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  2. Errp: holy fuck
  3. Errp: went to the school
  4. Hurrbis: hi erp
  5. Errp: chilled for like an hour before they showed
  6. Errp: they had their posse of 5 freshmen
  7. Xenoyia: erp http://xenoyia.biz
  8. Errp: and just us 3 because the other fags wouldn't show
  9. Errp: they brought fucking knifes and sticks and metal pipes
  10. Errp: so since the fags never showed up they tried fighting us but we just left :(
  11. Errp: also xeno that's ga
  12. Errp: y
  13. Cuss: I wish that one guy finished his sequel to Whats In The Box
  14. Cuss: best series ever
  15. Xenoyia: you're gay
  16. Xenoyia: :C
  17. Hurrbis: i love this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbc2NaLuv1A&feature=recentlik
  18. Cuss: is she gaaaaay?
  19. Xenoyia: oh god autotune the news
  20. Xenoyia: so awesome
  21. Cuss: still not as good as the science auto tunes
  22. Errp: so true
  23. Errp: what'd they do this time
  24. tdoyle entered chat.
  25. Cuss: i be gettin dem server errers
  26. tdoyle: why you banning me dog
  27. Xenoyia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qizNQKzatXA&feature=channel
  28. Cuss: who are you then?
  29. Xenoyia: you shall build a turtle fence
  30. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSgiXGELjbc
  31. tdoyle: erp
  32. tdoyle left chat.
  33. PQNY entered chat.
  34. PQNY disconnected.
  35. Danny Ketch entered chat.
  36. Danny Ketch left chat.
  37. tdoyle entered chat.
  38. tdoyle: what
  39. Errp: omg hi
  40. Errp: tdoyle: why you banning me dog
  41. Danny Ketch entered chat.
  42. tdoyle: I was banned from this chat a while ago
  43. Errp: why
  44. tdoyle: back when i was in ggt
  45. tdoyle: idk
  46. Errp: oh
  47. Errp: so you want the thread to be open source
  48. Errp: so you can find exploits?
  49. tdoyle: I just want to see the source
  50. Baggerbean: should i buy bad company
  51. Baggerbean: i just dont know
  52. tdoyle: I really dont give half a shit about exploits
  53. Danny Ketch: No
  54. Errp: it's very unorganized and terrible tbh
  55. Xenoyia: no bagger buy me stuff
  56. Danny Ketch: Buy me FEAR
  57. Xenoyia: you know you want to
  58. Baggerbean: Wow there appears to be leeched attached to my body.
  59. Baggerbean: leeches*
  60. Errp: uhh
  61. Xenoyia: they're good for you bro
  62. tdoyle: holy shit loco is in this group
  63. Baggerbean: not these ones
  64. tdoyle: I talked to him on skype the other day
  65. Errp: YES!
  66. Xenoyia: he's been in this group... for a long time
  67. Errp: loco is part of the ggt skype friends
  68. Errp: or some shit
  69. tdoyle: oh
  70. Xenoyia: anyone know what engine GTA IV is running
  71. tdoyle: i just went on a skype convo with sparkwire
  72. Xenoyia: havok right?
  73. tdoyle: and he invited loco
  74. Errp: uhh
  75. Errp: xeno
  76. Xenoyia: yeah
  77. Errp: it uses euphoria engine
  78. Xenoyia: I thought it used havok :(
  79. Errp: euphoria and RAGE
  80. Errp: engines
  81. Xenoyia: :c
  82. Xenoyia: br
  83. Xenoyia: b
  84. tdoyle: gimmmie source now
  85. tdoyle: or die
  86. Errp: ok ok
  87. Errp: don't hurt anyone
  88. tdoyle: ILL FUCKING DO IT MAN
  89. tdoyle cocks his gun
  90. Errp: why do you want the source though
  91. Xenoyia: back
  92. Errp: hmm
  93. tdoyle: idk
  94. Xenoyia: he wants to sell it
  95. Xenoyia: for prostitue money
  96. tdoyle: haha no
  97. Xenoyia: prostitute*
  98. Errp: there must be a reason else you would not be asking, sir
  99. tdoyle: Im already writing my own guestbook script
  100. tdoyle: I just want to see what makes it tick
  101. Xenoyia: erp give me the source
  102. Xenoyia: I want to fuck with it
  103. Xenoyia: and make SCIENCE
  104. tdoyle: I will
  105. tdoyle: shoot
  106. tdoyle: you
  107. tdoyle: boi
  108. Errp: SHIT
  109. Xenoyia: It's not very effective..
  110. Xenoyia: Xenoyia uses Solar Beam!
  111. Xenoyia: It's super effective!
  112. tdoyle: in the jew poopsack
  113. Xenoyia: tdoyle fainted.
  114. Danny Ketch left chat.
  115. Xenoyia: that's quite racist
  116. Xenoyia: lol
  117. tdoyle: no
  118. Errp: jew isn't a race
  119. tdoyle: want me to be racist
  120. tdoyle: i will
  121. tdoyle: e
  122. tdoyle: ra
  123. tdoyle: c
  124. tdoyle: e
  125. tdoyle: ist
  126. Xenoyia: ok
  127. tdoyle: nigeria
  128. Baggerbean: bans
  129. tdoyle: please
  130. Errp: tdoyle is an antisemitist
  131. tdoyle: yep
  132. Xenoyia: antisemenist?
  133. tdoyle: and you like justin beiber
  134. Xenoyia: like an anti-gay
  135. tdoyle: which one of us is worse
  136. Errp: anti-jew
  137. Xenoyia: oic
  138. Errp: i dun liek justin bieber
  139. tdoyle: sure
  140. tdoyle: ksi
  141. tdoyle: /
  142. tdoyle: tehwhale
  143. tdoyle: /
  144. tdoyle: erp
  145. tdoyle: /
  146. tdoyle: erp#
  147. Errp: erp#?
  148. Errp: :o
  149. Xenoyia: stop spamming fag
  150. tdoyle: erp number
  151. Errp: oh
  152. Errp: yes
  153. tdoyle: k erp i wont pay you for your code i guess
  154. tdoyle: bye
  155. Errp: bye
  156. tdoyle left chat.
  157. Xenoyia: lolfag
  158. Xenoyia: http://tdoyle.me/
  159. Xenoyia: lol
  160. Xenoyia: he's 14
  161. Errp: yep
  162. PQNY entered chat.
  163. Baggerbean: so r u
  164. Xenoyia: ya but
  165. Xenoyia: i'm the cool type of 14
  166. Xenoyia: :frogc00l:
  167. Baggerbean: not really though
  168. Xenoyia: :(
  169. PQNY: Seeyah
  170. PQNY left chat.
  171. Xenoyia: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=24886116&postcount=4
  172. Xenoyia: :h:
  173. Xenoyia: did facepunch die
  174. Jobby: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=24886375&postcount=6 do it do it do it
  175. Jobby: i've been playing forza for hours
  176. Jobby: my eyes hurt now
  177. Baggerbean: what the fuck is that xenoyia
  178. Xenoyia: what
  179. Baggerbean: youre weird man
  180. Xenoyia: don't deny our love
  181. Hurrbis: :(
  182. Errp: me and turbis buttsexed
  183. Jobby: TURBIS :O
  184. ☻Triangles ☭ entered chat.
  185. ☻Triangles ☭: http://www.degraeve.com/img2txt.php
  186. ☻Triangles ☭: this thing is awesome
  187. Jobby: liar
  188. Jobby: oops sorry
  189. Jobby: just a reflect
  190. Jobby: reflex
  191. Baggerbean: how jobby how are you
  192. Baggerbean: hi jobby*
  193. Jobby: alright bagger
  194. Xenoyia: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrBean you can watch mrbean legally free on youtube
  195. Xenoyia: I used to love that show
  196. Jobby: mr bean rocks
  197. Xenoyia: yes
  198. ☻Triangles ☭: I never liked the movie that came out a few years ago
  199. ☻Triangles ☭: but the episodes are awesome
  200. Baggerbean: they sometimes show episodes on ITV3
  201. Xenoyia: I usually put my TV on BBC 3 or Sky Three
  202. ☻Triangles ☭: 75% of the time my TV is on ESPN
  203. Jobby: rowan atkinson should do more mr beans & blackadder
  204. Xenoyia: someone
  205. Jobby: im usually channel 4 and bbc3
  206. Xenoyia: must
  207. Xenoyia: stream
  208. Xenoyia: the rat race
  209. Jobby: bbc3 is pretty bad lately
  210. Baggerbean: dave imo
  211. ☻Triangles ☭: I don't have your UK/England channels
  212. Jobby: you mean the movie?
  213. Xenoyia: yeah
  214. ☻Triangles ☭: except for BBC iirc
  215. Xenoyia: the rat race
  216. Xenoyia: really great movie
  217. Jobby: i love that movie
  218. Jobby: you should have bought a squirrel
  219. Xenoyia: oh god I remember that lol
  220. Xenoyia: the squirrel woman
  221. Jobby: i really wanna see that joaquin phoenix mockumentary
  222. ☻Triangles ☭: joaquain phoenix was awesome in Walk the Line
  223. Xenoyia: was rat race the film with the barbie museum
  224. which turned out to be a nazi museum
  225. Jobby: yes
  226. Jobby: yes
  227. Xenoyia: then I MUST WATCH THAT AGAIN
  228. ☻Triangles ☭: what
  229. ☻Triangles ☭: I WANNA WATCH THAT MOVIE
  230. Hurrbis: :(
  231. Jobby: also joaquin phoenix has done the must genuis thing i've ever seen an actor do
  232. ☻Triangles ☭: he was awesome in Walk the Line
  233. ☻Triangles ☭: he did my favorite cover of Ring of Fire
  234. Xenoyia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2UCRNldC3s&feature=channel
  235. Xenoyia: 3:05
  236. Jobby: remember he went all crazy and appeared on letterman with his big beard
  237. Xenoyia: best mr. bean scene
  238. Xenoyia: ever
  239. ☻Triangles ☭: oh yeah
  240. ☻Triangles ☭: He grew a huge beard
  241. Hurrbis: :|
  242. Jobby: that has been a hoax (obviously, but some people didnt get it including letterman himself) and joaquin phoenix has been filming a pretend documentary
  243. Jobby: about his mental breakdown
  244. Jobby: for the past year and a half
  245. ☻Triangles ☭: fuck commercials
  246. Bearded Gir entered chat.
  247. Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2spHiYOORc
  248. Bearded Gir: :I
  249. Jobby: what
  250. Bearded Gir: idk
  251. Bearded Gir: :V
  252. Hurrbis: :l
  253. Bearded Gir: :I
  254. Hurrbis: :l
  255. Bearded Gir: :I
  256. Hurrbis: I don't have time for this
  257. Xenoyia: :L
  258. Bearded Gir: :U
  259. Hurrbis: >:C
  260. Bearded Gir: :Q
  261. Xenoyia: my pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard
  262. Xenoyia: and they're leik
  263. Xenoyia: do ya wanna trade cards
  264. Xenoyia: damn right i wanna trade cards
  265. Xenoyia: i will trade you but not my charizard
  266. Errp: http://ggt.tehwhale.com/?page=113#post4520
  267. Cuss: have you guys ever heard of the kenedy gun theory?
  268. Errp: yes
  269. Cuss: you think it's plausible?
  270. Xenoyia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4pF9ReJ91g
  271. Errp: no
  272. Errp: i do not
  273. Cuss: i've never heard much of the theory
  274. Cuss: what does it actually say?
  275. Cuss: other than 2 guns were used
  276. Errp: two guns were used
  277. Errp: that's all i know
  278. ☻Triangles ☭: house of the dead
  279. ☻Triangles ☭: 3
  280. Xenoyia: I have house of the dead 3 on wii
  281. ☻Triangles ☭: I have it on PC
  282. ☻Triangles ☭: it's okay
  283. Baggerbean: guys
  284. Baggerbean: guys
  285. Baggerbean: should i buy
  286. Baggerbean: BFBC2
  287. Baggerbean: is it good
  288. Xenoyia: no buy me stuff
  289. Xenoyia: pls
  290. Jobby: i prefer mw2
  291. Jobby: if that helps
  292. ☻Triangles ☭: i prefer neither
  293. ☻Triangles ☭: but if I had to choose
  294. Baggerbean: Well I used to play that on xbox360, I kind of want to play a different game
  295. ☻Triangles ☭: BC2
  296. [TL]Stik entered chat.
  297. Baggerbean: its half the price of MW2 on Steam too
  298. [TL]Stik: :D
  299. Xenoyia: my video has been blocked in the UK
  300. Xenoyia: and UK only
  301. Xenoyia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1gVrI1pKZ8 everyone who isnt in UK
  302. Baggerbean: ah fuck it
  303. Baggerbean: im out
  304. Baggerbean: goodnight
  305. Xenoyia: bye
  306. Baggerbean disconnected.
  307. [TL]Stik: Cya
  308. [TL]Stik: :(
  309. [TL]Stik left chat.
  310. Jobby: who the fuck was that
  311. Xenoyia: a fag
  312. Jobby: now now xeno
  313. Jobby: we're not all as witty, charming and smart as you
  314. ☻Triangles ☭: ^
  315. Jobby: you don't need to be mean about it
  316. Bearded Gir: DAMMIT
  317. Bearded Gir: why did I get that lvl 100 squirtle
  318. Errp: http://ggt.tehwhale.com/?page=114#post4532
  319. Bearded Gir: stoopid stoopid STOOPID
  320. ☻Triangles ☭: no offense
  321. ☻Triangles ☭: but you just got screwed up the ass
  322. Bearded Gir: me?
  323. ☻Triangles ☭: yes you
  324. Bearded Gir: yes, yes I did
  325. ☻Triangles ☭: wtf
  326. ☻Triangles ☭: I expected Dino Crisis 2 to be a rail shooter
  327. ☻Triangles ☭: looks more like Resident Evil before 4
  328. Bearded Gir: I got an Dusknoir named Cpt.Falcon :V
  329. Bearded Gir: butt all my lvl 100 pokemon be weak
  330. Bearded Gir: lol butt
  331. ☻Triangles ☭: hey guys
  332. ☻Triangles ☭: I'll bet you that halo reach will come on the PC
  333. Xenoyia: i bet you 5 dorra
  334. ☻Triangles ☭: no
  335. Xenoyia: that it never does
  336. ☻Triangles ☭: I bet you 5 dorrar + free dry creaning
  337. ☻Triangles ☭: That is comes
  338. Xenoyia: oh yeah I bet you 5 dorra + good chinee food
  339. ☻Triangles ☭: no
  340. ☻Triangles ☭: I bet you 5 dorrar + chinese government
  341. Xenoyia: you win
  342. Xenoyia left chat.
  343. Jobby: EGGSEENO
  344. Jobby: knock knock
  345. ☻Triangles ☭: who dere
  346. Jobby: erp
  347. Jobby: dunno where im going with this joke
  348. Jobby: BAIL OUT
  349. Jobby bails out
  350. Errp: balls out
  351. Errp: aka for 40
  352. Cuss: oh man
  353. Cuss: Boondock saints was awesome
  354. ☻Triangles ☭: ^
  355. ☻Triangles ☭: I rove you cussy
  356. Cuss: I can't belive I haven't seen this movie before
  357. Cuss: it was fucking amazing
  358. Cuss: everything I love about a movie
  359. Hurrbis: :l
  360. Cuss: awesome plot, awesome action, lots of swearing.
  361. Cuss: and guns
  362. Cuss: a fuckton of guns
  363. Jobby: how cool is billy connolly in that movie
  364. Cuss: and a good soundtracj
  365. Jobby: with his gun waistcoat
  366. ☻Triangles ☭: you should watch resevoir dogs
  367. Cuss: seen it
  368. Cuss: Willem Defoes character though
  369. Cuss: didn't expect him to go that far
  370. Cuss: but still awesome
  371. Cuss: Jobby, Billy Connoly was that scottish man with the huge beard right?
  372. Jobby: yah
  373. Cuss: yeah his part was really cool
  374. Cuss: kinda reminded me of agent 47
  375. Jobby: billy connolly is my favourite person in the world
  376. Jobby: i saw him live last year
  377. ☻Triangles ☭: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWoAGhoW4t8&feature=related
  378. ☻Triangles ☭: :iia:
  379. Jobby: there was a boondock saints II but it wasnt that hot, but cool if you're a fan
  380. Cuss: you seen it?
  381. ☻Triangles ☭ disconnected.
  382. Cuss: my cat sleeps on the floor
  383. Cuss: he looks at me in despise
  384. Cuss: :3
  385. ☻Triangles ☭ entered chat.
  386. Lord Wootman entered chat.
  387. Lord Wootman: I have gifted
  388. Cuss: nice
  389. Lord Wootman: unban me from ggt
  390. Cuss: you're not on the banlist
  391. Lord Wootman: yes i am
  392. Lord Wootman: Hello Wootman, you are banned from this thread. You can view all posts, but you cannot post yourself. Registering another account is forbidden. If you think this was a mistake, oh well
  393. Lord Wootman: give me a invite key
  394. Cuss: aah the erp thread
  395. Cuss: do you have the link to the forum=
  396. Cuss: then I could give you a key
  397. Lord Wootman: forum=?
  398. Lord Wootman: http://ggt.tehwhale.com
  399. Cuss: erp will give it to ya later
  400. Cuss: i cba
  401. Hurrbis: GUISE
  402. Cuss: YA
  403. Hurrbis: hi
  404. Hurrbis: :l
  405. Cuss: hi
  406. Cuss: :i
  407. Lord Wootman: hi
  408. Lord Wootman: i love you
  409. Hurrbis: k
  410. Hurrbis: i dont love you
  411. Lord Wootman: y
  412. Hurrbis: 4 u r a feget
  413. Lord Wootman: :cry:
  414. Hurrbis: I liked you a lot until you turned into a poop
  415. Lord Wootman: why did i turn into poop
  416. Hurrbis: You should know
  417. Lord Wootman: i lie i know why
  418. Hurrbis: I know
  419. Cuss: MALIBUUUU
  420. Cuss: http://open.spotify.com/track/1FLxW6LI6PZK8InYyYFULw
  421. Hurrbis: cuss har du spelat sc2 nåt
  422. Cuss: inte på länge faktist
  423. Hurrbis: mass ravens
  424. Cuss: har inte haft någon spel feelis
  425. Hurrbis: mass ravens everywhere
  426. Cuss: :D
  427. Cuss: raven spam?
  428. Hurrbis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pdLjI0_DQs
  429. Hurrbis: kolla den, fffffffffffffffffffffffff
  430. Hurrbis: den e 3 delar du kan hoppa till del 2 om du inte pallar glo hela
  431. Cuss: wtfff
  432. Cuss: vaerför bygger han ravens=
  433. Cuss: :D
  434. Hurrbis: du kommer skita ner dig när du ser hur han spelar med dem :O
  435. Lord Wootman left chat.
  436. Hurrbis: snacka om att ravens är op O_o
  437. Cuss: berorhelt på vem det är som använder dem :P
  438. Hurrbis: jo men är man tillräckligt skillad så blir dom ju op :d
  439. Cuss: :D
  440. Hurrbis: även thors suger om man inte kan hantera dem :D
  441. Cuss: Blizzard har nog tänkt på detta
  442. Cuss: det borde finnas ett motmedel mot dom
  443. Hurrbis: jag tror nog att pdd försvinner i nästa patch
  444. Cuss: vad är pdd?
  445. Cuss: D:=
  446. Cuss: kommer inte ihåg
  447. Hurrbis: point defense drones
  448. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  449. Cuss: aah
  450. Hurrbis: ravens släpper ut dem så skjuter de ner missiler
  451. Hurrbis: så man blir typ odödlig mot thors och vikings
  452. Cuss: :D
  453. Bearded Gir: :I
  454. Cuss: är seeker missiles mot Air också?
  455. Hurrbis: japp
  456. Cuss: xD
  457. Hurrbis: fast inte byggnader
  458. Hurrbis: men den gör splash på byggnader
  459. Cuss: bara att lägga turrets där
  460. Hurrbis: bygg en helion och skicka seekers på han och spring han in i fienden så exploderar allt
  461. Cuss: :D:
  462. Metaknigth: bed
  463. Metaknigth: bye
  464. Metaknigth left chat.
  465. Hurrbis: men den blir nog nerfad i nästa patch
  466. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  467. Cuss: säkert
  468. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  469. Cuss: that video just makes me wanna play SC2
  470. Cuss: it looks fun being good at SC2
  471. Cuss: having like 200 APM
  472. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  473. Duck entered chat.
  474. Bearded Gir: :D
  475. Bearded Gir: I closed the Great Gate
  476. Duck: Cool story bro
  477. Loco entered chat.
  478. Loco: kjkjkjkjjk
  479. Duck: IYIYIYI
  480. Loco: Missin you missin you
  481. Duck: There is nothin we can do
  482. Dvsilverwing: Don't
  483. Dvsilverwing: STart
  484. Duck: Wrong song.
  485. Loco: :<
  486. Dvsilverwing: If there's one thing I've learned in this chat
  487. Dvsilverwing: It's to never talk about music
  488. Dvsilverwing: Because no matter what kind it is, it always sparks an argument of some sort.
  489. Dvsilverwing: :V
  491. Duck: Who likes Post-Hardcore? :3
  492. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  493. Hurrbis: :(
  494. Errp: uhh
  495. Errp: dv
  496. Errp: it's just people don't like your music
  497. Errp: K!
  498. Errp: on and on although you're gone
  499. Errp: candles burn with a flame on
  500. Errp: our final call to you
  501. Errp: i know you're listenin'
  502. Duck: She was never this good in bed even when she was sleepin
  503. Duck: now she's just so perfect that I just cant fuckin deep in
  504. Duck: I FORGOT THE LYRICS k
  505. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  506. Cuss disconnected.
  507. Zabe Aeiger entered chat.
  508. Cuss entered chat.
  509. ☻Triangles ☭: so I figured out how to put cod 4 in a window
  510. Duck: Melt it into the glass then put the glass in the frame?
  511. Duck: Or throw it through.
  512. ☻Triangles ☭: no
  513. ☻Triangles ☭: I spray painted it
  514. Duck: ah.
  515. Duck: cool.
  516. ☻Triangles ☭: ohmaigod
  517. ☻Triangles ☭: I just came up with a really cool poster idea for CoD 4
  518. Duck: >CoD 4
  519. Cuss: oh wow xeno
  520. Cuss: you're getting so dissed
  521. Duck: Fast Threads (3176 Viewing)
  522. Cuss: it was 9000 before
  523. ☻Triangles ☭: what did xeno do
  524. Duck: How?
  525. Cuss: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1002701
  526. Cuss: there were 11000 guests before
  527. Duck: How the fuck.
  528. Cuss: 4chan? Stumbleupon?
  529. ☻Triangles ☭: idk
  530. Cuss: Reddit?
  531. Cuss: the usual suspects
  532. Duck: Ebaums.
  533. Cuss: ye
  536. Duck: Blablabla Man in the moon
  537. Duck: I haven't heard that song in forever.
  538. Cuss: its awesome
  539. Hurrbis: ^_^
  540. Duck: ah.
  541. Duck: V 64 of Lmao pics was posted on stumbleupon.
  542. Duck: A post invollvinv mario and kuigi or someshit like that
  543. Cuss left chat.
  544. Hurrbis: lol
  545. Hurrbis: ^_^
  547. Errp: FUCK
  548. Alcoholocaust: lol
  549. Alcoholocaust: lame
  550. Duck: Freshmen
  551. Errp: GOD
  552. Errp: i want to fight these faggots
  553. Duck: I'm Jr year
  555. Errp: UGHGHHGHG
  556. Alcoholocaust: i no longer have to deal with school
  557. Errp: that's because you're gay
  558. Duck: or old.
  559. Alcoholocaust: or both
  560. Duck: Hey
  561. Duck: Stupid place to ask,
  562. Duck: But how do I access my files from Windows when running Ubuntu?
  563. Errp: err
  564. Duck: I want to port my music, or at least some of it over to Linux.
  565. Errp: C:\
  566. Errp: go to C:\
  567. Duck: and do what?
  568. Errp: copy+paste?
  569. Duck: No
  570. Errp: what do you mean no
  571. Duck: I just want to put the files onto Linux
  572. Duck: from Windows
  573. Errp: okay
  574. Errp: so you
  575. Duck: I'm dual-booting Ubuntu
  576. Duck: and Linux.
  577. Errp: copy+paste
  578. Duck: I've partitrioned my drive for linux.
  579. Alcoholocaust: you can access ntfs files from linux as per normal
  580. Duck: I couldn't find out how
  581. Duck: I mounted some drives but they weren't C:/
  582. Alcoholocaust: what was your drive named
  583. Duck: Backup stuff and a CD drive, apparently.
  584. Errp: what linux distro
  585. Duck: Ubuntu 10.04
  586. Duck: and I just wanna know the commands
  587. Errp: mkdir /mnt/win
  588. Duck: i did that
  589. Errp: mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt/win
  590. Duck: vfat?
  591. Errp: wait
  592. Errp: ntfs
  593. Errp: then
  594. Errp: cd /mnt/win
  595. ls -all
  596. Duck: ok
  597. Alcoholocaust left chat.
  598. Duck: will report back
  599. Duck disconnected.
  600. ☻Triangles ☭ left chat.
  601. Hurrbis: :(
  602. Ringo Starr: ?
  603. Loco: kjasdkjadhsd
  604. Ringo Starr: sdghdfgjgfhgfhfdgfhr
  606. Loco: :<
  607. Ringo Starr: D:
  608. Loco: I got 7 vaccines
  609. Ringo Starr: Oh my
  610. Loco: I was supposed to get them when I was 16 :<
  611. Loco: or around that time
  612. Ringo Starr: D:
  613. Loco: instead I got them all today
  614. Loco: I feel like poop
  615. Ringo Starr: I can see why
  616. Ringo Starr: I hate vaccinations
  617. Loco: I got two in my spine I felt like dying
  618. Ringo Starr: OH GOD
  619. Ringo Starr: OH GOD
  620. Bearded Gir: HOLY FUCK
  621. Ringo Starr: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
  624. Bearded Gir: fffff
  625. Danny Ketch entered chat.
  626. Ringo Starr: Wow
  627. Ringo Starr: Spoilers
  628. Danny Ketch: spoilers about what
  629. Loco: :l
  630. Bearded Gir: :I
  631. Ringo Starr: Not my fault I've never beaten it
  632. Ringo Starr: The story got boring
  633. Bearded Gir: same
  634. Bearded Gir: beating it for first time to get it over with
  635. Loco: I was planning to buy the game
  636. Bearded Gir: :I
  637. Bearded Gir: :<
  638. Loco: ahahahfsahdfasdfh
  639. Loco: I cant breaf well
  640. Danny Ketch left chat.
  641. Bearded Gir: I'm beatign the main quest cause I'm getting sick of all the gates
  642. Dvsilverwing: Lol
  643. Dvsilverwing: Dark Brotherhood is my favorite part of the game
  644. Bearded Gir: SWEET JESUS
  645. Bearded Gir: they just keep coming
  646. Dvsilverwing: Ugh, hate the main quest.
  647. Loco: hobo imma play bf2 later
  648. Loco: wanna join
  649. Bearded Gir: :<
  650. Bearded Gir: I wish I had BF2 for PC
  651. Ringo Starr: Yes loco
  652. Hurrbis: vote kerrigan or die http://www.gamespot.com/greatest-video-game-villain/vote/index.html?tag=content_nav;vote
  653. Ringo Starr: Very yes
  654. Ringo Starr: Uh no
  655. Ringo Starr: Who the fuck is Kerrigan
  656. Ringo Starr: Voted Vsder
  657. Ringo Starr: Vader*
  658. Loco: yay
  659. Ringo Starr: Fuck yes the underdog
  660. Loco: is breen still in that thing?
  661. Loco: oh nvm he lost
  662. Loco: its all bout dat vader
  663. Ringo Starr: Yes
  664. Hurrbis: breen got bent lol
  665. Loco: sad would of been nice to see him win to honor his voice actor
  666. Hurrbis: I think it's silly that darth vader is even in the poll, since he's a movie villain
  667. Ringo Starr: You could say the same about The Joker
  668. Hurrbis: i did actually
  669. Hurrbis: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=24889821&postcount=3411
  670. Ringo Starr: But Vader is in there
  671. Ringo Starr: And he's cool
  672. Ringo Starr: And I had no idea who the hell Kerrigan was until the competition so I voted vader
  673. Loco: I just think vader is cooler
  674. Ringo Starr: ^
  675. Hurrbis: i agree, but i wont vote for a movie character in a videgame poll
  676. Hurrbis: ^_^
  677. Ringo Starr: But
  678. Ringo Starr: Who the hell is Kerrigan
  679. Hurrbis: no buts
  680. Ringo Starr: Butt
  681. Loco: He's been om plenty of games though?
  682. Loco: in*
  683. Ringo Starr: Exactly
  684. Hurrbis: only the worst thing that ever happened to mankind ringo
  685. Ringo Starr: Oh
  686. Hurrbis: she's from starcraft
  687. Hurrbis: she was a "ghost" unit as a terran but got infested by the zerg
  688. Ringo Starr: Ah
  689. Loco: Is she the one some guys save in SC2?
  690. Loco: in th ending
  691. Hurrbis: yeah
  692. Loco: She looked a lot different
  693. Hurrbis: but we don't know if she's saved until the expansion comes
  694. Loco: ah
  695. Hurrbis: also she still had the zerg hair so we don't know if she'll ever be human or anything
  696. Hurrbis: gonna be fun
  697. Ringo Starr: SW:EaW is so fun
  698. Loco: I never got into starcraft really rts games are not my kinda thing especially since sc2 is really competitive
  699. Ringo Starr: building huge invasion forces and defeating the shit out of rebels
  700. Hurrbis: you can still enjoy the single player missions though, i really suck at sc2 online
  701. Ringo Starr: I suck at RTSs
  702. Ringo Starr: Except
  703. Ringo Starr: For SW:EaW
  704. Ringo Starr: And if you count Civilization
  705. Loco: civ is a turn based one
  706. Hurrbis: i thought more people from here was going to buy sc2 since a lot of people said they were, that's mainly why i bought it
  707. Loco: I prefer turn based ,but thats just me
  708. Loco: we should all get civ :D
  709. Loco: 5
  710. Loco: cause its fun and educational
  711. Zabe Aeiger: :o
  712. Zabe Aeiger: is it
  713. Zabe Aeiger: historical?
  714. Loco: fudutorical
  715. Hurrbis: the total war games are aparently very historical
  716. Zabe Aeiger: Looks good
  717. Zabe Aeiger: gosh
  718. Zabe Aeiger: $50
  719. Zabe Aeiger: HOBO
  720. Loco: Yeah requirments are kinda high too
  721. Ringo Starr: ZABE
  722. Zabe Aeiger: I got Battlefront 2 from Pruney
  723. Loco: ZABO
  725. Loco: I gots it too a friend gave it too me
  726. Hurrbis: i have battlefront 1 retail
  727. Hurrbis: but not bf2 :c
  728. Loco: :<
  729. Ringo Starr: Battlefront 2 is Bestlefront 2
  730. Hurrbis: i kinda liked battlefront 1 but there wasn't much of a supporting community
  731. Loco: True
  732. Hurrbis: playing the epic battles though, damn that made me horny
  733. Ringo Starr: I love how easy it is to make mods for BF2
  734. Loco: I love bf2 I used to play online on the ps2 all the time
  735. Ringo Starr: Turbis, you should try Empire At War
  736. Ringo Starr: THe star wars one
  737. Zabe Aeiger: I have BF2 for ps2
  738. Zabe Aeiger: still play it
  739. Zabe Aeiger: I have EaW retail
  740. Hurrbis: I was tempted to buy it
  741. Ringo Starr: Building giant armies, invading and conquering planets
  742. Loco: I have Eaw gold retail also
  743. Ringo Starr: Ground and space
  744. Hurrbis: But I wont because it's not on my list
  745. Ringo Starr: Good times
  746. Zabe Aeiger: I just have EaW
  747. Zabe Aeiger: no gold
  748. Ringo Starr: Christmas sales will be the death of my wallet
  749. Loco: Christmas will be the death me in
  750. Loco: mmeeeeeee
  751. Bearded Gir: I think Arch-mage Traven is a necromancer
  752. Hurrbis: Christmas will make me sad because of all the things I wont buy
  753. Bearded Gir: he doesn't want me to destroy a black soul gem
  754. Bearded Gir: and won't tell me why or who told him about this big one
  755. Ringo Starr: Latelatellate
  756. Loco: jhaksfd
  757. Ringo Starr: Also
  758. Ringo Starr: Stop spoiling things for Loco
  759. Ringo Starr: ok
  760. Loco: Its nice seeing notch getting so much publicity for minecraft
  761. Loco: and gosh spoil much
  762. Bearded Gir: I just think, I never beat the questline
  763. Bearded Gir: so you just spoiled it for me too
  764. Ringo Starr: Well you shouldn't have said anything in the first place
  765. Loco: oh snap
  766. Bearded Gir: :I
  767. Bearded Gir: ah great, the horrible "I HAVE NO GREETING" glitch didn't happen this time
  768. Bearded Gir: it fucks up the game
  769. Loco: Reminds me of the fable 2 glitch where it made it impossible to complete the game
  770. Bearded Gir: removes the ability to talk to certain npcs
  771. Bearded Gir: it ruined my chance to finish the mages guild wuest on my other guy
  772. Bearded Gir: ffff
  773. Bearded Gir: quest
  774. Bearded Gir: Eat my fists of fury necormancers
  775. Loco: I HAVE FURRY
  776. Loco: woo its done
  777. Ringo Starr: Fists of furry
  778. Loco: I forgot how to play :V
  779. Zabe Aeiger: wooooooooo
  780. Zabe Aeiger: aaa
  781. Zabe Aeiger: my res
  782. Bearded Gir: :<
  783. Bearded Gir: I wish I could play
  784. Bearded Gir: all I got is the lousy Xbox version
  785. Bearded Gir: I can't play with anyone on that
  786. Bearded Gir: only one working controler
  787. Bearded Gir: dammit
  788. Bearded Gir: forgot an l
  789. Ringo Starr: Zabe
  790. Ringo Starr: The res is always 800*600 in the menu
  791. Ringo Starr: It changes when you play
  792. Loco: Oh god was this game always in thirdperson?
  793. Bearded Gir: no
  794. Loco: I could of sworn it was thirdperson
  795. Bearded Gir: there's both
  796. Bearded Gir: go to options and change to firstperson
  797. Zabe Aeiger: The res wont switch
  798. Loco: ah
  799. Bearded Gir: also you can choose to show or not show your weapon I do believe
  800. Ringo Starr: Zabe
  801. Zabe Aeiger: what
  802. Ringo Starr: The res is always 800*600 in the menu
  803. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  804. Ringo Starr: It changes when you play
  805. Zabe Aeiger: ok
  806. Ringo Starr: Do you want to find an empty server or one with people?
  807. Zabe Aeiger: you can
  808. Zabe Aeiger: I'll join then
  809. Loco: OH MAH GAWD
  810. Loco: dis is so fun
  811. Ringo Starr: Empty or not empty?
  812. Zabe Aeiger: Empty
  813. Ringo Starr: ok
  814. Ringo Starr: Can you join?
  815. Zabe Aeiger: no
  816. Zabe Aeiger: OH
  817. Zabe Aeiger: I know why
  818. Ringo Starr: ?
  819. Zabe Aeiger: gimme a sec
  820. Ringo Starr: ok
  821. Bearded Gir: is the Mos Eisley Assault mode present in the PC version?
  822. Ringo Starr: Yes
  823. Bearded Gir: nice
  824. Zabe Aeiger: ok
  825. Zabe Aeiger: logged in gamespy
  826. Zabe Aeiger: what server you on?
  827. Ringo Starr: "Viceroy Karl's Conquest"
  828. Ringo Starr: It has bots, is that ok?
  829. Zabe Aeiger: yeah
  830. Hurrbis: boring :[
  831. Hurrbis left chat.
  832. Zabe Aeiger: I'm n
  833. Loco: I shall be there in a sec guys
  834. Zabe Aeiger: yay
  835. Zabe Aeiger: join empire
  836. Loco: I forgot oh cool this game was :D
  837. Loco: em how do I join you guys?
  838. Zabe Aeiger: um
  839. Zabe Aeiger: go to online
  840. Zabe Aeiger: then search Viceroy
  841. Zabe Aeiger: there should be a server with 2 people in it
  842. Loco: k
  843. Loco: how to type :<
  844. Zabe Aeiger: at the top
  845. Zabe Aeiger: there should be a blank ba
  846. Zabe Aeiger: r
  847. Loco: lol
  848. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  849. Zabe Aeiger: What team
  850. Ringo Starr: Empire
  851. Zabe Aeiger: ok
  852. Ringo Starr: Or Republic
  853. Zabe Aeiger: alright
  854. Loco: republic represent
  855. Loco: or not
  856. Bearded Gir: WHAT WHAT WHAT
  857. Bearded Gir: wait
  858. Bearded Gir: nvm
  859. Bearded Gir: spoilers
  860. Ringo Starr: Always go clones
  861. Ringo Starr: Empire or Repooblic
  862. Loco: kay
  863. Loco: we need to do spooce battle
  864. Zabe Aeiger: ok
  865. Ringo Starr: I'm lagging like crazy
  866. Ringo Starr: I'll leave and find a space battle server
  867. ☻Triangles ☭ entered chat.
  868. Loco: k
  869. ☻Triangles ☭: hi lo-
  870. Loco: actually link me to that mod while you're at it
  871. ☻Triangles ☭: why does everybody have BF2
  872. ☻Triangles ☭: SW:BF2
  873. Loco: its cheap and awesome
  874. ☻Triangles ☭: I have it
  875. ☻Triangles ☭: but non-steam
  876. ☻Triangles ☭: and no multiplayer support
  877. Loco: pirated?
  878. Ringo Starr: Loco I got the patch in the conversion pack
  879. ☻Triangles ☭: no
  880. Zabe Aeiger: :o
  881. Ringo Starr: Which adds about 100 billion maps and modes
  882. ☻Triangles ☭: bf2 thinks my key is pirated
  883. Loco: :o
  884. Loco: show
  885. Loco: sucks :/
  886. Ringo Starr: Including KoToR mode
  887. ☻Triangles ☭: yes it does
  888. Loco: Why not get it now while its on sale?
  889. Zabe Aeiger: SWBF2 is ze best
  890. ☻Triangles ☭: I have no money
  891. ☻Triangles ☭: I have BF2
  892. ☻Triangles ☭: just not on steam
  893. Ringo Starr: http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Star_Wars_Battlefront_Conversion_Pack;94154
  894. Zabe Aeiger: what is it
  895. Loco: ty
  896. Ringo Starr: Also this is the best map ever
  897. Ringo Starr: http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Pepperland_Psychedelia;94959
  898. Loco: lol
  899. Ringo Starr: You
  900. Ringo Starr: can
  901. Ringo Starr: play
  902. Ringo Starr: as
  903. Ringo Starr: THE
  904. Ringo Starr: BEATLES
  905. Ringo Starr: IN
  906. Ringo Starr: BATTLEFRONT
  907. Ringo Starr: 2
  908. Ringo Starr: so that makes it the best mod for anything ever
  909. Loco: Ill have to download that later :V
  910. ☻Triangles ☭: wait wait wait wait wait wait
  911. ☻Triangles ☭: WHAYT
  912. ☻Triangles ☭: WHAT?
  913. Loco: cause its 754 mb
  914. Ringo Starr: http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/84/files2/94959_2.jpg
  915. ☻Triangles ☭: do want
  916. Ringo Starr: I'll try to record some footage of it in a bit
  917. ☻Triangles ☭: gift me battlefront 2 :v:
  918. ☻Triangles ☭: Even though I have a copy for PS2
  919. ☻Triangles ☭: who wants a copy of BF2 for PS2?
  920. Loco: We need a battle front 3 :l
  921. ☻Triangles ☭: iirc it's in the works
  922. Zabe Aeiger: if I dont get bf3
  923. Zabe Aeiger: i will kill
  924. Loco: ,but didn't pandemic die?
  925. ☻Triangles ☭: yeah
  926. ☻Triangles ☭: but it doesn't mean Battlefront is daed
  927. ☻Triangles ☭: dead*
  928. ☻Triangles ☭: I heard
  929. Loco: So who is devloping it now?
  930. ☻Triangles ☭: you can play as a light side darth vader
  931. ☻Triangles ☭: and a dark side luke
  932. Zabe Aeiger: BF3 is becoming DNF
  933. Zabe Aeiger: it will necer release
  934. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  935. ☻Triangles ☭: like Starcraft Ghost
  936. ☻Triangles ☭: DDDDDDDD:
  937. Loco: is this it?
  938. Loco: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVKasNTrzWs&feature=player_embedded
  939. Bearded Gir: I remember seeing an ad in a magazine about Starcraft Ghost
  940. Bearded Gir: a few years ago
  941. ☻Triangles ☭: I was so enthusiastic about Ghost
  942. ☻Triangles ☭: then I found out it was cancelled
  943. Bearded Gir: YAY
  944. Bearded Gir: I can get lots of daedra hearts by puting one in a magic chest and waiting a day
  945. Bearded Gir: :D
  946. ☻Triangles ☭: :C
  947. Bearded Gir: and I still got one from when I went in the great gate
  948. Bearded Gir: :D
  949. Loco: So we gonna play again?
  950. Bearded Gir: :<
  951. ☻Triangles ☭: I'll play with you
  952. Zabe Aeiger: penis
  953. ☻Triangles ☭: guess what I'll say next
  954. Bearded Gir: could someone gift me BF2 so I can play with you guys
  955. ☻Triangles ☭: ^
  956. Loco: ew
  957. Bearded Gir: I am so very lonely
  958. ☻Triangles ☭: ^
  959. Bearded Gir: OH GOD
  960. ☻Triangles ☭: you ain't alone bro
  961. ☻Triangles ☭: you ain't alone
  962. Bearded Gir: OH MAN
  963. Bearded Gir: D:
  964. Bearded Gir: I ment play the game
  965. Bearded Gir: D:
  966. Bearded Gir: :I
  967. Loco: :l
  968. Bearded Gir: you put alchemy ingrediant in box, wait 24hours, and get 11 in return
  969. Bearded Gir: :I
  970. Bearded Gir: :D
  971. ☻Triangles ☭: :D?
