shifted my left index finger around on the carcass a couple of times and tapped on various places of the more thoroughly cooked meat until she saw me shrug and then smile.  It must have been too much for her, because she squirmed forward, thrust her face onto my thighs close to my hips, reached around my waist with both arms, and began to softly cry.
  972. I wanted to kill the bastard who'd terrorized my lovely Little One.
  974. My body was turned more fully toward her, both of my hands used to tug her into an upright sitting position, and then I pulled her tight to my chest for our first hug of the day.  She stuttered and softly sobbed into my chest for a few minutes, my treatment of her and her older companion most likely far different and much more compassionate than anything she'd ever known.  My eyes filled with tears in pity for their plight, and I was more determined by the hour to show them a far more enjoyable and fulfilling future.
  976. For me to tilt her head back and place a tender kiss on her lips might not have been in keeping with social norms, but Tee-la needed to be shown a kind of loving gentleness that she deserved, our lips going back and forth until her whimpers and sobs were converted into lurid moans. Before I knew what had happened she was on my lap, her legs wrapped around my waist, her arms tightly encompassing my body, and she was kissing me with an awareness that I'd only shown a girl in high school in the back of my dad's car.
  978. I could have kissed Tee-la for a few hours, but she'd asked me for permission to eat, not be sexed, so I tenderly withdrew, smiled at her, and then leaned forward so our foreheads and noses could touch as we stared into the other person's eyes.  My mouth then uttered words my brain wasn't supposed to create.
  980. "I'm falling in love with you and your friend, Tee-la.  I know I shouldn't, but something about your plight and your need to be cared for is drawing me into your lives like I've never wanted before.  I wish I could tell you what I'm feeling right now, because I'd want you to know just how much I need to be your new friend, caretaker, and maybe even your lover."
  982. She seemed to comprehend something, because she lifted her small right hand and lightly caressed the side of my face as she stared into my eyes with her intense gaze.  There was no doubt about it; I was indeed over my head and falling in love with both of them, maybe Tee-la more than Lee-sha, but both girls incredibly important to me nonetheless.
  984. She got another chaste kiss on her lips and then one on her nose just to make her smile.  Her grin looked so special that I wanted to do it a second time just to relive the moment.
  986. After I leaned back and with Tee-la still on my lap, the knife was unsheathed, I twisted around to carve some food off the carcass, and smiled at my little companion.  When I touched a spot along the neck where the back strap started she blushed, looked down, and appeared embarrassed.  In a soft whisper I coaxed her to look into my eyes again.
  988. "Tee-la?"
  990. The moment our eyes met I shifted my head to the side two times as if to coax her to show me what she wanted and she timidly extended her index finger toward the bottom edge of the front ribs.  It seemed as if she liked to nibble on the bones like I did, so I smiled at her, slipped the knife between two ribs, sliced all the way up, and then repeated my task two rib bones over.  By the time she had her meal in her right hand her eyes displayed a look of wonder and genuine appreciation.
  992. Tee-la was gently shifted backward off my lap so she could eat more easily and so I could check on Lee-sha.  As soon as the younger girl was far enough away I saw the older girl looking at me with a despondent expression, as if she realized Tee-la was in fact the girl I'd picked as my first young girlfriend.  My best course of action was to repeat everything with Lee-sha as I had Tee-la, and I'm glad I did.
  994. "Lee-sha, nuh?"
  996. She immediately rose to her knees, flinched when she accidentally pressed her injured right leg to the floor, but quickly assumed a place in front of my knees where Tee-la had initially prostrated herself.  A light press of her right hand against my left hip confirmed that they'd been so brutalized neither of them felt comfortable doing anything unless they displayed their obedience and submission first.
  998. "Lee-sha!  Lee-sha!"
  1000. The older girl tilted her head back slightly, looked up into my eyes, and saw a bright smile on my face similar to the one I'd shared with her younger and busy companion.
  1002. "Lee-sha, nuh?"
  1004. The moment I asked her if she was hungry she tried to hide her smile but was unable to, so I shifted my head to the right twice again and was the immediate recipient of her pert little ass onto my thighs, her arms around my body, her feet and calves around my waist, and her face tightly against my neck opposite the food and her friend.  What started as a submissive display of veneration turned into yet more soft kisses and a loving hug that lasted a bit longer than the one Tee-la and I had shared.  It might have seemed unusual for the younger girl to be totally unconcerned about me hugging and eventually kissing her older friend, but their culture or training must have included complete acceptance of what their former owner might do with one or the other girl in front of any of their traveling companions.
  1006. Even though Tee-la seemed more bold and accepted my affection more quickly Lee-sha's enthusiasm seemed to develop more deeply, and she illustrated a kind of slow-building passion that I might not have been ready for.  Her kisses took on an almost animalistic fervor and her hands clutched and gripped me much more completely and lustfully than her younger friend.  Softly tweaking her left nipple and cupping her half-apple sized breast openly was like adding liquid fuel to a low rolling fire, her body recognizing the pleasant sensations even if neither of us knew each other or could communicate that well.
  1008. It took a lot longer than with Tee-la, but Lee-sha was eventually asked which section of meat she'd like and also nervously pointed toward some ribs.  She was provided a slightly larger set than Tee-la, and then I claimed what I'd previously collected to enjoy for breakfast.
  1010. The rain was still coming down, but not nearly as hard as the previous night.  A few more pieces of kindling were added to the fire to keep it going but not get it too high, and I was glad I asked Tee-la to collect so much, because we might be in our small hollow for another day or so. Besides, if the older woman or their cruel former owner came back we needed to be close enough to act on any social, familial, or personal needs that might arise.  My putting a single copper-jacketed lead round between that bastard's eyes might have made me feel better, but I might inadvertently start a fight that would escalate into a political war between two countries.
  1012. After our first course had been completed it was time to take care of our biological needs.  Just as I'd done the night before I stripped down to nothing and then said two words that sounded genuinely strange.
  1014. "Ingram hiss."
  1016. The girls smiled and then rose to join me, Lee-sha needing a little bit of help because of her injured leg.  After our morning pee I spent a little more time washing them just outside our hideout with my hands, Tee-la grinning like a kid in a candy store with a handful of money while I caressed her naked body.  Her slight breast development was fun to explore and her nipples a joy to tweak, but her plump bald pussy called to me like a siren from the depths of the sea.  I needed to find and then subdue her clitoris, but the ramifications of my actions would come back to haunt me, so I kept that portion of my sexual fire limited to a dull blaze.  Once she was washed in the rain I directed her under cover so she could stand close to the fire and dry off.
  1018. Just before I repeated my task with Lee-sha she stared into my eyes with a kind of fire that I knew was going to get me burned.  Her skin was so tempting and her hard gaze into my soul very intense, my hands going places that the rest of society would lambaste me for exploring had they known what I was doing to the permissive child.  The moment I found her clit she hissed, went completely rigid, but didn't make me stop touching her.  Giving her a little orgasm out in the open beyond the cover of our hideout wasn't the smartest thing I could have done, but it certainly might have been the most rewarding.
  1020. Even though it wasn't one of my best attempts to completely dominate a woman through sexual pleasure it took her a while to recover.  She seemed confused and unsure after I released her body from my strong but loving grasp and after I began to work more of her hair free while she stood in front of the fire.  She must have felt incredible pleasure, because her lips were quivering, her eyelids were half closed while I was touching her in a very intimate manner, her hands especially tight around my arms to keep herself from falling, and her piercing gaze into me was even more inflamed after she regained her senses.  Once she was more sure of herself she tugged me down to the ground, turned around, bent over, and assumed the same posture as she had when she last offered her body.  The moment our bodies touched in the most hideously sexy way I lost all of my resistance.  If she was going to give me her body, then I was going to gently take it.
  1022. The slick softness of her arousal immediately signaled her readiness and the snug grip of her plump nether lips around the tip of my glans illustrated a kind of mature awareness that even though she was bald and baby smooth between her legs she knew what she was offering me.  Because of her tender years I knew she'd be tight, so I dared only apply the lightest pressure inward and waited until the moment seemed right before I tucked my fingertips around her bare hips and pulled her body tight to mine for an hour or two of animalistic fucking.
  1024. Lee-sha was whimpering and softly moaning into the dirt just in front of her face as she held her ass as high in the air as she could and pushed backward.  She was most likely still suffering from the lingering after effects of her last and possibly even her first orgasm, and her body was probably craving our unique and illicit bond, even if she didn't know why or if she should encourage it.  Her small left hand gripped the outside of my thigh and pulled toward her, my clue that she was a fully consented partner in our sex, so I slipped my right around her hip, worked my fingertips down and toward her pleasure center, and with a slow rolling motion began to stir yet another orgasm from within her inexperienced teen body.
  1026. By the time her thighs were starting to rhythmically twitch and stutter I was ready to fully claim my young naked female companion's vagina, but her brief shriek, the way she clamped her butt cheeks and thights tight, and the quick withdrawal away from my cock forced me to reconsider what she might be feeling.  For her to twist her head and look over her shoulder at me confirmed some important facts; her vagina was still too small for sex, she was obviously still a virgin, had never been sexually active in any way, and didn't have a clue about having her hymen ripped and the pain that she'd feel as a result.
  1028. Rather than take what I wasn't entitled to I carefully withdrew, sat down onto my shins, and then looked at her nude body from behind.  With the tips of my thumbs I delicately split her labia majora and saw what had to have been the most beautiful sight of my life.  Lee-sha was still slick with our combined arousal, but more importantly I witnessed the newness and purity of a teen girl before she'd been 'taken'.  Lee-sha was still a virgin and must have begun to feel her maidenhead being torn as my penis was being urged inward.
  1030. Lee-sha wasn't sure what to do while I was studying her body's condition and remained in her kittenish posture.  In order to hinder her belief that I might have wanted to hurt her I removed my digits from her naked charms, caressed her lower back a few times, applied a little pressure to her shoulder blades so she'd remain where she was, and then leaned forward.  She might have imagined I might try to afford her yet more pain, but she kept her place and might even have closed her eyes while she whimpered in fear.
  1032. The next sensation she perceived was a single wide lick along her glistening vulva, just enough pressure from my tongue to sweep nastily over her nether lips from her mons all the way to her perineum.  Her body billowed slightly and her back arched, but she didn't appear to be offended by my wicked deed.  When she pushed her butt back to invite a second lick I knew she'd enjoy the alternate form of sexual submission.
  1034. Before she realized what I'd done I twisted my body and lie down face up with my head between her slightly splayed thighs.  Hooking my hands over and around her bare body I gently tugged her ass lower until I was face first in her tender and virgin pussy.  I'd never had any form of sex with a virgin before, nor a girl as young as I suspected Lee-sha was while I was an adult man, but I had no desire to miss my first and maybe only chance to give her pleasure while I ventured into immoral lingual sex with a teen child.
  1036. I don't know how long I kept her peaking and bucking over my face, but Lee-sha was the perfect first-time oral partner.  Her hips twisted and rolled under toward my mouth when my tongue was drawn away during each swallow so I didn't drown in her ample lubrication, and her clitoris was incredibly sensitive and responsive when I teased it out of its prepuce. She seemed to feel the burgeoning sensations of sexual contentment as her experience slowly grew, her willingness to tolerate my lurid antics far greater than any adult woman I'd ever made love to, and an ongoing verbal chorus of soft whimpers and pitiful moans each time she'd celebrate in yet another sexy cum.
  1038. My first teen sexual partner gave me cum after cum without reservation or expectation, her body's ability to reward me for my talents like a free flowing river that had only been seen for the first time by my eyes.  Her excited mewls, pitiful whimpers, and continued thrusts onto my face proved that she was an active participant and willing partner to this erotic play between strangers, her body full of enthusiastic fervor each time she bucked and gyrated to successive orgasms.  Nothing I did appeared too much for her, and I repeatedly monitored my progress for any potential discomfort or fear just in case I pushed her too hard. Each wicked deed was accepted and then explored, Lee-sha perfectly aware of what I was up to after the first moment of her surrender.  Lee-sha was my perfect little playmate.
  1040. After she hinted non-verbally that I'd done enough damage by touching my head from between her splayed thighs it took a few minutes to get her vertical and outside our hideout so I could wash her body off in the rain.  In the growing light of the new day she was little more than a trembling and very happy young teen, tired, excited, unsure of herself, but appeared much more comfortable with me than any girl or woman I'd ever known.  Washing her naked body in the rain seemed more an exercise in hedonistic lust than something as mundane as bathing, because my fingers traveled across every square inch of her body without hesitation, and she kept grinning at me with each new sensation.
  1042. In spite of my continued delicate caresses and potentially sexual touch Lee-sha remained unfazed by anything that I did, her posture upright, her hands holding onto my arms or waist, and her eyes rarely away from mine.  Because of her injury she could have convinced me to let her sit, but she stood where I placed her and waited for me to command her.  Her right leg was getting better because she didn't lean on me as much as she had the day before as I cupped and laved her pussy with my right hand, and I watched her place her foot firmly on the ground a few times as if testing for stability.  I could have washed her body for a lot longer, but the cool rain might have given her a chill, so I drew her back under the wooden canopy and stoked the fire.  Her gaze into my eyes seemed to indicate an all new appreciation for my having found and claimed her from what might have been her demise, an intense stare into my face similar to one I'd witnessed by a naive and fascinated freshman when I was a junior in high school.
  1044. Once she was dry I sat her down a few feet away from the fire pit, drew Tee-la slightly closer with some wiggling digits, sat down between my two girls, put my arms around their naked bodies, and then just hugged them without saying anything.  Tee-la might have been anxious to attempt what her older friend had been party to, but she never overtly hinted that she wanted to sit on my face for an hour or more.
  1046. With the rain and a few low rumbles of thunder as our backdrop we just sat together for quite a while that day, the fire kept going with enough wood so it wouldn't go out, but not high enough to use up all of our reserve supplies.  Each time they'd get hungry both of my girls would assume the same submissive posture and fearfully inveigle me to cut a small piece of meat from the carcass, their appreciation shown with yet more gestures of supplication and subservience.  It might take a while to break them of that habit, but I wasn't about to force them into altering that aspect of our relationship just yet, because, to be honest, I kinda liked being considered their master.  I'd never been revered and praised so easily and so completely, and the continuous adulation was strangely intoxicating.
  1048. By the end of that day I had both girls on their backs and was tickling their tummies, titties, and even between their thighs.  The sound of their giggles and low laughter was a strange counterpoint to the cries and wails I'd heard a few days before, and I vowed with each passing minute that I'd never let my girls come to harm.  Lee-sha was much more relaxed and accepting of my playful ministrations to her body where Tee-la liked to encourage a more lively and brash manner of play.  They never once pushed my hands or fingers away from any portion of their naked bodies and actually blossomed into hungry little tactile nude playmates.  For me to tweak their nipples and cup Lee-sha's breasts and softly fondle Tee-la's petite development seemed hideously immoral, but anytime I'd stop and pull away they'd tug my hands back into place for yet more lurid touches.
  1050. We slept in a heap of naked and tired bodies that night, my permission granted for both of them to touch any portion of my body as they wished. Tee-la was sure to claim a nice handful of my cock near the base where Lee-sha seemed intrigued by my glans and the flare around the throbbing circumference.  She had me close to orgasm a number of times before she fell asleep, but thankfully didn't know what she was doing, so I was able to relax once I heard and felt her breathing into my right ear.
  1052. The next morning arrived with no fanfare and even fewer guarantees that I'd ever hear any.  There was just enough venison for one more day, and Tee-la and I needed to venture out to collect some wood for the fire.  I anticipated she might want to stay in our hideout for the rest of her life, but never expected she'd be anxious enough to bring a small mountain of found wood back and set it in a jumbled pile along one wall. Since I was still unsure if their people would return to check on the plight of my girls in their underground prison it might have been best to remain for a few days, but living in a tiny wood and dirt hovel was beginning to cramp my style, and I needed to stretch out.
  1054. Around noon on the third day of our new lives together the sun finally graced us with its warmth.  It felt nice to walk around and feel heat coming from a more permanent source of warmth than the small fire I'd kept going for two days and three nights.
  1056. While Tee-la was busy scampering around looking for something outside our hideout I began to prepare for our eventual departure.  Lee-sha was a bit reluctant to venture too far because of her injured right leg, so I decided to locate something more effective as a crutch than the puny walking stick I'd found on the way to our meeting.  When I returned with what looked like a perfect medical assistance device Tee-la was already back and the girls were happily chattering away about something.  The moment I turned the corner I saw what my youngest companion had been busy with and had to smile at her.
  1058. There was a small collection of tubers, some fruits, and even what looked like mushrooms in a series of piles.  She was so concerned about her attempt to please me and prove that she was as good a provider as I was that the instant she saw me turn the corner she dropped to the floor and assumed a submissive posture.  Rather than chastise her I touched her extended arm, caressed her bare back, playfully fondled her naked butt before I lightly pat it two times, and then gently tucked my digits under her chin to bring our eyes in line.
  1060. "Is my little girl gonna make somebody a nice wife someday?  It looks like she's already trying to impress her new owner with her skills as a happy homemaker.  I think somebody needs a hug and a little kiss."
  1062. Tee-la beamed at me moments before she lunged forward and enveloped me in her strong embrace.  The only polite thing to do was to pick her up, shift closer to Lee-sha, kneel down beside my older companion, and then hug my teen partner to my side while I kissed my little lover.  For my first oral sex partner to sneak her lips onto my cheek close to my mouth while I was softly munching on Tee-la's lips proved that Lee-sha wasn't offended by my kissing her younger friend.  It also seemed to indicate a more confident demeanor in my first teen girlfriend.
  1064. Once our departure from social norms was deemed satisfied both Tee-la and Lee-sha needed to prove their worth to me by showing me how they were going to clean the tubers with a flattened stick when it came time to eat.  They mimicked scraping the outside of the bulbous potato-like brown lump a few times and once I smiled and repeated what they did both of them appeared incredibly proud of themselves.  Since Tee-la had been the one to collect our vegetable repast I let her assume control of the items she'd found and considered showing the benevolence of a loving master with boundless gifts.
  1066. I rummaged around inside my pack for a minute or two and produced something that must have looked genuinely bizarre to them.  Moments after I had it oriented correctly I handed her a small canvas bag to put anything in with long heavy cloth handles.  By the expression on her face she must have believed I'd just given her a gold credit card with an unlimited spending limit.  Lee-sha was yet again unsure of her role in our relationship until I had her stand up and lean against one wall.
  1068. "Look at this, Baby.  I've brought back a walking crutch for you to use until your leg is completely healed."
  1070. She must have thought I was going to beat her with the nearly five foot long limb, because she immediately threw herself to the floor, placed her forehead on top of my feet, and tightly gripped my calves while she pleaded with me in a voice that sounded like a girl in pain.
  1072. "Ni, Ing-rum, tun!  Lee-sha nuh!"
  1074. I could never think of her as something mundane as food.
  1076. "Ni, Lee-sha.  Lee-sha!"
  1078. She was trembling and huddled in a fetal position until I gently caressed the back of her head and then cupped her chin with my right hand.  My continued efforts to show them gentleness were slowly having a positive effect, because with some tender caresses of my thumb along her jaw and chin and a slow upward tug she eventually tilted her head back and grew brave enough to look up at me.  My smile seemed enough to alter her perception of what kind of provider I might be, and she slowly worked her way up my body until she was standing tightly against my chest with her arms around my back.
  1080. "I'm not going to hurt my lovely little teen playmate, Lee-sha.  All I wanted to show you was your new walking tool.  The folks at the health clinic said my deductible had already been satisfied and I didn't have to fill out any claim forms, so I was able to walk out of the pharmacy with this."
