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Of Colts and Foals (WIP)

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  4. Of Colts and Foals
  5. by SomeWriteFag
  7. Continued by Kassaz at line 1533.
  10. >Your name is anon, you're a male unicorn who works for construction company
  11. >Yeah, you know, not the most creative of names
  12. >Anyway, you've recently moved to Ponyvile on a job
  13. >Apparently some space bear attacked the town and it's in need of some minor repairs all around
  14. >Whatever, work was bits on the table, and you liked bits.
  15. >As you make your way to your hotel, ponies gawk at you, probably for your lack of a cutie mark.
  16. >Stupid hillbillies must not see a lot of grown stallions with nothing tattooed on their asses, ingrates….
  17. >You ignore them, and check into the modest hotel.
  18. >You toss your suitcase and tool box to the side, not wanting or needing them for now
  19. >Work starts tomorrow, but it was still noon today.
  20. >You'd normally go to the bar, but you doubt this village has a good one, and if it did it wouldn't be open this early.
  21. >So you sit on your flank, and stare out your window,
  22. >Ponies here got some weird looking buildings, one resembles a giant gingerbread house.
  23. >Another is a glorified treehouse.
  24. >And on the edge of the town you could swear one of the hills had windows in it.
  26. >The treehouse catches your eye again, and you find yourself interested
  27. >You have to admit it's almost neat, the idea of living in a real tree
  28. >You wonder if the tree still grows, and how much has been carved out.
  29. >Wanting to find out, you lock your room up and leave for your destination
  30. >It doesn't take you long to reach the tree, and you knock on the door, wondering if it would be weird to ask the homeowner what it's like living in a tree.
  31. >Ah well, too late now. A small green and purple dragon opens the door and looks up at you
  32. >He tells you someone named Twilight is busy downstairs with a experiment. But if you're here to take out a book he can help you with that
  34. >You let the Dragon child know you're not really interested in any readings
  35. >Though you do ask if you can go downstairs to visit this Twilight character
  36. >The dragon shrugs, warning you that if you go downstairs you'll probably just get dragged into whatever experiment she was cooking this time.
  37. >He mentions he was supposed to be helping her, but after She turned him into a pineapple, he's swore to avoid her when she went down there.
  39. >You figure the risk is worth it, to at least see what this pony is working on
  40. >You open the door and descent into the basement quietly
  41. >All the lights were turned off, save for a single light over a table near the far end
  42. >You could see the back of who you assumed Twilight was, and she was distracted by whatever was on the table
  43. >You grow a devilish smirk, as a mischievous idea forms in your mind
  44. >Slowly and stealthily, you make your way towards the unaware unicorn, before you spring your trap
  45. >Right behind her you yell at the top of your lungs "BOO!!!"
  46. >The reaction was priceless, the unicorn turned around, got wide eyed, and jumped out of her fur, flailing as she scrambled on top of the table
  47. >In her rush, she knocked over a beaker of fluid onto your face, covering you in it
  48. >You lick some of it off your lips, it tasting like apples and cherries.
  49. >"P-pinkie! how many times have I to- Wait, you're not pinkie, what are you doing in my basement scaring  me!"
  50. >You apologize, and say you were only curious as to what she was doing, and felt like pulling a small prank
  51. >The unicorn grumbles at you as she gets off her table, saying she was working on isolating a new compound she found in the local produce, trying to figure out it's cause and effects. At least until you split it all on yourself.
  52. >You apologize again, but she cuts you off, saying you'll just have to be her test subject now.
  53. >You're not sure if you should let her, considering what the dragon upstairs said, but you do still feel bad for spilling her drink or whatever that was.
  56. >You tell her you'd love to help her, and she grins wildly, as a cackle fills the air, and you wonder just what you've signed yourself up for.
  57. >Regardless, as she turns back around to face the table, you try to take a peek between her hind legs, but her stupid tail was in the way.
  58. >You get a brief look and like what you saw, licking your lips
  59. >It should be easy to score here, just help her with her little science fair thingy, and then take her out to dinner, get her drunk, and inhibitions go out the window.
  60. >As Twilight straps you into a metal chair, and moves a large machine over your head, you rethink your opinion of 'easy'
  61. >You worriedly ask Twilight what's the machine is for, but she either didn't hear you, or didn't bother to answer, instead throwing a switch, the machine shooting you with some red laser.
  62. >You flinch, but it seems to do nothing, just giving you a warm feeling in your body
  63. >You sigh in relief, Twilight coming back to release you from the chair
  64. >You joke, saying you thought she was gonna vaporize you or something.
  65. >She just smiles, as you smell something off in the air
  66. >She explains she just used a partial compressor to agitate the unknown compounds in your body causing them to….
  67. >You just nodded as she continued over the details, picking up the important bits
  68. >Whatever that cherry apple drink was, it was gonna do something to you now.
  69. >Twilight wants to know what it dose, so she offers to give you a journal to write down any oddities you feel, or she could tail you and take her own notes.
  71. >You mention it'd be great to have some company around, you're new to town anyway
  72. >The two of you leave, and Twilight explains to the dragon that she'll be going out with you for a bit
  73. >After you leave, you ask to see Twilight's book, looking though the large amount of notes taken for just a short amount of time
  74. >None of it seemed interesting, so you pretended to drop Twilight's book like a fool
  75. >You apologize, as Twilight rolls her eyes at you, leaning her head down to pick it up.
  76. >You size the moment, and stick your face near her rear and take a huge sniff.
  77. >Twilight's musky smell was intoxicating, overly so in fact
  78. >You think, either she's been getting horny from this science gig, or it might be breeding time for the unicorn.
  79. >You hoped it was the later, as you'd love nothing more to pound and fill her till she was so full of foals she couldn't move
  80. >You felt that heat inside you again, though you knew it was yourself getting worked up from your imagination
  81. >You shake your head and clear your thoughts, can't get caught up in the fantasy and lose out on the reality of talking the unicorn into your bed.
  82. >Though, now that she retrieved her book, and was staring at you weirdly, the only question was how to go about this.
  83. >Maybe some dinner first?  a walk though the park?
  84. >You could always try the direct approach, or trick her into your hotel by saying something was up with your body she needed to look at.
  86. >You take a deep breath and play it cool, suggesting you both go out for some dinner as you wait for results from the test.
  87. >You spot a small bar, just opening up and drag the unicorn in with you
  88. >She doesn't notice that you've taken her into a bar at first, still engrossed in her notes, and you order two beers, and some overpriced pasta for the two of you
  89. >The waitress drops off your drinks, and you mention this to Twilight, who takes a sip, before realizing where she was
  90. >She takes a larger sip, before giggling at you, saying if she knew you were taking her out to a place like this, she would have told spike she'd be away longer.
  91. >At this point you're pretty sure you weren't the only one with sex on your mind.
  92. >Still, better safe then sorry, you were going to put a lot of bits worth of alcohol into that mare.
  93. >Your dinner arrives, and you lie to Twilight, saying you wanted to impress her by taking her out to a bar
  94. >You say you've not drank before, and if she wouldn't mind helping you finish your beer, you'd appreciate it
  95. >Twilight places her empty bottle aside and takes yours, giggling and teasing you, calling you a lightweight
  96. >All throughout dinner, you talked, Twilight mentioned a lot about her best friends, as you continued to make sure the unicorn always had a bottle in reach.
  97. >After dinner was finished, Twilight could barely sit strait for long, snorting happily at some joke in her head, or something.
  98. >You smirk evilly, and pick up her notebook, before helping the unicorn out of the bar.
  99. >She stumbles with you as you walk the two of you into the setting sunlight, and you suggest that you stay at your room, since her place was so far away
  100. >She lets out a garbled bunch of words, but you heard a yes in there somewhere, and ignoring the eyes of judgmental ponies, lead the wasted mare to your hotel room, easing her onto the bed.
  101. >At this point, Twilight seems to try to act sexy to you, sluing your name, and saying she was horny… before making it into a bad pun about how she was a unicorn
  102. >Maybe you got her too drunk…
  104. >you stare at the drunker giggling unicorn  laying on your bed
  105. >Even as intoxicated as she was, she was still a unicorn, and they had magic
  106. >Thankfully, without her in the right mind to resist, there was a simple spell you could use to suppress her magical abilities
  107. >Originally intended as a way to keep unicorn foals from getting into trouble, it was still effective against adults, so long as they didn't try to counter the magic when it was cast.
  108. >Thankfully Twilight didn't, and you put one worry out of your mind.
  109. >Now for the fun part, you open your tool box and grab a length of rope
  110. >You roll the drunk bookworm over, and tie her hooves up underneath her. Now with her magic gone, her hooves restricted, and her mind a mess, she was yours to do with what you pleased.
  111. >And you had plenty of ideas, but first, you reached your head forward and gave her nethers a good long sniff.
  112. >Yup, she was in estrus, which meant this was going to me a long night of fun.
  114. >you stare at her, thinking it really wouldn't be fun when she was a drunk bimbo.
  115. >Rather that, you ignore the snoring tied up mare on the bed, instead opting to wait till she was thinking strait again
  116. >While you waited, you set up a small barrier around the bed, to block any sounds from getting out, no need for anyone to barge in
  117. >After that, you preoccupied yourself, looking at magazines of models, stroking yourself, making sure you'd be hard and ready for when Twilight came to.
  118. >It wasn't long till you heard a groan, and turned to see Twilight look at you in fear, as she recognized her hooves and magic were disabled
  119. >You grin and approach her, you thick member swaying under you as you approach, and she gets the idea of what you wanted
  120. >She cries out for help, but you've already seen to that.
  121. >You position yourself over her and whisper into her ear, telling her she's a very naughty mare, teasing you by being in heat so openly near you.
  122. >You tell her your plans, that you were going to fuck her till she was with foals, lots of them. and then fuck her more. Fill that needy pussy of hers with the cum it wants
  123. >She only whimpers in response.
  125. >You chuckle lightly at the frightened mare, before rubbing the shaft of your stallionrod up and down her outermost lips, teasing her body
  126. >You ask Twilight if she's ever though of having foals.
  127. >The unicorn just sobs, saying she never did, she admitted she didn't think herself the mothering type
  128. >Well, you were gonna change that.
  129. >You pull your pelvis back, and with a little aiming, penetrate the purple unicorn's mare pussy with your member, causing said unicorn to cry out in pleasure and disgust.
  130. >You keep it up, while asking Twi what was the largest recorded case of multiples here in ponyville
  131. >She answers, if only to try and take her mind off of the vile act you were committing, sextuplets
  132. >You scoff, and boldly state that she'd soon be tripling that record amount.
  133. >Twilight begins to struggle at this point, though it's no use as you fuck her harder and faster
  134. >She resorts again to pleading with you, begging you to do anything but cum in her.
  136. >You ignore her, instead continued to pound that tight unicorn pussy
  137. >Though, you're curious, and ask her to elaborate on 'anything'
  138. >She starts saying she'll be your slave, your sex toy, your personal bitch, anything you could think of
  139. >She just asks that you don't impregnate her.
  140. >You think about it, and start to slow down, liking the idea of a personal maid, maybe you could dress her up in one of those frilly dresses that brought attention to her plot?
  141. >You felt Twi relax, her pussy loosening around you.
  142. >This was your moment, and you slammed yourself back in hard, pumping vigorously
  143. >Twilight screams, asking you why, why were you persisting in this.
  144. >You tell her you wanted nothing else, but to fill her up with foals till she couldn't move, nothing would detour you from that dream.
  145. >As you felt yourself reaching your limit, your horn begins to feel odd, as if trying to tell you something
  146. >You concentrate on your magic, as you felt it, your magic was opening Twilight's cervix
  147. >It's meant to be then. You let out a howl of joy, as you push your dick in balls deep into Twilight's marehood, before unleashing a load of spunk directly into the other unicorn's womb.
  148. >She cries, telling you you're ruining her life, that this is horrible
  149. >Mares, they always overact.
  150. >Still, you finish up and pull your member out, happy at a job well done.
  151. >You could feel Twilight's cervix close tightly as the spell wears off, and you knew for certain she'd be bearing a litter for you in the future.
  152. >Still, now that you've done the deed, you felt tired, and after making sure Twilight's horn was still nonoperational, and her hooves tied up tightly, you dose off next to the helpless mare, your next day of work ahead of you.
  153. >As you wake up, you see Twilight, still tied up. Sleeping on your bed
  154. >You sigh, it was sure fun doing her last night, but now you needed a place to put her while you worked, someplace where she wouldn't get you in trouble.
  155. >You shrug, not having many options in the small hotel room.
  156. >You finally figure that if you can put another sound bubble over the closet, you can store her in there till you get ff of work today.
  157. >Thankfully, Twilight was sleeping the whole time you moved her, though you did notice that her stomach had a odd bulge to it.
  158. >You brush it off as bloating from all the cum you poured into her last night, and grin
  159. >Grabbing your toolbox you set off to start fixing up the town.
  160. >You had a few places to go to. The marketplace had a few stalls in need of repairs
  161. >The local bakery was missing some of it's roof.
  162. >Some boutique was set off it's foundation
  163. >And there was this cottage that had some new leaks in it.
  164. >It didn't matter which order you did these jobs in, just so long as you got one or more done a day.
  166. >You figure you'd tackle the boutique first, foundation problems were always the messiest, so best to get it out of the way.
  167. >You take out your work order, and us it to help locate the building,
  168. >Looking at it, it seemed fine, not tipping one way or another, nor anything else, still, work was work.
  169. >You knock on the front door, and a marshmallow white unicorn answered you, ushering you in quickly after she notices your toolbox.
  170. >She mentions how wonderful it was for you to arrive early, and that she was very worried that her home would collapse on her at a moments notice.
  171. >You highly doubt that, but reassure her anyway.
  172. >You take a quick look around, seeing a variety of pony mannequins, and fabrics around.
  173. >A few dresses in the window confirmed your suspicion, this was one of those fancy dress shops.
  174. >You didn't expect ponyville to have a shop like this around, but you really could care less
  175. >You had work to do.
  176. >You cut to the chase, asking the unicorn to show you her basement, which she dose so eagerly.
  177. >The Store owner opens the door for you, and you walk though it , catching a scent on your way past her
  178. >She smelt similar to Twi did after that junk split on you.
  179. >You take no mind of it, and quickly locate the problem
  180. >You refrain from  sighing loudly
  181. >"foundation problem' your ass
  182. >A single piece of stone fell out
  183. >Stupid mares.
  184. >Still, if you were brought out here to fix her 'foundation' you may as well get paid for it
  185. >You take your sweet time putting the stone back in place, and cementing it there.
  186. >You run around a bit, trying to work up a sweat, and rubbing some dust on your face
  187. >Got to look like you did a lot of work after all
  188. >Figuring you 'worked' long enough, you slowly make your way upstairs, leaning on one of the shop's walls to try and seem fatigued
  189. >The marshmallow furred pony appears again and thanks you, hopping it wasn't to much trouble.
  190. >You take a deep breath, and lie boldly, saying it was worse then it looked. That if you didn't come here when you did, then the first floor would have become the new basement
  191. >The other unicorn gasps, and thanks you again, saying if there was anyway she could repay you she'd be more then honored to do so.
  192. >You grin, saying how you worked up quite the thirst, if she wouldn't mind.
  193. >She smiles and says she'll be right back with some lemonade
  194. >Before you can go anywhere you  pull on her tail lightly, shocking, but surprisingly not upsetting the shopkeeper
  195. >You mention you meant a hard drink, like beer.
  196. >She didn't have any, before you suggest going out for some.
  197. >The unicorn sighs, before letting you lean on her as you made you way into town.
  198. >She leads you to a liquor store, and you made a mental note on it's location for later use.
  199. >You pick out a six-pack of Colt-Weiser, before taking it back to her place
  200. >Along the way, you smell that scent again, as your body tells you this mare was in estrus, much like Twilight was
  201. >You bite your lip, before conceiving a plan.
  202. >First though you needed more information
  203. >You ask her for her name, saying it would be rude to not know who to thank.
  204. >She blushes, and apologizes, not realized she never went about introducing herself.
  205. >she informs you that she's known as Rarity, and she was the local dressmaker for ponyville
  206. >She then runs off on a tangent, as you just pick up the important information
  207. >Said important information was that she was a friend of Twilight, was in love with anything from canterlot, and felt it was always important to have a good dress/suit
  208. >You say it's great that you met her, saying your business suit had a tear on the side, and you couldn't wear it to your meeting later in the week because of this.
  209. >She loudly states that won't do, and after you have your drink, she would follow you back to your place
  210. >You grin, all according to plan
  211. >You arrive back to her shop, before cracking open a cold on, drinking your reward.
  212. >Rarity turns around, and starts working on one of her dresses
  213. >You couldn't ask for a better chance, and pull out a bottle of pills from your toolbox, opening a second beer and dropping it in.
  214. >You walk up to Rarity, and mention you'd enjoy a drinking buddy to chat with, and though she declines at first, you persist and have her sipping the drugged beer.
  215. >The two of you start to chat, about her adventures with her friends, something about some Rainbow Dash saving her life more then once. an encounter with a dragon of all things.
  216. >Really what surprises you is that she allegedly took on a manticore.
  217. >the two of you finish the rest of the drinks, and you noticed she seemed a bit tipsy.
  218. >Though she was nowhere near the lightweight Twilight was.
  219. >You pick up your toolbox, and mention now's a good time to have your suit looked at.
  220. >Rarity agrees, and you lead her to your hotel room
  221. >She lets out a polite giggle, saying she expected the place to be a bit dustier, considering your line of work.
  222. >You ignore her for the most part, and lead her to your closet, where Twilight was bound and hidden, if you timed it right then…
  223. >She opens it up, and finds her friend wrapped up, and gagged. Panic filling her and Twilight's face
  224. >Rarity turns to you, and was about to let out a scream, before she falls over unconscious, your drug taking it's effect.
  225. >You grin down at Rarity, then at Twilight, the conscious one knowing full well what you had in store for her white furred friend.
  227. >You get to work on the white unicorn, tying her hooves up, and messing with her ability to use her magic like you did Twilight
  228. >Speaking of which, you grab Twilight and put her on the bed near Rarity, smirking
  229. >You pull out your magazine, rubbing yourself nice and hard again, putting on a good old show for Twilight, as she still seems to be struggling at her binds.
  230. >Soon enough Rarity comes to, and she has some choice words for you
  231. >You ignore her whiny banter, and un-gag Twilight, who informs her friend of everything you did to her, and what you'd most likely do to Rarity herself.
  232. >This shuts the tramp up, as she stares at you, though strangely it was not the same horrified stare Twilight gave you last night
  233. >You watch as Rarity mummers something, blushes, and bites her lip
  234. >She asks you if you really were going to buck her till she had a large litter of your foals, keeping her trapped here as she grew more and more until the day she gave birth, to which then you'd only fill her full of foals once more repeating the orgasmic cycle over and over again.
  235. >You, and Rarity's friend both stare at the bound dressmaker, Twilight with disgust, and you with more arousal then you knew how to handle.
  236. >Upon seeing her friend's look Rarity turns her head away from Twilight in embarrassment, saying something about her having a fetish where she would be used as nothing more then a broodmare by some colt and… well you kinda turned her on with this whole situation.
  237. >Well, that's an interesting development. Perhaps it might be fun to get rid of the rope this time, Rarity seems to be willing enough.
  238. >Still she could be trying to trick you…
  240. >You think it might be more enjoyable if your sex partner for tonight was free, and begin to untie Rarity
  241. >The dressmaker yells at you, calling you a fool and demanding she be left tied up and at your mercy
  242. >She told you she wanted to to ravage her, to abuse her pussy, and use it to satiate your lustful needs, before unloading your sperm into her cursing her with the burden of many foals to come
  243. >Guess that means the ropes stay on, you shrug and straddle yourself over Rarity, as she mentions that next time, she had the perfect harness for her colors back at the boutique.
  244. >You smirk at the mention of a next time, before  rubbing your hooves against the white unicorn's flank, just lightly touching her privates.
  245. >She whines softly, as you feel she's already gotten herself worked up, what with her marehood dripping some fluids onto your hoof
  246. >She must have quite the imagination, if she's this horny already
  247. >You continue to teasingly rub Rarity's outermost lips, enjoying the sound of her winning, trying to tease you back. She really was desperate for a fuck huh.
  248. >It felt like when Twilight was begging you before, except reversed this time.
  249. >You liked the idea of these mare's begging, kinda like how a pet would for treats
  250. >An idea strikes you, maybe later down the line once she's showing, you'll make a show out of it. Get Rarity a fancy leash and nametag,make this bitch your property.
  251. >Mmm yeah, that sounded good, but first you needed her pregnant, and there was only one way to go about that.
  252. >Finally, she caves and pleads with you to stick your cock into her and fill her womb with your foals to the point where she wouldn't be able to move, and then farther then that!
  253. >You grunt, having gotten what you wanted, and thrust your member forward, spiting Rarity's lips and fucking her hard and fast
  254. >Twilight could only watch in morbid curiosity, as she watched her friend basically beg you to rape and impregnate her, all the meanwhile you humiliated Rarity in front of her.
  256. >As you pound Rarity, you figure you can make a game of it with Twilight.
  257. >You casually ask Twilight then, if her womb was still sploshing around filled with your spunk, to which she only huffed and rolled herself over. Though you already knew the answer.