  972. Bearded Gir: I wonder what happens when I put dragon armor in it
  973. Bearded Gir: :D
  974. Bearded Gir: wait
  975. Bearded Gir: that's a stupid idea
  976. Dvsilverwing disconnected.
  977. Ringo Starr: Awesome footage of awesome awesome is exporting now
  978. Bearded Gir: we NEED this game
  979. Ringo Starr: ?
  980. Bearded Gir: was watching something
  981. Bearded Gir: typed comment in chat by accident
  982. Bearded Gir: :V
  983. Ringo Starr: adsf
  984. Bearded Gir: FUCK YOU PROPHET
  985. Ringo Starr: :<
  986. Bearded Gir: NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN
  987. Bearded Gir: not you
  988. Bearded Gir: :<
  989. Bearded Gir: I ment that prophet in Anvil
  990. Ringo Starr: ok
  991. Bearded Gir: he said "By Azura By Azura By Azura"
  992. Bearded Gir: to me
  993. Ringo Starr: lol
  994. Bearded Gir: oh great, another deamon to slay and save the world
  995. Loco: jhsa
  996. ☻Triangles ☭: guys guys
  997. Inacio entered chat.
  998. ☻Triangles ☭: we should totally have a GGT NFS:World game
  999. Inacio: wow
  1000. Inacio: WOW
  1001. Ringo Starr: ?
  1002. Bearded Gir: NFS?
  1003. ☻Triangles ☭: yeah
  1004. Ringo Starr: Need Fer Speed
  1005. Bearded Gir: :I
  1006. Ringo Starr: ?
  1007. ☻Triangles ☭: yes
  1008. ☻Triangles ☭: this time
  1009. ☻Triangles ☭: it's FREE
  1010. Ringo Starr: :O
  1011. Bearded Gir: I like my little kart games quite nicely thank you very much
  1012. Bearded Gir: :V
  1013. ☻Triangles ☭: you just have to download approximately 800 MB or so
  1014. Inacio: give
  1015. Inacio: me
  1016. Inacio: gaems
  1017. Inacio: pls
  1018. Bearded Gir: Give
  1019. Bearded Gir: me
  1020. Bearded Gir: zero
  1021. Bearded Gir: gear
  1022. Bearded Gir: pls
  1023. ☻Triangles ☭: zero gear
  1024. ☻Triangles ☭: more like gay gear
  1025. Bearded Gir: :I
  1026. Inacio: zero gayer
  1027. Inacio: hohooho
  1028. Ringo Starr: gay gay
  1030. ☻Triangles ☭: so about that NFS: World game
  1031. ☻Triangles ☭: yes
  1032. ☻Triangles ☭: it can run on your gfx hobo
  1033. Bearded Gir: :I
  1034. Ringo Starr: :OOO
  1035. Ringo Starr: What abut my processor?
  1036. ☻Triangles ☭: get 30 FPS on minimum
  1037. Ringo Starr: 2.2 ghz
  1038. ☻Triangles ☭: it'll be okay
  1039. ☻Triangles ☭: my processor is also 2.22 GHz
  1040. ☻Triangles ☭: just put it on minimum
  1041. Ringo Starr: yay
  1042. ☻Triangles ☭: caution
  1043. Inacio: gais
  1044. Inacio: i missed you
  1045. ☻Triangles ☭: it'll be really ugly
  1046. ☻Triangles ☭: http://needforspeed.com
  1047. ☻Triangles ☭: sign up
  1048. Ringo Starr: I missed you too Inacio
  1049. ☻Triangles ☭: look for NFS world
  1050. ☻Triangles ☭: and download it
  1051. Inacio: aw now did you ,3
  1052. Inacio: <3
  1053. Ringo Starr: <3
  1054. ☻Triangles ☭: i missed you too inacio
  1055. Inacio: now you guys are just trying to make me go all daw
  1056. Inacio: <3
  1057. ☻Triangles ☭: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/485863
  1058. Zabe Aeiger: Loco
  1059. ☻Triangles ☭: have not played this game
  1060. ☻Triangles ☭: IN FOREVER
  1061. Zabe Aeiger: LOCO
  1062. Zabe Aeiger: I saw masterchief in halo reach
  1063. Zabe Aeiger: LOCOOOOO
  1064. Zabe Aeiger: DAMIT ANSWER
  1065. Zabe Aeiger: ADDFSDFSSDF
  1067. Zabe Aeiger: ABOUT
  1068. Zabe Aeiger: MINECRAFT
  1069. Zabe Aeiger: GOSSSSSSSH
  1070. ☻Triangles ☭: wat
  1071. ☻Triangles ☭: srsly?
  1072. Zabe Aeiger: yeah
  1073. Zabe Aeiger: http://roosterteeth.com/archive/episode.php?id=1562
  1074. Zabe Aeiger: SPOILERS
  1075. Zabe Aeiger: are in that video
  1076. Inacio: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  1077. Inacio: fuck
  1078. ☻Triangles ☭: ???
  1079. Inacio: i was browsing a random pics site
  1080. Inacio: then a really hot chick showed up
  1081. Inacio: a got a HUGE boner
  1082. Inacio: and then
  1083. Inacio: had to open my jeans' zipper
  1084. Inacio: and then
  1085. Inacio: my mom walks in
  1086. Inacio: i'm still shaking
  1087. ☻Triangles ☭: lol owned
  1088. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  1089. Ringo Starr: lol
  1090. Loco: pwnt
  1091. Lord Wootman entered chat.
  1092. Lord Wootman: suck
  1093. Lord Wootman: a
  1094. Lord Wootman: dick
  1095. Lord Wootman left chat.
  1096. Inacio: haha oh wow he's so funny eh
  1097. ☻Triangles ☭: inorite
  1098. Ringo Starr: asdf
  1099. Ringo Starr: Export fasterrrrrrrr
  1100. ☻Triangles ☭: asdf
  1101. ☻Triangles ☭: faggot kotor won't work on steam
  1102. ☻Triangles ☭: on windows 7*
  1103. Ringo Starr: WAIT WUT
  1104. Ringo Starr: WHAT
  1105. Ringo Starr: WHAT
  1107. ☻Triangles ☭: ?
  1108. Inacio: noo
  1109. Inacio: nooo
  1110. Inacio: no
  1111. ☻Triangles ☭: it's on my pc
  1112. ☻Triangles ☭: not my laptop
  1113. ☻Triangles ☭: hobo
  1114. ☻Triangles ☭: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194296
  1115. ☻Triangles ☭: take this if you want it to work
  1116. ☻Triangles ☭: for safe keeping
  1117. Bearded Gir: where the fuck is the armory in the Imperial city?
  1118. Ringo Starr: Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooney
  1119. Ringo Starr: that's
  1120. Ringo Starr: what i want
  1121. Ringo Starr: wununununununu
  1122. Ringo Starr: nunununu
  1123. Ringo Starr: nununun
  1124. Ringo Starr: neeeenneneeneeeen
  1125. Ringo Starr: nunununu
  1126. Ringo Starr: NUNUNUNUNUNU
  1127. Loco: migmgimgimgigmigmig
  1128. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  1131. Loco: wah
  1132. Ringo Starr: I used to hate Wild Honey Pie
  1133. Ringo Starr: now I love it
  1134. Inacio left chat.
  1135. Loco: blech
  1136. Loco: I like honey buns
  1137. Loco: they taste guuud
  1138. Inacio entered chat.
  1139. Ringo Starr: Wild Honey Pie be a good song yo
  1140. Inacio: turbis
  1141. Inacio: is
  1142. Inacio: a homophobic
  1143. Inacio: fag
  1144. Ringo Starr: :o
  1145. The chat room has been unlocked (opened to anyone) by Loco.
  1146. The chat room has been locked by Loco.
  1147. The chat room has been unlocked (opened to anyone) by Loco.
  1148. The chat room has been locked by Loco.
  1149. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  1150. Loco: Important things have been done
  1151. Zabe Aeiger: :o
  1152. Inacio: ah fuck
  1153. ☻Triangles ☭ disconnected.
  1154. The chat room has been set to officers-only chat by Ringo Starr.
  1155. Ringo Starr: Derp.
  1156. The chat room has been set to all-users chat by Ringo Starr.
  1157. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  1158. Ringo Starr: Hi.
  1159. Zabe Aeiger: hey
  1160. Zabe Aeiger: hey
  1161. Zabe Aeiger: hey
  1162. Loco: listen
  1163. Inacio: no
  1164. Zabe Aeiger: for shits and giggles
  1165. Zabe Aeiger: kick
  1166. Zabe Aeiger: erp
  1167. Loco: MR.T says
  1168. Inacio: HEUAHUHAEUHUhaEUEHAuh
  1170. Inacio: kickin erp
  1171. Inacio: luls
  1172. Inacio: ur funi nigg
  1173. Zabe Aeiger: he snoozin
  1174. Loco: oh no u didnt
  1175. Zabe Aeiger: :O
  1176. Zabe Aeiger: HE
  1177. Zabe Aeiger: SAID
  1178. Zabe Aeiger: WACIST
  1179. Zabe Aeiger: WORD
  1180. Zabe Aeiger: WROODWOROWDOWOD
  1181. Inacio: NIGGER
  1182. Inacio: BE
  1183. Inacio: BLACK
  1184. Zabe Aeiger: o
  1185. Zabe Aeiger: m
  1186. Zabe Aeiger: g
  1187. Zabe Aeiger: loose canon
  1188. Inacio: o
  1189. Inacio: g
  1190. Inacio: m
  1191. Inacio: g
  1192. Inacio: o
  1193. Loco: TABLE BE ROUND
  1194. Duck entered chat.
  1195. Duck: People better be talkin'
  1196. Duck: it's Friday Night
  1197. Inacio: LIVE FROM BRAZIL
  1198. Inacio: ITS FRIDAY NIGHT
  1199. Duck: live
  1200. Duck: Does living in Brazil suck?
  1201. Loco: I prefer saturday night live
  1202. Duck: I heard that it's hot, there are lots of bugs, crowded as fuck,
  1203. Zabe Aeiger: ^
  1204. Zabe Aeiger: jckhajsh
  1205. Duck: sadfkasdl;f
  1206. Duck: SNL is pree cool.
  1207. Loco: It is
  1208. Zabe Aeiger: SEAN
  1209. Duck: But one of the guys is leaving.
  1210. Zabe Aeiger: kingston
  1211. Zabe Aeiger: is jamaican
  1212. Duck: Will Forte
  1213. Loco: Thier dear sister skit was funny
  1214. Zabe Aeiger: who knew
  1215. Zabe Aeiger: Yes
  1216. Zabe Aeiger: it was
  1217. Inacio: tubirs is a fagot
  1219. Zabe Aeiger: hey
  1220. Zabe Aeiger: Jobby is still on
  1221. Zabe Aeiger: Hi
  1222. Inacio: no
  1224. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  1225. Duck: SHAWTY 911
  1226. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  1227. Duck: Loco
  1228. Duck: I hate that song.
  1229. Duck: ._.
  1230. Loco: :L
  1232. Duck: It's worse than Airplanes.
  1233. Loco: :l
  1234. Zabe Aeiger: dont deny it
  1236. Loco: I fly like paper get high like planes
  1237. Zabe Aeiger: she be playin all the black guys
  1238. Zabe Aeiger: Paper planes
  1239. Loco: if you catch me round the corner
  1240. Zabe Aeiger: wasnt that in SLumdog Millionare?
  1241. Loco: The name of the song?
  1242. Duck: Slumdog Millionaire
  1243. Duck: had the best fuckin soundtrack ever
  1244. Zabe Aeiger: is a movie
  1245. Loco: Oh yeah what about it?
  1246. Zabe Aeiger: didnt have that song you were just talkin about
  1247. Ringo Starr: Exporrrrrrt faaaaaasssssssssttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr dammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt
  1248. Zabe Aeiger: didnt it*
  1249. Loco: I dunno I didnt see it
  1250. Zabe Aeiger: I think it did
  1251. Zabe Aeiger: just
  1252. Zabe Aeiger: different
  1253. Zabe Aeiger: EENIE MEENIE LOVER
  1254. Zabe Aeiger: TIME
  1255. Zabe Aeiger: TIME
  1256. Zabe Aeiger: TIM
  1257. Zabe Aeiger: ETIME
  1258. Zabe Aeiger: ETIMERTI
  1259. Inacio: UHTUGAUGTUH
  1260. Inacio: %
  1261. Inacio: oj
  1262. Loco: Kick push
  1263. Loco: just kick push
  1264. Duck: I've been listening to the same song for 5 minutes.
  1265. Duck: it's about halfway done.
  1266. Zabe Aeiger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewRjZoRtu0Y&ob=av3n
  1267. Zabe Aeiger: this song
  1268. Duck: Weird Al's Drivethrough song.
  1269. Zabe Aeiger: was in Slumdog
  1270. Loco: no listen to this song :l http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAV0XrbEwNc
  1271. Inacio: ZABE
  1272. Inacio: ZABE
  1273. Zabe Aeiger: what
  1274. Zabe Aeiger: what
  1275. Inacio: aeiger
  1276. Inacio: :3
  1277. Zabe Aeiger: ya
  1278. Zabe Aeiger: <3
  1279. Inacio: <3
  1280. Loco: I didnt see the movie
  1281. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  1282. Inacio: WOW
  1283. Zabe Aeiger: go see it
  1284. Inacio: YOU DIDNT
  1285. Inacio: SHIT
  1286. Zabe Aeiger: GO SEE IT
  1287. Inacio: THE FUCK
  1288. Duck: qWhat the fuck
  1289. Inacio: HE IDNdnd
  1290. Duck: You didn't see Slumdog millionaire
  1291. Loco: I was sick when it was released
  1292. Zabe Aeiger: That movie was boss
  1293. Duck: what the fuck man
  1294. Duck: It's an amazing movie
  1295. Ringo Starr: I never saw it
  1296. Duck: Made me want to visit India
  1297. Inacio: ddue
  1298. Loco: and im sick now
  1299. Inacio: ddudye
  1300. Loco: :<
  1301. Inacio: you disgust mme
  1302. Ringo Starr: I've barely seen any movies
  1303. Ringo Starr: well
  1304. Duck: O saya <3
  1305. Inacio: that chic
  1306. Inacio: k
  1307. Ringo Starr: Any "classics"
  1308. Inacio: is so fucking hto
  1309. Inacio: hot
  1310. Loco: Black girls are hot
  1311. Loco: and asians
  1312. Loco: and other thingys
  1313. Duck: OH
  1314. Duck: Lol
  1315. Loco: that i forgot
  1316. Duck: She's cute.
  1317. Inacio: shes really
  1318. Inacio: cute
  1319. Inacio: indeed
  1320. Loco: What girl ya talkimg about?
  1321. Duck: What the fuck
  1322. Loco: talking*
  1323. Duck: Shakira's Waka Waka has 187 million views
  1324. Zabe Aeiger: so
  1325. Loco: wakakakakakakakkakaakaka
  1326. Loco: eh eh
  1327. Duck: WAKA WAKA EH EH
  1328. Duck: SAMENAMENAH
  1329. Zabe Aeiger: IT'S TIME FOR AFRICA
  1330. Duck: lolz.
  1331. Duck: I love this song.
  1332. Inacio: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Qzd9HIsRWeA/SaIDgPAjptI/AAAAAAAAU9U/rrh7uFujnjc/s400/Slumdog+Millionaire+Girl.jpg
  1333. Loco: The spanish version
  1334. Inacio: <3
  1335. Loco: is different
  1336. Inacio: <3
  1337. Duck: Lol The spanish Version is pro
  1338. Inacio: <3
  1339. Inacio: <3
  1340. Inacio: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Qzd9HIsRWeA/SaIDgPAjptI/AAAAAAAAU9U/rrh7uFujnjc/s400/Slumdog+Millionaire+Girl.jpg
  1341. Duck: Quanta mey tayo
  1342. Inacio: she is
  1343. Inacio: so
  1344. Inacio: cute
  1345. Loco: who dat girl
  1346. Zabe Aeiger: MY MAH GAWD
  1347. Zabe Aeiger: WALLE IS ON
  1348. Zabe Aeiger: RIGHT NOW
  1349. Duck: AEJSFASKDJL:F\
  1350. Duck: sd'AFL:SDF
  1351. Duck: RAGE
  1352. Inacio: UPAHeIUAEPHUIPE i
  1353. Inacio: AuoidsiohDOsdD
  1354. Inacio: dsdS
  1355. Inacio: D:
  1356. Duck: Wall-E is the 5th best Pixar movie.
  1357. Duck: 4th is finding Nemo
  1358. Ringo Starr: The song from a gigantic spoiler cutscene in Red Dead is really good
  1359. Duck: 3rd is Toy Story 2
  1360. Ringo Starr: For not having any music
  1361. Inacio: wall-e
  1362. Ringo Starr: At all
  1363. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  1364. Inacio: is
  1365. Inacio: amazng
  1366. Duck: 2nd is toy Story 3
  1367. Duck: 1st is Toy Story
  1368. Inacio: i still have to see it in full hd
  1369. Loco: Oh shit shes a gold digger just thought you should know nigga
  1370. Inacio: musst be
  1371. Zabe Aeiger: I liked Up
  1372. Inacio: so awesoe
  1373. Inacio: me
  1374. Duck: Loco
  1375. Loco: aint that some shit
  1376. Duck: I love that song
  1377. Loco: :V
  1378. Duck: With this pain in my chest I still wish for the best
  1379. Duck: with a
  1380. Duck: fuck youu
  1381. Zabe Aeiger: Pixar has yet to make a bad movie
  1382. Inacio: ^
  1383. Loco: You the music they made not too long ago?
  1384. Loco: see*
  1385. Zabe Aeiger: what?
  1386. Duck: Indeed. what
  1387. Loco: Oh not pixar Im talking about a song
  1388. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  1389. Duck: Oh
  1390. Loco: ho
  1391. Duck: Well I aint sh
  1392. Duck: I found a CD collection
  1393. Duck: and I found this CD by a guy called Beck
  1394. Zabe Aeiger: GLENN
  1395. Duck: And I can't get Loser out of my Head
  1396. Zabe Aeiger: IN MY HEAD
  1397. Duck: Sooy Un Perdedoor
  1398. Ringo Starr: GLENN BECK
  1399. Ringo Starr: IS
  1401. Ringo Starr: IN
  1402. Ringo Starr: YOUR
  1403. Ringo Starr: MIND
  1404. Zabe Aeiger: D::::
  1405. Zabe Aeiger: D:D::D:D:D:D:
  1406. Zabe Aeiger: :D:D:
  1407. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1408. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1409. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1410. Zabe Aeiger: :D:D:
  1411. Zabe Aeiger: D:D:D
  1412. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1413. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1414. Zabe Aeiger: :D:D
  1415. Zabe Aeiger: ;DDD:D
  1416. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  1417. Zabe Aeiger: D:D
  1418. Zabe Aeiger: D:D
  1419. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1420. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1421. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  1422. Zabe Aeiger: :Dd:
  1423. Zabe Aeiger: d;
  1424. Zabe Aeiger: s'df
  1425. Zabe Aeiger: sjl;dfgaksdfhadsga
  1426. Inacio: :D:D:D;
  1427. Inacio: :D:d
  1428. Zabe Aeiger: KICK ME
  1429. Inacio: :d;;D:;
  1430. Duck: Jesus Christ
  1431. Inacio: Dd;;D:
  1432. Inacio: :D
  1433. Inacio: :D;
  1434. Inacio: d
  1435. Duck: Stop it
  1436. Inacio: ;D:D:D:D;d:D:D:;D;d
  1437. Inacio: ;d
  1438. Zabe Aeiger left chat.
  1439. Inacio: :(
  1440. Duck: :v
  1441. Zabe Aeiger entered chat.
  1442. Zabe Aeiger: heh
  1443. Inacio: fuck
  1444. Inacio: you
  1445. Duck: I watched
  1446. Inacio: if
  1447. Inacio: you
  1448. Inacio: are
  1449. Inacio: b
  1450. Inacio: la
  1451. Inacio: c
  1452. Inacio: k
  1453. Inacio: kc
  1454. Inacio: alalal
  1455. Inacio left chat.
  1456. Duck: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  1457. Duck: Good movie.
  1458. Duck: I wanna read the book now.
  1459. Duck: Say I if you would fuck Shakira
  1460. Zabe Aeiger: penis
  1461. Zabe Aeiger: Who wants to play space bootles in SWBF2
  1462. Duck: Who wants to Spleef
  1463. Duck: :v
  1464. Zabe Aeiger: fine
  1465. Loco: meh
  1466. Zabe Aeiger: ignore me
  1467. Zabe Aeiger: jeez
  1468. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  1469. Duck: Hey guys
  1470. Loco: meeee
  1471. Loco: e
  1472. Loco: emememe
  1473. Loco: me
  1474. Duck: Waht do you do
  1475. Loco: mwae
  1476. Loco: meamemame
  1477. Loco: e
  1478. Zabe Aeiger: OKKKKKKK
  1479. Loco: mem
  1480. Zabe Aeiger: meme
  1481. Loco: JEEZ
  1482. Duck: if United Airlines breaks your guitar?
  1483. Zabe Aeiger: you
  1484. Zabe Aeiger: sure
  1485. Zabe Aeiger: sue*
  1486. Duck: No
  1487. Duck: You write a song about it
  1488. Duck: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=United+Breaks+guitars&aq=f
  1489. Duck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo
  1490. Duck: This guy's Canadian, and I saw him when this song was growing last summer.
  1491. Duck: His guitar got Fucked by united airlines, and after a bunch of "derp we dunt owe u nuthin"
  1492. Duck: he wrote 3 songs abut em
  1493. Duck: and now he's a Tubililionaur
  1494. Duck: God-damn iot somebodyu talk
  1498. Duck: ADMIT ITTTTTT
  1499. Duck: WHATS TO SAYYYY
  1501. Ringo Starr: THE COLORS
  1502. Loco: uyuyyiyiiy
  1503. Loco: let us ploay ploax
  1504. Duck: :c
  1505. Duck: Oh shit Ringo
  1506. Duck: I hate illusions like that
  1507. Duck: I see bubbles in between the lines
  1508. Ringo Starr: WHY ARE THERE COLORS? D:
  1509. Ringo Starr: OH FUCK NOW I SEE BBBLES TOO
  1510. Duck: Cikiyrs*
  1511. Ringo Starr: MY BRAIN
  1512. Duck: Colours*
  1513. Ringo Starr: IS BERKN
  1514. Loco: my brain dun work gud
  1515. Duck: :]
  1516. Loco: so I can see
  1517. Loco: cant seeeee
  1518. Ringo Starr: I NED MAECKANK
  1519. Loco: MEDIC
  1521. Ringo Starr: Mooodic
  1522. Duck: mehdick
  1523. Loco: unce unce unce unce unce
  1524. Duck: isburnin\
  1525. Loco: MAH DICK
  1526. Duck: Found this song.
  1527. Duck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovMN-eGUn_A
  1528. Duck: Opinions?
  1529. Ringo Starr: Can't lerd vidyas
  1530. Duck: ;v
  1531. Ringo Starr: Experting vidya
  1532. Duck: Nigga Nigga Nigga - Gangsta Rap
  1533. Ringo Starr: THAT
  1534. Ringo Starr: IS
  1535. Ringo Starr: THE
  1536. Ringo Starr: GREATEST
  1537. Ringo Starr: SONG
  1538. Ringo Starr: EVER
  1539. Duck: yes
  1540. Ringo Starr: I can really relate to the lyrics
  1541. Duck: I can't.
  1542. Ringo Starr: "I'm 200% NIGGUH."
  1543. Duck: We have no Black in Prince George ._.
  1544. Loco: hjkhfsa
  1545. Duck: Saw my First black man in Chicago.
  1546. Ringo Starr: Loco it's ok they're lyrics
  1547. Loco: shit got real
  1548. Ringo Starr: I'M NOT RACIST OK
  1549. Loco: OMG
  1550. Loco: imma burn you at the cross
  1551. Loco: meng
  1552. Duck: Man I swear I aint no nigga hatah
  1553. Loco: Negro please
  1554. Duck: This song should be Micspammed.
  1555. Duck: but all the servers I like have auto-micspam kick
  1558. Zabe Aeiger: YAY
  1559. Zabe Aeiger: WALLE IS SAVED
  1560. Duck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF0glrGh7ow&feature=related
  1561. Zabe Aeiger: WOOOOOO
  1562. Duck: Lol watch this
  1563. Loco: oh snap
  1564. Loco: :V
  1565. Ringo Starr: guess what i stole
  1566. Duck: Beep beep
  1567. Loco: oh you
  1569. Duck: =w=
  1570. Zabe Aeiger: you are
  1571. Ringo Starr: You were terrible
  1572. Zabe Aeiger: penis
  1573. Ringo Starr: Get better
  1574. Duck: I WILL TRY C:
  1575. Loco: How many times can you say nigga
  1576. Loco: and get away with it
  1577. Duck: Around all my friends?
  1578. Duck: \as many as I want
  1579. Duck: around family, idk.
  1580. Loco: I can say as much as i want :V
  1581. Ringo Starr: Let's find out
  1583. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  1584. Ringo Starr: Are you mad yet?
  1585. Loco: negro please
  1586. Loco: Do I look black :l
  1587. Ringo Starr: Yes
  1588. Loco: :<
  1589. Duck: Haven't seen you
  1590. Duck: so Idk
  1591. Loco: well thats a lie
  1592. Zabe Aeiger: -
  1678. Spamming kills puppies.  Please save the puppies <3
  1679. Duck: Am I the only one who sees "Gannigan"
  1680. Duck: and jesus what the fuck
  1681. Zabe Aeiger: who would do such a thing
  1682. Duck: A nigga.
  1683. Ringo Starr: Standard Practice of Alerting Members
  1684. Duck: Nice acronym.
  1685. Loco: oh snap
  1686. Loco: bf2 tyme
  1687. Duck: Fornication under consent of king
  1688. Loco: Sofaking
  1689. Duck: Ex Ex Ex
  1690. Ringo Starr: I'd play but this fucking video is taking forever to export from WMM
  1691. Duck: WMM
  1692. Loco: :l
  1693. Loco: wmm
  1694. Duck: :l
  1695. Duck: SHAME
  1696. Ringo Starr: Only using it to export to .wav
  1698. Ringo Starr: To make it a smaller filesize
  1699. Duck: Oh
  1700. Duck: Use DBpoweramp
  1701. Duck: and Goldwave
  1702. Duck: I use those to make micspam and they compress it
  1703. Duck: and isn't wav large?
  1704. Loco: wavs are lager
  1705. Ringo Starr: I meant .wmv
  1706. Duck: Oh.
  1707. Ringo Starr: from .avi
  1708. Duck: oh
  1709. Duck: All of my videos are in Mp4
  1710. Ringo Starr: Fraps records in .avi
  1711. Ringo Starr: I just run it through WMM to export it to a 1080p .wmv
  1712. Duck: I just realized I have Rime of the Ancient Mariner in iTunes
  1713. Duck: 1080p looks damn sexy
  1714. Ringo Starr: Yerp
  1715. Loco: booba fett
  1716. Loco: booby fett
  1717. Loco: bob feet
  1718. Ringo Starr: Booby Felt
  1719. Duck: Boobies feel good.
  1720. Zabe Aeiger: Tits
  1721. Loco: Damn it boby fett
  1722. Duck: Tits sounds derogatoryy
  1723. Ringo Starr: Dammit Boba
  1724. Bearded Gir: aw fuck
  1725. Bearded Gir: this Favor of Akatosh spell won't wear off, and hasn't worn off for almost 2 weeks
  1726. Bearded Gir: in game
  1727. Ringo Starr: I am tire
  1728. Bearded Gir: I am knot
  1729. Duck: I am lever
  1730. Bearded Gir: I am board
  1731. Ringo Starr: I am sleep
  1732. Ringo Starr: Good night
  1733. Loco: fine
  1734. Loco: stupid
  1735. Loco: stooopsdopfsdpokfsd
  1736. Loco: :<
  1737. Ringo Starr: :<
  1738. Duck: :<
  1739. Duck: Dun go
  1740. Ringo Starr: Loco we play BF2 tomorrow for long whiles of happy times
  1741. Zabe Aeiger: me too
  1742. Loco: k
  1743. Loco: Imma play nao then
  1744. Ringo Starr: yes
  1745. Ringo Starr: Alright
  1746. Ringo Starr: Good night everyone
  1747. Loco: night
  1748. Duck: Goodnight.
  1749. Zabe Aeiger: Bye
  1750. Ringo Starr left chat.
  1751. Bearded Gir: there should be a mod that makes the Imperial Dragon Armor have better stats
  1752. Bearded Gir: it's worse than ebony
  1753. Zabe Aeiger: http://kotaku.com/5641388/battlefield-bad-company-2-vietnam-yeah-i-was-in-the-sht
  1754. Zabe Aeiger: BFBC2 Vietnam
  1755. Zabe Aeiger: omg
  1756. Duck: Boohoo Vietnam
  1757. Duck: Next please.
  1758. Zabe Aeiger: BFBC2 holy crusades
  1759. Duck: :l
  1760. Duck: Yes
  1761. Duck: Do it
  1762. Duck: Has potential
  1763. Bearded Gir: there's tons of mods to make the Imperial dragon armors better
  1764. Bearded Gir: tba the non-modded version is pure shit in stats
  1765. Duck: I think in Oblivion there are mods for everything.
  1766. Zabe Aeiger: waifu
  1767. Zabe Aeiger: desu
  1768. Zabe Aeiger: so kawaii
  1769. Zabe Aeiger: =^-^=
  1770. Zabe Aeiger: ~~~~~~~~~~
  1771. Bearded Gir: yep
  1772. Bearded Gir: mods for everything
  1773. Duck: ...
  1774. Duck: Baka.
  1775. John Lennon entered chat.
  1776. Zabe Aeiger: hi Pascool
  1777. John Lennon: hullo
  1778. Zabe Aeiger: how are you
  1779. Duck: Hi Pascal
  1780. John Lennon: i'm alright.
  1781. Duck: Please paint me a painting
  1782. Bearded Gir: Hi pascall
  1783. John Lennon: i will sometime
  1784. Duck: :D
  1785. John Lennon: I really need to just rest. A lot has been reeling through my mind the past few hours.
  1786. Zabe Aeiger: Sounds like sitcom material
  1787. Duck: mhm
  1788. Zabe Aeiger: must take notes for new episode
  1789. Duck: :l
  1790. Duck: :|
  1791. John Lennon: I gotta be honest, Makol is the greatest person I have ever met online.
  1792. John Lennon: He listens to my boi problems
  1793. John Lennon: and gives me ways to fix them
  1794. John Lennon: it is awesome
  1795. Zabe Aeiger: what a guy
  1796. Duck: Makol is a dude, fo sho.
  1797. John Lennon: It's like having my own personal therapist
  1798. Bearded Gir: Makol is awesome
  1799. John Lennon: GGG v1: Makol Appreciation Station
  1800. Duck: Well then.
  1801. Duck: New Pokemon.
  1802. John Lennon: I
  1803. John Lennon: LOVE
  1804. John Lennon: them
  1805. Duck: The new Pokemon?
  1806. John Lennon: There's a fucking SEA LAMPREY pokemon
  1807. Duck: Oh yeah
  1808. John Lennon: and a MICRORAPTOR pokemon
  1809. Duck: I like this season, but it's not as good asthe last one.
  1810. Zabe Aeiger: Pokemon is boss
  1811. Zabe Aeiger: games are good
  1812. John Lennon: i got bit by mosquitos
  1813. John Lennon: ow
  1814. Zabe Aeiger: owwwww
  1815. Zabe Aeiger: put on a bandaid
  1816. Zabe Aeiger: they make everything better
  1817. John Lennon: but then they're just itching under da bandaid
  1818. Bearded Gir: I like the two new Ghost/Ground Pokemon
  1819. Zabe Aeiger: :o
  1820. Duck: There's a pure Flying legendary
  1821. Duck: Somoene just posted a livestream on /vp/
  1822. Bearded Gir: Gobitto and it's evolve form Goruggo
  1823. Bearded Gir: I also like the last one on the list
  1824. Bearded Gir: Insekuta
  1825. Duck: Dark Dragon,.
  1826. Duck: 3 headed.
  1827. Bearded Gir: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/pokemon.shtml
  1828. pokemon list, come pick out your favorites
  1829. Bearded Gir: :V
  1830. Zabe Aeiger: omg
  1831. Zabe Aeiger: my starter
  1832. Zabe Aeiger: is
  1833. Duck: Smugleaf,
  1834. Zabe Aeiger: the seal thingy
  1835. Duck: hands down.
  1836. Bearded Gir: #647 looks like a dumb moose
  1837. Duck: Theyir unofficial names are
  1838. Duck: Wotter, Pignition,
  1839. Duck: And Smugleaf
  1840. John Lennon: DID YOU SEE THE BUFFAFRO
  1841. John Lennon: that thing is awesome
  1842. Bearded Gir: yeah
  1843. Duck: Omg
  1844. Duck: LOL
  1845. Bearded Gir: wait qa second
  1846. Zabe Aeiger: oh my gosh
  1847. Zabe Aeiger: 612 is amazing
  1848. Duck: They're all revealed now
  1849. John Lennon: ya
  1850. Duck: Ok so we have Three legenary
  1851. Duck: Birds, Dogs, Robots, Fairies,
  1852. Duck: and now Goats
  1853. John Lennon: WELL GUYS I'm gonna head out because I have to get up early tomorrowww. Night!
  1854. Zabe Aeiger: gos there's some awesome pokemon
  1855. Bearded Gir: Insekuta's ability is download
  1856. Zabe Aeiger: Bye Pascool
  1857. Duck: Night Pascal
  1858. John Lennon left chat.
  1859. Bearded Gir: OMG
  1860. Bearded Gir: it's a cyborg insect
  1861. Bearded Gir: bug steel
  1862. Bearded Gir: ability is download
  1863. Bearded Gir: :iia:
  1864. Duck: It will be Event.
  1865. Duck: :science:
  1866. Duck: I know what Download is
  1867. Bearded Gir: Meloia is dumb
  1868. Duck: It either removes the Types
  1869. Duck: or the ability.
  1870. Bearded Gir: or copies
  1871. Duck: #635
  1872. Duck: Not copy
  1873. Bearded Gir: maybe download steals them
  1874. Duck: I'll get the description.
  1875. Bearded Gir: k
  1876. Bearded Gir: not sure I want to catch a Carlswan
  1877. Duck: Wait
  1878. Duck: What the fuck
  1879. Duck: Pendulum is good music to fuck to.
  1880. Bearded Gir: :I
  1881. Duck: EGEGEGEGEGEG
  1882. Bearded Gir: Victini's a bomb
  1883. Duck: Ah here it is
  1884. Duck: Download: Adjusts power according to the opponent
  1885. Bearded Gir: ah
  1886. Duck: Oh fuck.
  1887. Duck: It's only a matter of time.
  1888. Duck: shit Fuck
  1889. Duck: I can maybe do it
  1890. Duck: Bearded
  1891. Duck: http://www.pokecharms.com/games/images/thumb/c/c9/Desukan.png/220px-Desukan.png
  1892. Duck: Colour one eye green
  1893. Duck: post on 4chan
  1894. Bearded Gir: been done
  1895. Duck: Has it?
  1896. Bearded Gir: it was photoshopped onto her face instead
  1897. Duck: Oh.
  1898. Bearded Gir: not sure where it went though
  1899. Zabe Aeiger: <.<
  1900. Zabe Aeiger: >.>
  1901. Zabe Aeiger left chat.
  1902. Duck: >.>
  1903. Duck: <.<
  1904. Duck: no
  1905. Bearded Gir: oh god there's a jerker pokemon
  1906. Duck: wut
  1907. Bearded Gir: those black kids you see with the mohawks and sagging skinnys that think skipping backwards is dancing.
  1908. Bearded Gir: as said by an anon
  1909. Duck: :l
  1910. Bearded Gir: http://filesmelt.com/dl/1284787814524.jpg
  1911. Duck: That Afro bull
  1912. Duck: Oh god
  1913. Duck: There could be a meme about that one
  1914. Bearded Gir: 4chan fixes bullshit in the pokemon community sometimes
  1915. Duck: I was surprised about how much of 4chan liked Pokemon.
  1916. Bearded Gir: same
  1917. Duck: I never thought it would get a whole board dedicated to it.
  1918. Bearded Gir: yep
  1919. Duck: But I guess /v/ was getting clogged
  1920. Bearded Gir: speaking of /v/
  1921. Bearded Gir: hold up gotta host it real quick
  1922. Duck: I got a 4chan app.
  1923. Bearded Gir: http://filesmelt.com/dl/1281514219078.png
  1924. Duck: Can't say I get it.
  1925. Bearded Gir: Red Lanterns are powered by rage and anger, and spew blood
  1926. Bearded Gir: the very image of rage
  1927. Duck: Ah.
  1928. Duck: I gotta hand it to 4chan.
  1929. Duck: I don't necessarily like the gore and shit and trolling they do,
  1930. Duck: but they have some smart people.
  1931. Bearded Gir: that's p. much just /b/
  1932. Duck: Exactly.
  1933. Duck: But /b/ raids boards.
  1934. Bearded Gir: they think they run the damn place, but even other boards don't liek them
  1935. Bearded Gir: damn I types leik
  1936. Bearded Gir: fff
  1937. Bearded Gir: here be an image of the Red Lantern Corps
  1938. Bearded Gir: http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/3/31467/682024-795px_atrocitus3_super.jpg
  1939. Bearded Gir: now do you get it?
  1940. Duck: Ah.
  1941. Duck: Yes.
  1942. Duck: I should watch/read Green Lantern.
  1943. Bearded Gir: there are a few different lantern corps
  1944. Bearded Gir: the Orange Lantern Corps is really small
  1945. Bearded Gir: as in like one or two members
  1946. Bearded Gir: mostly one
  1947. Duck: hmm
  1948. Bearded Gir: Behold
  1949. Bearded Gir: the Lantern oaths
  1950. Bearded Gir: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs45/f/2009/123/8/6/The_Lantern_Oaths_by_ASKwhy.jpg
  1951. Bearded Gir: look for orange to understand why there's only one
  1952. Duck: It appears that Green is, along with Indigo and Purple and yellow and the single orange, surrounded by evil.
  1953. Duck: What's Gray?
  1954. Bearded Gir: you mean black
  1955. Bearded Gir: they be undead
  1956. Duck: Ah.
  1957. Bearded Gir: :O
  1958. Bearded Gir: 5 earth Green Lanterns
  1959. Bearded Gir: Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner
  1960. Loco: UGH
  1961. Loco: WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN
  1962. Loco: CANNOT BE UNSEEN
  1963. Bearded Gir: what
  1964. Loco: The spy's revolver
  1965. Loco: the model is made for 8 shots
  1966. Loco: ,but the texture has 6
  1967. Loco: kfsajhsjdkhfsdd
  1968. Duck: Demoman's Grenade Launcher
  1969. Duck: 6 clots
  1970. Loco: Now I'm gonna notice it all the time
  1971. Duck: 6 slots
  1972. Duck: 4 only
  1973. Duck: araghahgagh
  1974. Duck left chat.
  1975. Bearded Gir: there's a fix for- dammit
  1976. Duck entered chat.
  1977. Loco: Well made just now
  1978. Duck: whops
  1979. Bearded Gir: there's a fix for that
  1980. Duck: Valve needs to make the demo's grenade launcher 6 slots for the opening
  1981. Loco: http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=24891506&postcount=1641
  1982. Duck: to better suit the weapon.
  1983. Loco: ps3 version actually uses all 6 slots
  1984. Duck: :l
  1985. Duck: RAGE
  1986. Bearded Gir: ARGHUUUAGH
  1987. Loco: they also have 30 extra nades
  1988. Duck: What
  1989. Loco: so intotal they have 36
  1990. Duck: So Demo is OP in PS3?
  1991. Duck: Or does Sticky jumping not exist.
  1992. Loco: it does
  1993. Loco: It used to be like that on all 3 versions
  1994. Duck: So with Steam coming to the PS3,
  1995. Duck: Does that mean the Obox will acquire the updates?
  1996. Loco: ,but ps3 one never was updated
  1997. Loco: Dunno hopefully
  1998. Loco: also solly had a lot more rockets
  1999. Duck: Why hasn't Microsoft added the stuff yet?
  2000. Duck: I mean seriously.
  2001. Loco: Because Live is a pain in the ass when it comes to content
  2002. Loco: and updates
  2003. Duck: I heard 360 l4D has to pay for the passing
  2004. Loco: True
  2005. Loco: 800 ms points
  2006. Duck: That's a shame.
  2007. Duck: Why does everything cost?
  2008. Duck: It's a software update for fucks sake.
  2009. Loco: just how it works for xbl
  2010. Duck: Ugh.
  2011. Duck: It's not that fair.
  2012. Duck: So about Linux on a PS3
  2013. Duck: What version of Ubuntu is it?
  2014. Loco: Dunno ,but dont plan on installing it
  2015. Duck: Has it been fixed?
  2016. Loco: Last update patched it
  2017. Duck: Ah,
  2018. Duck: I heard they Jailbroke the PS3.
  2019. Loco: I dunno about that ,but I'm sure they will find a way around it
  2020. Duck: They will.
  2021. Duck: They always do, sadly.
  2022. Bearded Gir: what did I take a screenshot of :psyduck:
  2023. Bearded Gir: http://filesmelt.com/dl/Im_on_a_horse.bmp
  2024. Loco: Im on a horse
  2025. Loco: unicorn
  2026. Bearded Gir: :I
  2027. Bearded Gir: renaming to the manliest nord ever
  2028. Bearded Gir: posting in screenshot thread
  2029. Bearded Gir: I shall be showered in gaybows
  2030. Loco: gaybows everywhere
  2031. Duck: That screenshot
  2032. Duck: is Amazing
  2033. Bearded Gir: I was spinning around to take the picture just right
  2034. Bearded Gir: was quite a lucky shot if I do say so myself
  2035. Duck: Indeed.
  2036. Duck: VERY pretty.
  2037. Bearded Gir: and now for the dark side of my Nord
  2038. Bearded Gir: http://filesmelt.com/dl/Sauron_and_his_eye.bmp
  2039. Duck: ._.
  2040. Duck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgSPaXgAdzE
  2041. Duck: So What s this shit I hear abut Pendulum not sucking live
  2042. Loco: hey girl
  2043. Loco: you wanna see my penne
  2044. Duck: sure
  2045. Loco: peenenenenenenen
  2046. Duck: ;)
  2047. Loco: no
  2048. Duck: ;(
  2049. Loco: I changed my mind
  2050. Loco: and I was talkin bout dis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5BGZROgNrg&feature=related
  2051. Duck: What the fuck
  2052. Loco: Its funny when he talks to the italian
  2053. Loco: guy
  2054. Loco: around 2:40
  2055. Duck: Best Micspam
  2056. Duck: Everyt
  2057. Loco: :V
  2058. Duck: Oh god.
  2059. Loco: Penne
  2060. Duck: LOL.
  2061. Duck: Jersey Shore.
  2062. Duck: :l
  2063. Loco: l:
  2064. Duck: There is no way this isn't planned
  2065. Duck: Is*
  2066. Duck: wait.
  2067. Loco: It wasn't planned at all
  2068. Duck: IS this actual voices or jokes
  2069. Loco: voices
  2070. Duck: because this is too funny to be true
  2071. Loco: Its 100%
  2072. Loco: check his other videos
  2073. Duck: Wow.
  2074. Loco: the girl part so funny :V
  2075. Duck: IT's a dog.
  2076. Duck: a DOWG
  2077. Loco: She might be ripe for the penne!
  2079. Loco: I love lollipopprince
  2080. Bearded Gir: lol
  2081. Duck: This might just be the funniest TF2 video I've seen all year.
  2082. Bearded Gir: yes
  2083. tdoyle entered chat.