  1082. The second time I lifted the thick limb and showed it to her Lee-sha wasn't nearly as intimidated.  For me to tuck the notch at the upper end under my right armpit and then lean on it didn't seem to help her understand what it was meant for, so I decided to modify it for her needs first and then show her how to use it.  With Tee-la softly babbling to herself and playing with her new utilitarian possession as she tried to decide how to load the canvas bag I had Lee-sha sit next to me while I smoothed any portion of the wooden limb that might scratch or irritate the more sensitive portions of her body.
  1084. For the next hour or so she watched in amazement while I whittled any rough portions of the wood away and smoothed the rounded indentation where her underarm would rest.  After the upper end had been softened and felt glossy to the touch I had her stand first so I could assume a less threatening posture beneath her gaze ... and so I could be at eye-level with her nudity.  Her bald charms were so sexy and the plump smoothness of her vulva so tempting I was almost distracted for an hour of fun with my nude teen playmate.  All I settled on was a gentle butterfly kiss on her plump nether lips.  Lee-sha giggled and seemed pleased with my manner of private affection as she held onto my head and waited for whatever I'd planned.
  1086. As she stood over me I directed the yoke of the branch under her left arm and then tugged it close enough to her body for me to determine how much of the bottom portion needed to be trimmed.  To my amazement it fit perfectly the first time, so no modifications were required at all.  She watched mystified as I stood up and smiled at her, her left hand clutching the limb near her hip, and her right hand close to the notch under her arm.  Without realizing it she was standing on her own and leaning to her left slightly to take her weight off her right leg.
  1088. "Excellent, Lee-sha.  You're doing exactly as I'd planned.  Now, come on.  I want you to walk around outside and get some practice using your new crutch."
  1090. All I had to do was step up out of our hollow and gesticulate with both hands for her to follow and then hobble toward me.  She had a pained expression on her face at first, but once she began to understand how to lean on her crutch while taking a step with her right foot she actually smiled at me.
  1092. "You see?  You're already getting better at walking, and you've only had the medically approved device in your hands for five minutes.  If I'm not careful you're gonna be running me down by the end of the day."
  1094. She was so happy that she began to stumble around the outside of our hideout with increasing confidence and eventually called to her younger friend, still sitting on the floor and playing with her new possession.
  1096. "Tee-la.  Ing-rum, tun nya-na."
  1098. That's when I reasoned that 'nya-na' might have meant 'help me'.  I remembered her saying that when I found her and Tee-la in the pit a few days before and assumed the concept carried over from that incident because of the similar theories.
  1100. Tee-la dropped her canvas bag wearing a broad smile on her face and focused all her attention on Lee-sha and her new walking device.  It must have seemed improbable that someone would consider providing them help, because after their initial excitement they both kept looking back at me with a bewildered expression.  I assumed anyone who'd been injured was left by their former provider to die a slow and painful death.  For me to illustrate a sense of compassion and extend a helping hand to a less capable person might prove dangerous later on, but I had far more desire to see them survive than picture either of my girls in pain or lying in a dirty hole cold and lifeless.
  1102. The sun was starting to peak in the sky so it was time we made plans to close up camp and head back to the Oregon-4.  We wouldn't need a fire to stay warm and there was plenty of room to spread out inside once we got there.  A clean plastic zippered bag was located inside my pack and both girls helped me trim the remainder of the meat from the carcass until all that was left were a pile of bones.  Both girls kept looking at me anxiously while I was tucking the bag of meat into the pack, and I assumed they were more interested in the food than what we'd dropped into a small pile at the near end of the fire pit.  Just before Lee-sha fell to her knees in yet another display of submission I held her up and looked her in the eyes for a moment.
  1104. "What, Baby?  Tell me what you want."
  1106. All it took was a quick glance at the pack and then the fire for her to understand a little of what I was hinting at.  She looked down at the pile of bones and then nuzzled her head under my neck like a cat.  That was my cue to sit down near the fire, coax her butt to the floor close to me, and position her so her right side was closer to the fire and the small pile of bones than to me.  Using my left hand I shifted her small right hand forward with very little force until the tips of her fingers were lightly touching the nearly cleaned bones.  She looked at my face for a moment and then reluctantly took possession of one fairly impressive sample.  All I had to do was smile and nod to her for her to smile back and slowly draw the bone to her mouth.  For a minute or so she hesitantly nibbled and watched me, her attitude one of uncertainty. To make her feel better and to spoil both of them I opted for a shared snack with any of the remaining bones.
  1108. "Tee-la?  Nuh?"
  1110. Pointing to the small quantity of munchies and smiling seemed to convey enough information for Tee-la to snuggle to my side first and then to carefully reach for something she thought might be acceptable.  It was a puny rib from the narrow end of the chest section, so while she had her hand near the pile I grabbed her wrist and shifted her hand back for a larger sample.  She looked astonished when I placed her fingers on one of the longer rib bones, but she accepted my gesture as genuine and drew it up and began to nibble as well.  So I was certain both girls knew to have as much as they wanted I leaned into Lee-sha's face for a kiss, into Tee-la's for one as well, took their empty hands into mine, and then placed their fingers onto the collection of bones again.
  1112. "Lee-sha ... Tee-la ... nuh."
  1114. Their smiles confirmed they knew how far my generosity extended and that they could have more, and with a medium size bone in my right hand the three of us had a midday snack without any further conversation.  By the time half a dozen bones had been cleaned and placed into the fire away from the uneaten ones the girls looked much more relaxed and a lot more satisfied.  After some deft licking and sucking to clean my fingers I saw Lee-sha's eyes grow wide.  I don't know how I knew, but when she began to lightly push me onto my back until I was facing the underside of our temporary wooden enclosure I recognized what she was going to ask me for.  I didn't resist her movements and watched as she shifted around me until she backed her way over my face and settled her nude vulva onto my mouth.
  1116. With my eyes closed and a wide grin on my face I felt her supple thighs hug my cheeks and ears and then luxuriated in her velvety labia when she wiggled backward far enough to press the cleft of her pussy over my lips.  For quite a while all I did was lightly take slow torturous swipes along her vulvar split until her moans illustrated a growing need that I'd hoped to encourage.  The instant I flicked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue and then sucked it between my lips she grunted, flinched, and then ground her cunt onto my face.  Both of my hands captured her bare hips and ass so I could take her to heights she'd never known before in her young life, her sensual vocalizations filling the air inside our hideout until she couldn't take any more abuse.  As a final measure of my loving dominance over her I hardened my tongue and then fucked her vaginal opening as she bucked and stuttered over my mouth, her body most likely filled with a kind of loyal obedience that no amount of browbeating or psychological abuse could outdo.
  1118. To feel her body stutter and gyrate when her orgasm washed through her gave me a sense of power I hadn't anticipated, and I finished her off with a last gesture of sadistic affection by sucking hard on her small clitoris once more.  She almost screamed into the dirt over my head as I peaked her again, her downward thrust onto my mouth ample evidence that she enjoyed our sexual alliance as much as I did.  Lee-sha was literally a quivering jumble of nerves and muscles when she flopped onto her side away from my face, at least one of her shaking hands cupping her pussy either to protect it or to preserve the raging impressions of carnal lust shared between a naked teen and her mature male provider.  She appeared both happy and a little confused, and I liked the way she looked, because I knew she'd look like that again soon enough.
  1120. It was fun to watch Lee-sha slowly recover from her sexual adventure and then fall asleep from exhaustion a minute or two later, but it was even more fun to feel Tee-la's right hand gently caress my cheek from the opposite side of her older friend's location.
  1122. "Ung-rum tun ... nya-na Tee-la?"
  1124. I turned to face her, smiled up into her pitiful expression of need, and then softly spoke.
  1126. "You need some help too, Baby?  Nya-na, Tee-la?"
  1128. She grinned at me for a moment, drew her face close to mine, and then began to kiss me with her older companion's juices still encircling my mouth.  Whatever sense of decency I might have wanted to maintain with both girls, but Tee-la the most, was quickly being subverted for a more physical and pleasurable relationship.  Munching on her mouth felt nice, but I began to suspect there was going to be something hinted at soon enough and just waited for her to act.  I didn't have to wait very long.
  1130. In what she must have thought as subtle manipulation she broke our kiss and worked her tender labial affectations up my face until she left my forehead with a few light kisses.  She then carefully positioned her knees over my chest until she was sitting on my ribcage, her movements higher up my body supposedly slow enough so I didn't notice what she was trying to accomplish.  It would have been easy for me to munch on her soft tummy and then lick her bellybutton, but that would have destroyed the moment, and I wanted her to think she was able to accomplish her wicked and seemingly secret deed without my knowing about it.
  1132. Tee-la gingerly shifted the last few inches up my body until her left and then her right knee settled past my ears.  With an almost glacial pace the preteen slowly dropped her bald pud over my mouth and then softly moaned when she felt my tongue take one long slow lick up the full length of her naked cunny.  The moment my hands settled onto her back and cupped her pert little ass she relaxed and let out a long expressive sigh of relief.  Her wicked deed was done, and it was my turn to entertain her with a few deeds of my own.
  1134. Since I'd never spent any time having oral sex with a child her age before I took my time and carefully explored her vulva, vaginal opening, and her incredibly sensitive clitoris.  I was barely able to create small circles around her nubbin before she had two hands on my head and a fair amount of hair in her grip.  Since she was the one to encourage our new sexual relationship it was imperative to go at her pace until she began to undulate her hips onto my mouth when her first orgasm from me started to wash through her small but strong body.
  1136. Tee-la literally fucked my face as the climax of her cum washed through her insides, her face most likely pressed into the dirt over my head and her toes probably curled under from surprise.  I kept her peaking far longer than I had originally intended, but I couldn't help myself once she got my fire started.  Her plump pussy and excited movements fed my passions like a piece of dry kindling in a hot fire.  Tee-la literally flooded my face with her lubrication and it was almost impossible for me to keep up with her developing need for almost continuous lingual abuse.
  1138. Once she seemed to tighten into a fetal position over my head and went rigid I knew to slow down.  I wasn't going to quit, but at least I could decrease the amount of her new awareness of pleasure until she grew more accustomed to it.  For her to whimper pitifully and tug up hard on my ears was my cue to relent and give her a break, her body rolled in the same direction as her older companion's and her small right hand tucked hard between her slightly dirty but incredibly soft thighs.
  1140. Both my girls looked so peaceful as they slept off their noon quickie, so I decided to forget about breaking camp for at least one more day. Rather than let them rest completely free of abuse I continued to lightly caress and fondle their legs, bums, small breasts, and was even invited to explore one of the girls' tender vulvas when Tee-la spread her thighs far enough for me.  My Little One was certain to be my undoing, but she wouldn't be more than I could handle.
  1142. Around mid-afternoon Tee-la began to stir and looked around our hideout until she saw me lying face up between a couple of trees at the edge of the forest.  She made almost no noise as she approached me, her high pitched voice my only cue when she was about ten feet away.
  1144. "Ung-rum, tun?"
  1146. With an outstretched hand in her direction I called to my youngest ever oral sex partner.
  1148. "Over here, Baby.  Come lie down next to me."
  1150. Rather than just plop down at my side Tee-la again displayed the classic submissive gesture and lightly caressed the side of my neck with her right hand, her digits turned under as she'd done before.  That was followed by her forehead going against the left side of my ribs under my outstretched arm.  All I need do was tug on her right arm a little bit, and she carefully assumed a position alongside my body.  Rather than just lie still, though, she nuzzled her face up my chest until she began to place a series of timid kisses onto my lips.  With the sun beating down on her nude back and bum and my hands fondling anything within reach I pulled her onto my body and made out with my preteen lover in the cool green grass.
  1152. It felt hideously erotic to make out with a young girl so openly, but neither Tee-la nor Lee-sha seemed to least offended by any form of intimate or sexual contact.  Kissing both or either of them had become a new way for us to communicate, language not required when our lips were pressed together or softly being nibbled on.  For her to arch her back and keep pushing down onto my tummy with her naked mound hinted at yet more lurid lingual fun, but I needed to pace myself and not treat her or Lee-sha as if they were nothing more than my sexual playmates.  Their prior owner or master might have begun to groom them for that eventual responsibility, but I was still wary of what my actions might stir once the Space Agency folks found out I'd been so intimate with my girls. I'd certainly be in trouble for having oral sex with them and fondling their naked bodies, but I wasn't about to stuff my cock into their virginal forms, because that would certainly get me tossed into jail for the rest of my life.
  1154. We hadn't been swapping spit for more than a few minutes before Lee-sha must have roused from her post-lingual orgasm and began to call out to her new owner and provider.
  1156. "Ing-rum, tun?  Ing-rum, tun?"
  1158. Tee-la didn't want to break our kiss, but I had to assert my position and lifted her off my body slightly so I could answer my older lover's pitiful calls.  With my lips barely grazing hers I whispered into my younger companion's mouth in a gentle and tender manner.
  1160. "We'll kiss more in a little bit, Baby.  Lee-sha is calling, and I'm not going to scare her by not answering."
  1162. She couldn't have understood me if she tried, but Tee-la didn't attempt to force her way back onto my lips, so after I lifted her a little more I called out to my older playmate.
  1164. "Lee-sha?  Lee-sha?"
  1166. The sound of her movements and the thumping of her walking crutch confirmed that she'd heard me, and all it took was for me to tilt my head back and look toward our hideout upside-down to see her grinning back at me.  With one more call of her name and an extended free hand in her direction I coaxed her to join me and her naked companion in the warmth of the sun.
  1168. "Lee-sha."
  1170. She was far more interested in joining me than concerned about her right leg, and a few moments later my right side was being warmed by something other than the big yellow ball ninety three million miles overhead. Each time either of them used their appendages cupped under to ask for my approval I felt a mixture of pride and pity, but we'd need to grow together more completely before I'd dare insist they stop doing that or act so horribly submissive.
  1172. Tee-la insisted she remain on top of my body, even after Lee-sha began to shift closer to my side.  No matter, because I wasn't going to force her to relinquish her position until it was absolutely necessary.  My older girlfriend seemed content to just lie at my side and snuggle into my body where my younger one kept looking at my mouth.  Since they'd both seen me kiss the other girl I had no qualms of pulling Tee-la back into place so we could resume her kissing lessons.
  1174. While the younger girl and I nibbled on hungry lips and liberated mouths I slipped two sets of curious digits around their bodies until a lone middle finger split their butt cheeks and began to lightly caress their vulvas from behind.  In a matter of a minute both of their vaginal openings were literally dripping with excitement and the tip of each longest digit tenderly explored the snug orifices of two virgin girls out in the sun.  If any of the folks at Mission Control or the recovery team saw me fondling and molesting two underage children I'd be hung up by my balls and left to die a slow death.
  1176. It was while I was slowly exploring their bodies that we heard a noise from the valley below.  My girls were the first to flinch and then quickly begin to look around, but neither of them sat straight up.  I might have wanted to keep my longest digits tucked between their strong and silken thighs, but both of the girls seemed scared about what they'd heard.  Instead of jumping up they hunkered down close to the ground and started to sweep the area with their eyes, a subdued command issued by the older girl into my right ear before she was more than a foot away from me.
  1178. "Ing-rum, tun ... shuh!"
  1180. They'd never looked that intimidated since I saved their lives and provided for their safety, so I knew something wasn't quite right. Lee-sha tugged on my right hand as she crawled toward our hideout, her walking crutch held in her free hand as she moved like a cat hidden by the tall grass away from the open area between the trees.  Tee-la watched and mimicked her older companion, her desire to look around more intense than to remain sequestered and protected.  Once we were behind enough trees my girls tugged on my hands and drew me back into the protection of our hideout, their eyes wide, their faces filled with an expression of fear, and their demeanor one of intense apprehension.
  1182. Neither of my girls had ever heard my firearm go off, but if it was necessary they'd find out how intimidating it could be.  Rather than unholster and potentially get it dirty or accidentally drop it if I needed to sense the dangerous comfort it might have afforded me all I had to do was pat my right hip and confirm its presence.  It might have seemed strange for me to keep it locked tightly to my right thigh even with my girls around me in our hideout, but with so little making sense it added a modicum of normalcy to an already bizarre situation.
  1184. The girls waited and looked around from the safety of our hideout for the longest time.  I was unsure what they were looking for, but was anxious to learn about whatever had disturbed our quiet afternoon in the sun.  Using my binoculars just as I'd done before I swept the valley for any kind of movement taking note of anything out of the ordinary.  That was a laugh, because nothing that had happened since I went to work that last fateful day on the K/C Station was very normal.
  1186. Lee-sha noticed before I did, and with a whisper she drew my attention toward the slope of the opposite side of the valley.  She must have had incredibly keen vision because I wasn't able to see anything until she gesticulated with both hands and mimicked a large boulder with trees on either side.  With my binoculars lifted to my eyes I focused on the spot she'd pointed out and waited to see what had gotten her attention.
  1188. When I finally saw some movement I waited until I could discern what had captured my focus before I said anything.  I was literally spellbound when I spied a man a little older than me with some kind of serious leg impediment being helped along by a naked young woman who looked a few years older than Lee-sha.  Neither of our distant visitors were having a very easy time of walking because of his apparent injury and what appeared to be her inability to see in front of her.  She kept sweeping the area ahead of her with an outstretched hand while he held onto her body as if she was a human crutch.  Lee-sha might not understand how to use my binoculars, but I needed to know if she'd ever seen the guy and lady before.
  1190. "Lee-sha, nya-na."
  1192. I held the binoculars in front of my eyes about six inches away from my face, motioned with my index and middle fingers as if they could 'see' through the eyepieces, and then carefully handed her my techno visual aide.  It took her a minute to grasp the concept of something as peculiar as amplified vision, but once she was able to acquire the skills necessary to use my tool I helped her locate and then ascertain whether the disparate couple were familiar to her and Tee-la.  Before I realized what had happened she dropped my binoculars into my hands, burst up into a modified standing posture, and screamed loud enough to actually hurt my ears.
  1194. "Tuuu-maaaa!!!"
  1196. My next quick glance into the binoculars confirmed that the other couple heard Lee-sha's call, stopped in their tracks, and hunkered down as if they didn't want to be seen.  He looked around the area and waited for confirmation their safety wasn't in jeopardy, both of our visitors' positions lowered onto the ground similar to how Lee-sha and Tee-la had done when they asked me to be quiet.  Lee-sha again called to one or both of them, her voice animated and expressing a sense of familiarity that I might have my favorite uncle when I arrived at his ranch as a lad of ten.
  1198. "Tuuu-maaaa!!!"
  1200. When Lee-sha called a second time I saw the man's face light up as if he recognized her voice.  He then rose high enough for me to see more of him and returned her call with just as much enthusiasm.
  1202. "Leeee-shaaaahhhh!!!"
  1204. Lee-sha began to hop up and down on her knees, as if the man were a favored relative or older companion.  It was apparent her two word call, 'Tu-ma', was his name.  She then expressed to Tee-la a measure of enthusiasm that conveyed true affection.
  1206. "Tu-ma!  Tu-ma!  Tu-ma!"
  1208. Tee-la immediately joined in.
  1210. "Lee-sha ... Tu-ma?"
  1212. "Tu-ma!"
  1214. Even though I'd only begun to grasp a fundamental understanding of their language I still needed to test a few of their concepts.
  1216. "Lee-sha, Tu-ma tun ... Tu-ma vost?"
  1218. "Ni, Tu-ma tun.  Ing-rum, tun!  Ni, Tu-ma vost.  Tu-ma pee-ta."
