DASQ Troop Maker

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  1. Biomass and Metal:
  2.     Biomass is the unit used for created reconstructed soldiers, B
  3.     Metal is the unit used for creating weapons and upgrades, M
  5. Reconstructed Units:
  7. Combat:
  9.     Talons: Humanoid creations of dry bone and chitin, Talons are eyeless hunters possessing sharp teeth and wicked talons. Nimble, lightly-armored melee troops that rely on their speed and mass numbers to take down enemies. They typically equip light weapons. Cost: 5B
  11.     Stingers: Similar to the Talons but heavier armorerd and slower Stingers are the ranged footsoldier of the Reconstructed. Able to wield most of the Necrotic Armadas weaponry Stingers fill in many roles in combat as an all around fighter. Cost: 5B 2M
  13.     Trolls: Large hunched humanoid units with heavy armor and a narrow angular skull with powerful scissor-like jaws. Typically they provide cover for weaker units with heavy weapons fire and shields. They can opt to carry a melee weapon instead, fighting on the front lines or in boarding actions to overwhelm enemy forces. Cost: 12B 3M
  15.     Shock Trooper Troll: Taking the already vicious Troll and making it even deadlier the Shock Trooper lives up to its name by wielding powerful electrical currents through it's Vibroblades and Spears or unleashing the fury of a small storm through a lightning gun. Powerful combatants they are most at ease in melee combat with their axes, cleaverswords and halberds channeling the power surging through them. Berserker glands and bladed armor make them a nightmare for those that must fight them in the tight confines of ship corridors. Cost: 18B 18M
  17.     Molten Troll: The heavy armor of this troll resembles half-cooled magma as they radiate an intense internal heat. Their Geokinetic crystalline core allows them to gather stone and metal to form shields while typically wielding Molten Blades. They are also capable of spitting a glob of melted metal, the Trolls often gathering scrap to feed on even in the middle of combat.
  19.     Cyclops: Similar to the Talons these units possess the Cyclopean Gaze adaptation and powerful venomous Spine Caster weapons. Able to track over long distances this nimble unit circles the battlefield searching for opportunities to line up shots and provide recon on troop movements. Most effective when paired with Gargoyle units. 6B 3M
  21.     Shadow: A stealthy and fast creation, the Shadows rely on their advanced jump-packs to leap from ship to ship in boarding actions or to move silently and quickly on planet. With their advanced camoflage they prefer to lay in wait then following their targets or to sneak undetected into the midst of fortified positions. Their metal-sheathed bones allow for deployment in high-gravity areas. They come with a cluster stingwhip and neurotoxin venomgland as a base but can equip other weapons easily. Cost 9B 12M
  23.     Loom: Floating as easily through the air as swimming through water the Loom is a stealthy abductor and saboteur, sneaking unseen into enemy locations and kidnapping or assassinating their targets. They can slip through any hole larger than the large cyclopean eye at the center of it's cluster of manipulator bone-chains, sting whip barbs tense around the red eye. Also possessing a chemical fabricator and RNI mandibles. Cost: 18B 5M
  25.     Crit Crawl: Resembling isopods with dense shells of metal and bone, a dozen sharp legs burn with thermal energy allowing them to clutch to the surface of ships or buildings with ease. Crit Crawls can navigate through the vacuum of space with methane thrusters set in the crevices of their shell. Able to drift in the void of space for weeks at a time before needing a recharge of necrotic fluid they are meant as anti-ship weapons and saboteur attacks. These units come in two types, Electrical and Explosive. Explosive Crit Crawls are able to detonate themselves with great explosive strength once they crawl to crucial sections of the targets ship, while the Electrical target ship systems to overload and shut them down. When in hibernation sensors mistake them for little more than harmless space debris. Cost: 3B 5M
  27.     Stalker: A main body dominated by a large mouth full of fangs and a sting whip tongue with two powerful legs supporting the main body, which mainly consists of their large skull with powerful pharyngeal jaws. Their large tails are used for balance and are able to function as a third limb, a trio of powerful clawed digits allowing it to make stronger melee attacks or use their tails to hang from. Can equip a small-sized weapon in exchange for a weaker melee attack. With crude camouflage and powerful scent-tracking along with thermal and sonar imaging they are meant to be the bloodhounds of the Cauldron-born armies, meant to stealthily infiltrate and track targets. They are amphibious, able to move from land to aquatic settings with ease. Can equip a modified version of the Shardspitter in place of their sting whip tongues. Cost: 4B 4M