  2084. Duck: Cacn I turn alltak n
  2085. Loco: I'm toni Bambino
  2086. Duck: Lmfao.
  2087. tdoyle: im a car vroom vroom
  2088. Loco: I'd love to play with one of those guys
  2089. Duck: What kind of glasses do you have on your face
  2090. tdoyle: n/a
  2091. tdoyle: holy shit
  2092. tdoyle: its loco
  2093. tdoyle: from
  2094. tdoyle: that skype call
  2095. Loco: Indeed
  2096. Duck: DOORGLITCH
  2097. Loco: watchu doing here meng
  2098. Bearded Gir: everybody loves a bit of madness...except when they don't, then they hate a bit of madness
  2099. tdoyle: Pester erp
  2100. Duck: Oh ye don't lioke me now
  2101. Duck: OHOHOH
  2102. tdoyle: about his possible homosexuality and the fact that he banned me for trolling on his questbook thing
  2103. Duck: Isn't Erp Bi?
  2104. Loco: Oh well erp just stays and here and does nothing
  2105. tdoyle: I have no idea
  2106. Loco: doesnt come on for a while
  2107. Bearded Gir: I hear a voice in my head
  2108. Bearded Gir: :D
  2109. Bearded Gir: I really do
  2110. Duck: YEEEEES
  2112. Bearded Gir: funny thing is, it sounds like Sheogorath ranting about cheese and biscuits
  2113. Bearded Gir: and oddly my appendix
  2114. tdoyle: si senor
  2115. Bearded Gir: I've been playing too much oblivion, now I'm beginning to go mad
  2116. Duck: No such thing
  2117. Duck: as too much Oblivion
  2118. tdoyle: ($page-1)*$Limit
  2119. Bearded Gir: I'm going to do it
  2120. Bearded Gir: I'm going to enter the shivering isles
  2121. tdoyle: ($page-1)*$Limit($page-1)*$Limit($page-1)*$Limit($page-1)*$Limit
  2122. Bearded Gir: stop
  2123. Loco: $$
  2124. Duck: (a)
  2125. Loco: :l
  2126. Skinny (back Saturday) entered chat.
  2127. Hurrbis entered chat.
  2128. Hurrbis: Hi
  2129. tdoyle: hurrbis == turrbis
  2130. Skinny (back Saturday): hi
  2131. Hurrbis: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1002855
  2132. Duck: Goodnight gaiz
  2133. Hurrbis: nite
  2134. Bearded Gir: night
  2135. Bearded Gir: hi makol
  2136. Hurrbis: also tdoyle do i know you
  2137. Skinny (back Saturday): hi beared something
  2138. Bearded Gir: my brother's stupid
  2139. Skinny (back Saturday): why
  2140. Bearded Gir: he says "WOW new zelda has mario graphics"
  2141. Hurrbis: O_o
  2142. Hurrbis: So..?
  2143. Bearded Gir: well he says it like it's the most awesome thing ever
  2144. Skinny (back Saturday): and?
  2145. Hurrbis: Maybe he likes it.
  2146. Bearded Gir: he called something link was fighting a chainchomp
  2147. Hurrbis: I liked the graphics of wind waker more than twilight princess
  2148. Duck: NO
  2150. tdoyle: hurrbis you dont know me
  2151. tdoyle: dun dun
  2152. tdoyle: DUUUN
  2153. tdoyle left chat.
  2154. Duck: Idk.
  2155. Duck: I REALLY like Twilight Princess
  2156. Duck: But wind Waker was a better game.
  2157. Hurrbis: I haven't played any of them
  2158. Duck: Shame
  2159. Loco: I like twilight princess :<
  2160. Duck: SHAAAAAME
  2161. Duck: :<
  2162. Loco: the new one looks great though
  2163. Duck: I'm more of a Ocarinafag
  2164. Duck: Skyward Sword will be amazing.
  2165. Hurrbis: I don't have / want a gc or a wii
  2167. Loco: ,but  midi music makes it all the bettr
  2168. Duck: NU
  2169. Duck: Orchestrated = Ftw
  2170. Skinny (back Saturday): what
  2171. Duck: Orchestrated music
  2172. Duck: is better than
  2173. Duck: Midi
  2174. Skinny (back Saturday): depends
  2175. Hurrbis: who was doyle btw
  2176. Skinny (back Saturday): no idea
  2177. Duck: Idk.
  2178. Duck: Anyways i g2g
  2179. Duck: bye
  2180. Skinny (back Saturday): k bye
  2181. Hurrbis: cya
  2182. Hurrbis: sexy
  2183. Duck: :<
  2184. Duck left chat.
  2185. Loco: omg makol
  2186. Loco: watchu doin
  2187. Loco: up so late boi
  2188. Skinny (back Saturday): was doing stuff
  2189. Loco: or early
  2190. Skinny (back Saturday): it's 12:15pm
  2191. Loco: oh yeah
  2192. Skinny (back Saturday): im usually up still
  2193. Loco: Well while you have been all dandy I've been here sick as a dog :<
  2194. Skinny (back Saturday): party is ded now, only me, my brother and 2 other guys
  2195. Loco: TELL THEM I SAID HAI
  2196. Skinny (back Saturday): lol k
  2197. Skinny (back Saturday): they say hi back
  2198. Loco: yay
  2199. Skinny (back Saturday): and now they left
  2200. Skinny (back Saturday): :C
  2201. Loco: :<
  2202. Loco: ughuhguhguh I hate being sick
  2203. Loco: I blame pascall
  2204. Skinny (back Saturday): lol
  2205. Loco: and her boxxyness
  2206. Skinny (back Saturday): oh god
  2207. Skinny (back Saturday): that was hilarious
  2208. Loco: I know :V
  2209. Bearded Gir: wat
  2210. Loco: I had to mute my microphone so many times
  2211. Skinny (back Saturday): we made pascall do the Boxxy voice
  2212. Skinny (back Saturday): she sounds just like boxxy
  2213. Skinny (back Saturday): and i recorded it
  2214. Loco: I wanted to die of laughter
  2215. Bearded Gir: :D
  2216. Loco: then my internet died
  2217. Loco: and i sad faiced
  2218. Bearded Gir: argh
  2219. Bearded Gir: Imperial Dragon Armor is so not worth beating the main quest
  2220. Skinny (back Saturday): lol
  2221. Loco: uhguhguhguhgh
  2222. Skinny (back Saturday): hm
  2223. Loco: Makol you are doctor make me feel better
  2224. Bearded Gir: useless shitty armor with shitty enchantments
  2225. Skinny (back Saturday): im too tired
  2226. Loco: :<
  2227. Loco: but but but but
  2228. Skinny (back Saturday): plus i did my duty for the day
  2229. Loco: the hippocratic oath :<
  2230. Skinny (back Saturday): lol
  2231. Skinny (back Saturday): its a lie
  2232. Loco: :<
  2233. Loco: ,buuuuuuuut
  2234. Loco: you're supposed to do what it saysssssss
  2235. Skinny (back Saturday): or am i?
  2236. Loco: You're supposed to swear upon this greek text :<
  2237. Skinny (back Saturday): seeing that im not certified yet
  2238. Skinny (back Saturday): no
  2239. Loco: oh
  2240. Loco: :l
  2241. Skinny (back Saturday): lol
  2242. Loco: you're not a doctor
  2243. Loco: YOU'RE A FAILURE
  2244. Skinny (back Saturday): intern
  2245. Loco: *sniff*
  2246. Skinny (back Saturday): NO
  2247. Bearded Gir: and now to recite the Orange Lantern otah
  2248. Loco: ITS ALL  A LIE
  2249. Bearded Gir: oath
  2250. Loco: oats
  2251. Bearded Gir: MINE
  2252. Skinny (back Saturday): horses eat that stuff
  2253. Loco: have them I hate oats :,
  2254. Skinny (back Saturday): lol
  2255. Bearded Gir: orange lantern is best lantern
  2256. Loco: jhjkhj
  2257. Loco: I really hate being sick
  2258. Loco: I mean like I wanna die
  2259. Loco: Why the hell do I need 3 hpv shots :l
  2260. Loco: Not like i have genital warts
  2261. Skinny (back Saturday): or do you
  2262. Loco: dun dun dun
  2263. Loco: So did you get you hpv vaccine?
  2264. Skinny (back Saturday): probably did
  2265. Skinny (back Saturday): i dont know
  2266. Loco: it was for girls recently made for guys
  2267. Loco: so we dun gib dem cancar
  2268. Skinny (back Saturday): how recent is recently
  2269. Loco: I think it was a few months ago
  2270. Skinny (back Saturday): then probably not
  2271. Loco: GO GET IT
  2272. Loco: cause it hurtsa lot
  2273. Loco: I want you to feeeeel my pain
  2274. Skinny (back Saturday): you're evil
  2275. Hurrbis: eat candy
  2276. Skinny (back Saturday): i have cupcakes
  2277. Loco: I hope they inject it in your spine :<
  2278. Loco: cause you know
  2279. Loco: you need it there
  2280. Skinny (back Saturday): what
  2281. Hurrbis: goddamnit makol u and ur cupcakes
  2282. Loco: ljlkj
  2283. Skinny (back Saturday): it was my burfday
  2284. Skinny (back Saturday): my mom gave them to me
  2285. Skinny (back Saturday): and i ate them all
  2286. Hurrbis: oh
  2287. Hurrbis: when was your burfday
  2288. Skinny (back Saturday): yesterday
  2289. Skinny (back Saturday): wait
  2290. Hurrbis: totally missed that
  2291. Skinny (back Saturday): its the 18
  2292. Loco: On my burfday I expect leprechauns
  2293. Skinny (back Saturday): it was on the 16th
  2294. Hurrbis: happy burfday anyway
  2295. Skinny (back Saturday): i forgot it was midnight
  2296. Skinny (back Saturday): why thanky
  2297. Hurrbis: i'd get you something but im saving up for something fun
  2298. Skinny (back Saturday): ooooh
  2299. Skinny (back Saturday): whatch getting?
  2300. Skinny (back Saturday): watcha*
  2301. Hurrbis: im moving
  2302. Skinny (back Saturday): oh
  2303. Skinny (back Saturday): to where
  2304. Hurrbis: to another appartment
  2305. Loco: to london
  2306. Loco: do it
  2307. Loco: or brazil
  2308. Skinny (back Saturday): lodon is crowded
  2309. Loco: or mexico city
  2310. Skinny (back Saturday): but there is starbucks everywhere then
  2311. Skinny (back Saturday): NO
  2312. Skinny (back Saturday): its full of crime
  2313. Loco: or houston
  2314. Hurrbis: im not moving from sweden lol
  2315. Skinny (back Saturday): they found dead bodies near my grandparents house in mexico city
  2316. Skinny (back Saturday): NO HEADS
  2317. Skinny (back Saturday): ASDSFSDG
  2318. Loco: Or jamica you can say hi to sean kingston
  2319. Loco: :<
  2320. Hurrbis: im going to be living with my mom until i can get a enw appartment lol
  2322. Skinny (back Saturday): my parents pay mrent cuz i cant get a jerb
  2323. Skinny (back Saturday): my*
  2324. Skinny (back Saturday): $450 a month
  2325. Loco: I live in a studio cause its tiny
  2326. Skinny (back Saturday): and its cheap
  2327. Loco: ,but its home
  2328. Skinny (back Saturday): how my bathrooms?
  2329. Skinny (back Saturday): 1?
  2330. Loco: Does feel good though to make it on your own and not depend on anyone
  2331. Loco: 1
  2332. Hurrbis: lol my rent is on 3300kr
  2333. Skinny (back Saturday): that expensiv?
  2334. Hurrbis: 466.662 USD
  2335. Loco: I only pay $200 for my rent :V
  2336. Skinny (back Saturday): barely more than what i "pay"
  2337. Loco: Beachfront area too
  2338. Skinny (back Saturday): people race down my street a lot
  2339. Skinny (back Saturday): and the police arrest people all the time
  2340. Loco: Just like speed racer
  2341. Skinny (back Saturday): high action street
  2342. Hurrbis: im gonna try and move out of the town, appartments are a lot cheaper there
  2343. Loco: Move to newyork so you can eat hotdogs
  2344. Skinny (back Saturday): ew
  2345. Skinny (back Saturday): hotdogs
  2346. Loco: :l
  2347. Loco: and sing that one song by Jayz
  2348. Loco: Then leave
  2349. Loco: forever
  2350. Hurrbis: gay york
  2351. Loco: :<
  2352. Skinny (back Saturday): lol
  2353. Loco: I grew up there :<
  2354. Loco disconnected.
  2355. Skinny (back Saturday) left chat.
  2356. Baggerbean entered chat.
  2357. Hurrbis: hi
  2358. Baggerbean: hey turbis
  2359. Hurrbis: whats up?
  2360. Baggerbean: not much, just woke up
  2361. Baggerbean: you?
  2363. Bearded Gir: I am somehow now able to loot armour from knights of order
  2364. Bearded Gir: and I can wear it too
  2365. Bearded Gir: :I
  2366. Bearded Gir: game crash
  2367. Bearded Gir: sleepy
  2368. Bearded Gir: night
  2369. Bearded Gir left chat.
  2370. *CGS*|Ninja entered chat.
  2371. *CGS*|Ninja: hi
  2372. Cuss entered chat.
  2373. Cuss: hi
  2374. Cuss: go to bed turbis
  2375. Cuss: jesus
  2376. Hurrbis: hi
  2377. Hurrbis: no
  2378. Hurrbis: god is cooler than jesus
  2379. Cuss: but god and jesus is the same person
  2380. Cuss: duuuh
  2381. *CGS*|Ninja: The bible teaches that Jesus is the son of god.
  2382. Cuss: but it also teaches that god and jesus and the holy spirit is a part of ONE trinity
  2383. Cuss: god doesn't exist ofcourse'
  2384. Cuss: but still
  2385. *CGS*|Ninja: I don't believe in him either
  2386. Cuss: i don't understand quantum physics
  2387. *CGS*|Ninja: Neither do I
  2388. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrxqTtiWxs4&feature=fvw
  2389. Cuss: ¨i don't understand
  2390. *CGS*|Ninja: Yeah
  2391. *CGS*|Ninja: Whats up with the new youtube subscription oage?
  2392. Cuss: dunno
  2393. *CGS*|Ninja: Cuss how much will BC2: Vietnam cost?
  2394. Cuss: my guess
  2395. Cuss: 1600MSP
  2396. Cuss: 10-20$
  2397. Cuss: just like BF1943
  2398. *CGS*|Ninja: Ok so on steam it would be around £5-10
  2399. Cuss: yeah
  2400. Cuss: but no price has been announced yet
  2401. Cuss: AFAIK
  2402. *CGS*|Ninja: How long is it taking EA to port Battlefield: 1943? A long time......................
  2403. Cuss: isn't it out already?
  2404. *CGS*|Ninja: Not for PC, I have it on Xbox
  2405. Cuss: what was before the Big Bang :o?
  2406. *CGS*|Ninja: Just Stars and the odd planet
  2407. Cuss: How can Matter exist without matter?
  2408. *CGS*|Ninja: then the stars died spewing out particles which then reacted to create the big bang
  2409. Cuss: so you're saying that shit existed before big bang?
  2410. Cuss: how could stars create such a storng explosion?
  2411. *CGS*|Ninja: Yeah just stars more than likely
  2412. Cuss: so you're saying that this could happen again?
  2413. *CGS*|Ninja: Not in our universe
  2414. Cuss: All this physics fuck with my head
  2415. *CGS*|Ninja: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/timeline/e05855ab057b4f743b0ba0d249d66ee5.png
  2416. *CGS*|Ninja: That sums up the big bang theory
  2417. Cuss: "The force of Gravity Separated from the electronuclear force"
  2418. Cuss: so both of them were connected at first=?
  2419. Cuss: and then sepparated and caused the big bang
  2420. Hurrbis: ns2 is going to be awesome :O "Thinking about flamethrower alt-fire: drop reserve flamethrower ammo cannisters which explode when fire touches them -> chain reaction. #fb"
  2421. Cuss: So Ninja
  2422. Cuss: what is it that we'll learn if we find the higgs boson thingy
  2423. *CGS*|Ninja: We would find out more about "Dark Matter" and whats at the core of the galaxy
  2424. Mryamanami' entered chat.
  2425. Hurrbis: that would be your mom ^_^
  2426. Mryamanami': klart o betart
  2427. *CGS*|Ninja: Cuss, There is a theory that dark matter could cause the universe to rip and tear causing everything to die.
  2428. Cuss: omg
  2429. Hurrbis: dark matter sounds annoying
  2430. Mryamanami': isnt dark matter a game
  2431. *CGS*|Ninja: Dont think so
  2432. Mryamanami': yeah it was
  2433. Baggerbean: Isn't Dark Matter what the universe is made out of?
  2434. Mryamanami': http://ghostradio.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/darkmatter09032.jpg
  2435. *CGS*|Ninja: Its what the universe contains and what caused the creation of planets and gravity
  2436. Hurrbis: dark matter doesn't matter
  2437. Cuss: and we barely know anything about it right?
  2438. Hurrbis: ^_^
  2439. Mryamanami': lol
  2440. Cuss: But it matters to dark matter :(
  2441. Cuss: don't hurt its feelins
  2442. Hurrbis: is there nothing called light matter?
  2443. Cuss: yes
  2444. Cuss: my penis
  2445. Baggerbean: I don't think you can see dark matter
  2446. Hurrbis: its too dark
  2447. Hurrbis: you need a flashlight
  2448. Cuss: isn't dark matter the "dark" you see when you look up at the stars?
  2449. Cuss: or was that like dark energy
  2450. Cuss: idk
  2451. *CGS*|Ninja: Thats dark energy
  2452. Baggerbean is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  2453. *CGS*|Ninja: You can't physically see dark matter but you can see the prescence of it
  2454. Cuss: that incredibly creepy
  2455. Hurrbis: the space is dark for us because we cant see the light with our eyes
  2456. Cuss: thats just mindfuck
  2457. *CGS*|Ninja: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0b/Gravitationell-lins-4.jpg/577px-Gravitationell-lins-4.jpg
  2458. *CGS*|Ninja: Thats the effects of dark matter it creates a whirl pool type thing
  2459. Cuss: isnt that galaxies?
  2460. Cuss: aswell
  2461. Cuss: in the pic
  2462. *CGS*|Ninja: Yeah
  2463. Cuss: so dark matter can affect shit that much :O?
  2464. *CGS*|Ninja: Dark matter is what is emiited when a star dies
  2465. *CGS*|Ninja: and when stars die a black hole is usually created
  2466. *CGS*|Ninja: Black holes are caused by dark matter
  2467. Baggerbean: I only thought it was a theory. And recently thought.
  2468. Cuss: There can't be anything cooler than fucking space
  2469. Cuss: unlike religion
  2470. Cuss: space actually exists
  2471. Cuss: and there is so much unknown about space
  2472. Cuss: my head is full of fuck
  2473. *CGS*|Ninja: Its only a theory but it is quite heavily believed by many scientists
  2474. Cuss: and the LHC could proove it right?
  2475. *CGS*|Ninja: Yeah
  2476. *CGS*|Ninja: Once they get it working properly
  2477. Cuss: are we gonna expect any results from there this year?
  2478. Hurrbis: black holes are created from dark matter?
  2479. *CGS*|Ninja: Yup
  2480. Hurrbis: O_o
  2481. *CGS*|Ninja: Cuss maybe but it isnt working that well currently
  2482. Cuss: damn
  2483. *CGS*|Ninja: It just basically fires particles at each other at the speed of light creating black holes
  2484. Cuss: 99.9% speed of light ?
  2485. *CGS*|Ninja: Studying the black holes could help us to find out more about dark matter
  2486. *CGS*|Ninja: Im not sure the exact speed but it is close to the speed of light
  2487. Cuss: nothing can go at the speed of light (except light) right?
  2488. Mryamanami': what does uncharted mean
  2489. Hurrbis: nobody lives there
  2490. *CGS*|Ninja: Yeah Cuss, The hadron collider is nearly the speed of light but it is 3 metres a second slower
  2491. *CGS*|Ninja: so 99.9% the speed of light
  2492. Cuss: :D
  2493. Mryamanami': then this game is stupid, it says: Explore the uncharted lands, but then you see the character meet people and cities, and it says: Encounter new allies etc.
  2494. Cuss: I wanna work with science like that
  2495. Hurrbis: uncharted is basically a place that has no records or no maps
  2496. Cuss: it'd be so awesome
  2497. *CGS*|Ninja: Yeah it confuses me :P
  2498. Cuss: hey turbis
  2499. Cuss: http://open.spotify.com/track/1FLxW6LI6PZK8InYyYFULw
  2500. Cuss: isn't that Kurt Cobains wife singing?
  2501. Hurrbis: isnt she dead
  2502. Cuss: i don't think so
  2503. Cuss: yeah she's alive
  2504. Cuss: but she's a crackwhore these days
  2505. Cuss: Courtney Love är änka till Kurt Cobain, sångaren i bandet Nirvana, som hon fick dottern Frances Bean Cobain med.
  2506. Cuss: bra namn till en flicka lol
  2507. *CGS*|Ninja: The song was wrriten by vocalist and guitarist Courtney Love, guitarist Eric Erlandson, and The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, who also contributed towards other songs on the album.
  2508. *CGS*|Ninja disconnected.
  2509. *CGS*|Ninja entered chat.
  2510. *CGS*|Ninja: Wrong button :P
  2511. Hurrbis: fial
  2512. Hurrbis: anyone else having slowpunch?
  2513. Cuss: yea
  2514. Cuss: barely loads for me
  2515. *CGS*|Ninja: same
  2516. Cuss: Grace Slick was kinda hot back in the day
  2517. Cuss: too bad shes fat and ugly today
  2518. Cuss: (singer from jefferson airplane)
  2519. Hurrbis: im such a cheater
  2520. Hurrbis: i painted a crosshair on my monitor
  2521. Cuss: lol
  2522. Cuss: really now?
  2523. Hurrbis: so i can pwn on hardcore bc2
  2524. Cuss: xbox people do that
  2525. Hurrbis: im cooler than xbox people though :P
  2526. Cuss: everyone is
  2527. Hurrbis: except xbox people
  2528. Cuss: yes
  2529. Hurrbis: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1002947
  2530. *CGS*|Ninja: Im an xbox person :(
  2531. Hurrbis: congrats
  2532. Hurrbis: you suck
  2533. Hurrbis: ^___^
  2534. *CGS*|Ninja: I play PC more though
  2535. Hurrbis: i sold my 360 to upgrade my pc roflmao
  2536. Mryamanami': im an ps3 people
  2537. *CGS*|Ninja: ...............
  2538. Mryamanami': wat ?
  2539. *CGS*|Ninja: Nothing
  2540. Mryamanami': gotta go, gonna celebrate my bro
  2541. Mryamanami': cya
  2542. Mryamanami' disconnected.
  2543. Cuss: i wonder what woodstock was like
  2544. Cuss: smok wiid erryday
  2545. *CGS*|Ninja: Im going to play football now, Laters guys.
  2546. Cuss: bye
  2547. *CGS*|Ninja disconnected.
  2548. Hurrbis: http://open.spotify.com/track/5vlEg2fT4cFWAqU5QptIpQ
  2549. Cuss: guys
  2550. Hurrbis: roflmao
  2551. Cuss: i'm gonna go and take some pics
  2552. Cuss: what do you guys wanna see?
  2553. Hurrbis: överhand är anagram för en döv hora
  2554. Cuss: xD
  2555. Cuss: What do people wanna see in pics these days?
  2556. Hurrbis: nude women
  2557. Baggerbean: yes
  2558. Cuss: that'll be hard
  2559. Cuss: ( get it ? )
  2560. Hurrbis: women dont get hard :colbert.
  2561. Hurrbis: :*
  2562. Cuss: but m,y dick will
  2563. Cuss: now
  2564. Hurrbis: transvestites can get hard
  2565. Cuss: what do you guys wanna see pics of?
  2566. Cuss: en Björk Skog?
  2567. Cuss: Super-Pretensiöst
  2568. Hurrbis: Björk naken hade varit najs
  2569. Hurrbis: :q:
  2570. Cuss: :D
  2571. A Duck entered chat.
  2572. Hurrbis: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  2573. A Duck: http://img641.imageshack.us/i/wormsreloadedbodycount.png/
  2574. Hurrbis: hatar spotifaj reklam
  2575. Hurrbis: urr whut
  2578. A Duck: i drew something
  2579. Hurrbis: Fredrik Reinfeldt in my spotify T_T
  2580. Cuss: :D
  2581. Cuss: pwnd
  2582. Cuss: i get spanish commercials
  2583. Hurrbis: I get
  2584. Hurrbis: Fredrik Reinfeldt :c
  2585. Cuss: but turbis
  2587. Hurrbis suicides
  2588. Cuss: hah
  2589. Cuss: my brother just called me "My own personal Jesus"
  2590. Hurrbis: roflmao
  2591. Cuss: guess thatss a good thing
  2592. Cuss: eh guys
  2593. Cuss: wtf
  2594. Cuss: ooh no
  2595. Cuss: nvm
  2596. Cuss: http://open.spotify.com/track/5jDZmeig1f7c0Sz8xSiocb
  2597. Cuss: relaxin
  2598. A Duck: http://img685.imageshack.us/i/wormsreloadedhats.png/
  2599. A Duck: drawin
  2600. Cuss: darwin
  2601. A Duck: theory
  2602. Cuss: drawin theory
  2603. A Duck: the drawin theory
  2604. A Duck: The Drawin Theory
  2605. Cuss: The RADWIN throphy
  2606. A Duck: BEST THEORY EVER!
  2607. Cuss: RAD - WIN = WIN/WIN
  2610. A Duck: oh god i severely want FO3 now
  2611. Hurrbis: :c
  2612. Hurrbis: download it
  2613. Hurrbis: play it
  2614. Hurrbis: enjoy it
  2615. A Duck: i am not willing to pirateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2616. Hurrbis: buy it
  2617. Hurrbis: play it
  2618. Hurrbis: enjoy it
  2619. A Duck: with what money
  2620. Hurrbis: moms money
  2621. A Duck: 18+ game
  2622. A Duck: "can you put a limit on it atleast?"
  2623. Hurrbis: are you not allowed to play 18+ games?
  2624. A Duck: yes if dad allows
  2625. Darth GW7 entered chat.
  2626. Darth GW7: Sup
  2627. Hurrbis: then ask dad
  2628. A Duck: wat up
  2629. Hurrbis: hi darth gw7
  2630. A Duck: and for dad to allow it it might take a few months
  2631. A Duck: allow me to get it* or so
  2632. Hurrbis: that sucks man ^_^
  2633. A Duck: indeed
  2634. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg entered chat.
  2635. Hurrbis: http://open.spotify.com/track/5qVcVWM8tMt7HTH8DTpdnq
  2636. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: wats dis
  2637. Hurrbis: gud mosic
  2638. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: what kind
  2639. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: mä'h
  2640. Hurrbis: reggae
  2641. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: bojnus
  2642. Hurrbis: på kortet ^_______________________^
  2643. Xenoyia entered chat.
  2645. Xenoyia left chat.
  2646. Hurrbis: yey
  2647. Xenoyia entered chat.
  2649. Xenoyia left chat.
  2650. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  2651. Xenoyia entered chat.
  2652. A Duck: and
  2653. Xenoyia: Hy.
  2654. Hurrbis: wow xeno gtfo
  2655. Xenoyia: no
  2656. Xenoyia: you
  2657. Hurrbis: you're the gay spammer
  2658. Hurrbis: get bent
  2659. Hurrbis: faggot
  2660. Xenoyia: no you
  2661. A Duck: http://img685.imageshack.us/i/wormsreloadedhats.png/ also http://img641.imageshack.us/i/wormsreloadedbodycount.png/
  2662. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  2663. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  2664. Hurrbis: wtf
  2665. A Duck: am i better than you xeno
  2666. Xenoyia: probably not
  2667. Hurrbis: i drew a worm with a holynade a few days ago imma se if i can find it
  2668. A Duck: i suck when it comes to drawing from a different angle
  2669. Darth GW7: what's up xeno
  2670. Xenoyia: the sky
  2671. Darth GW7: cool
  2672. *CGS*|Ninja entered chat.
  2673. *CGS*|Ninja: Im back
  2674. A Duck: ok
  2675. Darth GW7: get out
  2676. *CGS*|Ninja: no.
  2677. Darth GW7: :(
  2678. Cuss: so what should i take pics of guys?
  2679. Cuss: what do people like to see?
  2680. *CGS*|Ninja: Space.
  2681. Darth GW7: the inside of your pocket
  2682. A Duck: spayc
  2683. *CGS*|Ninja: Goats.
  2684. Cuss: i kinda suck at astrophotography
  2685. A Duck: goats then
  2686. *CGS*|Ninja: Goats!
  2687. Darth GW7: your pocket
  2688. Cuss: but i'll give it a try later today
  2689. Cuss: goats?
  2690. Cuss: wat
  2691. Darth GW7: alpakas
  2692. Cuss: doesn't exist in finland
  2693. Darth GW7: your pocket
  2694. Cuss: why?
  2695. A Duck: what darth said
  2696. *CGS*|Ninja: Llamas
  2697. Cuss: pockets?
  2698. Darth GW7: because it's all you're worth doing
  2699. Darth GW7: :smug:
  2700. Hurrbis: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3344508/SDC11536_2.jpg
  2701. Cuss: harpa harp
  2702. Cuss: did you guys ever see my skull drawing?
  2703. *CGS*|Ninja: nope
  2704. A Duck: nice turbis
  2705. Cuss: i wonder where i put that
  2706. Darth GW7: A++ drawing would wipe ass again
  2707. Darth GW7: :smug:
  2708. Baggerbean: stop trying to offend people you stupid bastard
  2709. Darth GW7: :(
  2710. Hurrbis: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3344508/zombie_brainslug.png :3
  2711. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  2712. *CGS*|Ninja left chat.
  2713. Darth GW7: draw a dragon
  2714. Hurrbis: no
  2715. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  2716. Cuss: I love baggers sponatneus show ups
  2717. Cuss: they are never expected
  2718. Darth GW7: draw a fucking dragon
  2719. Cuss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0685.JPG
  2720. Darth GW7: D:<
  2721. Cuss: my cat :3
  2722. Darth GW7: a cat is fine too
  2723. Cuss: :3
  2724. Darth GW7: :3
  2725. Hurrbis: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3344508/Jonas/signature.png :D
  2726. Cuss: JONAS
  2727. Darth GW7: draw
  2728. Darth GW7: a
  2729. Darth GW7: dragon
  2731. Hurrbis: N
  2732. Cuss: NN
  2733. Darth GW7: D:
  2734. Darth GW7: NNN
  2735. Hurrbis: NNNN
  2736. Hurrbis: Why would I draw a dragon? Dragons are gay
  2737. Darth GW7: no they're not
  2738. Darth GW7: dragons are awesome
  2739. Hurrbis: Ur face is gay
  2740. Darth GW7: ur
  2741. Cuss: hey turbis you've seen my panoramamam pic right?
  2742. Darth GW7: oh yeah well
  2743. Darth GW7: you fight like a cow
  2744. Hurrbis: how apropriate, you fight like a cow
  2745. Cuss: you're all cows
  2746. Hurrbis: god i hate that part in monkey island
  2747. Darth GW7: how appropriate, you fight like a yoghurt
  2748. Xenoyia: hoe is appropriate
  2749. Hurrbis: when you're training to beat the sword master
  2750. Darth GW7: I liked that part
  2751. Darth GW7: Was funny
  2752. Hurrbis: I'm rubber
  2753. Hurrbis: You are glue
  2754. Hurrbis: How was it funny? You learn some and then you realize you don't have all, go back and get more
  2755. Hurrbis: repeat
  2756. Darth GW7: It was just the comebacks
  2757. A Duck: what
  2758. A Duck: http://pastebin.com/RKzGqXhT
  2759. A Duck: someone sent me this
  2760. Hurrbis: huh
  2761. Darth GW7: I don't get it
  2762. A Duck: me neither
  2763. Xenoyia: what
  2764. Xenoyia: the
  2765. Xenoyia: fu
  2766. Xenoyia: that made me hard for some reason
  2767. Darth GW7: what
  2768. Darth GW7: Oh wait
  2769. Darth GW7: I think he's saying
  2770. Darth GW7: that someone came along and took his girlfriend
  2771. Darth GW7: after fucking him over
  2772. Xenoyia: my friend keeps sending me this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BpRc9JtQRE
  2773. Xenoyia: what the heck is it
  2774. Xenoyia: got the sound file time to open audacity
  2775. Darth GW7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKRtXdu8Ikw
  2776. Hurrbis: it's useless and retarded
  2777. Hurrbis: thats what it is
  2778. Darth GW7: and fake
  2779. Darth GW7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ujeJulMHCc
  2780. Darth GW7: oh wow
  2781. Hurrbis: i eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem
  2782. Hurrbis: ^_____________________________^
  2783. Baggerbean: >_<
  2784. Hurrbis: i haven't showered in two months
  2785. Baggerbean: dont lie turbis
  2786. Hurrbis: k
  2787. Hurrbis: it seems to be what we do in this chat
  2788. Hurrbis: why cant i :c
  2789. Baggerbean: ok you can
  2790. Hurrbis: ok ^_^
  2791. Hurrbis: lie no 1: i like xenoyia
  2792. Baggerbean: As do I.
  2793. Hurrbis: heh i lied
  2794. Hurrbis: q-_-p
  2795. Baggerbean: ._.
  2796. Hurrbis: 个
  2797. Darth GW7: I like turtles
  2798. Hurrbis: :어
  2799. Baggerbean: fuck what you talking about darth ;_;
  2800. Darth GW7: I refuse to fuck a turtle
  2801. Darth GW7: :colbert:
  2802. Hurrbis: 囚 :3
  2803. Baggerbean: woah half life
  2804. Darth GW7: how do you get these symbols
  2805. Hurrbis: In ur mom
  2806. Baggerbean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6B8VWqNWog
  2807. Hurrbis: 閃 lol
  2808. Hurrbis: 白 TEH CAKE IS A LIE 白
  2809. Darth GW7: Ò_Ó
  2810. Darth GW7: Where are you getting these symbols
  2811. Darth GW7: d͋̂ͥ͆ͥ͢҉͚͙͎̘͔̗̘͍̩͓o̸̢̯͔̺͎͎͉͚̲̪̫̼̮͇͇͍̰̎̽̀͒̈́͒ͭ͆̽̀ͦ͛̑͆̃͊̈́ͣͩ͞͡͞ḗ̶̴̳͎̠̣̫̠̟͍̻͇̝͚͍̝̭̥͎̯̌̾̇̅ͪ͋ͫ͐ͯ͞s̴̛̗̠̪̣̲ͨͬ̑ͬ͗̂̒̚ ͒̓͒͋̚͏̴̢̛̯̝̳̤̘ẓ̡̲̤͈̝͎̫͉͉͓̍͑ͧ̔̊͂́̄̒̌ͤ̓ͨ͒̆ͯ̚a̷̴̡͓̬͓̖̳̜̯͔̲̣͙̫̋ͭͪ͌͌̾̋̈̍͛ͥͥͯ̌͑̓͠͡l̊ͭͥ͐ͯ͋̂͑͂ͨ͏̸̨̦̻̪̻̜̫̺̩͔̦͎̗̦̜̪g̸̖̻̰̲ͣͥͦͦ̀̈́̈̾̈͗̂́o̧̜͖͔͚͍̲͙͉̯͙͚̙͓̦̤̭ͨͯ̊̊͆̕͟͞͝ ̧̩͉͕̖̗̠̦̼̠̟̬̪͖͕͔̀ͨ̐̈́ͣ̄ͨ̏͗ͦ͌ͬ͗͐ͪ̒̎͊ͫ͘͘͟w̖̱̝͙͈ͩͫͫͫͣ̿͘͘͟o̶̡̟͓̞̰̖̗ͥ̎͒̆̾ͯ̓̾̽ͭ̿͒̄͞͡r̷̴̢͌͊͌̑̏͐́҉͎͓̦̯̺̜̖̯͈ķ̵̧̦̗̖̼̣͈̭̹̞̱͎͚̠̟͚̪̫͎̂͛̾͐ͤ̈́ͭ̾͐ͦ̚͠ͅ ̧̩̞̭̠̥̤̯͛̋̑̂ͫ͐̂͘͜͜͝i͇̖͙͈̮̦̠͙͓͇͈̳̰̓ͦ̈͐̎͢͠nͨ̑̽̄ͤ҉̴̠̝̜͉̼̬̟̫͎͖͕͎̕͜ ̧̧͔͇̪̦͎̱͓̻͙͓͎͉̩̪̖̝̑ͣ͐͊̐̓̊ͬͥ̏ͨͤͭ͑ͥ͋̅̚͘͟ͅş̶̶̥̻͇̱͉̪̝̹̀̄ͣͨ̆̆̍̓͒̄ͯ̄͌̀t̵̳͚̫̯̤̣̮͇͖̮͖̪͚̭̻͕ͫ̃̐ͣ̒ͧ̀̿ͯ͌͠e̢̛̫͓̮̙̜̠͎͉̝͈̝̱̦̐̌ͧ͒̍̍ͯ͜a̴͙͉̣̲̮̻̺͚̤͓̟̮͙̮͈̜̘͚͆͋͐ͮͦͧ̆̈́̕͢͝m̐̉ͤ́ͦ͒ͧ͐̂̃ͧͯ̿ͦ̽͏̴̵̛̪̩͖̬͔͓͓
  2812. Darth GW7: lol
  2813. Hurrbis: 凸(O_o)凸
  2814. Darth GW7: stop using faggot symbols
  2815. Darth GW7: They make you look like a ten year old MW2 clanfag
  2816. Baggerbean: (''')(O_o)('''') rawr
  2817. Darth GW7: \_(o.0)_/
  2818. Hurrbis: you got a problem with clanfags?
  2819. Hurrbis: O_o
  2820. Darth GW7: yes
  2821. Darth GW7: I do
  2822. Baggerbean: ban
  2823. Hurrbis: why is that darth
  2824. Darth GW7: they fuck up games by stacking up stupidly
  2825. Hurrbis: are you sad that they have friends and enjoy playing with each other?
  2826. Hurrbis: its ok to be jealous
  2827. Darth GW7: That is not a clanfag
  2828. Darth GW7: Being in a clan does not make you a clanfag
  2829. Hurrbis: youre just jealous
  2830. Hurrbis: dont be
  2831. Hurrbis: its silly
  2832. Darth GW7: Why would I be jealous of clanfags
  2833. Hurrbis: you tell me
  2834. Baggerbean: he knows why
  2835. Baggerbean: hes lying to himself
  2836. Hurrbis: all they wanna do is play with each other
  2837. Hurrbis: and have fun
  2838. Darth GW7: No
  2839. Hurrbis: and you just talk smack
  2840. Hurrbis: for no reason
  2841. Hurrbis: that's so sad
  2842. Darth GW7: Clanfags want to win by stacking teams stupidly
  2843. Hurrbis: and you're jealous
  2844. Darth GW7: You're not getting the difference between people who play in clans for fun
  2845. Darth GW7: and clanfags
  2846. Hurrbis: aw :C dont be so angry just because someone has friends
  2847. Darth GW7: sigh
  2848. Hurrbis: its not their fault youre alone
  2849. Baggerbean: who the fuck called me at midnight. :S
  2850. Darth GW7: I see you're too stupid to understand
  2851. Hurrbis: dont be rude its not nice
  2852. Darth GW7: You're trying to troll me
  2853. Baggerbean: Darth stop arguing.
  2854. Darth GW7: and failing miserably
  2855. Baggerbean: DARTH STOP
  2856. Baggerbean: STOP
  2857. Darth GW7: no
  2858. Darth GW7: :|
  2859. Hurrbis: im not trying to troll you
  2860. Xenoyia: I'm part of a clan
  2861. Xenoyia: i've been in a clan for like 5 years
  2862. Hurrbis: im just telling you the truth
  2863. Hurrbis: but you try to avoid it
  2864. Darth GW7: Clan or Community
  2865. Xenoyia: sort of both
  2866. Xenoyia: www.vrn-klan.org
  2867. Darth GW7: Stop trying to sound like my psychiatrist hurrbis
  2868. Hurrbis: you dont need to call me names :( i havent done you no harm
  2869. Darth GW7: what
  2870. Darth GW7: I called you a psychiatrist
  2871. Darth GW7: lol
  2872. Hurrbis: why are you so sensitive about being part of communities?
  2873. Darth GW7: Ok now I know you're trolling me
  2874. Hurrbis: do you miss having friends?
  2875. Darth GW7: Hurrbis you have two choices
  2876. Darth GW7: You can shut up now and we can have a polite conversation later once you've smartened up
  2877. Darth GW7: or I can block you now
  2878. Darth GW7: Either way it's all the same to me
  2879. Darth GW7: which do you choose
  2880. Hurrbis: how insulting, you tell me to smarten up?
  2881. Xenoyia: Darth stop being a moron, hurrbis ignore him
  2882. Xenoyia: /problem
  2883. Baggerbean: dun maek me ban ur shit meng
  2884. Darth GW7: It's the other way around xeno
  2885. Darth GW7: :|
  2886. Xenoyia: your head will be the other way around if you guys don't stop arguing
  2887. Xenoyia: :colbert:
  2888. Darth GW7: :c00lbert:
  2889. Baggerbean: hahahaa
  2890. Baggerbean: I'd like to see Xeno try to fight someone.
  2891. Darth GW7: over the internet, no less
  2892. Darth GW7: :colbert:
  2893. Hurrbis: you can block me if you want darth, it just proves how eager you are to escape the fact that you have no friends
  2894. *Mobrockers[nl] entered chat.