  1220. Okay, so 'tun' didn't mean friend, because she wouldn't have been jumping up and down earlier if Tu-ma was an enemy.  The word might have implied 'provider', since she openly referred to me as 'tun' immediately after having called my name.  My understanding of 'vost' was still off a little, because Tu-ma was quickly excluded from that role as well. Could 'pee-ta' mean friend?  It was time to confirm some more.
  1222. "Ingram nya-na Tu-ma, Lee-sha?"
  1224. She giggled at me, cupped my chin as if I was a silly child trying to learn the language, and then corrected my statement as she tapped her right index finger to her bare chest.
  1226. "Ing-rum tun ... na Lee-sha."
  1228. It was apparent my adding her name to the end of the statement meant something more than just confirmation of who I was talking to.  Her bringing focus to herself by touching her chest between her petite development as I'd done and using the word 'na' confirmed a little more of my understanding, so 'na' meant 'me' or 'I'.  She then pointed away toward the man and woman across the valley.
  1230. "Ing-rum tun nya Tu-ma ka."
  1232. 'Nya' most likely meant 'help', and 'ka' probably meant 'yes' or 'okay'.
  1234. Tee-la picked up on her older companion's thoughts and bounced up and down while holding onto my free hand.
  1236. "Nya Tu-ma, Ung-rum, tun?"
  1238. To say I was confused was an understatement, because Lee-sha seemed amused when I added her name at the end of my question, but Tee-la was free to do the same with mine and didn't receive the same correction from the young teen.  It was slowly coming together, although very incompletely.  It was time to test yet more, so I turned to my younger companion and smiled as I spoke.
  1240. "Tee-la, Ingram nya Tu-ma ka."
  1242. Both of them began to giggle and move around excitedly, and I felt a certain measure of pride for having learned so much so quickly.  As a final show of my generosity I turned to Lee-sha, pointed toward the couple across the valley, instructed her to call to her older friend or relative by pointing to my lips and then out toward our visitors, and invited them to our hideout.
  1244. "Lee-sha nya Tu-ma?"
  1246. Rather than answer me she seemed to ask another question.
  1248. "Nya Tu-ma, Ing-rum tun?"
  1250. I responded as intelligently as I could.
  1252. "Nya Tu-ma ka."
  1254. She hugged me for a moment, planted a nice kiss on my lips, turned toward the valley, and then called out.
  1256. "Tuuu-maaaa!!!  Ing-rum tun nya Tu-ma!"
  1258. Knowing the other couple would be reluctant to approach me if I was alone I gently tugged on both of my girls' hands, made sure Lee-sha had her walking crutch under one arm so she could move around without too much difficulty, and led them to a small clearing just beyond the tree line on the slope.  As soon as the three of us were standing in the bright sunshine and could easily be seen Tu-ma called out again and waved.
  1260. "Leeee-shaaahhhh!"
  1262. My oldest companion followed suit, called, and then waved back.
  1264. "Tuuu-maaaa!"
  1266. Just before I set out to go help who I was hoping would be their friends both Lee-sha and Tee-la dropped to the ground in the same submissive posture I'd seen so many times before and offered their praise and thanks to me.  It felt both humbling and embarrassing for them to fall before me, press their noses onto the tops of my feet, and rest the sides of their forearms along my calves.  To see their small hands turned downward and fingers cupped slightly filled me with a sense of humiliation for the kind of lives they must have known before I came along and wrenched them from a pit of slow death.  I couldn't help but feel love and ownership for them, but to hear their adoration as they murmured into the ground filled me with pride and intense need.
  1268. "Ing-rum tun." "Ung-rum tun."
  1270. Their bodies were pulled to a standing position, I hugged and kissed both of them, had Lee-sha regain her footing using her walking crutch, and then I started to walk away.  I hadn't gotten more than five feet when Lee-sha stopped me and I turned around.
  1272. "Ing-rum tun?"
  1274. "What is it, Baby?"
  1276. She lowered herself to her knees, lifted her walking crutch into the air horizontally as if to offer it back to me, and smiled.  I knew she wanted her friend to borrow it to make his way toward us easier, and I knew Lee-sha was incredibly proud for her generous offer.  After a kiss to show my thanks I saw Tee-la take off toward our hideout.  When she returned she had a water bottle in one hand, a few larger rib bones that hadn't been munched on in her other one, dropped to her knees in front of me in supplication, and lifted all of the items toward my face as if to confirm they could be provided to their older friends.  They were a kind and gracious offering, but I immediately thought of a better one.
  1278. Holding Lee-sha tight to my right side and tugging Tee-la alongside to my left we returned to our hideout.  From the large zippered plastic bag of meat I retrieved four palm sized pieces, tucked them into another plastic zippered bag, and handed it to Tee-la.  The canvas bag was then retrieved, opened so Tee-la could fill it, and the water bottle she'd picked up was placed inside as well as the plastic bag of meat.  Both of my girls were mystified at the offer, but Tee-la didn't try to resist my handing her canvas bag back or argued with me.  To close out the offer I knelt down in front of my younger companion and hoped I was asking the right thing.
  1280. "Tee-la nya Tu-ma ka?"
  1282. Her smile was adequate confirmation that I'd communicated properly.  In order to provide for Lee-sha's protection from potential danger I got the folding shovel implement out of my pack, handed it to her, also provided my original walking stick, and then looked her sternly in the eyes.
  1284. "Lee-sha?  You gonna be okay, Baby?"
  1286. All she could do was look into my gaze with tear-filled eyes and smile. When she leaned forward and planted a very affectionate kiss on my mouth I knew we'd grown past a mere idol and his slave.  Lee-sha was slowly becoming my very young partner, and if time continued to temper our resolve she'd most likely be my next full-time girlfriend, too.  My lust had somehow been unleashed for a few moments, because both of my hands drew across her naked body in lots of inappropriate places while we kissed.  Neither Lee-sha nor Tee-la appeared to be bothered by my constant displays of affection or must have thought they were the least bit inappropriate, and my younger playmate just stood and waited for me to quit munching on the older girl's mouth and running my hands in plenty of very familiar places.
  1288. I could have held Lee-sha in my arms for an hour and stared into her piercing gaze, but we had guests coming over for dinner and possibly even a long weekend, so I needed to quit fondling her tight ass and little tits so my help could be provided to their friends.  A minute later both Tee-la and I were headed around the slope to the left rather than down and then back up the valley.  It might have seemed longer, but it was going to be much easier on the injured man and his blind or sight-impaired female friend if we walked on relatively level ground back to our hideout.
  1290. As soon as we were close enough for Tee-la to clearly see Tu-ma's face she burst away from my side and ran as fast as she could in his direction.  She didn't stop until she crashed into him sobbing.
  1292. Both of our visitors were wearing rudimentary sandals, Tu-ma had on a small drape around his hips, but the teen girl was completely naked. Her breasts were slightly more developed than Lee-sha's, and she had a light dusting of hair over her plump mons.  She was definitely cute, but not as pretty as either of my girls.  I might have been possessive and a pervert for having such lurid thoughts about young girls, but my two playmates were far more my type than the slightly older teen trying to see who was in her presence.
  1294. Watching Tee-la hug and cry into Tu-ma's embrace was a truly tender moment, and I knew to wait until I'd been invited to meet another of Lee-sha and Tee-la's clan.  My youngest playmate and recent oral partner eventually stopped crying long enough to reach into her canvas bag, extract the plastic zippered pouch, withdraw two pieces from within, and hand both Tu-ma and his teen female friend a piece of cooked deer meat. Both of them immediately dropped to their knees and displayed the same sort of praise to my young lover as Lee-sha and Tee-la did to me. That's when Tee-la turned toward me and tugged on Tu-ma's hand.
  1296. "Tu-ma ... Ung-rum tun!"
  1298. The submissive gesture the other couple had offered to Tee-la was then directed toward me, both people more interested in giving homage to my offering than munching on the recently cooked meat.  The only smart thing for me to do was to approach them, drop to one knee, touch the back of their outstretched hands, push them down slightly, and then step behind Tee-la and kneel.  Still holding the proffered meat Tee-la called to her friends once again.
  1300. "Tu-ma, La-ta, nuh!"
  1302. It took both of them a moment to accept the food, but they finally did when Tee-la made the offer a second time.  That's when I realized the other teen was named La-ta.  My college language and anthropology professor would have been incredibly proud of me for having acquired so much so quickly, but the end-term tests would have been a lot tougher had she known what I was going to be doing back on Earth after the loss of the K/C station.
  1304. "Tu-ma, La-ta, nuh!"
  1306. To see them eat the meat left me with the impression they hadn't had a decent meal in quite a while.  That's when I knew the second portion was going to be appreciated that much more.  Strangely, after the first part of their meal was eaten they tried to refuse the second helping.  Tee-la tried to convince them it was okay to accept it, but they both backed away on their knees and seemed incredibly reluctant.  It might have been considered rude for me to insist, but their health seemed more important than social graces, so I gently claimed the meat, shifted my position around my younger lover, and knelt down in front of my two newest companions.
  1308. "Tu-ma, La-ta, nuh!"
  1310. The fact that I was the one who offered the cooked food must have made it impossible for either of them to refuse, so they took it reluctantly and immediately threw their bodies to the ground near my knees.
  1312. "Ung-rum tun." "Ung-rum tun."
  1314. "Ni, Tu-ma, La-ta ... pee-ta."
  1316. La-ta immediate began to cry, lunged forward, and threw her arms out toward me.  She might have been sight impaired, but she could see me well enough to wrap her slender limbs around my waist and thrust her forehead onto my thighs near my hips.  If I'd have been as naked as she was she could have shifted her reach slightly and shown me something much more than her appreciation for the cooked food.  If she'd had any interest in bobbing for sausages I might have coaxed her to try.
  1318. It took quite a bit of effort to pry the slightly older teen away from my body, and even longer for me to get Tu-ma to his knees, but once I was able to coax them into a more vertical orientation I nudged Tee-la in the side and whispered.
  1320. "Tee-la ... ta."
  1322. With a huge smile on her small face my naked preteen kissing buddy withdrew the clear plastic bottle from her canvas bag and removed the white cap.  Tu-ma stopped chewing instantly and stared bewildered at the narrow bottle of liquid life and La-ta kept shifting her eyes back and forth in an attempt to more clearly see what my youngest companion was holding in her hands.  Tu-ma was the one who accepted the bottle first and then sucked down three long gulps.  In order to give them some freedom to enjoy what Tee-la handed them I shifted behind her, put my right hand on her right hip, pulled her into me a little, and waited.
  1324. Extending his right hand yet again to Tee-la and then me behind her to show homage he then drew the open end of the bottle to his nearly blind young companion and dribbled some water onto her lips.  As soon as she realized what it was she tilted her head back and let the man fill her mouth nearly full.  She might have choked had it not been for her desire to greedily claim what had been deposited beyond her lips.
  1326. After both of them had consumed their unexpected repast and drink they both again dropped to their knees, lowered their faces to the grassy slope, and extended their right hands toward Tee-la and me, my youngest partner's naked body so close to mine that she couldn't have been excluded if they only wanted to illustrate veneration to me.  It might have been considered rude for me to reach a little further around her bare hip and lightly pet Tee-la's bare mons, but she didn't seem the least concerned at all.  In fact, she spread her feet apart and pushed into my touch to invite even more, and I would have accepted her offer for another immoral adventure into her bald charms, but we didn't have enough time for an hour of whimpers and moans.  It was already late in the afternoon, and we needed to hike back to our small hideout and then make some room for two more guests.
  1328. "Tu-ma ... La-ta ... "
  1330. Pointing off into the direction where Lee-sha was most likely impatiently waiting for us forced the man to consider how he was going to complete the journey before the sun went down.  Problem solved when I lifted Lee-sha's walking crutch and then showed the man how to use it. La-ta was an altogether different problem, since she wouldn't be able to walk any faster than she could feel her way there.  The best solution was to carry her like I had Lee-sha the first time, although I wasn't sure if she'd like being hefted over my shoulder, since she'd be at my mercy the whole time.  Trying to communicate what I wanted to do was going to be difficult, so I knelt down in front of Tee-la and tried to ask for her help.  While talking to my youngest companion I lightly patted my shoulder.
  1332. "Tee-la ... (pat-pat) ... Ingram nya La-ta ka?"
  1334. It took her a moment or two to reason out what I was trying to ask her, and when she realized why I wanted to carry the slightly older teen the younger girl smiled and then nodded.
  1336. "La-ta ka, Ung-rum tun."
  1338. She then turned to the nearly blind girl and gently tugged on her hands as she spoke in a maternal voice to her older friend.
  1340. "La-ta ... Ung-rum tun, soss nya, ka."
  1342. La-ta must have been incredibly trusting or at least believed Tee-la was incredibly reliable, because the naked teen was directed close to my body and then both her hands were placed onto my shoulders.  Tee-la again repeated what she'd said before and lightly pushed on La-ta's shoulders as if to force her over in a waist-bent posture.
  1344. "La-ta ... Ung-rum tun, soss nya, ka."
  1346. The fact that I was there for her to rest on might have seemed provocative until I felt the older girl's full weight on my upper body.
  1348. With a gentle but firm grasp around her naked hip and holding her butt in my cupped left hand I rose from my kneeling position and then shifted La-ta a couple of times to make her more comfortable.  She immediately lost any desire to fight what Tee-la and I suggested and relaxed all her muscles.  Tu-ma was a little confused with his borrowed walking crutch at first, but once Tee-la helped him position the medical assistance device a second time under one of his strong arms he seemed to gain a clearer understanding of what the stick was really used for.  My little girlfriend then gently took his arm alongside the stout wooden support device and tugged toward our temporary home.
  1350. "Tu-ma!"
  1352. In a minute I was following Tee-la and Tu-ma as they began to make their way back across the gently sloping hillside along the tree line where Tee-la and I had begun our trek.
  1354. Our progress was slow but steady, Tee-la and Tu-ma softly sharing brief exchanges as they led the way.  Every few minutes Tee-la would turn around and check on my progress, and I'd respond by smiling to her and then softly calling to my blind princess passenger while I pat her bare butt with my right hand.
  1356. "La-ta?"
  1358. Her immediate response proved she wasn't going to argue about my carrying her like a sack of flour or a bundle of fiberoptic cable.
  1360. "Ung-rum tun!"
  1362. The sun seemed to be on fast forward that afternoon, because we'd barely had a half mile left on our journey to our hideaway when the bright yellow orb fell behind the tall trees.  But our luck was improving, because while we were trying to stumble our way in the shadow of the tall pines along the inclined slope I saw another deer lift its head above the tops of some tall grass and look at us.  All I had to do was whisper something so she and Tu-ma would stop.
  1364. "Tee-la ... SHUH!!!"
  1366. Tee-la and Tu-ma froze the instant I said the 'quiet' word, and then they both slowly dropped to the ground until they were below the grass that had hidden our next meal.  With La-ta still perched on my left shoulder I lightly patted her on her nude ass and whispered to her as well.
  1368. "La-ta ... SHUH!"
  1370. She understood without seeing Tee-la and Tu-ma and poured herself off my body in front of me until she was crouched in a fetal position at my feet.  For such a difficult language I was able to get them to clearly understand what I was trying to communicate.
  1372. The deer lowered its head a couple of times to feed which gave me an opportunity to make my way like a cat through the grass until I was close enough for a head shot.  The sound of my small firearm was going to startle everyone in a one mile area, but food was more important at the moment than sensibilities, so I drew a bead on the animal's head through the narrow but clear sight and pulled my finger backward just as my uncle had taught me.
  1374. Even though I'd been hunting since I was six years old I still flinched when the hammer struck the firing pin and the recoil forced the slide back toward me.  Since I had a limited ammunition supply I located the brass, tucked it into one of my pockets, and then ran toward my prize.
  1376. The point of impact was perfect and dropped the animal where it stood. I didn't even have to finish off the job with a well-placed throat cut.
  1378. Following the pushed down grass I returned to my three hiking buddies and almost tripped on Tee-la and Tu-ma.  They were still hunkered down in the grass, either because they were scared to death by the noise of my handgun, or they knew to remain out of the way until I declared the area safe.
  1380. "Tee-la?  Tu-ma?"
  1382. Tee-la immediately realized what I'd done and threw her face forward onto my feet, her right hand lifted slightly and pressed onto the outside of my left calf.  She'd be eating fresh meat that night, and knew perfectly well how generous I'd be with any cut she might want. Tu-ma, however, looked terrified of me, his eyes wide, his face gaunt, and an appearance that I might in fact be a living god.  He was so moved by what I'd done that he was too scared to humble himself.  All it took was for me to point toward our hideout and call to them.
  1384. "Tee-la ... Tu-ma!"
  1386. As soon as my Little One tilted her head back and looked up into my face I smiled and held my hands out and down toward her.  She rose to her feet, threw her arms around my body, rose to her tip-toes, and then offered me her puckered lips.  I let her determine how long our kiss would last and tenderly munched on her lips for a few seconds.  With her piercing gaze driving me further toward my own destruction I cupped the side of her face, gave her another soft kiss, and then softly spoke while pointing toward a small glowing area just beyond the tree line.
  1388. "Tee-la ... Lee-sha!"
  1390. "Ung-rum tun!"
  1392. I got one last quick kiss, she spun in place, and then my Little One helped Tu-ma into a vertical stance and got him moving forward.  La-ta was still where she nestled onto the ground, and all it took was a gentle caress along her bare hip to coax her standing.
  1394. "La-ta ... Ingram."
  1396. "Ung-rum tun!"
  1398. She might have wanted to supplicate to me, but I grabbed her right hand and drew her up so I could drape her over my shoulder again.  I was only ten yards behind Tee-la and Tu-ma by the time I had La-ta settled and was hiking confidently and a bit more proudly than a few minutes before.
  1400. When we got to the downed deer Tee-la and Tu-ma stopped and whispered words of amazement to each other and then to La-ta.  In order for her to appreciate my accomplishment I set the older teen's feet to the grass and directed her hands to the still warm carcass.  She was thrilled and tried to keep her excitement suppressed, but I actually saw her clap her hands a couple of times and then smile toward her younger and older clan members.  By that time Lee-sha was getting far too impatient and called out from the protection of our hideout.
  1402. "Ing-rum tun!  Tee-la!  Tu-ma!  La-ta!"
  1404. "Tee-la ... it looks like Lee-sha is getting anxious to see everybody, so we better get going before it gets dark."
  1406. Pointing toward Lee-sha's voice was adequate inducement for Tee-la to help Tu-ma forward.  La-ta might have wanted to follow, but she seemed to realize that it would be quicker over my shoulder, and she literally jumped up into my arms.  She appeared very anxious to get me moving, either because she was going to see Lee-sha again, or because a hot meal was soon to be prepared.  To mark the spot where the deer was I stomped down the grass a little bit and then followed Tee-la and Tu-ma.
  1408. The reunion of my two newest guests with my little lovers was a joyful one, with hugs, slow facial caresses, right hands cupped downward and pressed toward their companion's neck, and lots of tear-filled verbal exchanges.  They were so involved in the tender moment that I decided to go collect our next meal, and nobody took notice of my disappearing into the growing darkness.
  1410. I'd field dressed a deer in the dark plenty of times, but usually had more supplies while doing it.  About the only things I had in my possession that evening were my knife, the piezo LED flashlight, the half empty bottle of water, and my intense pride.
  1412. By the time I returned with my victuals Tee-la was anxiously waiting just outside our hideaway.  That was the first time I'd seen what our hideout looked like from a distance, and thankfully the glow from the fire was diffused enough that our place wasn't terribly obvious.  With an overabundant fire to light the way I might encourage a whole clan of anxious guests to come strolling up if I wasn't careful.  The fact that I had two more mouths to feed kept me focused on my task and with one last quick look around I ventured inside.