  258. >You tell Twilight these are the 'notes' she should be taking, on how to be a good willing fuck
  259. >You were her new master after all, and you smirk before asking Rarity if you were in fact her master
  260. >She screams yes, calling you her master and herself your bitch.
  261. >You Give Rarity's flank a good hard slap, and she lets out a delighted squeal, man she was entertaining as… well fuck to mate with.
  262. >You look to the side to see Twilight grumbling, frowning at you both
  263. >Apparently she didn't take you 'note' joke to well
  264. >Time for round 2.
  265. >You tell Twilight that in a few moments, you'll either ram your cock far up Rarity's pussy and fill her with your semen.
  266. >or you'll pull out, letting louse your splodge all over Rarity's mane.
  267. >As a close friend of Rarity, you're giving her the choice.
  268. >Twilight blushes, but tries to continue to frown, before telling you to give Rarity what she wanted and to cum inside her.
  269. >You retort to her, that it's not fair that she wanted you to cum in Rarity and not her before.
  270. >not that it mattered at the time much
  271. >You go on to let Twilight know just how much fun her friend was having with this, and that she should learn to enjoy it like Rarity dose.
  272. >You use your magical telekinesis to pull Twilight's bound self in front of Rarity's face so she can get a good look at the slutty dressmaker.
  273. >Twilight's eyes grew wide as she watched Rarity pant and squirm, asking, pleading with you to fill her as much as you could, to pound her pussy to dust with repetitive fucking sessions.
  274. >Even as stuck up as Twilight was, this was sure to make her more willing in the future.
  275. >You slow your thrusting in and out of Rarity, as you lean in close and whisper to her, asking if she had foal names ready. If she's even thought of some
  276. >Rarity fights the urge to whine, only really wanting you to finish the job. Knowing that she needed to answer first.
  277. >She had Bronze Gaze, Hidden Value, and Redstone for little colts, and Lilly Blossom, Ginger Relic, and White Chord for any fillies.
  278. >You smirk, and go ball deep into the kinky white unicorn, telling her to start thinking of more names now, she's gonna need them
  279. >You once again feel your magic go to work, as you open Rarity's cervix wide, before letting lose the content of your ball sack into the fashionista's womb, letting close once you were done unloading into her.
  280. >She climaxes with a hearty scream as she feels your junk pool within her body
  281. >You figure now's a good time to pull out, the two of you satisfied, but you leave Rarity tired up for the moment
  282. >You push the white unicorn away, and stare at her purple friend.
  283. >You only had one question for Twilight, did she change her mind about being one, of many mothers to your foals?
  285. >Twilight sighs, and admits that it doesn't seem so bad after seeing Rarity take such a liking to it
  286. >She still hated you for doing all this after getting her drunk
  287. >And she wasn't to keen on the idea of foals
  288. >But considering everything, she'll have to get over that quickly
  289. >Twilight goes on to tell you she think she might have an idea on what that compound did to you
  290. >She thinks it's messing with your reproductive systems, and those of compatible mates around you.
  291. >She tells you she wasn't in heat when you first met her, but now, she is, and she believes you put Rarity into a pseudo heat as well
  292. >You find this interesting, maybe you didn't have to drug anymore mares, you could possibly just stay around them till they've been in heat enough to become open to suggestions.
  293. >Twilight wants to make a deal with you, asking you to let her go free, so she can continue taking notes again
  294. >She'll write you more or less raping her off as part of the 'experiment' So long as you don't go at it with her again without her permission
  295. >Twilight also throws in a threat that she has connections to the royal family and if you kept her tied up, you'd be in a deep load of shit if word got out.
  296. >Still, there's nothing but Twilight's word itself saying she'll not just contact canterlot and report you once you free her.
  298. >You Give Twilight a chance, one chance
  299. >But you warn her, if she takes you down, you'll not go without a fight
  300. >The purple unicorn gulps, before you begin to untie her, and give her her notebook back
  301. >You feel a urge to slap Twi's flank, but resist it, you were in a truce with her now, so best to let things be
  302. >Twilight said she'll be taking her notes back to the library, and tells you to keep in touch if anything interesting pops up, or out.
  303. >She says she'll let you know as well, if she figures out anything.
  304. >The bookworm leaves, not before you get one last good sniff of the musk coming off of her.
  305. >You sigh, well, it was barely late in the afternoon, you could go out and leave Rarity here for a bit.
  306. >On the other hoof you could actually grab some early sleep, and enjoy it with a mare who didn't hate your guts for it.
  308. >As you inspect the bound unconscious dressmaker, you think back to how easily she accepted all this… wanted it.
  309. >She spun tales, of you impregnating her over and over, turning her into naught but a large foal factory, and a part time cum dumb
  310. >You bit your lip as your imagine such a sight, Rarity being immobile by a stomach filled with foals, nearly bursting the unicorn with it's contents
  311. >You really weren't surprised wen your little buddy was ready for another round
  312. >Thankfully you had a mare who'd be all to eager to help with that, even if she was already out.
  313. >You stick your member back in, her still stretched folds accepting your familiar shape easily.
  314. >You grab the White unicorn's body tightly, and begin thrusting, making the unicorn mummer in her sleep, saying something about there not being enough room for more.
  315. >You continue to go at it, as Rarity moans, her lips dripping around your shaft once more.
  316. >It took a bit, but you eventually unload another batch of your seed into her womb and seal it with your magic.
  317. >You cuddle Rarity, as you leave your dick insider her, and her hooves still bound,, sleep, and your dreams overtaking you.
  319. >The two of you wake up, conjoined by your privates that you were to lazy to remove
  320. >Not that she minded, she just giggled at you, asking if you went at her again while she was asleep
  321. >You give a soft grunt in reply, before a nasty idea came to you
  322. >You only briefly wonder if it's going to far. Before asking Rarity about the sister she mentioned during your small chats
  323. >You wanted to know if she was of breeding age, after all this could be a very heartwarming bonding experience between the two of them.
  324. >You're glad you still had her bound, as she starts struggling to get free, cursing  at you and threatening your life if you dare lay a filthy hoof on her poor sister
  325. >You tell her to relax, and she dose for a moment. Before saying you'll give her body plenty of time to recover between foals
  326. >As rarity's struggles continue, you easily could feel with your  member still lodged in her pussy, that she was, despite pretenses getting aroused from your dirty talk.
  327. >You weren't serious about breeding the young filly, that was a line even you wouldn't cross, but if you played it out, maybe you could get some nice angry sex out of Rarity.
  328. >You know she'd definitely enjoy it, and it'd be a nice way to break in your morning wood.
  330. >Since you were already balls deep in Rarity, the only way to go was out
  331. >You smirk, as she clenches her pussy, trying feebly to trap you here away from her sister
  332. >It only serves to make it more pleasurable as you pull your member part of the way out, before thrusting back in with gusto.
  333. >Once you got yourself into a comfortable rhythm, you tell Rarity there's nothing she could do to stop you, and that her sister would look damn good with a taunt round belly
  334. >The dressmaker  continues to curse, and wiggles her body, trying to escape her bonds
  335. >though it did feel good on your end Rarity's efforts did nothing for her freedom
  336. >You needed to finish up soon so you could get back to work, so you tell Rarity she's not being honest
  337. >Did she not want you to overrun this small backwater town in your offspring? To have every mare in a mile sporting a bloated stomach because of you, and did she not want to be the biggest of them all?
  338. >Though she wanted to hate you, your words struck her right in the fetish, and soon Rarity climaxed.
  339. >You let out a soft grunt, signaling to the  white unicorn that you were about to join her, before releasing your seed into her marehood, though this time not ensuring it made the trip to her womb.
  340. >A mix of both your love juices dripped out of Rarity, onto your bed, and you smirked at the upset mare
  341. >You shake your head, and tell her she's been bad, making such a big mess of your sheets, and shove her face into the small puddle, demanding that she licked it clean.
  342. >She struggled, and but complied, cleaning all the cum up, and swallowing it
  343. >Satisfied, you give Rarity a kiss, and inform her you'd never stoop so low as to abuse a filly like that
  344. >You just really loved working her up.
  345. >You untie your lover, who then proceed to smack you hard across the face, leaving it nice and red
  346. >Rarity then giggles lightly, saying you'd need to come back to the boutique sometime tonight for your 'punishment'
  347. >She took her leave, as you pondered what to do for the day.
  348. >You still had a bakery to fix, and a hill house at that.
  349. >Of course, Rarity mentioned that her and Twilight were friends, and that she had another friend, a pegasus named Rainbow Dash.
  350. >You could always try to find her, and add her to your harem, I mean what are friends for if you can't enjoy getting fucked by the same colt?
  351. >You smirk, knowing that whatever you did, it'd be a fun day.
  353. >You grab your toolbox and make your way downstairs, where you run into Rarity again
  354. >She had something she needed to tell you, which was perfect because you wanted to ask her if she had any more friends.
  355. >The white unicorn tells you of her other friends nearby
  356. >She tells you of three more mares, Fluttershy who lived in the hill you were to repair. Applejack who worked on Sweet Apple Acres, and Pinkie Pie, who confidently worked at the bakery you'd have to fix the roof of at some point
  357. >This is the reason Rarity wanted to talk to you, She doesn't mind sharing you. After all you did promise she'd be the biggest.
  358. >But the dressmaker wanted to warn you, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack would both be hard to subdue, both were plenty strong and Apple Jack was weary of strangers trying to get over on her.
  359. >She also warns you, that if she finds out you take advantage of her friend Fluttershy, she will make you pay, and not in the fun way, but more of you'll lose what makes you a stallion kind of way
  360. >You gulp and nod, the girly pony seeming a lot more scary when it came to her friends.
  361. >You bid your farewell to Rarity, and make you way to Twilight's place.
  362. >You knock on the wooden door of the treehouse, to which the bookworm herself answers
  363. >She exclaims that you have perfect timing, and that she's learned more about what the compound inside you has been doing
  364. >You start to mention you were just here to ask about her friends, but the unicorn pushes you inside the library, and begins talking your ears off about all this 'amazing discovery'
  365. >You keep trying to get a few words in, but are always interrupted, though when Twilight starts going over the fact that your cum speeds up the gestation period for mares she had your full attention
  366. >At this point you notice that Twilight was sporting a fairly noticeable bulge in her underbelly , though it could be mistaken for a small pot belly, with this new information you knew better.
  367. >She goes on to explain that the compound is also messing with how fast you produce semen, basically allowing you to 'reload' quickly between sessions.
  368. >Twilight blushes at the next part, but mentions that she's not sure if it's because of you, but when she felt herself growing earlier it… felt right. If that made sense to you.
  370. >With all this new info to digest a question springs to mind
  371. >You ask Twilight if she's safe growing foals quickly like this, and if she's been eating enough for them, as you imagine that's a side effect.
  372. >Twilight's blush seemed to get more intense as she mentions she'll have to restock her pantry later today but… yes, she's been meeting her body's craving for food.
  373. >Though she warns you not to keep anypony you impregnate tied up for longer then she was, She didn't want to tell you then, but she felt like her stomach was going to digest itself before you let her go.
  374. >You nod, not wanting to actually endanger any mares or unborn.
  375. >You finally get to ask Twilight about her friends, outside Rarity and are disappointed that she gives you the same information  that Rarity did.
  376. >It seems Twilight didn't socialize outside her small circle of friends, but ah well, you had a few good choices to go after
  378. >You give Twilight a quick slap on her rear, before jetting out of the tree house before she could yell at you.
  379. >You have a gameplan, but first you needed weapons.
  380. >You swing by the boutique, Rarity not around, which surprised you
  381. >But she told you where she kept her pony harness, and you quickly nabbed it, shoving it to the bottom of your toolbox.
  382. >You were gonna have a shit ton of fun breaking that in.
  383. >And considering what you've heard about this Pinkie Pie, you hoped the harness was tight enough to prevent her from escaping somehow.
  384. >With your 'tools' set. You make your way to the gingerbread like storefront, noticing the missing chunk of roof, wondering why the bakers called you in to fix this, you weren't exactly a expert at making gingerbread houses as a foal, and you doubt that changed much now.
  385. >Regardless, as you kept saying to yourself, work is work, and work is bits. Though you'd have come here even if there wasn't work to be done.
  386. >As you approach, a pink fluffy maned pony opens the top half of the store's front door, and you could only assume she was the one called Pinkie Pie
  387. >She greets you with a hurricane of words and questions, before you calm her, asking her to show you where inside you could see the hole in the roof
  388. >The hyper-energetic earth pony bounced her way upstairs, and you followed her.
  389. >In some weird twist of fate, it seemed the hole was right next to her room, and you smirked in your head, the transition from work to fucking would be made easier now
  390. >Though, work comes before play, and you toss the idea of fucking this new mare to the back of you mind and set about fixing her roof.
  391. >Unfortunately, the gingerbread you're given to work with is brittle compared to the wood you're used to, and you break most of it into useless rubble.
  392. >Pinkie didn't seem to mind, and always had another piece for you to use somehow, and before long you finished.
  393. >Curiosity strikes, and you pick up a piece of broken gingerbread, munching on it, wondering if it tasted good.
  394. >While normal gingerbread was, this wasn't, though it wasn't bad by any means it was dry and bland.
  395. >You made a disgusted face, and spit out the crumbs, the Pink pony laughing at you on her bed.
  396. >You chuckle along with her, as her laughter seemed contagious
  397. >Work was done now though, and you were both alone in her room
  398. >You knew what you wanted, just needed to figure out how to go about it now.
  400. >You chuckle, and join Pinkie, sitting on the edge of her mattress
  401. >You throw out the question, what dose she think of little foals?
  402. >even though it's out of left field and random, Pinkie doesn't seem to mind.
  403. >She tells you they're a hoof-full and a half, but she loves them! Even though she knew first hoof they could be stinky messy pants that got into places they shouldn't be, she still loved them.
  404. >You smirk, and give her a follow up question, did she ever think about having foals of her own?
  405. >She shakes her head, telling you she had more then enough foals to take care of with just foal-sitting the cake twins. Though she supposes it might be even more fun raising her own!
  406. >Pinkie then adorns the most seriously contemplating look you've seen on her yet and asks you, how could she get foals of her own
  407. >You're not sure if she's coming onto you because you've put her in heat, or if she was really that oblivious to the birds and the bees, but regardless you tell her to close her eyes, and you'll show her.
  409. >You push Pinkie back into her Pillows as she giggles, her eyes still closed
  410. >You take your time and stroke yourself a bit, getting yourself a little hard for the show you were about to put on
  411. >You reposition yourself in front of Pinkie, facing her with your hooves spread open and you member at half mast, only poking out of it's sheath.
  412. >You tell Pinkie to open her eyes, and she looks at you, and what was between your legs
  413. >You ask her two simple questions, what were you showing her, and what was it used for
  414. >She prods your member cautiously, taking her hoof back when her touch causes your buddy to rise towards her
  415. >She says that this must be a penis, so she knows that much at least
  416. >As for what it's used for, she simply smiles, and lowers her head, warping her mouth around your tip, and licking it till you were full erect.
  417. >You let out a groan, and figure Pinkie must have known all along as was just tricking you, though you don't really mind anymore.
  419. >Pinkie pulls her head away, after giving your stallionrod enough attention so that it was at full mast
  420. >You take a deep breath, collecting yourself as you ask Pinkie if she'd like to be your broodmare.
  421. >She giggles, saying of course she would, though you'd have to explain to her what that was, but it sounded fun to her
  422. >You just join her laughing, and tell her you'll explain the details later
  423. >right now you needed a extra dose of fun.
  424. >And Pinkie was the only one who could give it to you.
  425. You press your lips against Pinkies, as you feel your way with your dick, making it's way against Pinkies crotch as you rubbed  your tip around the outside of the earth pony's marehood, getting her as worked up you felt, if not more.
  427. >You break this kiss and tell Pinkie you've heard she's the authority on fun
  428. >That being said you wondered what kind of fun positions she knew for something like this.
  429. >Pinkie lets out a gasp, and says she knows just the thing.
  430. >Before you realize it Pinkie had pushed you onto your back and was standing over you, looking down at you grinning
  431. >She said she learned this one in Appleloosa wherever that was
  432. >The pink earth pony lowered her rump, aiming herself so that your member slipped right inside her folds easily.
  433. >She then began pushing her body up and down on you, screaming 'ride em cowpony!' as you're forced to grab the sides of the bed, less Pinkie toss the two of you off it.
  434. >It was sure fun and wild, but you were worried slightly that you were losing control, and might not be able to fill Pinkie's womb with your seed if she got off you before you came.
  436. >You grin, telling Pinkie you had a surprise in store for her, but only if she was a good girl and kept doing what she was doing
  437. >Pinkie gasps happily, speeding up, bouncing up and down on your cock faster and harder.
  438. >You can barely take it, having to focus all your willpower to hold yourself back
  439. >Holy buck she was good at this, she didn't even look winded, or lust driven, this was just pure fun to her and she was enjoying the fact you were barely keeping pace with her now.
  440. >You… can't you couldn't. This was to much, as you grab Pinkie's hind legs, and pull her down fully onto your member
  441. >You weakly force her cervix open with your magic, just as your member starts pumping your seed out.
  442. >After you finish unloading, you release your magic and lay your head back feeling all sorts of woozy
  443. >Pinkie dismounts from you saying that was the most fun she had in awhile, and wanted to know if you had fun too, before calling your name a few more times as you slip into unconsciousness.
  445. >You wake up to crickets chirping and look out a nearby window to see it's the dead of night.
  446. >There was no Pinkie around, only a note stating that you were so cute being a big ol' sleepy head that she left you there to rest
  447. >But she said you should find her and tell her more about this 'broodmare' thing. She was really excited to become whatever that was!
  448. >You just shake your head, the party pony was something to behold… to put it lightly
  449. >Though, now that it's the dead of night, you figure you might want to get the next pony off your to-do list. Apple Jack
  450. >Both Twilight and Rarity attested to how strong she was, and you didn't want to confront her directly.
  451. >As you walked towards the outskirts of  Ponyville, to where Twilight told you Sweet Apple Acres was, you thought about your plan again.
  452. >You'd sneak into wherever Apple Jack was sleeping, magically put her into a  deep sleep for the next few hours, and have your way with her pussy, sealing your seed in her without her ever getting a chance to resist
  453. >You could only hope it'd be that simple though, as you stared at the dark barn, where you presumed the apple family slept
  455. >You take a deep breath, before opening the front door of the household. and take a few cautious steps
  456. >You moved about slowly, fearing the wood bellow your hooves would creak loudly with each step
  457. >It doesn't, which is a testament to how well build the building was.
  458. >You didn't relax, but kept quietly creeping about. Making your way upstairs when you saw the first floor was empty.
  459. >You came to face four doors, two on either side of the upper hallway, two looked like they had lights on behind them, while the other two seemed dark
  460. >Guess not everypony was as sleeping like you thought
  461. >The only question is which one Apple Jack was in. you had no way of really knowing.
  463. >You carefully examine each door one by one, trying to gather as much information as you can, Sadly they all lacked key holes, or other peep holes to help you
  464. >The two darkened rooms don't offer much in the way of info, whoever was in theme must be sleeping soundly, as you heard no noise now could you sense any activity with your magic.
  465. >You approach one of the lit rooms, and kneel down, looking under the door to see if you could make anything out from the shadows
  466. >You see a bunch of shapes casting shadows on the floor, a desk maybe, or a nightstand, but nothing pony-like, though you did hear the occasional creak of something moving on the bed.
  467. >You could smell though, that old now familiar  smell of a mare in heat. But even though you suspect the Apple mare was in this room, you had to check the other one to be sure.
  468. >You approach the other door, and once again silently lean your head down to observe what you could though the crack between the door and the floor.
  469. >Shadows were moving about a lot, something was happening in this room, and you could still smell the scent of a mare waiting to be breed, but it was stronger now.
  470. >This left you confused, but you presumed that the sister Rarity mentioned AJ having might be around that age.
  471. >Still you narrowed down your guesses, the only thing is which one would it be?
  472. >The quiet room, on the active one?
  474. >You quietly move away from the lit rooms, and check one of the dark bedrooms.
  475. >Odds are the ponies in there were asleep, so you could check to see if one of them housed AJ
  476. >Opening one of the room's doors you find a elderly mare, sleeping alone, nearly scaring you as she slept perfectly still, like she was dead.
  477. >You figure she's not Applejack, and close the door as quietly as you can before moving onto the next one.
  478. >Inside this room was a huge red stallion, with hooves that looked the size of your head.
  479. >You gulp, this must be Big Mac, the brother of the mare you aimed to impregnate
  480. >You Really, REALLY, didn't want him waking up
  481. >That being said, even though you planed to put Apple Jack into a deep sleep before planting your seed in her, It wouldn't hurt to do the same to her brother
  482. >Sneaking next to the large red pony, you touch your horn to his forehead, as small sparks of magic erupted from it, before signing into Big mac's head.
  483. >Taking a big metaphorical leap of faith, you poked the sleeping stallion in the gut.
  484. >No response.
  485. >Ahaha success! He's out like a light
  486. >Now what you wanted to do was find Applejack, and give her a big ol' surprise.
  487. >But your balls ached to be released, like you had a overflow of cum
  488. >It was borderline painful, but you couldn't rub one out without making some noise.
  489. >An idea hits you, and you climb on the bed behind the soundly sleeping Big Mac.