  2895. Darth GW7: Protip: Saying that someone has no friends when you've never even met them is not the sign of an intelligent individual
  2896. *Mobrockers[nl]: what are you on about
  2897. Hurrbis: protip: asshats don't give protips
  2898. *Mobrockers[nl]: ;D
  2899. Hurrbis: so stop pretending to be a pro
  2900. Xenoyia: OH GOD SO MUCH MEMORIES
  2901. Xenoyia: http://vrn-klan.org/viewtopic.php?t=595
  2902. Darth GW7: Asshats don't give protips
  2903. Darth GW7: So non-asshats do give protips
  2904. Darth GW7: your logic is fail
  2905. *Mobrockers[nl]: not really
  2906. *Mobrockers[nl]: his logic states that you are an asshat, and the is not
  2907. *Mobrockers[nl]: so his logic is correct
  2908. Darth GW7: obviously not, because I just gave a protip
  2909. Hurrbis: i ensure you that my logic is correct mr "smartened up"
  2910. Darth GW7: Which nulls his logic
  2911. Hurrbis: no, you being an asshat invalidates your protip
  2912. Hurrbis: that is my logic
  2913. *Mobrockers[nl]: indeed
  2914. Darth GW7: Your opinion is that I am an asshat
  2915. Baggerbean: ill return shortly
  2916. Darth GW7: But that is not a proven fact
  2917. Darth GW7: It is an opinion
  2918. Darth GW7: You cannot make logic based on opinions
  2919. Hurrbis: ur face is an opinion
  2920. *Mobrockers[nl]: you can if your name is not asshat
  2921. Darth GW7: What the hell are you talking about
  2922. Hurrbis: ur face
  2923. Darth GW7: Your friend makes less sense than you do, hurrbis
  2924. Hurrbis: being an opinion
  2925. Hurrbis: that is what i am talking about
  2926. Darth GW7: Yes, of course
  2927. Hurrbis: oh what game were you playing btw
  2928. Darth GW7: You could have read the game name if you wanted to know
  2929. Hurrbis: how rude
  2930. *Mobrockers[nl]: who ae you Darth
  2931. *Mobrockers[nl]: are
  2932. Darth GW7: I think the question here is WHO are YOU
  2933. Hurrbis: hes an unproven asshat
  2934. *Mobrockers[nl]: I am a ggt veteran
  2935. *Mobrockers[nl]: your turn
  2936. Darth GW7: I am Darth GW7
  2937. Hurrbis: hurrrrrrrrrrrrrhurr
  2938. *Mobrockers[nl]: :psyboom:
  2939. Hurrbis: why do you have to be so hostile darth
  2940. Darth GW7: Because you're very annoying
  2941. *Mobrockers[nl]: so are you
  2942. Hurrbis: i wouldnt say im very annoying
  2943. Hurrbis: i'd say im kinda nice
  2944. Darth GW7: Of course you wouldn't
  2945. Hurrbis: and fuzzy
  2946. Darth GW7: Of course you would
  2947. *Mobrockers[nl]: and warm
  2948. Darth GW7: I say you're annoying
  2949. Hurrbis: now youre being hostile for no reason again
  2950. Hurrbis: :C
  2951. Darth GW7: You fail to grasp the concept of personal opinion
  2952. *Mobrockers[nl]: I say he's abused when he was younger
  2953. Darth GW7: My opinion of you is that you are annoying
  2954. Darth GW7: Therefore I am hostile to annoying people
  2955. Hurrbis: i agree, probably molested by a priest
  2956. Darth GW7: Ie. you
  2957. Hurrbis: well you dont have to insult me just because you have an opinion that is kind of rude mr.
  2958. Darth GW7: I don't have to, but I want to
  2959. Hurrbis: i kinda think you're an idiot but that just my opinion hurrr hurrrr
  2960. Darth GW7: Is there no one else here to talk to
  2961. Hurrbis: i kinda think you're a 14 year old with no friends but thats just my opinion hurr
  2962. *Mobrockers[nl]: yes, there's me
  2963. Darth GW7: no thanks
  2964. Darth GW7: Anyone else
  2965. Hurrbis: me obviously
  2966. Darth GW7: When I said ELSE, I meant the ELSE as in "Excluding these two idiots"
  2967. Hurrbis: you can always talk to yuorself
  2968. *Mobrockers[nl]: WHERE
  2969. *Mobrockers[nl]: RUUUUN
  2970. *Mobrockers[nl]: THERES TWO IDIOTS HERE
  2971. *Mobrockers[nl]: WHO ARE THEY
  2972. *Mobrockers[nl]: WE MUST DEFEND OURSELFS
  2973. Xenoyia: It's such a TRAGEDY
  2974. Darth GW7: Like I said, idiots
  2975. Hurrbis: wow man you come into our chat and insult people thats so cool
  2976. Darth GW7: No, I came into the chat a while ago
  2977. Darth GW7: I was talking normally
  2978. Darth GW7: and then you start being an idiot
  2979. Darth GW7: So I start insulting you then
  2980. Darth GW7: If it wasn't for you being an idiot I wouldn't have started insulting you
  2981. Darth GW7: It's pretty simple
  2982. Hurrbis: dont be so angry
  2983. Darth GW7: I don't have to be angry to insult you
  2984. Hurrbis: so you insult people for fun?
  2985. Hurrbis: thats not very nice
  2986. Darth GW7: I insult idiots for being idiots
  2987. Darth GW7: That way they may realise they're being an idiot and stop being an idiot
  2988. *Mobrockers[nl]: thats not very nice either
  2989. *Mobrockers[nl]: and also has no effect whatsoever
  2990. Hurrbis: but you're an idiot why dont you stop being an idiot
  2991. Hurrbis: oh wait thats just my opinion
  2992. Hurrbis: hurr
  2993. Darth GW7: Feel free to insult me
  2994. Hurrbis: no
  2995. Darth GW7: I'll be free to ignore you
  2996. Darth GW7: Instead of getting upset over the words of someone over the internet
  2997. Darth GW7: Are my words hurting you
  2998. *Mobrockers[nl]: not really
  2999. *Mobrockers[nl]: you'd be banned if they had
  3000. Hurrbis: yeah im really sad :D
  3001. Darth GW7: Of course they're not hurting YOU
  3002. Xenoyia: yawn we need some real drama
  3003. *Mobrockers[nl]: indeed
  3004. *Mobrockers[nl]: xeno start crying
  3005. Hurrbis: darth cant provide because he lacks the intelligence
  3006. Darth GW7: There we go
  3007. Darth GW7: You made an insult
  3008. *Mobrockers[nl]: no, he lacks the idiocy
  3009. Darth GW7: Clever boy
  3010. Hurrbis: hey start ignoring me you dick. dont lie
  3011. Hurrbis: the only thing i hate more than idiots is liars
  3012. Darth GW7: Good, hate me more
  3013. Darth GW7: It gives me more reason to insult you
  3014. *Mobrockers[nl]: DOIIIIT
  3015. Hurrbis: ok
  3016. Hurrbis: i hate you :D
  3017. Darth GW7: Very good.
  3018. *Mobrockers[nl]: I hate you with all my love :D
  3019. Hurrbis: ur turn
  3020. *Mobrockers[nl]: uuuuuur tuuuuuurn
  3021. Darth GW7: You misunderstand.
  3022. Darth GW7: There are no "Turns"
  3023. *Mobrockers[nl]: Yes there are
  3024. Hurrbis: your turn
  3025. Darth GW7: I simply insult you when I feel like it
  3026. Xenoyia: Anyone here have UT99
  3027. *Mobrockers[nl]: can't you read
  3028. *Mobrockers[nl]: YOUR TURN
  3029. Hurrbis: i have it retail xeno
  3030. Xenoyia: I have it retail and on steam
  3031. *Mobrockers[nl]: When there are no turns, why would we keep saying YOUR TURN?
  3032. Hurrbis: lol xeno how come
  3033. Darth GW7: Tell me, when you fight in real life do you punch someone then wait for them to punch you back
  3034. Xenoyia: I love that game
  3035. Xenoyia: so much
  3036. *Mobrockers[nl]: no
  3037. Hurrbis: i haven't played it since back in like 2002
  3038. *Mobrockers[nl]: I don't fight
  3039. *Mobrockers[nl]: errybody loves me
  3040. Xenoyia: I've played it since I was 8
  3041. Xenoyia: my first FPS game
  3042. Darth GW7: Good for you
  3043. *Mobrockers[nl]: I can see why you'd have to fight all day though
  3044. Hurrbis: O_o
  3045. *Mobrockers[nl]: asshat
  3046. Darth GW7: Of course, because you TOTALLY know me.
  3047. *Mobrockers[nl]: yes
  3048. *Mobrockers[nl]: You finally understand
  3049. Darth GW7: yes, of course
  3050. Xenoyia: unreal://
  3051. Xenoyia: hur
  3052. Hurrbis: when i was 8 i was playing zelda
  3053. *Mobrockers[nl]: you can have a cookie
  3054. Hurrbis: it was fun because i didn't know english
  3055. Hurrbis: :D
  3056. Xenoyia: if anyone has unreal tournament 99 installed, join
  3057. Darth GW7: "Have a cookie" is for children
  3058. *Mobrockers[nl]: not really
  3059. Darth GW7: I can see why you'd use it
  3060. Hurrbis: because ur a kid darth
  3061. *Mobrockers[nl]: hurrdurr
  3062. *Mobrockers[nl]: beatin in your own game
  3063. *Mobrockers[nl]: beaten
  3064. Darth GW7: That was the worst insult I have ever heard.
  3065. Hurrbis: well you said it yourself you dumb nigger :D
  3066. *Mobrockers[nl]: It hurt didn't it ;)
  3067. Cuss: 127 hours
  3068. Xenoyia: darth stop being a dick
  3069. Xenoyia: pls
  3070. Darth GW7: Why should I?
  3071. Hurrbis: he cant, he was practically born a dick
  3072. Darth GW7: They should stop being retarded.
  3073. Cuss: darth, be a dick again and you get the boot
  3074. *Mobrockers[nl]: 127 hours, I saw the fp thread again
  3075. Cuss: k?
  3076. Darth GW7: Fine
  3077. Xenoyia: "Welcome to the chillingfields bunnytrack server dont fuck with us if you fuck with us kick ban ban   ban ban ban" in a robot voice when you join
  3078. *Mobrockers[nl]: I do not want to see that movie
  3079. Darth GW7: It won't stop me being a dick
  3080. *Mobrockers[nl]: yes it will
  3081. *Mobrockers[nl]: you  can't be a dick if you can't speak to us ;)
  3082. Darth GW7: What a victory that would be
  3083. *Mobrockers[nl]: indeed it would
  3084. Hurrbis: roflmao darth the badass cant stop being a dick
  3085. Cuss disconnected.
  3086. Darth GW7: "We couldn't beat him ourselves, we had to get the admin to do it for us :D!"
  3087. Hurrbis: thats so cute
  3088. Darth GW7: Oh dear, Cuss has gone
  3089. *Mobrockers[nl]: I would have done it myself, but unfortunately I do not have mod rights here
  3090. Darth GW7: I guess that scenario's out the window
  3091. Darth GW7: Kicking someone because they're beating you
  3092. Darth GW7: You're pathetic
  3093. *Mobrockers[nl]: not kicking, banning ;)
  3094. Darth GW7: replace "Kicking" with "banning"
  3095. Xenoyia: I'm sorry darth
  3096. Darth GW7: My point stands
  3097. Xenoyia: you are the weakest link
  3098. Xenoyia: goodbye
  3099. Xenoyia: (this is where you leave)
  3100. Hurrbis: darth, irony is, you have continued this conversation since i started arguing with you, so you're the only pathetic person in here
  3101. Darth GW7: Oh, is it?
  3102. Hurrbis: roflmao
  3103. Darth GW7: Woops, guess I broke the chat.
  3104. *Mobrockers[nl]: This chat can't be broken
  3105. Cuss entered chat.
  3106. *Mobrockers[nl]: all the goatse that has passed here couldn't break it, and you think YOU of all people broke it?
  3107. Hurrbis: it kinda broke when darth started coming here
  3108. Darth GW7: Welcome back Cuss
  3109. Cuss: thanks
  3110. Xenoyia: kick BAN ban     ban ban ban
  3111. *Mobrockers[nl]: so who is this darth kid anyways?
  3112. Cuss: wont kick with a good reason Xeno
  3113. Darth GW7: What do you mean by "Who"
  3114. Cuss: you should know this
  3115. *Mobrockers[nl]: Who on facepunch
  3116. Darth GW7: Darth_GW7
  3117. *Mobrockers[nl]: k
  3118. Darth GW7: Shock, horror
  3119. *Mobrockers[nl]: so why are you here
  3120. *Mobrockers[nl]: apart from insulting us
  3121. Darth GW7: I came on here before I started insulting you FYI
  3122. Hurrbis: begging obv
  3123. Darth GW7: I haven't begged a single time in this chat
  3124. Darth GW7: I came on here because I thought there would be intelligent people to talk to
  3125. *Mobrockers[nl]: haha
  3126. *Mobrockers[nl]: bummer
  3127. Hurrbis: roflmao intelligent people
  3128. Hurrbis: in a group full of beggars
  3129. Hurrbis: hahahahahahaha
  3130. Hurrbis: omg my sides are splitting
  3131. *Mobrockers[nl]: sounds like you fit right in Darth
  3133. Cuss: guys
  3134. *Mobrockers[nl]: with all the non-intelligent people here
  3135. Cuss: is this FP worthy?
  3136. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5_80Z52LyA#t=0m31s
  3137. Cuss: i thought it was funny
  3138. Xenoyia: i are intelligent
  3139. Hurrbis: i has intelligent.
  3140. Darth GW7: You're too intelligent, Xeno
  3141. Xenoyia: http://chillingfields.lefora.com/2010/05/11/join-in-vrn-clan/#post1
  3142. Xenoyia: "dear admin hi my name is k3kk0 i heve 18 years old  i want  admin can become ? i heve this question because i lick this server i heve to go bye!!"
  3143. Darth GW7: I lick this server
  3144. Xenoyia: i lick it too
  3145. Hurrbis: cuss post it and see what happens
  3146. *Mobrockers[nl]: guuse
  3147. *Mobrockers[nl]: Ill be back lat0r today
  3148. Xenoyia: bye
  3149. *Mobrockers[nl]: I gotta go buy shit for my birthday
  3150. *Mobrockers[nl]: cake and shit for my grandparents
  3151. Xenoyia: you buy stuff for your grandparents for your bithday
  3152. Xenoyia: birthday*
  3153. Xenoyia: what
  3154. Hurrbis: kickflip :O
  3155. Darth GW7 was kicked by Cuss.
  3156. Hurrbis: roflmao
  3157. *Mobrockers[nl]: what loo
  3158. *Mobrockers[nl]: lmao
  3159. *Mobrockers[nl]: what'd he do xD
  3160. Hurrbis: i made a kickflip
  3161. Darth GW7 entered chat.
  3162. Cuss: :3
  3163. Hurrbis: :3
  3164. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: <3
  3165. Darth GW7: I get kicked for... what, exactly?
  3166. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: for funz
  3167. Darth GW7: Considering I wasn't even talking at the time
  3168. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: for funz
  3169. Hurrbis: i kickflipped and accidentally bumped you out of the chat
  3170. Hurrbis: sry :C
  3171. Cuss: The people decide my actions Darth
  3172. Cuss: and turbis kickflipped
  3173. Cuss: i had no choice
  3174. Hurrbis: like magic :O
  3175. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: magic :psyboom:
  3176. Darth GW7: What happened to this chat, it used to be cool
  3177. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: steam should have fp emoticons
  3178. Hurrbis: happy bday mobro
  3179. Darth GW7 left chat.
  3180. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: thanks, its tomorrow :P
  3181. Cuss: :D
  3182. Hurrbis: i wont be in tomorrow probably
  3183. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: am giving a lan party for my b-day next weekend :D
  3184. Hurrbis: ncie :O
  3185. Hurrbis: am i invited? ;)
  3186. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: ofc
  3187. Hurrbis: hamachi!
  3188. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: maaybe
  3189. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: but hamachi stopped working last year
  3190. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: :V
  3191. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: we were like
  3192. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: playing css just fine during my lan party
  3193. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: afterwards we tried it again
  3194. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: bam dead
  3195. Cuss: play AoE 2
  3196. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: we will
  3197. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: and red alert 2
  3198. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: bb in like two hours maybe
  3199. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3200. Cuss: I like it when it's just me and Bagger as mods here
  3201. Baggerbean: I have returned
  3202. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3203. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3204. Cuss: Hi jobby
  3205. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3206. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3207. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3208. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3209. Cuss: don't be shy guys
  3210. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3211. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3212. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3213. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)© entered chat.
  3214. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3215. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3216. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3217. *CGS*|Ninja entered chat.
  3218. *CGS*|Ninja: hi
  3219. Cuss: hi
  3220. Cuss: FFXI must be the best MMO ever
  3221. Cuss: i mean
  3222. Cuss: compared to WoW
  3223. Cuss: it seems so much bigger
  3224. Ringo Starr entered chat.
  3225. Ringo Starr: Hi
  3226. Cuss: hi
  3227. *CGS*|Ninja: hi
  3228. Cuss: whats up ringo?
  3229. Hurrbis: hurf
  3230. Hurrbis: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3344508/hydraworm.png
  3231. Cuss: FP slow again?
  3232. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: its slow for me it seems
  3233. *CGS*|Ninja: Fp just died
  3234. Cuss: 8
  3235. Cuss: 8 is a good number
  3236. *CGS*|Ninja: 7.
  3237. Cuss: 8 keeps the world straight
  3238. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3239. Cuss: fuck
  3240. Loco entered chat.
  3241. Cuss: LOCOOO
  3242. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: shit
  3243. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I want to downlod stuff on garrysmod.org and I can't
  3244. Cuss: 'scuse me?
  3245. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: garrysmod.org is down
  3246. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: for me
  3247. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: and maybe
  3248. Cuss: yeah
  3249. Cuss: so is FP
  3250. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: everyone else
  3251. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: ah that explains everything then
  3252. Hurrbis: :(
  3253. Hurrbis left chat.
  3254. Baggerbean: fuck this jack person is a bitch
  3255. *CGS*|Ninja left chat.
  3256. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  3257. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg disconnected.
  3258. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: hai guys
  3259. A Duck: hai
  3260. Xenoyia: if direction=45 then direction=90;
  3261. if direction=135 then direction=180;
  3262. if direction=225 then direction=270;
  3263. if direction=315 then direction=360
  3264. Xenoyia: /problem
  3265. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: huhwhat
  3266. A Duck: /sadlynotacoder
  3267. Xenoyia: i'm making a game which is on a 32x32 grid
  3268. Xenoyia: and I want the enemy to only move up down left and right
  3269. Xenoyia: but it keeps moving diagonally for some reason
  3270. Xenoyia: :|
  3271. Xenoyia: and going off the grid
  3272. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: gamemaker FTW
  3273. Xenoyia: :h5:
  3274. Errp: lol gamemaker
  3275. Errp: lololol
  3276. Xenoyia: gamemaker +/= spending years coding in C++
  3277. Errp: gamemaker is shit
  3278. Xenoyia: it's great to make games with
  3279. Errp: no, it's not
  3280. Xenoyia: you think everything that you don't use is shit
  3281. Xenoyia: tbh
  3282. Errp: if you want to impress someone learn C++ and make a real game
  3283. Xenoyia: no
  3284. Errp: uhh no
  3285. Xenoyia: i dont want to learn any programming language
  3286. Errp: i just know that gamemaker is used by 5 yr olds who want to look cool because they can use gamemaker
  3287. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: you can program in game maker fyi
  3288. Xenoyia: some smart 5 year olds right there
  3289. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: indeed
  3290. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: game maker isnt as easy as you make it out to be
  3291. Xenoyia: /argument
  3292. Xenoyia: /erp'sdrama
  3293. Errp: yes it is
  3294. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: No it isn't
  3295. Errp: i've used gamemaker just to see what it's like
  3296. Errp: it makes terrible "games" if you can even call them that
  3297. Xenoyia: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/14296-crimelife-2
  3298. Xenoyia: ok
  3299. Xenoyia: full 3D gta clone with physics
  3300. Xenoyia: made in game maker
  3301. A Duck: fog
  3302. Errp: Shaney159 said 1 day ago
  3303. this game sucks
  3305. nooblet68 said 2 days ago
  3306. Instructions?
  3307. Errp: first two comments
  3308. Xenoyia: read the rest of the comments
  3309. Xenoyia: http://www.yoyogames.com/games/137004-park-racer-reloaded full 3D racing game
  3310. Errp: whatever xeno
  3311. Errp: make games with gamemaker
  3312. Errp: it's your life, not mine
  3313. Xenoyia: i won
  3314. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: not really
  3315. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: you just lost
  3316. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: your life
  3317. Xenoyia: one of my friends just messaged me 'you just lost the game'
  3318. Xenoyia: what do i do
  3319. Cuss: you lost
  3320. Errp: the game
  3321. Xenoyia: what game
  3322. Xenoyia: why did I lose it
  3323. Xenoyia: what is the game
  3324. Ringo Starr: tell him he's part of the problem
  3325. Jobby: im finally awake
  3326. Ringo Starr: hi
  3327. Jobby: hi
  3328. Loco: I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired :<
  3329. Baggerbean: yeaaah boi, just completed ME2
  3330. Errp: my fuckin' mom won't let me sell my ipod
  3331. Errp: jesus
  3332. Xenoyia: send me your ipod
  3333. Xenoyia: pls
  3334. Errp: it's my sexy 3rd gen ipod touch
  3335. Errp: but i want the 4th gen
  3336. Xenoyia: I have no ipod
  3337. Xenoyia: gimme
  3338. Errp: pay $120+shipping and it's yours
  3339. Xenoyia: uhh no
  3340. Xenoyia: gimme.
  3341. Ringo Starr: I used to have an iPod :<
  3342. Errp: Errp: pay $120+shipping and it's yours
  3343. Errp: shipping is $10
  3344. Errp: k
  3345. Jobby: did your rice trick not work then hobo
  3346. Ringo Starr: Nope
  3347. Xenoyia: gimme your ipod hobo
  3348. Ringo Starr: Now I need to find $300 somehow to get a new one
  3349. Ringo Starr: And I lost all of my apps
  3350. Xenoyia: sell me your broken ipod hobo
  3351. Errp: ringo
  3352. Xenoyia: for 5000 dorra
  3353. Errp: apps are stored on your itunes account
  3354. Errp: lolol
  3355. Xenoyia: chinee dorra
  3356. Ringo Starr: Not iTunes apps :V
  3357. Errp: sigh
  3358. Ringo Starr: I mean
  3359. Ringo Starr: Jailbreak apps
  3360. Xenoyia: http://xenoyia.biz
  3363. Xenoyia: i am hacked
  3364. Xenoyia: oh noooo
  3365. Ringo Starr: And Erp
  3366. Ringo Starr: Doesn't iTunes only allow you to download something once?
  3367. Ringo Starr: I bought all the apps on my iPod
  3368. Jobby: i miss ZIB
  3369. Xenoyia: you were the king
  3370. Xenoyia: brb
  3371. Jobby: lmao
  3372. Jobby: i love that wherever xeno goes on FP people say "why are you here / why did you come back / fuck off xeno"
  3373. Jobby: even the furrys dont want him :(
  3374. Ringo Starr: lol
  3375. Jobby: how comes this place is dead now
  3376. Jobby: other than the obvious fact people were only ever here for gifts D:
  3377. Xenoyia: back
  3378. Jobby: hi xeno how are you
  3379. Xenoyia: and no the furries have accepted me into their community
  3380. Xenoyia: it sucks
  3381. Jobby: after you begged like a pathetic loser
  3382. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)© disconnected.
  3383. Xenoyia: no you
  3385. Jobby: thats lowwwwwwww
  3386. Jobby: just kidding do what you want :frogbon:
  3387. Xenoyia: stop perving at my posts
  3388. Xenoyia: :c
  3389. Cuss: hi jobbb
  3390. Jobby: you linked us what are you talking about
  3391. Jobby: hi cuss
  3392. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)© entered chat.
  3393. Xenoyia: http://store.eidos.co.uk/pc-windows-download/Just-Cause-2.php
  3394. Xenoyia: £6.49
  3395. Xenoyia: GIFT ME THIS
  3397. Jobby: buy it yourself xeno
  3398. Xenoyia: i would but I spend all my money on gifting people
  3399. Jobby: thats dumb isnt it
  3400. A Duck: i wish someone would have gifted me once
  3401. A Duck: all i have is WELDIN THE DOORS BOSH
  3402. Jobby: now you cant buy yourself anything, and those people won't "repay" your kindness by giving you just cause 2
  3403. Jobby: thats really really dumb
  3404. Jobby: :frogbon:
  3405. Xenoyia: you're really really dumb
  3406. Baggerbean: jobby stop being mean to xeno
  3407. Xenoyia: :(((((((((((
  3408. Baggerbean: me and him are best buds
  3409. Baggerbean: ok
  3410. Baggerbean: so shut up
  3411. Xenoyia: :>
  3412. Jobby: sorry bagger i wont let it happen again
  3413. Baggerbean: better not
  3414. Jobby: probably will
  3415. Baggerbean: there'll be trubble
  3416. Jobby: trubble is my middle name
  3417. Cuss: So yea i guess all of you know about the JC2 sale
  3418. Xenoyia: give me.
  3419. Baggerbean: I thought it was "McDoogle"
  3420. Cuss: NO GIVE ME
  3421. Jobby: why would a surname be my middle name
  3422. Jobby: i could buy everyone here JC2
  3423. Xenoyia: change your middle name to giftxenoyiajc2
  3424. Cuss: you could buy everyone here JC twice
  3425. Xenoyia: hohohohh
  3426. Xenoyia: i'm so witty
  3427. Jobby: no you're not
  3428. Cuss: JC2*
  3429. Cuss: I have 22 watchers on DA
  3430. Cuss: <3
  3431. XpanD entered chat.
  3432. XpanD: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I'm unbanned, I feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside now
  3433. Cuss: I have gotten completely struck by Jefferson Airplane today
  3434. Xenoyia: Ohai
  3435. Cuss: I've listened to "Somebody to love" like 1 bazillion times now
  3436. XpanD: holy crap
  3437. Errp: jesus
  3438. Errp: cuss since when did you like justin bieber
  3439. Xenoyia: my 15th birthday in 11 days
  3440. Errp: congrats
  3441. Cuss: evertyday
  3442. Cuss: also
  3443. Cuss: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1002992
  3444. Cuss: watch it
  3445. Cuss: and post if you want
  3446. Errp: lol
  3447. Xenoyia: xpand you need to get saints row 2 at some point, it defeats GTA IV's gameplay
  3448. XpanD: meh
  3449. XpanD: gift it to me or something :p
  3450. Xenoyia: no you gift it to me or something
  3451. XpanD: no u
  3452. XpanD: case closed
  3453. Jobby: sad sad sad
  3454. XpanD: court adjourned
  3455. XpanD: , dood
  3456. Xenoyia: objection your honor
  3457. XpanD: also +1 to whoever gets that reference
  3458. Xenoyia: doods, doods everywhere
  3459. Cuss: LOl cNA SOM1 GUIFT ME jay SEA two?
  3460. Xenoyia: no me
  3461. Xenoyia: http://store.eidos.co.uk/pc-windows-download/Pony-Friends-2.php
  3462. Xenoyia: gift me pony friends 2
  3463. Cuss: The person who takes the best photos whin
  3464. Cuss: win*
  3465. XpanD: gross
  3466. Cuss: i won
  3467. Xenoyia: Don't you talk shit about pony friends 2
  3468. Cuss: hey xeno do you wanna have a little challange?
  3469. Xenoyia: depends
  3470. Cuss: the person who takes the best photo for the next 5 hours
  3471. Cuss: you in?
  3472. Cuss: you vs me
  3473. Xenoyia: i have no camera
  3474. Xenoyia: you win
  3475. Cuss: you dont :(?
  3476. Xenoyia: nope
  3477. Cuss: anyone else?
  3478. Xenoyia: i'm getting one in 11 days
  3479. Cuss: sweet
  3480. Xenoyia: 720p
  3481. Xenoyia: so suck it
  3484. Xenoyia: which isn't friendly at all
  3485. Xenoyia: AT ALL
  3487. Cuss: DON'T LISTEN TO XENO
  3488. Cuss: HE'S A BIG FAT LIAR
  3489. Xenoyia: YOU'RE A BIG FAT PHONY
  3490. Cuss: :smug:
  3491. A Duck: i dont decent cam
  3493. XpanD: I REST MY CASE
  3494. Xenoyia: :(
  3495. Xenoyia: objection your honor
  3496. Cuss: nobody wan't to be in the contest
  3497. Cuss: how boaring
  3498. Xenoyia: very boaring
  3499. Xenoyia: by the way, I found out pascall's secret
  3500. Xenoyia: she is gary coleman
  3501. Jobby: that she doesnt exist and is just my alt?
  3502. Jobby: oh
  3503. Jobby: that secret
  3504. Cuss: :D
  3505. Cuss: oh boy would that be a TWEEST
  3506. Jobby: ugh.
  3507. Cuss: /insert M.Night.Shyamalalalan face here
  3508. Xenoyia: she wants to sell you her gary coleman coleman super gary grills.
  3509. A Duck: i want one
  3510. Jobby: why did people like gary coleman so much
  3511. Cuss: he was sooo tiny
  3512. Xenoyia: with the new patented technology, the fat runs straight into your mouth!
  3513. A Duck: yes
  3514. Cuss: anyone wanna be in my photo contest?
  3515. Cuss: shit'll be grand i tell you
  3516. A Duck: i do not have a decent cam
  3517. XpanD left chat.
  3518. A Duck: atm
  3519. Jobby: you'll need to gift half of the entrants a camera first
  3520. Cuss: why doesn't anyone have a camera these days
  3521. Cuss: i mean like wtf
  3522. A Duck: currently the only decent camera in the house is some 3 year old one
  3523. A Duck: without a battery
  3524. A Duck: battery recharger is lost
  3525. Jobby: perhaps photography isnt their hobby cuss
  3526. Cuss: Forever Alone, With my camera
  3527. Cuss: perhaps you're right
  3528. A Duck: i am willing to become a photographer
  3529. Cuss: but is photography really a hobby?
  3530. Jobby: yes
  3531. Jobby: unless you make decent money out of it or are employed by a newspaper or something
  3532. Cuss: aaah
  3533. Jobby: cuss lets you and i start a photography business
  3534. Cuss: Would be awesome
  3535. Cuss: we would revolutionize the world
  3536. Cuss: photos that bend physics
  3537. A Duck: i'm the manager
  3538. Xenoyia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNJJ-QkZ8cM&feature=related
  3539. Xenoyia: best music ever
  3540. Jobby: i miss pokemans
  3541. Jobby: i'd buy a DS just to play
  3542. Xenoyia: I played pokemon blue
  3543. Xenoyia: not too long ago
  3544. Xenoyia: tried to find missingno, succeeded in getting my file erased
  3545. A Duck: i have pearl
  3546. A Duck: lv34 staraptor
  3547. A Duck: everything else is lv22~
  3548. Xenoyia: i had a level 99 arceus on my diamond..
  3549. A Duck: i am a horrible pokemon player
  3550. Jobby: i was like 8 when i first played blue and red :|
  3551. Jobby: thats all i can remember from primary school, pokemon blue and pokemon trading cards all day erry day
  3552. Errp: jobby help
  3553. Xenoyia: in my day it was beyblades and manchester united trading cards
  3554. Errp: xeno is using me
  3555. Errp: for my money
  3556. Ringo Starr: I've only played a pokemon game for like 5 minutes
  3557. A Duck: and DUEL MASTERS
  3558. Xenoyia: hHAHehHEheheHHAHSHAHEH
  3560. Cuss: hey erp
  3562. Cuss: do you have a camera?
  3563. Errp: yes of course
  3564. Cuss: i wanna have a photo contest
  3565. Cuss: but i need more ppl with cameras
  3566. Errp: oh?
  3567. Ringo Starr: My camera is good but shit at the same time
  3568. Errp: see whose dick is bigger?
  3569. A Duck disconnected.
  3570. Cuss: just a friendly contest though
  3571. Jobby: well of course he is erp, you're too dumb to see it and you dont take me srsly because you want LOTS OF FRIENDS :frogbon:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but he is most certainly using you
  3572. Cuss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0038.JPG                                                                          http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0043.JPG
  3573. Cuss: which is better?
  3574. Jobby: then you've got me, who refuses gifts from you and tells you to keep your money, but i still talk to you because im nice :frogbon:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3575. Errp: numero uno
  3576. Ringo Starr: I wish my camera took pictures like that D:
  3577. Cuss: erp is for the 1st
  3578. Cuss: what do the rest say?
  3579. Xenoyia: number one
  3580. Ringo Starr: 1
  3581. Baggerbean: the only bad thing about ME2..
  3582. Baggerbean: I didn't see Tali's face.
  3583. Xenoyia: did you see her vag
  3584. Ringo Starr: She's a dude
  3585. Xenoyia: oh god
  3586. Cuss: there's this one tali pic
  3587. Xenoyia: oh GOD
  3588. Xenoyia: OH GOD
  3589. Cuss: which is pretty hot
  3590. Ringo Starr: She's not a she
  3591. Ringo Starr: Tali is a man
  3592. Ringo Starr: Trust me
  3593. Baggerbean: I was like, "If I form a relationship with her I'll finally get to see her face :D"
  3594. Baggerbean: Then it didn't know it
  3595. Baggerbean: and I was like, ":S"
  3596. Cuss: hey bagger
  3597. Cuss: http://unrealitymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/tali2.jpg
  3598. Cuss: cuuuute
  3599. Cuss: !
  3600. Baggerbean: yeah but thats not real
  3601. Cuss: stillll
  3602. Ringo Starr: Fucking youtube uploads take foreveereverever
  3603. Jobby: thats
  3604. Jobby: justin bieber
  3605. Cuss: waaat
  3606. Cuss: how do you see bieber in that?
  3607. Baggerbean: DONT LISTEN TO JOBBY
  3608. Cuss: u crazy
  3609. Baggerbean: HES JUST TROLLING
  3610. Cuss: (trying to convince myself he is)
  3611. Cuss: ....he's just trolling cuss....chill out cuss.....
  3612. Jobby: what D:
  3613. Xenoyia: Hey everyone!
  3614. Xenoyia: Jobby is a big fat PHONY
  3615. Jobby: why D:
  3616. Baggerbean: shut up xenoyia
  3617. Baggerbean: this doesnt concern you
  3618. Cuss: yeah
  3619. Xenoyia: okay. :(
  3620. Errp: cuss
  3621. Errp: how do you call yourself straight
  3622. Errp: when you listen to justin bieber
  3623. Jobby: u smile
  3624. Cuss: I don't lol
  3625. Errp: wait wat
  3626. Cuss: Jefferon Airplane
  3627. Errp: you're not straight?
  3628. Cuss: wat
  3629. Cuss: yea i am
  3630. Cuss: gees
  3631. Cuss: also
  3632. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIkoSPqjaU4
  3633. Cuss: not bieber
  3634. Errp: you said you listen to bieber
  3635. Xenoyia: ofc
  3636. Cuss: sarcasm at it's best
  3637. Jobby: i watched the hangover
  3638. Jobby: finally
  3639. Cuss: how many stars of 5?
  3640. Errp: 5
  3641. Xenoyia: someone
  3642. Xenoyia: PLEASE
  3643. Xenoyia: stream
  3644. Xenoyia: the rat race
  3645. Errp: NO
  3646. Xenoyia: i'd watch it all day
  3647. Cuss: NO
  3648. Xenoyia: NO
  3649. Cuss slaps Xeno
  3650. Jobby: owned
  3651. Xenoyia uses hyper beam
  3652. Jobby: HEY
  3653. Jobby: XENO
  3654. Cuss slaps hyper beam
  3655. Jobby: YOU DICK
  3656. Jobby: THERE IS NO "THE"
  3657. Jobby: THE FILM IS CALLED
  3658. Jobby: RAT RACE
  3659. Errp: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1439918/Pics/2010-09-18_1216.png
  3660. Jobby: RIGHT?
  3661. Cuss Hyper Beam Fainted
  3662. Xenoyia: i dunno lol
  3663. Jobby: no
  3664. Jobby: i meant
  3665. Jobby: RIGHT? as in GOT THAT FUCKER?
  3666. Cuss: IT'S RAT RACE
  3667. Xenoyia: nO
  3668. Xenoyia: u SUK
  3669. Errp: niggers
  3670. Jobby: erp thats racist
  3671. Baggerbean: bans
  3672. Jobby: if there was a nigger here they'd be like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaT
  3673. Cuss: Isn't loco black :o?
  3674. Jobby: nUH uUHh you did NOT just say that
  3675. Jobby: that
  3676. Jobby: is
  3677. Jobby: OUR
  3678. Jobby: word
  3679. Baggerbean: youre no better
  3680. Baggerbean: jobby
  3681. Baggerbean: maybe u should look in teh mirror before you judge others ok
  3682. Cuss: hhohohohoohoh
  3683. Jobby: maybe you should look in the mirror SO THE GLASS WOULD SMASH and KILL YOU
  3685. Cuss: jobby wins
  3686. Cuss: jobby 1 bagger 0
  3687. Baggerbean: whaaat
  3688. Baggerbean: what do i get if i win
  3689. Cuss: hilary clinton
  3690. Jobby: a sheep plushie
  3691. Jobby: so you dont have to go sneaking out at night anymore
  3692. Baggerbean disconnected.
  3693. Jobby: that's 2-0 for funny british joke and +1 bonus point for him disconnecting
  3694. Jobby: i like this game
  3695. Xenoyia: 5 points for me
  3696. Xenoyia: ok
  3697. Xenoyia: i win
  3698. Xenoyia: /game
  3699. *CGS*|Ninja entered chat.
  3700. *CGS*|Ninja: hi
  3701. Cuss: hi
  3702. Ringo Starr: hi
  3703. Jobby: hi
  3704. Errp: The way you shake it, I can't believe it
  3705. I ain't never seen an ass like that
  3706. The way you move it, you make my slinky go
  3707. Doing, doing, doing
  3708. Xenoyia: erp code me the thing i told you about
  3709. Xenoyia: pls
  3710. Errp: no you use me
  3711. Xenoyia: no :(
  3712. Jobby: erp has seen the light
  3713. Errp: thank you jobby
  3714. Baggerbean entered chat.
  3715. Jobby: can you imagine if you had friends round and you were hanging around and they suddenly said ERP BUY ME MAFIA II
  3717. Baggerbean: you were lucky I DC'd then jobby
  3718. Errp: i know right jobby
  3719. Errp: them bastards
  3720. Jobby: erp
  3721. Jobby: this is srs
  3722. Jobby: you have money now, don't go spending it on them because you won't know them soon
  3723. Jobby: also bagger
  3724. Jobby: score update
  3725. Jobby: 17:22 - Jobby: so you dont have to go sneaking out at night anymore
  3726. Baggerbean disconnected.
  3727. 17:23 - Jobby: that's 2-0 for funny british joke and +1 bonus point for him disconnecting
  3728. *CGS*|Ninja left chat.