  29.     Scourge: Only four feet tall they are hunched humanoids with four wings made of sturdy yet light keratin. Dexterous hands allow them to work with small mechanisms and electronics with ease. Their light size means they are restricted to only light or medium weapons. A trio of compound eyes above gnashing mandibles giving the Reconstructed nearly all around vision. Cost: 6B
  31.     Dirge: A powerful telekinetic the Dirge takes the simple form of a Stinger, it's cranium split open for the red crystal brain-like structure that emerges from within and extends down it's neck and shoulders. Crystals spread from special nodes placed throughout it's body grow rigid and lock the Dirge into place similar to an unmoving statue. Relying on it's significant telekinetic field to interact with its environment the Dirge floats along silently in whatever pose it found itself at the time of it's crystal hide hardening. Capable of manipulating a powerful telekinetic field for manual labor, dangerous item handling, and combat. In combat it relies on powerful "pressure" attacks to those within range of it's telekinetic field creating sudden areas of crushing weight or focusing attacks into a single focused strike of great power. It can also be used to fling objects at high speeds to attack targets at further ranges. This field also provides a powerful defense against physical and ballistic attacks but leaving it defenseless against energy attacks, the inclusion of Glutton Spheres replacing the units torso giving them a resistance to a single energy type. Cost: 25B
  33.     Obsidian Dirge: With a Stingers frame that is overtaken and frozen in place by a jagged black or dark green volcanic glass the Obsidian Dirges are much like the standard Dirges with powerful telekinetic abilities. While lacking a Glutton Sphere the Obsidian Dirges are constructed by geokinetic crystal developed by the Lavafather. These Dirges are able to rapidly form entrenchments on the battlefield to support advancing lines while also being of great use in industrial aspects such as mining or construction.
  35.     Bone Cluster: A collection of bone-chains form the majority of this Reconstructeds mass centered around a core of minorly telekinetic bone and metal. It uses the mass of bone-chains for locomotion, sometimes slithering across the ground or using them like a multitude of legs to leap or crawl, each bone-chain ending in a series of blades or hooks. Able to compress itself down it is able to crawl through tight spaces such as ventilation of ships. In battle it launches itself into a flurry of flailing and slashing limbs attempting to overwhelm its target under a merciless barrage. Can be used for battlefield surgery if desperate. Cost: 15B
  37.     Specter: Centered around utilizing the Quasiphasic Disruption tech the Specter is intended to be the Armada's elite infiltration, sabotage, and assassination unit. Using the basis of the Shadow Talon the Specter is subjected to the mysterious energies of the Anomalous Rifts causing their physical form to be disrupted from reality allowing them to phase through solid matter. Equipped with Disruptor Claws and Cluster Stingwhips fueled by a chemical fabricator the Specter relies on melee combat, their incorporeal nature prohibiting the use of ranged weaponry. Along with the Gorgons Gaze and large chitinous wings the Specters are an intimidating foe to their targets.
  39.     Bonescale: While the Solar Wardens could be considered a prototype of these Reconstructed these are the fully realized potential of Reconstruction for Sunscale genetics. Walking as easily on two legs or all four limbs these bipeds are powerfully built and roughly the size of a Troll when standing upright. Their forms are armored in dense scales and armored plates with thick tails meant for balance and tipped with weaponry, typically blade or claw. Eyeless like most Reconstructed their skulls are shielded with thick bone that often sports decorative crests or horns, their jaws filled with vicious teeth or sharpened blade-like beaks often with a stingwhip tongue. Formed either by Reconstructing a Sunscales corpse with the aid of a Blackscale Necromancer or created by Cauldron, those of original Sunscale stock are typically stronger and more durable and sport adaptations reflecting their original form while the mass-produced are fairly uniform in their make.