  1414. Being the ever determined little house keeper and obedient wife-to-be for some lucky guy Tee-la had already added to our firewood supply, so it was a simple matter of skinning my second deer in a week and then placing it onto the same skewer that I'd last used for a slightly larger meat dinner.  This time, however, we'd have a few vegetables to go along with it, and Tee-la would again be proud of her accomplishments.
  1416. Once the meat was being cooked on a slightly larger fire I could tend to my girls and my guests.  The moment I turned around to face them all four of my new friends lowered themselves to the floor with Tee-la and Lee-sha directly in front of my feet and Tu-ma and La-ta behind them. It was a defining moment in my life, even though I wasn't aware of it. My ability to provide for my girls and two new guests must have proved my worth, although I'd never intended to give them the impression that I was anything more than a nice guy who knew how to fix stuff.  Having downed another deer literally at their feet seemed to elevate me to some form of deity status, and it took quite a while to get any of them into an upright posture.  I could have let them continue to worship me, but I wanted to see my girls' titties and lovely plump yonnies.  Yeah, I was getting to be a real pervert and I knew it.  I just hoped nobody I knew or might see back home would find out.
  1418. After I got all of them in a sitting position with Tee-la tight to my left side and Lee-sha against my right the four of them began to carry on as if they were at a family reunion and were sharing a year's worth of gossip.  I tried to follow along, but failed miserably.  I gathered a few words here and there and might have understood about one word in a hundred of what they shared, but for the most part I just sat back and waited until I was invited to speak.  That wasn't for quite some time.
  1420. Thankfully they paid more attention to their conversations than they did me or the meat on the spit, and I was glad for it because that meant time would be in my favor, and I wouldn't have to talk about my family, or parents, or how well I did in school.  Up to that point my girls accepted me for my hunting skills and generosity.  They didn't need to know I didn't have a master's or doctorate degree in astrophysics or electrical engineering and that I was little more than a high paid space janitor and repairman.
  1422. The deer meat had about half an hour to go before enough of it would be done for five people to munch on, so it was time for the vegetable part of our meal to be prepared.
  1424. "Tee-la ... nuh?"
  1426. Pointing to the previously emptied contents of her canvas bag immediately turned Tee-la into a giggling blur of movement.  She retrieved the bag I'd given her, filled it with the food she'd gathered, but rather than take credit for what she'd found she brought it to me, set it down onto the ground at my knees, and then assumed the same submissive posture as she had before.  That just wouldn't do.
  1428. "Ni, Tee-la!  Nuh!  Tee-la, tun."
  1430. Lightly tapping on her shoulder to get her vertical and then on her bare chest between her erect nipples once she was facing me produced a proud smile on her face, after which she rambled on for a few seconds to her new friends and me about which supermarket she'd found that had the best prices or the ones who accepted double coupons on Tuesdays in the area. She then withdrew five tubers, five small handfuls of fruit, and then two more of mushrooms.  I wasn't so sure about the mushrooms, but everything else looked wonderful.  Tee-la and Lee-sha had told me how they might have prepared the tubers, which was to just peel and then eat them raw, but since they looked a lot like potatoes I coaxed one of the tubers away from Tee-la and gestured what I was about to do as I spoke.
  1432. "Tee-la ... I'm gonna bake this potato in the fire for me, but you four can eat yours as you normally might enjoy them.  I'll give you a taste so you can see what one of my favorite side dishes tastes like cooked, but it would be a lot better if we had some garlic, butter, sour cream, and some chives."
  1434. All four of them just stared at me until Tee-la sidled up to my left side, reached across my body, and then planted a nice kiss on my lips. As soon as she leaned back and smiled Lee-sha took her place.  While I was making out with my teen girlfriend Tu-ma was whispering to La-ta, ostensibly to tell her what I was doing.  I might have expected the slightly older teen would try to follow suit, but I already had two little lovers and had no need for yet another one.  If La-ta was by herself I might have considered starting a harem, but with Tu-ma there I kind of figured he'd already claimed her free time.
  1436. By the time my potato was done all I had to do was gently peel back the brown skin to reveal a fluffy amber core that smelled more like a sweet potato or yam than an Idaho Russet.  My girls and guests were so intrigued they seemed to forget about the deer meat grilling on the spit little more than another two feet away for a moment.  Once they tasted a small portion of what I'd cooked their eyes went wide and they immediately reconsidered how they wanted theirs.
  1438. Half an hour later they each cradled a cooked split tuber on the ground between their knees and were about to be handed a nearly sizzling portion of meat.  I would have preferred they didn't do it, but before any of them would accept the proffered venison they lowered their faces to the floor close to their recently cooked potatoes and extended their hands toward my knees and hips in the classic offer of submission.
  1440. Tee-la and Lee-sha received kisses for their admiration of me, but Tu-ma and La-ta only got a gentle squeeze on their forearms.  Once that part of their display of loyalty and obedience was shared I was able to start doling out the hot venison.
  1442. It seemed as if we ate like royalty that evening, with lots of tasty meat available for everyone and plenty left over, the tubers almost too much to eat for any of us, and a nice fruit dessert to top it off.
  1444. It was while I was tending to the fire that I heard Tu-ma talking to La-ta about something behind me, their conversation indicative of a strong need for their privacy, so I remained focused on my task and didn't interfere with theirs.  When I felt a nervous hand gently tug on my left shoulder I knew something wasn't right.
  1446. Looking into La-ta's foggy eyes I saw an expression of surrender staring back at me.  Tu-ma had obviously hinted I needed a little payback, and she was being offered to me as my reward for being supportive, helpful, gracious, and generous.  At the same time the slightly more mature teen was attempting to make a clearer visual determination of how I looked by shifting much closer to me than most people might have back on the K/C station.  Both Lee-sha and Tee-la appeared uncomfortable with what they might have assumed was preferential treatment by Tu-ma to force me to accept the more mature young woman.
  1448. In order to retain my position as temporary provider and potential leader of my new clan I assumed a confident posture, tried to look relaxed and stoic, and allowed La-ta to work her way right up to me so she could use both her hands and clouded vision to closely examine my facial features.  She was a pretty thing and certainly would have made a nice nighttime companion, but Lee-sha and Tee-la seemed more attractive to me because of their obvious pubescent charms and tender development. I'd most likely be required to accept the slightly older young woman at some point, but for the moment I sat like a revered icon and allowed the naked mid-teen to explore me with her slightly dirty hands.  It felt both erotic and disconcerting at the same time.
  1450. While La-ta was doing her best to make some tactile determination about my features that her blurred vision wasn't able to confirm Tu-ma was whispering to Lee-sha and Tee-la, their demeanor subdued and expressions indicative of intense disappointment.  Tu-ma might have assumed I'd be more interested in the older teen or at least distracted by her constant murmurs and touches, but I was more acute to my younger friends' mood and feelings than ever before.  That was proved when the slightly older man began to coax my younger playmates out of our hideout and into the growing darkness outside.
  1452. I might have been away from Earth for a few months and might even been confused about the cultural differences of my new guests, but I could see a setup from a mile away.  The best thing for me to do was to wait until I was really sure of Tu-ma's and La-ta's plans before I acted, so I let him quietly hustle my girls out of sight for a moment.  As soon as I was alone with the blind blond La-ta grabbed both of my hands, lightly tugged on them, directing me toward the deepest part of the hideout, and assumed a face-down and butt-in-the-air posture before me.
  1454. With her forehead nearly pressed to the wooden frame along the ground furthest from the fire she eagerly displayed her naked ass, splay her knees as they pressed into the dirt floor, reached around her bare right hip, and then pulled me slightly closer.  The fact that we were alone confirmed a little about their understanding of the sexual act having some significance and that it was supposed to be conducted in private between their provider and one of the girls rather than with other people around.
  1456. For Tu-ma to 'offer' the older teen to me and then force my girls to vacate their own temporary home irked me, and my only means of escaping an inevitable 'marriage' with his sight-damaged companion was to find some fault with her that neither of them could deny.  She was certainly willing to give her body to me and was attractive enough in her naked state to satisfy my hormones, but I wanted more than just a physical union with a woman, even if I might be allowed to plug her holes at every turn until I was completely satiated sexually.
  1458. The moment she was in the appropriate position for sex and her lightly dusted muff was available for review I acted on the belief that La-ta was already familiar with 'the act' and began a quick inspection of her goods before I just whipped my dick out.  Using my thumbs to tease her plump labia majora apart I began to conduct a tender examination of her pussy from behind.  Her reaction was to moan her approval and push back into my touch, her arousal keenly indicated by a flood of lubrication from within her vagina.
  1460. I could see her level of experience as soon as I spied her coral charms and gently pried her nearly bald and very fat nether lips apart.  La-ta was no longer a virgin, and I could see evidence of some white sticky stuff oozing from inside her vagina as if she'd recently been with a man.  That man was obviously Tu-ma, and why he'd pass along his toy might have been considered normal to them, but I didn't like trying out another man's ride, especially after he'd recently been in the saddle.
  1462. The low murmur of Tee-la's soft crying was the added incentive I needed to discontinue my girls' impression that I much preferred La-ta's experience over the younger girls' pubescent or prepubescent innocence. As master of my domain and provider for all around me I felt I could do as I wished, and at that moment I wished for my horny and recently used visitor to drop her butt to the floor and forget about any sexual activities with her temporary host.
  1464. "La-ta?  La-ta?"
  1466. A few gentle pats on her bare bum were enough to get her attention and for her to twist her head around to face me.  Since she couldn't see that well I added a strong tug on her right wrist and drew her in a more upright posture.  Her expression clearly indicated that she knew I'd decided to refrain from venturing within her tender depths, and she might have been offended enough to make a scene, except for the venue where that display of hurt emotions would take place.  Had she pissed me off all I needed to do was kick her and Tu-ma out and they'd be back on the road by themselves and without the benefit of my fire, food, water, and a place out of the weather.
  1468. Once she was sitting up close to the spot where she'd been offering me her body I heard Lee-sha begin to softly cry and knew it was time to bring them back within the safe confines of their temporary home.  With no warning whatsoever and without turning away from La-ta I called to my two frightened little lovers.
  1470. "Lee-sha?  Tee-la?"
  1472. The next thing I heard was Tu-ma's softened voice, as if he was trying to keep them outside and under his control.
  1474. "Ni, Lee-sha!  Ni, Tee-la!  Ung-rum tun La-ta nuh."
  1476. I immediately rose to my feet, stepped around the edge of our hideout, saw both of my girls sitting next to each other facing Tu-ma, their faces twisted and contorted from crying, and evidence on their soft cheeks of plenty of tears.  The instant they saw me emerge from beyond the privacy of the place they'd considered their safe refuge they rose to their knees, lowered their faces slightly while looking into my eyes, extended their cupped hands toward my head, and silently pleaded with me to command them.  All I had to do was softly call their names and their attitude changed significantly.
  1478. "Lee-sha, Tee-la."
  1480. Both of my hands lightly gripped their wrists and tugged them up a little bit, Lee-sha's right leg still causing her enough distress that I needed to help.  With Tee-la tugged tight to the left side of my body I reached around Lee-sha and lifted her over my right shoulder.  She immediately let out an appreciative whimper and eagerly draped herself over my body.  Looking right into Tu-ma's eyes I smiled and then made my way to the protection of the shelter that my girls and I had built.
  1482. It was yet another defining moment in my future.  The message had been sent, and if he was smart Tu-ma would accept my decision without argument.  Tu-ma was so shocked at what I'd done he remained in place and stayed outside.  I'd call him back in eventually, but not until the message was clearly understood that my word was law and I'd tended to my young girlfriends.
  1484. My suspicion regarding how they felt about a person's proximity to a fire led me to believe that the closer I'd keep my girls to the heat and food the more important they'd be in my eyes and the further away the less value someone might have.  That notion was put to the test when I brought Lee-sha and directed Tee-la back inside.  Lee-sha was gently directed to the ground as if she were made of paper-thin crystal and then the area around her swept with my right hand as if I was her temporary servant.  Once her pert little ass was settled onto the ground I again swept the floor with my right hand and had Tee-la take up a spot just far enough away so I'd have room between them, her nude backside placed onto the floor as I smiled into her stare.
  1486. The walking crutch that I'd fashioned for Lee-sha wasn't in her possession, and to further assume dominance over my territory I located it and then placed it on the floor at her knees, a shocked expression on her face confirmation that she was under the impression Tu-ma might be able to keep it.  For me to place her small hands on the thick shaft and then give her a brief kiss must have done more to cement our bond than if I'd handed her a dozen roses and a pound of chocolates.  She looked back and seemed to grasp my level of commitment to her, a nervous smile on her face just the proof I needed that she was beginning to like the idea of being my queen.  For me to further prove my mastery of my realm I located Tee-la's canvas bag and placed it at her knees, our kiss a bit longer than the one I'd shared with Lee-sha, but no more than might be considered acceptable to both girls.
  1488. Benevolence is the mark of a great ruler, so to make sure Tu-ma knew he wasn't immediately ostracized to certain death I stepped outside and gestured for him to follow me with my right hand as I called his name.
  1490. "Tu-ma."
  1492. Rather than let him supplicate to me outside immediately after I called him in I spun around and returned to the warmth and light of our small hideout.  He wasn't completely hampered by what might have been a recent injury and hobbled around the edge of the wooden and earthen wall to see me take my place between my queen and younger princess near the fire. La-ta was still further back along the rear of the hollow, although she wasn't cowering in the corner like some whipped animal, and she tried to discern what was going on through what had to be her hazy view on the world.  The moment Tu-ma took a spot on the floor next to La-ta she reached out to determine who it was and then waited for him to say something.  Instead of speaking he tugged on her right hand, dropped his nose to the floor, and pulled La-ta along with him.  It was an obvious display of humility and his acceptance of my territorial superiority, and it was imperative for me to display a sense of decorum by accepting his show of submission.  The back of their hands were touched, their wrists gently gripped, and then their names softly spoken.
  1494. "Tu-ma, La-ta ... pee-ta."
  1496. They both immediately tilted their heads back and rose from the floor slightly, most likely unsure of my intentions or what their next move might be.  They certainly looked bewildered and remained motionless next to each other, but it wasn't my intention to psychologically brow-beat either of them.  Sure, our backgrounds were different and we didn't speak the same language, but there was no need for me to make them feel any worse for a simple cultural misunderstanding.
  1498. To further cement our bond as friends I sliced off two small samples of meat, handed them to Tee-la, and then motioned for her to take it to our two newest guests.  For me to speak to them as Tee-la was rising from her seated position might have overdone it a bit, but I needed for them to know I wasn't offended ... yet.
  1500. "Tu-ma, La-ta ... nuh!"
  1502. The two immediately lowered themselves yet again and lifted their appendages in submission to my preteen companion as if she'd suddenly been lofted to a much higher status than ever before.  In spite of her age and any previous relationship with Tu-ma and La-ta she'd had, in my presence my Little One became more important and they couldn't challenge that fact without insulting the king of the castle.
  1504. Something about my older playmate's posture at my side told me to give her some affection so she knew Tee-la wasn't positioned any higher than Lee-sha's before our guests had arrived.  Softly kissing Lee-sha and lightly cupping one of her small breasts while gently tweaking her other nipple seemed to afford my slightly older playmate all the comfort she needed.
  1506. We kissed and softly loved each other for a few moments as our guests paid homage to my younger princess.  For Tee-la to smile and then softly call our guest's names added a measure of dominance over them, and I could tell she really enjoyed the feeling of power.
  1508. "Tu-ma, La-ta ... nuh!"
  1510. With their right hands gently pressed to the outside of Tee-la's bare calves they acknowledged her superiority and then mine.
  1512. "Tee-la, Ung-rum, tun." "Tee-la, Ung-rum, tun."
  1514. It actually sounded as if they'd confirmed her position over them and yet still slightly under me, and I began to wonder if I'd inadvertently tumbled back in time to some neolithic age.  My gut tightened and a wave of fear washed through me in an instant, the lack of radio noise, jet travel overhead, lights on the horizon, or any other sophisticated or modern human contact potential evidence that the anomaly I'd encountered in space might have acted in ways that I never could have imagined.
  1516. Was it possible that the singularity could have twisted my clock around and sent me back through some bizarre time warp?  Could I be trapped in the stone age with a multi-billion dollar shuttle as my only link to my past, which strangely had in fact been my future?
  1518. Tee-la, Tu-ma, and La-ta's activities had gone completely unnoticed while I tumbled down my private version of Hell on Earth, and I even withdrew from Lee-sha a little bit.  She might not have understood why I was troubled, but I could see a kind of intense need in her eyes for me to maintain our kiss and the lurid contact I had of her small breasts. Both of our older guests meekly accepted the proffered food from Tee-la and then paid homage to my youngest playmate and lover by caressing her calves with the sides of their outstretched wrists and downward cupped hands.
  1520. Too much had happened in a short period of time and I was beginning to feel sick, nothing of my past of significant value save for my ability to hunt down a meal and construct a place to live.  Lee-sha seemed to sense my discomfort and slipped her small left hand around the inside of my upper right arm, gave me a little squeeze, and then leaned into me. Had it not been for the depth of my internal despair I would have responded by turning my face and gave her another lurid kiss while I fondled her nude body.  She was so deeply concerned about me that she leaned a bit more, placed her mouth close to my right ear, and then softly whispered.
  1522. "Lee-sha nya Ing-rum tun ka?"
  1524. How completely selfless and generous for her to want to help me, but what could she do?  I felt as if I was a man without a home nor any future where I once had a life and the potential to make a difference. After Tee-la had reveled in her brief adventure in a role as leader and provider she also noticed my demeanor, settled into my other side, and seemed uneasy about my appearance.  It was obvious my actions and attitude had a significant effect on all the lives around me, and it was only then that I began to realize just how dangerous it would be for me to assume too much too quickly.
  1526. Yes, I would continue to provide for my Lee-sha and Tee-la, but the potential that I might in fact be my own great great great great great grandfather was very troubling to me.  The college class I'd taken on theoretical time travel and the father/son/grandfather paradox left me with a deepening sensation of dread.  Everything I did from the moment I landed back on Earth would have far-reaching implications for some unbelievable amount of time, so I needed to tread carefully and not leave anything to chance.  Every move I made might have an effect that might change the whole of human history, and that kind of immense burden settled into a mired pit I called my stomach.  It was way too much to think about and I literally trembled when I thought about what I'd just discerned.
  1528. The best thing to do after I heard Tee-la yawn was to tend to our evening biological duties and then dole out where and how we'd all sleep in the small space.  A whispered command was all it took to get my girls moving with me.
  1530. "Lee-sha, Tee-la ... Ingram hiss."
  1532. Tu-ma and La-ta seemed mystified when the two younger girls and I made our way outside, and they watched us walk into the darkness for a few seconds until Tee-la turned and softly informed them what we were up to.
  1534. "Ung-rum tun, Lee-sha, Tee-la hiss."
  1536. My two newest guests immediately rose and followed us to our communal outdoor privy and eagerly assumed their place a bit further down along the log I'd found to sit on.  It seemed embarrassing to coax so many people to come sit next to me to empty their bladders and bowels, but I was still thinking like a person in a modern civilized society, and that would have to change.  The last thing all of us did was to use some local greenery to wipe ourselves and then I dribbled some water over everyones' hands while I showed them how to wash their appendages clean.