  3729. Baggerbean: hey man
  3730. Cuss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_003888.jpg
  3731. Cuss: good/bad?
  3732. Baggerbean: theres no points
  3733. Baggerbean: ok
  3734. Cuss: fuck
  3735. Cuss: cloud truned pink
  3736. Cuss: wtf
  3737. Baggerbean: thats a pretty hot pic
  3738. Jobby: wow
  3739. Jobby: 17:26 - Painseeker: Try not existing, should stop unwanted messages
  3740. Jobby: painseeker has turned on me guys
  3741. Cuss: ?
  3742. Baggerbean: hes a maverick
  3743. Xenoyia: painseeker is a rebel
  3744. Jobby: okay well
  3745. Jobby: im going to clear my friends list, leave all groups and give my steam account to my brother
  3746. Xenoyia: why
  3747. Jobby: im sorry for BEING BORN okay
  3748. Jobby: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :'(
  3749. Baggerbean: your words are hallow
  3750. Cuss: I doubt your brother is as funny as you
  3751. Baggerbean: we both know youll be back
  3752. Loco: Im sorry for being black
  3753. Baggerbean: wether you like it or not
  3754. Jobby: dont mock me cuss
  3755. Jobby: and no he isnt
  3756. Jobby: he finds family guy jokes funny too
  3757. Jobby: if i bought him here and he teamed up with xeno you'd all kill yourselves within hours
  3758. Cuss: we would
  3759. Cuss: there would be 0 hope
  3760. Errp: hmm
  3761. Errp: how do i tell my friend i can't sell him my ipod
  3762. Errp: he's bringing money and shite
  3763. Cuss: JUST SAY NO
  3764. Errp: :(
  3765. Errp: that seems mean tho
  3766. Errp: because i already got his number and shit
  3767. Errp: DAWG
  3768. Baggerbean: youre in too deep
  3769. Baggerbean: run for your life
  3770. Cuss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_003888.jpg                                                                                     http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0038.JPG
  3771. Cuss: what should i fix?
  3772. Cuss: or change
  3773. Baggerbean: the link
  3774. Baggerbean: hohohohoho
  3775. Cuss: lol faw uuu
  3776. Cuss: faq*
  3777. Cuss: comon guys help me over herree
  3778. Baggerbean: it looks ok as it id
  3779. Baggerbean: is
  3780. Cuss: which one?
  3781. Baggerbean: both
  3782. Cuss: only one will pass
  3783. Jobby: urgh i started drawing a loch ness monster in your picture but i cant be bothered
  3784. Cuss: it's ok
  3785. Cuss: i forgive you
  3786. Jobby: thanks cuss :)
  3787. Jobby: how was your batman game
  3788. Cuss: :)
  3789. Cuss: amazing
  3790. Jobby: good
  3791. Cuss: story was incredible and the fighting was very smooth
  3792. Cuss: every minute was something new
  3793. Jobby: okay
  3794. Xenoyia: why so serious
  3795. Baggerbean: rofl epic funny xeno XD
  3796. Cuss: so which pic is better guys?
  3797. Xenoyia: both
  3798. Cuss: damnit
  3799. Cuss: no
  3800. Cuss: only 1 is good enough
  3801. Xenoyia: overlay both
  3802. Cuss: they're different sizes
  3803. Cuss: aaaah
  3804. Jobby: bagger leave xeno alone he's my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3805. Xenoyia: stop MOCKING me >:(
  3806. Jobby: thats my line
  3807. Baggerbean: you dont control me man
  3808. Jobby: lmao remember when we had that thread where we would all buy each other shit to boost our reputation and make friends and we'd spam and shit lmao wtf was that all about
  3809. Baggerbean: i carve my own path in the stone
  3810. Baggerbean: hahaha what a bunch of noobs we were
  3811. Jobby: bagger you've loosened up on the speeling
  3812. Loco: har
  3813. Cuss: you were young and stupid then
  3814. Baggerbean: that's true
  3815. Jobby: i like it
  3816. Baggerbean: I only speak like this if it is required I am formal.
  3817. Cuss: I Do Belive This Is The Wrong Way To Spell
  3818. Cuss: i once did that
  3819. Cuss: and FP went mental
  3820. Cuss: :D
  3821. Cuss: there was like a 2 page conversation about my post
  3822. Jobby: aw
  3823. Jobby: bring back smartness
  3824. Cuss: i saw this hugo boss commerical with a cool song in it today
  3825. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CE6hF0LfQk
  3826. Cuss: anyone know the name?
  3827. Xenoyia: no
  3828. Xenoyia: brb
  3829. Baggerbean: i like how you were looking up hugo boss adverts
  3830. Cuss: i saw it on TV bro
  3831. Cuss: and then i looked it up
  3832. Baggerbean: Okay
  3833. Cuss: also hugo boss is the shit
  3834. Cuss: gets the ladies pumped up
  3835. Cuss disconnected.
  3836. Baggerbean: I guess he got attacked by a group of women
  3837. Jobby: i will find you the song name
  3838. Baggerbean: not here
  3839. Jobby: it will be my gift to you
  3840. Baggerbean: thought i got a text, turns out i have a low battery
  3841. Baggerbean: im so lonely
  3842. Baggerbean: ._.
  3843. Ringo Starr: ^
  3844. Cuss entered chat.
  3845. Ringo Starr: I lost my phone for a month
  3846. Sammun Fox entered chat.
  3847. Ringo Starr: And when I got it back
  3848. Jobby: cuss
  3849. Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ-0nUMHlzk
  3850. Jobby: your song maaaaaaateee
  3851. Ringo Starr: No texts
  3852. Baggerbean: :S
  3853. Ringo Starr: no calls
  3854. Ringo Starr: nothing
  3855. Sammun Fox left chat.
  3856. Ringo Starr: When I found it*
  3857. Ringo Starr: When I got it back sounds like it was taken away
  3858. Cuss: I love you jobby
  3859. Cuss: thank you so much
  3860. Jobby: :)
  3861. Jobby: thats a shame hobo
  3862. Jobby: not as sad as bagger :(
  3863. Baggerbean: dont worry jobby
  3864. Baggerbean: im alright
  3865. Jobby: http://twitter.com/LohnJocke/status/24863355479
  3866. Baggerbean: HEY
  3867. Baggerbean: FUCK YOU
  3868. Jobby: now 38 people know about that
  3869. Jobby: TWITTER = DANGEROUS
  3870. Baggerbean: FUCK MY SECRETS OUT
  3871. Loco: twittle
  3872. Baggerbean: YOU SCOTTISH BASTARD
  3874. Cuss: ok guys, i edited the same photo one more time
  3875. Jobby: RIP RIP RIP
  3876. Loco: Offical GGT TWITTER GOING UP
  3877. Cuss: for a more darker Contrast version
  3878. Cuss: MY TWITTIES
  3879. Cuss: also
  3880. Cuss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0038p1.jpg
  3881. Baggerbean: Painseeker sent me a link
  3882. Loco: I'll Google your twitter baby
  3883. Baggerbean: Just Cause 2 for like £7
  3884. Cuss: yea
  3885. Baggerbean: is that good
  3886. Cuss: yea
  3887. Loco: yeah
  3888. Ringo Starr: Locooo
  3889. Baggerbean: im looking at a video and it looks alright
  3890. Jobby: he sent me the same link
  3891. Loco: hey hobo
  3892. Jobby: 17:25 - Painseeker: Jobby
  3893. 17:25 - Painseeker: If you have any friends that want Just Cause 2, send them this link
  3894. 17:25 - Painseeker: http://store.eidos.co.uk/pc-windows-download/Just-Cause-2.php
  3895. 17:25 - Painseeker: They can get a steam key for £6.49
  3896. 17:25 - Jobby: late late late late latel
  3897. 17:25 - Jobby: l;atelaltelatela
  3898. 17:25 - Jobby: late late
  3899. 17:26 - Painseeker: Hey, not everyone knows :<
  3900. 17:26 - Painseeker: I'm going down my friends list and you were there
  3901. 17:26 - Painseeker: Try not existing, should stop unwanted messages
  3902. 17:27 - Jobby: ...
  3903. 17:27 - Jobby: that was a really horrible thing to say
  3904. 17:27 - Jobby: okay i'm uh
  3905. 17:27 - Jobby: i'll clear my friends list now
  3906. 17:31 - Jobby: im really sorry for being an inconvienence to your scrolling
  3907. 17:31 - Jobby: goodbye :(
  3908. Jobby: our relationship is over now
  3909. Cuss: guys, bad or good? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0038p1.jpg
  3910. Jobby: its good cuss
  3911. Cuss: are you sure?
  3912. Jobby: yeah i like it
  3913. Loco: Wasnt it over before?
  3914. Jobby: but it dont know dick
  3915. Alcoholocaust entered chat.
  3916. Baggerbean: you always end relationships man
  3917. Jobby: only ones with painseeker
  3918. Baggerbean: im pretty sure you do it so you can have angry make up sex when you get back
  3919. Jobby: sink
  3920. Alcoholocaust: the fuck
  3921. Ringo Starr: Loco when my video of the best thing ever is done processing, you should watch it and see why you need to download said best thing ever right now
  3922. Jobby: you and me, angry makeup sex
  3923. Jobby: right here right now
  3924. Jobby: lets go
  3925. Loco: k
  3926. Alcoholocaust inserts dick into jobby's anus
  3927. Alcoholocaust: now what
  3928. Cuss: woooah
  3929. Ringo Starr: D:
  3930. Cuss: i'm still here guys
  3931. Cuss: jesus
  3932. Ringo Starr: Hi Cuss
  3933. Alcoholocaust moans
  3934. Jobby: i dont know much about gay sex
  3935. Jobby: lets ask erp
  3936. Cuss: xD
  3937. Alcoholocaust: ok
  3938. Cuss: zing
  3939. Cuss: jobby 1 erp 0
  3940. Alcoholocaust: speaking of zing,
  3941. Alcoholocaust: i love zinger burgers
  3942. Jobby: whats a zinger burger
  3943. Alcoholocaust: at KFC
  3944. Jobby: pj
  3945. Jobby: oh
  3946. Alcoholocaust: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=zinger+burger
  3947. Jobby: i better get dinner into some order of startation
  3948. Alcoholocaust: it's almost  6
  3949. Jobby: i got up at half 4
  3950. Alcoholocaust: what the hell
  3951. Jobby: lets talk about the word startation
  3952. Alcoholocaust: yes
  3953. Alcoholocaust: wtf
  3954. Jobby: my boss used it the other day
  3955. Alcoholocaust: you love to invent new words
  3956. Alcoholocaust: dont you
  3957. Jobby: "we better get this all into some sort of startation"
  3958. Jobby: i was like what
  3959. Alcoholocaust: oh
  3960. Alcoholocaust: wtf
  3961. Jobby: thats no word
  3962. Baggerbean: startation isnt a word
  3963. Baggerbean: Saturation, Sustinance?
  3964. Alcoholocaust: masturbation?
  3965. Baggerbean: I bet he meant Sustinance
  3966. Jobby: i've been saying it ever since
  3967. Alcoholocaust: You have an odd boss
  3968. Jobby: he's nice
  3969. Baggerbean disconnected.
  3970. Jobby: he has a beard
  3971. Jobby: what else can i say
  3972. Baggerbean entered chat.
  3973. Jobby: alright bagger hows it goin alright
  3974. Alcoholocaust: I have one too
  3975. Baggerbean: alright jobby hows it going alright
  3976. Baggerbean: tidy
  3977. Jobby: im good, im not going to lie to you
  3978. Alcoholocaust: but thats because i'm too fucking lazy to shave
  3979. Jobby: grow a jungle beard
  3980. Alcoholocaust: fuck
  3981. Alcoholocaust: that'll take years
  3982. Cuss: I don't feel like going to town tonight
  3983. Cuss: gahh
  3984. Jobby: no it wont, just grow a normal beard then put some poo and bugs in it
  3985. Alcoholocaust: i havent shaved for almost a month now and the hair is barely a centimetre long
  3986. Cuss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11323379/DSC_0038p2.jpg
  3987. Cuss: last one
  3988. Alcoholocaust: i my sideburns dont touch my goatee
  3989. Alcoholocaust: and my*
  3990. Alcoholocaust: so looks like i have huge mutton chops
  3991. Jobby: arent you like 19
  3992. Alcoholocaust: yes
  3993. Jobby: that ones best cuss
  3994. Jobby: use that
  3995. Alcoholocaust: heh
  3996. Alcoholocaust: reminds me of a scene from a game
  3997. Xenoyia: cuss looks like you squeezed out all of the colour and vibrance
  3998. Alcoholocaust: i think it was microsoft flight simulator x
  3999. Jobby: i played that at my plane nerd friends house
  4000. Jobby: was pretty boring
  4001. Cuss: http://cussypat.deviantart.com/art/Reflection-179674437
  4002. Alcoholocaust: i am actually studying aerospace engineerng
  4003. Alcoholocaust: i dont have much of a chioce
  4004. Cuss: what do you guys think :)?
  4005. Baggerbean disconnected.
  4006. Cuss: :(
  4007. Baggerbean entered chat.
  4008. Xenoyia: h
  4009. Xenoyia: i
  4010. Alcoholocaust: the cloung on the left sticks out like a sore thumb
  4011. Alcoholocaust: cloud*
  4012. Cuss: yeah
  4013. Alcoholocaust: why did i write cloung*
  4014. Alcoholocaust: wtf
  4015. Cuss: but the pic was already cropped
  4016. Alcoholocaust: why did i add a * at the back of that sentence
  4017. Cuss: so i didn't crop it anymore, the quality would've been shite
  4018. Xenoyia: 17:56 - Xenoyia: cuss looks like you squeezed out all of the colour and vibrance
  4019. Cuss: duuh
  4020. Cuss: that was kinda the point yea
  4021. Alcoholocaust: i think the problem is with hte picture itself
  4022. Baggerbean disconnected.
  4023. Cuss: WOAH
  4025. Cuss: WTF
  4026. Alcoholocaust: ?
  4027. Jobby: ..
  4028. Cuss: :O
  4029. Ringo Starr: Locooooooo
  4030. Jobby: thats a record for you huh
  4031. Cuss: yea
  4032. Ringo Starr: Looooooooooooooooooooccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4033. Baggerbean entered chat.
  4034. Jobby: the c's blend into the o's when you do that hobo
  4035. Jobby: just looks like you're shouting looooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4036. Ringo Starr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T40tfkiKAHM
  4037. Alcoholocaust: haha what the ehll jobby
  4038. Alcoholocaust: get your eyes checked
  4039. Loco: sdaf
  4040. Cuss: hah you just got owned Xeno
  4041. Cuss: I knew editing it like this would please the people
  4042. Cuss: >:)
  4043. .:EmpD:. Caketown entered chat.
  4044. Jobby: thats amazing hobo
  4045. .:EmpD:. Caketown: http://store.eidos.co.uk/pc-windows-download/Just-Cause-2.php
  4046. .:EmpD:. Caketown: just cause 2 for 6.50 pounds
  4047. Xenoyia: we know
  4048. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Oh
  4049. Alcoholocaust: i love that song
  4050. Xenoyia: gift me
  4051. Alcoholocaust: wow
  4052. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Then give me some clocks
  4053. Ringo Starr: I'm going out for a bit
  4054. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I already gave you altitude, and I'm broke.
  4055. Ringo Starr: I'll be back later
  4056. Alcoholocaust: x1 cock
  4057. Xenoyia: i'm joking
  4058. Xenoyia: lol
  4059. Jobby: luccccccy in the skyyyyy with diamonds
  4060. .:EmpD:. Caketown: is clash of the titans any good?
  4061. Cuss: kinda
  4062. Cuss: DL it in HD though
  4063. Cuss: uhmm
  4064. Cuss: i mean
  4065. Cuss: watch it in HD
  4066. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Rented it
  4067. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Oh well, off to watch it.
  4068. .:EmpD:. Caketown left chat.
  4069. ☻Triangles ☭ entered chat.
  4070. Cuss: my mate just texted me and asked for "5 good songs"
  4071. Cuss: damnit
  4072. ☻Triangles ☭: text him bieber songs
  4073. Baggerbean: tell him hes a faggot
  4074. Cuss: I alreadt sent the songs though
  4075. Baggerbean: i stick by my idea
  4076. ☻Triangles ☭: lol
  4077. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  4078. ☻Triangles ☭: There's a guy named Bear
  4079. ☻Triangles ☭: and he's SAS
  4080. ☻Triangles ☭: coincidence?
  4081. Baggerbean: what
  4082. Alcoholocaust: what the fuck
  4083. Alcoholocaust: i just got an email
  4084. Alcoholocaust: Jessica Rose (@jessica_bieber7) is now following your tweets (@sink257) on Twitter.
  4085. Alcoholocaust: jessica_BIEBER7 ?!?!?!?!?!!
  4086. ☻Triangles ☭: wat
  4087. Alcoholocaust: BIEBER?!!?!??!
  4088. Alcoholocaust: what the fuck
  4089. Jobby: shes a belieber
  4090. Alcoholocaust: =/
  4091. ☻Triangles ☭: DON'T STOP
  4092. ☻Triangles ☭: BELIEBING
  4093. Baggerbean is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  4094. Alcoholocaust: guys
  4095. Alcoholocaust: what the hell
  4096. Jobby: then i saw his face
  4097. Jobby: now im a belieber
  4098. ☻Triangles ☭: just like erp
  4099. Baggerbean: not a trace
  4100. Baggerbean: of doubt in my mind
  4101. Jobby: do you beliIIeeeEeeb im life after the love
  4102. Jobby: dung dung dun dun
  4103. Alcoholocaust: ok
  4104. ☻Triangles ☭: i'm a perriver
  4105. Alcoholocaust: what the hell
  4106. ☻Triangles ☭: guess who I believe in
  4107. Baggerbean: I can feel something thats hard to say
  4108. Baggerbean: I really dont think you're strong enough oooooh
  4109. Alcoholocaust: James Cameron is making Avatar 2
  4110. ☻Triangles ☭: expected/10
  4111. Alcoholocaust: http://gizmodo.com/5641570/james-cameron-heads-for-mariana-trench-to-film-avatar-sequel-and-capture-x-prize-simultaneously
  4112. Alcoholocaust: read all about it on gizmoron
  4113. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  4114. ☻Triangles ☭: hehe
  4115. ☻Triangles ☭: gizmoron
  4116. Alcoholocaust: who here listens to the veronicas
  4117. ☻Triangles ☭: the what
  4118. Alcoholocaust: vernonicas
  4119. ☻Triangles ☭: then no
  4120. Alcoholocaust: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-09-18-games-obsessed-with-gay-space-marines
  4121. Alcoholocaust: what the hell
  4122. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  4123. ☻Triangles ☭ is now playing Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Click here to join.
  4124. Cuss: hi
  4125. Alcoholocaust: HELLO YOUNG ONE
  4126. Alcoholocaust: WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE
  4127. ☻Triangles ☭: stfu
  4128. ☻Triangles ☭: alcoholo
  4129. Alcoholocaust: GO EAT A BAG OF DICKS
  4130. Baggerbean: no
  4132. ☻Triangles ☭: k
  4133. ☻Triangles ☭: WHAT
  4134. ☻Triangles ☭: ME TOOO
  4135. Cuss: HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?
  4136. ☻Triangles ☭: ME THINKS HE PASSED OVER DERE
  4137. Alcoholocaust: BAZAROTH IS THERE BY HIS DEN
  4138. Alcoholocaust: MAKING JIZZARATE
  4139. Cuss: SWEET
  4141. Alcoholocaust: I THINK IT'S SOUR
  4142. ☻Triangles ☭: I THINK IT'S SALT
  4143. ☻Triangles ☭: Y
  4145. Baggerbean: What does mine eyes percieve. Is that truely you, Sink?
  4146. Bearded Gir entered chat.
  4147. ☻Triangles ☭: pascall will watch
  4148. ☻Triangles ☭: wtf
  4149. ☻Triangles ☭: I just updated NFS World yesterday
  4150. ☻Triangles ☭: Now I have to update again?
  4151. Alcoholocaust: No, it's the embodiment of my soul in a cat's body which has just come out of the dryer.
  4152. ☻Triangles ☭: oh nevermind
  4153. ☻Triangles ☭: guys
  4154. Alcoholocaust: I don't find NFS World fun
  4155. ☻Triangles ☭: who bets by the time I'm done playinh
  4156. ☻Triangles ☭: I'll be level 5
  4157. ☻Triangles ☭: or so
  4158. Alcoholocaust: I bet you 3 guineas
  4159. ☻Triangles ☭: okay
  4160. ☻Triangles ☭: my 240sx
  4161. ☻Triangles ☭: it is awesome
  4162. ☻Triangles ☭: who has an account for nfs world
  4163. Alcoholocaust: i took part in the beta
  4164. Alcoholocaust: but i found it boring
  4165. ☻Triangles ☭: me too
  4166. ☻Triangles ☭: there's powerups now
  4167. Zabe Aeiger entered chat.
  4168. Alcoholocaust: so i never bothered withtthe full game
  4169. Alcoholocaust: though i recently heard they made it fully free
  4170. Alcoholocaust: but eh
  4171. Alcoholocaust: not sure if have enough tume
  4172. Alcoholocaust: time*
  4173. Cuss: Eastside,Westside,Genocide
  4174. Cuss: ;)
  4175. Alcoholocaust: lies, damned lies, statistics and stuff i say
  4176. Alcoholocaust: :)
  4177. Cuss: I must be the best music provider ever
  4178. Cuss: everytime someone asks for music
  4179. Cuss: they're satisfied after i've sent them a couple
  4180. Alcoholocaust: you deliver?
  4181. Cuss: yea
  4182. Alcoholocaust: ok, noted
  4183. ☻Triangles ☭: provide me with an mp3 of like a g6
  4184. ☻Triangles ☭: instrumental
  4185. Cuss: simplify it
  4186. Cuss: gees
  4187. ☻Triangles ☭: youtube it
  4188. ☻Triangles ☭: find the instrumental version
  4189. ☻Triangles ☭: no hook
  4190. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWoAGhoW4t8
  4191. Cuss: so if anyone ever needs music
  4192. Cuss: just say a genre you like
  4193. Cuss: and i will provide
  4194. Cuss: like your Personal jesus
  4195. ☻Triangles ☭: rove you
  4196. Cuss: awsaw
  4197. ☻Triangles ☭: :D
  4198. Cuss: my mates are like comin over in 20 mins
  4199. Cuss: and i'm in underwear and sweaty t-shirt
  4200. Cuss: CANT BE ARSED
  4201. Cuss: AAAH
  4202. Duck entered chat.
  4203. Duck: :v
  4204. Alcoholocaust: wtf
  4205. Alcoholocaust: cusss
  4206. Duck: Hi
  4207. Alcoholocaust: didnt need to know the details
  4208. Alcoholocaust: hi duck
  4209. Cuss: ofcourse you did
  4210. Alcoholocaust: archduck franz ferdinand
  4213. Duck: ._.
  4214. Cuss: what a shitty dictator
  4215. Duck: Archduck Franz Ferdinand
  4216. Duck: Lole.
  4217. Alcoholocaust: ducks of hazzard
  4218. Archduck Franz Ferdinand: Below the Ducks
  4219. Cuss: Ducks of Duty
  4220. Archduck Franz Ferdinand: Ducks at War
  4221. Cuss: Poetry
  4222. Archduck Franz Ferdinand has changed their name to Duck.
  4223. Cuss: I'm a Falling Stone In a World of Glass
  4224. Cuss: /poetry
  4225. Duck: you're going to fuck everything up?
  4226. Duck: تورن وب تهآ راديو, إ gوت ا فىلينg, gيممآ سومآ مورآ!
  4227. Cuss: I'm a ticking bomb with a smiling mask
  4228. Cuss: :)
  4229. Duck: 0;o
  4230. Duck: Doomsday Clock
  4231. Alcoholocaust: doomsday cock
  4232. ☻Triangles ☭: you totally walked into thtat
  4233. ☻Triangles ☭: that*
  4234. Duck: Minecraft updated
  4235. Duck: asfilsjadlfk
  4236. Loco: ,mkk
  4237. Cuss: the doomsday clock is at 11:52
  4238. Cuss: 11:54***
  4239. Alcoholocaust: i have 2 penises
  4240. Duck: The update is out, and I guess the biggest feature is Sneaking. Press (and hold, for now) shift to move slower. You won’t make sounds, and you won’t crush plants, and you won’t fall off ledges.
  4241. Alcoholocaust: now what
  4242. Cuss: 6 minutes til nuclear warfare
  4243. ☻Triangles ☭: oh dears
  4244. Duck: Dem Russians
  4245. Alcoholocaust: let us rape each other before our demise
  4246. Duck: Go slow, I'm a virgin.
  4247. Cuss: actually it's not russians
  4248. Cuss: Iran and NK
  4249. Alcoholocaust: rememebr
  4250. Alcoholocaust: no russian
  4251. Duck: Oh yes
  4252. Duck: Forgot
  4253. Zabe Aeiger: oh my
  4254. ☻Triangles ☭ disconnected.
  4255. Zabe Aeiger: tornado in brooklyn
  4256. Cuss: русский алфавит?
  4257. Cuss: wait what
  4258. Alcoholocaust: oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man
  4259. Cuss: you're shitting us Zabe
  4260. Zabe Aeiger: /world
  4261. Cuss: quit bullshiting
  4262. Duck: Donnie Darko is on TV
  4263. Zabe Aeiger: no I'm not
  4264. Baggerbean: im a tornado
  4265. Baggerbean: of pain
  4266. Duck: Fuck yeah
  4267. Cuss: no shut up Zabe
  4268. Cuss: there can't be tornadoes in brookly
  4269. Cuss: you're silly
  4270. Zabe Aeiger: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/08/nyregion/08cnd-weather.html
  4271. Cuss: I stand corrected
  4272. Cuss: also zave
  4273. Cuss: zabe*
  4274. Cuss: http://cussypat.deviantart.com/#/d2yz1ol
  4275. Duck: Tokio holel is covering Mad World.
  4276. Cuss: whatcha think?
  4277. Cuss: !?!?!
  4278. Cuss: kill tokio hotel
  4279. Zabe Aeiger: beautiful
  4280. Cuss: thanks :3
  4281. Baggerbean: any1 wanna hit the gym with me
  4282. Zabe Aeiger: I wiill come with
  4283. Baggerbean: k
  4284. Loco: minecraft wont update :<
  4285. Zabe Aeiger: mine wont log in
  4286. Duck: Nickelback :l
  4287. Loco: Same
  4288. Loco: Well
  4289. Loco: crouching is fun
  4290. Duck: Website isn't even loading for me. haha.
  4291. Cuss: thyme to mayke myself rdy
  4292. Baggerbean: man im kinda sad that I completed ME2
  4293. Cuss: now gift me ME2
  4294. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  4295. Cuss: so i can ejoy it
  4296. Bearded Gir: play it again
  4297. Bearded Gir: like I do
  4298. Baggerbean: me and tali totally did it
  4299. Zabe Aeiger: hot
  4300. Bearded Gir: same
  4301. Bearded Gir: I just don't like the mom, the bitch, and the crazy bitch
  4302. Duck: ...
  4303. Duck: Avatar 2 information.
  4304. Bearded Gir: so I picked tali
  4305. Duck: Set in the Ocean.
  4306. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  4307. Zabe Aeiger: acatar 2
  4308. Bearded Gir: lol
  4309. Duck: Filming in the Mariana Trench.
  4310. Zabe Aeiger: avatar*
  4311. Zabe Aeiger: ok
  4312. Baggerbean: avatar wasn't a bad film
  4313. Baggerbean: i dont get the stigma
  4314. Zabe Aeiger: I liked it
  4315. Duck: I liked Avatar.
  4316. Bearded Gir: meh
  4317. Duck: I don't care if it was a Pocahontas remake
  4318. Duck: it was visually appealing.
  4319. Duck: I saw in iMax 3D
  4320. Duck: mind = blown
  4321. Zabe Aeiger: I saw it in 2d
  4322. Zabe Aeiger: bitch
  4323. Baggerbean: i just bought JC2
  4324. Zabe Aeiger: :o
  4325. Zabe Aeiger: on their website?
  4326. Baggerbean: yeah
  4327. Zabe Aeiger: witht he sale thingy
  4328. Baggerbean: ye
  4329. Zabe Aeiger: cool
  4330. Baggerbean: lets hope so
  4331. Baggerbean: i was leik
  4332. Baggerbean: "I have the money"
  4333. Bearded Gir: for one of my classes, I have to make business cards
  4334. Duck: I has money.
  4335. Duck: $500 to be exact.
  4336. Bearded Gir: I'm going to make the name "Commander Shepard"
  4337. Bearded Gir: and it will say
  4338. Duck: But sadly steam does not have the ability to take cash.
  4339. Baggerbean: I made a sheperd so i could be a renegade
  4340. Bearded Gir: "This is my favorite business card on the citadel"
  4341. Baggerbean: but when we got to the part to help tali at the beginning
  4342. Baggerbean: i couldn't be evil to her
  4343. Baggerbean: not after the love we had
  4344. Zabe Aeiger: :v
  4345. Duck: Hollaback Boy by the Cobra Starship
  4346. Bearded Gir: I don't feel right playing evil
  4347. Alcoholocaust: ok
  4348. Alcoholocaust: i am alive
  4349. Alcoholocaust: not dead yet
  4350. Duck: Nice to meet you Alive
  4351. Baggerbean: how is life sink
  4352. Alcoholocaust: life is full of amnesia
  4353. Alcoholocaust: wait
  4354. Bearded Gir: :(
  4355. Alcoholocaust: what were we talking baoujt?
  4356. Alcoholocaust: about*
  4357. Bearded Gir: everyone decided not to make Invader Zim avatars
  4358. Bearded Gir: I am sad
  4359. Alcoholocaust: good
  4360. Alcoholocaust: riddance
  4361. Duck left chat.
  4362. Alcoholocaust: stop oversaturating
  4363. Baggerbean disconnected.
  4364. Baggerbean entered chat.
  4365. Bearded Gir: going back to Shockwave
  4366. Alcoholocaust: bagger
  4367. Alcoholocaust: your net
  4368. Loco: fishing rod for minecraft
  4369. Baggerbean: yeah man
  4370. Loco: hoah
  4371. Baggerbean: being a cock
  4372. Zabe Aeiger: what
  4373. Alcoholocaust: #epicfail
  4374. Zabe Aeiger: fishing rod
  4375. Zabe Aeiger: where
  4376. Baggerbean: you know that
  4377. Alcoholocaust: rod
  4378. Loco: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/1504/px6ql8.png
  4379. Zabe Aeiger: :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4380. Baggerbean disconnected.
  4381. Baggerbean entered chat.
  4382. Loco: I'm just f5ing in the thread like crazy
  4383. Baggerbean: fuck sakes
  4384. Bearded Gir: new minecraft update crashed computers didn't you hear?
  4385. Loco: only some people
  4386. Alcoholocaust: what thread?
  4387. Alcoholocaust: is it in the furry section
  4388. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow: hai
  4389. Alcoholocaust: answer me locock
  4390. Loco: no
  4391. Loco: minecraft
  4392. Zabe Aeiger: darn no biomes
  4393. Alcoholocaust: oh
  4394. Baggerbean: JC2 is only 4.5GB?
  4395. Alcoholocaust: my ffriend and i made a stadium in minecraft
  4396. Alcoholocaust: took 3 days
  4397. Baggerbean: not even that
  4398. Alcoholocaust: was fucking fun
  4399. Alcoholocaust: it looked liek anfield
  4400. Alcoholocaust: or so we though
  4401. Alcoholocaust: thought*
  4402. Commander John Shepard: :V
  4403. Alcoholocaust: i'm itching to buy JC2
  4404. Alcoholocaust: but i must resist
  4405. Loco: f555555555
  4406. Alcoholocaust: have to build new comp
  4407. Zabe Aeiger: Loco you will rely important minecraft info to me ok
  4408. Commander Shepard: shorter name is better
  4409. Baggerbean: im pro and building PCs and shit now
  4410. Alcoholocaust: nice
  4411. Baggerbean: at*
  4412. Loco: okay
  4413. Loco: I shall
  4414. Zabe Aeiger: yay
  4415. Alcoholocaust: once you get the hang of it
  4416. Alcoholocaust: its really easy
  4417. Baggerbean: yeah
  4418. Baggerbean: like riding a bike
  4419. Loco: http://i53.tinypic.com/f0azyp.jpg
  4420. Alcoholocaust: you can build one in your head right now
  4421. Zabe Aeiger: :o
  4422. Zabe Aeiger: awesome
  4423. Alcoholocaust: oh fuck i feel like such  a nerd
  4424. Baggerbean: no
  4425. Baggerbean: It's an awesome thing to know
  4426. Commander Shepard: someone get me ME, I am sick of the council and Wrex being ded
  4427. Alcoholocaust: ?
  4428. Loco: oh god I think I see a quiver
  4429. Zabe Aeiger: why would you need a quiver
  4430. Alcoholocaust: i take it you have played me2
  4431. ☻Triangles ☭ entered chat.
  4432. Commander Shepard: yes
  4433. Loco: look a quiver
  4434. Loco: http://img832.imageshack.us/i/itemsr.png/
  4435. Alcoholocaust: why would you play that before me
  4436. ☻Triangles ☭: :wtc:
  4437. Zabe Aeiger: oh my god
  4438. Loco: under the clay
  4439. Zabe Aeiger: notch is the best
  4440. ☻Triangles ☭: there's two commander shepards on my friends list
  4441. Alcoholocaust: wtf is the world coming to
  4442. Baggerbean disconnected.
  4443. Baggerbean entered chat.
  4444. Alcoholocaust: heh
  4445. Baggerbean: fuck saaakes
  4446. Alcoholocaust: again
  4447. Alcoholocaust: i read that as fuck snakes
  4448. Baggerbean: doesnt help that I'm trying to DL shit too
  4449. Zabe Aeiger disconnected.
  4450. Alcoholocaust: here goes another one
  4451. Commander Shepard: I only see one commander shepard
  4452. Commander Shepard: on the list
  4453. ☻Triangles ☭: On you it says
  4454. Zabe Aeiger entered chat.
  4455. ☻Triangles ☭: Commander Shepard (2)
  4456. Zabe Aeiger: gosh
  4457. ☻Triangles ☭ disconnected.
  4458. Commander Shepard: I like my profile image
  4459. Baggerbean: I'm gonna play ME2 and be a bastard to everyone but tali
  4460. Baggerbean: :D
  4461. Alcoholocaust: D:
  4462. Alcoholocaust: rape jack
  4463. Commander Shepard: just make sure not to tell them her dad re-activated those Geth and killed everyone
  4464. Commander Shepard: or she'll hate your guts
  4465. Baggerbean: i have played it before thank you
  4466. Commander Shepard: k
  4467. Baggerbean: fuck i look hot in my pink/purple armour
  4468. Xenoyia: i have a code for blood dragon armour in ME2
  4469. Zabe Aeiger: gimme
  4470. Xenoyia: nuhuh
  4471. Zabe Aeiger: FINE
  4472. Zabe Aeiger: I'M BLOCKING YOU
  4473. Xenoyia: :(
  4474. Zabe Aeiger: MEANYFACE
  4475. Alcoholocaust: thats not an insult
  4476. Xenoyia: "Start Mass Effect 2and log in to your EA account. Register AB8C-72BK-CUSS-WGY2"
  4477. Xenoyia: first one to register gets BLOOD DERGON ARMOR
  4478. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  4479. A Duck entered chat.
  4480. A Duck: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/8421/wormsreloadedbodycount.png
  4481. A Duck: but also hi
  4482. Xenoyia: you draw like a girl
  4483. A Duck: why
  4484. A Duck: :(
  4485. Xenoyia: :)
  4486. Zabe Aeiger: Loco
  4487. Zabe Aeiger: do you use a texture pack for minecraft?
  4488. Loco: Sometimes yeah
  4489. Zabe Aeiger: which one/ones
  4490. Loco: I used to use some rp one
  4491. Loco: then notched updated it and removed it
  4492. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  4493. Loco: someone uploaded the update
  4494. Zabe Aeiger: I'll just wait for the udater thingy to work
  4495. Zabe Aeiger: updater*
  4496. SRU Tactician Ed Lane entered chat.
  4497. PQNY entered chat.
  4498. PQNY left chat.
  4499. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: I'm hugh dillon as a police officer
  4500. Alcoholocaust left chat.
  4501. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: wtf
  4502. Jobby: hi ladies
  4503. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: this dude put this comment on my profile
  4504. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: Delete
  4506. hauffenschweiler posted on September 17, 2010 @ 4:14am
  4507. I hope these lines and curves on your profile forming letters and words aren't too much for you to handle. I remember you telling me you have trouble with anything over the number 4, whether it be words, syllables, counting, etc..
  4508. Zabe Aeiger: hi
  4509. *CGS*|Ninja entered chat.
  4510. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: what the
  4511. *CGS*|Ninja: hi
  4512. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: i don't even know who this guy is
  4513. *CGS*|Ninja: You dont want to know.
  4514. Loco disconnected.
  4515. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: but it's weird
  4516. Baggerbean: you're weird
  4517. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: I actually do have trouble with anything with the number 4
  4518. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: since they always LOOK LIKE NINES
  4519. *CGS*|Ninja: I'm Comfuzzled.
  4520. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: same here
  4521. Zabe Aeiger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bomkgXeDkE
  4522. Jobby: why does the conversation always stop when i show up
  4523. Jobby: do i smell? do i have bad breath? someone tell me
  4524. Zabe Aeiger: You smell just fine
  4525. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: I don't have a problem with you
  4526. Jobby: not yet you dont
  4527. Baggerbean: jobby is a problem
  4528. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: jobby is just fine tyvm
  4529. A Duck: i cannot install cod4
  4530. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: no
  4531. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: cod4 cannot install you
  4533. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: you mean
  4534. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: THE KEY HAS ALREADY USED YOU
  4535. A Duck: original.
  4536. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: :3
  4537. Commander Shepard: I had the same thing happen with me
  4538. *CGS*|Ninja: Duck is it brand new?
  4539. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: Same here
  4540. A Duck: no
  4541. Commander Shepard: I was given a key for ME by fusilero, and it5 was already in use
  4542. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: only with CS:S
  4543. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: and I couldn't get it back
  4544. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: dem keygens
  4545. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: gotta hate those keygens
  4546. Commander Shepard: Fusilero still owes me my raffle prize
  4547. Commander Shepard: >:(
  4548. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: Shepard still owes me wrex
  4549. A Duck: and i can't add the key to steam
  4550. Commander Shepard: I won one of fusilero's raffles, he gave me a key for ME, and it was already in use
  4551. *CGS*|Ninja: Where/Who did you get the key from?
  4552. Commander Shepard: BASTARD
  4553. A Duck: wish steam would have accepted the key
  4554. Xenoyia: COD 4 doesn't work on steam
  4555. A Duck: .....
  4556. Jobby: about to eat chicken pakora
  4557. Jobby: any objections
  4558. Xenoyia: i object
  4559. A Duck: none
  4560. Jobby: too late
  4561. Zabe Aeiger: overuled
  4562. SRU Tactician Ed Lane slams gavel
  4563. *CGS*|Ninja disconnected.
  4564. Baggerbean: So
  4565. Baggerbean: Here we are
  4566. Zabe Aeiger: send an email to the future
  4567. Zabe Aeiger: http://www.futureme.org/
  4568. Zabe Aeiger: do it
  4569. Baggerbean: nah sounds like a cock thing to do
  4570. Zabe Aeiger: Give yourself a compliment
  4571. Zabe Aeiger: in the future
  4572. Baggerbean: it wouldnt mean much coming from myself
  4573. Zabe Aeiger: um
  4574. Zabe Aeiger: tell yourself to call you
  4575. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: the sexiest man on earth
  4576. Zabe Aeiger: no
  4577. Zabe Aeiger: call you
  4578. Zabe Aeiger: on a phone
  4579. Jobby: WOW ZABE
  4581. Jobby: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4582. Jobby: brb getting more dinners
  4583. Baggerbean: is this true zabe
  4584. Zabe Aeiger: all credit goes to jobby
  4585. Zabe Aeiger: I apoligize
  4586. Zabe Aeiger: legal action is not needed
  4587. Baggerbean: you're not the man i fell in love with
  4588. Zabe Aeiger: Jobby will be given the profits already made and to be made
  4589. A Duck left chat.
  4590. Jobby: i used that site a few years ago but i cant remember the email i used
  4591. Jobby: can still remember some of what i wrote and have stayed true to none of it
  4592. Jobby: also my mouth is on fire
  4593. Zabe Aeiger: Get some milk
  4594. Zabe Aeiger: unless you're hardcore
  4595. Jobby: im not
  4596. Jobby: im bad with spicey foods
  4597. Xenoyia: http://concessioncomic.com/comics/20071019a.jpg
  4598. Zabe Aeiger: furry comic
  4599. Zabe Aeiger: what
  4600. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg entered chat.
  4601. Baggerbean: lolololo thats so funny xeno
  4602. Zabe Aeiger: xD
  4603. A Duck entered chat.
  4604. A Duck: a new age is upon us
  4605. Zabe Aeiger: source
  4606. Loco entered chat.
  4607. Zabe Aeiger: Loco
  4608. Zabe Aeiger: does MC work yet
  4609. Loco: nope
  4610. Xenoyia: loco
  4611. .:EmpD:. Caketown entered chat.
  4612. Xenoyia: lets lunch
  4613. Baggerbean: Molten Core?
  4614. Zabe Aeiger: minecraft
  4615. Jobby: raggy down!!!!!
  4616. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Hm, Clash of the Titans was decent
  4617. Jobby: grats guys
  4618. Baggerbean: ah nostalgia
  4619. Jobby: yup
  4620. Jobby: i really miss those days of WoW
  4621. Baggerbean: we all do
  4622. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: ^
  4623. Commander Shepard: there was a glitch in my Oblivion
  4624. Commander Shepard: it allowed me to loot the armor off of knights of order in the shivering isles
  4625. Baggerbean: oh man
  4626. Jobby: i guess i should play more forza
  4627. Errp: jobby
  4628. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: 1ST PLACE
  4629. SRU Tactician Ed Lane: WOOOO
  4630. Errp: can you talk some sense into me
  4631. Jobby: probably not
  4632. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Bullshit
  4633. Errp: xeno's pressuring me to finish this shit
  4634. .:EmpD:. Caketown: You can't pay with paypal on the eidos store.