  41. Non-Combat
  43.     Gargoyles: Serpentine with a large cyclopean eye, four wings propelling it through the air as taloned feet allow it to cling to most surfaces. Gargoyles are weak combatants meant to be for recon and spying tasks, their telescopic vision allowing them. Typically they carry two of a single type of grenade at a time to drop on targets. Cost: 3B 1M
  45.     Flatbody Gargoyles: An adaptation that compresses the reconstructed units body into a flatter shape. This allows a gargoyle to float effortlessly for long times on thermals but the reduced weight prevents the carrying of more than one grenade. Instead the tips of its ribs now protrude from it's skin able to deliver the potent payload from its venomgland. The new shape also allows for a drastic increase in maneuverability in zero-g environments. Cost: 4B 1M
  47.      Catoblepas: A large non-combat unit the Catoblepas is a strange creation that is more half-alive than undead in the fact it can consume great amounts of foliage and plant matter in a single day, its body bulking up until large chitin-covered slabs of teratoma-like clusters grow to great size. These teratomas are full of flesh, blood and bone in a chaotic jumble but packed full of potential biomass and are easily harvested for the Catoblepas to continue eating. Moldslimes and algae incorporated into it's matted fur and skin allow it to gain additional sustenance from photosynthesis while reducing their ecological impact on the environment. Generates 35B daily if given enough access to food. Cost: 20B
  49.     Aquatic Catoblepas: Smaller than the normal Catoblepas these creatures mostly float on the surface of the water using their long necks to dive and rummage for plant-life below the waters surface. The teratomas they produce float on the surface to allow easy harvesting. As a defensive measure they have been given a paralytic venom gland in order to deter potential predators. Generates 30B if given enough access to food. Cost: 15B
  51.     Chitin-Slug: A large gastropod adapted to the Lavafathers moon it feeds on the local fungal-lichen. It's shell grows in rows of segmented pieces. These segmented pieces are easily harvested and the chitin used for biomass. The slime it naturally produces can also be rendered into a powerful anesthetic for the living. Generates 15B a day if allowed enough grazing time. Cost: 15B
  53.     Harbinger: Created to be Jadyk's puppet diplomat when dealing with the other factions it allows him to give personal attention to multiple places at once. Standing at seven feet tall the Harbinger is slender and superficially resembles an advanced Talon, it's body typically hidden under regal robes or armor. It has four arms but its lower pair are typically hidden, folded against it's torso. An anti-grav harness built into it's form allows it to move freely regardless of local gravity. Typically a crown of Dreamstone floats above it's brow, gleaming like polished obsidian. While intended to be a diplomatic unit is is deceptively strong with hidden weapons and defenses in its body. Upon creation they can have an elemental core included.
  55. Reconstructed Symbiots:
  57. Control Worm: A small Reconstructed symbiot measuring roughly half a foot long the Control Worm is intended to grant a control over a living subject. By using it's mandibles that double as an RNI adaptation to cut way into a host the Control Worm will burrow until it connects to the hosts nervous system. In addition to allowing a direct mental contact between the host and Jadyk it grants a range of abilities and benefits. Equipped with a Chemical Fabricator the Control Worm is able to produce a wide array of chemical, pheromone, and hormonal cocktails that when paired with the RNI's neural manipulation the Control Worm is able to exert either near total control over a targets actions and mental state. The Control Worms also grant a minor regenerative healing effect to their host by producing medical pod quality medicines and bio-gels with their fabricators.
  59. Spinal Taps: A more blunt militarized form of the Control Worm, the Spinal Taps differ in being a mostly external symbiot. Connecting to a hosts spinal cord (or similar nerve clusters) the Spinal Tap offers the same psionic and medical benefits of the Control Worm while also increasing the hosts combat abilities and allowing a more intimate connection with Cauldron-forged exosuits and adaptations. Spinal Taps can equip a minor form of either the Grav-Harness to lessen the impact from high falls or a hard-light armor covering solely the torso for the times the host is not equipped in proper armor.
  61. Elemental Reconstructed:
  63.  Void:
  64.     Void Centurion: Standing nearly as tall as the Voidknights these heavily armored Reconstructed are heavily infused with Void energy and additionally enhanced with a Void Core. Equally deadly in melee with voidbone weapons or at range with void-powered weaponry they serve as the personal shocktroops and vanguard of the Voidknight Order.