  1538. Of all the things I didn't want to worry about, like dysentery or cholera, the simple process and habit of hand washing might prevent any of us, but most of all me, from getting sick.  After all, I was the provider of my small band and needed to take better care of myself from then on.  The thought of getting sick, being injured, or dying didn't sit well in my stomach, even after I'd washed my hands and did my best to determine if I was back to 100% condition.
  1540. That's when I began to understand a lot more about the title I'd been given by my two girls ... 'tun' most likely 'Master' or 'Leader' to anyone who understood their prehistoric language.  In spite of my lack of extensive sociological studies or an anthropology degree I was about to be thrust into a kind of real-world education that might mean my survival ... or death.
  1542. For the moment the most important thing was to make sure everyone was comfortable so we could settle down first and then get some sleep.
  1544. In order to establish a more healthy demeanor in my girls and to make sure they'd also had as much as I'd offered Tu-ma and La-ta both Lee-sha and Tee-la were provided a last minute snack of deer meat.  Then the recently skinned hides were placed on the ground fur side up for my girls to occupy.  As strange as it might have seemed to them at the time Tee-la and Lee-sha would be allowed to sleep on something more than just a dirt floor, and it was probably the first time in their lives they'd had that sort of chance.  After their places were defined and positioned both of them were tugged tight to my body with our heads near the fire and our feet toward the back of the hideout.
  1546. Tu-ma and La-ta seemed uncomfortable for a minute until I heard Lee-sha pat the dirt floor next to her so La-ta could lie down along the right hip of the older of my young playmates.  La-ta immediately settled into Tu-ma's left side facing him as if she'd done it for years.  All it took was one quick look over Lee-sha's naked body for me to see the familiar relationship my two newest guests had already established.  She had her left leg hooked over his hips and her hand tucked between his thighs. His left hand was around her back under her neck, his arm draped down her body, his digits nestled far between her cheeks, and a rather obvious rhythmic motion of his fingers deep under her ass.  That was confirmation La-ta liked to be fingered while they were lying down preparing to sleep ... or at least tolerated it.
  1548. Lee-sha and Tee-la seemed content to just hold and snuggle into me as I lie facing up with their hands across my body and mine around theirs. The sound of the fire as the wood crackled and snapped was a nice backdrop for our eventual slumber, but my mind was polluted with ideas that I might have fallen into a hole that I'd never be able to climb out of.  I lie awake for a long time with a whole new set of fears torturing me, my lovely naked young companions apparently completely unconcerned with their future beyond the next five minutes.  As long as I was there to provide for and protect them from harm they'd be content to live out their lives as naked slaves.  I would, however, need more than a hand-to-mouth existence and a nice pussy to fuck once or twice a night. Sure, my troubles would be less as a result of my new life; I wouldn't have to be concerned with insurance, taxes, medical bills, retirement, or if my contract with the K/C Station would be renewed at the end of my term, but I'd also never get to listen to my MP3 player, or watch a movie, or taste a chocolate shake.
  1550. The first dream I had scared me awake, the sensation and visual image of my falling down a long black and white spiral tube that had teeth near the focus just beneath my feet.  I stared at the ceiling of our hideout while I listened to my own heartbeat hammering in my chest, the warmth of my girls alongside grounding me in a kind of alternate reality that might afford me a much less complicated future.  For Tee-la to tug my face to the left so we could share a silent kiss forced the evil demons of my past and unknown future out of my mind for the next few minutes, our lips quietly exchanging intimate contact and my tongue coming out to steal my first sample inside her mouth for the night.
  1552. Tee-la seemed far more interested in our being together and in love than anything I might have considered important, so I surrendered to the possibility that I was stuck in some prehistoric adventure with two young naked stone age girls and an uncertain outcome.  Our kiss slowly evolved into our faces snuggled close and what I thought was a wide smile on my Little One.  She seemed to know we'd be okay, and at that moment I couldn't argue, nor did I want to try.  Our kiss ended, she nestled her face under my chin, slipped her left hand between my thighs, and tried to provide solace and comfort by massaging my cock.  I might have been worried about my past and future, but for the moment the pleasure she was providing me was a nice present.
  1554. The next time I woke up I could hear two people moaning and the obvious sounds of sex.  Since my girls were safely tucked to my sides and at least one of them had her preteen hand between my legs I knew the love being expressed was shared amid our newest guests.  La-ta sounded as if she liked to be stroked hard, because her rhythmic moans left me with the impression that Tu-ma was pounding her from behind and her face was repeatedly being shoved into the ground.  His muffled grunt and strained groan hinted at a climax that I secretly hungered for, the image in my mind of her vagina leaking a little of his sperm forcing me to rethink what I might have wanted to share at that moment.  I needed to get laid, but I could wait until some future night when Lee-sha or possibly even my young Tee-la would coax me into something other than oral sex.
  1556. The music of love had such a profound effect on me that I wasn't aware of my middle fingers slowly teasing out plenty of slick lubrication from the entrance of my girls' vaginas.  The lurid noise of passion had subverted my actions from cupping and light fondling of my young partners' asses and that delicious and deep slit between their thighs to a strong desire to explore their virgin bodies without reluctance or hesitation while they slept.  The only way I could go back to sleep was to think of a bald vulva pressed onto my mouth and my tongue teasing out the timid whimpers of a young girl in the throws of first-time pleasure.
  1558. I began to wonder why Tu-ma had been such a cherished person for both my girls, his demeanor around me polite and reserved, but his offer of La-ta making me wonder if he had plans for Lee-sha and Tee-la that didn't involve me and might have included their sexual education or submission.  It was time to return to the only home I might ever be comfortable and welcome in, so we'd be on the move once the sun rose.
  1560. In spite of my reservations and a certain amount of envy I was lulled to sleep by the constant groans, whimpers, squishes, and sticky wet slurps being generated somewhere just outside our temporary shelter.
  1562. Being kissed awake before it was light definitely had its advantages. For Lee-sha to be lying over me and munching on my lips was a little surprising, but I liked her slightly more aggressive demeanor after La-ta had been brought into the tension-filled equation.  Once she realized I was awake she pulled back a little, smiled at me, looked around our hideout, and then shifted her naked hips over my face without stirring Tee-la awake.  I could still hear Tu-ma and La-ta going at it somewhere in the immediate area and knew their relationship was little more than her survival to satisfy his sexual needs.  It was obvious why my older playmate was horny, and I didn't mind her need for attention one little bit.
  1564. With Lee-sha looking down her body and then centering her vulva over my mouth I stared up into her quivering grin and wrapped my hands around her tight teen ass.  For the next hour or so we shared a very quiet but incredibly erotic sexual union between her bald pussy and my hungry lips and tongue.  My lovely and very horny teen playmate was suffused with an almost continuous series of stuttering bucks and irregular undulations of her bare hips, the degree of her addiction to my growing sexual perversion building each time she had another orgasm.  We were both heavily influenced by the lewd sounds coming from another couple fucking like animals no more than ten feet away in the dark just outside our hideout.
  1566. Tee-la remained at my left side, but she wasn't nearly as asleep as I'd suspected.  It was only her left hand tucked further between my thighs and gently caressed my cock safely inside my clothes that proved she was awake while her slightly older companion's body surged and pulsated to my continuous lingual stimulation.  It might have been rude to open my eyes wide and then look toward my left while I was doing my best to wear Lee-sha down, but I'm glad I did.  Tee-la was staring right into my sideways gaze and smiling at me apparently under the impression that she'd be next on the mustache express.  I couldn't blame her for thinking it would not only be allowed but also encouraged, because the man who they'd revered and must have trusted, Tu-ma, was just as likely to have sex with La-ta feet away from the entrance to our hideout while the rest of us were quietly resting.
  1568. Thankfully Lee-sha fell slightly forward with one of her hands gripping my hair before she made any noise, but I still had to deal with a face full of her viscous emissions as her pussy was pressed into my mouth. To lick her as clean as possible took me a minute or so and she might have preferred I not be quite so thorough, but I wasn't about to have her lying naked next to me and sending pheromones to another man who was just as hungry for sex as a brainless male dog with a stiff prick.  She was eventually able to lift her bald vulva away from my mouth and then tumble to my right to get some rest, and to make her smell less sexually attractive to my newest male competitor I pulled her tight to my body and then draped the first deer hide over her hips and legs fur side in. It must have felt comforting to Lee-sha because she snuggled into me a bit more and tugged the uncured natural blanket around her body more completely.
  1570. For Tee-la to lean over my chest and whisper to Lee-sha seemed strange until I heard what she was saying.
  1572. "Lee-sha?  Tee-la nuh Ung-rum tun?"
  1574. Apparently 'nuh' also included the concept of sexual activities, and Lee-sha whispered back to her younger companion.
  1576. "Tee-la nuh Ing-rum tun, ka."
  1578. As soon as my youngest playmate heard her companion's response Tee-la rose slightly, lifted her left knee, carefully directed it over my face, and placed it alongside my right ear.  She shifted around to center her bald and incredibly plump vulva over my mouth as if to perform a perfect landing, even with Lee-sha's slick lubrication still around my lips, and then settled down until I was kissing her nether lips as I might her mouth.  For me to enjoy having oral sex with a preteen might get me into trouble for years if society ever found out about it, but for me to want to pleasure Tee-la so fervently and afford her clitoris and vaginal opening with a nearly continuous barrage of intense tactile stimulation could get me killed.
  1580. Tee-la kept her vocalizations surprisingly subdued for the longest time until the three of us heard a new kind of sexual music that involved another of La-ta's orifices.  The slurping, sucking, licking, and moans coming from the older teen as she fellated her male lover was too much for my youngest playmate, her hips undulating onto my mouth as if she wanted me to fuck her.  To provide her a little satisfaction I extended my tongue as far as I could beyond my lips, stiffened it as much as was possible, and let my preteen sexual partner masturbate herself on it.
  1582. The familiar metallic taste of blood on my tongue was a sure sign that Tee-la and I had begun to rip her hymen through our oral union.  It might prove difficult for us in the morning if her vagina was bleeding, but I'd have to deal with that when the time came.  For the moment the only thing I could do was help my young lover feel good and provide the kind of support an older lover was supposed to when his tender partner was becoming aware of her sexuality for the first time.
  1584. Tee-la didn't last much longer than a few more minutes of what I knew might be the stinging pain of her new adulthood, because she used both hands to hold herself up slightly and break the contact I had with her vulva.  After she lifted herself off my face and shifted to the side I knew to share in her special awareness, so I tugged on Lee-sha and rose slightly into a leaning posture in front of Tee-la.  There was adequate light from the fire for me to see enough of her body for a more complete examination, and assuming as their master I'd be entitled to do it, I splay Tee-la's thighs and reached toward her pussy.
  1586. "Let me see, Baby.  If I hurt you I need to help."
  1588. She looked at me with a puzzled expression, but she didn't prevent my access to her body.  Using my right index finger and thumb I carefully pried her labia apart and tenderly checked for the loss of her hymen, but thankfully only a small tear was noted along the open side of her vagina.  I'd hurt her a little bit, but she was still technically a virgin.  To provide some relief I pulled her into a kneeling position and then pressed my face between her thighs sideways so I could lave her vaginal opening.  She must have liked the more tender means of providing comfort, because she held my head in place and pushed into my mouth.  It felt nice for her to have a little cum while rocking her bald labia into my face, and I let her control how hard I pressed into her clitoris and how deep I ventured into her vaginal opening.
  1590. Once she grew tired of my antics I felt her lightly push against my forehead, so I pulled back a little, looked at her incredibly sexy development, kissed her pussy a few times, and then looked up into her eyes with a broad smile on my face.  I must have looked horribly dirty, because she moved back and then lowered her face to mine.  For the next few moments she licked all around my mouth like a puppy sucking up any leftover milk from her mother's teat.  Rather than restrict her lingual and labial act of cleaning my mouth she eventually lie down on top of me and changed her activities to just kissing me.  Lee-sha might have been slightly annoyed, but I never let her consider being mad at either me or her younger companion, because I slipped my right hand down the front of her body under the deer hide and tucked my fingers between her thighs. As long as Tee-la wanted to kiss me I was going to fondle and gently masturbate Lee-sha.  They both seemed to like the arrangement, because neither of them changed their positions or made me stop until Tu-ma and La-ta stumbled their way under the protective cover of the canopy.
  1592. The three of us stopped moving and Tee-la pulled back slightly as soon as we sensed our guests' presence, our eyes locked onto every one of their movements until Tu-ma lie down and pulled La-ta on top of him. The way the older teen rested her face against his body with her forehead along and tucked under the left side of his chin his eyes wouldn't be able to see what the three of us were up to.  After they settled down and stopped moving Tee-la lowered her face to mine for the next portion of our kissing lesson and my right middle and index fingers resumed their silent tango with Lee-sha's plump labia majora, clitoris, and vaginal opening.  Her rhythmic thrusts into my hand were ample indication that she enjoyed my light masturbation activities, so I kept up her pleasure while Tee-la increased her knowledge of lip and tongue play.
  1594. The feel of Tee-la's pert little ass under my left hand was just enough impetus for her to arch her back a little and wordlessly ask for some fondles of her own.  At least one and often times two digits were able to snake down between her silken cheeks and tease at her developing womanhood, small jerks and tremors washing through her body when I hit the right spot.  None of us remained still for very long that night, Tu-ma's fingers working his naked teen lover's pussy from behind, my right hand gently masturbating my older young lover from the front, my left hand tickling and fondling my youngest lover's ass and pussy with my digits busy around her back side, and my lips and tongue wrestling with her soft and willing mouth.  Back home the place would have sounded and probably smelled like a brothel.
  1596. I wasn't quite ready for the sun to peak above the horizon behind the fire, but I knew it was time for at least three of us to make our way back to the creek for a well deserved bath and then onto the Oregon-4 so I could plan what I was going to do after that.  I'd still need to do some additional exploring and see if what I'd observed while descending from space was in fact a city in the distance, but until Lee-sha was feeling better and we had some food and more adequate water reserves I wasn't about to go trekking across the countryside with two and possibly four strangers, three of whom weren't fit for lots of exercise.
  1598. Tee-la was my first concern, any evidence of her slightly torn hymen sure to frighten her and Lee-sha if any blood had seeped out between her chubby thighs.  Lee-sha was kissed, gently rolled onto her back so I could retrieve my hand from between her muscular legs, and then kissed once again just because she looked so cute first thing in the morning. I then rolled Tee-la onto her back, splay her thighs, and then gently used both sets of fingers to pry her bald labia apart so I could look at her vaginal opening.  There was a dried rivulet of dark red at the entrance to her pussy and thankfully nothing more.
  1600. All it took was a series of long slow licks for me to clean her up, and when I felt her hips roll under and her pussy shoved into my face I focused my attention on her clitoris.  She must have liked being teased awake with my tongue, because she gripped my head with both of her small hands and kept me tight to her naked pussy for a nice little while.  It felt hideously immoral to have oral sex with a preteen girl, but as long as nobody else found out and Tee-la enjoyed my attention to her pussy I'd keep doing it.  A light tug on my hair and a timid whisper falling into my ears was my cue to give Tee-la a break.
  1602. "Ung-rum tun, Tee-la hiss."
  1604. Had I enjoyed water sports I could have lifted her knees into the air and then had her hold them to her tummy so I could lick furiously at her vagina and tickle her urethra.  Instead I pulled back a little, looked at her plump pussy, gave her a couple of butterfly kisses, looked up her naked body, and then winked at her with a nasty smile on my face.  She liked that and softly giggled.
  1606. "Tee-hee."
  1608. Before I dare let Tee-la move too far I rose to my knees, turned around, and then kissed Lee-sha awake.  I had no desire to leave her with Tu-ma for any length of time after what I'd heard the night before.
  1610. "Come on, Baby ... let's go pee."
  1612. She yawned, reached around my neck playfully, so I pushed against the ground with my hands beside her body and lifted her into a sitting position.  I gave her another kiss, unclasped her hands, and then hovered over Tee-la so I could give her the same sort of treatment. They both must have thought I was their greatest gift from the gods, because after I lifted Tee-la into a sitting position they both just stared at me with an amazed look on their faces.  I liked keeping them guessing and hoped to dazzle them with my generosity and kindness for quite a while.
  1614. My girls looked so sexy next to me in the nude, and I hoped I'd be able to keep them that way for a very long time.  Rather than have Lee-sha hobble to our temporary latrine I slipped my left arm around her body, tucked my fingers under her left arm and over her small left titty, and then repeated my deed with my smaller playmate.  Walking slowly and letting Lee-sha dictate the speed of our movements was the right thing to do, because she seemed to enjoy testing how well her leg was recovering.  By the time we were nearly at the fallen log and had taken our places facing the sun she was able to take her first tentative steps unaided.  That was a very good sign, as was the reduced redness along the outside of her right calf.  Soon she'd be chasing me down and forcing me onto my back so she could mount my face, or whatever else might have felt nice to her.
  1616. It might have been rude to carve all the meat from the deer carcass while my older guests were still asleep, but I needed to travel over fifteen or twenty miles back to the Oregon-4 with one recovering teen lover, her younger companion, possibly a crippled man slightly older than me, and his middle-teen blind playmate.  While I carefully trimmed as much meat from the cooked carcass as possible I had both Lee-sha and Tee-la place the morsels into another zippered plastic bag that was stored inside my pack.  For our first meal of the day I placed an equal portion of meat into my girls' mouths and smiled as they chewed and enjoyed their food.  Each time I provided yet more for their health and continued existence they'd cower or supplicate to me.  As long as I didn't abuse their praise or made a big deal about it I'd allow the almost constant displays of humbled affection.
  1618. After the carcass was cleaned fairly well I remembered what both Lee-sha and Tee-la had done a few days before, so I wrenched a few long rib bones off and handed them to my girls.  They beamed as they accepted my gifts and rather than throw themselves to my feet they both lunged forward to give me a nice kiss.  I'd never kissed two girls at the same time before, but I could get used to it.
  1620. As the last of the meat was carved off the carcass and with both of my girls quietly munching on their third venture into the small stack of ribs Tu-ma and La-ta stirred for the first time.  Trying to be the best possible host I retrieved a handful of cooked meat and softly coaxed my guests to join us.
  1622. "Tu-ma, La-ta ... nuh."
  1624. Tu-ma practically threw his teen lover onto her ass when he tried to rise to his knees and lowered his chin to the dirt with his cupped right hand extended in my direction.  La-ta actually chastised the brute for dumping her to the ground so quickly.
  1626. "NI, TU-MA!"
  1628. Tu-ma immediately whispered to La-ta and must have wanted her to assume the same sort of posture he had.
  1630. "Shuh, La-ta!  Ung-rum tun, nuh ka!"
  1632. Her sight might have been lacking, but her hearing was quite acute, because she spun in place and repeated what Tu-ma had done immediately. Before her male lover could La-ta softly humbled herself to me verbally and extended her turned-under right hand forward and blindly pressed it up between my thighs and into my slightly hardened cock.
  1634. "Ung-rum tun!"
  1636. It was a nice gesture for which she might eventually be rewarded properly, but I was sure she hadn't intended on shoving her hand in that particular location.  Normally she would have pressed her wrist against the outside of my leg, but because of her lack of sight she might have inadvertently directed her gesture to another more intimate place.
  1638. Rather than extend any embarrassment they might have felt I tapped on the back of La-ta's right forearm with a nice hunk of cooked meat and reversed the pecking order for just a moment.  I could have tapped on the back of her arm with another form of living flesh, but for the moment her meal was more important.
  1640. "La-ta, Tu-ma ... nuh."