  4635. Errp: http://tehwhale.com/xeno.html
  4636. Jobby: i dont even get what it is you're doing
  4637. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Screw just cause 2 then
  4638. Loco: wat is dis
  4639. Loco: oh you erp
  4640. Loco: http://gyazo.com/84b7386660dc218154094b19f7b3fa03.png
  4641. Jobby: between you and me erp, xeno is... well you know what he is. for you to take orders from him is like a snake to take orders from a mouse
  4642. SRU Tactician Ed Lane disconnected.
  4643. Baggerbean: yeah but erp loves xenoyia
  4644. Baggerbean: so you kno
  4645. Jobby: true
  4646. Zabe Aeiger: hopefully they dont reproduce
  4647. Jobby: they'd reproduce like gremlins
  4648. Baggerbean: I don't think any of them have female sex organs
  4649. Jobby: hundreds of little xenos popping out of erp's back
  4650. Zabe Aeiger: D:
  4651. Jobby: erp thinks im an idiot
  4652. Jobby: he thinks i dont know what im talking about
  4653. Jobby: but
  4654. Jobby: i do
  4655. Loco: wah
  4656. Jobby: what did you just say loco
  4657. Loco: I said
  4658. Loco: haw
  4659. Jobby: and what did you mean by that
  4660. Loco: Nothing at all
  4661. Loco: I blame the meds
  4662. Loco: or vaccines I mean
  4663. Baggerbean: heh i got a screenie of me and my friends ontop of the bank in orgrimmar on christmas dancing
  4664. Baggerbean: I had my snowman costume on
  4665. Baggerbean: I don't think it actually WAS christmas day though
  4666. Loco disconnected.
  4667. Jobby: you look in high rezz
  4668. Jobby: you've got uber chat skills
  4669. Baggerbean: i look in high resolution?
  4670. Painseeker entered chat.
  4671. Solidjake entered chat.
  4672. Commander Shepard: the fuck
  4673. Solidjake: you have been invited to chat in
  4674. Lord Wootman entered chat.
  4675. Solidjake: the gift giving group
  4676. Commander Shepard: GOD DAMMIT I DON'T WANT THIS
  4677. Lord Wootman: what do you want
  4678. Jobby: im
  4679. Jobby: just inviting
  4680. Inacio entered chat.
  4681. Jobby: better people
  4682. Jobby: like him
  4683. Lord Wootman: o
  4684. Solidjake: I c
  4685. Xenoyia: http://anonstory.xenoyia.biz/ erp coded this. erp is that awesome
  4686. Inacio: sup
  4687. Jobby: sorry
  4688. Painseeker: Better people? You must have miss clicked me
  4689. Commander Shepard: I downloaded a Shivering Isles house mod
  4690. Painseeker left chat.
  4691. Commander Shepard: and it has that horrid argonian book in it
  4692. Commander Shepard: D:
  4693. Jobby: oh dear painseeker is butthurt
  4694. Solidjake: I have dited the story.
  4695. John Lennon entered chat.
  4696. Xenoyia: requires moderation
  4697. Xenoyia: luls
  4698. Commander Shepard: Hi Pascall
  4699. Xenoyia: hi pascall
  4700. John Lennon: sup
  4701. Solidjake: it's like a party
  4702. Jobby: i didnt invite pascall
  4703. Jobby: she must have smelled jake
  4704. John Lennon: yes
  4705. Commander Shepard: :( why not invite pascall
  4706. John Lennon: yes i did
  4707. Baggerbean: its hard not to
  4708. John Lennon: jake's odor is the most glorious one
  4709. Commander Shepard: :V
  4710. A Duck: fuck sleping
  4711. Solidjake sniffs armpits
  4712. Solidjake: shit is STRONG
  4713. Lord Wootman: pascall is the worst
  4714. Xenoyia: My dick is brown.<br>It's big, wet and hard.<br>
  4715. Xenoyia: what
  4716. Baggerbean: the fuck
  4717. Xenoyia: i'm not approving that
  4718. Xenoyia: :p
  4719. John Lennon: me, onirik, and rong shitted up TF2 media
  4720. John Lennon: it was grate
  4721. Lord Wootman: it was once a good thread
  4722. Commander Shepard: lol
  4723. Baggerbean: aint seen you round these parts for a while pascall
  4724. Solidjake: Whath appened in tf2 media
  4725. Solidjake: did you like
  4726. Solidjake: show ap icture of wootman's dick
  4727. Solidjake: that would scare ME off
  4728. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: solidfayk
  4729. John Lennon: heh
  4730. Lord Wootman: rong posted crappy scout pictures
  4731. Commander Shepard: I want to get rid of this book
  4732. Commander Shepard: god dammit
  4733. Lord Wootman: and pascall defended him
  4734. John Lennon: i just think it's hilarious how angry those guys get when you fuck with their beloved game characters lol
  4735. Commander Shepard: argh
  4736. Commander Shepard: I threw it off the bookshelf and all my other books fly off
  4737. John Lennon: in L4D comics, everyone spreads the love and rainbows
  4738. Commander Shepard: dammit
  4739. Solidjake: but
  4740. Solidjake: I liked his scout pictures
  4741. Solidjake: YOU FUCKS
  4742. John Lennon: i did too
  4743. Solidjake: I liked the one wher ehe was like
  4744. Solidjake: "But I love you" or something
  4745. Jobby: i dont know anything about tf2 culture
  4746. Lord Wootman: thats because pascall slicks to them
  4747. John Lennon: ttly
  4748. Jobby: so
  4749. Jobby: how is everyone
  4750. Jobby: how has everyone been
  4751. Solidjake: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/190/0/4/A_difficult_choice_for_Pyro_by_BrokenTeapot.jpg
  4752. Baggerbean: im bad man
  4753. Jobby: why
  4754. Solidjake: I have been good.
  4755. Lord Wootman: I been good
  4756. Baggerbean: i wouldnt want to bore you with the details of my life
  4757. Commander Shepard: lol
  4758. Jobby: i dont get it
  4759. Jobby: why is it a difficult choice
  4760. Commander Shepard: :I
  4761. Inacio: LUZLZLZLLZl
  4762. Inacio: so funi
  4763. Jobby: hi inacio
  4764. Inacio: hi jobbeh
  4765. Inacio: sup old bean
  4766. Jobby: not much
  4767. Jobby: you
  4768. Inacio: bored and hot
  4769. Inacio: gonna study
  4770. Inacio: bye boys
  4771. Jobby: bye
  4772. Inacio: see ya later
  4773. Inacio left chat.
  4774. Solidjake: Let's orgy
  4775. Jobby: inacio is brazilian
  4776. Jobby: sink did sex to me earlier
  4777. Solidjake: yes
  4778. Solidjake: yes he is
  4779. John Lennon: i need a nap
  4780. Lord Wootman: i'm bore
  4781. John Lennon: but I refuse to take one
  4782. Solidjake: Roofies
  4783. Solidjake: You'll take a nap but you won't remember it
  4784. Solidjake: therefore
  4785. Solidjake: quenching both your needs and requests
  4786. Solidjake: or is that chloroform
  4787. Solidjake: to be safe take roofies and smell chloroform.
  4788. Lord Wootman: why do I always get morning wood
  4789. Baggerbean: dunno man
  4790. Commander Shepard: no
  4791. Commander Shepard: no no no no no
  4792. Commander Shepard: NOOO
  4793. Solidjake: it's so you remember you have a dick
  4794. Solidjake: when you wake up
  4795. Jobby: jake dream more
  4796. Commander Shepard: god dammit there's a bookshelf full of that wretched book
  4797. Commander Shepard: god dammit
  4798. Lord Wootman: I don't dream anymore
  4799. Lord Wootman: i think
  4800. Solidjake: Damnit jobby
  4801. Solidjake: no
  4802. Jobby: i dont think i dream enough to remember my dreams :/
  4803. Solidjake: Tired of typing all my dreams up.
  4804. Jobby: but what about your audience
  4805. Solidjake: they're fine without it
  4806. Jobby: god sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4807. Solidjake: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4808. Lord Wootman: jobby gift me game
  4809. Solidjake: LISTEN JOBBY
  4810. Solidjake: I'M WORKING ON
  4811. Solidjake: A MEGATHREAD
  4812. Errp: http://ggt.tehwhale.com/?page=118#post4719
  4813. Solidjake: TO END ALL MEGATHREADS
  4814. Solidjake: A THREAD SO FULL OF CONTENT
  4815. Solidjake: IT WILL RISE THE BAR
  4816. Lord Wootman: unban me erp
  4818. Errp: you are
  4819. Errp: wootman
  4820. Lord Wootman: i am
  4821. Commander Shepard: so why's the chat locked again?
  4822. Lord Wootman: because i'm not admin again
  4823. Solidjake: CHAT IS LOCKED
  4824. Solidjake: BECAUSE
  4825. Solidjake: MY DICK
  4826. Solidjake: IS SAD.
  4827. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: oh no
  4828. Commander Shepard: :V
  4829. Solidjake: it'sflopped down depressed right about no
  4830. Solidjake: w
  4831. Lord Wootman: ask someone to suck it
  4832. Zabe Aeiger: Jakes dick is powerful
  4833. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: solid fayg
  4834. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: solid mayne
  4835. Lord Wootman: i'm installing media go
  4836. Lord Wootman: why am i'm doing this
  4837. Commander Shepard: god dammit how do I get rid of all these horrible books
  4838. Lord Wootman: press e
  4839. Commander Shepard: NO
  4840. Jobby: smithhhhherrrrrrsssssssssss
  4841. Solidjake: yes sir
  4842. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: some faggot called me skilift
  4843. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: wtc
  4844. Commander Shepard: wat
  4845. Solidjake: what the fuck is a skillift
  4846. Lord Wootman: hi sklift
  4847. Solidjake: Wait
  4848. Solidjake: SKI LIFT
  4849. Solidjake: WHAT TEH FUCK?
  4850. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: fff
  4851. Commander Shepard: wtc
  4852. Commander Shepard: wait
  4853. Commander Shepard: what the christ
  4854. Commander Shepard: world trade centers
  4855. Commander Shepard: :V
  4856. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: what the christ
  4857. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: oh god
  4858. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: 9
  4859. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: 11.
  4860. Commander Shepard: the ugliest fucking argonian is in my house, make it go away
  4861. Commander Shepard: D:
  4862. .:EmpD:. Caketown: nine eleven was fake, they just made some models and filmed it, if you look at some of the pixels above the plane there's a wire, I can tell from being experienced with this the pixels makes it obvious.
  4863. Jobby: @pascall i just bought sims 3 and expansions okay
  4864. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Stab it in the face
  4865. Errp: caketown
  4866. Commander Shepard: it's got a face on it's face
  4867. Errp: you are so fucking retarded
  4868. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Sims 1 is ace
  4869. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: until you burn them
  4870. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: the screams
  4871. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: oh lordy
  4872. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: the screams
  4873. Jobby: hi heavyguy
  4874. Jobby: you havent spoken in so long
  4875. Commander Shepard: I like the screams midgets make in Borderlands when you burn them
  4876. Commander Shepard: :V
  4877. John Lennon: wait what
  4878. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: lol
  4879. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Hi Jobby
  4880. John Lennon: i'm not paying attention
  4881. Solidjake: jobby
  4882. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: My computers power supply took a shit and died on wednesday
  4883. Solidjake: listen to me carefully
  4884. Solidjake: shut up
  4885. Solidjake: and sleep with me
  4886. .:EmpD:. Caketown: The pixels cannot lie.
  4887. Solidjake: DO IT
  4888. Solidjake: YOU FUCK
  4889. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Don't sleep with him, he'll just have sex with ellen page which is himself.
  4890. Lord Wootman: fuck this chat
  4891. Lord Wootman left chat.
  4892. John Lennon: hey
  4893. John Lennon: HEY
  4894. John Lennon: you guys should
  4895. John Lennon: give me
  4896. Jobby: okay jake
  4897. John Lennon: sims 3
  4898. John Lennon: ok
  4899. Xenoyia: http://anonstory.xenoyia.biz/ try adding a change
  4900. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: no u
  4901. Jobby: 20:37 - Jobby: @pascall i just bought sims 3 and expansions okay
  4902. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7 entered chat.
  4903. John Lennon: im jellus
  4904. Baggerbean: whats so good about sims
  4905. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I have the sims 1
  4906. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: and this fucker
  4907. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7: looking for minecraft.
  4908. Jobby: i dunno, i just spend hours making cool houses and then i quit before i play the family
  4909. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: won't fucking break the tv so I can electricute him
  4910. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: lol
  4911. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Sims are retards
  4912. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: OH NO A FIRE QUICKLY
  4913. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: RUN UP AND DANCE LIKE A FAGGOT
  4914. John Lennon: i hate building the house, i like actually watching them do shit
  4915. Errp: guys help
  4916. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: yeah
  4917. Errp: jobby keeps calling me gy
  4918. John Lennon: especially when i make them look like friends
  4919. Errp: gay
  4920. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: gy
  4921. Baggerbean: you guys should form a team
  4922. Baggerbean: jobby makes the houses
  4923. Baggerbean: you sort out the people
  4924. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I had two guys in a house once
  4925. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: they were identical
  4926. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: and both called the same thing
  4927. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: and I got confused
  4928. Solidjake: No
  4929. Solidjake: The team is
  4930. Solidjake: Jobby makes the houses
  4931. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Then burnt the house down :(
  4932. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Use the money cheat, otherwise all they have time to do is working and being late for said thing.
  4933. Solidjake: jake takes everyone and rips their dick off
  4934. w 1 z entered chat.
  4935. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I hate the fire theme in Sims 1
  4936. John Lennon: oh yeah i never play without the money cheat
  4937. John Lennon: fuck that
  4938. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: it gives me nightmares
  4939. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I have all the fucking expansions for sims 1
  4940. w 1 z: i torrented all of the sims
  4941. Zabe Aeiger: fucking expansions
  4942. w 1 z: games
  4943. Zabe Aeiger: like
  4944. Zabe Aeiger: hott coffee?
  4945. Zabe Aeiger: didnt think they'd get away with that
  4946. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I made two lesbians in sims 2
  4947. .:EmpD:. Caketown: It went weird after some time, in the end you could have magic duels with other people.
  4948. Jobby: same
  4949. Jobby: motherlode
  4950. Solidjake left chat.
  4951. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: was less eventful than I imagined
  4952. Jobby: JAKE
  4953. Jobby: NO
  4954. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: OH SHIT
  4955. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: SHIIIIT
  4956. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: SHIT
  4957. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: SHIT
  4958. Baggerbean: why doesnt jake come in here more
  4959. Baggerbean: i dont think ive ever spoken to him really
  4960. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7: can someone buy me minecraft? fp can use more people on MC, and paypal is being a bitch on my end, not letting me buy anything unless i give them my bank and CC info.
  4961. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: lolwuit
  4962. Jobby: we dont gift here
  4963. w 1 z: i made two fat gay black guys in the first sims and gave them a white kid
  4964. Jobby: sorry
  4965. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7: k
  4966. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: hnnng
  4967. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I want to play halo 1 again
  4968. w 1 z: it was like a sitcom
  4969. w 1 z: "my fat gay black dads"
  4970. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: because Halo: Reach had the Pillar of Autumn
  4971. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  4972. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7: off to risk my bank account and cc info with paypal
  4973. Zabe Aeiger: way
  4974. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: lol
  4975. Zabe Aeiger: to
  4976. Zabe Aeiger: spoiler
  4977. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: wut
  4978. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I only said the ship
  4979. w 1 z: master chief dies
  4980. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: nothing else
  4981. w 1 z: cortana is vilian
  4982. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: omg fag dun spo1l
  4983. Zabe Aeiger: arbiter has gay sex with the chief
  4984. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Sgt johnson is actually covenet
  4985. Commander Shepard: GOD DAMMIT
  4986. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7 left chat.
  4987. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: oh shit
  4988. w 1 z: halo has a dumb story anyways
  4989. w 1 z: who cares about it
  4990. Commander Shepard: 30 copies of this damn book
  4991. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Halo 1 was ace
  4992. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: the pistol was the best weapon
  4994. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: cool
  4995. Zabe Aeiger: :D
  4996. w 1 z: buy me games
  4997. .:EmpD:. Caketown: It overheated all the time
  4998. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: What does it mean
  4999. Baggerbean: jobby
  5000. Baggerbean: what you getting me for christmas man
  5001. Jobby: what do you want
  5002. Baggerbean: i could do with having a tv
  5003. w 1 z: buy me civ V
  5004. Baggerbean: do you have a spare TV?
  5005. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I think I have £20 but I don't know
  5006. Jobby: no
  5007. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7 entered chat.
  5008. Baggerbean: damn
  5009. Zabe Aeiger: Bagger I have a spare TV
  5010. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: so i have to check with bnak on mondeh
  5011. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7: can someone give me an invite key?
  5012. Zabe Aeiger: to what
  5013. Jobby: we dont gift here
  5014. Baggerbean: yeah but you live in america or something
  5015. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Have sex witha  pig and you ma
  5016. Zabe Aeiger: fine
  5017. Zabe Aeiger: gosh bagger
  5018. Zabe Aeiger: I didn't think countries would seperate us
  5021. Zabe Aeiger: I WILL
  5022. Baggerbean: NO ITS TOO EXPENSIVE
  5023. Zabe Aeiger: NO MAN I GOTTA
  5024. w 1 z: fuck you buy me it anyways
  5025. Jobby: i bought it already
  5026. w 1 z: buy it again
  5027. Jobby: :3
  5028. w 1 z: and gift to me
  5029. Jobby: no
  5030. Jobby: you massive gay shite
  5031. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I want to shit in a barn
  5032. w 1 z: w/e i'll just torrent it then
  5033. Baggerbean: i could gift someone something
  5034. Baggerbean: but theres no thread to post it in so whats the point
  5035. Baggerbean: haahahhehaehaehhhae
  5036. w 1 z: buy me civ v
  5037. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  5038. Jobby: im keeping all my monies for laaaaaandan
  5039. Baggerbean: you slaaaaaaaag
  5040. Jobby: gerrourra my pub!
  5041. Baggerbean: you fuckeen muppeet
  5042. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: oh god
  5043. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I just let out a stream of up to 8 farts
  5044. Zabe Aeiger: heavy has gross stories abuot himself
  5045. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I do
  5046. John Lennon left chat.
  5047. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I have a PHD in what-the-christivitu
  5048. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: *what-the-christivity
  5049. w 1 z: london is a mean city
  5050. w 1 z: stupid stinking paki taxi drivers
  5051. Baggerbean: dude
  5052. Baggerbean: im indian
  5053. w 1 z: pakistanis
  5054. w 1 z: aren't indians
  5055. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  5056. Baggerbean: fuck you got me
  5057. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: lol
  5058. Baggerbean: im not really indian
  5059. Jobby: thank god for that
  5060. w 1 z: indians smell too
  5061. Jobby: our friendship was verging on the end there
  5062. w 1 z: stupid ridiouclsy spicy food
  5063. w 1 z: for no reason
  5064. Baggerbean: lol
  5065. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: oh shit son
  5066. w 1 z: also they pray to cows
  5067. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Oh god I love The Maw
  5068. Baggerbean: dont you mean pigs
  5069. Jobby: my granmother was a huge racist, she hated middle east asians
  5070. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: from halo 1
  5071. w 1 z: derka derka shiva shiva
  5072. w 1 z: all heil glorious cow
  5073. Jobby: we took her out to dinner one time for her and my grandfathers anniversary
  5074. Commander Shepard: MECHA SHIVA
  5075. Jobby: and the head waiter was an indian guy
  5076. Jobby: and he came up and gave her a huge cuddle
  5077. w 1 z: uh oh
  5078. Jobby: and she was physically wretching afterwards
  5079. Baggerbean: :S
  5080. w 1 z: lol
  5081. w 1 z: cool grandma
  5082. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: wtc
  5083. Jobby: she was
  5084. w 1 z: my gf's grandparents hate me because i'm American
  5085. w 1 z: even though they live thousands of miles away
  5086. Jobby: haha
  5087. Commander Shepard: oh great I found a new avatar for FP
  5088. Jobby: racism is funny when it's old people
  5089. w 1 z: they're all like
  5090. w 1 z: ~*DUTCH PRIDE FAR N WID*~ for some reason
  5091. w 1 z: WIDE*
  5092. w 1 z: but her grandmother is about to kick the bucket so
  5093. w 1 z: one down one to go
  5094. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: faw
  5095. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: f
  5096. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: awf
  5097. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: wa
  5098. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: f
  5099. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: f
  5100. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: wf
  5101. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: aw
  5102. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: f
  5103. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: awf
  5104. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: boe
  5105. Baggerbean: oh hey its snoop
  5106. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hi
  5107. Baggerbean: hi
  5108. «SG.Mem» รραятαŋ¹¹7 left chat.
  5109. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hi
  5110. Baggerbean: hiiiii
  5111. w 1 z: did anyone see those threads where a bunch of jews where threatening to ddos facepunch for being antisemetic/zionist
  5112. w 1 z: that was hilarious
  5113. Baggerbean: not me
  5114. w 1 z: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=24894769#post24894769
  5115. w 1 z: their website is pretty legit
  5116. A Duck: lol jewish internet defense forse
  5117. w 1 z: what's a bunch of greedy big nosed fuckheads gonna do about it
  5118. w 1 z: also
  5120. w 1 z: lol
  5121. w 1 z: basically the jewish anonymous i guess
  5122. Baggerbean: man that seems pretty feeble if you ask me
  5123. A Duck: more like JEWISH INTERNET GROUP
  5124. w 1 z: and wow they took down forums for an hour
  5125. w 1 z: !!
  5126. w 1 z: using their jewish black magic
  5127. Baggerbean: theres some jewish people here you know man
  5128. Baggerbean: for serious
  5129. w 1 z: it's a conspiracy
  5130. Errp: jobby is a meanie pants
  5131. Baggerbean: what jobby do
  5132. Errp: http://ggt.tehwhale.com/?page=119#post4724
  5133. Xenoyia: what didn't jobby do
  5134. Baggerbean: i see no problems
  5135. Commander Shepard: FUCK
  5136. Commander Shepard: some fucker forgot to mention a horrible bug in his mod that breaks the game
  5137. Commander Shepard: makes it so you can only walk, no attacking, no opening shit, no talking to people
  5138. Baggerbean: fuck this DL is taking too long
  5139. w 1 z: what mod
  5140. Baggerbean: ive got improtant business to do
  5141. w 1 z: get comcast
  5142. w 1 z: 2.5 mb/s
  5143. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: what are you downlaodign bagger
  5144. Xenoyia: @GTAXenoyia U cant tellz meh wat 2 do. lolololololololololzz
  5145. Baggerbean: JC2
  5146. Xenoyia: what
  5147. .:EmpD:. Caketown: porn
  5148. Xenoyia: @GTAXenoyia It hurt when i r tryed to put it in ur mom.
  5149. Xenoyia: double what
  5150. w 1 z: except when they throttle my connection if i'm torrenting something
  5151. w 1 z: like if i torrent a random song or something that i hear and like
  5152. w 1 z: it'll go down to 5 kb/s
  5153. Baggerbean: i sort of want to play company of heroes
  5154. Baggerbean: but thinking tactically is annoying sometimes
  5155. Xenoyia: don't think tactically
  5156. Xenoyia: just wing it and blow up everything
  5157. Baggerbean: no thats not how youe supposed to do it
  5158. w 1 z: CoH: online was going to be a smashing good time
  5159. Commander Shepard: Whoops
  5160. Commander Shepard: forgot to convert the gif for my avatar into an apng
  5161. Commander Shepard: :V
  5162. Baggerbean: someone has invited me to a "Talk like a Sim Day" on facebook. :S
  5163. Baggerbean: I think it's weird that after you talk about something it usually comes up later on
  5164. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: I can talk like a sim
  5165. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: Afsadasdfasf, afas asd aghguyhs.
  5166. Baggerbean: yeah thats not talking thats typing
  5167. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: sssssh you shouldn't tell them that
  5168. .:EmpD:. Caketown is now playing Killing Floor. Click here to join.
  5169. Zabe Aeiger left chat.
  5170. w 1 z left chat.
  5171. Baggerbean: if you rip a £20 note in half can you still use it
  5172. .:EmpD:. Caketown: return it to a bank
  5173. .:EmpD:. Caketown: then you should get a new one
  5174. Baggerbean: its only theoretical
  5175. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Well, you can return ruined notes here in Denmark.
  5176. Skinny (back Saturday) entered chat.
  5177. Errp: same here
  5178. Errp: if you have both parts
  5179. Baggerbean: could you rip a £20 in half and then it will be worth £40? ^-^
  5180. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Maybe
  5181. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Get two people
  5182. .:EmpD:. Caketown: do it over two days
  5183. .:EmpD:. Caketown: In theory, anyways.
  5184. .:EmpD:. Caketown disconnected.
  5185. Zabe Aeiger entered chat.
  5186. Baggerbean disconnected.
  5187. Baggerbean entered chat.
  5188. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  5189. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  5190. Skinny: nbnbnbnbnb
  5191. Skinny left chat.
  5192. Baggerbean: hahaha
  5193. Baggerbean: hey guys
  5194. Baggerbean: hey you guys
  5195. Baggerbean: remember when we had a GGT
  5196. Baggerbean: hahahahaha
  5197. Baggerbean: I mean, a thread dedicated to asking for games for free? What a weird concept.
  5198. Xenoyia: you said almost the exact same rthing yesterday
  5199. Xenoyia: thin
  5200. Xenoyia: thing
  5201. Xenoyia: w/e
  5202. Baggerbean: im gonna keep saying it
  5203. Baggerbean: deal with it
  5204. Xenoyia: no you deal with it
  5205. XpanD entered chat.
  5206. Jobby: MAZEL TOV
  5207. XpanD: anything fun in here?
  5208. Jobby: yes
  5209. Jobby: me
  5210. XpanD: anything else?
  5211. Baggerbean: SHALOME
  5212. Zabe Aeiger: Shalom
  5213. Xenoyia: silly jobby you're not fun
  5214. Baggerbean: tell us more jewish words zabe
  5215. Zabe Aeiger: um
  5216. Xenoyia: zieg heil
  5217. XpanD: rofl
  5218. Zabe Aeiger: well
  5219. Xenoyia: sieg*
  5220. Xenoyia: w/e
  5221. Zabe Aeiger: most of the ones I know
  5222. Zabe Aeiger: um
  5223. Zabe Aeiger: lets see
  5224. Jobby: yes i am xeno
  5225. Zabe Aeiger: L'Chiam
  5226. XpanD: wait
  5227. XpanD: what
  5228. Xenoyia: do something fun then
  5229. XpanD: how
  5230. Baggerbean: whats that mean
  5231. Zabe Aeiger: Ch is like
  5232. Jobby: what would you like me to do
  5233. Zabe Aeiger: hacking something up from your throat
  5234. Zabe Aeiger: That's how you say it
  5235. Baggerbean: lol what the fuck
  5236. Xenoyia: do something fun.
  5237. Zabe Aeiger: L'Chiam I think
  5238. Zabe Aeiger: mean
  5239. Zabe Aeiger: s
  5240. Xenoyia: i dont care what it is
  5241. Zabe Aeiger: to life
  5242. Baggerbean: oh
  5243. XpanD: a
  5244. XpanD: oops
  5245. Baggerbean: L'CHIAM!
  5246. Xenoyia: LCHI-SIEG HEIL
  5247. Zabe Aeiger: yeah
  5248. Jobby: okay a raffle for JC2 where you can only enter if you're not known as xenoyia (name changing doesnt count)
  5249. Jobby: okay guys submit your entries via PM
  5250. Xenoyia: :(
  5251. Zabe Aeiger: Mitzvah means good dead
  5252. Zabe Aeiger: deed
  5253. XpanD: can I submit my entry here?
  5254. XpanD: I'm too lazy to PM
  5255. Jobby: yes
  5256. Xenoyia: do it
  5257. Jobby: zabe what is the jew theme song
  5258. XpanD: give gaem
  5259. Baggerbean: what are the rules jobby
  5260. XpanD: that's it
  5261. XpanD: "give gaem"
  5262. Zabe Aeiger: there is no Jew theme song
  5263. XpanD: did I get it?
  5264. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  5265. Jobby: there is
  5266. Xenoyia: xpand wins
  5267. Jobby: the one sung at weddings etc
  5268. Zabe Aeiger: oh really
  5269. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  5270. Jobby: hanaaaah alalal
  5271. Jobby: or something
  5272. Zabe Aeiger: Hava Nagila
  5273. XpanD: ololol
  5274. Jobby: !
  5275. Jobby: thanks
  5276. Zabe Aeiger: spelling might be off
  5277. XpanD: I probably shouldn't have been drinking tonight
  5278. Baggerbean: you're like 12
  5279. XpanD: I'm 18 :o
  5280. XpanD: 19 soon
  5281. Baggerbean: HAHAHAHHAHA
  5282. Baggerbean: ok
  5283. Xenoyia: if he was 12.. i would've met him when he was 8
  5284. Xenoyia: which
  5285. Xenoyia: i dont think
  5286. Xenoyia: is possible
  5287. XpanD: would be awkward
  5288. Baggerbean: why
  5289. Baggerbean: dont you go to
  5290. XpanD: you being older than me and all
  5291. Baggerbean: primary school
  5292. XpanD: did something die in here or is that his bad joke smelling bad
  5293. XpanD: on a side note
  5294. XpanD: I hadn't expected much from GTA 4 but I bought it and it's great
  5295. XpanD: if you're considering getting it, do it
  5296. Baggerbean: Vice City?
  5297. XpanD: no
  5298. Xenoyia: Vice City was meh.
  5299. Xenoyia: I liked the VC-MP
  5300. XpanD: GTA 4 plays in Liberty City
  5301. XpanD: never did try VCMP myself
  5302. XpanD: maybe one day
  5303. Jobby: hey guys look how dumb xeno is
  5304. Jobby: 22:19 - Xenoyia: You cheeky bastard!
  5305. 22:19 - Xenoyia: that is all
  5306. 22:19 - Jobby: im telling hobo you were referencing family guy again
  5307. 22:19 - Xenoyia: what
  5308. 22:19 - Xenoyia: that wasn't a family guy reference
  5309. 22:19 - Jobby: yes it was
  5310. 22:19 - Xenoyia: i'm just calling you a cheeky bastard
  5311. 22:20 - Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoWefToG6C4&feature=related
  5312. 22:21 - Xenoyia: hmm
  5313. 22:21 - Xenoyia: i havent watched family guy for years
  5314. 22:21 - Xenoyia: so
  5315. 22:21 - Xenoyia: it's like saying the word "and" originated from lost
  5316. 22:22 - Jobby: no its not because every tv show ever made has used that word
  5317. 22:22 - Jobby: your line however is only used in family guy
  5318. Jobby: :frogbon:
  5319. XpanD: it could also mean he's gay
  5320. Xenoyia: :|
  5321. Jobby: xeno is gay
  5322. Xenoyia: I got it from my brother actually
  5323. Xenoyia: and no
  5324. XpanD: wat
  5325. Xenoyia: I dislike gays since ramon
  5326. XpanD: "Jobby: xeno is gay
  5327. Xenoyia: I got it from my brother actually"
  5328. Jobby: he's got a thing going with that guy with the whale avatar
  5329. Xenoyia: wha?
  5330. Jobby: now he's playing dumb
  5331. Baggerbean: they make a good couple
  5332. Baggerbean: imo
  5333. Jobby: is it only here you're out of the closet?
  5334. Jobby: i thought your friends knew
  5335. Jobby: OOPS D:
  5336. Xenoyia: no i'm not gay
  5337. Xenoyia: sorry to disappoint you
  5338. Baggerbean: hahaha
  5339. XpanD: damn
  5340. XpanD: oh crap
  5341. XpanD: you heard nothing
  5342. Xenoyia: what.
  5343. Jobby: xeno you will disappoint me whatever you do in life
  5344. Jobby: its okay
  5345. XpanD: xeno
  5346. XpanD: become Jobby's pimp
  5347. Jobby: nah
  5348. Jobby: i have higher standards than that
  5349. XpanD: lol
  5350. Xenoyia: if I was going to become a pimp i'd want a certain standard of hoe's
  5351. Xenoyia: Regular People
  5352. Hoe's
  5353. Jobby
  5354. Xenoyia: he's slightly underneath
  5355. Xenoyia: :|
  5356. XpanD: did I start something? *runs off and grabs popcorn*
  5357. Baggerbean: I wouldn't think you're important enough to 'start things'
  5358. Jobby: xeno is lashing out again
  5359. Jobby: ignore him
  5360. Jobby: struggling with his sexuality
  5361. Xenoyia: huh
  5362. Commander Shepard: take that rebel scum
  5363. XpanD: I'm enjoying the ride
  5364. Xenoyia: Jobby is the king of drama lol
  5365. Commander Shepard: I just destroyed tatooine, Naboo, and Dagobah
  5366. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: kjboekjb
  5367. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: jobby
  5368. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: e
  5369. Jobby: what?
  5370. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: sup
  5371. Jobby: how dare you
  5372. Jobby: hi thunder
  5373. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ps
  5374. Jobby: when have i ever been involved in any drama here
  5375. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: this is not a pirated game
  5376. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: it came with my GPU
  5377. Xenoyia: you've started most of it
  5378. Jobby: examples?
  5380. XpanD: THAT'S DRAMA
  5381. Xenoyia: lol
  5382. XpanD: proceed
  5383. Xenoyia: you closed GGT down even though it was going smoothly
  5384. Jobby: i didnt close it down
  5385. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  5386. Jobby: i start a poll and the majority voted
  5387. Jobby: then the mods closed it down
  5388. Commander Shepard: aw crap
  5389. Jobby: ps it wasnt going smoothly
  5390. Jobby: ps there wasnt any drama about that
  5391. Baggerbean: you know that the people who voted were bandwagoning though right
  5392. Jobby: you and coco were the only people who wanted it open
  5393. Jobby: not my problem
  5394. Jobby: so no drama there
  5395. Xenoyia: sigh
  5396. Hurrbis entered chat.
  5397. Baggerbean: hey turbis
  5398. Jobby: hi turbis
  5399. Hurrbis: hi
  5400. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hi turbisisssisisisi
  5401. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ssisi
  5402. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: si
  5403. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: si
  5404. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: is
  5405. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: sis
  5406. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: isisisii
  5407. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: OE:
  5408. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :O
  5409. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :D:D
  5410. Baggerbean: you okay thunder
  5411. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: kinda
  5412. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: lolol
  5413. Baggerbean: cool
  5414. Jobby: from what i remember it's usually xeno who starts the drama here
  5415. Baggerbean: the runt of the GGT litter
  5416. XpanD: I just fuel the fire
  5417. Jobby: makol the sheep fucker rant, worst kind of people rant, modding craptasket and beardy on his forum, denying the chatlog from that night was real
  5418. Jobby: always shifting the blame onto me for everything :(
  5419. Jobby: really gets a guy down :(
  5420. Xenoyia: lol.
  5421. XpanD: I'm sucking on a lemon right now
  5422. XpanD: thought you might want to know
  5423. Xenoyia: Correction: when I had a forum, you got beardy and craptasket to impersonate other people
  5424. Jobby: see, the blame again
  5425. Jobby: craptasket signed up and you modded him
  5426. Baggerbean: guys we dont come here to fight
  5427. Jobby: craptasket isnt even on my list :(
  5428. Jobby: im not fighting :(
  5429. Xenoyia: he signed up as another guy because you asked him to
  5430. Jobby: no i didnt lmao
  5431. Xenoyia: you actually said that you did
  5432. Jobby: craptasket doesnt like me
  5433. Jobby: its always me :(
  5434. Xenoyia: <Cthon98> hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars
  5435. <Cthon98> ********* see!
  5436. <AzureDiamond> hunter2
  5437. <AzureDiamond> doesnt look like stars to me
  5438. <Cthon98> <AzureDiamond> *******
  5439. <Cthon98> thats what I see
  5440. <AzureDiamond> oh, really?
  5441. <Cthon98> Absolutely
  5442. <AzureDiamond> you can go hunter2 my hunter2-ing hunter2
  5443. <AzureDiamond> haha, does that look funny to you?
  5444. <Cthon98> lol, yes. See, when YOU type hunter2, it shows to us as *******
  5445. <AzureDiamond> thats neat, I didnt know IRC did that
  5446. <Cthon98> yep, no matter how many times you type hunter2, it will show to us as *******
  5447. <AzureDiamond> awesome!
  5448. <AzureDiamond> wait, how do you know my pw?
  5449. <Cthon98> er, I just copy pasted YOUR ******'s and it appears to YOU as hunter2 cause its your pw
  5450. <AzureDiamond> oh, ok.
  5451. Baggerbean: dont worry we wouldnt let him do anything to you
  5452. Jobby: "jobby is getting ccof to attack my forum, jobby is making up chatlogs, jobby shut down GGT"
  5453. Baggerbean: stix and stones man
  5454. Baggerbean: stix and stones
  5455. Jobby: i gifted you new vegas xeno because i thought we got on well
  5456. Jobby: im
  5457. Jobby: going to stop talking now :(!!!!!!!!!
  5458. Xenoyia: heh lol yeah thanks for that.
  5459. Xenoyia: doesn't change the fact you're acting like a douche now
  5460. Jobby: but im not O_O
  5461. Xenoyia: O_O ^_^ xdddddd
  5462. Hurrbis: Xeno
  5463. Baggerbean: ._.
  5464. XpanD: KAWAIII DESU ^_^
  5465. Hurrbis: You're acting like a douche
  5466. Jobby: you accused me of starting all the drama and i corrected you
  5467. Jobby: that's all
  5468. Xenoyia: turbis you only just joined
  5469. Xenoyia: lol this is fun
  5470. Xenoyia: :p
  5471. Hurrbis: Yeah but you just said "Xenoyia: O_O ^_^ xdddddd"
  5472. XpanD: damn
  5473. Xenoyia: /sarcasm
  5474. Xenoyia: pls
  5475. Hurrbis: No
  5476. Hurrbis: Xeno
  5477. Hurrbis: Just go away already
  5478. Hurrbis: You're not wanted anywhere you go
  5479. Xenoyia: no I don't think I will
  5480. Hurrbis: Not even the furry section wanted you
  5481. Jobby: i bet this is my fault that turbis is saying these things :(
  5482. Xenoyia: lol.
  5483. XpanD: wait
  5484. XpanD: isn't his name Hurrbis
  5485. Xenoyia: drama everywhere
  5486. Hurrbis: Yes his name is Hurrbis
  5487. Hurrbis: What about iut
  5488. Jobby: i was only having fun :( i think it's time to go back to being broken again
  5489. Hurrbis: it*
  5490. Xenoyia: yeah he changes his name to things which rhyme with Tur for some reason
  5491. XpanD: why are people saying turbis then
  5492. Hurrbis: Because they want to?
  5493. XpanD: hurrdurr
  5494. XpanD: I like it
  5495. Xenoyia: http://bash.org/?262353
  5496. Hurrbis: Not clicking your goatse links
  5497. Xenoyia: your loss
  5498. Cuss: hi
  5499. XpanD: bash.org is an internet quote database
  5500. XpanD: it can be funny
  5501. Hurrbis: k
  5502. Baggerbean: you just wake up turb?
  5503. Cuss: anything going on here?
  5504. Errp: xpand
  5505. Baggerbean: not really
  5506. Errp: why are you here
  5508. Errp: i'm sorry that's mean
  5509. Errp: forgive me
  5510. XpanD: oh hi to you too
  5511. XpanD: I was AFK
  5512. Errp: i see
  5513. Cuss: do you guys wanna see how pathetic my town is?
  5514. Cuss: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs096.ash2/38140_142246002466621_100000436676094_309060_3499308_n.jpg
  5515. Cuss: it's pretty cool living here'
  5516. Xenoyia: cute
  5517. Errp: there's nothing there
  5518. Errp: ay all
  5519. Baggerbean: looks like one house
  5520. Cuss: http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs090.ash2/37816_142247942466427_100000436676094_309068_6522006_n.jpg