  66.  Solar:
  67.     Solar Warden: Powerfully built Reconstructed they stand as large as a Troll with pale Solar Armor, their eyeless reptilian skulls reminiscent of the Sunscale Reconstructed. Infused with a powerful well of Solar energy the Wardens are intended to be the enforcers of the Solar Order, supporting the Solar Arbiters in their missions against Necrotic enemies of the Armada. Typically equipped with hardlight armor and shields to supplement their Solar weaponry. Solar infused flames will occasionally leak from the gaps in their armor or from their mouths.
  69.  Arc:
  70.     Arc Viper: Described as a fusion between a Stalker and Talon by an Arcdancer the Arc Viper is a speedy and vicious combatant designed to sneak behind enemy lines and sow terror among their ranks. A low-slung bodyplan allows them to sneak, sprint, and climb on all fours or standing bipedally in combat. With their gorgons gaze, advanced camouflage, and patient nature they prefer sneaking up on their prey, heavily favoring attacking in close range using their oversized jaws and Arc-edged claws and bladed armor, a powerful stingwhip tongue allowing them to drag prey in close. When they do equip ranged weaponry it is typically shardspitters attached to each forearm, the Vipers using their chemical fabricators to enhance the potency of the nearly silent weapons with venoms and acids.
  72.     Arc Savage: Using the stock body plan of a Scourge as inspiration the Savage is somewhat larger than the typical Scourge, standing at five feet at full height. Heavily Arc infused their forms are nearly in a constant state of the Blur ability, twitching and fidgeting even when at rest as they appear incapable of sitting still. Typically equipped with Arc weaponry they can carry and still fly with their powerful wings one hand is replaced with a large, wickedly curved raptoral Arc-edged vibroblade. In combat they prefer hit-and-run tactics, Blinking into range while blurred to lash out with their blade and retreat with a hail of weaponsfire.
  76. Adaptations and Equipment:
  78.   Sensory:
  79.     Advanced Cyclopean Gaze: A single large eye dominates the face of a Reconstructed unit, four smaller less advanced eyes placed around it. These eyes allow a wide range of vision in visual spectrums ranging into the ultraviolet and infrared. Has significant telescopic power able to see over vast distances even in low to no light situations.
  81.     Gorgons Gaze: Similar in shape and function to the Cyclopean Gaze the Gorgons can produce a dazzling display of rapidly shifting patterns and flashing lights in its central and pseudo-eyes that can either daze a target or induce a panic response in most lifeforms that rely on visual sight. While their eyesight is not as keen as those granted by a Cyclopean Gaze, it is still improved over what most sight-based life-forms can manage
  83.     Sonar: By adding a special organ to a units neck and chest cavity they can now emit and detect sonar signals that are out of the range of hearing of many races. Allows vision in aquatic areas but useless in a vacuum. Cost: 2B
  85.      Scent Tracking: By replacing the electroreceptors in your troops they can now track with a powerful sense of smell over long distances. Works effectively on land or even in the water. Replaces electroreceptors of a unit free of cost.
  86.         -Trackers: Scent tracking senses have been drastically increased in potency
  88.   Movement:
  89.     Jump-pack adaptation: A collection of metal fins that connect to the back of a unit and utilizing a mix of Necrotic and Void energy to propel the wearer with powerful leaps in a single direction, unable to change direction while mid-air. Allows a unit to fall from tall heights safely. Cost: 6M
  91.     Advanced Jump-Pack: Allows a unit to jump great distances or hover with decent control for a short period of time while affected by gravity. Much more agile than the standard form it provides incredible maneuverability in zero-gravity allowing a wearing to move in nearly any direction they wished. Cost: 10M
  93.     Large Jump-pack: Acting much like the simpler and smaller infantry jump-pack these devices utilize a mix of Void projectors and chemical thrusters to launch the large unit across a battlefield. Can only leap in a single direction and cannot change direction while leaping. Can also negate fall damage if falling or leaping from tall heights, allows controlled descents to eliminate falling damage. Only equippable by Brutes and Heavy Exosuits. Cost: 10B 10M
  95.     Anti-Grav Harness: Jump-pack technology taken to its extreme the Anti-Grav harness bestows the wearer unparalleled freedom of movement, negating the wearers personal gravity. This enables a unit to negate fall damage no matter the height and a resistance to gravity manipulating attacks and effects. Non-energy weapons suffer from increased recoil while under the effects of their negated gravity unless supported against a more solid object. Cost: 15B 10M
  97.     Amphibious: With webbed hands and flipper-like feet with fins along the arms and legs a Cauldron-forged troop can move easily underwater at a decent speed while only hindering their land speed slightly. Only certain weapons work in aquatic environments.