  490. >You wonder briefly if you were sure about this, but your balls protested, letting you know they NEEDED to be emptied.
  491. >So abandoning your inhibitions. You spread Big Mac's ass and stick your member into his anus.
  492. >It was tight, but weird. Not at all like the normal marepussy you're used to fucking, but you really didn't care. Going in and out slowly, as to not make any noise.
  493. >Dispute being put into a deep sleep by you, Big Mac grumbles and snorted, as if he knew he was being raped by you.
  494. >The idea of him waking up took the emotional enjoyment out of it, as you brought yourself to a quick climax, soiling the Large stallion's anus with your seed.
  495. >You quickly get out of the bed, your lust satisfied for now and are back on your quest to get AppleJack
  497. >You sneak back downstairs and as quietly as you could, locating the bathroom.
  498. >You grab a towel and wet it, before scrubbing and cleaning your dick, it feeling dirty to you after you did that session of anal.
  499. Hanging the towel back up you creep back upstairs and peek into the quiet door.
  500. >There on the bed, slept a small yellow, orange, and white filly.
  501. >You're left confused, you thought that Applejack only had one sister
  502. >Regardless you start to close the door, knowing where Apple Jack was this evening, when the door creaked loudly, causing the three fillies to stir.
  503. >Though they've yet to actually notice you, if you tried to close the door they would, but if you didn't move and do something they'd continue to wake up anyway.
  505. >You freeze, as the little Yellow filly stares at you, before sayings she'll buck those apple tress tomorrow and for you to stop nagging her about it.
  506. >She called you her sister's name before laying her head back down
  507. >You let out a huge, but silent sigh of relief and finish closing the door, sitting down against it as you calm your poor heart down
  508. >Unluckily, the door to Apple Jacks room opens and gives you a scare
  509. >Luckily it opens in such a way that the door is keeping you out of sight.
  510. >You hear talking, and the door closes, somepony walking downstairs.
  511. >you couldn't make out much in the dim light, but you saw she had wings, so it wasn't AJ herself
  512. >Though that only raised more questions, you didn't care to think about them now.
  513. >You sneak to AJ's bedroom door, just as the light behind it goes out.
  514. >She must be going to sleep now, which was perfect.
  516. >You creak open the door, thankful that this one stayed silent.
  517. >You peak your head in see that Apple Jack was underneath her covers, facing away from you.
  518. >You tip toe on your hind hooves one by one, making your way towards Apple Jack
  519. >It made you feel and look like a loony, but the way you figured the less your hooves touched the floor the quieter you were.
  520. >Once you reach her, you wait till you can hear her breathing softly and rhythmically, letting you know she wasn't awake. Before you place you deep sleep spell on her like you did her brother
  521. >Success was yours, and you could have you way with her however you want, so long as you didn't wake the fillies next door.
  524. >You pull the covers and take in the sleek fit farm pony for yourself, and can't help but lick your lips
  525. >This was going to be good.
  526. >You lie yourself behind her, not needing to get your member up, as it was already twitching at the thought of fucking AJ
  527. >Still it'd be no fun to go in with her dry, so you reach a hoof down between her hind legs.
  528. >You're surprised to find they're already sleek , like she was just finishing a climax before you arrived. and you wonder back to the pegasus that left the room earlier.
  529. >But then you smell it, AJ was in heat, and you needed to breed her now, so you forgot about the mysterious pony, and instead thanked for the small grace that AJ's marehood was already ready to accept you
  530. >It takes a bit of flexibility on your part, but you were able to get your tip into Apple Jack's cunt without moving the two of you much, and soon slowly worked you way inside
  531. >Now balls deep, you only pulled out halfway, before thrusting back in slowly, fearing to fuck her any harder less you make to much noise, or break your sleep spell.
  532. >Still it seemed the farm pony enjoyed being fucked in her sleep, as you could hear her murmuring happily as she said a name.
  533. >You don't bother to try and listen, keeping up your silent fuck, before you felt satisfied and creamed into the unconscious pony's womb, sealing it behind her cervix and most assuredly impregnating her.
  535. >you pull out of AJ as it finally clicks. That pegasus was a lover of hers, and they were sexing it up right before you got here.
  536. >As the word sex hovers in your mind you scheme, and as quickly as you can make your way outside, just in time to see a shadow fly off into the distance
  537. >That must be her, or at least you hope it's a her.
  538. >It'd be quite the fun thing to watch, AJ and her lover, both being pregnant suddenly after a session of lovemaking.
  539. >You leg it, and follow the shadow till it lead you to a floating house made of clouds
  540. >Well… shit how the hell were you going to get up there?
  542. >As you stared up at your goal you swore, there was no way for you to get up there
  543. >You were forced to give up, and would have to settle for watching the couple argue over AJ's honesty
  544. >Just as you were about to turn to walk away, your horn lit up with magic, as it gently pulled the cloud house lower and lower
  545. >You marvel at what your magic was doing, sure unicorns could move small objects, but something as large as a house? Even if it was a cloud you didn't know you could do such a thing
  546. >You decide not to question your blessing, as the pegasus house lands on the dirt ground
  547. >You step onto the cloud hose only for your hooves to sink right though
  548. >Though that wouldn't be to much a issue as a blue pony was sleeping on a couch at ground level.
  549. >And you praise luna's moon, she was a mare
  550. >You smirk, and approach the sleeping pony. your intentions clear as day.
  552. >You once again put another pony into a deep sleep, and take a good long sniff.
  553. >She smelt of sex and estrus. So it came to no surprise she was still wet from her tossup with Apple Jack
  554. >As you looked her over more you came to the realization this was Twilight's and Rarity's friend Rainbow Dash
  555. >You can't believe your luck tonight, getting two difficult mares pregnant without them ever knowing.
  556. >Still, that doesn't mean you can relax, you spread Dash's hind hooves and stick it strait in her, your body nearly spent for the day from cumming into two other ponies, you knew it wouldn't take much more to shoot out another load.
  557. >It helped that this bitch was really tight, and it almost felt like her body was wincing at your intrusion in her crotch
  558. >Unlike AJ, dash seemed to grimace , seemingly disgusted at what she was feeling
  559. >You on the other hand were loving it, and soon did your routine of opening her cervix, and cumming inside it.
  560. >You pant, tired, from all the fucking and all the spells you cast today it was not surprising.
  561. >You pull out, just as the cloud house started to float back up
  562. >Yawning, you make your way back to your hotel, ready for a good nights sleep after working so hard today.
  563. >After all you had to woe this fluttershy tomorrow. or you could distract yourself with more mares around town.
  564. >But first, sleep called to you, as you got to your hotel, and checked in for the night
  566. >You wake up and go though your morning routine, taking a nice warm shower and heading out
  567. >You only had one more job to do on your backlog, and that was Fluttershy's house off to the edge of town
  568. >This would be the perfect time to break the ice, and start wooing her into bed.
  569. >Of course, you have only a vague idea of what she was like, and what you could do to make her like you.
  570. >You'd figured it out though, at the least you could just find excuses to stick around long enough till she's horny and wants you. Given your aura that seems to put mares in heat.
  571. >As you were making you way to the shy pony's house though, you ran into a familiar bouncing pink blob
  572. >Pinkie notices you and tackles you to the ground, smiling at you, saying she's been looking for you everywhere
  573. >She wants to know what being a broodmare would be like and stuff.
  574. >Given that she probably wouldn't get off of you till you did tell her, you explain a broodmare would be some mare, who's entire purpose would be to make and birth foals, over and over again. A literal foal factory.
  575. >The pink baker muses, and scratches her chin
  576. >She asks if she could still make ponies smile laugh, and make cupcakes and stuff while doing this broodmare thing
  577. >You shrug and tell her why not, intentionally forgetting to mention that she might not be able to move once it really starts.
  578. >Pinkie thanks you and tells you she thinks she's gonna have a lot of fun with you and this broodmare thing
  579. >Just as she goes to leave though, you stop her, and ask her if she knows fluttershy
  580. >She nods violently and before she starts on the rant you know she's about to go on, you stuff her mouth closed with your hoof.
  581. >You explain to pinkie you just want to know. What. She. Likes.
  582. >The Sweet maker nods, and you let her speak, as she explains to you Fluttershy's love of animals, her preference for quiet times and, apparently she had some 'assertive' training, though you're not sure if Pinkie was hinting at something there
  583. >Regardless, that was somewhere to start.
  584. >you thank Pinkie, and make you way to the house in the hill.
  586. >Finally, you set out and reach Fluttershy's cottage,
  587. >You knock on the door and wait can't wait to meet her
  588. >Though you ended up having to wait for awhile with no answer
  589. >You knock again, and try to look into one of the windows
  590. >The curtains were drawn and you couldn't see anything
  591. >you knock one last time, and the door cracks and you could barely hear someone asking who you were
  592. >You explain you're here to fix the plumbing, and the door opens wide enough for you to enter.
  593. >A yellow pegasus, you presume Fluttershy greets you, though she seems to look… small, though you suppose that's because she's nearly touching the floor with her head
  594. >Dear Celestia how socially withdrawn was she?
  595. >Not to mention trying to get any information out of her is a pain, it takes you a good hour for her to show you where the leaks lie
  596. >Frustrated, as it would be hard to even make small talk, and eventually bone her the old fashioned way, you get engrossed in your work.
  597. >Though from time to time you look at Fluttershy, and it seems she's just quietly starring at you while you fix her sink
  598. >You just ignore her, not wanting to think right now, and finish your job in record time
  599. >As you get up and wipe the sweat off your brow, you ask her if that was it.
  600. >She stutters out a no, and begins to lead you upstairs.
  601. >Her shower must be on the fritz as well, joy
  602. >As you enter her room, she closes the door behind you both, and you notice that… there's no bathroom around
  603. >You turn around to ask a question, and are met with the mare pushing you back onto her bed and pinning your hooves down.
  604. >Fluttershy quickly and roughly kissed you, forcing her tongue into your mouth.
  605. >One intense french kiss later you're both left gasping for air as she stands over you
  606. >Having lost the stutter, and growing a flirty undertone, she mentions she has a few pipes that need cleaning out
  607. >You can't help but groan at the corniness, strait out of a bad porno
  609. >Fluttershy Doesn't give you a moment to answer and presses her lips against yours once more
  610. >One of her soft forehooves reaches down, and rubs your growing erection, causing you to let out a muffled gasp of surprised, and wiggle a bit underneath the yellow mare's pin
  611. >This sent a message to Fluttershy as she quickly went wide eyed and removed herself from on top of you. and apologized for doing that
  612. >She explains to you she recently took some lessons on being assertive and they've effected  her a bit strangely and she apologizes again and again for almost raping you
  613. >She says she'll do anything to make it up for you.
  614. >You can't help but laugh, only asking her why she thought it was a good idea to stop.
  615. >You tell her it's fine, that you gave her your full consent to do whatever assertive sexy things she had in mind.
  616. >Fluttershy blushed, and looked away, before tuning back to you with hard eyes
  617. >She quickly pounced on you again, but this time aiming her head a little lower
  618. >Now that your member was starting to pop out, Fluttershy wanted to say hello, and began licking and kissing your shaft as it made it's way out of it's sheath
  619. >You just sigh blissfully as this mare basically worships your dick for awhile
  620. >You didn't think this would be so easy, but Fluttershy seemed to have been worked up long before you arrived.
  621. >You'll have her rutted in record time at this rate.
  623. >You're broth back down to Reality when Fluttershy gently prods your side.
  624. >She apologizes again, and hopes you didn't hurt yourself too much
  625. >You rub your forehead which was sore, and asked what happened
  626. >The shy pony blushed, and explained that when she…  uhh was being 'assertive' and kissing you, you kinda freaked out and bumped your head against the headboard of her bed… a little hard.
  627. >She whimpers, apologizing again, feeling really bad and wanting to do something to make it up as an apology.
  628. >You sigh, disappointed that her sucking you off was only the dream, but whatever, she owed you so, You could just ask her for what you wanted now. Though starting with a aspirin would help.
  630. >You groan slightly and sit up, before asking Fluttershy if she had any aspirin around
  631. >The shy poni seems to quickly disappear, before returning with a pill and a glass of water
  632. >you thank her and take it, already feeling a bit better
  633. >Flutters looks at you expectantly, on edge waiting for you to say something. Like she had nothing to do but whatever pleased you
  634. >It was… strange, but not unwelcomed, and you knew what you wanted to get her to do but…
  635. >Rarity's threat echoed in your head
  636. >You rub your forehead and throw out a hastily thought up joke, telling Flutters you expected to have dinner before getting fucked.
  637. >The mare in question blushed hard and tried to hide from your sight, ashamed.
  638. >You face hoof hard, before letting her know it was a joke, and that you only wanted to ask her out on a date.
  639. >You also stress that you hold nothing against her, and she shouldn't feel so bad about her wants and needs
  640. >Fluttershy nods, before admitting she didn't really go out much so. She didn't know anywhere good to go on a date. so it'd be up to you to decide.
  642. >You say you heard about this good apple farm nearby recently, and wanted to check it out anyway
  643. >Fluttershy nods, smiling softly, mentioning that the pony who owns it is a friend of hers, and she knows she makes good apple related treats.
  644. >The two of you trot along the outskirts of town towards the sweet apple acres, you grinning internally wanting to see the effects of last night on AJ.
  645. >As the two of you approach, you find the fields empty, which surprises Flutters.
  646. >She tells you that her friend is normally hard at work out here this time of the day
  647. >You offer maybe she's feeling a bit off today, or had something more important to take care of, but it still leaves Fluttershy nervous as you approach the barn
  648. >You knock on the front door, as it opens, reveling the small yellow filly that nearly caught you during your sneaking around last night
  649. >You pray to Celestia she doesn't remember you.
  651. >The little filly doesn't look at you right away and calls you by her brother's name, asking how Apple Jack was doing at the clinic
  652. >She then realizes you're not her brother and apologizes, as you begin to explain that you're here to sample some of the Apple family's famous treats.
  653. >Fluttershy started to ask the young filly about her friend Apple Jack when the small pony let out a huge gasp
  654. >She points out quite bluntly that you don't have a cutie mark, and you sigh
  655. >Great, just what you wanted
  656. >you try to calm the filly down but she keeps asking you a lot of personal questions one right after the other
  657. >Flutters explains to you that she's part of some, 'cutie mark crusaders' a group of foals looking to earn their cutie marks together or something like that
  658. >You feel your headache returning as the filly offers you one last question
  659. >She asks if you want to join the crusaders on their next adventure.
  660. >You just sigh, and wish you could have a seemingly normal date with flutters but alas.
  662. >You stare at the young filly, who proceeds to give you the saddest, most desperate look you've ever seen
  663. >You could feel your heart sink like a rock and honestly, you had no choice but to accept
  664. >Apple Bloom smiles and starts hopping around you, saying this was gona be the best day ever
  665. >Finally putting her assertive training to use, Fluttershy stopped Apple Bloom and asked her about AJ
  666. >Apple Bloom didn't know much, but seems like something was up with her sister, she was sick all morning and Big mac took her to the clinic in town.
  667. >Fluttershy turned to you, the worry for her friend evident on her face as she asked if you could postpone the date for a bit.
  668. >While you'd love to go check to see how Apple Jack is progressing since last night, you still needed to do more date-like things with Fluttershy. To get her to like you as more then just a fuck buddy
  669. >You doubted that visiting AJ and then actually getting involved in the resulting drama once the situation comes to fruition will change that.
  671. >you sigh. and agree to go check up on AJ, on one condition
  672. >Apple Bloom would have to wait for whatever crusader thing she was cooking up
  673. >This caused the small filly to pout, but she didn't complain much, having already guilted you into coming to a crusader meeting eventually
  674. >Fluttershy  thanks you with a kiss on the cheek as you both leave to make your way to the local Clinic
  675. >The trip was uneventful, and despite Fluttershy being grateful to you, there was a thick awkward silence the whole way there.
  676. >Once you arrived though things changed, You met Big Mac who was pacing the floor of the small medical building.
  677. >Fluttershy introduced you two, and though you've already met him you faked ignorance and introduced yourself kindly.
  678. >After the introductions you sat yourself down, as Flutters and Big Mac talked about Apple Jack.
  679. >You didn't really need to, nor wanted to hear the details, already knowing what the end result would be.
  681. >You tap your hooves as time ticks on, before Apple Jack herself comes out
  682. >You notice she's forcing a smile, and that she had bags under her eyes.
  683. >Must have been a rough morning for her
  684. >She greets Fluttershy and her brother, before asking who you were
  685. >Flutters explains you away as a friend, before insisting AJ tell her what happened.
  686. >Apple Jack gulps… and lets out that she's going to be a mother soon
  687. >Fluttershy lets out a girlish glee and congratulates Apple Jack who only sighs, before mentioning she didn't have a clotfriend
  688. >Fluttershy let out one of her classic epps, and apologizes, asking AJ how could she be expectant then.
  689. >The farm pony sighs and just shakes her head, saying she doesn't want to talk about it.
  690. >Though you suspect Big Mac already knows, as you've noticed that he was walking strangely, like every time his hind legs moved was uncomfortable.
  691. >That's only to be expected after what you put him though, and you fight the urge to chuckle
  692. >Apple Jack excuses herself, brushing off Fluttershy's apologies as her and big mac left
  693. >This seemed to hit Flutters hard, as she whimpered.
  694. >You smirk, the gods shinning upon you again, as you trot up to the shy pony and give her a hug, counseling her.
  695. >You tell her to relax, Apple Jack was still her friend, she was just dealing with alot
  696. >You recommend giving AJ her space, and instead continuing the date you wanted to have.
  697. >Flutters sniffles and nods, as you try to come up with a better place to take her.
  699. >You silently lead Fluttershy to sugar cube corner, letting her lean on you metaphorically and physically the way there.
  700. >While you didn't mind support Flutters in her emotional time of need, you needed to get her to move on. And you figured a bright happy place like this would do the trick
  701. >Once inside Pinkie appeared and started chating with Flutters, telling a few jokes and getting the depressed pony to crack a small smile
  702. >You meanwhile bought a few cupcakes for you and Flutters, and arrive back near the other two mares just as Pinkie was telling the shy pony about her new job as a broodmare
  703. >Oh fuck.
  704. >You quicken your pace as Pinkie explains that you've helped her fix the roof upstairs, and asked her to do a super important job
  705. >Flutters just smiled and nodded, as Pinkie was just about to explain what was gona happen once she started the broodmare thing
  706. >You quickly shove the cupcake that you were going to eat in the pink pony's mouth silencing her and laughing awkwardly, telling Flutters that Pinkie asked you to get her one
  707. >Now though Flutters was curious abut this broodmare thing, and while  Rarity seemed to be a exception. You doubted most ponies would approve of polygamy, or worse, Flutters would find out and tell Pinkie all the implications that came with bearing foals.
  709. >With Pinkie distracted you grab Flutters and run off with her
  710. >you explain you didn't want to keep AppleBloom waiting, and needed her help to find … well wherever they do their meetings
  711. >This thankfully seems to distracted her from the whole broodmare thing as she leads you into the forest near the apple farm, telling you it was so great that you were going out of your way to please the young fillies
  712. >You inwardly groan, not really looking forward to this, but whatever. It saved your flank.
  713. >As you approach the crusader's clubhouse you wonder what kind of reception you'd get.
  715. >As you and Fluttershy approach, three fillies come running out, with Apple Bloom leading them
  716. >The yellow filly introduces you to the small white unicorn Sweetie Belle (who you now recognize as Rarity's sister)
  717. >And the orange pegasus was called Scootaloo.
  718. >With introductions over, the three of them bombarded you with questions, about where you lived, how you got though life without finding your special talent. Did ponies treat you differently
  719. >you answer as best you can, but with each filly chiming in when one finished asking you weren't getting a break.
  720. >Things… got weird though when Apple Bloom asked if you rutted anypony before
  721. >Then Scootaloo asked if you were single
  722. >And Sweetie wanted to see your stalionrod
  723. >You back up, confused and a little scared, as you smell it, you must have put the three young ones into heat.
  724. >Fluttershy notices this as well, and sends them back into the clubhouse for a bit, giving you some breathing room
  725. >You rub your forehead, not really knowing where to go from here
  726. >Fluttershy gets your attention, and tells you she's worried that they might try some sexual acts with one another, and as their part time babysitter she felt it was her job to make sure they… well knew what the do's and don'ts of sex was
  727. >But she'd need you to help her
  728. >You sigh and agree, on the condition that you, her, and the crusaders never spoke of this afterwards.
  729. >Fluttershy tells you to wait outside while she talks with them, and as she left you could smell a thick sent of estrus coming from her
  730. >great, not only are the cmc hungry for your dick, but you bet Flutters would be eager to jump on it
  731. >Though you weren't opposed to the last part, it would be weird with the cmc.
  732. >Then again, they… kinda wanted it didn't they? You wouldn't be held responsible if Flutters and the cmc tied you up and took advantage of you, right?
  733. >Regardless, your fate was sealed once the older mare and the three fillies started walking back towards you
  734. >The only question is how was fluttershy going to 'demonstrate' things.
  736. >Flutters has the three young fillies sit down on the grass, though you could tell their bodies were still bothering them, as they twitched, or shuffled their rears along the grass.
  737. >Fluttershy herself took a seat next to you. and started explaining the Birds and the bees to the Cutie Mark Crusaders
  738. >She goes on in detail that every now and then for the sake of making foals, a mare would go into heat, where her body would get warm and they'd want to mate with a colt.