  5521. Cuss: better view
  5522. XpanD: maybe he has a shack in the woods
  5523. XpanD: looks pretty nice btw
  5524. Baggerbean: you must get nice views
  5525. Cuss: it is
  5526. Cuss: it's not  my photos btw
  5527. Errp: xpand
  5528. Errp: you should join the ggt
  5529. Baggerbean: no he shouldnt
  5530. XpanD: meh
  5531. Baggerbean: dont
  5532. Cuss: really don't
  5533. Errp: http://ggt.tehwhale.com/
  5534. Errp: ggt
  5535. Xenoyia: http://bash.org/?20344
  5536. Cuss: in 2 weeks i'm hopeully gonna get drunk for the first time
  5537. Cuss: fuck yes
  5538. Baggerbean: nah man
  5539. Baggerbean: youve been drunk before
  5540. XpanD: it's not as awesome as it sounds
  5541. Cuss: not that drunk though
  5542. Cuss: i had like 7-10 shots
  5543. Commander Shepard disconnected.
  5544. Xenoyia: ahh... =3=
  5545. Cuss: aaah
  5546. Cuss: now brb
  5548. Baggerbean: of what?
  5549. Xenoyia: the drama
  5550. Baggerbean: ok
  5551. Cuss: the chat
  5552. Cuss: everything
  5553. XpanD: my butt
  5554. XpanD: dawjdh
  5555. Baggerbean: roger that
  5556. Baggerbean: oscar mike
  5557. XpanD: RAMIREZ
  5558. Cuss: Tango Bravo
  5559. Commander Shepard entered chat.
  5560. Xenoyia: My real name is Kira Nakazato
  5561. Xenoyia: and I come from wapan
  5562. Baggerbean: no
  5563. Baggerbean: ok
  5564. Baggerbean: bo
  5565. Baggerbean: no*
  5566. Xenoyia: ahh=3=
  5567. XpanD: Xenoyia
  5568. Xenoyia: (^u^). He...he...he... (~v~)
  5569. XpanD: at least change your name
  5570. Xenoyia has changed their name to Kamikaze.
  5571. Kamikaze: (^u^). He...he...he... (~v~)
  5572. Baggerbean: Xenoyia what the fuck are you doing
  5573. Kamikaze: Xpand ask me play SA-MP, then I'm back from Jakarta.
  5574. XpanD: you do NOT want to know
  5575. XpanD: he's acting like some stupid person from the gameserver I run :p
  5576. Kamikaze: I'm going on bandung in six days =3= =3=
  5577. Loco entered chat.
  5578. Loco: hngngngng
  5579. Kamikaze: loco (^u^) ahh =3=
  5580. Loco: wat
  5581. Kamikaze: i'm forget think
  5582. XpanD: kamikaze is stupid
  5583. XpanD: move on people
  5584. XpanD: nothing to see here
  5585. Kamikaze: uh, I'm so beautiful ^^ (^u^
  5586. Kamikaze: why is stupid ?
  5587. below format nothing
  5588. true/false
  5589. Hurrbis: /
  5590. Kamikaze: =3= i feel happy every day    what is /  ?
  5591. Baggerbean: dude ill ban you
  5592. Kamikaze: Be careful, why we banned because we cheater what? =3=
  5593. Baggerbean: w/o hesitation
  5594. Jobby: dont ban people :(
  5595. Kamikaze: hm.... that is unbanned because you flying on around city. If you're unban request
  5596. you believe me ^^
  5597. Hurrbis: : \
  5598. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hi
  5599. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hi
  5600. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hir
  5601. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hirih
  5602. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ri:DDd
  5603. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :DD
  5604. Ringo Starr: I'm back
  5605. Kamikaze: okay ^^
  5606. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :DD
  5607. XpanD: welcome to the freak show
  5608. Jobby: hello hobo! :)
  5609. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :DD:D
  5610. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :DDDDD
  5611. Jobby: how are you doing thunder
  5612. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: I'ma don good
  5613. XpanD: epic battle of stupid messages: Kamikaze vs Snoop Dogg
  5614. XpanD: ignore that last comment of Snoop
  5615. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: patosh
  5616. Kamikaze: what patosh =3=
  5617. Kamikaze: uh
  5618. plz choose a answer ^^
  5619. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: uh
  5620. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: stfu
  5621. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: fayg
  5622. Loco: duddudu
  5623. XpanD: fairy
  5624. Kamikaze: What ? The hell ?
  5625. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: fayg
  5626. Baggerbean: yeh man ill kick you
  5627. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ye hes a fayg
  5628. Baggerbean: even tho jobby said not to
  5629. Loco: I'll kick you good meng
  5630. Kamikaze: Ah ! I wrong chat.
  5631. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: shh
  5632. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: yeah
  5633. Hurrbis: bagger ur such a rebel
  5634. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: n00b
  5635. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :D:D
  5636. Baggerbean: yee
  5637. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: AN REBEL
  5638. Jobby: i just dont want anyone to get hurt
  5639. Kamikaze: okay ^^ (^u^)
  5640. XpanD: internet tough guy
  5641. Jobby: we're all friends here :(
  5642. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: So happy 2gather
  5643. Hurrbis: jesus jobby
  5644. Baggerbean: i wish it was that way jobby
  5645. Hurrbis: i think i'll leave
  5646. Jobby: NO :(
  5647. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: jobby slipped out a drama queef
  5648. XpanD: c'mere and let me give you a hug bagger
  5649. Kamikaze: Hi all
  5650. Today is tuesday, I'm back to home, yay (^u^). He...he...he... (~v~)
  5651. XpanD: THERE'S NO ESCAPE
  5652. Jobby: stay here and we'll have a laugh and a joke
  5653. Baggerbean: dont touch me
  5654. Kamikaze: (~v~)
  5655. Kamikaze: ^^
  5656. Baggerbean: FUCK OKAU XENO
  5657. Baggerbean: LAST WARNING
  5658. Hurrbis: JOKE?! IN THIS CHAT?! WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?!?!?!
  5659. XpanD: a penis
  5660. Kamikaze: look at
  5662. C:\Users\kami~\desktop\hehe.jpg
  5663. Kamikaze: =3=
  5664. Kamikaze was kicked by Baggerbean.
  5665. XpanD: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
  5666. Jobby: NO :(
  5667. Kamikaze entered chat.
  5668. Jobby: this is only going to start another fight
  5669. Hurrbis: xenoyia
  5670. Hurrbis: go away
  5671. Jobby: stop
  5672. Kamikaze: uh, why kick? =3=
  5673. Baggerbean: i warned you about the kick man
  5674. Hurrbis: XENOYIA
  5675. Hurrbis: Leave already
  5676. Errp: xeno is not
  5677. Errp: uhh here
  5678. Hurrbis: Kami
  5679. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: jobby
  5680. Hurrbis: Is xeno
  5681. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: problem solved
  5682. Kamikaze: why we kick because we cheater what =3=
  5683. Errp: OH
  5684. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: my mom comes home soon
  5685. Errp: makes sense
  5686. Hurrbis: Ban xeno please
  5688. Errp: day*
  5689. Jobby: if xeno wants act different to show off in front of his friend then that's his choice, bagger shouldnt have a say over waht he does here nor should anyone else AHEM TURBIS
  5690. Kamikaze: i am kira nakazoto i am happy everyday =3= uhh (^.^)"
  5691. XpanD: Jobby, I'm actually laughing here because I know what this is from
  5692. Baggerbean: but his being cock and hurting feelings jobby ._.
  5693. XpanD: I should show the person who originally talked like that this :p
  5694. Jobby: let's just all get on with each other okay :)
  5695. XpanD: *touches Baggerbean*
  5696. XpanD: RUN FOR COVER
  5697. XpanD: HE'S GONNA BLOW
  5698. Kamikaze: Check in forum and visit me ok ^^
  5699. C:\users\kami~\desktop\ugstunt.net
  5700. Errp: how about we ban xeno and his friend
  5701. Baggerbean: xeno
  5702. XpanD: suuuuure ban me again why don't ya
  5703. Baggerbean: ill ban you man
  5704. Kamikaze: ah why ban ?
  5706. Jobby: why would we ban them :S
  5707. Hurrbis: Xenoyia
  5708. Kamikaze: why is ban
  5709. below rules true/
  5710. Kamikaze: true/false
  5711. XpanD: hey this is better than talking about Jewish words
  5712. Kamikaze: uh, please answer ^^
  5713. Hurrbis: Kamikaze
  5714. Hurrbis: Stop pretending you're not xenoyia
  5715. Kamikaze: Yes, Hurrbis? (~v~)
  5716. Kamikaze: what, xenoyia?
  5717. Hurrbis: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xenoyia/
  5718. Jobby: turbis why are you trying to ruin his fun
  5719. Kamikaze: so happy. ^^ that is profile
  5720. Jobby: him and his friend are only having a private joke :S
  5721. Hurrbis: Because you're not allowed to have fun in this chat
  5722. Kamikaze: back in jakarta
  5723. Kamikaze: =3=
  5724. Kamikaze: ughhh (-_-)
  5725. XpanD: I learned that the hard way @ Hurrbis
  5727. Baggerbean: GONNA B SO ANGRY
  5728. Hurrbis: Suck my balls @ XpanD
  5729. Jobby: maybe it's time you let that go turbis? what good does holding grudges with people do
  5730. Kamikaze: I have 10 messages. Argh.... I feel shocked because he can ask me !
  5731. XpanD: how much you paying @ Hurrbis
  5732. Hurrbis: I'd say you're worth a penny
  5733. XpanD: I aint that cheap hun
  5734. Kamikaze: my love nero ^^
  5735. Hurrbis: You look cheaper than a penny
  5736. Kamikaze: kamikaze + nero (^u^) im love
  5737. XpanD: you don't know how I look
  5738. XpanD: unless you hacked my webcam
  5739. XpanD: you damn hacker
  5740. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ok who wants to give me a game
  5741. Hurrbis: I can only imagine you look like Xenoyia
  5742. XpanD: on a side note
  5743. XpanD: http://undergroundstunt.smfforfree3.com/index.php/topic,1970.0.html
  5744. Hurrbis: And he looks like a turd on a stick
  5745. Baggerbean: what game snoop
  5746. Baggerbean: is it cheap
  5747. XpanD: the original source of this
  5748. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: its p cheap
  5749. XpanD: also I don't Hurrbis :p
  5750. Baggerbean: what is it
  5751. XpanD: we're not even in the same country
  5752. Kamikaze: ah... (=u=) nero im love
  5753. Kamikaze: admins say NERO
  5754. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: what is my budget, i have a few cheap ones :)
  5755. Baggerbean: link me ur wishlest
  5756. Hurrbis: I take it then that you look like Xenoyia
  5757. Jobby: cool website :)
  5758. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: i have no wishlist
  5759. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: lol
  5760. Kamikaze: ah.. (=u=)
  5761. Baggerbean: :S
  5762. XpanD: I don't :o
  5763. Baggerbean: i dunno man
  5764. Baggerbean: like £5?
  5765. Kamikaze: im want gta iv ^^ i like gta iv so fun
  5766. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hmm
  5767. Hurrbis: Lies
  5768. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: gta is fun yea
  5769. Kamikaze: Kami LOVE nero
  5770. XpanD: GTA 4 is remarkably good
  5771. XpanD: got the expansions today, haven't tried yet
  5772. Kamikaze: XXX__神の愛のネロ_XXX. KAMI X NERO
  5773. Baggerbean: hggggnggngngngng
  5774. Kamikaze: bagger, what ? =3=
  5775. Zabe Aeiger: full version of minecraft is f2p until he can fix the servers
  5776. Kamikaze: minecraft is like so fun
  5777. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: OoO
  5778. Kamikaze: )u(
  5779. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: i found a game my sister would like
  5780. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: lol
  5781. Kamikaze: \(^u66
  5782. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: or two actually
  5783. Kamikaze: what , snoop dogg? ^^
  5784. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Magic: The Gathering and Plants Vs Zombies
  5785. Kamikaze: ah
  5786. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: her friends played that yesterday here
  5787. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: lol
  5788. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Anyone wanna gift me and my sister a copy each of Magic :)
  5789. XpanD: Plants VS Zombies is fun though
  5790. Kamikaze: 私はキラ私午前満足している... (^u^)
  5791. Kamikaze: my love nero =3=
  5792. Baggerbean: ok xeno
  5793. Baggerbean: enough
  5794. Baggerbean: ok
  5795. Baggerbean: ok
  5796. Baggerbean: ok
  5797. Baggerbean: ok
  5798. Baggerbean: ok
  5799. Baggerbean: ok
  5800. Kamikaze: what , bagger ?
  5801. XpanD: spam
  5802. Loco: So i'm guessing you guys haerd about minecraft going free for now
  5803. XpanD: spam
  5804. XpanD: spam
  5805. XpanD: spam
  5806. XpanD: spam
  5807. XpanD: spam
  5808. Novangel CLAW HAMMER entered chat.
  5809. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: guise could i have magic the gathering
  5810. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: its like
  5811. Kamikaze: hi novangel ^^^
  5812. Kamikaze: (^u^)
  5813. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: 9€
  5814. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: and it would encourage my sister to game
  5815. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Welp
  5816. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: plz guise
  5817. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Downloading amnesia
  5818. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: hi :3
  5819. Kamikaze: 9E , snoop ?
  5820. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hi
  5821. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: 9£
  5822. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: yes
  5823. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: 9€
  5824. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: euros
  5825. Commander Shepard: Free minecraft
  5826. Novangel CLAW HAMMER is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  5827. Kamikaze: im not know.. (OuO)
  5828. Kamikaze: ^^
  5829. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: 9 dollars
  5830. XpanD: omfg lol
  5831. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I like Commander Shepard's portrait.
  5832. Kamikaze: ah... dollars ^^
  5833. Baggerbean: remember when french people had "Francs" as their currency?
  5834. Kamikaze: mine yen
  5835. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: well avatar
  5836. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: you chinese?
  5837. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Remember when Aussies had 1 cent coins?
  5838. Kamikaze: ¥ (^u^)
  5839. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :(
  5840. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: lol
  5841. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hes chinese
  5842. Kamikaze: im jakarta
  5843. Kamikaze: im girl so happy everyday =3=
  5844. Baggerbean: remember that time you PM'd me that random sentence novangel
  5845. Baggerbean: what was that about
  5846. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: can i be ur boifrund pl0x
  5847. Kamikaze: ahh... my love nero ^^
  5848. Dvsilverwing entered chat.
  5849. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Xenoyia its ok
  5850. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: you can stop now
  5851. Kamikaze: C:\users\kami~\nero.png
  5852. Kamikaze: my nero
  5853. Kamikaze: (^u^)
  5854. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :3
  5855. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: C:\users\xenoyia\nero.png
  5856. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: his nero
  5857. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Uh just some conversation starter :V
  5858. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I'm hip like that
  5859. Kamikaze: what , snoop ^^
  5860. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: )^u^(
  5861. Baggerbean: I don't like conversations
  5862. Hurrbis: I'm tired
  5863. Kamikaze: \(^u^)/
  5864. XpanD: there's already a perfectly fine conversation going
  5865. Baggerbean: i dont like it
  5866. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Guise
  5867. Kamikaze: ah.. xpand ^^
  5868. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: buy me magic the gathering full pack plox
  5869. XpanD: get away from me
  5870. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: only 25 dorrs
  5871. Kamikaze: =3=
  5872. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: dorras
  5873. XpanD: dhlkduhyawdjkhawldjkhaw;ldkujaw;odujaw;odihawd
  5874. Kamikaze: what, xpand ? =3=
  5875. XpanD: GET. AWAY. FROM. ME
  5876. XpanD: .
  5877. Kamikaze: ahh.. -.- im not know (^u^)
  5878. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :O
  5879. Baggerbean: i'll unban him shortly
  5880. Baggerbean: probably
  5881. Baggerbean: nah i will
  5882. Jobby: well let's enjoy some spam free chatting while we can :)
  5883. XpanD: z
  5884. XpanD: crap
  5885. Jobby: doesnt anyone want to do some chatting :)
  5886. XpanD: the convo just died
  5887. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :)
  5888. Baggerbean: haehaehaheahehahe
  5889. Jobby: hello novangel
  5890. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Well im on/off since IM W+M1ing
  5891. Baggerbean: I don't even give a shit about what Xeno was doing
  5892. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: herro
  5893. Dvsilverwing: Pyros
  5894. Dvsilverwing: Meh.
  5895. Dvsilverwing: Heavy
  5896. Dvsilverwing: Meh
  5897. Jobby: he was having a private joke with xpand
  5898. Jobby: but you didnt like that apparently
  5899. Jobby: not my problem though :)!
  5900. XpanD: he did go way overboard lol
  5901. XpanD: still it's a good way of wasting time
  5902. Dvsilverwing: This community has become to aggressive
  5903. Dvsilverwing: Like a PCP junkie.
  5904. Dvsilverwing: Too*
  5905. Jobby: he was enjoying himself, what was the farm in that
  5906. XpanD: a big one
  5907. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: a big one yeah
  5908. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: lot's of cows
  5909. Jobby: lol i've said farm instead of harm! it gives the sentence a completely different meaning
  5910. Jobby: i did of course mean harm
  5911. Dvsilverwing: Agreed
  5912. XpanD: I am happy for the awe-inspiring level of maturity and intelligence at which this conversation is progressing at this time.
  5913. XpanD: in other news, tits
  5914. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: No you didn't ^^
  5915. Xenoyia entered chat.
  5916. Xenoyia: Hi.
  5917. XpanD: come on guys, I gave you a perfectly good thing to start a conversation about
  5918. Baggerbean: oh hey xeno
  5919. XpanD: "tits"
  5920. XpanD: use itr
  5921. Baggerbean: how r u
  5922. XpanD: xenoyia
  5923. Cuss: You should thank me Xeno
  5924. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: What.
  5925. XpanD: do you like tits?
  5926. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I like ass
  5927. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: and tits :3
  5928. XpanD: small, big, hairy? what do you like
  5929. Dvsilverwing: Ones that don't exist
  5930. Dvsilverwing: Those kind are nice
  5931. Dvsilverwing: Yeh
  5932. XpanD: Dv is into hentai?
  5933. Baggerbean: hey dvsilver
  5934. Baggerbean: i heard you were
  5935. Baggerbean: homosexual
  5936. Jobby: this conversation is quite inappropriate
  5937. Dvsilverwing: Nope
  5938. Dvsilverwing: I am
  5939. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Rainbows rainbows everywhere
  5940. Dvsilverwing: In fact
  5941. Zabe Aeiger: furry
  5942. Baggerbean: oh
  5943. Dvsilverwing: A scientologist.
  5944. Xenoyia: Dv is a furry I think
  5945. Baggerbean: i thought he was a
  5946. Baggerbean: homosexual
  5947. Dvsilverwing: Scientologist
  5948. Xenoyia: maybe both
  5949. Xenoyia: homosexual furry scientologist
  5950. Dvsilverwing: Yeah but the last one only
  5951. XpanD: 1 vote for it being a combination of "homosexual" and "Scientologist"
  5952. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I dun mind furries :3
  5953. XpanD: kldahl.adkj
  5954. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hr
  5955. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: h
  5956. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: rh
  5957. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: r
  5958. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hr
  5959. Dvsilverwing: Minus the scientologist
  5960. XpanD: alright alright, so lemme get this straight
  5961. XpanD: you LIKE hairy tits then novangel?
  5962. Xenoyia: i like tits that are so hairy they look like they're covered in fur
  5963. Xenoyia: joking joking
  5964. Baggerbean: sad truth is that youre probably not joking
  5965. Dvsilverwing: That's disgusting.
  5966. XpanD: that was nasty lol
  5967. Dvsilverwing: The tits part, that is.
  5968. Dvsilverwing: Derp
  5969. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Uh no
  5970. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I just dont mind the furries :p
  5971. Xenoyia: dv is homo
  5972. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I respect their ways
  5973. Baggerbean: thats what i heard
  5974. Baggerbean: that he was a
  5975. Xenoyia: novangel is homo
  5976. Baggerbean: homosexual
  5977. XpanD: hey some guys have tit traumas
  5979. Cuss: :D
  5980. XpanD: being hit in the face with a woman's tits too many times
  5981. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: D:
  5982. Dvsilverwing: O
  5983. XpanD: causes mammophobia
  5984. Xenoyia: rofl
  5985. Dvsilverwing: I'm a flaming homo, actually.
  5986. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I'm no homo >:(
  5987. Xenoyia: nice
  5988. Xenoyia: are you a ramon-homo or are you a homo-homo
  5989. Cuss: so i was watching the area 51 thread about a guy who talked on the radio about Area 51 and "somehow" got cut off
  5990. Dvsilverwing: I'm a super-homo.
  5991. Cuss: and then i wanted to post in the thread
  5992. Cuss: but I lost connectiion to FP
  5993. Xenoyia: ah as long as you're not a ramon homo
  5994. Cuss: :D
  5995. Xenoyia: that dude was freaky
  5996. Baggerbean: duude
  5997. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: lol I was reading that
  5998. Baggerbean: I was created in Area 51
  5999. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hey cuss what is this who---
  6000. Xenoyia: YOU ARE ALEIN
  6001. Dvsilverwing: r8 l8
  6002. Jobby: hi everyone :) here is an interesting browser based life simulator for you all to enjoy http://www.playalterego.com/
  6003. Dvsilverwing: We've all been talking about that behind your back
  6004. Jobby: have fun!
  6005. Dvsilverwing: Just saying.
  6006. Duck entered chat.
  6007. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: tanks joby
  6008. Duck: Facepawnch
  6009. Duck: Is
  6010. Dvsilverwing: But
  6011. Duck: Not
  6012. Duck: Available
  6013. Xenoyia: your mother is not available
  6014. Xenoyia: dohohoho
  6015. Dvsilverwing: Why can't I just be me instead of another person doing what I do anyway
  6016. Dvsilverwing: :c
  6017. XpanD: you're doing it wrong
  6018. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: jobby
  6019. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ive played this already :(
  6020. Xenoyia: brb
  6021. Cuss: a hot chick said it was "cute" that i liked cheese
  6022. Cuss: :raise:
  6023. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: hot
  6024. Dvsilverwing: Whoa
  6025. Duck: :iia:
  6026. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: wat she really ment
  6027. Dvsilverwing: I wouldn't know
  6028. Dvsilverwing: I don't like cheese
  6029. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: cheeze makes mouth smell
  6030. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ur mouth smelled
  6031. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: she sais cute as sarcasm
  6032. Duck: Bangin on a chair.
  6033. Duck: =w=
  6034. Baggerbean: Dude
  6035. Dvsilverwing: Get out
  6036. Dvsilverwing: Of here
  6037. Dvsilverwing: Talker
  6038. Loco: penne
  6039. Baggerbean: When a hot chick says something to you
  6040. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: u say
  6041. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: p00
  6042. Dvsilverwing: You stick it in her p00per
  6043. Dvsilverwing: And pretend it's a man
  6044. Cuss: continue bagger
  6045. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I agree
  6046. Baggerbean: I actually don't know what I was going to say
  6047. Dvsilverwing: But he likes my idea
  6048. Cuss: Anti-Climatic
  6049. Dvsilverwing: So we'll say that's the finishing to Bagger's phrase.
  6050. Baggerbean: yeh hot girls dont talk to me
  6051. Baggerbean: then spit on me
  6052. Baggerbean: they*
  6053. Cuss: how are you gonna compensate for this bagger?
  6054. Dvsilverwing: Enlarging his e-penis.
  6055. Baggerbean: I could tell you a story
  6056. Dvsilverwing: Like most people do
  6057. Cuss: do that bagger
  6059. Baggerbean: ok
  6060. Xenoyia: back
  6061. Baggerbean: ummm
  6062. Baggerbean: what should it be about
  6063. Xenoyia: ughh why did chillingfields delete the block map we made
  6064. Xenoyia: i swear they're removing all of the good maps
  6065. Dvsilverwing: Cacti
  6066. Duck: Cacti in Minecraft are weird
  6067. Xenoyia: unredirected, cba
  6068. XpanD: fadwad
  6069. Dvsilverwing: I'm jealous
  6070. Dvsilverwing: I want minecraft
  6071. Dvsilverwing: Looks pretty cool.
  6072. Duck: It's free for the weekend.
  6073. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I haven't even played minecraft
  6074. Xenoyia: the bought minecraft is DUM
  6075. Duck: www.minecraft.net
  6076. Xenoyia: DUMB*
  6077. Duck: NU
  6078. Xenoyia: the free classic one is the best
  6079. Duck: NU
  6080. Xenoyia: I just like to build shit
  6081. Xenoyia: not have to dig around
  6082. Cuss: bagger comooon
  6083. Cuss: story time
  6084. Baggerbean: dude
  6085. Baggerbean: whats it about
  6086. Duck: You build shit
  6087. Duck: with blocks
  6088. Commander Shepard: wtc
  6089. Duck: and try to survive nights and stuff
  6090. Baggerbean: not the game
  6091. Baggerbean: the story im going to tell
  6092. .:EmpD:. Caketown entered chat.
  6093. Xenoyia: hi caketown
  6094. Commander Shepard: It said "NO STEAM APPS!" and wouldn't let me play
  6095. Duck: o;
  6096. .:EmpD:. Caketown disconnected.
  6097. Dvsilverwing: You should tell me a story aaabooooout
  6098. Xenoyia: guys
  6099. Xenoyia: i'm BADASS
  6100. Dvsilverwing: Canada
  6101. Xenoyia: I have INSANIQUARIUM
  6102. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: could someone give me a game
  6103. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: please
  6104. Xenoyia: no me
  6105. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Or rather for my sister
  6106. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: pl0x
  6107. Xenoyia: JC2 is £6
  6108. Baggerbean: i offered you a game
  6109. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: What
  6110. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: when
  6111. Baggerbean: but you didn't do anything about it
  6112. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: wher
  6113. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: What
  6114. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: when
  6115. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: !
  6116. Duck: JC2 is 6 pounds?
  6117. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: JC2 6 £ what
  6118. Cuss: nobody offers me a game :(
  6119. Baggerbean: I asked if you had a game you wanted. :S
  6120. Xenoyia: for a sale
  6121. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: but i do :l
  6122. Xenoyia: with a steam key
  6123. Xenoyia: I forgot the link
  6124. Baggerbean: yeh but for £5
  6125. Baggerbean: then you didnt do anything
  6126. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Awwww
  6127. Xenoyia: bagger you could gift me it :3
  6128. :3
  6129. Xenoyia: :3
  6130. XpanD: somebody gift me JC2
  6131. Baggerbean: i offered you games once
  6132. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: is JC2 6£
  6133. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: where
  6134. Baggerbean: you refused
  6135. Duck: Bagger, you should gift me... Nothing.
  6136. Duck: Because I want nothing.
  6137. Cuss: I like how xeno somehow got banned today
  6138. Xenoyia: that was because i was nice back then
  6139. Baggerbean: http://store.eidos.co.uk/pc-windows-download/Just-Cause-2.php
  6140. Xenoyia: i'm a rebel now
  6141. Xenoyia: yeah that
  6142. Ringo Starr: Is it possible to buy something in pounds with an american card?
  6143. Baggerbean: i dont gift rebels
  6144. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: oo
  6145. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Bagger
  6146. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: can i have just causee
  6147. Cuss: cuasee
  6148. Baggerbean: i dont know how i would gift it to you
  6149. Cuss: causee
  6150. Baggerbean: on this
  6151. XpanD: yeah me too buddy
  6152. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: isnt there a key
  6153. XpanD: we're best friends and all
  6154. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: you get
  6155. Ringo Starr: Bagger gift me JC2 because I play as the Empire
  6156. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: oh
  6157. Ringo Starr: Not the rebels
  6158. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: there is a button
  6159. Cuss: have Hugo Boss commercial
  6160. Ringo Starr: :VVVVVVVV
  6161. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: "Buy as a gift"
  6162. Xenoyia: :(
  6163. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: :o
  6164. Cuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CE6hF0LfQk
  6165. Baggerbean: will you b on tommorow
  6166. Xenoyia: i asked first >:(
  6167. Cuss: shut up xeno
  6168. .:EmpD:. Caketown entered chat.
  6169. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: yes
  6170. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: i will be on tomororw
  6171. Baggerbean: I don't want to buy shit when my head isn't functioning properly
  6172. Baggerbean: ok
  6173. Duck: I don't want anything.
  6174. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Anyone here watching that stream of the room?
  6175. Cuss: beer?
  6176. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: yayy :D
  6177. Duck: So please don't gift me anything.
  6178. Duck: Except maybe L4D, it's $20
  6179. Cuss: what are you smokin Bagger?
  6180. Baggerbean: woooah
  6181. Baggerbean: i dont smoke
  6182. Jobby: is everyone good
  6183. Cuss: what are you drinkin bagger?
  6184. XpanD: he just sniffs
  6185. Baggerbean: we're all friends here man
  6186. Jobby: okay dokey :)
  6187. XpanD: fuck you
  6188. Baggerbean: im not drinking either
  6189. Cuss: then how is your head fuzzy?
  6190. Baggerbean: secret
  6191. Cuss: how mysterious
  6192. .:EmpD:. Caketown: http://www.livestream.com/genericmonk anyone watching that?
  6193. Cuss: no
  6194. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: i need to buy Magic the gathering for my sisters bday present..
  6195. Commander Shepard: fuck you steam
  6196. Cuss: i'm gonna watch a movie now
  6197. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Buy her kings bounty
  6198. Commander Shepard: I wanna play Gmod
  6199. Cuss: you kids behave
  6200. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: she likes magic the gathering
  6201. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Oh
  6202. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: she dont know what kings bount is
  6204. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: neither do i
  6206. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: shes 20 now
  6207. Duck: .),
  6208. Baggerbean: yeaaaah
  6209. Baggerbean: if you're looking for trouble
  6210. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Kings bounty is great, alot like Heroes of Might and Magic before it went bad.
  6211. Xenoyia: someone gift me http://store.eidos.co.uk/pc-windows-download/Just-Cause-2.php or i'll make simon cowell make you feel really bad
  6212. Baggerbean: you've come the right place
  6213. Baggerbean: if you're looking for trouble
  6214. Baggerbean: just stare at my face
  6215. XpanD: did you just diss yourself
  6217. Cuss: /careface
  6218. Baggerbean: this hurts you
  6219. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Gift me what Xenoyia linked because there's no paypal option
  6220. Lord Wootman entered chat.
  6221. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Who else wants Recettear so bad?
  6222. Lord Wootman: me
  6223. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I don't
  6224. Hurrbis: O_o
  6225. Baggerbean: nah looks too weabooish
  6226. Lord Wootman: the demo was awesome
  6227. Lord Wootman: also fp is down
  6228. XpanD: what's Recettear like
  6229. Xenoyia: i have one kidney gift me JC2
  6230. Xenoyia: :|
  6231. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: It's like
  6232. Duck: Recettear is pree fun/cool looking.
  6233. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: an epic JRPG
  6234. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: But you play a shopkeeper :D
  6235. XpanD: hmm
  6236. Xenoyia: I have recettear
  6237. Xenoyia: it's really fun
  6238. Lord Wootman: also I changed my avatar
  6239. Xenoyia: you play as a shopkeeper, but there's also dungeons
  6240. XpanD: I did download the demo but haven't checked yet
  6241. XpanD: if it's any fun I'll get it lol
  6242. Ringo Starr: Rectum: A Shopkeeper's Tale
  6243. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/6785/1284207025350.jpg
  6244. XpanD: hidden deep in the mining town of Rectum, an ancient evil stirs
  6245. Baggerbean: you guys looking forward to christmas
  6246. XpanD: not really
  6247. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Twp
  6248. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Yep
  6249. Lord Wootman: yes
  6250. XpanD: since I'm the one buying gifts :9
  6251. Baggerbean: scruge
  6252. XpanD: :(
  6253. Baggerbean: scrudge*
  6254. Lord Wootman: people will actally gift
  6255. Xenoyia: LOL
  6256. XpanD: scrooge
  6257. Commander Shepard: fff
  6258. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I'm muslim
  6259. Baggerbean: yeah that
  6260. Commander Shepard: did FP go down?
  6261. Ringo Starr: 1
  6262. Lord Wootman: yes
  6263. Ringo Starr: MONTH
  6264. Ringo Starr: FROM
  6265. Ringo Starr: TOMORROW
  6266. Lord Wootman: http://fpvb4.compwhizii.net/threads/378-Facepunch-being-DDOS
  6268. Ringo Starr: 1 MONTH
  6269. Ringo Starr: THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS
  6270. Baggerbean: It's the final countdown!
  6271. Baggerbean: DUNUNUNUNUUUU
  6272. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Oh god
  6273. Duck: one month till what?
  6274. Ringo Starr: HOW
  6275. Ringo Starr: DARE
  6276. Xenoyia: I want disgaea on steam
  6277. Ringo Starr: YOU
  6278. Ringo Starr: NOT
  6279. Ringo Starr: KNOW
  6280. XpanD: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/330027
  6281. XpanD: enjoy
  6282. Baggerbean: New Vegas
  6283. Xenoyia: is it porn
  6284. XpanD: it is amazing
  6285. John Lennon entered chat.
  6286. Xenoyia: hi pascall
  6287. Zabe Aeiger: what about it bagger
  6288. John Lennon: hi
  6289. Xenoyia: let's lunch.
  6290. Ringo Starr: Game of The Yerr
  6291. Ringo Starr: Hi Pascall
  6292. Duck: Newfagas
  6293. Baggerbean: its a month untill thats released
  6294. Baggerbean: thats what hes talking about
  6295. Lord Wootman: fuck pascall
  6296. Ringo Starr: Duck
  6297. Zabe Aeiger: oh
  6298. Xenoyia: i have new vegas courtesy of jobby
  6299. Ringo Starr: I hate you Duck
  6300. Xenoyia: I want it released
  6301. Xenoyia: NOW
  6302. Lord Wootman: what
  6303. Lord Wootman: JOBBY HOW COULD YOU
  6304. Ringo Starr: Xenoyia: i have new vegas courtesy of jobby
  6305. XpanD: I want it leaked for free
  6306. XpanD: NOW
  6307. Xenoyia: xpand you never even played fallout 3
  6308. Xenoyia: >:O
  6309. XpanD: idd
  6310. Ringo Starr: WHAT
  6311. Ringo Starr: WHAT
  6312. Ringo Starr: WHAT
  6313. Baggerbean: what the fuck
  6314. Ringo Starr: WHAR
  6315. Xenoyia: it's the greatest free roam RPG
  6316. Xenoyia: ever
  6317. Ringo Starr: WHARF
  6318. Baggerbean: JC2 didn't install properly
  6319. Ringo Starr: Fo3 is the best game ever
  6320. John Lennon: is facepunch being horrifyingly slow for anyone else
  6321. Xenoyia: :hi5: hobo
  6322. Ringo Starr: New Vegas looks better possibly
  6323. Xenoyia: yeah john
  6324. XpanD: I saw some people play it and it didn't look too exciting to me
  6325. XpanD: I'm gonna get it for cheap some day, but meh
  6326. Xenoyia: christmas sales
  6328. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Fallout best RPG ever?
  6329. Ringo Starr: I MEAN
  6330. Xenoyia: everything drops like 75% near christmas
  6331. Ringo Starr: NV*
  6332. Xenoyia: buy everything then
  6333. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: What about Oblivion :C
  6334. Xenoyia: fallout 3 is on oblivions ending
  6335. Xenoyia: engine*
  6336. XpanD: Oblivion was good
  6337. Jobby: what do you need to gift people JC2 on this site
  6338. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I know
  6339. Ringo Starr: New Vegas will be amazing
  6340. Jobby: i know someone who wants it
  6341. Xenoyia: an account
  6342. Xenoyia: probably
  6343. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: but FO3 was too like Oblivion
  6344. Jobby: oh
  6345. Ringo Starr: Fucking Robodogs everywhere
  6346. Lord Wootman: MeE
  6347. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Didn't mind that much
  6348. Jobby: i dont like signing up for things
  6349. Lord Wootman: SHUT UP
  6350. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Oblivion was fucking awesome
  6351. XpanD: I wonder if there's a The Elder Scrolls 5 coming
  6353. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Freaking Nope girl
  6354. Baggerbean: its not even working for me jobby
  6356. Xenoyia: yeah there is
  6357. Xenoyia: but not any time soon
  6358. Baggerbean: i mean, its not installing
  6359. Xenoyia: SLOW DOWN
  6360. Lord Wootman: shut UPP
  6361. Xenoyia: GOD
  6362. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Yeah I want TES5 :(
  6363. Ringo Starr: OBLIFIAN WIT GUNZ
  6364. Xenoyia: FAST CHAT
  6365. John Lennon: why are you using so much caps
  6366. Lord Wootman: Jobby
  6367. Ringo Starr: Because
  6368. Xenoyia is humming the utawarerumono theme tune for some reason
  6369. Lord Wootman: to gift someone it you have to buy it and give them the key
  6371. Ringo Starr: No
  6372. Lord Wootman: yes
  6373. Ringo Starr: ZpanD I hate you for never playing Fo3
  6374. Xenoyia: zpand
  6375. Xenoyia: everywhere
  6376. Ringo Starr: XpanD*
  6377. Baggerbean disconnected.
  6378. Baggerbean entered chat.
  6379. Jobby: radddiiiiiiiiiooooooo
  6380. Jobby: all we hear is
  6381. Jobby: radio ga ga
  6382. Xenoyia: no we don't
  6383. XpanD: Ringo
  6384. XpanD: get in line
  6385. Lord Wootman: I ate Popeyes today
  6386. XpanD: you ate Pop's eyes?
  6387. XpanD: damn
  6388. Ringo Starr: What line?
  6389. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)©: spinidial diamonds
  6390. Baggerbean disconnected.
  6391. Xenoyia: lol guys
  6392. Baggerbean entered chat.
  6393. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I didn't mean that IN A BAD WAY
  6394. Xenoyia: facepunch is being update
  6395. *Mobrockers[nl] b-day tomorrow has changed their name to *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday.
  6396. Novangel CLAW HAMMER goes off crying
  6397. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: hai gais
  6398. Baggerbean: wow what the fuck
  6399. Ringo Starr: HAPPY NIRFDEY
  6400. Baggerbean: i have to burn this DL to disk or some shit?
  6401. XpanD: nederlands?
  6402. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: jah
  6403. XpanD: ja vet ik ook
  6404. Ringo Starr: Mobro
  6405. Ringo Starr: I'd get you a gif
  6406. Ringo Starr: t
  6407. XpanD: laten we zo praten, dan kan niemand ons begrijpen
  6408. Ringo Starr: But I have no money
  6409. Xenoyia: herdy gerdy
  6410. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: its okay
  6411. XpanD: het is eigenlijk best laat
  6412. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: XpanD, don't
  6413. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Hai
  6414. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: It's not nice
  6415. Baggerbean: I'd get you a gift also
  6416. Xenoyia: i dont speak freaky deaky dutch so i have no clue
  6417. Lord Wootman: GO UP P
  6418. Lord Wootman: FPPPPP
  6419. Skinny entered chat.
  6420. Skinny: hi
  6421. Xenoyia: hi,.
  6422. Xenoyia: hi.*
  6423. Lord Wootman: hi jew
  6424. Ringo Starr: hi
  6425. XpanD: gotta go people
  6426. XpanD: see ya
  6427. Duck: Narf
  6428. XpanD: narf to you too
  6429. XpanD left chat.
  6430. Errp: the ggt http://pastebin.com/1XhaSz9W
  6431. Dvsilverwing left chat.
  6432. Ringo Starr: Skinny as Pascall
  6433. Ringo Starr: And*
  6434. Skinny: wat
  6435. Ringo Starr: We should have skype pwaghty tonight because I won't have to go so early
  6436. Skinny: k
  6437. Xenoyia: i'm never invited to skype parties i feel sad and alone
  6438. Skinny: k
  6439. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: could i be invited
  6440. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: to skype parity
  6441. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: plz
  6442. Ringo Starr: That's because our skype parties aren't GGT Skype Parties
  6443. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: can i join
  6444. Errp: i've only been to one skype parties
  6445. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: I have two tray's of energy drink on my balcony, am i cool or what
  6446. Baggerbean: Well shit
  6447. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: yes
  6448. Errp: yes
  6449. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ur c00l
  6450. Baggerbean: JC2 wont install
  6451. Baggerbean: so im off
  6452. Jobby: no brits allowed guys
  6453. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: whot
  6454. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: you have JC2?
  6455. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: bye :(
  6456. Xenoyia: :(
  6457. Ringo Starr: Erp you came once and barely talked as I recall
  6458. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: Bye Bagger
  6459. Baggerbean: bye
  6460. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: ringo
  6461. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: invite me
  6462. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: i men pascall
  6463. Ringo Starr: Brits are never awake for our parties
  6464. Baggerbean left chat.
  6465. Skinny: no
  6466. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: gibe
  6467. Jobby: it was only a little joke hobo :)
  6468. Skinny: pruney join us a few times
  6469. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: makol
  6470. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: invite me
  6471. Errp: i came once
  6472. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: or i punch you
  6473. Errp: and talked a lot
  6474. Errp: actually no
  6475. Ringo Starr: Recce came once
  6476. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: He came?
  6477. Skinny: pruenys mom yelled at me
  6478. Errp: but that's because it was at like 2am
  6479. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday: My birthday is in 10 minutes in britain :psyboom:
  6480. John Lennon: we invited one person once and then it was horrifyingly awkward so we all ditched him
  6481. Skinny: lol
  6482. Ringo Starr: Lol yeah
  6483. Jobby: who
  6484. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: invite me plz
  6485. Errp: lohn jennon
  6486. Skinny: all i remember it was some guy and he kept inviting other ppl
  6487. Errp: can i come
  6488. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: skinny
  6489. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: invit
  6490. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: e
  6491. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: im spicythund3r on your list
  6492. Ringo Starr: We aren;t even talking right now lol
  6493. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6494. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6495. Ringo Starr: D:
  6496. Duck: What the fuck
  6497. Duck: there are Boats in minecraft?
  6498. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: no
  6499. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: or yes
  6500. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: i thought you said starcraft
  6501. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6502. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :O
  6503. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6504. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6505. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6506. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg is now playing Counter-Strike. Click here to join.
  6507. Jobby: sigh
  6508. Skinny: hi
  6509. Duck: what's wrong, jobby?
  6510. Jobby: i love sighing
  6511. Duck: oh
  6512. w 1 z entered chat.
  6513. Jobby: heh
  6514. w 1 z: those damn dirty jews are ddosing facepunch again with their black magic
  6515. Jobby: you didnt think they were legit
  6516. .:EmpD:. Caketown: It's the jewish internert cops
  6517. Skinny: wait what happened
  6518. Errp: fp is being ddosed
  6519. John Lennon: facepunch is broked
  6520. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I have discowered their jewish secrets
  6521. w 1 z: a bunch of hook nosed jews
  6522. Errp: by jews
  6523. w 1 z: came onto to fp
  6524. w 1 z: and told us to stop being jew haters
  6525. w 1 z: or they'd ddos forums
  6526. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Whenever they get wounded they use coal and black magic to heal themselves.
  6527. Skinny: what jews
  6528. Skinny: jeez
  6529. w 1 z: www.jidf.org
  6530. w 1 z: them
  6531. Lord Wootman: http://fpvb4.compwhizii.net/threads/378-Facepunch-being-DDOS?p=6157#post6157
  6532. w 1 z: wait no
  6533. w 1 z: that's japanese
  6534. w 1 z: wtf
  6535. Skinny: lol
  6536. Errp: just use google
  6537. Duck: :frog:
  6538. w 1 z: http://www.thejidf.org/
  6539. Duck: israel.
  6540. w 1 z: basically jewish anonymous
  6541. John Lennon: fucking jers
  6542. John Lennon: i mean
  6543. John Lennon: joes
  6544. John Lennon: i mean
  6545. John Lennon: juice
  6546. Skinny: i like juice
  6547. w 1 z: this is why jews need to be eradicated
  6548. w 1 z: black magic
  6549. w 1 z: can take down websites
  6550. .:EmpD:. Caketown: There's a dude on FP streaming a movie about a mega shark vs. a giant octupus
  6551. .:EmpD:. Caketown: http://www.livestream.com/genericmonk
  6552. w 1 z: i bet they even have a voodoo doll of Garry
  6553. John Lennon: I saw that movie
  6554. w 1 z: and are planning to kill him with it
  6555. John Lennon: We just skipped to all the good partys
  6556. John Lennon: *parts
  6557. John Lennon: and it was so terrible
  6558. John Lennon: that it was funny
  6559. Skinny: that was a great moive
  6560. Skinny: what are you talking about
  6561. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Yeah thats what people says here in the livestream chat and stuff
  6562. John Lennon: i dropped a crunchberry down my shirt
  6563. John Lennon: i can't find it
  6564. Lord Wootman: shut uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  6565. Lord Wootman left chat.
  6566. Skinny: thanks for the info
  6567. .:EmpD:. Caketown: what the fuck is a curnchberry
  6568. w 1 z: it's a berry
  6569. w 1 z: with crunch
  6570. w 1 z: dumbass
  6571. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Well
  6572. John Lennon: like
  6573. John Lennon: captain crunchberry
  6574. Skinny: its a fucking cereal
  6575. John Lennon: the cereal
  6576. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Ah
  6577. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Well we don't have that stuff here
  6578. Skinny: and im making that ringtone
  6579. John Lennon: you've never heard of captain crunch
  6580. Loco: CRUNCH BERRY
  6581. Loco: ew
  6582. Jobby: im eric clapton
  6583. John Lennon: the fuck kinda messed up country you live it
  6584. Skinny: a bad one
  6585. Loco: A country where they do not have luck charms
  6586. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I live in denmark we don't have weird cereals here.