  99.     Metal-Sheathed Bones: Weaving a thin but durable sheath of metal over the bones of a Reconstructed soldier it provides a bonus to it's durability and increased tolerance for high-gravity situations but at the cost of increasing its weight. Cost: 2M
  101.     Siphon Jet: A powerful organ capable of sucking in both water or air to propel a unit rapidly in short bursts. Provides a powerful boost in speed as long as submerged in liquid or within a pressurized zero-g environment. Outside of aquatic environments a unit would need a mode of levitation or flight to effectively use it when affected by gravity. Cost: 3B
  103.     Sprinter Legs: A specialized adaptation that configures a units legs into an ideal shape for speed and enhanced with a mix of dense muscle and metallic threads. The lighter the Reconstructed the faster they will be but even heavy units will still benefit from bursts of increased speed. Cost: 5B
  105.     Wings: Two pairs of thin large wings made of durable chitin give a unit the ability to fly, range and maneuverability dependent on the size and weight of the unit. Lighter units can use the wings to fly or hover almost indefinitely while heavier units would only be able to glide or leap. In low and zero gravity environments with an atmosphere wings provide an almost unparalleled maneuverability outclassing even the Advanced Jump-Pack. In a vacuum however the wings are nearly useless. Cost: 3B
  107.    Combat:
  108.      Venom Gland: Derived from the various castes of the Sunscale these venom producing organs lend a potent chemical vector to its owners claws, fangs, or certain kinetic weaponry. Typically each unit will only possess one or two types of venoms at a time but when paired with a Chemical Fabricator organ the unit can use any venom, toxin, or acid capable of being produced by such. Units are also capable of spitting a line or glob of venom with moderate accuracy and range, or spray it as a wide, short cone. Example venoms include the Warbloods highly combustible napalm-venom, the Scouts blinding and numbing venoms, the corrosive venom-drool of the Workers, and the pain inducing neurovenom of the Divers.
  110.     Chemical Fabricator: A small organ that is used to produce a variety of powerful venoms, poisons, acids, and other complex chemicals of both lethal and non-lethal nature. The user gains the ability to spit or breathe a small amount of chemical toxin of the user's choice, and is immune to the effects of toxins they produce. In addition, if the user has other toxin or acid based augmentations, the gland will fill them with any desired and applicable bio-weapon. The gland can also produce acid or bio-plasma, allowing the use to spit acid or plasma in small amounts, or breathe out a short cone of fire or cloud of corrosive, non-lethal gas that causes burning, temporary blindness, and intense skin irritation. The fabricator can also allow the unit to produce the various pheromone manipulation compounds and also create a concentrated liquid version in the form of a venom.
  112.     Reconstructed Neural Interace (RNI): An organic tool comprised of a set of complex mandibles and needles that pierce a living targets flesh to tap into their nervous system, typically by the spine or similar nerve clusters, to allow direct access to a targets nervous system and memories. This connection allows the Reconstructed to manipulate the biochemisty of the target to a great deal as well.
  114.     Zapper: A collection of electricity generating organs is spread throughout the torso and limbs of a reconstructed soldier allowing them to build up a charge of electric energy they can direct through a melee attack or projected in an inaccurate bolt that has a small chance to chain to another nearby target. Also improves a units sensitivity to follow electromagnetic signals, allowing them to detect powerlines and systems. Cost: 1B 2M
  116.     Crude Camouflage: A unit can shift it's covering to crudely match the main colors surrounding it. When holding still against a surface it can provide a bonus to stealth but thorough investigation or movement can betray the hider. Cost 2B
  118.     Advanced Camouflage: With an array of complex chromatophores and bioluminescent cells under the skin units with this adaptation are able to change the appearance of their mimetic flesh to better blend in with their environment, greatly improving stealth attempts. This adaptation can also be used to create detailed two-dimensional images either on a unit or stretched across a wall or panel.