  739. >She assured the fillies that it was completely natural and was nothing to be embarrassed about
  740. >She even mentioned that she herself was in heat for a little while now, and spread her legs, showing her wet marehood off to you, and the fillies
  741. >She then tells them to look closely as she points out the different parts of her pussy, and demonstrates how to 'clop' if they felt the desire to do it themselves.
  742. >You felt your member twitch underneath you, and Flutters catches the movement, grinning at you
  743. >She politely asks you to lie on your back and you comply, your fully erect member viable to her and the CMC now.
  744. >Fluttershy rubs her hoof up and down your length, explaining to the CMC that this was a cock, all colts had them, and that they were what a mare craved when in heat.
  745. >You let out a surprised gasp as Flutter rubs your sack a bit, before telling the young ones about cum, where it is made, and what it's purpose is.
  746. >Flutter lets you stand back up as she explains the process of sex, how a colt can recognizes a mare that's in heat by her scent, how  flirting goes. And mos importantly…. that a colts dick fits very well into a mare's vagina and feels really good
  747. >you sigh, hoping it was over as Fluttershy asked if the CMC had any questions.
  749. >The small orange filly bounced up and down asking Fluttershy if she could try it, and by it she meant sex
  750. >You looked at fluttershy a bit worried, but she was handling it, smiling softly and telling her sure.
  751. >You whisper to Fluttershy saying that was insane, the filly could get pregnant and you really didn't want to be responsible for that
  752. >Fluttershy wipers back that so long as you pull out it should be fine. and that should be easy considering she didn't expect Scoots to take much of you in her
  753. >Before you could protest Flutters pushed you onto your back and scoots climbed on you
  754. >The filly looked behind her at your erection and asked Fluttershy for reassurance, that it went in her pussy right?
  755. >Fluttershy nodded, and helped Sootaloo aim, as your tip penetrated her small marehood.
  756. >You could feel the filly clench around your tip, which made it harder to push in, not to mention she was barely wet.
  757. >Fluttershy saw this coming and had already begun to explain that they should not 'go in dry' like scootaloo just did, instead they should rub themselves, till their pussy was relaxed and wet.
  758. >Flutters began to stroke Scoots marehood, and your member as the filly relaxed and was able to slid more of you into her
  759. >You groaned, your horn getting tingly as you felt it was trying to do some kind of magic.
  761. >Scoots lets her instancts take over, as she goes back and forth on your member, though never able to fit more then half of it in
  762. >As you look to the side, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Bell are testing each other, rubbing the other fillies marehoods as the watched scootaloo ride you.
  763. >You couldn't fight the magic though, and without knowing so your horn opened up the young filly's cervix, as your member started to twitch
  764. >Soon enough the inexperienced scoots climaxed on you, and relaxed completely still impaled on your dick.
  765. >You could feel it, and unless you pulled scoots off now, you'd be showering her innards with your seed.
  767. >As you go to pull Scootaloo off she protests, claiming she wanted to have the whole experience.
  768. >You would have none of that shit, you didn't want be a farther to a fillys foal, but when you tried to reach up to pull Scootaloo off of it, you found your hooves were held down by a pair of soft yellow ones
  769. >Looking up, you saw Fluttershy smiling above you, as she leaned down, kissing yo on the lips
  770. >You try to fight it, you try to hold back, but you couldn't take it and unleashed a load into the orange filly's womd directly, not a drop spilling out.
  771. >She lets out a moan, saying it felt so bucking great. before dismounting you as she walked funny, back towards her friends.
  773. >Flutters breaks the kiss as you nearly yell at Scootaloo, telling her she's crazy and that she'll get pregnant
  774. >Scoots just brushes you off, saying it'll be fine. it was worth it. and what's the worst that could happen, she gets a cutie mark for having a kid?
  775. >You sigh in defeat, and get a little worried, the other two fillies looking at you and talking with scoots, they seemed to have gotten a few ideas when their friend mentioned Cutie mark
  776. >Above all else Flutters was still pinning you to the ground, and you horn refused to work for some reason.
  778. >The small yellow filly trots up to you, before wiggling her rear in your face, the sent of her body in heat proving to be to much
  779. >You find some inner strength and throw Flutter's hooves away as you get up and mount yourself over the young filly.
  780. >You don't care anymore, you already impregnated one, what's another? A good fuck that's what
  781. >Apple Bloom was already plenty wet, and you were nice and lubricated from Scoots, so even though it was tight going in, the filly relaxed and you managed to hilt her.
  782. >You marvel at how fucking good it felt to be making sweet sweet love to such a tight pussy and banged away furiously, making poor inexperienced apple Bloom climax twice, before you fill her womb like her friends, with your seed, sealing her fate to be a young mother.
  783. >You pull out and leave the apple family child to fall over in pleasure, as you look to the last one Rarity's younger sister.
  785. >You stare at Sweetie Belle, who looked at you smiling, expecting you to do what you just finished with Apple Bloom to her
  786. >she turned around and moved her tail to the side, giving you a good view of her tight filly pussy
  787. >But you saw a disappointed Rarity in your mind and started to turn away
  788. >Right into fluttershy, who was glareing at you
  789. >her eyes reminded you of your mother, whenever she was upset, or otherwised disappointed in you.
  790. >Your will crumbles as Fluttershy informs you it'd be unfair and mean to leave Sweetie out of it, and demands you breed her
  791. >you nod quickly, and turn around, plunging your member into the young filly's pussy
  792. >You didn't pay attention to Sweetie, though she enjoyed the motions of you trusting in and out. You were to busy being scared of Flutters
  793. >You quickly worked yourself up, and spent your seed inside the last young filly, before pulling out, Sweetie passed out already having climaxed before you
  794. >You hoped fluttershy was satisfied with what you did, and wasn't going to hurt you.
  796. >you sigh in relief as Fluttershy smiles at you.
  797. >She congratulates you on a job well done and helps you stand up
  798. >You were feeling kinda woozy after cumming three times in such a short amount of time, but it was fine
  799. >Fluttershy wasn't upset at you anymore, and her smiles was gorgeous.
  800. >You turn back around, as the Crusaders are recovering, getting used to walking again after the vigorous session they had
  801. >you remind them that this never happened, and you never had sex
  802. >You knew it wouldn't last for long, but better to cover your ass, as they all agreed.
  803. >You sigh, not sure what the hell you just got yourself into
  804. >But Fluttershy kissed you cheek, making it worth it, as she offered to buy you lunch, giggling as she mentions you must have worked up quite the appetite by now.
  806. >Fluttershy takes you back to Sweet Apple Acres though you had your doubts, considering how moody AJ was when you last saw her.
  807. >Before you reach the barn, you find the orange pony bucking apples out of tress, but getting tired fast.
  808. >She was also sporting quite the bump, and you make a note that she seems to be progressing along faster the Twilight or Rarity have been. Maybe your seed is more potent now?
  809. >The thought haunts you as you remember you've recently gave the cmc the gift of live, and they'd soon be sporting stomachs of their own like AJ here
  810. >Fluttershy runs up and stops her friend, saying she shouldn't be working so hard with a foal on the way
  811. >You chime in, agreeing with Flutters, driving the point home that she was a mother after she found out about the foal, and she had to be careful from here on out
  812. >You offer to pick up her slack around here if need be, and give the tree a buck, though you hardly knocked any apples down.
  813. >You just smiles weakly, as AJ returns it
  814. >She explains she was just out here because she was nervous, nervous about being a mother, and a lot of other things on her mind
  815. >She in a outburst of crying admits she loves Rainbow Dash and they've been having an affair, and now that this has happened she just knows dash will think she cheated on her now.
  816. >Fluttershy just hugs her friend, patting her back, as Aj lets it all out
  817. >This goes on for awhile, until the apple bucker was finished
  818. >Fluttershy gave her friend a kiss on the cheek, before asking if she could feel AJ's stomach, hoping to get the mare's mind off of Dash.
  819. >The orange pony complies, and lies on her back as the shy one lowers her head to rest on AJ's baby bump, rubbing and listening.
  820. >Fluttershy giggled, which made Apple Jack smile, and you as well
  821. >Though you were smiling for a different reason
  822. >You're not sure when, but at some point you were able to tell the sent of one mare in heat apart from another, and since she started rubbing her friends stomach, Fluttershy's scent just got a lot more potent.
  824. >A thought comes to you, on how to explain AJ's pregnancy as something besides you rapeing her in her sleep, the cmc's spontaneous pregnancies, and everything else you might do in the future.
  825. >You inform AJ that you've heard a rumor, that there's this unicorn going around cursing ponies with some spell, that gets them knocked up from simple things like hugging another mare or kissing them.
  826. >For all AJ knew, the foal or foals she had in her were conceived with Dash though this magic
  827. >Dash could also be freaking out from a out of nowhere baby bump as well.
  828. >You come up with a random color, saying it was some blue unicorn around these parts
  829. >Apple Jack curses and throws her hat to the ground, giving you a name, damming Trixie
  830. >You smiles, winking at Fluttershy, who knew you were fibbing but said nothing.
  831. >You offer to go find dash and explain the whole Trixie thing to her, and see if she's suffering from being a expectant mother as well.
  832. >Apple Jack was a friend of Fluttershy's after all, and you help friends of friends if they need it
  833. >The earth pony thanks you, and point's out Dash's house to you
  834. >Though you already know what it looked like, you and Flutters set off.
  836. >You make your way to Dashes house, standing under it
  837. >You doubt you could pull it down near you again, so Flutters flies herself up to investigate
  838. >After a few minutes she returns alone and informs you Dash wasn't home
  839. >You sigh, wanting to see how far dash has come along when you hear some grunting behind a nearby hill
  840. >Curiosity strikes as you and Flutter walk to the top of the hill, only to find a quite swollen dash, trying to fly before landing back on the ground
  841. >You'd gawk a bit in surprise, as flutters let out a epp.
  842. >Though you'd estimate she was the same size as AJ, the stomach looked more pronounced on the pegasus, maybe because they were inherently smaller built.
  843. >Dash turned around towards you panic struck, after hearing Fluttershy gasp
  844. >She tells you this isn't what it looks like, she's not with foal, and she can so totally fly
  845. >You just shake your head as Fluttershy approaches her friend.
  846. >She comforts her and tells dash that it's ok, that it's just a mean trick Trixie played on her
  847. >Dash growled and stomped the ground, but was relieved to hear it wasn't a real pregnancy
  848. >You unfortunately correct her in that it is real, but it's most likely one conceived by two mares having intimate contact.
  849. >Dash blushes and tells you she has no idea what you're talking about, claiming to be strait and not one of those sissy fags
  850. >You just shake your head as Flutter rubs her friend's stomach, weriding dash out
  851. >You pick it up again, the scent of Fluttershy as you guess she gets more fertile, after touching her friends stomachs
  852. >You were almost tempted to whip it out and fuck her here, but you knew that if you took her to Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie. It'd only be better in the end
  853. >Flutters tells dash that AJ was looking for her, and had something to talk to her about as you both leave
  854. >You chat, walking into ponyvile as you both hope Dash has the balls to actually go speak with AJ.
  856. >You start chating with Fluttershy, before you mention you have to check up on Rarity
  857. >She smiles and agrees to follow you, saying it'd be nice to see her.
  858. >The two of you make your way to Rarity's dress shop and enter
  859. >When you finally meet her though, the three of you are surpised
  860. >Rarity was surprised you were trotting around with Fluttershy, and gave you a look, letting you know to be careful with her like she said before
  861. >Fluttershy was surprised, a bit more then she should be that yet another of her friends were pregnant.
  862. >You on the other hoof , were surprised by how big Rarity was, she looked as large as more mares normally do when they are about to pop one foal out.
  863. > you cough, breaking the silence as you ask Rarity if she's been eating well enough, remembering Twilight said that the first day or so after you impregnated mares they'd be really hungry.
  864. >Rarity just smirks at you and turns around, showing you her plot, which was a fair amount more cushioned then you remember, saying she's been eating plenty for all the foals she was carrying.
  865. >You nearly drool, oggleing Rarity's rear when Fluttershy butts in, litterily knocking Rarity's rear out of your sight and putting her own in the way, as she 'congratulated' Rarity, wished her luck, rubbed her stomach for said good luck, and dragged you out of the shop in a  hurry.
  866. >Huh, interesting, was Flutters getting jealous? Maybe you could milk that later on.
  867. >As you follow Fluttershy around, you notice her scent made the biggest jump in intensity yet with Rarity. and laugh to yourself
  869. >You eventually calm Flutters down, saying there was one more thing you had to do today
  870. >You were conducting a experiment for Twilight and needed to check in on her
  871. >Fluttershy eyed you supicouly, but followed you into Twi's tree house.
  872. >The unicorn nor dragon were there to greet you as you walked in
  873. >Though you could hear glass breaking downstairs and swearing
  874. >Fearing the worst, the two of you run down into the dark basement, like the last time you were down here it was just the silhouette of Twilight at her desk in the far end, the only like being above it
  875. >Fluttershy flew out of sight and soon the room was awash in light, as she found the switch for the ceiling light.
  876. >You look down, and see Twilight, stomach full and taunt like Rarity's flinching at the sudden amount of light in the room, she sighed, after getting adjusted to the light levels started to clean up the broken glass to the right of her.
  877. >Fluttershy was far from surprised to see yet another one of her friends pregnant, and looked at you curiously, as if silently asking if this was your doing.
  878. >You ignore her and just walk forward to greet Twilight, and asked her what the noise you both heard before was.
  879. >Twilight explains, much to her embarrassment, moving around with a stomach like hers in the dark led to her bumping into things a lot. And she knocked some equipment over breaking it.
  880. >She continues that outside that minor frustration she's been doing fine, and said the gestation for her foals would be about roughly a week and a half, which explains why she's been growing so fast
  881. >She sighs and says yes, she maent foals. She's figured she's carrying a small litter of them.
  882. >She also leans close, whispering that she only just noticed, but your aura has gotten stronger, and she wasn't sure if it was having any abnormal effects on those around you, but to be weary of it.
  883. >Fluttershy gets jealous gain and gets in between you and Twilight, smiling but pushing you away from her friend.
  884. >she huged Twilight and gave the unicorn's taut middle a quick pat, as you could swear you heard her moan a bit, before you could literately 'feel' her heat intensify this time.
  885. >She wished Twilight the best of luck with… everything, and quickly left, leaving you to follow her
  886. >You tell Twi you'll come visit when you don't have your hands full to explain more. But you have to go
  887. >When outside Flutters confronts you, saying she knows you knocked all her friends up, and you've been taking her around to all of them to rile her up
  888. >She admits it's been working, and she really, really wanted you
  889. >Should you mention Pinkie? You're not sure if Fluttershy could wait much longer.
  891. >You think she already knew about Pinkie bearing your foals as well
  892. >And well, considering the look she was giving you, you doubted she'd take much more waiting to get what she wanted
  893. >you gulp, starting to think riling up Fluttershy to be as needy for your seed as you have might not have been the best life choice
  894. >Still, as you both walked back, Fluttershy's eyes constantly fixated on you…
  895. >You make the choice, if you pushed her this far, you were going to push her as far as you could
  896. >you mention that out of all her friends, you think Rarity is going to be the biggest
  897. >You mean, after all she's the same size as Twilight, but only a day behind
  898. >And she makes AJ and Dash's stomachs look like baseballs
  899. >It seems to effect Flutters a lot, as she twitchs.
  900. >She asks you to stop but you don't
  901. >You can just imagine, Rarity would be to large to move in a few days, and would only grow larger and larger then
  902. >You wonder how many should world birth, 20, 30 even?
  903. >The two of you arrive at Fluttershy's place as she's visibly shaking.
  904. >You stand in front of her door and smirk and ask one simple question
  905. >Why did the thought of Rarity being so big and round with life effect her so?
  907. >You stood there, expecting the shy pony to confess to you that she wanted you to knock her up with more foals then Rarity
  908. >What you got was something entirely different
  909. >Your brain shut down halfway though her first attempt at telling you so she had to repeat herself, trembling and blushing madly in embarrassment.
  910. >She said she wasn't jealous of her friends being pregnant or anything like that
  911. >She Envied their stomachs, that would grow large and round, not because of that they would be mothers, or that she loved the bellies
  912. >She stutters out she imagines them having a foal, maybe the size of one of the CMC trapped inside their womb. Having squeezed a foal of that size in though their marehood
  913. >She explains that she has a thing for that, what she calls 'unbirthing' and when you started to describe to her how big Rarity would get, her imagination went wild and she saw Rarity taking in a pony her size though her sex, resting on a stomach bigger then she was
  914. >She shivers as she says this,and you could see a trickle of fluid drop behind her rear
  915. >You just stare, not disgusted, as it was just the cherry on top for the weird things you've been involved in lately
  916. >Mostly you were thinking, here was a mare who's been aroused since you met her by your aura, and has been fantsizeing all day long
  917. >She was ready to be bucked, for you could easily guess the rest of the day.
  918. >But at the same time she spilt her guts on this information. Trusting you with it at the least
  919. >Maybe you could… do something with this? For her? I mean she's been helpful and kind to you all day, not something normal with your interactions with others
  921. >You sigh, before smiling at Fluttershy
  922. >You explain there's been one thing you've been good at since you came here to ponyvile
  923. >And that was filling mares up with foals
  924. >You tell her that while it may not be the same, you think she'll enjoy having a large foal filled stomach.
  925. >And you promise to make it large, large enough she could easily image a few ponies her size in there
  926. >Maybe even larger then her house if you got fri-
  927. >Fluttershy had enough and silenced you with a kiss, pushing your back into her house.
  928. >You could feel her body tingle with the desperate need to fuck you, as her sex dripped under her
  929. >You felt the same, you member already fully hard underneath you, as you feel your hooves hit stairs, and start climbing up towards the shy pony's bedroom, not breaking your kiss for a single moment.
  930. >When you reach the top, you Grab Fluttershy, forcing the two of you onto your back hooves standing up strait, as you hug her tight, sniffing deeply in the sent of the most wound up breedable mare you've ever met.
  931. >You nearly came from the scent alone, and pushed Flutter onto her bed, where she laid on her back and opened her legs wide.
  932. >You needed no invitation as you jumped right after her, quickly maneuvering and sliding you member into her accepting wet marehood, quickly getting yourself balls deep
  933. >The two of you let out your respective sex noises, as you hit a climax together, your magic working instinctively to open the shy pony's cervix so as your seed was deposited to where it would used the most.
  934. >You grin at each other, before you beginning to fuck her hard, pushing the yellow mare's face into her bed.
  935. >She let out a chorus of screams and you a series of grunts, as after a few more minutes you both hit a peak again, coating the mare's womb with more of your seed.
  936. >The pink maned pegasus pushes you back, making you lie on your back as she rides you, cow girl style, bouncing on your member for a while, before you gave her your sperm once more
  937. >This kept going on for hours on end, every time you came you'd change positions in some frantic sexy version of Twister.
  938. >Eventually FLuttershy's stomach started to swell from the shear volume of cum she held in her womb, which made it harder to keep moving so fast.
  939. >This didn't stop either of you, as you got more creative, you started fucking Flutters from behind her now. Standing the two of you up on your hind hooves as you rammed your dick in and out of her flower from the rear, using your hips alone
  940. >As her stomach approached the size of Rarity's she was forced to go on all fours, as you joined her. straddling over her as you continue your love making in the most basic of pony positions.
  941. >This continued on, the cycle, as you both started to slow once Fluttershy reached the point that her stomach was raise her, and you off the bed.
  942. >You went in all the way and gave her one last spurt for good measure, as you collapsed, exhausted.
  943. >In the aftermath, you realized the amount of seed you planted in the shy pony, left her unable to touch her hooves to the ground and you smiled.
  944. >You gave the inflated mare's stomach a good pat, causing a coo from Fluttershy herself.
  945. >You start grinding your hips, pulling your member in and out for one last go, as you tell Fluttershy you were going to do her a big favor
  946. >You promised, more then anything else her foals would be the biggest in equestria's recorded history. Each one that would be raised inside her would grow to be at least the CMC's size.
  947. >You promised it because you figured it'd be as close to her unbirthing fetish as she'd get this way.
  948. >The grounded pegasus only had once answer, and that was to clench her hips around you, as her pussy milked you for all the seed you were worth.
  950. >You wake up the next morning, still inside the cum-stuffed Flutteshy as you pull out, waking her up
  951. >You just chuckle to yourself, you were finished for now, you hoped. With all these mares bearing your foals you'd probably  be to busy to get yourself into any more shenanigans
  952. >Still, as you give Flutter's middle a affectionate kiss, you wonder how in the hell you were going to balance about helping to take care of all of them
  953. >You think Dash and AJ would be fine with eachother, though they would be big they wouldn't me immobile like Flutters was, or Rarity would be
  954. >Twilight was a ticking time bomb of emotions and lust. And if you didn't keep her satisfied you might have a angry power unicorn on your flank for all the wrong reasons
  955. >Not to mention the CMC, you feared to think of how big they were going to get, and already were.
  956. >Still the problem before you seemed to address itself for now
  957. >Through some weird amount of flexibility, and wing power, FLuttershy was able to move, if slowly. Under her own power
  958. >She nervously admits she… may have done some practice moving with a water ballon as large as her stomach right now imagining she unbirhted one or two of her friends.