  6587. w 1 z: fp is back up
  6588. Loco: lucky*
  6589. w 1 z: the jews have left
  6590. Skinny: ITS NOT WEIRD CEREAL
  6591. Danny Ketch entered chat.
  6592. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Captain Crunchberry is one fucked up name
  6593. Skinny: no
  6594. Spork entered chat.
  6595. Spork: hello
  6596. Xenoyia: i've never heardf of captain crunch
  6597. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Herro
  6598. Xenoyia: or lucky charms
  6599. Xenoyia was kicked by John Lennon.
  6600. John Lennon: FUCK YOOOOOU
  6601. Spork: lol
  6602. Xenoyia entered chat.
  6603. Danny Ketch: Fuck John Lennon
  6604. Xenoyia: what?
  6605. Xenoyia: :(
  6606. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I've heard of lucky charms, but I've only heard the name
  6607. Loco: what were we talking bout
  6608. Danny Ketch: yeah I said it
  6609. John Lennon: baned for not knowing shit
  6610. John Lennon: and danny ketch
  6611. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Cereals
  6612. John Lennon: go suck a dick
  6613. John Lennon: ok
  6614. John Lennon: thnx
  6615. Xenoyia: i'm not american
  6616. Xenoyia: we dont have certain cereals
  6617. Spork: thats no excuse
  6618. Danny Ketch: Go fuck yourself
  6619. Jobby: i haaaate making accounts for stufffffffff -.-
  6620. Danny Ketch was kicked by John Lennon.
  6621. John Lennon: nothnx :V
  6622. Duck: Ownt.
  6623. Loco: hey
  6624. Loco: hey
  6625. Loco: pascall
  6626. Skinny: yeh
  6627. John Lennon: huh
  6628. Skinny: yeh
  6629. Duck left chat.
  6630. Loco: I'm boxxxxxxxxy
  6631. Jobby: i asked danny ketch to come here so i could ban him
  6632. Loco: and um um
  6633. Danny Ketch entered chat.
  6634. John Lennon: shut your mouth loco
  6635. John Lennon: just
  6636. John Lennon: shut it
  6637. Loco: :V:V:V:V::V:V:V:V:V::V:V:V:
  6638. Jobby: jeez pascall
  6639. Xenoyia: pascall were you ta-rollin'
  6640. Skinny: i have the audio file and im making that ringtone and posting it eveywhere k
  6641. Loco: k
  6642. Xenoyia: skinny
  6643. Xenoyia: SHOW ME
  6644. Loco: Lets post it nao
  6645. John Lennon: I already got enough GIGGLES from makol and loco I don't need MORRE TORMENT
  6646. Skinny: hey
  6647. Loco: Imma post it
  6648. Skinny: hey
  6649. Skinny: hey
  6650. Loco: imma post it
  6651. Spork: do it
  6652. Skinny: im ur thereapist
  6653. Skinny: dont question me
  6654. John Lennon: psh
  6655. John Lennon: I'm not paying you
  6656. Skinny disconnected.
  6657. John Lennon: HAH
  6658. John Lennon: karma
  6659. Spork: lol
  6660. Jobby: i left my computer on for my brother to watch shit on youtube and he started speaking with john D:
  6661. w 1 z: buy me civ v
  6662. Loco: IMMA POOOOOST IT
  6663. Spork: how old is your brother?
  6664. Danny Ketch: Do it loco
  6665. Danny Ketch: do it
  6666. Skinny entered chat.
  6667. Skinny: the fuck
  6668. Jobby: he is 15
  6669. Spork: ah
  6670. Skinny: what did i miss
  6671. Spork: i see
  6672. .:EmpD:. Caketown: buy me all of the kings bounty games
  6673. .:EmpD:. Caketown: and amnesia
  6674. .:EmpD:. Caketown: and just cause
  6675. .:EmpD:. Caketown: 2
  6676. Spork: ok
  6677. John Lennon: hah
  6678. John Lennon: no
  6679. Jobby: iWIL messaged him going AMAGAD DE JEWS GOT FACEPUNCH!!!!!!!!
  6680. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: What the hell is going on here :/
  6681. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Buy me the entire steam catalogue, while you're at it.
  6682. Skinny: loco
  6683. Danny Ketch: Novangel
  6684. Loco: hm
  6685. Danny Ketch: I love you
  6686. Xenoyia: buy me everything
  6687. Danny Ketch: did you know that?
  6688. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Steam's not enough
  6689. Jobby: 23:57 - Jobby: awesome
  6690. 23:57 - Jobby: owned
  6691. 23:57 - iPyrro: this isnt real jobby
  6692. 23:57 - iPyrro: he's never said owned
  6693. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: I love you too :3
  6694. Skinny: should i autotune it?
  6695. Jobby: thats a true friend innit
  6696. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: GIFT
  6697. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: ME
  6698. Zabe Aeiger: Hi
  6699. Loco: Oh god
  6701. Danny Ketch: <3
  6702. Loco: that would be funny
  6703. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :/
  6704. Danny Ketch: Gift me Railworks all dlc
  6705. John Lennon: hah
  6706. John Lennon: no
  6707. Spork: thats like $830
  6708. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: :V
  6709. Zabe Aeiger: Hi
  6710. Danny Ketch: I kno
  6711. Skinny: one autotuned pascall boxxy ringtone coming right up
  6712. Jobby: gift me £1300 ^_^
  6713. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Why the hell does that game so many DLCs anyway
  6714. Danny Ketch: I liek teh trainz
  6715. Loco: Away
  6716. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: It's like pay to play lol
  6717. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Jobby you'll never get it back. Mark my words, never.
  6718. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: pppppppp
  6719. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: enis
  6720. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  6721. Skinny: lococooco
  6722. w 1 z: fp is down again
  6723. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: VVVVVV
  6724. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: agina
  6725. w 1 z: the jews have returned
  6726. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Bitch.
  6727. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Jews again
  6728. Xenoyia left chat.
  6729. Loco: hm?
  6730. Skinny: should
  6731. Skinny: i
  6732. Skinny: post it
  6733. Skinny: on her wall
  6734. w 1 z: jewish black magic is a horrible thing
  6735. w 1 z: yes do it
  6736. Skinny: FOR EVERYONE ONE
  6737. Dvsilverwing entered chat.
  6738. Loco: It's not funny :<
  6739. Loco: ANYMOAR
  6740. Dvsilverwing: Not at all
  6741. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: post what
  6742. Skinny: ur not funny loco
  6743. Jobby: gift me £1300
  6744. Skinny: hey loco, how is ur arm
  6745. Dvsilverwing: Can I make monthly payments
  6746. Loco: still hurts a lot
  6747. Dvsilverwing: Of nine ninety nine ninety nine
  6748. Loco: and I have a date today
  6749. Spork: what happend loco
  6750. Jobby: okay i just gifted JC2 so gift me £1306.49 ^_^
  6751. Loco: so I guess I'll just have to get over it
  6752. Skinny: i kicked him
  6753. Spork: o
  6754. Skinny: jc is on sale?
  6755. Skinny: wut
  6756. w 1 z: gift me civ v
  6757. Spork: skinneh
  6758. Dvsilverwing: Steam codes are
  6759. Loco: on their site
  6760. Dvsilverwing: According to Pain
  6761. Loco: on 10 bucls
  6762. Loco: bucks*
  6763. Spork: skinneh
  6764. Skinny: what
  6765. Skinny: you owe me money kid
  6766. Bullsquid^2: selling reach
  6767. Spork: ima get h4l0 reach 2day
  6768. Skinny: i dont care
  6769. Skinny: you owe me a game
  6770. Spork: u told me 2
  6771. Spork: nah
  6772. Bullsquid^2: $1
  6773. Spork: that aint me
  6774. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Gift me just cause 2, I'm broke and have never recieved a gift, also my cat and praire dog just died and my poor grandmother just found out she had cancer.
  6775. Skinny: i gave you two options
  6776. Bullsquid^2: it doesnt work
  6777. Spork: nah that aint me skinny
  6778. Skinny: ta ta
  6779. Spork was kicked by Skinny.
  6780. Skinny: i want games
  6781. Jobby: thats harsh
  6782. Jobby: kicking your own FLESH AND BLOOD
  6783. Bullsquid^2: i put it in my xbox and smoke came out
  6784. Skinny: he should be use to it by now
  6785. Spork entered chat.
  6786. Spork: wat
  6787. Loco: Kicking your own flesh hurts
  6788. Skinny: gimme games spork
  6789. Skinny: like u promisssssssssssed
  6790. Spork: you said to get reach or to get you a game
  6791. Skinny: no ididnt
  6792. Spork: i dont make promises
  6793. Skinny: thats a lie
  6794. Jobby: i play too much forza III okay
  6795. Spork: not really
  6796. Jobby: im really worried i'll wake up one day after playing it too much and drive like that irl
  6797. Bullsquid^2: now my house is on fire
  6798. Spork: i said id get you something if you take me to gamestop. i dont remember going to gamestop
  6799. Skinny: i
  6800. Skinny: didint
  6801. Skinny: have
  6802. Skinny: a
  6803. Skinny: car
  6804. Spork: so
  6805. Skinny: moron
  6806. Spork: i dont have a car and i go to gamestop
  6807. Skinny: so
  6808. Spork: its like a 5 minute walk
  6809. Skinny: so
  6810. Skinny: thats too far
  6811. Loco: Walk
  6812. Spork: wow ok
  6813. Loco: like boss
  6814. Spork: lol
  6815. Spork: skinneh, i finished with the cds
  6816. Skinny: k
  6817. John Lennon: hey makol come pick me up we'll go get some funnel cake
  6818. Bullsquid^2: now my neighbors house is on fire
  6819. w 1 z: wow what a bunch of PUSSIES
  6820. Spork: ive never had funnel cake
  6821. w 1 z: the jews at this website disabled comments
  6822. Skinny: its awesome
  6823. Bullsquid^2: thats the last time i put a toothbrush in my xbox
  6824. Skinny: imma beaver now
  6825. Jobby: facepunch is having a handbag fight with some jews
  6826. Jobby: excellent saturday night entertainment
  6827. Zabe Aeiger: I did not send them I swear
  6828. Jobby: it would have been neos
  6829. Spork: zabe
  6830. Jobby: he's still sore over that nazi germany themed GGT
  6831. Zabe Aeiger: hi
  6832. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  6833. Skinny: lol neos
  6834. w 1 z: this is hilarious
  6835. Zabe Aeiger: what is it Spork
  6836. w 1 z: Internet forums vs. internet jews
  6837. Spork: zabe, did your copy of reach come?
  6838. Jobby: unban nmagain
  6839. Zabe Aeiger: I got it thursday
  6840. Spork: ok. can you play tonight?
  6841. Zabe Aeiger: yeah
  6842. Spork: cool
  6843. w 1 z: zabe did you tip off your jewish relatives to facepunchs anti-jewish ways
  6844. Spork: ggt reach tonight, everyones invited
  6845. Commander Shepard: the fuck?
  6846. w 1 z: someone did
  6847. Zabe Aeiger: My jewish relatives are computer illiterate
  6848. Commander Shepard: can't play due to steam not on?
  6849. w 1 z: $20 it was either BurnMeDown even though he denies it
  6850. Commander Shepard: :I
  6851. w 1 z: or that Ohadje person
  6852. John Lennon: fuck reach cuz I can't afford it
  6853. Commander Shepard disconnected.
  6854. Spork: steal it
  6855. Skinny: ^
  6856. John Lennon: from
  6857. John Lennon: who
  6858. Spork: ringo
  6859. Skinny: he dun have it
  6860. Skinny: STEAL IT FROM
  6861. Bullsquid^2: mug some old people for their pension money
  6862. Skinny: walmart
  6863. Spork: i thought he did
  6864. Skinny: no
  6865. .:EmpD:. Caketown: minecraft is temporary free
  6866. .:EmpD:. Caketown: http://www.minecraft.net/
  6867. Spork: i cant wait for lbp2
  6868. John Lennon: minecraft is bad and you should feel bad
  6869. Loco: :<
  6870. Spork: minecraft has always had a free version
  6871. Loco: how dare you
  6872. Zabe Aeiger: lol
  6873. .:EmpD:. Caketown: well its the full version
  6874. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)© left chat.
  6875. .:EmpD:. Caketown: free temporary
  6876. Loco: I will now go cry
  6877. Spork: minecraft is pretty dumb
  6878. Loco: a river
  6879. Loco: of tears
  6880. w 1 z: if there was any doubt as to if the jews would do this
  6881. w 1 z: clear them now
  6882. w 1 z: http://www.thejidf.org/2009/12/jewish-herald-voice-jidf-shuts-them.html
  6883. Loco: into the gulf of mexico
  6884. w 1 z: apparently they've done it before
  6885. Spork: what did jews do?
  6886. w 1 z: a bunch of angry jewish nerds took down abunch of sites
  6887. Skinny: ruin
  6888. w 1 z: because they got butthurt about them
  6889. Spork: omg
  6890. Skinny: EVERYTHING
  6891. John Lennon: fucking
  6892. John Lennon: jews
  6893. Loco: exactly
  6894. Spork: was facepunch one of the sites?
  6895. Spork: lol
  6897. Skinny: ye
  6898. w 1 z: it is apparently now
  6899. Danny Ketch left chat.
  6900. Zabe Aeiger: OHNNO
  6901. Zabe Aeiger: NOT
  6902. Spork: holy shit
  6903. Zabe Aeiger: FACEBOOK
  6904. Skinny: lol Facebook
  6905. John Lennon: u have a facebook
  6906. John Lennon: u phag
  6907. Skinny: i know
  6908. Spork: facebook is weird
  6909. Loco: facebook is for weirdos
  6910. Loco: and fags
  6911. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: Facebook is fun :O
  6912. w 1 z: Zionism is a CULT
  6914. Loco: send me plox
  6915. Bullsquid^2: i have facebook
  6916. Skinny: no
  6917. Skinny: you'll die
  6918. Skinny: OF LAUGHTER
  6919. Loco: only share with meeeeee
  6920. Skinny: it sounds awful
  6921. Loco: Dooooooo et
  6922. Skinny: no, it'll be mean :c
  6923. Spork: dont be mean
  6924. Loco: share it with me only then
  6925. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Where can I get a mining pick?
  6926. Skinny: YOU"RE MEAN SPORK
  6927. Spork: being mean wont get you anywhere
  6928. Spork: ok
  6929. Skinny: yeah it will
  6930. Spork: ok
  6931. Dvsilverwing: Gift me minecraft 4e3ver bro
  6932. Skinny: i mean look at almost any CEO
  6933. Dvsilverwing: You make one, Cake.
  6934. Skinny: tthey're all dicks pretty much
  6935. Skinny: and they're loaded
  6936. .:EmpD:. Caketown: I never tried the full version before now
  6937. Loco: cake use this
  6938. Loco: http://minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Crafting
  6939. .:EmpD:. Caketown: It's free right now and shit
  6940. Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmMtCGs5wAc all sing and dance
  6941. Dvsilverwing: Only if you gift me Minecraft
  6942. Loco: How did you know I like dis song
  6943. Loco: jerby
  6944. w 1 z: this is my response to recent events
  6945. w 1 z: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb3IMTJjzfo
  6946. Jobby: this is the best song ever made
  6947. Loco: Country roads take me home
  6948. Dvsilverwing: Avast Antivirus is such a cunt
  6949. Dvsilverwing: Trying to block Diablo 2
  6950. Dvsilverwing: etc.
  6951. Loco: Avast your ass
  6952. Dvsilverwing: Yes
  6953. Jobby: take me hooome country rooooooads
  6954. Loco: Avast your bum
  6955. .:EmpD:. Caketown: Where do I get a stick, and the materials I might need
  6956. Jobby: avast ye scervy land dogs yaaaaar
  6957. Loco: read the whole page
  6958. Loco: it tells you everything
  6959. Photostroika entered chat.
  6960. Loco: Avast yer Fortass
  6961. John Lennon: im
  6962. John Lennon: bored
  6963. Jobby: okay
  6964. Loco: Help me get ready for my date
  6965. Bullsquid^2 disconnected.
  6966. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  6967. Skinny: lol
  6968. Photostroika: who here has bought stuff from deal extreme
  6969. Skinny: go to chuckie cheese
  6970. Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jdd1vj689A okay follow the dance moves win prizes
  6971. Loco: Noooo
  6972. Loco: we is going to a nice resturant
  6973. Skinny: k
  6974. Jobby: TGI fridaaaaaaaays go
  6975. Spork: loco, what kind of resturant?
  6976. Bullsquid^2: taco bell
  6977. Loco: It's some beachfront resturant
  6978. Loco: Lemme find the name
  6979. Spork: fancy
  6980. Zabe Aeiger: This race map goes all around forge world
  6981. John Lennon: tacobell is stupid
  6982. John Lennon: and gross
  6983. John Lennon: and horrible
  6984. w 1 z: TGI fridays SUCK
  6985. Skinny: del taco
  6986. Skinny: is superior
  6987. Bullsquid^2: exactly :p
  6988. Jobby: you're wrong w 1 z
  6989. Jobby: okay
  6990. Spork: ive never been to tgi
  6991. Jobby: go to the pink pony
  6992. Jobby: steak houseeeeee
  6993. Loco: thats the name Mannino's Italian Bistro
  6994. Spork: dont get the string spaghetti stuff. if you slurp it up, you look dumb
  6995. Loco: Third best resturant in all of the city
  6996. Spork: fancy
  6997. Loco: Noted
  6998. Spork: yay
  6999. Spork: im in ur notes
  7000. Zabe Aeiger disconnected.
  7001. w 1 z: tgi fridays is a horrible place
  7002. w 1 z: fries SUCK
  7003. Loco: Never been
  7004. Spork: never been
  7005. w 1 z: their steaks are mediocre at best
  7006. Dvsilverwing: Ew
  7007. Zabe Aeiger entered chat.
  7008. Dvsilverwing: Ew
  7009. Spork: woah ninjad
  7010. Dvsilverwing: EW
  7011. Loco: super ninja
  7012. Loco: :o
  7013. Spork: crazy
  7014. w 1 z: the only thing i like at fridays are their ice cream
  7015. Bullsquid^2 disconnected.
  7016. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  7017. Loco disconnected.
  7018. Jobby: chicken wings covered in jack daniels sauce okay dokey
  7019. Jobby: double cheeseburger with shit knows what on it
  7020. Dvsilverwing: Double cheeseburger with shit
  7021. Dvsilverwing: Doesn't sound very
  7022. Dvsilverwing: Good
  7023. Hurrbis: :l
  7024. Jobby: yes thats why i added the rest
  7025. Jobby: of the sentence
  7026. Jobby: :)
  7027. Hurrbis: orange juice for the motherfucking win
  7028. Spork: i like quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches, does that make me childish?
  7029. Skinny: yes
  7030. Zabe Aeiger: child
  7031. Spork: orange juice is meh
  7032. Spork: :(
  7033. John Lennon: whats wrong with quesadillas
  7034. Spork: no
  7035. Spork: idk
  7036. Skinny: thats all he eats
  7037. Spork: theyre tasty
  7038. Skinny: evr
  7039. Spork: no
  7040. Hurrbis: whats wrong with orange juice >:C
  7041. Spork: i eat steak
  7042. Spork: its meh
  7043. Skinny: steak
  7044. Skinny: is
  7045. Skinny: meh
  7046. Skinny: the hell
  7047. Hurrbis: meatballs ftw
  7048. Spork: i meant orange juice is meh
  7049. Jobby: there is one massive shit of a daddy long legs in here
  7050. Skinny: be more clear, you scared me
  7051. Skinny: KILL THEM ALL
  7052. Jobby: im gonna hyperventilate in a second
  7053. Spork: that steak last weekend was great skiny
  7054. Skinny: from that
  7055. Hurrbis: i killed a spider by accident today
  7056. Skinny: grill place
  7057. John Lennon: i dont know what to do right now
  7058. Spork: ya
  7059. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: You murderer
  7060. Novangel CLAW HAMMER: brb
  7061. Skinny: PASCALL
  7062. John Lennon: what
  7063. Skinny: lets plat gta4
  7064. Skinny: play
  7065. Skinny: ***********
  7066. John Lennon: but that would require me taking the xbox out and plugging it in and recovering my account
  7067. Spork: lets plat
  7068. Hurrbis: lets play samp
  7069. Spork: skinny
  7070. Skinny: oh
  7071. Skinny: what
  7072. Skinny: now
  7073. Jobby: steaaaak on meeeeee
  7074. Spork: you left the xbawks in the living room
  7075. Skinny: oops
  7076. Spork: meany
  7077. Skinny: have fun
  7078. Spork: ok
  7079. Skinny: putting it back
  7080. Spork: is easy
  7081. Spork: i am tech staff master
  7082. Skinny: lol ok
  7083. Skinny: PAscall, lets play lorto or something then
  7084. Bullsquid^2 disconnected.
  7085. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  7086. Skinny: and did loco ever make an account?
  7087. John Lennon: i wanna wait til after dinner to play something
  7088. Skinny: ok then
  7089. John Lennon: cuz my parents are probably gonna unplug the internet without telling me
  7090. Skinny: oooooooh
  7091. w 1 z: plug it back in then
  7092. John Lennon: I have to wait until after dinner to do that
  7093. Jobby: do you live in a concentration camp
  7094. John Lennon: no
  7095. Spork: apparently with the new itunes update, my ipod has to reinstall everything. fml
  7096. Jobby: do you have to eat at the table
  7097. John Lennon: yes
  7098. Spork: lol
  7099. Spork: table
  7100. Jobby: thats terrible
  7101. Spork: i eat on the couch
  7102. John Lennon: Well the reason they unplug it is so we can use the cable for the small TV we have in the kitchen
  7103. Spork: fuck ya
  7104. Skinny: i eat at my desk
  7105. Jobby: i eat on the dance floar
  7106. Skinny: oh
  7107. w 1 z: i eat at my computer because I'm sad and lonely because my gf is in the netherlands for like another 2 months
  7108. Skinny: well that makes sense then
  7109. John Lennon: We don't have a splitter so we have to switch back and forth
  7110. Spork: buy a splitter
  7111. John Lennon: and the splitter makes the internet run horrifyingly slow
  7112. John Lennon: so
  7113. John Lennon: yeah
  7114. Spork: ah ok
  7115. Skinny: time warner?
  7116. John Lennon: yeh
  7117. w 1 z: what shitty isp do you have
  7118. w 1 z: hahahah time warner
  7119. w 1 z: HAHAHAHAHA
  7120. Spork: i have cox but i want verizon fios
  7121. w 1 z: kirkland signature of broadband/cable
  7122. John Lennon: time warner is the gay
  7123. Skinny: if ya watch football better switch soon
  7124. Skinny: theyre gonna lose ESPN
  7125. Skinny: soon
  7126. John Lennon: noo
  7127. John Lennon: they said
  7128. Spork: shes in texas of course she watches football
  7129. John Lennon: they're keeping espn
  7130. Skinny: lol no
  7131. Skinny: not according to disney
  7132. John Lennon: There's a commercial about it mang
  7133. Spork: abc is gone
  7134. Spork: for tw
  7135. w 1 z: real people use Comcast
  7136. John Lennon: They were like "programming for disney and espn will go uninterrupted"
  7137. John Lennon: or some shit
  7138. Spork: nah
  7139. Skinny: k
  7140. w 1 z: full HD access with cable + 1 GBPS broadband
  7141. w 1 z: $69.99 a month for both
  7142. Jobby: im the only
  7143. Jobby: brit
  7144. Jobby: here
  7145. Jobby: D:
  7146. Skinny: im still made they lost the nfl network
  7147. Skinny: mad*
  7148. Spork: the commercial in cali says that theyre still working on negotiations
  7149. Skinny: nah, last i saw disney said theyre laving after the contract eends
  7150. Skinny: in 2011
  7151. Spork: woah
  7152. Skinny: not sure tho
  7153. Skinny: they did the same to cox
  7154. Spork: disney takes no prisoners
  7155. John Lennon: god its
  7156. John Lennon: fucking
  7157. John Lennon: HOT IN MY ROOM
  7158. Skinny: turn
  7159. Skinny: on
  7160. Skinny: a
  7161. Skinny: fan
  7162. John Lennon: my fan is on
  7163. Skinny: sit on a bag of ice
  7164. John Lennon: I think the temp is cranked up to like 78 or some shit
  7165. Bullsquid^2 disconnected.
  7166. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  7167. Skinny: sit on a bag of ice
  7168. Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kivfPjkUzp0 lets discuss this scene
  7169. Spork: skinny
  7170. Skinny: ?
  7171. Spork: did you have a good day?
  7172. w 1 z: :(
  7173. w 1 z: that scene is sad
  7174. Spork: that scene was fucked up
  7175. w 1 z: i'm not watching it again
  7176. Jobby: kids were like
  7177. Jobby: freaking out in my cinema
  7178. Jobby: and getting taken out
  7179. Spork: lol
  7180. Skinny: no spork
  7181. Skinny: i did not
  7182. Spork: o ok
  7183. w 1 z: dude i was like half way sitting and standing on my chair
  7184. Skinny: you didnt
  7185. w 1 z: I was like
  7186. Skinny: buy
  7187. Skinny: me
  7188. Spork: that was a great movie
  7190. w 1 z: FUCK
  7191. w 1 z: FUCk
  7192. Skinny: anything
  7193. Pruneyman entered chat.
  7194. John Lennon: i
  7195. John Lennon: cried
  7196. John Lennon: at that part
  7197. Pruneyman: backup has arrived
  7198. Jobby: pruney!
  7199. Spork: hi pruney
  7200. Jobby: how do
  7201. Pruneyman: stay back foreigners. i have a shank
  7202. Skinny: pruney
  7204. Pruneyman: omg its makol
  7205. Pruneyman: obv
  7206. Skinny: hi
  7207. Pruneyman: elite force
  7208. Pruneyman: we have the best army in the world
  7209. w 1 z: when that claw popped out
  7210. w 1 z: I fucking jumped for joy
  7211. Pruneyman: apart from the antartica
  7212. John Lennon: man im so ridiculously bored
  7213. Skinny: spin in circles
  7214. Photostroika: who wants to play borderlands with me
  7215. Skinny: in a spinny chair
  7216. Pruneyman: go learn to play the skin flute
  7217. Pruneyman: its fun
  7218. Skinny: lol
  7219. John Lennon: no i will get dizzy and fall over
  7220. John Lennon: and
  7221. John Lennon: no
  7222. Spork: today, i put 217 new songs on my itunes
  7223. Pruneyman: erp knows how to
  7224. Pruneyman: hes a pro
  7225. Skinny: pascall, thats the point
  7226. Skinny: suppose to get dizzy
  7227. Pruneyman: he's got some videos on youporn playing the skin flute
  7228. John Lennon: i dont like being dizzy
  7229. Loco entered chat.
  7230. Skinny: well fine then
  7231. Skinny: im hungry
  7232. Pruneyman: fucking weaboo
  7233. Skinny: gonna eat pizzza
  7234. Pruneyman: fish and chips please
  7235. Photostroika: i ate pizza minutes ago
  7236. John Lennon: god
  7237. Skinny: nnnnnnno
  7238. Photostroika: dominos is good bro
  7239. Skinny: god waht
  7240. John Lennon: I asked for ONE LITTLE QUOTE on a kia soul from world car hyundai kia
  7241. John Lennon: and now they will NOT
  7242. John Lennon: STOP
  7243. John Lennon: EMAILING
  7244. John Lennon: ME
  7245. Skinny: lol
  7246. Skinny: add them to spam
  7247. Pruneyman: buty their car then
  7248. Pruneyman: they wont stop until you buy a car
  7249. John Lennon: i know srsly
  7250. Jobby: i has car
  7251. Pruneyman: go buy it with your paypal money then
  7252. Jobby: beep beep beep beep YeEEah
  7253. Pruneyman: do you play tunes out of it
  7254. Pruneyman: while going down the street at 30mph
  7255. John Lennon: get a car with my
  7256. John Lennon: 6 dollars
  7257. Skinny: yes
  7258. Jobby: yeah fucken rave bomp bomp bomp bomp unce unce unce 24/7 in my car
  7259. Pruneyman: and then get all them hos in the car
  7260. John Lennon: Ill be back later
  7261. Jobby: fucken lights on the wheels and shit
  7262. Pruneyman: yeah
  7263. John Lennon: gonna go watch some movie or sumthin
  7264. Pruneyman: neon and shit
  7265. Skinny: k
  7266. John Lennon: idunno
  7267. Jobby: subwoofers fucken smash the street lights as i drive by UNCE UNCE UNCE
  7268. Jobby: DRAG RACE
  7269. Skinny: get a spoiler
  7271. Pruneyman: WUB WUB WUB
  7272. Skinny: lol do it
  7273. Skinny: DO IT
  7274. John Lennon: no
  7275. Commander Shepard entered chat.
  7276. John Lennon: im away
  7277. John Lennon: bye
  7278. Pruneyman: you should have street races
  7279. Skinny: k
  7280. Pruneyman: against grannys
  7281. Pruneyman: and like, run them over
  7282. Jobby: lol i remember that game
  7283. Commander Shepard: I am getting pissed off
  7284. Jobby: 5pts for a bird, 10 for a squirrel or rabbit, 15 for a dog, 20 for an OAP
  7285. Pruneyman: lol
  7286. Pruneyman: that happens in rl though
  7287. Commander Shepard: my brother won't stop playing that steam for mac sucks video over and over again
  7288. Pruneyman: you see it pop up on your HUD
  7289. Jobby: i've only ever got a boird
  7290. Pruneyman: i've got a middle aged man
  7291. Loco: wah
  7292. Pruneyman: but i didnt get any points
  7293. Jobby: it popped
  7294. Loco: oh hey im back
  7295. Spork: hi loco
  7296. Jobby: i was like :gonk:
  7297. Spork: i saw my dad hit a bird. he laughed
  7298. Skinny: he ran over a squirell once
  7299. Jobby: birds are pointless unless they are parrots
  7300. Pruneyman: i kicked a pigeon
  7301. Spork: oh ya
  7302. Skinny: he look at me and said, "dumb bastard"
  7303. Jobby: also penguins are cool
  7304. Skinny: remember that>
  7305. Spork: ya
  7306. Pruneyman: yeah penguins are like
  7307. Skinny: lol
  7308. Spork: penguins are awesome
  7309. Pruneyman: dons wearing suits
  7310. Loco: penguns are cool
  7311. Spork: i like weezy from toy story 2. he was penguin
  7312. Bullsquid^2: about 27 degrees
  7313. Jobby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7vjxhqMPng boom penguins lets go
  7314. Pruneyman: nah
  7315. Spork: aw ya
  7316. Pruneyman: happy feets a fag
  7317. Spork: that was an ok movie
  7318. Pruneyman: they aren't the cool penguins
  7319. Loco: don't push me cause im close to the edge
  7320. Pruneyman push
  7321. Loco: im trying not to loose my head
  7322. Bullsquid^2: twist it round 180 degrees, that should tighten it a little
  7323. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg disconnected.
  7324. Jobby: brittany murphy was a cool singer in that movie
  7325. Jobby: shame she died
  7326. Bullsquid^2: what a shame
  7327. Pruneyman: im a singer
  7328. Jobby: me too
  7329. Jobby: im in the proclaimers
  7330. Pruneyman: i was a backing singer for black lace
  7331. Pruneyman: thats why they're so popular
  7332. Cuss: lololololol
  7333. Cuss: the make out scene in avatar
  7334. Cuss: hah
  7335. Cuss: they suck at it
  7336. Pruneyman: thats hot
  7337. Pruneyman: still though
  7338. Pruneyman: i fapped over it in the cinema
  7339. Pruneyman: wasn't long enough though
  7340. Pruneyman: so i didnt spray my load
  7341. Novangel CAPITALISM HO!: welp amnesia
  7342. Novangel CAPITALISM HO!: I hope I don't shit my pants too much
  7343. Novangel CAPITALISM HO!: wish me luck :C
  7344. Pruneyman: pussy
  7345. Spork: good luck
  7346. Spork: doesnt look to scary tho
  7347. Pruneyman: rule 34 of the grudge
  7348. Bullsquid^2: wow my permban actually lasted longer than 10 seconds
  7349. Novangel CAPITALISM HO!: :/
  7350. Novangel CAPITALISM HO!: AMnesia even the demo was batshit scary
  7351. Loco: jkhafsjhfdj
  7352. Pruneyman: i should play games now
  7353. Loco: I cant find my bottle of lucky cologne :<
  7354. Skinny: you should
  7355. Skinny: lol
  7356. Skinny: that stuff smells bad
  7357. Loco: You smell bad
  7358. Skinny: no
  7359. Skinny: i showered today
  7360. Pruneyman: i dont need showers
  7361. Bullsquid^2: makol smells
  7362. Loco: I need to find that cologne though really my father gave it to me
  7363. Bullsquid^2: better than pruney
  7364. Pruneyman: i smell gorgeous
  7365. Bullsquid^2: you smell like prunes
  7366. Pruneyman: thats racist
  7367. Bullsquid^2: i am sorry. i have insulted your smell
  7368. Pruneyman: no
  7369. Pruneyman: just cos my name is pruneyman
  7370. Pruneyman: i smell like prunes
  7371. *Mobrockers[nl] Its my birthday left chat.
  7372. Pruneyman: i dont actually
  7373. Pruneyman: i smell like raw cabbage
  7374. Pruneyman: thanks..
  7375. Bullsquid^2: raw cabbage?
  7376. Pruneyman: yeah
  7377. Jobby: okay i've had my break
  7378. Jobby: back to dancing
  7379. Pruneyman: what have you been doing in your break?
  7380. Loco: dance
  7381. Loco: \o
  7382. Loco: o/
  7383. Bullsquid^2: its mobrockers birthday today?
  7384. Pruneyman: did you guys know its my birthday today
  7385. Pruneyman: aswell
  7386. Jobby: i was having a smoke and a drink and they brought a sick kid back stage to meet me before he dies
  7387. Pruneyman: did he die infront of you
  7388. Jobby: no, else i would have consumed his corpse
  7389. Bullsquid^2: he choked to death
  7390. Pruneyman: you should of put your cig out on his head
  7391. Pruneyman: like a signature
  7392. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)© entered chat.
  7393. Bullsquid^2: i told them lego was dangerous
  7394. Loco: You should kill him
  7395. Pruneyman: thats nasty
  7396. Pruneyman: hes going to die anyway
  7399. HeavyGuy(Pieboy6000)© left chat.
  7400. Pruneyman: let him live his short hopeless life
  7401. Bullsquid^2 disconnected.
  7402. Spork left chat.
  7403. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  7404. Jobby: weezer's new album
  7405. Jobby: has the best name and album cover i have ever seen
  7406. Loco: well going by
  7407. Loco: byeeeee
  7408. Loco: wish me luck
  7409. Pruneyman: show me jobby
  7410. Skinny: bye loco
  7411. Jobby: http://drownedinsound.com/releases/15647/reviews/4141030
  7412. Jobby: bye loco
  7413. Zabe Aeiger: Loco
  7414. Skinny: ahha what the shit
  7415. Loco left chat.
  7416. w 1 z disconnected.
  7417. Skinny: i like the last albums cover
  7418. Skinny: wit the flying dog in the living room
  7419. Zabe Aeiger: It flies
  7420. Photostroika: Hurley was bad but not as bad as raditude
  7421. Bullsquid^2: lalallalaallaallaaallalalalalaaalalala
  7422. Photostroika: Blue, pinkerton and hurley are the only good albums
  7423. Skinny disconnected.
  7424. Commander Shepard: :O
  7425. Commander Shepard: Ash is tiny
  7426. Commander Shepard: he's 4' tall
  7427. Danny Ketch entered chat.
  7428. Novangel CAPITALISM HO! disconnected.
  7429. Danny Ketch left chat.
  7430. Skinny entered chat.
  7431. Commander Shepard: someone battle me on pokemon, beat the shit out of my lousy weak team, and win a spiritomb
  7432. Commander Shepard: pls
  7433. Skinny: no
  7434. Commander Shepard: :<
  7435. Commander Shepard: I got tons of these things
  7436. Commander Shepard: how am I suppose to get rid of them all
  7437. Bullsquid^2: release them
  7438. Bullsquid^2: watch as they are crushed into oblivion by the pc's storage system
  7439. Commander Shepard: :<
  7440. Commander Shepard: cpt.falcon needs someone to punch
  7441. Bullsquid^2: i would rather release a spiritomb than the caterpie you would have me trade for it
  7442. Commander Shepard: no
  7443. Commander Shepard: I only require derp
  7444. Commander Shepard: to build my army of the hurr
  7445. Bullsquid^2: derp
  7446. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg entered chat.
  7447. Cuss: I WILL FLY WID U
  7448. Spiderface entered chat.
  7449. Spiderface: hi
  7450. Bullsquid^2: your face...
  7451. Spiderface: old joke
  7452. Spiderface: old old joke
  7453. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg: gnite
  7454. [/\\/\/]Snoop Dogg left chat.
  7455. Jobby left chat.
  7456. Commander Shepard: argh
  7457. Bullsquid^2: NO
  7458. Bullsquid^2: WE DONT WANT ANY
  7459. Hurrbis: k
  7460. Bullsquid^2: caps
  7461. Cuss: k
  7462. Hurrbis: so minecraft is free
  7463. Cuss: what?
  7464. Cuss: isn't it like 15 bucks?
  7465. Bullsquid^2: nooo
  7466. Hurrbis: it's a free weekend
  7467. Hurrbis: because of server overload
  7468. Hurrbis: caused the verification to fail
  7469. Hurrbis: so he removed it until he can fix it
  7470. Cuss: oh
  7471. Cuss: to bad the weekend is already over huh?
  7472. Hurrbis: no
  7473. Hurrbis: no one knows how long it will be a free weekend, might be a whole free week
  7474. Hurrbis: i just downloaded it and played some
  7475. Hurrbis: really boring game
  7476. Bullsquid^2: a whole free week of minecraft. think of the possibilities
  7477. Photostroika: its free autism week?
  7478. Commander Shepard: yes
  7479. Pruneyman left chat.
  7480. Bullsquid^2: wow
  7481. Bullsquid^2: chat has become really boing recently
  7482. Bullsquid^2: borin
  7483. Hurrbis: yep
  7484. Bullsquid^2: g
  7485. Spiderface: HELB
  7486. Spiderface: HELBBB
  7487. Hurrbis: you should leave bullsquid
  7488. Hurrbis: so it's less boring again
  7489. Bullsquid^2: good idea
  7490. Bullsquid^2: exept then i would have nothing to do
  7491. Hurrbis: play games
  7492. Bullsquid^2: i cant
  7493. Hurrbis: play with yourself
  7494. Fusilero entered chat.
  7495. Bullsquid^2: -_-
  7496. Hurrbis: hi
  7497. w 1 z entered chat.
  7498. Bullsquid^2: -
  7499. Bullsquid^2 disconnected.
  7500. Bullsquid^2 entered chat.
  7501. Bullsquid^2 left chat.
  7502. .:EmpD:. Caketown left chat.
  7503. Hurrbis: SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooore
  7504. Hurrbis: I'm gonna go get owned in bc2 this chat is boring
  7505. Hurrbis left chat.
  7506. Spiderface: fp is down
  7507. Spiderface: IT WAS THE JEWS
  7508. Skinny left chat.
  7509. Cuss: oh man
  7510. Cuss: Avatar was a great movie
  7511. Cuss: Cameron delivers
  7512. w 1 z: heh
  7513. w 1 z: yet another person suckered in by the pretty visuals
  7514. I love juice: >avatar
  7515. I love juice: >great movie
  7516. I love juice: :frog:
  7517. w 1 z: avatar is nothing but liberal propaganda
  7518. Fusilero: But those were so shiiiny
  7519. w 1 z: "America is BAD!!!!"
  7520. w 1 z: is the entire premise of the movie
  7521. Cuss: really?
  7522. Cuss: it was more like
  7523. w 1 z: how could you of not noticed that
  7524. Cuss: "Humans are baaad"
  7525. w 1 z: first it was the reference to the native americans
  7526. w 1 z: then the use of unobtanium
  7527. Fusilero: "Everything except ever loving hippies are baaaad"
  7528. w 1 z: then the whole anti-corporation ordeal
  7529. Cuss: gees you guys think too fucking much
  7530. w 1 z: then the military thing invading "innocent" people
  7531. Cuss: why not just "enjoy the movie"+
  7532. Cuss: instead of being a wiseass
  7533. w 1 z: because i like understanding the theme(s) of a movie
  7534. Cuss: fair enough
  7535. w 1 z: i can give you an entire pholosophic summary of Toy Story 3
  7536. Cuss: no not yet
  7537. Cuss: i haven't seen it
  7538. Cuss: But the visuals in Avatar really brought you into the movie
  7539. Cuss: it was almost creepy
  7540. w 1 z: that was the only thing about avatar
  7541. w 1 z: the visuals
  7542. w 1 z: that's it
  7543. w 1 z: the story was completey fucked
  7544. Cuss: I thought the story was cool :(
  7545. w 1 z: if you took Dancing with Wolves and Pocahauntus
  7546. w 1 z: turned the natives blue
  7547. w 1 z: gave them cat eyes and tails
  7548. w 1 z: put them on a planet somewhere
  7549. w 1 z: there you go avatar
  7550. Cuss: and somehow put a paraplegic, and some advanced tech there
  7551. Cuss: you sound pretty bandwagon bro, no offence
  7552. w 1 z: it's not a bandwagon
  7553. w 1 z: the bandwagon are the people who watch the movie
  7554. w 1 z: then automatically think
  7555. w 1 z: "omg best movie ever best graphics!!!"
  7556. w 1 z: visuals != good plot driven movie
  7557. Cuss: wouldn't say best movie ever
  7558. Cuss: but i did enjoy watching it
  7559. Cuss: good easy storyline
  7560. Cuss: no complex fucking quantum physics
  7561. w 1 z: if you want to know a movie that does visuals and nails the plot driven storyline
  7562. w 1 z: watch
  7563. w 1 z: Inception
  7564. Cuss: I missed the cinema :(
  7565. Cuss: my mates didn't want to go
  7566. Cuss: but Inception is really a movie i'm looking forward to watching
  7567. Cuss: but , Boondock Saints is still one of the best movies i've ever seen
  7568. Cuss: that shit's just rad
  7569. Spork entered chat.
  7570. Spork: im paying $0 for halo reach
  7571. Fusilero: O snap
  7572. Cuss: good for you
  7573. Spork: i know right
  7574. Cuss: still
  7575. Cuss: you gotta pay for LIVE
  7576. Cuss: ;)
  7577. Cuss: ownd
  7578. Spork: i have live
  7579. Cuss: it'll run out eventually
  7580. Spork: i dun pay for that either
  7581. Cuss: mommy does?
  7582. Spork: nah
  7583. Cuss: hey wait
  7584. Spork: ok
  7585. Cuss: aren't you that guy with the HHGTTG avatar?
  7586. Spork: the what?
  7587. Cuss: or am i mixing you up?
  7588. Cuss: i think i am
  7589. Spork: i dont know what hhgttg is
  7590. Cuss: Hitch-Hikers Guide to the galaxy
  7591. Spork: u must have me mixed up with someone
  7592. Spork: thats not me
  7593. Cuss: k
  7594. Spork: thats a good book though
  7595. Cuss: I do belive i've seen you several times on FP though
  7596. Cuss: -05 -06 right?
  7597. Spork: no
  7598. Cuss: :/
  7599. Spork: lol sorry
  7600. Cuss: lol np
  7601. Cuss: Hay w 1 z
  7602. Spork: well, i had an account back in ggt v8, but i lost it. now im Teh_Spork
  7603. Cuss: yea i've seen ya
  7604. Cuss: also w1z
  7605. w 1 z: what
  7606. Cuss: have you seen The Abyss?
  7607. w 1 z: no
  7608. Cuss: James cameron
  7609. Cuss: shit that movie was beautiful
  7610. Cuss: highly recommend
  7611. Spork: i know i saw that years ago, but I dont remember a thing about it
  7612. Errp: .
  7613. Errp: .
  7614. Errp: .
  7615. Errp: '.
  7616. Errp: ...
  7617. Spork: hi erp
  7618. Errp: hi
  7619. Errp: this chat has almost 10,000 lines, so it's quite slow to refresh
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