  1642. She was the first one to tilt her head up and look toward me, a broad smile on her face indicative of a perverse sense of pride at being called first and having a gift of food handed to her rather than her male associate.  Smiling at her most likely wasn't noticed, but doing so kept me in the social graces of polite society.  Miss Manners might not be born for another sixty thousand years, but there was no need for me to revert to Neanderthal manners just because I suspected that's where I might be in the grand scheme of things.
  1644. With Tu-ma and La-ta eating breakfast and keeping a respectful distance from me while I was preparing the rest of my belongings I'd need to figure out how I was going to tell them what my plans were.  My pack and the deer skin wrapped kindling were withdrawn from our hideout first, then my walking stick, and then Lee-sha's walking crutch.  Once everything was placed outside in the sun Lee-sha and Tee-la seemed to understand that I'd decided to find another place to sleep and eat. Neither of them uttered a sound or attempted to delay what I was going to suggest, both of them helpful when I'd gesture for them to take or move something, or perfectly willing to just stand or sit out of the way while I was working.
  1646. It was time to break the news to Tu-ma and La-ta.
  1648. "Tu-ma, La-ta ... Ingram, Lee-sha, Tee-la ... "
  1650. Extending my left hand in the opposite direction from where they'd arrived after I spoke my youngest lover's name was all the hint they needed to immediately stop munching on a rib bone they'd been given and look up at me with a genuinely pitiful expression.  Their faces were filled with a kind of absolute terror that I'd never witnessed before, the impression they must have had akin to my cutting a rope that held them safely tied to my life raft in the ocean.
  1652. Tu-ma immediately threw himself forward and almost knocked me over backward when he gripped my ankles and whimpered shamelessly.
  1654. "Ni, Ung-rum tun!  Ni!  La-ta nuh Ung-rum tun!"
  1656. For him to again offer his young lover seemed offensive to me for multiple reasons, the greatest of which was his lack of concern for her well being and then without asking her permission first.  It was more obvious by the day that I'd stumbled into a stone-age culture that valued women as nothing more than disposable goods.  Strangely La-ta reiterated her older lover's sentiments and knee-walked toward me with one of her hands extended to my face and her other one cupping her nude and lightly dusted muff.
  1658. "Ni, Ung-rum tun!  La-ta nuh Ung-rum tun, ka!"
  1660. Okay, so La-ta had finally stepped up and made it known that she had some value as my alternate bed warmer and was willing to offer her services if I should want them, so I smiled and confirmed her statement with enough doubt to keep my ass from being ripped apart by any of my prehistoric visitors.
  1662. "Tu-ma .... La-ta nuh Ingram, ka?"
  1664. He seemed to grasp the finer points of my potentially accepting La-ta as my sex partner by nodding his head without looking up, but I couldn't be absolutely sure until some other time.  I'd have to get her cleaned up enough first, though, and that still said nothing about Tu-ma or his role in my small clan.
  1666. In order for us to communicate on a more equal level I gently pushed him away so he could look up into my face, or so I could kneel down so we could talk man-to-man.  But the moment I pushed against his head and stepped back a foot he immediately lunged forward again.
  1668. "Ni, Ung-rum, tun!"
  1670. I then called his name out twice in a less commanding tone.
  1672. "Tu-ma?  Tu-ma?"
  1674. He might not have wanted to look up at me, but I pushed the point and spoke more sternly.
  1676. "TU-MA!"
  1678. He immediately tilted his head up and looked into my gaze as if I might cut his throat.  Gesturing with my hands I tried to tell him that I wanted to kneel down next to my girls.
  1680. "Tu-ma ... Ingram ka?"
  1682. The idea must have come across, because he shifted backward a foot or so and then watched me drop to the floor between my naked girlfriends.  For them to lean into me, tilt their heads against my shoulders, and then gently caress my back and neck confirmed their value to me and their position in our relationship to Tu-ma.  It was imperative I make it perfectly clear to him how valuable they were to me unhurt and sexually clean as quickly as possible.  I looked into the girls' eyes without smiling for a moment to see if they might say or do anything, but they just looked back submissively as if they didn't want to jeopardize their place if they asked for something that I wasn't prepared to provide.
  1684. That's when I needed to give Tu-ma an opportunity to state his case, to see if he had the balls and intelligence to speak for himself, and then assume some kind of position that I'd approve of.  I didn't want to refer to my girls as sexual fodder and living slaves, but my knowledge of their language hampered my ability to illustrate more sophisticated concepts.
  1686. "Lee-sha nuh, Tee-la nuh, La-ta nuh Ingram, ka.  Tu-ma?"
  1688. Shrugging and then looking around the small and nearly empty hideout should have made my point clear enough even for La-ta, and Tu-ma didn't hesitate for more than a few seconds before he stated his case.
  1690. "Ung-rum tun ... Tu-ma eela!"
  1692. Touching his left index finger near his left eye and then sweeping his right hand out in a wide arc toward the valley behind me seemed to indicate his ability to see well enough to act as security guard.  Okay, that was a good trait.  I didn't have to say anything before he added yet more.
  1694. "Tu-ma ooba!"
  1696. Cupping his right ear and slowly shifting his head side-to-side must have meant that he could hear fairly well, so his watchman role was enhanced again.  What he did next seemed confusing for a moment, but I didn't challenge him.
  1698. "Tu-ma puku!"
  1700. Gesturing with his hands in a digging motion must have meant that he could help the girls hunt for roots, tubers, berries, and any other non-moving food items.
  1702. "Tu-ma fost-ahhh!"
  1704. Smacking his open left palm with his right index finger and thumb two times, and then sliding his flattened hand turned ninety degrees to his left forearm back and forth seemed like peculiar skills until I thought he might have meant his ability to make tools.  That would be quite handy indeed, so his worth was significantly enhanced.
  1706. Before he was able to offer any more information I held my hand up in the international 'stop' gesture and decided to challenge his position in how my girls were going to be treated.  He was already submissive enough as a crippled man who needed to rely upon others for their generosity, so forcing him to give me his extensive resume in verbal form would have been pushing the point, but I needed for him to openly acknowledge my wishes for him to keep his dirty hands off my girls.
  1708. "Tu-ma ... Lee-sha nuh Ingram, ka?"
  1710. To clarify my point I turned to Lee-sha and motioned for her to stand up next to me.  It took her a few moments because of her injured right leg, but once she was upright and holding onto me for support she smiled down at me as I looked up into her lovely eyes.  I then pointed to her mouth and even stroked her bee-stung crimson lips with the face of my left index and middle fingers.  I was hoping he'd get the idea that her lips and mouth were off limits.
  1712. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1714. I then cupped her small right and then left breast and tweaked her nipples as I spoke to Tu-ma.
  1716. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1718. I lowered my hand to her bald mons, cupped it, and then lightly squeezed.
  1720. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1722. To really give my teen lover a nice thrill I slipped my left middle finger between her plump labia majora where her clitoris was hiding and lightly rolled her nubbin around in a series of small circles.  She moaned and flinched, but she didn't slap my hand away or complain.
  1724. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1726. Since Lee-sha didn't seem to mind and because I had to be absolutely certain Tu-ma knew her vagina was very precious to me I removed my digit from her pleasure button, carefully splay her knees away from each other so I wouldn't cause her any pain while she shifted her right foot.  I then teased her plump nether lips apart with my right index finger and thumb, and then tenderly stroked her vaginal opening with a series of back and forth motions using my left middle finger.  Lee-sha looked like she was getting close to pushing me backward so she could ride my face for a few minutes, but my stern tone toward Tu-ma must have confirmed I was only tickling her for illustrative purposes.
  1728. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1730. To establish complete control over her body I removed my hands and fingers, with a little whimper as confirmation that Lee-sha might want me to finish her off, slowly turned her around, pushed against her upper back so she'd bend over forward, forced her feet away from each other a little bit, and then teased her pert teen ass cheeks apart so I could caress her pursed sphincter.  She grunted when I slowly stroked up and down over her very sensitive anal opening and nearly clamped her thighs together to prevent my access, but she seemed to accept my need to be absolutely sure I'd covered everything.
  1732. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1734. She might have wanted me to fondle and molest her for another hour, but instead I removed my digit, helped her vertical, turned her around, and then helped her to her previous kneeling position tight to my right side.  I then stared harshly into his eyes and waited.  I'm glad I didn't have to wait very long before Tu-ma spoke and confirmed that I'd ordered him to comply.
  1736. "Lee-sha nuh Ung-rum, ka!  Ni Tu-ma nuh!"
  1738. I then turned to Tee-la who was grinning like a Cheshire cat and most likely incredibly anxious for me to repeat with her what I'd done with Lee-sha.  She rose to her feet, splay her feet a little bit, and leaned into my body before I asked her to.  It was clear she wanted to have a turn with my fingers in front of her slightly older companion and two older guests.  It certainly wasn't a requirement for me to be so specific with the bodies of both of my girls, but I wanted to be absolutely sure Tu-ma understood what I meant.  I also enjoyed playing with my young playmates' bodies enough to make a rude game of it.  The fact that Tee-la was a preteen and a lot more eager to play naughty games with me made my task mandatory.
  1740. "Tu-ma ... Tee-la nuh Ingram, ka?"
  1742. I caressed her puckered and bee-stung crimson lips with the face of my right index and middle fingers and lightly stroked across her silken softness until I felt her kiss my digits.  I could have given her a real kiss at that moment, but knew to wait until we were alone, or at least later on when I wouldn't feel so embarrassed about doing it.
  1744. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1746. I then cupped her small right and then left breast buds and tweaked her erect pink nipples as I spoke to Tu-ma.
  1748. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1750. I lowered my hand to her bald pooching mons, cupped it, slipped my middle finger between her plump vulva, and then lightly squeezed.  She seemed to like being fondled in public, because she arched her back slightly and pushed into my hand.
  1752. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1754. To really give my preteen lover a nice thrill I slipped my left middle finger further between her plump upper nether lips where her clitoris was waiting for me to give her a nice thrill and openly began to masturbate her by flicking her nubbin around in an array of up and down movements.  She nearly doubled over from the crude display and wonderful game, but she didn't make me remove my fingers, nor did she utter a single word of objection.  Lee-sha leaned forward to look around my body and watched me finger her younger companion with a lewd smile on her face, the teen most likely enjoying my being that naughty.  I would have wanted to take her younger friend all the way to orgasm, but I needed to make my point.
  1756. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1758. Since Tee-la was far too anxious for some private fun I traded my right longest digit with my left middle finger and allowed it to remain against her clitoris.  I then used my right index finger and thumb to tease her labia apart and exposed her glistening vaginal opening.  With Tee-la headed for her next cum of the day and my desire to keep her just below the boiling point I then tenderly stroked her vaginal opening with a series of in and out motions using my right middle finger.  Tee-la was getting close to orgasm so I lingered for a moment longer than necessary and pretended to lose my place.  She was doing her best to restrict how urgently she wanted to hump her hips into my touch, so I helped her along until she began to twitch unconsciously.  Once she was in full-orgasm mode I knew how to keep her there for a few more moments, turned toward Tu-ma, and repeated my stern tone.
  1760. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1762. Tee-la didn't want me to, but that part of my formal demonstration was over, so I removed my fingers from bald preteen Heaven.  They wouldn't be removed for long, though.
  1764. After a few moment's delay Tee-la was turned around and with the inside of the mid-section on my left middle finger over her clitoris to keep her going I slipped the tip down to the opening of her vagina.  I then applied light pressure on her upper back with my right hand and felt her fight the need to just drop to her knees.  Her feet were coaxed away from each other and then I teased her pert preteen butt open so I could wiggle a curious digit against her bright pink and circular arrayed sphincter.  She groaned out loud when I pushed against her ass and couldn't fight the instinctive need to grip my right hand and left digits between her slightly chubby thighs.  She wasn't able to prevent my access, and she seemed to be unsure whether I was showing Tu-ma what he couldn't get or if I really was showing him what belonged to me.
  1766. "Ni Tu-ma nuh."
  1768. Once the full measure of her cum pervaded her smaller body I stopped sexually abusing her, had to fight to get her vertical, turned her around, and then nearly had a face full of preteen hunger.  After I gave her pud a little butterfly kiss I leaned back and winked at her and got a quivering smile as my reward.  Once she seemed more in control of her senses she was returned to her previous kneeling position tight to my left side and a gentle kiss to her mouth added as a lusty treat.  To keep all things equal I turned to face Lee-sha and kissed her even more romantically than I had Tee-la.
  1770. It was a potentially dangerous tactic to be so forceful and commanding regarding the ownership and sexual superiority to both of the younger girls, primarily because I knew nothing of Tu-ma and his abilities.  He might try to slit my throat or choke me to death in my sleep if he was mad or humiliated enough with my display, but that would have put him in an even more dangerous role as sole provider to two more younger girls. I wasn't sure if Lee-sha and Tee-la might seek vengeance for my having been killed, but being so bold and telling the older guy they belonged to me in such a crude and obvious manner could have made the guy go postal.
  1772. Just as I'd done before I stared harshly into Tu-ma's eyes and waited. It didn't take more than a second after I'd stopped moving before he spoke and confirmed that he was never to touch anything that belonged to me without my expressed permission.  He'd never get it, but he didn't know that.  When I heard his voice I knew I could relax a little bit.  I just hoped his memory was good enough to last beyond one or two nights, and it felt really good to hear his next crude pronouncement.
  1774. "Tee-la nuh Ung-rum, ka!  Ni Tu-ma nuh!"
  1776. To see if he'd be willing to sacrifice his own sex partner I tried something that would surely test his desire to eat versus fuck.  La-ta had already volunteered her services to me and freely sanctioned my having her body, so I was unsure how Tu-ma would react to my next question.
  1778. "Tu-ma ... La-ta nuh Ingram, ka?"
  1780. La-ta smiled and turned toward her slightly older male lover to perceive how he might answer.  She even leaned much closer toward him and placed one of her hands on his face to determine how he was going to respond. He hesitated for a second and then while looking right into my eyes said what I knew he would.  I also knew he was lying and would find a way to get at his playmate the first time I let them out of my sight.  Rather than fondle and molest La-ta I made it look like both Lee-sha and Tee-la couldn't remain vertical and hugged them tight to my body.  He was a better man than I thought, because he looked me right in the eyes as he answered.
  1782. "La-ta nuh Ung-rum, ka!  Ni Tu-ma nuh!"
  1784. In order to restore his dignity and 'face' and because I knew full well that he was going to fuck his younger lover before the week was out anyway, I dropped a little prehistoric bomb onto the floor at his knees.
  1786. "Ni, Tu-ma.  La-ta nuh Tu-ma, ka."
  1788. La-ta immediately turned to face me and lost her smile for a moment. She must have been disappointed that I wasn't going to claim her as my newest sexual partner, but she also must have liked the idea that her last and most likely long-time lover hadn't been taken away from her.  I decided to put a fine point on maintaining our separate ownership of our younger sexual playmates and made Tu-ma a generous offer.
  1790. "Tu-ma ... La-ta ni Ingram nuh.  La-ta nuh Tu-ma, ka."
  1792. His smile eventually grew and I saw him turn to face his older teen lover, possibly to see what her expression was.  He might have seen some disappointment or maybe a little reluctance, but La-ta was a smarter young lady than I gave her credit for.  Rather than have a new playmate and lover for a reduced amount of time because of Lee-sha and Tee-la's prior acceptance she could have her older male companion exclusively and he could have her body as often as he wanted.
  1794. Her approval of the established order was then tested and confirmed, my voice soft but firm and directed toward the young lady in question.
  1796. "La-ta ... La-ta nuh Tu-ma, ka?"
  1798. She didn't even wait to reply.  She shifted her way toward his body, cupped her vulva with one hand, and then slipped her hand between his thighs so she could get a handful of his cock with her free hand.  His hormones had the appropriate effect on his brain, because he slipped his left hand between her thighs and pushed her smaller hand out of the way so he could touch what was proclaimed as his sole property and full time playground.  To see his hand twist under as his longest digit left disappeared inside her body confirmed that he wanted to prove his dominance over me where La-ta was concerned.
  1800. Lee-sha, Tee-la, and I just watched as he slowly finger fucked his horny young playmate.  He could have kept up his sexual antics until I had at least one little girl over my face, but we needed to start our hike.
  1802. "Tu-ma, La-ta ... Lee-sha, Tee-la ... "
  1804. Once I got his attention by calling my girls' names he looked into my eyes and saw me pointing my outstretched arm and right index finger toward the high side of the slope.  La-ta grumbled at the removal of Tu-ma's finger, but she must not have been brave enough for her and her lover to be left by themselves and just tugged herself tight to his side.
  1806. It took a few more minutes to sort out our supplies, Tu-ma trying to figure out how he and La-ta could carry the two bundles of kindling wrapped in the two deer hides.  I located the twine in my pack, wrapped the two bundles of wood together first, and then fashioned two loops at the ends for her arms to slip through.  The narrow twine was sure to cut into her skin after six or seven hours of walking and I reconsidered just dumping all the wood in favor of anything we could find later on. It seemed the best decision, since I could store the kindling inside our hideout in case one of us went on an extended hike in that direction and needed a place to stop for the night or a few days.
  1808. Lee-sha still had a bit of a limp, so I considered carrying her over my shoulder as I had while I trekked up the valley.  That way Tu-ma could borrow her walking crutch and La-ta could use my walking stick to help her stay out of harm's way.  Tee-la might want to be snuggled onto my right hip with her arms around my neck if she didn't want to walk, and I'd have my pack to help counterbalance the extra weight of both girls on my left shoulder and right hip, but she seemed to be in great shape and could walk unaided.  A few minutes after everything was put in place and all our supplies stuffed under arms or in my pack we were finally off.
  1810. It seemed strange for me to lead the way with one naked girl draped over my body and the other one holding my hand as if she might get lost along the way, but very little about my return to Earth could ever again be considered typical.  Rather than just trek off through the trees at full speed I decided to see how well my two new guests could hike.  It was a good plan, because it took me a few tries to get Lee-sha appropriately positioned so she was balanced and I could easily turn around every once in a while to check on Tu-ma and La-ta.  Tu-ma got the hang of walking with the crutch and La-ta felt more confident using my walking stick to help guide her way as she held onto Tu-ma's left arm or the thick shaft of his crutch.  Since we had a long hike ahead of us I focused my mind onto the end of our journey and kept my eyes forward.
  1812. About an hour into our hike I stopped in a nice clearing, let Lee-sha climb off my body for a break, and gave Tee-la a hug and a kiss just because she looked cute.  Tu-ma and La-ta weren't as far behind as I thought, and the three of us waited for them to catch up.  When they did I removed one of the zippered plastic bags of meat and a single bottle of water from my pack in preparation of a quick meal.  The moment my four naked companions saw what I was up to they assumed a submissive posture with Lee-sha and Tee-la closest to me and Tu-ma and La-ta directly behind them.
  1814. My girls were tugged closer and vertical until they were kneeling at my feet, allowed to reach inside the bag for a sample of cooked deer meat, and then I whispered for them to get two more pieces to be handed to their older guests.
  1816. "Lee-sha, Tee-la?  Nuh Tu-ma, nuh La-ta."
  1818. They both immediately knew what I was trying to communicate, even though my prehistoric grammar was most likely so bad they wanted to laugh at me or even swat my arm in protest.
  1820. Both girls handed the single extra sample of cooked venison to our new guests and received the same sort of submissive praise I expected.  It made me feel good to see the newest members of my clan pay homage to my girls after my name was mentioned.
  1822. "Ung-rum tun, Lee-sha tun, Tee-la tun." "Ung-rum tun, Lee-sha tun, Tee-la tun."