  959. >Well, it seems Flutters would be able to take care of herself for now.
  960. >You tell her you're worried about her friends, and she tells you to go.
  961. >You give the lovely shy pony a quick kiss, before running off.
  962. >First comes first, you stop by dashes place, only yo find her still trying to fly, with a even larger heavier stomach.
  963. >Though it still didn't beat out Twilight's or Rarity's from the previous day, it was still a respectable bump, that would put most mothers expecting twins to shame.
  964. >You call out to Dash, who stops her attempts at flying swearing, asking what you wanted
  965. >You tell her you'd be willing to help her work out, till her wings were strong enough to carry her new 'cargo' chuckling
  966. >Her response was that she didn't need help and she started to trot away
  967. >You follow her with no effort at all, as the previously athletic flyer had trouble waddling around, her hooves always hitting her baby bump
  968. >You mention how it'd be better if she trained her wings alone, and you could help with that.
  969. >She gets annoyed at you, but sighs, accepting on one condition.
  970. >Nopony else around while you practiced.
  971. >You agree, and shake hooves on it, before Dash mentions she needed to get back to the Apple Farm.
  972. >Seems like while you were busy her and AJ talked it out. Maybe they're really buying the trixie thing
  974. >You approach Dash and Applejack, frowning.
  975. >You couldn't take this web of lies anymore, it was time to hang your dirty laundry out to dry.
  976. >You ask them to sit down, as you start to explain everything
  977. >How you got caught up in one of Twilight's experiments, and it's… done a lot of things to you
  978. >It messed with your head, and those of the mares around you
  979. >it made you, and them feel a uncontrollable urge to reproduce.
  980. >You solemnly admit that, you couldn't help yourself, and have impregnanted not only them, Dash and AJ, but all their friends.
  981. >Some were willing, some weren't
  982. >You also are ashamed to admit that you've effected and impregnated AppleBloom and her two friends
  983. >You know you can't say you're sorry, because you liked doing it
  984. >But you just hoped they'd understand.
  985. >Both ponies were disgusted at you at first, you plating foals into not only their wombs without their permission, but knocking up little fillies!
  986. >But as they sat near you, your body did just as you said, it messed with their heads
  987. >Why should they be upset? You made them happy being so full, and they knew you made the fillies happy as well
  988. >Instead of yelling at you they thanked you, though the insisted that you were going to take responsibility for all this, making sure they continued to stay 'happy'
  989. >You had a good feeling at what keeping them 'happy' would entail, though Apple Bloom didn't catch up much on the subtlety, and bluntly asked if that meant you could rut her again
  990. >You just groan, as Apple Jack scolds her sister for using such a word, as you and dash chuckled.
  991. >Things were weird, but you didn't mind. This was fun in a way.
  993. >After the laughtrack, Dash looks at you seriously
  994. >She says It's kinda mean of you to have only shared this warmth with the few mares you have.
  995. >Apple Jack chimes in that a lot of ponies have wished her a good pregnancy, and she could tell, most of the mares around were mighty jealous.
  996. >Apple Bloom chimes in that her and the crusaders were kinda bragging that they lost their virginity, to the other fillies, and now they kinda had to prove it. Which would be great because that'd mean she and the other crusaders would have all the young barely breedable mares in once place for you soon
  997. >You make a mental note that it seems your aura not only made mares want to be pregnant, but it made mares desire for you to… well 'spreed the love' so to speak
  998. >You doubted it'd be hard to convince the other mares in ponivile to hop on with the whole idea of carrying a litter or so of your foals.
  999. >Infact it'd be fun, taking a whole town's worth of mares and making them your breeding stoke.
  1000. >You were only concerned by the stallions.
  1002. >You start mumbling to yourself
  1003. >If you could somehow make it be widely know that you were the end all final god of sex and breeding, then every colt out there would have to accept it and not bother you.
  1004. >But that would require a royal declaration, from somepony of the two princesses statue
  1005. >Dash interrupts your think train saying that Twilight was the prized student of Celstia, and wrote letters to her every weak
  1006. >If nothing else, she could get your a audience of Celestia, and you could work your magic.
  1007. >That was perfect! and you tell dash so, kissing her on the lips before running out of the apple barn, racing for Twilight's Library.
  1008. >After you left Dash smirked at her lesbian partner, bragging that she'd get your d sooner then AJ would.
  1010. >As you run towards Twilight's home, you start thinking about it
  1011. >The two princesses, horny and lustful, asking you to rut and breed their god-like marehoods with your cock
  1012. >They'd be the perfect mix of tightness, with enough room to take you fully.
  1013. >You'd even bet they'd have good muscle control, and would literately milk your member dry.
  1014. >You could do so much more with them then normal mares too, without fear of them being immobilized, they has such long hooves and powerful magic that you doubt you could ground them.
  1015. >Celstia would be the more dominant of the two, Demanding you service her
  1016. >And you would gladly
  1017. >But you'd also love to service Luna, who'd you suspected would be rusty at this sort of thing
  1018. >You imagined her being shy, having not laid with a stallion in so long
  1019. >You'd just kiss her cheek and slowly get her back into ru-
  1020. >You white out, as you smack your face and body right into the front door of Twilight's house, as the pregnant bookworm answers the door and looks at you like the idoit you were
  1021. >Still, unconscious as you were you held a dumb shit eating grin for what your mind had come up with.
  1023. >You find yourself waking up in a lavish dark purple chamber of sorts
  1024. >lots of cloth hanged around you, making seeing anything outside the bed you were on hard
  1025. >Though you've come to the realization you didn't care for anything outside the bed, as Luna, princess of the night was smiling at you, beckoning you to her.
  1026. >You remember now, Luna needed help repopulating her night watch, and she heard of you though Twilight
  1027. >Needless to say you were eager for the job as you pounce on the winged unicorn
  1028. >The two of you share a kiss, as your member tease Luna, rubbing your face against her neck and gently nipping
  1029. >You feel something… change as the silence is broken and Luna herself gasps out a question
  1030. >She merely ask what drives you, what is your purpose
  1031. >You don't really have to think about it, answering it was your job to help fulfill the dreams of mares, to plant your seeds, to continue the pony race.
  1032. >You say it was what every stallion is born to do, you just took it a lot more seriously then others.
  1033. >The princess of the moon smiles at you and commends you for a respectable answer, before thrusting her body impaling herself on your cock, saying you'll have a lot of work ahead of you.
  1034. >You marveled at how real it felt, which was a odd thought, this was real, right?
  1035. >You start getting into the motions, when everything turned white, and you felt cold wet sensation
  1036. >You open your eyes to see a familiar purple unicorn staring down at you, holding a bucket
  1037. >she sighed in relief, letting you know you were making her worried.
  1038. >You startled her when you ran headfirst into her door, and knocked yourself out
  1039. >You sigh, realizing what you were just doing with Luna before was a dream, and wishing Twilight had waiting a little longer to wake you up.
  1040. >You remember now the pain in your head, and feel for your horn, hoping you didn't break it or something
  1041. >You feel it, and it's all there thankfully. though you felt like someone just finished trying to hammer it into your skull
  1042. >You groan, and stand up, nearly forgetting why you came here to begin with
  1043. >Turning to Twi, you start to ask her something as you're left speechless
  1044. >She's grown, A lot.
  1045. >her stomach was now dragging along the ground as she slowly walked away from you, putting the bucket back in the closet
  1046. >With her rear turned to you though, you were able to see that she had two small orbs under rear, and you find yourself starring at her engorged teats, a little disappointed as Twilight starts to turn back around.
  1047. >The unicorn blushes, thinking you were staring at her ass, mentioning all the junk food she's been eating hasn't done much to help her figure
  1048. >You're not sure if Twilight knows she had tits now, or at least that they were visible to anypony behind her
  1049. >You're not even sure if you should tell her.
  1051. >You politely ask Twilight to turn back around for a little bit
  1052. >You'd walk around behind her for this, but you liked watching the foal filled unicorn maneuver her hooves around her stomach, slowly turning herself around
  1053. >Once turned the other way, Twi wiggled her tush, saying if you were going to stare at it so much, maybe you should do something else.
  1054. >Seems like Twilight's getting frisky, and you almost take her up on her offer
  1055. >But first things first, as you aproach the mother to be, you reached a hoof up and pressed it lightly against one of her milk filled teats.
  1056. >This caused Twilight to yelp in surprise at the unusual feeling, as you saw some milk dribble out.
  1057. >The bookworm asks what you, what are you touching back there, because she knows it's not her rear, and it was pressing into her stomach when you poked it.
  1058. >You just chuckle and tell Twilight she'll figure it out in a bit, she was a smart pony after all
  1059. >You were too busy having fun feeling those large tits up, rubbing and poking them
  1060. >They were so jiggly and strange, it was like a Twilight had two large water balloons in them. Though softer and less likely to pop
  1061. >You could smell Twilight getting nice and heated up from all your foundling as she figures it out, stammering out that she forgot that pregnancies usual come along with a production of milk.
  1062. >She asks, a bit worried. If they're really big, wondering why she's not felt them there up until this point.
  1063. >Considering how engrossed Twilight could get into her work, you weren't surprised.
  1064. >Twilight asks you to stop exploring her new rack, telling you she had more important things to talk to you about
  1065. >Mainly some side effects of your aura on ponies, something new that was important as it was changing the residents of ponyvile as she spoke
  1067. >You tell Twilight to continue, as you help yourself to rubbing her swollen tits
  1068. >Twilight finds it hard to form words for a bit, but was determined to get her say out, even if you were deterring her progress
  1069. >She explains that she recently went back to where she obtained the mysterious compound, to find the the land around it has… changed. Alot
  1070. >Trees turned into taffy, with bubblegum leaves
  1071. >The flowers were all chating with one another, while large weeds walked around, growling at her
  1072. >The sky seemed to change color while she was there and she thinks the compound sh-
  1073. >Twilight was cut off as you wrap your lips around one of her nipples and give a good soft suck
  1074. >You were unable to resist, seeing the milk dribble from her as you groped the swollen mother's breasts
  1075. >You didn't care that Twilight was on the verge of telling you something important, there was nothing more important then enjoying the sweet succulent flavor of her milk to you right now
  1076. >You note that it has a grape-like tinge to it, and that as you drank you felt… smarter? Nah, you can't get smarter from drinking milk, maybe taller they are a great source of calcium
  1077. >You wonder if that tall mare who've you seen around drinks a lot of milk, maybe you should as-
  1078. >You're interrupted mid thought as Twilight's second teat stops giving you milk, and you've emptied both.
  1079. >You don't remember switching from one to the next
  1080. >You also don't remember how you changed from standing, to hovering over Twilight while she laid on her back
  1081. >Or when you two moved to the basement
  1082. >All you did know is that a flushed, bookworm laid before you, everything bare.
  1084. >You shrug, you don't care how you got here and just lift both your hooves and rub Twilight's tight baby bump
  1085. >Twilight was ill prepared for the sensations, though she's touched her stomach plenty of times during the day, you rubbing her was for some reason so much more… pleasurable
  1086. >She tries to get out a few more sentences before she let herself get lost in the sensations
  1087. >She said she hypothesized the compound was now in the drinking waters for ponyvile, and maybe some other towns by now
  1088. >Anypony who had ingested the compound in any way will be more receptive to your aura
  1089. >She lets out a groan, as you lower you head and give her nice wet flower a good lick, she was almost ready to climax, though she fought on
  1090. >She let you know that if left unchecked, you'd start to turn stallions into mares.
  1091. >You ignore Twilight, and stick your tongue past her pussy lips, exploring her dainty sex, and in a few minutes you had to quivering ball of foal stuffed unicorn crying out your name at the top of her lungs.
  1092. >You just grin down at Twilight, telling her she's come along way in enjoying all you've given her, and help her up to her hooves.
  1093. >You don't have much time to react as Twilight touches her horn against yours and jolts you with a painful surge of magic.
  1094. >You wake up, the stars out in the night sky, laying in Twilight's bed upstairs
  1095. >You barely remember anything, but you had questions now, and stomp downstairs to confront Twilight about knocking you out
  1096. >Right as you were going to Give Twilight a piece of you mind, Rarity trots though the front door of the library, barely, her stomach dragging along the ground like Twilight's was, but Rarity had more girth around, so much you're surprised she made it here on her own
  1097. >Then you curse your choice of words as Sweetie Belle appears behind her, sporting a noticeable bulge of her own.
  1098. >You take a deep breath, you were in the shitter now.
  1100. >As Rarity raises her voice and asks how dare you go back on your word, how could she trust you if you went behind her back and put foals into her sister!
  1101. >You desperately try to explain yourself, saying Fluttershy and the fillies forced themselves onto you, but Rarity would have none of it
  1102. >Thankfully Twilight interrupted and dragged you back into the basement, as Sweetie Started to defend you, saying she wanted the foals herself.
  1103. >Twilight apologizes for knocking you out, but it was the only way to slow down the process of you turning everypony else into mares, she needed time to prepare a spell to stop that effect.
  1104. >She gave you another shock, though it was far less painful as you feel your body tingle all over, and she tells you now you'll have more control over your aura, you'll be able to mentally chose who it effects and who it doesn't.
  1105. >She continues, saying that not only will you be able to decide to turn stallions into mares or not, but you can now put a mare into heat at your leisure.
  1106. >Unfortunately, but she supposes fortunately for you. You've left most if not all the stallions in equestria infertile. Though Twilight wanted to work on a cure, she wanted to ask your permission first.
  1107. >That's strange, maybe Twilight had a submissive fetish you've only just brought out? Or was your arua's effect leaking though your newly gained control?
  1108. >It didn't matter, what did you tell Twilight?
  1110. >You tell the bookworm that she's free to look for a cure, though so long as she doesn't try and find a way to make anypony immune, you had power and you wanted to keep it.
  1111. >Still all the power in the would wouldn't save you from what awaited you up the stairs.
  1112. >Time to face the music, as you, slowly followed by the pregnant bookworm make you way upstairs
  1113. >Rarity's still very miffed, but she dosen't shout as you appear, instead asking one simple question
  1114. >You'll give Sweetie whatever she wants, no matter what right?
  1115. >You let out a sigh, not sure if it was your aura, Sweetie herself, or  a stroke of luck, but Rarity seemed more accepting.
  1116. >You tread your ground carefully promising to Rarity that you'd service any mare who was with your foal and make them as comfortable as they wanted.
  1117. >You… add on that you'd need Rarity's permission on one thing though
  1118. >taking into account what Apple Bloom asked earlier you're sure Sweetie might ask you for some special kind of attention
  1119. >You wanted Rarity's permission before you did such a thing, and asked her now.
  1121. >Rarity knew how it felt to have you, to mate with you and truly couldn't deny Sweetie the pleasure of doing so
  1122. >But she could damned well discourage it
  1123. >She stated that you two would not be allowed at each other unless she was there to watch, hoping that Sweetie will be too embarrassed to ever ask
  1124. >Unfortunately you remember Sweetie was not at all hesitant to let you do here in front of her friends and Fluttershy, so you doubt that'll stop her.
  1125. >Still you keep this to yourself and ask Rarity how the foals are doing, and Sweetie the same
  1126. >Rarity beams, saying she's been growing constantly. if she takes her attention off herself for a few minutes she finds she's noticeable rounder then before
  1127. >The dressmaker pecks you on the cheek saying you did keep your word about making her the biggest one in ponyvile, as she did easily outclass Twi
  1128. >You neglect to mention that she's only barely reached the size you made FLuttershy hit with cum alone and listen to Sweetie
  1129. >The filly blushes and says it's been very nice feeling herself grow, almost as nice as when you helped her conceive, and that she looked forward to every part of this, even if she didn't have her cutie mark from it just yet.
  1130. >You just ruffle Sweetie's mane calling her cute, and she pouts at you
  1131. >You smile, all the drama settled. Though it was getting late and Rarity had to put Sweetie to sleep soon.
  1132. >They gave their goodbyes and left you with Twilight
  1134. >You just smirk at Twilight, pushing her on her side and going at her teats again.
  1135. >Twilight did anything but stop you, opening her legs as again you had the strangest feeling you were learning things from downing Twilight's milk
  1136. >Just then the door opens and you here a voice call out, greeting 'Twiliy'
  1137. >time stops, and you turn around, a white unicorn with a blue mane, and a pink alicorn standing behind him
  1138. >Twilight way laying there behind you, her legs spread, her stomach as large as even, and everything visible to the two newcomers.
  1139. >You yourself had a bit of milk on your lip as well.
  1140. >Things got worse as Twilight made it apparent how much shit you two were in as she called the stallion before you her brother
  1141. >You just curse, plainly and loudly, having had to deal with Rarity before this and now, Twilight's brother?
  1142. >Celestiadamnitall.
  1144. >You have no idea what to do and stay perfectly still, maybe they'll just go away?
  1145. >The princess, you hear the name Cadence thrown around. Puts her hoof on the stallion's shoulder saying maybe they should come back later.
  1146. >Twilight, took a bit of work, but rolled onto her stomach and started to explain things
  1147. >She fibs, saying you're a hired help to keep her body in it's prime for the foals she was carrying, and that she was performing some surrogacy thing for a nearby lesbian couple.
  1148. >The stallion, who you learn is called Shining Armor glares at you, but accepts the tall, saying they originally came here to ask Twilight for some help, as they were having a … problem of sorts.
  1150. >You stand up as something hits you, and excuse yourself and Twilight, dragging the expectant mare with you downstairs
  1151. >Twilight throws out an excuse that you two had to finish what you started, her milky teats leaving a trail as you enter the basement
  1152. >You look to Twilight, who pushed her head forward expecting a kiss
  1153. >Just then you could feel your aura trying to effect those two, and you wanted to rut both of them, turning Twi's brother into a mare so you could fuck him large and round
  1154. >That was more then enough, you had to get… rid of whatever the hell was in you before you lost yourself to it
  1155. >You tell Twilight all of this, and while she said she didn't mind the idea of adding those two to your harem, she'd help you however you wanted
  1156. >That being said she'd need time to work on a counter measure that would 'cure' you of the compound. And it might leave you vulnerable to other magical mishaps if she wasn't careful
  1157. >You just give 'Twily' the kiss she wanted and thank her
  1159. >You part lips with Twilight as she goes to work
  1160. >You were uncomfortable with all this though, being around so many ponies that you've inadvertently put into heat
  1161. >It was teasing you to much, this power you loved so much was taking over and you needed to get away
  1162. >Without so much as an explanation you rush out the door past the couple, and keep running.
  1163. >You dash past Fluttershy's house, into the dark forest ahead
  1164. >You'd isolate yourself till Twilight could undo this… this curse!
  1165. >You bump into a tree and it takes you out of your thoughts and look up, this being the only light source in the Forrest for miles
  1166. >You enter, a bit confused and call out "Hello?"
  1167. >You found a Zebra of all things, standing beside a large bubbling pot.
  1169. "Come in come in, refuge from the night, I promise you there is no reason to fright."
  1170. >You slowly enter, and realize that even though she's of a different species, she was still breed-able and focus, making sure your aura did not effect her.
  1171. >You explain you were lost in the Forrest and happened upon her house here. after running away from Twilight's house
  1172. "That must have been quite the run, though you seem lost in more ways then one"
  1173. >You sigh this Zebra seemed to see right though you and you admit, you didn't know what to do
  1174. >You had a gift of power, and it was great. You enjoyed using it, but recently it seemed more like a curse then anything
  1175. >You explain how you could force a mare into heat, and give them the need to breed.
  1176. >You loved doing it, and so did they, but recently…. your power spiked and nearly forced all stalions into mares, and at best leaving them infertile
  1177. >More then anything you felt the desires inside you, and you weren't sure if it was you, or the power that wanted all this
  1178. >You just hoped Twi would be able to cure you soon.
  1179. "That is quite the talk you want me to believe, that you can alone make a mare want to conceive"
  1180. "Still with great power comes great risk, and you must ask what you want to become of this"
  1181. "Uncontrolled power is a harmful thing, but if used right, great good it will bring"
  1182. "Power can not control those who are strong, and since you've asked these things, it proves you are not gone"
  1183. "You are still you, of this I have no doubt, So in regards to your power, you should no longer pout"
  1184. >She was right, wasn't she? If you still could resist letting your power turn this zebra before you into a quick horny fuck, then you still were in control.
  1185. >Still the thought comes to you if it's the right thing to do, did you do wrong to Twilight and her friends?
  1187. >You shake your head, no this wasn't a gift
  1188. >This power was using you as a tool, and you'd have no more of it!
  1189. >But… you liked this, and you could control it
  1190. >Still it nagged at you, it taunted you
  1191. >… we can keep it at bay, use it
  1192. >….it's merely using us
  1193. >Thousands of voices filled your head and you screened out for them all to be quiet!
  1194. >You did the same in the real world, spooking Zecora and causing her to stare at you weirdly.
  1195. >You panted, your mind a mess, split in two buy two conflicting forced
  1196. >You had enough, far more then any pony should have to endure.
  1198. >You put your hoof down. No more questioning yourself
  1199. >This power was YOURS
  1200. >You were in CONTROL
  1201. >And you'd have every mare you could ever want kissing your hooves
  1202. >You realize what you were doing and calm down, apologizing to Zecora for your outburst.