  120.     Berserker Gland: With oversized and redundant adrenal glands units can now enter a berserker state that causes them to move faster and hit harder in melee, able to ignore damage that would cause others to flinch or hesitate. Berserk units will continue to attack until their target is dead or they themselves are destroyed. The intensely physical demands of the Berserker state means a unit can only enter the state once a day and must enter a hibernation to recuperate afterwards. Cost: 3B
  122.     Bladed Armor: Reconstructed units can now be created with thermal-vibroblades jutting from their bodies increasing their deadliness in close-quarters by turning their whole body into a weapon while impairing ranged combat abilities. Cost: 3M
  124.     Conductive Armor: Resembling the scales of a serpent this new armor-type does not provide additional ballistic protection but rather weakening electrical attacks directed at it. Cannot be equipped with Dragonhide. Cost: 2M
  126.     Dragonhide: An armor modification that gives the armor a pebble-scaled look granting a resistance to thermal energy and solar based attacks and an immunity to flames. Cannot be equipped with Conductive Armor. Cost: 3B
  128.     Bestial Strength: An adaptation that provides a marked increase in strength through denser and stronger muscle fibers made of flesh and metal. Denser bones provide an increased resistance to crushing damage. Cost: 2B
  130.     Elemental Breath: Misleadingly named this weapon adaptation allows large reconstructed to emit powerful blasts from their mouths. Defaulting to Necrotic energy elementally charged Reconstructed are able to change the energy type.
  132.     Displacement Field: By utilizing bioluminescent chromatophores and modified hardlight projectors situated across the body of a soldier, a vehicle chasis, or strikecraft hull, those equipped with this adaptation can duplicate the Blur Arc ability for a limited time. Disrupting their visual and electromagnetic silhouette the Displacement grants a bonus to avoiding incoming weaponsfire while also confusing most targeting systems that improves the greater the distance. Visually this gives the unit the appearance of their form flickering and wavering indistinctly, particularly while in motion. While it is not as effective as a true stealth cloak the unit can still fire its weapons without compromising the displacement field. Cannot be equipped with the Advanced Camouflage adaptation on ground troops or a stealth cloak for strikecraft.
  135. Passive upgrades:
  136.     Shellskin: Improved armor for all reconstructed soldiers and vehicles
  138.     Thermal Weapons: Bladed and piercing melee attacks deal thermal damage
  140.     Vibro-blade weapons: Bladed melee weapons now vibrate at extreme speeds increasing their cutting power. Stacks with thermal weapons.
  142.     Void-weighted: Blunt melee weapon upgrade that increases the density of the weapon as it is swung generating a stronger strike. When wielded by someone gifted with the Void their blows strike powerfully and unleashing a short-ranged shockwave, easily shattering armor and crushing enemies
  144.     Arc-Edged: Bladed or spiked weaponry capable of channeling Arc energy into their attacks from their wielders source. Weapons leave after-images in their wake potentially distracting a foe. Chance to do extra Ion/Electrical damage against mechanical foes.
  146.     Stonebones: Cauldron forged bones are denser and heavier, giving a bonus to armor for troops and ships
  148.     Cannibals: Reconstructed soldiers can heal rapidly by consuming the dead or other protein based biomass, allowing them to remain in battlefield conditions much longer before needing to return to a Cauldron for repairs
  150.     Ferrovorous: Reconstructed units can now consume metal to reinforce and repair their armor in between battles without the need of a Cauldron. While not able to repair drastic damage it will allow a Reconstructed troop to stay out on the battlefield longer by scavenging scrap or even broken weaponry.
  152.     Coldskin: Reconstructed soldiers and ships are now harder to appear on thermal imaging and detection while not exerting themselves or at rest.