  1824. The five of us then settled into a circle with my girls at my sides and our hands holding the slightly cured meat.  While we ate the water bottle was passed around until everyone had a nice long drink and the last quarter was left for me.  I considered gulping it down, but I wanted to make a display of closing the bottle and putting it back inside the pack.  They might have understood my desire to again show a measure of equality, or at the very least polite consideration, but I wouldn't know until I gained a more complete grasp of their knowledge and language.
  1826. A few minutes later I gathered my flock and was about to coax Lee-sha onto my shoulder when I reconsidered her inability to see where we were going and how uncomfortable she might have been draped face-first over my body like that for so long.  It took a minute to give her enough hints to climb up my back, sit on my left shoulder with her legs split by my neck and the top of the pack, but once she was in place I tilted my head back and looked up into her wide smile.  As a gesture of playfulness I turned my face to the left hard and tried to plant a single kiss on her nude vulva, but wasn't able to tilt my head down far enough.  Still, for her to keep her bald charms snugly against my neck felt really nice.
  1828. Lee-sha seemed much happier being that high and granted such a lofty perch, and I knew it was going to be a much easier ride for her.  Tee-la gave me a hurt puppy dog expression as if she wanted to ride as high as her naked companion on my left shoulder, and I might have considered carrying her as well, but the long journey ahead was going to be tough enough with one rider.  Holding her small hand I tried to coax her along, but she whimpered and stamped her right foot as if in protest.
  1830. Since we were still in the getting-acquainted stage I figured a little extra treatment would go a long way, so up she went onto my right shoulder opposite her slightly older teen companion, her smile not quite as easy to see because I was afraid of losing my balance by leaning backward too far, but the sensation of her bald pussy pressed into my neck was enough for me.  She fixed my not seeing her smile by leaning forward and twisting uncomfortably for a quick kiss, a smile my reward for proving to her that she was always going to be considered in all things.
  1832. Tu-ma and La-ta got themselves straightened out and then we were off.
  1834. Our progress was steady, but not as fast as I had hoped.  If we stopped for any length of time at the creek to get cleaned up we'd lose our daylight and would have to spend the night in the open.  Since I hadn't seen or heard any large carnivores after I'd started my travels I had no idea what might be lurking about.  But with Tu-ma and La-ta able to make their way unmolested for so long before Lee-sha saw them it might not have been that big a deal.  After all, with him crippled and her blind they'd make an easy meal for some large animal with long claws or sharp teeth.
  1836. Sure enough by the time we got to the creek the sun was already halfway to the horizon, so I decided to make camp first and then take a much needed soap-free bath.  My girls were allowed to touch the ground for the first time in a couple of hours and my pack dropped off my back.  It might have seemed strange to all of them for me to groan and fall to the ground as if I might die, but two sets of wiggling fingers into my girls' knees was enough to stir some giggles and two bright smiles.
  1838. I hadn't been on my back for more than a minute when Tee-la squirmed her way onto my body for a nice hug, Lee-sha gently tugged closer so she could have access to my chest and arms as soon as they came available. It must have irked Tu-ma to see my girls so affectionate, but he might have known not to interfere and focused his attention on rubbing his aching legs and feet.  Once our hug was deemed successful I gestured for my girls to help collect some supplies for our temporary camp.  They looked incredibly eager to be useful and had all the energy that I'd expended while carrying them, so Tee-la scampered off and Lee-sha slowly limped away to do my bidding.
  1840. Since Tu-ma was anxious to prove his worth, he drew La-ta along with him to go collect some kindling while my girls brought back a series of large stones for the hearth of our fire.  That left me free to find some larger limbs as a more substantial fuel source.
  1842. By the time the five of us returned the first time we'd collected an impressive amount of supplies.  There was plenty of kindling available and even some dead-wood that was large enough to burn for a few hours, but small enough to be carried the fifty yards or so back to camp.
  1844. The third time they ventured out Tee-la was proudly carrying her canvas bag over one shoulder and wielding the multi-function digging tool while Lee-sha continued to use my walking stick and Tu-ma her crutch.  La-ta was pretty much a fifth wheel, but her arms could be used to lift or carry something on the way back, so she just held onto Tu-ma and Tee-la and blindly followed along.  With them making a series of stops near or under all the bushes and trees in the area I made sure to keep them in my sights.  I had no desire to see my girls come to harm, either from some unseen adversary, animal, or from Tu-ma's poor memory as it related to my ownership of Lee-sha and Tee-la.
  1846. In spite of my previous level of education, sophistication, and much more considerate upbringing during the twenty first century I actually found myself thinking of my two naked playmates as my property.  All it took was the lowering of my mental abilities for a few days and I'd reverted back to a much more primal and crude example of humanity.  I wasn't sure if I was bothered by what I found out about myself or proud that I could take on such a commanding role in the continued protection and care of two potentially helpless young girls.  One thing that I knew, though, was a growing need in me to keep Lee-sha and Tee-la safe, well fed, and happy.
  1848. The fire pit was fashioned to take advantage of the prevailing wind, the rocks placed so a majority of any embers would be contained, and the area around the hearth dug clear of any combustible items.  After I got a low fire going I cleared off two separate areas about ninety degrees apart from the fire pit with plenty of grass between for privacy so Tu-ma and I could enjoy our night in relative privacy.  I knew Tu-ma was going to be pounding his teen lover that night, and all I needed was for my girls to hear rather than see what they were up to so they'd be horny enough to nestle their puds over my face for an hour or five.
  1850. The sky was devoid of any clouds and the air around us filled with the scent of a mixture of flowers and aromatic greenery.  Had it not been for my deepening suspicions of what might have happened to me in near Earth orbit it would have been a perfect field camp for an extended hunting expedition and vacation.  By the time I heard Tee-la calling my name in a proud giggle I knew they'd been successful.
  1852. "Ung-rum tun!  Ung-rum tun!"
  1854. When I looked up I could see a motley mix of bodies; a little girl about eight or nine smiling proudly as she carried a canvas bag laden with all sorts of as yet unknown contents, a teen young lady about fourteen or fifteen doing her best to keep up with her younger companion and trying to smile as much as she could while hobbling along on an injured right leg, a nearly completely blind teen about sixteen or seventeen years old trying to keep her balance while carrying a small armload of what looked like more potatoes, and a mid to late twenties male cripple hobbling along with a crutch under one arm and trying to remain as stoic as he could while he walked.
  1856. As soon as Tee-la was close enough she dropped her bag at my knees and then assumed that same silly submissive posture as before.  Since she was first in line she received a nice kiss, got to snuggle into my side, and then watch the others repeat her display of homage to me, although I still hadn't completely gotten used to it.  Lee-sha was then coaxed into my arms for a hug, a kiss, and then a three way embrace with Tee-la that ended up with our lips doing their best to steal a meager sampling of a triad of mouths.  For my girls to kiss each other right after I'd kissed them made me reconsider their prior relationship and their future one as well.
  1858. Tu-ma and La-ta were also greeted appropriately, the slightly older teen praised for her ability to carry such an impressive load of tubers in one arm while holding onto her older lover with the other.  She seemed to accept my adulation a lot more greedily than I expected and even reached forward for a hug after she unloaded her arms, so I coaxed my girls slightly away from my body and gave La-ta the hug that she appeared to crave with increasing ardor.  It felt nice for her to look as if she was truly needed and had value, her demeanor much better after I gave her an ardent but perfectly decent hug.  She tried that much harder afterward to be aware of her surroundings, her head twisted side-to-side so she could look through the haze of her clouded vision. Back on the K/C Station her eyesight could have been surgically corrected in an hour or two, but for the next sixty thousand years everyone with a similar 'cotton-eyed' impediment would be restricted to a permanent white or gray panorama.
  1860. In order to keep things equal I gestured to Tu-ma that his scouting skills were most likely of significant value by patting him on the shoulder and smiling.  He immediately began to ramble on about some aspect of tree and bush development that he took note of some time in his past so they could find so many tubers.  His worth was slowly increasing, and I realized he'd eventually be valued far more for his intelligence than his physical abilities.
  1862. Since there was still plenty of meat safely stored in the two plastic bags and an ample supply of starchy vegetables to fill our tummies it was time for me to set a few items near the fire so they could cook and then for us to take a bath.  A couple of fat tubers and a squash were selected, placed close enough to be cooked, and then left alone.  I wasn't absolutely sure how my guests would react to stepping into the water of the low creek, but in spite of what they'd do I needed to wash my body off and clean a few private places that were probably starting to stink.
  1864. Stripping down in front of my girls and our guests left me with a bright crimson blush, but once naked I looked no less sophisticated than they did except for my shorter hair on my head and lack of a beard.  The fact that my cock was erect and pointing at anything that I was walking toward got Tee-la and Lee-sha's attention.  Tu-ma was outfitted fairly closely to me, so he wasn't all that impressed.  La-ta couldn't see clearly enough to hunger for my genitals, so all she did was try to follow what must have been the blurry movements and listened for anything of any significance.
  1866. The water in the creek was just warm enough to feel like a tepid bath, so I stepped in, made my way to the middle, and then fell backward into the water.  Lee-sha and Tee-la were concerned until I began to splash around as if I was Tee-la's age.  They lost any fear of the water after that and made their way closer.  As soon as they were within arm's reach I lunged for them, twisted around, and then immersed them all the way into the water.  Their bright squeal proved they hadn't suspected my deed, but I was sure they wouldn't be that frightened afterward.  The moment their faces hit the water I lifted them up and made sure they knew they were alright, their eyes wide with fear but a quivering smile on their faces confirmation that they'd forgive me for such a cruel joke.
  1868. Ten minutes later it appeared the girls had always been in the water. They immersed themselves repeatedly, turned over to face the sky as the sun began to settle toward the horizon, and seemed to relax enough to actually take pleasure in the sensation of the water as it danced over and around their naked bodies.  I couldn't be sure of how frequently they'd bathed, but by their former dirty condition I could have assumed they didn't spend much time bothering with water.
  1870. Tu-ma was a bit less enthusiastic about jumping in, and he settled for a nice quiet spot along the near bank.  La-ta, however, seemed fascinated by the water and explored a whole new aspect of her limited world.  She even seemed to grasp the concept of bathing and wiped between her legs repeatedly as she sat waist deep a few feet away from me, her right middle finger frequently disappearing between her plump and slightly furry labia majora and as far inside her vagina as she could reach. She'd certainly look and smell a lot better after that, and I'm sure any reluctance Tu-ma had to kiss or tongue between her thighs would be greatly reduced.
  1872. After the girls had played long enough I pulled them to my sides with their bodies almost completely immersed in the water with their faces above it and began to wash them just as I had in the rain.  My attention to detail while bathing them in the creek was far greater than while they were standing in the dark with the rain pelting their heads, faces, and naked bodies.  For the longest time I gently caressed and stroked every portion of their smooth young bodies with my hands, my fingers occasionally stirring a giggle or two, but most of my antics cleansing in nature.  That is until I began to wash their genitals, a stereo movement of my fingers and hands in the constant flow of clean water teasing out a generous amount of sexual pleasure when I slipped my thumbs over their clitties and teased at their vaginas with my middle fingers.
  1874. Both of them softly moaned and whimpered while I tenderly molested and masturbated them, their hips curled under and their pussies thrust up into my constant caresses.  To do a good job of cleaning them an additional finger was brought into play and gently teased at their bums until granted complete access.  For some unknown period of time I fingered, fondled, and digitally butt-fucked my two playmates until Tee-la couldn't take any more and began to have a nice noisy cum. Lee-sha must have liked the audible influence, quickly followed along, and held my right hand in place as I nastily stabbed a digit into her butt and rolled her clitoris around with my thumb.  Her moans and grunts fueled yet another fire, La-ta reaching out toward the last known position of her lover so she could also enjoy the full effects of the water in the creek.  Unfortunately he wasn't nearly as interested in sex as my girls, La-ta, or I was, and he stayed far enough out of the water to keep himself dry and dirty.
  1876. I didn't stop pleasuring my girls until the sun was over the horizon and the sky was painted with a crimson hue that seemed to mimic the color on my girls' faces.  It looked and felt so nice to give my girls that much pleasure while I was doing something as mundane as washing their bodies clean.
  1878. As a last measure of relaxation I turned the girls around so their feet were upstream and their hair drew out over their heads downstream as if their locks were alive.  For the first time in what I imagined was quite a while or maybe even since they'd been born the entire length of their long hair was allowed to be teased straight.  It felt incredibly erotic to comb my fingers through their tresses and work any kinks or tangles completely free.  It would have been nice to give them a nice scalp massage with some lavender scented shampoo, but clean water was all we had that evening, so I did my best.  Even the girls enjoyed playing with their lovely locks in the water and seemed to like the feel of their fingers as they streamed through their hair so easily.  Somewhere in my vast storehouse of skills I'd need to fashion brushes for all three of the ladies, but that wouldn't be until so many other things had been provided first.  I could only imagine how all of the girls would look with long brown or dirty blond hair streaming down their naked backs.
  1880. It took a couple of tries, but I was able to show the girls how to keep their hair straight when they rose from the creek.  After they were kneeling in the water they both noticed how different the other girl's hair looked, even in the dim light of the early evening.  La-ta might not have been able to see what Lee-sha and Tee-la could, but it wouldn't have been appropriate for me to leave her out of anything important. Her hair was also teased straight in the water, her fingers allowed to comb through her slightly longer tresses, and then her body gently drawn up and out of the creek.  From then on both Lee-sha and Tee-la used their fingers to comb out their companion's hair and seemed utterly fascinated with the different look and feel.  Even La-ta seemed pleased at her altered perception of her own hair and played with it quietly for quite a while.
  1882. The only time I'd ever shaved with a knife was when I was showing off to my family while we were on a hunting outing years before.  My newest knife was certainly much sharper than the one I had about six years earlier, and all I had to do was strop it a few times on each face against one of the leather straps I'd placed inside the pack.  They were probably part of the survival collection just for that purpose.  Lee-sha and Tee-la watched in amazement as more and more of my scraggly beard was being scraped off, their need to touch my face immediately after I immersed my face in the creek and then rose above the surface.  There were a few places that could have been trimmed closer and I did have a couple of nicks under my chin, but they'd eventually quit bleeding and I'd have a baby smooth mug for a day or so.  Tu-ma didn't appear the least amused by the absence of my facial hair, and he looked more like a paleolithic relic than the precursor to my great-grandparents.
  1884. Dinner that night was baked sweet potatoes, a few green vegetables that looked a lot like cucumbers, one that looked like a butternut squash, and the meat that I'd cooked.  We ate one of each shared vegetable and two palm sized portions of venison before all of us claimed genuine satisfaction.  That left a lot of vegetables to take with us to the Oregon-4.
  1886. After the meal was complete and I settled back to look into the sky both of my girls nestled against my sides as if they'd always been with me. Our hike had taken so much of our energy that we quickly succumbed to sleep, sex a forgotten pleasant adventure for some other night.
  1888. My sleep was again disturbed by a horrible dream about me falling down a long spiraling black and white tube spinning around in a sickening twist that left me feeling empty and genuinely scared.  The longer I thought about it the more certain I was that I'd somehow traversed more than space, but time itself, and I'd landed back in a period that was filled with little more than grunts, stone tools, and deer skins.  The idea that I could travel in the reverse direction of what I understood as the fourth dimension was counter to what I'd been taught and what most scientists believe ... or believed ... or *might* believe in 60,000 years or so, but how else could I explain the peculiar manner of my newest friends?
  1890. Staring into the darkness of the blackest sky I'd seen since circling the Earth at over two hundred miles distance I saw all manner of shooting stars, but no satellites or jet planes.  It seemed strange that I never once saw the familiar flashing of a xenon strobe at thirty thousand feet and a single dull red glow as it trailed off to places very far away.  Rather than counting sheep I counted stars, my eyes magically being tugged closed before I realized it.
  1892. When morning came I was greatly relieved, not because the darkness was gone so much as my inability to be productive.  I needed to keep my mind moving and figuring things out or I'd start to go crazy.  There was enough of a fire to stoke and break the chill of the morning air before the sun rose, so with my girls covered in the deer skins for warmth I played with the fire as I watched the sunrise.  It might have been a crude thought but I was surprised neither of my girls had attempted to claim my maleness all night long.  It set a strange precedent in our relationship, but I didn't let it bother me.
  1894. Tee-la was the first to join me, her attitude when she woke up like a little girl who needed her parent's comfort.  Unlike a parent, however, I stared at her nakedness with a lewd interest and became more familiar with every feature of her developing body.  While she was walking the few feet toward me from where she slept all night my hands were extended toward Tee-la as if to welcome her into my embrace, and she seemed happy for the consideration, because I saw her smile after she yawned.
  1896. The moment she was close enough to touch my hands and arms she tumbled down into my grasp and her naked butt nestled down onto my lap as if she were my own little girl.  She seemed more like an infant that morning than any of the recent few, her demeanor timid, her actions reserved, and her movements limited to getting as close to me as she could. Holding her in my arms and placing a few kisses on her forehead gave me a sense of togetherness and responsibility that I'd never felt before in my life.  If that's what it must have felt like to be totally responsible for someone then I was going to get my girls pregnant and have about six or eight children of my own as soon as my girls were physically mature enough.
  1898. Lee-sha was the next person to stir, her clumsy movements toward me indicative of sleep rather than any pain from her recent injury.  That's when I saw her stand to her full height on her own for the first time and reach for the orange-tinted blue sky while stretching.  She didn't realize she was upright and walking on her own two feet until she was halfway between our natural grass bed and where I was cuddling with Tee-la.  The moment she realized her leg was better I saw her eyes go wide, her mouth open in amazement, and her head tilted down so she could confirm that her own dirty feet were supporting her.  The moment she saw me smiling back at her with my right hand extended toward her body she cautiously made her way closer and then knelt down behind Tee-la's slumbering frame.
  1900. Lee-sha and I kissed for quite a while just sitting in front of the fire, her hands along my hairless face as her lips munched on mine.  I could have stirred her naked hips into yet another series of involuntary lurches and bucks, but she was still nice and clean and we'd need to eat soon so our trip to the Oregon-4 could be resumed.
  1902. After La-ta and then Tu-ma woke up I got Tee-la to open her eyes so we could eat, visit for a little while, and then get ready for the next part of our hike.  I could have stayed naked, but with the pack on my back, Lee-sha on my shoulder, and unpredictable ground ahead I much preferred to wear something over my body, especially my legs and feet.
  1904. The girls looked and smelled much better that morning as Lee-sha rode on my left shoulder and Tee-la walked holding my right hand, my lips frequently stealing a little nibble of the older girl's bare left thigh directly in front of my mouth as she sat sideways.  Lee-sha could have walked part of the way, but I much preferred she recover a bit more so I could take advantage of her abilities when we began to construct a more permanent place to live.  Tee-la certainly wanted to be carried, but I didn't want her to begin to think she was going to be regarded as a princess who wasn't capable of doing anything on her own.  I would have liked to carry both of them, but we had a long way to hike, and with constant hand-holding and a few kisses while we walked I made certain to Tee-la that she wasn't any less important to me than her slightly older injured companion.
  1906. I followed each of the horizontal slashes in the trees and recognized the last vertical wall of pines moments before the sky opened once again.  As soon as we crossed the tree line it felt as if we were walking through a tall natural door, the nearly circular clearing of perfect green waves of grass gently undulating in the breeze about two hundred yards across only interrupted by the presence of the Oregon-4.
  1908. The girls might have been intimidated by the unnatural appearance of the shiny silver and white craft, so I opted for a more gentle introduction. When we were about halfway to my billion dollar home-away-from-home I squat down and let Lee-sha press her naked feet to the ground in over four hours and then directed Tee-la's left hand to Lee-sha's right.