  1203. >The Zebra explains that you might have been right before, about the power being too much for you
  1204. >You just shake your head, you were calm now, you were fine
  1205. >Just then Twilight rushes in, well as fast as a overly pregnant unicorn could, starting to ask Zecora a question before she noticed you
  1206. >She stopped talking and quickly hugged you, saying you made her so worried when you disappeared
  1207. >Zecora was left speechless. seeing Twilight so huge and round put some truth behind your stories, and well…
  1208. >You were distracted with Twilight so your grasp on retraining your aura was gone, and Zecora started to smell very good to you.
  1209. >By the time you noticed it was too late, but you didn't care. It'd be a good note to start this new you on.
  1210. >Zecora approached you, and you approached her, telling Twilight that the cure could wait, you had things, and mares to do.
  1211. >Though If Twi wanted to help you do them you had little objection
  1213. >The Zebra says nothing and turns around, throwing her tail to the side, the smell of her sex hitting you in full force
  1214. >There was nothing that could stop you from mounting this bitch, and nothing did.
  1215. >You were soon upon her, slowly sliding your member in and out, causing not only moans from bellow you, but behind you as well
  1216. >Twilight was enjoying the show, and though her hooves couldn't reach beyond her stomach to rub herself, she was a unicorn, and made due, rubbing of of Zecora's bottles against her sex while you pounded away at the potion maker
  1217. >Zecora was nice and accepting, and you figured she's had sex plenty of times before this.
  1218. >But you knew she was not gona last, your  could feel how strong your aura has become, Zecora wouldn't be able to handle her body achy and needy for foals
  1219. >You could of let yourself climax with Zecora, but you wanted to see how long you could hold out, maybe make her beg a bit, as the zebra let out long moan, her juices running out and down both your bodies
  1220. >Twilight though, had enough waiting, and came up behind you, licking your balls and some of your shaft.
  1221. >She really wanted you to cum and fill Zecora up, and well even if you could hold out longer you didn't want to
  1222. >You thrust yourself in all the way, your magic taking in effect as her cervix is opened wide, and unleash your large load
  1223. >You're getting better at this, as Zecora's stomach had a nice bulge in it from your one climax alone.
  1224. >The Zebra though was spent, And Twilight got herself off watching you overfill her friend, and was ready to go home
  1225. >You though. you had a lot to do back in ponyvile.
  1227. >With all said and don you get the two females up on their hooves and announce you're going back to Ponyvile to embrace you fate, and the gift you were given.
  1228. >You tell Zecora you were going to change the town, and would be delighted if she would considered moving into it for his sake.
  1229. >The Zebra just nodded, her eyes in a trace of sorts as she follows you and Twilight home, out of the forest
  1230. >As you approach the outskirts of the town, two familiar faces appear
  1231. >Shineing armor and his wife, worried for Twilight when she went into the woods in her… current state were watching the three of you come back out.
  1232. >You remember this is Twilight's older brother, and it seems he's accepting of Twilight's new girth now, but you remember he or his wife mentioned having a problem
  1233. >You could stay,and try to help, or you could check in on Fluttershy, see how much she's grown.
  1234. >There was of course other mares around town that didn't have your seed sloshing around in them yet, which you needed to fix soon.
  1235. >Choices, choices.
  1237. >You stop briefly, saying you and Twilight had somewhere important to be,
  1238. >But you were interested in hearing what they had to say, if they wanted to follow you
  1239. >The married couple nods, and shining armor explains that… well they've been having trouble conceiving.
  1240. >They wanted twilight's help,, as this was their last shot before they had to ask the princesses for help.
  1241. >The pink princess explains that she's the one who's having the problems in the relationship, and most fertility treatments weren't effective on her because of her alicorn body.
  1242. >This explains something… and raises so many more, You've not excluded her from your aura, and yet you could tell she was unaffected
  1243. >Maybe it was her infertility, maybe it was some alicorn resistance, who knows
  1244. >Twilight mentions she's been doing some experiment recently, as they could tell, that had to do with fertility. And maybe later the two of you could help.
  1245. >First though you arrived at your destination, the local spa
  1246. >You're not sure why you came here, but the smell inside was intoxicating to you and you think lead you here. Such a strong smell of procreation.
  1248. >You calm yourself as you enter, and explain to Cadence and Shining that you are… well to be frank you're the results of Twilight's experiments
  1249. >You ask them both to watch, as you focused your aura on the two spa ponies greeting you
  1250. >The five of you were greeted to watching them go from smiling helpful twins, to horny, musky, needy mares, that started making out on the spa floor
  1251. >You look away, your aura must have a stronger effect when concentrated, you didn't mean for them to go so far…
  1252. >Still it got the message across, and Shinning and Candace looked at you smiling, you were their biggest hope at a family.
  1253. >You nod, not needing them to ask as you focus your aura, imagine Candace full of of life, nice and round
  1254. >You stop a minute after, and ask Candace if she's felt anything
  1255. >The alicorn replies that she felt a slight tingle, but nothing. Seems like your aura didn't have as big of an effect on her, or at all.
  1256. >You needed to find a way to power your aura up if you were going to breed with the princesses like you dreamed you would.
  1257. >Still, something about what Twilight said came to your mind, and you look at Shining Armor,maybe you could still give them the child then wanted.
  1259. >Before you could say anything Twilight gasps loudly
  1260. >She says this is great! Perfect for her experiments, and  rushes out as fast as she could with her stomach dragging along the ground, back to her treehouse.
  1261. >The rest of you follow her, with you doing so reluctantly
  1262. >The spa smelt of a large amount of mares… and it took some effort to take yourself away
  1263. >But this was for Twilight, so..
  1264. >You, Twilight and Candance stood downstairs in the basement, with Twilight prodding the two of you for a few hours,
  1265. >The result was that right now, you couldn't force Cadence to go into heat with your aura because of her medical  infertility, not her status as a alicorn
  1266. >While this was good to know, the two of you asked at the same time if there was anyway you could help Cadence.
  1267. >Twilight says that your aura has been getting stronger over time, though she's not sure if something else has been the cause of that…
  1268. >So if Cadence stays around for a few days, you should be able to help her and shining conceive, hopefully.
  1270. >You pose the question to Twilight, if you being around Shining Armour would help speed up the wait at all
  1271. >She shrugs, not really knowing what would fuel your powers, it could help, but she'd need time to tell.
  1272. >Candace wasn't happy at the idea, and said she'd like to spend the wait with Shining herself, even if it ended up being a bit longer
  1273. >Jheeze looks like someone is clingy.
  1274. >Poor bro.
  1275. >Cadence and her husband took their leave, while Zecora and Twilight made out living arangments.
  1276. >You guess those two would be sharing the treehouse, which made sense it was similar to Zecora's old home
  1277. >Your thoughts went to the other mares you've given foals to, and the fillies as well
  1278. >There was also that intoxicating scent at the spa, and the spa workers who you've put into heat.
  1279. >Then again you could always just go around, putting every mare into heat and have them come to you…
  1281. >You excuse yourself, and make your way around town, before remembering you've agreed to coach dash on how to fly, with her added weight.
  1282. >Trotting towards the direction you saw her house was at, you found a blue shape in the air
  1283. >You're surprised, dash was already flying again, though she was strained a bit while doing so she didn't look like she was going to crash land or anything
  1284. >You watched in amazement as she flipped and rolled in the air, it was basic stuff, but with her body the way it was now plenty difficult.
  1285. >As she landed, out of breath and all sweaty from doing the tricks you've noticed just how big she's become, she must have gotten 'lucky' and w as carrying more then Twilight, as in a day she's caught up to her bookworm friend in size, her stomach dragging along the ground if she walked
  1286. >You great, and startle the flyer, saying she looked good up there
  1287. >Dash's response was to scoff, saying nothing could keep her out of the skies for long, though she expected you to come help her sooner
  1288. >Still she was glad you came here now, She was exhausted, and was in no mood to get back up in the air.
  1289. >She points to a wagon nearby, and wanted you to get her in it, so she didn't have to walk to wherever she wanted to go.
  1290. >Though you're not sure what she had in mind, you brought the wagon over, and got the large bellied pegasus in it, before starting to drag her along.
  1291. >You're not sure where she wanted to go, but you suspected she really wanted to get back to her cloud house, but hasen't been able to fly that high yet.
  1293. >You remember how you pulled down the cloud to get at Dash the first time, and before you left you wanted to try again
  1294. >You concentrate, focusing on the idea of dash's house being lowered, grunting and straining yourself as you could feel it start to move.
  1295. >And it shakes in the air…. but nothing more, you just end up tiring yourself out as Dash wonders why you stopped
  1296. >She said she had a big dinner waiting for her back at the apple farm, and she didn't want to miss it so hurry up
  1297. >You just nod, a little disappointed in yourself for not being able to replicate your feet of magic.
  1298. >But you'd at least make Dash happy, and maybe have some fun between her and Aj as the farm came into view.
  1300. >Apple Jack greeted you two with open hooves, and a table full of food.
  1301. >You and dash enjoyed a nice meal, her more then you, with the apple family
  1302. >Though you felt you enjoyed a lot of the Apple Family's cuisine, the only one who ate less then you was Granny Smith.
  1303. >While everypony was eating though, you chuckled to yourself as you constantly wound up Rainbow and Apple Jack, using your aura to send their hormones into overdrive.
  1304. >You knew it was working, as every time you focused Dash would blush and look away, while the farm pony would let out a moan, excusing herself by saying she's outdone herself with the food this time.
  1305. >By the time the feat was over, and Everyone but you Dash and AJ left for me, you were given kitchen duty, while the two pregnant mares nursed their stuffed selves, rubbing their stomachs and grinning at each other, mumbling about something as you left.
  1306. >When you got back to the kitchen, you were quickly grabbed, and dragged to the guest room that Dash had made her temporary home.
  1307. >Dash locked the door, not that you wanted to leave. You were in the same room as two heavily pregnant, and thanks to you, needy mares
  1308. >From the looks in their eyes you knew this to be true.
  1309. >You look at Apple Jack, who stood on the bed, knowing full well that was the best position you could do her in right now, as her unborn would just make others harder.
  1310. >You turn back to dash, who's barely able to get her hooves around her stomach as she half waddled, half flew next to AJ, taking a position much like her lover's
  1311. >In sync, they flick their tails away, letting out the full strong scent of their marehoods, overwhelming you for a moment as you can't help but moan, you really did rile them up, and chuckle at the thought that you might have made them go into a second heat while pregnant already.
  1312. >You can't hold back a second longer and jump up on the bed over the farm pony
  1313. >You figured dash can wait, and you wanted to know the full Apple Family 'hospitality' for yourself
  1314. >As you plunged in, the apple bucker was as tight, if not tighter then the night you put your seed in her, most likely because her body wanted this badly now.
  1315. >But you wanted more then just sex here, as you reach a hoof down, rubbing the sides of AJ's taunt underbelly, stirring up her unborn into kicking, making her moan louder as you pick up the pace.
  1316. >Dash, as impatient as she was, pulled Apple Jack into a kiss, quieting the mare greatly
  1317. >You continue to experiment, leaning forward and softly, but with pressure biting into the farm pony's neck, leaving her a few hickeys are you repeat it
  1318. >The yellow mare squirms bellow you, letting out muffled moans into her lover's mouth.
  1319. >You're a little disappointed as she cums, and stops moving around so much, tired by just one orgasm.
  1320. >But dash pecks you on the cheek and you remember you still had her to do.
  1321. >You pull out of Aj's slick marehood, and mount yourself over Dash, able to fit your member into her well enough, with how lubricated the farm pony made it.
  1322. >Though she fought a moan, dash taunted you, asking if that was it. She expected you to feel bigger inside her.
  1323. >Guess she was a rough lover, so you might as well pay in kind, thrusting harder, and forcing her face down into the pillows, letting her knew she's felt nothing yet.
  1324. >Finding a hidden pit of strength, you lift yourself and Dash's rear a bit higher, and start literally fucking Dash into the bed itself at a angle, as she's forced to take it, crying out in pleasure into the pillows
  1325. >With ever thrust, you pull out, and pound it into her wet, needy pussy harder and harder, showing the stupid bitch just what you could do.
  1326. >Though at this pace you wouldn't last much longer, having already had finished Apple Jack off, your stamina was running low.
  1327. >It seems though, you out lasted both of them, as the pregnant pegasus was still weak from her flying practice today, and climaxed over you like her lover did before, becoming dazed , and blissful as they laid down together in a post orgasmic wonderland
  1328. >Having a nasty idea, you pull out, and aim your member as you give the few final strokes you need to cum, right over their large round bodies and faces, covering them both with your spunk.
  1329. >Tired yourself, but not wanting to stay, you leave the mares to eachother, letting them have their cuddles and sleep, as you exit the farm, content.
  1331. >You make the long trip back to your hotel
  1332. >You knew better then to stay, Dash and AJ, although were fine with bearing your foals, were lesbians when it counted
  1333. >Not to mention you'd be trying to lay down in a small bed with two large bellied mares
  1334. >It sounded good on paper, but not when you needed sleep
  1335. >You yawn, looking around at all the buildings around
  1336. >You'd need a new mare or two to hit up tomorrow, you were fine with fucking the few you've already did, but you relished for that feeling of your seed being planted deep inside a fertile empty mare.
  1337. >As you thought about it, you were lucky.
  1338. >You lived in a time where mare's greatly out numbered stallions, meaning it wouldn't be too hard to find more to impregnant, even in this small town.
  1339. >You check in, as you remember those twins at the spa you sent into heat, for demonstration
  1340. >You wonder if they were still needy, you doubted they'd be able to satisfy each other alone as you entered your room.
  1341. >As you lie down, and your eyelids grow heavy, you make a mental note to visit them, on the off chance they didn't find another stallion to breed them, they'd be a perfect place to start.
  1343. >You wake up the next day, feeling refreshed and ready to make some more foals, smirking as you shower quickly and make your way to the spa.
  1344. >When you do arrive, and it's crowed with mares, five of them by your count
  1345. >You're a bit confused, and so are the mares, looking at your like you didn't belong there.
  1346. >You started to feel like it, as you notice the sign, a new 'treatment' was being offered to the first couple of mares that wanted it, free of charge.
  1347. >You briefly wonder what it is, but shrug, not really caring
  1348. >You had a ton of mares in front of you now, and they really could use some nice full wombs.
  1349. >You let louse with your aura, and slowly watched as each mare became wet with just your thoughts, their sexes dripping with the need to be breeded, as you knew they were ovulating more then a few eggs
  1350. >The way each mare reacted was fun to watch.
  1351. >Some looked at you, smirking, or blushing
  1352. >Others looked at some of the other mares around
  1353. >One actually started to rub herself right there in public, bringing on the attention of you and everypony else.
  1354. >Still you can't help thinking you might have bitten off more then you could chew, it'd be hard to give all the mares foals in one go.
  1356. >You ignore your fist instinct to start a orgy right then and there, and instead go up to the spa twins.
  1357. >You could tell they were just as, if not more needy then when you left them and smirked, as they eye'd you with lust.
  1358. >You inquired about how much it would cost for a private massage session with the two of them, and they simultaneously said no cost, not for you.
  1359. >You're lead to a small room with the two mares, as the rest of the crowd starts complaining, a little about you cutting the line, more about you leaving without them.
  1360. >You sigh, figuring it wouldn't be to much trouble to take a mare with you, cuts down with what you have to take care of later.
  1361. >A spunky white unicorn was the loudest by far, and you told her to come with you, and you smirked.
  1362. >The twin's would be quick and professional, but with her you'd get nice rough and dirty.
  1363. >The twins lead you and the other unicorn into a room, and all eyes turn to you
  1364. >You were the object of their affection, being the only stallion around, and told the pink spa worker to make out with your unicorn friend
  1365. >The other twin walks with you, as you lie down on your back, on one of the massage chairs, and instruct her to give you the best kind of massage
  1366. >The blue coated mare, starts licking your sheath, slowly bringing out your erection, and licking it up and down.
  1367. >You instruct her to get up on you, and point your member up strait, as she carefully balances herself on her back hooves, and slowly lowers her body onto your dick, letting her marehood softly envelope you till she was sitting on your crotch.
  1368. >You tell her you knew what she wanted, and that she'd have to work for it, you weren't going to do a damned thing
  1369. >The spa worker sighed, but began bouncing on you, thrusting herself up and down your member for you, as you just enjoyed the ride, holding yourself back as she continued to wear herself out.
  1370. >She had a fair amount of stamina, but soon her professional maners are gone, and shes swearing at you, pleading with you to fuck her hard, she was so needy the last few days she was desperate to have you spill your load into her.
  1371. >You smirk, having broken her, and pin her legs, keeping your member deeply wedged in her as it pours your seed into her fertile womb, and she climaxes, feeling her stomach distend with the amount you put in her.
  1372. >You look over to the side and see how the other two are doing, finding that the other sister was eating out the unicorn hard, much to the spunky mare's pleasure.
  1374. >You pull the satisfied spa poni off your dick, announcing to the others that you'll be fucking whichever one of them gets the other to orgasm first.
  1375. >The two are soon struggling, ending up in a 69 position as they eat each other out
  1376. >Unfortunately for the unicorn, the spa pony was more talented, and had already been working on the white furred pony's pussy for awhile, and was the inevitably victor.
  1377. >You tell the spa sister to lay on the table you were just on, flat.
  1378. >She complied, and you smirked once she was on there
  1379. >You're not sure if it was planed, but the height of the table was just so that you could stand on your hind hooves and not have to adjust yourself to push into a marepussy.
  1380. >You do just that, standing up, and easing yourself into the nice wet sex, using your hips mostly to thrust in and out in quick short bursts.
  1381. >The bright pink pony moans, keeping none of the professionalism of her sister, and you reach your hooves down to play with her body where you knew here nipples were.
  1382. >Though they were hidden under her fur, you knew you were in the right spot as her sex tightened around you while you rubbed
  1383. >Soon though, she was done, you knew it wasn't gona be long this time, as she was already halfway there from her time with the unicorn.
  1384. >You grunt, forcing yourself to cum in her, planting a bountiful amount of your seed in her and pulling out.
  1385. >You turn around to see how the last mare was doing, finding her starring at you in the face grinning
  1386. >You just grin back, more then ready for the rough and dirty part.
  1388. >You break the starring contest and yawn, starting to walk out of the room
  1389. >The unicorn runs in front of you, panting, asking what the hell your problem was
  1390. >She continues, asking why weren't you rutting her like the other two right now?
  1391. >You just smirk, and say you're bored now, you had no reason to fuck her, and well.
  1392. >You didn't think she really wanted it
  1393. >The normally spunky loud unicorn growls, before getting on her stomach and kissing your hooves, begging you to give her 'the d' as she called it.
  1394. >You chuckle, and tell her to roll over, as you stand above her.
  1395. >You lay yourself on the white pony, as she scowls at you, hating that you reduced her to a pitiful mare that had to beg for sex… but she need this so she didn't speak up
  1396. >Scooting back, you positioned your member to slide into her slowly, teasing her, not giving her your full force from the get go like the others.
  1397. >She complied, demanding you go faster, but you only pulled out till she started to beg again, and she got the idea
  1398. >You've broken her, as she plays the roll better, whimpering and begging you, as you sped up a bit
  1399. >She forced herself to cry a bit, adding onto the helpless factor that drove you crazy, and you made larger thrusts, pulling out that much more before pounding back in
  1400. >This continued for awhile, though you were to far gone to hold back if she started to bark orders at you again.
  1401. >She was a good girl though, and continued being submissive to your every need, and for that, you gave her the one thing she wanted
  1402. >With a massive thrust, you lodged yourself as deep as you could in her, before cumming, inflating her twice as much with your seed as you did the spa ponies, she deserved it.
  1403. >With that all settled, you pull out, starting to feel tired
  1404. >But there were still four more mares to take care of back in the lobby. Though there was always the option of leaving them for now.
  1406. >You sneak out the back, leaving the mob of horny mares to their own devices for now
  1407. >You needed a little time to recover, so it was off to walk around Ponyvile for a bit.
  1408. >The thought of you getting in trouble for your actions crosses your mind, with the authorities at least.
  1409. >You're sure it won't be too bad if anything pops up, as all the mares you've fucked wanted it one way or another
  1410. >You're more worried about gaining the attention of other cities or the princesses before you're ready to deal with them.
  1411. >That being said, it might be a good idea to have some control over the local law enforcement, as scare as they seemed to be.
  1413. >You walk around aimlessly and happen upon the large fields, where ponyvile grows the majority of it's crops.
  1414. >Seems you, like many others were mistaken to think Sweet Apple Acres was the only farm around
  1415. >Though that was understandable, as the Apple family were the largest farm around, and promoted themselves as such, it's easy to forget about the others.
  1416. >As you look down at all the busy ponies bellow, working away and caring for the large amount of plants and animals, you notice it's primarily males working here.
  1417. >This gives you a grand idea, From what you've observed the law enforcement was very lax here in ponyvile, so… you'd create your own.
  1418. >You yell, and get the attention of everypony working the fields, informing them that things in ponyvile were going to change soon, and you were going to be the one responsible for that
  1419. >To that effect, you needed help, the help of the stallions before you, to feed and care for all the mares you were going to breed
  1420. >Needless to say, they didn't take your words well, most thought you a joke, others were angry as you list off the mares that were expecting your foals.
  1421. >You eye a stallion, small build, brown mane. Which would serve as a perfect demonstration.