  154. Special Units:
  155.     Cauldron: The large vats of necrotic energy and liquified biomass are the key to Jadyks power. Used to create Reconstructed soldiers, weapons, armor, and even ships the Cauldrons are able to rapidly assemble both biomass and metal into shape. Cauldrons are dimly intelligent but most effective when guided by Think Tanks or Jadyk. Able to render devices and corpses to their base components it allows a Think Tank to quickly investigate their properties. Cauldrons have two levels. The first is a large vat with a drain at the bottom of the Cauldron that allows the fluid to flow down pipes into specially made chambers of glass. These fill up with the Cauldron fluid and a Reconstructed is formed quickly within. An existing Reconstructed can enter an empty chamber and be submerged with the liquid allowing quick modification and equipping gear or to rapidly repair injured units. Cost: 20B 20M
  157.     Think Tank: A creation of twisted necrotic infused metal the Think Tanks are similar to a Cauldron intelligence but dedicated to the study and research to aid their master. Think Tanks give a bonus to studying new technology and/or biological samples and finding ways to incorporate them in your soldiers, weaponry, and technology. They can control units either in aiding research or battle situations. They are also vital to the piloting and controlling of your eventual starships. Think Tanks can drain the technical knowledge from a sacrifice bearing one of the domination spikes to drastically speed up research into subjects they may know or rip out specific knowledge from them. Results vary when attempting to drain knowledge beyond construction and scientific areas. Cost: 10B 10M
  159.     Demi-Think Tank: A spherical construct of bone and metal nearly a foot wide the Demi-Think Tanks are intended to join combat units on the front line. Meant to replace a Think Tank on the battle field the Demi-Think Tanks come with several abilities. Capable of hacking various computer systems (Confederate, Osjiic, Pirate Clan, Crystalline, etc.), taking environment samples, utilizing the NID, and providing support to your living and reconstructed forces. Acting as a battle intermediary to the Think Tanks groups of Reconstructed aided by a Demi-Think Tank are able to act more efficiently and cunning. Not completely defenseless the Demi-Think Tank possesses a pair of Necroflensers that it can also use them as a cutting tool to cut through obstacles should the need arise. Articulated finger-like manipulators allow it to interact with its environment or to access computers. Cost: 5B 5M
  161.     Devouring Swarm: A collective of meter long worm-like reconstructed that are little more than a mouth of powerful crushing mandibles and a stomach. Traveling in groups devouring swarms consume everything in their path chewing through flesh, plasteel and metal with equal zeal. Short-lived the worms only have an overwhelming drive to devour everything they can before they go inert and rigid, bloated on biomass and metal. The worms can then be collected and processed in a Cauldron for the biomass and metal they gathered. Cost: 80B
  163.      Digger: Large round hovering devices centered around a complex drill and several arms for sifting through stone and ore, trailing lengths of simple hovering carts for transporting materials. Used mostly for mining and simple excavations. Costs: 15M collects 20M per day
  165.     Entropic Excavator: A super-sized version of the Digger drone this monstrous creation of bone and metal utilizes a mix of void-weighted sledges and thermal drills to shatter stone to get at rich veins of ore. A crude Cauldron at its belly it separates the metal from stone and processes it into easy to transport ingots. It can also be used for large scale excavation and digging to create bunkers and subterranean structures. Can mine 250M Daily if given access to rich veins of ore. Cost: 50B 150M
  169. Large Reconstructed: Significantly larger than the normal Reconstructed these units are able to wield much more potent weaponry into battle and able to stand up against most war vehicles. The large reconstructed wield appropriately sized weaponry similar to their smaller kin. Adaptations are the same but they cost twice as much as the normal sized reconstructed.
  171.   Frames:
  173.     Brute: Standing at just under 4 meters the Brute is a humanoid frame smaller and faster than the other large reconstructed and able to enter in areas the others cannot. Forced to walk in a stooped crouch to support its weight and giving it a nearly crippled appearance it is a nonetheless very stable fighter able to withstand explosions and weaponfire without staggering. Brutes can mount a single heavy weapon on their shoulder and either one medium weapon or two light weapons per arm. Cost: 60B 45M
  175.     Void Juggernaut: Modeled after Juggernaut Gral these Large Reconstructed use the base model of Brute but are heavily infused with Void energy and further enhanced with a Void Core. Preferring melee combat with massive tower shields and voidbone flails they nonetheless will sport Voidflayers and Voidscreamers, supplemented by their volatile breath attacks.