  1910. They were as scared as I thought they might be, and their hands were clutched around the other girl's body hard enough to distort their skin. Their movements were completely hindered as they watched me confidently make my way toward the large metallic behemoth.  As soon as I was close enough to touch it I stopped, turned around, lightly tapped on the surface of my craft high enough for them to see me do it, and smiled as I waved back to my prehistoric companions.  Making wide sweeps of my arm toward my ship started them moving, but at a much reduced pace than when I was hiking earlier.
  1912. Tu-ma and La-ta weren't very far behind me and my girls when Lee-sha was returned to Terra Firma, and when my male companion and master of the blind teen saw what I was walking toward he tried his best to appear brave and reserved.  I could tell by the way his head kept going from one side to the other to scan the immediate area that he must have wanted to make sure he wasn't in any danger, and in spite of his silent reluctance to approach he kept hobbling along.  La-ta just held onto her male suitor's left arm and did her best to tap the ground ahead of her with the end of my walking stick so she didn't trip over anything.  I felt sorry for her because of her sight impairment, and if I could find the medical supplies or develop a natural means to rectify her clouded vision I would.
  1914. By the time all of them were close enough to see me inside through the small circular starboard windows I'd already checked the periphery of my ship, opened the hatch, climbed inside, unloaded the pack, and began to make plans for a more substantial structure to live within.  I liked the idea of living more naturally, but sleeping in the open or in a small hovel just wouldn't do.
  1916. My girls kept looking at my metal marvel with intense suspicion until they saw me step through the opened hatch outside and greet them.
  1918. "Hi, girls!  This is my home and can be your temporary one if you want. If my plans are good enough we'll be living in a huge wooden cabin instead of the Oregon-4 before too long."
  1920. All they could do was stare at me, attempt to grasp the words, and come to terms with such a strangely smooth hideout.  Tu-ma didn't want to appear nearly as intimidated as my girls were, but I suspected he was trying to put on a brave face, since he'd most likely never seen anything quite like my metal monster.
  1922. The first order of business was food and a fire.  Once I got a fire going about fifteen feet from the hatch-side of the Oregon-4 the girls placed a couple of potatoes and one squash inside the fire pit and then disappeared to go gather more wood.  Tu-ma and La-ta chose to go search for more vegetables while I looked around the inside and outside of my ship for anything that I could use as construction tools.  I wasn't up to unloading any of the large sealed packages strapped down inside the Oregon-4 to see if there were any tools I could use, so I settled on what I could see.  There was a long metal plate with a continuous series of triangular ridges near the aft thruster area along the port side aft that would serve well as a two person saw, so using some simple tools that I found inside the emergency stores compartment I set about to remove the plate.
  1924. None of the fuel or control lines beneath the plate would ever be used in space again, so once it had been removed I didn't bother trying to cover the hole and set about to craft a pair of handles, one for each end of the long metal bar.  While I was busy removing dozens and dozens of screws and bolts I found a series of squarish panels that would serve well as eating or serving plates, so they were removed as well.  I also found some slender metal frame members along the inside of the long metal plate and planned to put them to use as tongs so I could touch anything hot inside the fire pit.
  1926. By the time the girls returned with a bounty of kindling I'd already checked on our meal and made sure none of the food got burned.  It was while I was hugging my girls to my chest that I was tempted and lightly caressed their naked butts.  Tee-la was the first to respond with a soft giggle in my left ear, and Lee-sha was quick to follow along by pushing her naked hips into me.  All it took was an errant finger splitting their thighs from behind for their feet to wiggle apart and grant me complete access to my living domain.  Rather than lie down in the dirt or grass I opted for the smooth clean surface of the floor inside the Oregon-4.  The girls never noticed where I gently tugged them as I shifted backward and climbed inside.  They also never noticed lying on their backs so I could switch between one horny young teen's plump bald vulva and her equally anxious preteen companion's.  I don't know how long I licked their clits and tongued their pussies, but by the time I heard Tu-ma and La-ta in the distance headed toward us I had time to peak them both, lick them fairly dry, and then get them back outside.
  1928. Lee-sha and Tee-la looked a lot more relaxed when they set their naked feet to the ground outside the hatch, a lurid grin on their faces silent confirmation that they were very pleased with my means of rewarding their efforts earlier.  My girls were little more than snuggle bunnies for the longest time, anxious to be close to me and prove without words or gestures that I was their one and only lover and male companion.
  1930. Off in the distance I saw yet another storm approaching, the tall clouds frequently illuminated with a long bright white or yellow flash as the lightning within pierced the growing darkness.  My clan may not like the idea of sleeping inside something as intimidating as my space ship, but I wasn't going to let my girls remain in the uncomfortable weather when they could be snuggled tight to my body and dry inside.
  1932. After dinner was eaten and I saw both Tee-la and Lee-sha yawn twice, I knew it was time to gather my flock and began to make plans for a night indoors.  Tu-ma helped as much as he could by gathering the food items and dry kindling and then placed them under the aft end of the ship between two large bulbous fuel tanks.  I lost sight of him for a minute but wasn't really worried because he couldn't have run off far in his condition.  My girls were a little frightened about climbing into the ship on their own, but La-ta couldn't care less and just followed my lead while carefully touching the area in front of her while she made her way inside.
  1934. There was just enough room for three people if we were lying shoulder to shoulder, or more if one or two of the smaller bodies were partially or completely covering mine, so I didn't bother clearing any of the many large square containers of as yet unseen supplies out of the way.
  1936. By the time Tu-ma made himself known he was grunting at La-ta and trying to coax her out of the Oregon-4 so he wouldn't have to be alone.  It set a strange precedent, but she actually told him "Ni" and snuggled behind Lee-sha, her face turned away from her lover and companion.  I wasn't sure what to do and tried to ignore their conversation by setting out a few soft storage bags as temporary beds.
  1938. The sporadic hiss of raindrops on the fire confirmed that Tu-ma and La-ta would need to figure out where they were going to sleep soon, so it was time for me to take a position and either invite Tu-ma in or kick La-ta out.  Waving toward my body I called to Tu-ma as he stood about five feet from the open hatch.
  1940. "Tu-ma!"
  1942. He countered with what he thought was a better suggestion by gesturing to his young lover.
  1944. "Ni!  La-ta ka!"
  1946. The expression on her face told me everything I needed to know, but I was in no position to command her either way, so I softly called to her and touched her left hand as it rested on Lee-sha's left shoulder.
  1948. "La-ta?"
  1950. The poor teen looked as if she was in turmoil, her apparent need to remain loyal to her older lover enticing her to go with Tu-ma, but her desire to remain under cover and dry with me making her decision difficult.  To move them along I stepped out of the ship and walked toward a maintenance panel that provided access to a wide and deep storage area where the ballutes had been originally stowed under the Oregon-4.  There would be adequate room for both Tu-ma and La-ta there, the previous contents of the ballutes now billowed out around the edges and under the ship and completely useless.
  1952. It took a few minutes for me to undo so many small bolts of a maintenance access port, but once I got three sides undone the hinged side along the top would allow the panel to be used as a door.  Since the access panel swung up and out Tu-ma could lower it if the rain got bad enough, and the volume inside the empty space was slightly larger than our last hideout at the top of the valley, so he couldn't very well complain that I was stuffing him into some disgusting and puny hole.
  1954. To make him feel better I climbed inside with him watching, tapped on all of the inside walls to prove to him they were sturdy, lie down facing the smooth underside of the ship, tapped on it as well, and then made my way back out.  Tu-ma climbed in and seemed much more comfortable with the cavernous space as he explored his temporary domain.  All it took was a broad smile on his face for me to know he was going to be satisfied in his downstairs apartment.  That's when I left him to go get his girl.
  1956. La-ta was particularly unhappy about having to exit the ship until Tu-ma coaxed her inside the storage compartment underneath.  As soon as she felt around the periphery and comprehended the size of her new condo she smiled very convincingly and snuggled against her older lover.  I showed Tu-ma how to pull the hatch cover down and also made certain he knew it wouldn't lock and thought it might be wise to construct a latch once I found something useful.  It didn't take long to prove that he and his teen lover wouldn't be locked inside, and they both seemed quite pleased with their downstairs residence.  With the rain starting to get me wet I made my way around to the side hatch of the ship and climbed in, leaving my slip-on booties inside the door as I pulled the hatch closed.
  1958. The sound of the rain was a little intimidating to my girls until I pulled them toward the larger view ports along the front, pointed out of one view port, and showed them what was making all the racket.  My older playmate immediately recognized what was making all the noise and made certain I knew what it was called.
  1960. "Ta!"
  1962. "That's right, Lee-sha ... ta ... water."
  1964. "Wahh-ta?"
  1966. "Wah-turr."
  1968. "Wah-tur?"
  1970. "Very good, Baby!  Water."
  1972. "Wahtur."
  1974. To see her smile and say her first slightly incorrect word of English gave me hope that my girls could be taught my language instead of me learning theirs.  It might have been unfair to place that sort of burden on them because of their potentially limited mental abilities, but time was all I had and they weren't going to be leaving me anytime soon.  A bright flash of lightning and the resounding thunder startled all of us for a moment, so it was time to step away from the window.
  1976. There was a real possibility that the Oregon-4 might get struck because of its all-metal exterior, but we had no other place to go for the night and I wasn't about to sleep in the rain just because there was a chance it might happen.
  1978. The only major task after I shifted the soft storage bags around was to lie down and get some sleep.
  1980. I wouldn't get any for a couple of hours, both of my girls still horny from the lingual abuse I'd offered them earlier.  Lee-sha was the first onto my face, her pert little ass wiggled backward over my mouth as she twisted her head around and under her body so she could land accurately. She needed no radar guided computer controlled landing system to make her way accurately onto my mouth, and I smiled up into her bald sweet charms when I recognized where I was going to be working for the next hour or two.  The moment she was close enough I tilted my face forward and took my first lick of her silky smooth bald vulva.  She didn't let me come up for air until she'd covered my mouth and a good portion of my chin with her ample viscous oily emissions.
  1982. To my amazement Tee-la was the one who fixed that problem and licked my face, chin, and mouth clean when Lee-sha couldn't take any more and rolled away from my face.  Tee-la then positioned her own bald and baby-smooth pussy onto my mouth for just as much if not more abuse.  I couldn't help but grin like an idiot when my youngest ever partner wiggled her butt backward and over my lips.
  1984. My youngest partner was much more vocal than her slightly older and very tired companion, her whimpers, moans, and grunts confirmation that she enjoyed the way I laved her clitoris and vaginal opening.  Once she was satisfied or just too tired to ask for more I shifted her off my face, wiped myself clean and dry with some paper tissues, and then pulled them both tight to my body for a few hours.  The sound of the rain along the outside of the ship was the perfect background noise as I held two naked girls to my body and drifted off to sleep.
  1986. For the next few days I'd planned to build a semi-permanent fire pit, make a covered privy far enough away so we could get to but still not smell it, and then use any materials in the ship and local area to construct a larger and more established cabin with separate rooms for sleeping, storage, food, recreational gathering, and possibly even an indoor bathroom.  That was a fairly bold concept given the available resources, but I hated having to walk outside at night or in the rain to go pee.
  1988. The next morning arrived far too quickly, and after a meal and some truly difficult explanations I coaxed my four stone-age clan members into helping me accomplish something constructive.  It took a while to bring some slabs of flat stone from about fifty yards away to the fire pit and even longer to get them in place using stone-age building methods, but once the base, sides, and back were set up all it took were some movements of my hands for my three sighted assistants to understand what I was trying to construct.  By the end of the first work week I had a nice fire going inside the stone fireplace and all of us were comfortably seated on an array of smooth rock hearths in front of it.
  1990. The low spot where I'd first gone pee after I landed was filled with enough water to convince me to find a higher location for the privy and one less likely to get flooded each time it rained.  A likely rise was decided on a few yards further than the low spot, and all of my clan was asked to help me locate and then bring back the needed materials.  It was hard to describe my requirements for the four outside support beams with a "Y" notch at the top, but once I found the first one the other three posts were quickly located.  It took longer to cut them down using my small hatchet and the modified two-man saw than it did to find the wooden members, but once the four posts were hauled back we were off to find the horizontal beams.
  1992. I'd never tried to build anything with so many hands and so little grasp of what needed to be done, but the primary side-to-side supports were eventually lifted into place and then the front-to-back ones carefully shifted over those.  The thatch grass cover over the many thin limbs was easy enough to describe, and with Tee-la and Lee-sha hoisted on top of the roof rafters the view of the sky quickly disappeared as they took each handful of foot-long grass and stuffed it into a neat line.  They did such a good job that I was sure our outdoor potty would remain dry even after a thorough drenching.
  1994. The next task was to dig the cesspool, my small folding digging tool handy but not big enough to finish the job quickly enough.  It might have taken a lot longer than I wanted, but a six foot deep and two foot wide hole was created, lined with a few sturdy limbs and lots of small saplings to keep the sides from caving in, a few cross beams correctly placed to support the floor, and then the whole thing covered with an array of fairly straight logs for us to walk on.  Three side-by-side seats were fashioned, placed over the same number of holes in the floor, and then an anxious preteen encouraged to give one of the stations a quick try.  Tee-la might have been a little reluctant to sit over the darkened chasm, so I decided to show her how it was done.  She wasn't the least intimidated by her four companions as we watched her pee once I illustrated what the damned thing was for.  The look of satisfaction on her face was all Lee-sha needed to take a spot alongside my youngest playmate, a look of genuine relief once she was finished.  The only thing we needed after that would be some wiping material.  Thankfully one of the storage containers inside the Oregon-4 had what we needed.
  1996. The start of week two of construction was called a success when the sun was halfway toward the horizon and I ventured off to go secure our next meal.  I didn't have to go more than forty yards past the tree line outside the tall pines when I spotted a very nice sized buck and dispatched it with three quick shots.  Since it was quite a bit bigger than my last two prizes I preferred to have some help, so back to our campsite I went for Lee-sha and Tee-la.
  1998. When they saw the impressive rack on the felled beast I thought they were going to run away screaming.  All it took was my walking up to the animal, grab its antlers, shake hard a couple of times, and my girls looked a lot less intimidated.  They still kept clear of the head until I detached it from the body with the hatchet and knife, and they only touched the nearly five foot wide set of impressive sharp spikes after they were pulled away from the rest of the large animal.
  2000. After field dressing the creature in the fading light of the day I found three long slender trees and constructed a sled so my girls and I could drag the heavy carcass in pieces back to our homestead.  Tee-la and Lee-sha might have been small compared to me, but they were impressive powerhouses nonetheless.  Tu-ma seemed anxious to help when he heard us getting close to camp and enlisted the aide of his naked teen lover to help me and my girls the last fifty yards or so.  Since I didn't know if we might have any carnivorous competitors I decided on a single trip rather than two or three, and before too much time passed all five of us made the last two dozen yards look easy.
  2002. The fire was stoked into an impressive blaze and one of the leg portions carefully placed onto a makeshift grill slightly to the side of the tallest flames.  Soon after it was left to cook Tee-la and Lee-sha got some of the vegetables and set them in the oven portion of the large fire pit.  The large slabs of stone seemed perfect for what I'd planned, since there was plenty of space to work on our food preparations as we stared at our first meal at our new home while the meat cooked.  With Tee-la anxious to add small bits of wood to the fire and La-ta close by to enjoy the heat, Tu-ma and Lee-sha were eager to help me wrestle the much larger carcass onto the flat work area next to the fire and begin to carve it up.
  2004. I'd never seen Tu-ma so focused before, his skill at removing the thick hide with my borrowed knife beyond anything my uncle or cousins could boast.  In spite of his ungainly movements while walking his hands were strong and confident.  He did such a good job that while he was busy peeling the skin away from the underlying meat I ventured inside the Oregon-4 to go find something as his reward.  None of my new family were the least concerned with my absence, Tee-la and La-ta happy to tend to the fire and the cooking meat while Tu-ma and Lee-sha stripped the huge beast naked.  During my explorations and a review of the manifest I found one shipping box stocked full of medical supplies and two thick medical guides.  I felt a lot better immediately and knew what I'd be exploring more completely later.
  2006. I watched from a distance as the last of Tu-ma's task came to an end, my borrowed knife wiped clean against one corner of the newly cleaved hide, my blade and then the heavy hide handed to Lee-sha for safe keeping, and a broad smile on Tu-ma's face my cue to step out of the hatch.  Tee-la and La-ta were coaxed toward my other two companions, and once I had all their attention withdrew something from one slender leg pocket of my jumpsuit.  They all watched my hand as I pulled a brand new knife and scabbard free, lifted it into the air as if to give the stars praise, and then held it out as far as my reach would permit toward a very surprised Tu-ma.  He immediately dropped to his knees, threw his hands out toward me, pressed his face to the ground, and began to vehemently argue with me.
  2008. "NI, Ung-rum tun!  NI!"
  2010. "Tu-ma ... Tu-ma!"
  2012. My girls grew scared, stepped behind me, and tried to merge their bodies with mine as they hugged me.  The tone of Tu-ma's voice was a far cry from his typical gruff or confident one, and they didn't seem to like the way he sounded.  The poor man actually appeared and cried out as if I might want to hurt him with the knife rather than present it to him.
  2014. "NI, Ung-rum tun!  NI!"
  2016. In spite of his rather earnest vocalizations I had to call out in a slightly louder voice so he'd hear me and take notice.
  2018. "TU-MA!!!"
  2020. He eventually tilted his head back far enough for me to see his eyes, and when he could see me through the dirty mop of his hair he saw my smile and a gesture for him to rise.  He might not have wanted to, but my role as 'tun' or what I understood as provider and their clan leader required it of him.
  2022. He only rose to his knees at first, but I insisted he stand so I could present him with his very own modern tool.  Even after he was standing on both feet I gestured for him to throw his shoulders back, stand as tall as he ever had in his life, and then waited.  Their culture might have prohibited him from being any higher than their provider, but I kept after him until his eyebrows were finally as high off the ground as he'd ever gotten them before.
  2024. My hands were again extended with the proffered knife held horizontally so the tip was pointed to the side rather than either of us, the next few words I spoke meant to convey more than my limited skills at politics and social interaction with a neolithic culture.
  2026. "Tu-ma ... pee-ta ... ka!"
  2028. His hands shook as he slowly reached for his gift, the look on his face a mixture of terror and pride.  The moment he had possession of the knife I withdrew, remained standing, and waited to see what he might do. All he was able to accomplish for a few seconds was to look at the handle of the knife and the smooth metal scabbard that protected the high-tech blade.  In an attempt to show a measure of equality to the bewildered man I extended my right hand just as my girls had so many times before slightly above the knife and smiled at Tu-ma.  He seemed to understand immediately and extended his right in a similar manner, the outsides of our wrists lightly pressed together as if we were expressing a stone age handshake.  It made me feel good to let him have some of what I suspected was his honor back after he'd lost it to his injuries and suffered what I thought might have been intense shame and rejection by his people.  I don't know why or how I reasoned his having been a leader at some time in his past, but he was just too smart and talented to have always been a helpless cripple.
  2030. For the longest time he admired his new possession and carefully studied every detail, from the thick rubberized grip, heavy metal hand guard, to the incredibly sharp double-edged tip, and the saw-like serrations along the top near the handle.  The man was utterly speechless as he admired his new and only real possession.  I could have given him the knife I'd been using and he would have been happy with it, but handing him a brand new knife that had never met meat, or hide, or even his own careless fingers and blood surely meant more to him.  It meant a lot to me.
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