  1422. >You focus your aura on him, and he begins to change subtle
  1423. >His facial features become more round, his body, a bit more sleek and thin
  1424. >His hooves get softer, and as he's speaking, everyone could hear his voice change to a higher pitch
  1425. >As you finish, the stallion, now mare swears in a very un-mare-like fashion, cursing you, and trotting off with a big red stallion you vaguely recall as big mac
  1426. >You inform the rest of them, that if they do not work for you, and cater to the needs of anypony expecting your spawn, they'll suffer the same fate, and will be forced to carry your foals
  1427. >This put the fear of god into the field workers, as they went back to what they were doing, at a increased effort
  1428. >Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, someone tipped off the local law enforcement, and a old mare with a grey mane, along with a two guard ponies were approaching you.
  1430. >As the old coot approached you, you can't help but smirk
  1431. >She looked important, and in control of the guards, so if you got her on your side, you'd be free to operate however you wanted.
  1432. >You focus your aura, and cringe, it seemed doing so much with your aura was taxing you, though you start to effect the old mare, she doesn't start worshiping you like the mares nearly did at the spa.
  1433. >Instead she looks at you, blushes, and holds her guards back, approaching you herself.
  1434. >She was still upset, asking why you threatened her townsfolk.
  1435. >You explain they were slacking off, and you were really concerned considering how many new mothers there were, you knew that they were each eating a fair amount of food, and were just concerned.
  1436. >You apologize to the old mayor, saying you're not sure what came over you, and offer to treat her to a nice lunch as part of the apology.
  1437. >The old mare blushes, and laughs softly, waving her guards away as the two of you go back to town.
  1438. >You didn't have the aura send her into heat, maybe she was too old for that, but it did put a bit of it's charm over her, making suggestions easier.
  1439. >You'd have to be careful not to suggest anything to outrageous to her though, as you feared this would break the trace you had her in.
  1441. >As you enjoy a nice lunch with the mayor. you mention that you're doing your best to help the town.
  1442. >You have a gift, and that gift was to turn fillies into mares… and mares into mothers
  1443. >This town was so small, it could be so much bigger, so full of life
  1444. >Not to mention you've never had any mare say no to your offers, so you must be doing something right
  1445. >She agrees with you, but it's still on the fence about it when you're done with your meal.
  1446. >You tell her to give you once more chance, dinner tonight you'll take her to meet one of the mares you've given foals to, and talk to them directly
  1447. >After all their word on how good it feels to be pregnant would be much better then yours
  1448. >You and mayor mare shake on it. and she kisses you on the cheek, before leaving to take care of her duties
  1449. >You on the other hoof now had some time to kill before your second date
  1451. >You decided now would be a good time to check on Pinkie
  1452. >You were understandably concerned, she was such a energetic mare, you're not sure how she'd cope with having a large midsection
  1453. >You rush into Sugar Cube corner, to find it's more or less devoid of ponies, though that's not surprising, lunch rush was over, so everypony was away doing their business elsewhere by this point
  1454. >What did surprise you was the pink pony behind the register, who, as you watched. Swallowed a cake whole.
  1455. >You blink, and do a double take at the sight before greeting her
  1456. >Pinkie smiles and waves, giggling as she said she would have pounced on you as you came in, but she wasn't as light as before
  1457. >As you walk around the counter, you see the damage, Pinkie was pregnant, obviously so. Anypony else would say she should have poped already, looking slightly overdue for a normal pregnancy, but you knew she was only starting.
  1458. >You ask pinkie how she'd feeling, if she needs anything from you.
  1459. >She just laughs and rubs her stomach, saying she's feeling better then she ever has been before, and was excited to be a mom, or a broodmare as you put it to her before
  1460. >She didn't need much from you, but would love it if you'd help her up to bed.
  1461. >You're getting mixed signals, but you kinda think Pinkie's asking you for sex, then again… this is pinkie. Maybe she was just trying to get you to walk into a joke she set up or something
  1462. >You're also not sure if you should accept, not because you didn't like the idea of ramming your dick into that tight marepussy of hers, but because you have a habit of losing track of time, or falling asleep after doing it, and you do have a date later today.
  1464. >You figure it couldn't hurt to see what she wanted with you upstairs.
  1465. >So long as you got out in a timely manor.
  1466. >You help the pregnant pony to her hooves, and then up the stairs to her room.
  1467. >Once in there locks the door, and pushes you onto her bed, before pinning and kissing you
  1468. >This had a obvious effect, as you could feel your member start to poke into her stomach as she laid on you
  1469. >As Pinkie pushed her tongue into your mouth, and takes the kiss to france, you can begin to smell just how needy she was
  1470. >You're not sure why, maybe it was your stronger passive aura, maybe it was the fact she was pinkie
  1471. >But you knew she pined you to her bed with the intention of getting some, and you're not sure if you should let her
  1472. >You take a glance to the clock, Mayor mare would be expecting you in a hour or so
  1473. >Knowing Pinkie she'd last at least a half hour, maybe more before she was satisfied.
  1474. >And you did like how aggressive Pinkie was being with you, and how she embraced her baby bump, rubbing your member against it, easily getting you fully erect.
  1475. >You'd hate to miss your chance of getting the mayor on your side, or worse her wrath for leaving her hanging.
  1476. >You hated choices like these, they were so hard, kinda like you at the moment
  1478. >You couldn't do this, you wanted to fuck pinkie raw, but this wasn't how it should be
  1479. >With a grunt, you manage to get out from under Pinkie, and break the kiss
  1480. >You inform her she's not doing a good job of being a broodmare, that she'd have to wait till you were ready to fuck her.
  1481. >And she'd do so like a good broodmare while you were away and wait right here
  1482. >Before she noticed, you grab her bedsheets with your magic, and tie her down to the bed. Leaving her hooves spread as she's forced to lie on her bloated stomach
  1483. >She plead with you, but you ignored her, walking around her, and out of the room
  1484. >You planed to leave her there till you were done with Twilight and Mayor Mare.
  1485. >To that point you needed to get ready, and leave for your hotel
  1486. >You put on the only suit you owned, after showering of course, which left you with enough time to meet the Mayor at town hall
  1487. >The aged mare smiled, and you could see the fairest hint of a blush on her cheeks
  1488. >She admitted she didn't expect you to dress up, and it's been awhile since she's been out to dinner.
  1489. >Even though she stutters out that it was strictly professional
  1490. >You nod, though you knew otherwise.
  1491. >The two of you make your way to Twilight's library, to surprise her.
  1492. >You wonder if she's grown since you've left her earlier.
  1494. >You knock on the front door, before letting you and the Mayor in, comfortable enough knowing Twilight wouldn't mind the intrusion
  1495. >As you enter behind the older mare, you're stuck in the entrance, as you here her gasp loudly, and stop
  1496. >Looking around her you could easily see why
  1497. >Twilight was proped up on her stomach, unable to reach the ground with her hooves as she laughed awkwardly
  1498. >This changed when she saw your face and you winked at her, saying you brought the mayor over to talk about your 'population plans'
  1499. >Twilight smiles, and invites the mayor over, telling her this was part of you and her's plans to help make the small town a bustling city in a few years
  1500. >This of course required lots of foals, so Twi continued to explain how there we a group of mares, namely her circle of friends, and a few others who volunteered to let their bodies be used for this project
  1501. >Twi then began to go over the details and numbers, impressing the mayor with numbers, as yo quickly grew board.
  1502. >You figured they'd be busy for awhile, and run out to get some food from the local diner, ordering five meals to go, one for you, one for the mayor, and three for Twilight, as you knew of her increased hunger.
  1503. you return, with the two mare's laughing, and you get the idea to try using your aura on Mayor Mare again
  1504. >You focus, feeling her start to get nice and warm down there when the headache strikes again and you're forced to lean on the nearby wall, groaning
  1505. >Twilight, and Mayor Mare turn to you, your sounds of slight pain interrupting their talks
  1506. >Twi asks if you're feeling alright, and you consider telling her about you can't seem to 'focus' lately.
  1508. >You tell Mayor Mare that you and Twilight need to talk about something regarding the experiment.
  1509. >The aged mayor nods, and lets you two talk in private, as she enjoys the dinner you picked up for her
  1510. >You quickly explain to Twilight, you used to be able to focus your aura onto a mare, sending her hormones into overdrive and making them… well lustful horny mares in heat
  1511. >Now you just get a headache
  1512. >Twi, hypothesizes that you have a limit on how often you could do that
  1513. >She said, knowing you. you've already overdone it and will have to wait till tomorrow
  1514. >Well shit, at least you're getting mayor mare to warm up to the idea of her town becoming your pregnant wonderland
  1515. >But if what Twilight said is true you'll have tow a bit about making her part of your fantasy
  1516. >Twilight mentions she would normally offer to do some research, to help you find a way around the problem
  1517. >But she'll have to wait till she gives birth for that.
  1519. >You excuse yourself for the evening, thanking Mayor Mare for her time
  1520. >You leave the two with each other, as they begin chating about… economics or something once more.
  1521. >You though, had a pink pony to attend to
  1522. >You make you way to sugar cube corner, and although it was closing time, the cakes let you in when you mentioned you were a friend of pinkies
  1523. >You smirk widely as the round earth pony is still tied up where you left her
  1524. >Pinkie's eyes go wide, and she smiles when she sees you, as you get up on the bed with her.
  1525. >She giggles a lot as you kiss her, and rub her taunt middle, smiling at you
  1526. >She said she was worried you forgot about her, and was being a good broodmother, she didn't struggle or anything!
  1527. >You just smirk, giving your pet a peck on the cheek, before resting your head down next to her
  1528. >You could smell the need of Pinkie's sex, you knew it would be driving her crazy, but she needed to be put in her place
  1529. >So for tonight, she'd have to rest, tormented by her sexual urges unable to do anything while you slept nearby
  1530. >Needless to say she didn't do well, and she was contently struggling at her bindings all night
  1531. >You though slept like a foal, throughout all the noise and movements.
  1533. >You wake up with the light shining in through the curtains and directly into your eyes.
  1534. >Groaning, you turn over and hug Pinkie's middle, eliciting movement from within.
  1535. >A good bit of it was right in your face, sealing your fate to wake up at this time.
  1536. >Your vision's blurry, but you can easily tell you're looking at Pinkie Pie, since she's all you can see from this view.
  1537. >You adjust yourself to get a better view of the mare.  There's a small puddle of drool on her pillow.
  1538. >There's not really much you have to right now.  You could wake her up.
  1539. >The only questions are how and what to do afterwards.
  1541. >You wonder if Pinkie's breasts are as developed as Twilight's.
  1542. >Taking care not to disturb the mare, you get behind her.
  1543. >You know what you're here to do, but it won't hurt to take in the view for a moment.
  1544. >Her plot's really rounded out.  It takes some resolve not to motorboat her cheeks, but there will be a time for that later.
  1545. >She slept on her stomach.  You would be worried about your foals, but Twilight's belly superceded her and she seemed fine.
  1546. >Finally, you take a look at her teats.  They're not as big as Twilight's, but they're a respectable size, nonetheless.
  1547. >You can't wait to see them, when they get bigger.
  1548. >Time to steal some milk from your kids.
  1549. >You take your time in latching your muzzle around her nipple, tickling it with your tongue a little.
  1550. >This was definitely something unlike Twilight's.
  1551. >This made you feel pretty damn good about yourself.
  1552. >You couldn't help but laugh and grin as you drank, getting milk everywhere after a while.
  1553. >It didn't take long for this behavior to wake Pinkie.
  1554. >When she realized she was in the same predicament as she was in before passing out, all she could do is beg and plead and fight her restraints to shake her rear as seductively as she could.
  1555. >You're tempted to give her what she wants, but you're not sure she's learned her place yet.  You could mount her, tease her, unleash some more magic on her, or any number of other things.
  1556. >It's not like she had a say in the matter.
  1558. >You grab Pinkie's firm rump to steady her.  The scent of her musk is pretty thick by now.
  1559. >Your face is close enough to stimulate her with your breath, which you do for a while.
  1560. >Leaning forward, you start rubbing her belly and ask her if she's ready to be yours and only yours, if she's ready to be a good broodmare and do whatever you say.
  1561. >She nods violently.  Her breathing's pretty heavy and her legs are shaking.  She's putty in your hooves.
  1562. >You slowly get some more milk and, content with her answer, hop off and say that you'll need to make sure of that.
  1563. >You tell her you'll come back later today today and give her what she wants, if she's been good.
  1564. >You would've added something like `no masturbating', for fun, but you don't think she could even do that anymore.
  1565. >It's not like you'd be able to tell anyways.
  1566. >Your magic unties her after you close the door and descend the stairs.
  1567. >Your magic may have also riled her up a bit further.  You really want to see how far you can push her.  Besides, sex with a huge, sexually frustrated Pinkie sounds fun.
  1568. >You haven't tried her out since knocking her up.
  1569. >As you get to the lobby, your nose is filled with various sweet aromas coming from the kitchen.
  1570. >You can see the couple that owns this place getting their product ready for the day.
  1571. >Getting a good view of the lady of the house, you could see yourself having a threesome with them.
  1572. >You're imagining the three of you having sex and realizing how easy it would be to change the yellow one into a mare in the middle of sex and fuck him once you're done with his wife.
  1573. >You're getting hard just thinking about it, but it's not like you can use Pinkie right now.  She wouldn't learn anything that way.
  1574. >You can probably hide it until you find someone to share it with.
  1575. >Stepping outside into the warm dawn, you know just the pony you'll go to.
  1577. >It doesn't take long for you to arrive at the yellow pony's place.
  1578. >You knock.
  1579. >Just like last time, nopony answers the door.
  1580. >You knock again and let her know who it is.
  1581. >She tells you to come in, if that's what you want.
  1582. >You smirk upon entering, admiring your work.
  1583. >She's not close to being as big as she was with just your cum, but she will be soon.
  1584. >Her belly's not dragging the ground yet either, but it's already about twice her width.
  1585. >She tells you how she's been eating plenty and that her animals have been a great help.
  1586. >You weren't really listening much.
  1587. >You ask her if she'd turn around for you.
  1588. >Blushing, she obliges.  Looking back at you only turns her redder.
  1589. >You seductively ask her what her plans are for today.
  1590. >She tells you that today's when she and Rarity go to the spa.  Apparently, it's something they've been doing for a long time.
  1591. >Huh, you weren't really expecting an answer.
  1592. >You could go to the spa, but your erection wasn't getting any easier to hide.
  1594. >You tell her that you'd love to go, but you need help with a big problem first.
  1595. >She asks what it is and blushes as you turn to your side to give her a view.
  1596. >You ask her if she's been thinking about this too.
  1597. >She can only hide behind her hair and blush.
  1598. >Her rear's already facing you, so it's easy to walk up to her and stroke her hindleg.
  1599. >You do wish she'd say something though.
  1600. >You tell her that you don't want to do anything without her consent, so she'll need to tell you exactly what she wants you to do to her.
  1601. >You wait for a response, noticing a small puddle that has formed at the point where her tail hits the floor.
  1602. >Eventually, she kneels and moves her tail out of the way, presenting herself to you.
  1603. >You're about to take what you can get and mount her, but she speaks up.
  1604. >She tells you how she's never had a pony give her oral and was wondering if you would.
  1605. >You can't remember if you've ever gone down on a mare before.
  1606. >Looking at the entrance to her temple, it winks back.
  1607. >Well, you were always told, `if it smells good, eat it'.
  1608. >You lean in and inhale the smell of her arousal, only making you harder.
  1609. >You immediately stick your tongue inside of her as far as you can, pressing your lower lip to her clit and your nose to other sensitive areas.
  1610. >Eeeps and moans start to fill the room.
  1611. >You start to rub the parts of her beautiful mound that you can get to.
  1612. >Your and Fluttershy's children start to change the shape of her middle, adding to the moaning and causing her to start moving her ass from side to side, causing more movement.
  1613. >A minute later, her eyes roll back into her skull and she squirts in your mouth.
  1614. >You involuntarily swallow it all.  It doesn't taste all that bad.
  1615. >Goddamn does it make you feel scared though.
  1616. >You mount her, getting closer to her than usual.  You feel like a foal that wants its mother.
  1617. >She tells you that if you could bite her or something, it would be nice.
  1618. >The feeling of fear slowly goes away as you continue to plow her and apply a sloppy hickey.
  1619. >You continue to disrupt your children, being able to feel some of their movement with your head.
  1620. >While you enjoy being the alpha male, you wonder if the mares are enjoying themselves more than you.
  1621. >Are you really the one who's winning here?
  1622. >Your thoughts are disrupted as your balls inch closer to your rod.
  1623. >Fluttershy cums again and you follow shortly after, coating her womb and connected passages with your thick cum.
  1624. >There's a decent sized mess as you pull out.
  1625. >Fluttershy ignores it and finishes getting her stuff ready for the spa.
  1626. >You're about to step outside the door with her, but look back at the mess, wondering how she keeps the place so clean if she's this carefree.
  1627. >You see various small animals licking up your and Fluttershy's ejaculates.
  1628. >You retch and leave, closing the door behind you.
  1630. >It's no longer dawn and more ponies are out and about.
  1631. >Several of the stallions shoot you angry looks.
  1632. >Fuck them, you're going to the spa.
  1633. >As you arrive, you're greeted by the spa twins, both of whom are sporting slight bumps, courtesy of you.
  1634. >They explain that Rarity's been waiting for Fluttershy so that they could decide on what they want to do for this visit.
  1635. >They wink and add that while you don't have appointment, an exception can be made.
  1636. >The four of you enter the room Rarity's wating in.
  1637. >She's fallen asleep and there's a small puddle of drool near her head.
  1638. >The spa twins were going to wake her up gently, but you ruin their plans as you halfway yell her name.
  1639. >She jolts awake and quickly wipes her mouth.
  1640. >Seeing you, she remarks that Fluttershy doesn't need to give an excuse for why she was late.
  1641. >You smirk at this and Fluttershy once again retreats behind her hair.
  1642. >Rarity says that since you're around, it would spice things up to let you decide what they do as a group for their visit.
  1643. >The spa twins tell you about the mudbaths, steam rooms, massages, facials, hot tubs, and then you stopped listening.
  1644. >There's probably not much point in listening.  It's probably just standard spa stuff anyways.
  1646. >You start playing some music in your head and stare at some far off detail to distract yourself.
  1647. >When you notice that they've stopped talking, you start wondering about what you actually want to do here.
  1648. >You've never been to a steam room before, so you mention that that sounds nice.
  1649. >It takes a small while to get there, with two heavily pregnant mares following and two pregnant mares leading, but you all eventually get there and step inside.
  1650. >Rarity and Fluttershy are unable to sit upright like you and choose to lie down on their sides on either side of you.
  1651. >The other two start pouring water into basins or whatever and steam starts to fill the room.
  1652. >The room starts to get pretty warm.  You wonder how warm it is to the mares, since you've heard pregnancy makes the body warmer or something like that.
  1653. >With the treatment taking its toll, you start sweating out all of the impurities you've built up.
  1654. >You can't help but notice some other, more pleasant smells floating around in the room after a time.  It smells like half of how rough sex smells.
  1655. >You notice that you're beginning to chub.
  1656. >It doesn't help that both of your broodmares have their sweet, round rears pointed towards you as they talk animatedly about something you know you don't care about.
  1657. >Not wanting to sport a boner just yet, you try using your magic to kill it.
  1658. >Surprise.  It doesn't work, so you try thinking about other things.
  1659. >You ask the pink one if the three of you could have a couple's massage after this, but, you know, for three ponies.
  1660. >She says that's fine and a dip in the hot tub after that would also help get rid of any bad smells afterwards.
  1661. >You wouldn't really call the smells bad, but whatever.
  1662. >Satisfied and distracted enough to no longer be aroused, you close your eyes, lean back, and enjoy the rest of the steam's effects.
  1663. >Your woken up by a hoof on your shoulder.
  1664. >The blue one had woken you up, when it became apparent that you weren't getting up on your own to go the massaging area.
  1665. >Yawning and stretching, you eventually stagger to the appropriate room and lay down on your stomach on one of the massage tables, noticing Rarity and Fluttershy lying on their sides on the adjacent tables.
  1666. >The blue and pink one seem to be the only staff, but they manage to relax the three of you by taking turns.
  1667. >You close your eyes again, but don't fall asleep.
  1668. >You're thinking of what you should do later today.
  1669. >You could use your magic to excite these relaxing mares.
  1670. >You could visit Twilight and see about her brother and princess bright colors.
  1671. >You should probably do something about getting that gray mayor on your side, eventually.
  1672. >So many decisions, but you could care less.  You're getting a massage and it feels great.
  1673. >Your body's relaxation isn't really affected by your mental predicament all that much.
  1675. >Well, you know what you'll do.  It can take a minute though.
  1676. >You begrudgingly force yourself off of the table, once whichever twin servicing you switched to somepony else.
  1677. >You stretch yourself out with your rump in the air.
  1678. >Rarity whistles at you.
  1679. >You shake it a bit and chuckle, before telling them that you'll need to go and do some things in a moment.
  1680. >Before any of them can ask specifics, you walk up to Rarity and ask her if she's happy with her size.
  1681. >She smiles at her midsection and rubs her hoof in little circles around it as she tells you how much she enjoys being your broodmare.
  1682. >You're getting a little excited hearing her go on and on about it.
  1683. >When she's done, you smirk and walk over to Fluttershy and ask her the same thing.