  177.     Crawler: Standing at just over 8 meters tall on four strong legs the Crawler is a hulking creature, it's upper torso supporting it's two arms and head. Able to mount heavier weaponry than the humanoid frame the Crawler is a large target that relies on fighting from a distance and it's heavy armor. Able to equip two heavy weapons on it's back end along with a single medium weapon per arm and a light weapon mounted under its chin. Cost: 110B 90M
  179.     Volcanic Crawler: Similar to the regular Crawler in shape the Volcanic variation is heavily armored and rather slow, typically used as long range artillery in defensive or siege roles where they hunker down. Their main cannons can either fire large globs of molten metal, incendiaries, or explosives that rain down across the battlefield.
  181.     Drake: Nearly 10 meters long the Drake is an aerial unit resembling a four-winged serpent. Standing on a pair of powerful limbs when at rest these same limbs can be used to claw or grab objects while in flight. With lighter armor than the other frames the drakes rely on their speed and agility to avoid most incoming fire. Able to carry two heavy weapons or four medium weapons under its wings, its tail ending in a light weapons mount. Cost: 80B 60M
  183.     Mangler - Nearly 30 meters long the Mangler consists of a main armored body resembling a segmented mollusk shell with four powerful tentacles extending from the shell. These arms are incredibly strong with retractable hooked claws, a pair of over-sized Sting Whips hidden on either side of the powerful gnashing beak that can extend on a dexterous muscular trunk. Comes with one large weapon port and two medium or light weapon ports that extend from under its shell. Cost: 140B 100M
  185.     Devastator: At a hulking 35 meters long the Devastators are intended to fill ambush and siege roles on the battlefield. Almost more machine that Reconstructed it tunnels through stone and earth using a powerful thermal drill to melt and bore through obstacles, quite capable of leaving in its path a trail of molten stone that can act as a trap or to weaken fortifications. Meant to burrow under fortifications or into underground complexes when the Devastator surfaces its drill lifts up and a "mouth" opens to unleash the Reconstructed it carried inside, typically carrying a max of 20 soldiers. Far from defenseless, once surfaced several hatches open to reveal a single twin-linked heavy weapon mount on a turret on its back and a pair of twin-linked medium weapons on it's sides to provide cover. Cost: 200B 250M
  187.     Requiem: A Brute frame given the same telekinetic crystal brain of the Dirges the Requiem is an imposing spectacle of Reconstructed bone and psychic crystal. Three Glutton Spheres complete with decorative skulls and limbs are embedded in the crystal growth as if trapped souls attempted to escape granting it resistance to a single energy type. A powerful telekinetic the Requiem is able to unleash a more potent attack than their Dirge counterparts. Requiems can also channel and control the telekinetic abilities of up to four nearby Dirges to enhance their own power. Cost: 450B 200M
  189.     Devil: Large aerial Reconstructed frame that stand 3 meters high when on the ground with an 8 meter wingspan. With a tripodal body-plan, their front two limbs are long wings can fold up to walk on. The wings extend down to the third limb that acts as a leg and rudder in the air. An aerodynamic head with a wicked beak at its front guides the eyeless undead. Extremely maneuverable it is able to outperform most other atmospheric fighters to make up for its lack in pure speed while also sporting decent armor. Able to mount a pair of heavy weapons over its shoulders it also sports twin-linked medium guns under its chin. Cost: 80B 70M
  192. Pre-made Specialized Soldier Templates:
  194. Shock Troll
  195. Base Troll: 12B 3M
  196. Jump-pack: 6M
  197. Zapper: 1B 2M
  198. Berserker Glad: 3B
  199. Bladed Armor: 3M
  200. Bestial Strength: 2B
  201. Metal-Sheathed Bones: 3M
  202. Total Cost: 18B 17M
  205. Lurker
  206. Base Stalker: 2B 4M
  207. Jump pack: 6M
  208. Zapper: 1B 2M
  209. Berzerker Gland: 3B
  210. Bladed armor: 3M
  211. Bestial Strengh: 2B
  212. Neurotoxic Venon: 2B
  213. Advanced camo: 5B
  214. Total cost: 15B 15M
  215. A melee oriented Stalker meant to be launched into the midst of battle alongside Shock Trolls, typically deployed by drop pod onto battlefields or by boarding pod into enemy ships.
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