  1684. >Fluttershy stutters out a similar response to Rarity's, while keeping one of her hooves laying on her large mound.
  1685. >They both enjoy being your broodmare and say it feels great to have all of those foals inside of them squirming around.
  1686. >That's hot.
  1687. >You happen to mention that Fluttershy's belly already rivals Rarity's, but Fluttershy hasn't been pregnant as long.  You point out how obvious it is that she'll be much bigger.
  1688. >Fluttershy's blushing while hiding her face behind her wings.
  1689. >Looking at Rarity, her face is scrunched in distaste with what you've just said.
  1690. >She reminds you of your promise to make her your biggest broodmare.
  1691. >You smile and pat her large side, causing her and your children to squirm.
  1692. >Fluttershy just whispers some apology for being so large.  Silly mare.
  1693. >You tell Rarity that you'll just have to try again, but you make sure to explain how it's her fault for not releasing enough eggs at the time.
  1694. >She's still unhappy, but she won't wait long to try again.
  1695. >You give them both pecks on their muzzles, tell them to enjoy themselves, and leave the room, flashing some magic on the twins on the way out.
  1696. >You hear moaning by the time you exit the building.
  1698. >It's time to plan some fun stuff.
  1699. >Sexy stuff.
  1700. >Still, important things take priority.
  1701. >Let's see.  The mayor, mare, would probably be the best first stop.
  1702. >You've already shown how what you're doing is okay by Twilight, in addition to whatever Twilight told her.
  1703. >Still, it couldn't hurt to give a few other examples.
  1704. >You know exactly what to do.
  1705. >Town Hall's easy enough to get to and the mayor is in, you'll just have to wait around for a minute.
  1706. >You just stare at the clock.  There's nothing better to do.
  1707. >Eventually, the door open and some stallions walk out looking angry.
  1708. >That's your cue.
  1709. >While unexpected, she seems happy enough to see you.
  1710. >You ask her how the conversation with Twilight went last night.
  1711. >Apparently, it went well, with Twilight outlining the supposed plans and the like.
  1712. >She said she'd like to learn more about the project as soon as it would be convenient.
  1713. >You explain how you were planning a party that would have all of the pregnant mares at it, tomorrow, and that she was also invited.
  1714. >She says that she looks forward to hearing from the other mares.
  1715. >You're about to leave, when she stops you to let you know something.
  1716. >Apparently, the group of stallions that just left had some choice things to say about you.
  1717. >They had said that you were trying to end them and even turned their friend into a mare.
  1718. >The mayor hasn't been able to meet the supposed stallion-to-mare, but she was a little concerned, since the story had been the same across the group.
  1719. >You tell her that more than a few stallions, who happened to work at the farms, tried to join the breeding project, but had all been turned down one way or the other.  They're just mad.
  1720. >The mayor ponders for a moment, before accepting what you've said, from what you can tell.
  1721. >She'll get to the bottom of things and looks forward to your party.
  1722. >Smiling, you see yourself out.
  1724. >This party needs to go perfectly.
  1725. >You know just the mare for the job.
  1726. >Well, you were going to have her do it beforehand, but now, well, you're still going to have her do it.
  1727. >Sugarcube corner comes into view soon enough.
  1728. >The lunch rush either hasn't happened yet or it's already passed; either way, it's fairly quiet in the little bakery.
  1729. >The tall yellow one is cleaning the counter.
  1730. >You ask and are told that Pinkie's in the kitchen.
  1731. >You don't ask for permission to go back there, but you're not stopped, so whatever.
  1732. >Pinkie's stirring something in a bowl.  Her body's at an odd angle that has the lower part of her belly resting on the floor with the upper part being used to help hold the bowl in her arms.
  1733. >Her butt's in the air a good bit.
  1734. >You've been wanting to motorboat those cheeks for a while, so you creep up on her and do so, also blowing a loud raspberry in it.
  1735. >Fuck her musk is heavy.
  1736. >As expected, Pinkie tenses up before quickly turning her upper body to look upon the offender at her ass.
  1737. >Her expression soon turns to one of seduction and she sways her hips while mixing and looking at you seductively.
  1738. >You reluctantly remove your head and ask her if she's got any plans for tomorrow.
  1739. >She smiles a little and tells you that she doesn't.
  1740. >You smile back and explain the party and how you need her to plan it.
  1741. >She opens her mouth, before closing it and thinking for a bit longer.
  1742. >She looks back down to the bowl and tells you that she'll plan the party for you.
  1743. >She's certainly sad, but you know how to fix that.
  1744. >You position yourself behind her and tell her that she's been a very good broodmare.
  1745. >Good broodmares deserve a nice, rough dicking.
  1747. >You start to rub your length across her backside in little circles, rubbing your precum into her fur.
  1748. >She moans as you start applying a hicky, while moving your member directly below her dripping nethers, slowly rubbing them against each other.
  1749. >This goes on for a few minutes, until your stallionhood is soaked and Pinkie's drooling into the mixing bowl.
  1750. >You orient her on her abdomen, with her nethers at a better angle.
  1751. >She sets the bowl in the sink for now and grips the counter, bracing herself.
  1752. >You slowly push yourself inside.  Pinkie exhales and loses some tension.
  1753. >When you're about halfway in, when you decide to pull yourself out to the tip, before slowly easing yourself back in a bit more.
  1754. >Pinkie's moaning by now.
  1755. >You do this until your hips connect.
  1756. >Then, you quickly pull out and ram your dick into Pinkie as fast and hard as you can.
  1757. >Pinkie screams, but it's a good scream.
  1758. >You keep on plowing your garden as well as you can, when you hear the door open.
  1759. >That yellow guy is staring at you, but you don't stop.
  1760. >You think you were in the way of whatever he came back here for, but he just leaves without doing anything.
  1761. >You're about to blow, but Pinkie isn't done yet.
  1762. >You start nibbling on her back, right on her spine, and work your way up to her neck.
  1763. >With another scream and a throwing back of the head, her insides choke your dick and splash yellow all over you.
  1764. >Now it's your turn to finish.
  1766. >You bite your lip and double your efforts.
  1767. >You begin to feel the all so familiar buildup and you thrust harder.
  1768. >Pinkie's still in her own little afterparty.
  1769. >You roar and let loose.
  1770. >Hell yeah.
  1771. >It's easy enough to slip out after a minute or so.
  1772. >You motion to leave the kitchen, but ask Pinkie about the party before you do.
  1773. >She starts mixing again and yells some cheery remark.
  1774. >You didn't really catch the specifics, but it seems good enough.
  1775. >You leave the kitchen and strut towards the door.
  1776. >The yellow one and the blue mare call out to you.  They start lecturing you.
  1777. >Blah blah, the kitchen isn't an appropriate place for that, blah blah, Pinkie has a room, blah blah, we make food there.
  1778. >You give a halfassed apology and tell them that, since it's their building, they can join in next time.
  1779. >Running out, before they can respond, you look around and ponder on your next course of action.
  1780. >Your mares will need to know about the party.
  1781. >You see the CMC playing a ways off on the other side of town.
  1782. >You could get them to help you spread the word, but they'd probably want to go to.  You're not so sure if that's a good idea.
  1783. >There's still plenty of hours left in the day to tell all of them yourself, but it would be a pain.
  1785. >It's certainly worth seeing how they're doing, at the least.
  1786. >Applebloom is the first to notice you and the others soon follow sort and waddle your way.
  1787. >Scootaloo meets you first, since she can still manage to ride her scooter, barely.
  1788. >Her belly takes up most of the board, leaving her back hooves to slip occasionally with her belly keeping her on.
  1789. >They all smile and tell you how their pregnancies have been going.
  1790. >Surprisingly, they haven't had any luck in getting their cutie marks yet.
  1791. >You're invited to come back to their clubhouse to help, but you decline and explain that you were just checking up on them.
  1792. >They frown for a moment, but decide to offer you feels of their foal bumps.
  1793. >You use your head to feel around halfheartedly.
  1794. >It wasn't very eventful, but you know there is far more than one of yours in each of the little fillies.
  1795. >Then they started asking what you were doing that was preventing you from being with them.
  1796. >They sounded more than a little jealous.
  1797. >You simply explain that it's a private matter.
  1798. >Apple bloom decided to pull the "I'm carrying your foal" card and the others quickly followed.
  1799. >You weren't going to have any of that.
  1800. >You tell them that it's still a private matter.
  1801. >You change the subject and ask them about how their classmates have been treating them.
  1802. >Pregnant fillies weren't a common sight, although that would soon change because of you.
  1803. >Apparently, their growing bumps were enough proof for most that they weren't virgins anymore.
  1804. >Their classmates still wanted to meet you though.
  1805. >They ask you if you would tomorrow.
  1806. >You probably won't be able to make time tomorrow, so you'll have to figure that out later.
  1807. >You tell them that you'll find them at some point and give them the details then.  They'd probably just be in their clubhouse so it shouldn't be hard to find them.
  1808. >They smile and you take that as your invitation to leave, but they seem to have one more thing to say.
  1809. >They look at each other and blush before asking if they can have a kiss goodbye.
  1810. >That was more than a little unexpected, although it's not unlikely that they haven't had their first kisses yet.
  1811. >You found that to be more than a little funny.
  1812. >No pony was watching and it wasn't really hard to connect the dots at this point though, especially with everything else you've been doing.
  1813. >You give the three of them some quick little pecks on the fronts of their muzzles.
  1814. >They giggle and you finally start to leave.
  1815. >Fillies are so easy to please.
  1816. >You decide to go to Dash's house first.  She's probably been able to get up to it by now.
  1817. >As you approach the fluffy abode, you see that it's been changed a small amount since your last visit.
  1818. >There's a few ropes with stakes that have been used to secure the house closer to the ground, presumably to make it easier for Dash to get to.
  1819. >Still, it's far too high for you to reach.
  1820. >You dig your hooves into the dirt and focus your magic on the house.
  1821. >Is the third time the charm?
  1822. >Apparently not.
  1823. >This isn't going to be easy.
  1824. >You don't even know if she's home right now.
  1826. >Oh well, you'll come back later.
  1827. >Who's next on your list?
  1828. >That's a trick question.  You don't have a list.
  1829. >Which one of your broodmares is closest to where you are right now is the real question you should be asking.
  1830. >The hills around Dash's house can make it a little difficult to tell which direction the town is if you're directly underneath the place.
  1831. >Luckily, you're still on the side that leaves the town in plain sight.
  1832. >Anyways, her home is on the edge of Ponyville so you'll need to pass through town to get to your other broodmare's homes, as it is.
  1833. >Pinkie Pie's the only one you've told so far and you can't get to Dash yet.
  1834. >That leaves Rarity and Fluttershy, who may still be at the spa, and Applejack and Twilight, both of them are probably still where you saw them last.
  1835. >That tree's basically in the middle of town.  You'll just go there first.
  1836. >You notice that you feel pretty good after a little while in that spa.  You pop your joints as you clop down the dirt path back to the heart of the town.
  1837. >You pass by Sugarcube corner on your way.  You wonder why you didn't go to Twilight's first.
  1838. >Meh.  You would've had to go by Dash's at some point anyways.  It's not your fault she wasn't there.
  1839. >Maybe she was there.  She could've just been sleeping.
  1840. >Come to think of it, you didn't try yelling for her or anything.
  1841. >It probably isn't a good idea to yell about a party though.
  1842. >It doesn't take long for you to imagine that lazy mare passed out on her side.
  1843. >She's probably gotten used to your foals moving around inside of her by now.
  1844. >Adding that foal movement to your little daydream has you getting more than a little excited.
  1845. >It must be nice to be able feel that.  Getting fucked with that going on at the same time must feel great.
  1846. >You bet she could probably get off just on that.  You'd have to maybe try that at some point.  You know you could rile her up with it.
  1847. >Your thoughts are interrupted by your head colliding with Twilight's door, again.
  1848. >Celestia Damn it all.  That fucking hurt almost as bad as the first time you did it.
  1849. >At least you're not unconcious again.  The day isn't so young anymore.
  1850. >There's still plenty of time to get to all of your herd.
  1851. >You rub your head and test your horn by knocking on the door with your magic.
  1852. >You're lucky horns are thick.
  1853. >That little dragon is the one to greet you this time.
  1854. >He starts to say something, but you don't care about what he has to say, so you interrupt him and ask for Twilight.
  1855. >The dragon points to his left and steps aside, allowing you entrance.
  1856. >The door's closed behind you and you see Twilight and zecora resting on their sides; apparently they were reading some books.
  1857. >Twilight's all but hidden by her sizely side.
  1858. >Zecora's getting there.  Her midside's still a nice thickness already.
  1859. >You ask Twilight if she'd be fine with having a party here tomorrow, on the account of you planning and inviting people to that party without telling her until now.
  1860. >She frowns at you.  You reassure her that both her and Zecora are invited.
  1861. >Taking a more serious tone, you explain the situation with the mayor and those worker stallions.
  1862. >Twilight gives you a sultry look when you get to the part where you turned one of the stallions into a mare.
  1863. >When you're done explaining, Twilight and Zecora are both ready for your party.
  1864. >Twilight calls you irresponsible, but also pretty sexy; you can live with that.
  1865. >With that settled, you begin to leave, explaining that you still need to invite the others.
  1866. >It's then that you remember that you had been meaning to ask Twilight about the strange variation in your magical ability.
  1867. >Why is that you could move Dash's house so easily before, but you haven't been able to do it since?
  1868. >It was finally fresh in your mind when you were around her, so now's the time to ask.
  1869. >Twilight explains that she'd need to find a way to do some tests, after she asks some more questions first.
  1870. >You look outside and wonder how much time you'll have to do this.
  1871. >Spike overheard this and offered to tell the others for you.
  1872. >He looked pretty eager to leave.  You probably would too if you were caring for two heavily pregnant mares.
  1873. >Still, you're not sure you can trust a fuckup like him.
  1875. >In fact, you know you can't trust a fuckup like him.
  1876. >Sorry Spike, you're stuck here for now.
  1877. >You tell the little dragon as much, albeit in a nicer manner since Twilight's right beside you.
  1878. >He sighs and goes back to whatever it is he was doing in a different room.
  1879. >Poor little guy.  He's probably been rubbing hooves and serving food all day.
  1880. >It'll only be worse when the foals are born.
  1881. >You'll have to give him a break tomorrow.
  1882. >It's going to be a pain in the ass to care for all of those hugely pregnant mares in such a small area.
  1883. >Still, that's future Anon's problem.
  1884. >You give Twilight and Zecora a kiss before taking your leave.
  1885. >It's still nice out as you walk through the town that's managed to have such a profound effect on your life.
  1886. >You look around at the variety that manages to exist here.
  1887. >It's really not as bad as you thought when you first came to this place.  It's actually a pretty nice place to live.
  1888. >Little foals play in the streets and laugh with each other.
  1889. >Soon it will be your foals all over the town.
  1890. >The thought puts a smug grin on your face as you walk by.
  1891. >You take your time walking down the dirt trail to the serene Apple farm.
  1892. >It's not often nowadays that you take some time to enjoy the scenery like you are right now.
  1893. >In fact, you can't remember ever really doing that.
  1894. >You've been more concerned with fucking everything for the past week.
  1895. >You inhale deeply, taking in the cool air and relaxing a little further.
  1896. >The air smells like Apples.  This works to remind you of Applejack's scent.
  1897. >Well, now you're more than a little horny.
  1898. >You've only had sex twice today but it looks like you have time to fix that and not fuck up your plans if you play your cards right.
  1899. >You make your way across the main space of the farm to the large barn/house.
  1900. >Gently rapping on the door with your magic, you wait to be let in.
  1901. >You hear movement from inside the building slowly make its way towards you.
  1902. >It's Applejack who answers the door, her gravid middle that you've inflicted preventing her from stepping outside.
  1903. >You wonder how she even got in.  You can't recall any of the doors of this house being wide enough for her.
  1904. >Has she even left after getting this much bigger?
  1905. >Your train of thought is wrecked by Applejack asking you if you came by to have dinner with them again.
  1906. >Apparently, Granny Smith is interested in getting to know you better, which makes sense considering the effect you've had on her family tree.
  1907. >You've added several thick branches to that tree.
  1908. >Hell yeah.  You're awesome.
  1909. >You could always go for free food, but you tell her what you came here to say.
  1910. >Even after your explanation, Applejack tells you that she won't be able to go.
  1911. >After some prodding, she explains how work has piled up without her being able to help and how she's doing everything she is able to do to try and make up for it.
  1912. >Which is a shame for you, really.  It's probably not absolutely necessary that Applejack come, but it certainly couldn't hurt.
  1913. >You also feel more than a little guilt at having caused all of this without even knowing it would happen.
  1914. >You're at a loss for what to do.  Your other mares wouldn't have these problems, but Applejack is a laborer.
  1915. >The sun tells you that there's still plenty of time in the day.
  1916. >Even then, it's not as if you couldn't tell your mares a ways after sundown or even tomorrow.
  1917. >You put your right forehoof up to your chin and scratch it while you stand there, deep in thought.
  1919. >Well, you feel bad about putting Applejack in this position.  You tell her as much.
  1920. >You ask her how you can help and she informs you that the main strain is the apple bucking she can't do anymore.
  1921. >That doesn't sound too bad.  You can help with that.
  1922. >Applejack points you to the orchard that Big Mac is currently working in.  It's nearby, so you trot over slowly.
  1923. >You follow the sound of hooves against wood and soon find the large stallion as he finishes emptying a tree.
  1924. >Finding a tree with empty buckets under it, you position yourself, bring your hindlegs up, and buck the tree with all your might.
  1925. >Big Mac looks at you briefly as you double over in pain and try not to cry.
  1926. >Fuck this.  You're not an Earth pony.  You have a better way to do this.
  1927. >Your horn lights up and starts plucking apples before gently setting them in their baskets.
  1928. >You're still sprawled on the ground when you finish picking from the tree.
  1929. >Big Mac had already finished a few more in that time, but at least you were helping.
  1930. >You were a bit surprised when he started talking to you.
  1931. >It was short, but in short, he wanted to know how you turned some Caramel into a mare.
  1932. >That must have been the stallion's name.  You wonder if he's bothered to change it.
  1933. >You wonder what you would call yourself if you were a mare.
  1934. >You can't really think of anything.  There's not really anything you can do with anon to make it more feminine.
  1935. >Anyways, you explain to Big Mac that it's just something you learned how to do recently.
  1936. >You jokingly go ahead and tell him that you're thinking your cutie-mark may be about fertility whenever you get it.
  1937. >He doesn't quite see the connection between turning stallions into mares and fertility.
  1938. >You stand up and start on your second tree as you vaguely explain how every of-age stallion in Ponyville is infertile.
  1939. >That had him stop his bucking for a second.
  1940. >Before you could turn to him, he had your horn between his forehoof and the tree you were picking from.
  1941. >You would try to use magic and he'd apply some pressure.
  1942. >When you calmed down and stopped squirming, he had one thing to say:
  1943. "You tellin' me I ain't ever gonna have foals of my own?"
  1944. >Frightened, you told him that wasn't true at all.
  1945. >He asked how and you told him that he'd have to let go if he ever wanted to find out.
  1946. >Eventually, your horn was free and you jumped back.
  1947. >You told him that every mare in Ponyville and Equestria itself would carry your foals.
  1948. >If he wanted foals of his own, they'll also be yours.
  1949. >He just stared, so you continued.
  1950. >Hadn't he ever wondered what it was like to be a mare?
  1951. >Hadn't he ever wanted to experience the things they get to?
  1952. >Wouldn't he prefer it that way with how things were now?
  1953. >There wasn't much point in being a stallion when that meant infertility and every mare flocking to you.
  1954. >His gruff one-syllable reply was in the affirmative, so you told him to turn around and flick his tail to the side.
  1955. >You could swear the stallion had tears in his eyes, but you couldn't tell before he turned around.
  1956. >You had been horny since you got here and it's not like it would be gay for much longer.
  1957. >You better get started before he changes his mind though.
  1958. >You mount the red pony and slowly ease yourself in.  He was ever so slightly looser than the first and last time you did this.
  1959. >You kept things slow and made sure Big Mac would get something out of it this time.
  1960. >Giving a little reach-around with magic was easy enough.
  1961. >You were using the rest of your magic to change Big Mac.
  1962. >You could swear that with each thrust, his hips got bigger, his plot a little fuller, his hair a little smoother.
  1963. >It felt great.  `He' had a tight grip around you as each thrust and change rocked his body.
  1964. >After not that long, your magic was losing its grip on `him'.
  1965. >You pulled out and thrust yourself against his receding privates.
  1966. >As soon as as her new self could take you, you changed your angle slightly and thrust yourself inside.
  1967. >It was probably incredibly sensitive, because she couldn't contain herself after that and screamed in pleasure with each thrust.
  1968. >With one step done, your magic worked to make her fertile and give her what she wanted.
  1969. >You knew your magic opened her fresh cervix without you even trying.
  1970. >You gave the last thrust your all before exploding inside of her, screaming with the mare.
  1971. >After a few minutes, you went limp enough to pull out.
  1972. >You don't know why, but you noticed one last tree that needed picking.
  1973. >Stumbling over to it, you started picking it clean so you could leave.
  1974. >You're not very alert right now, so you don't hear any crying.
  1975. >When you finish and turn around, however, the newly made mare was where you left her on the ground.
  1976. >It was obvious that she was fighting back tears, poorly.
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