Short fat prick cries persecution

Aug 9th, 2014
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  3. comment #42 buckbuckerson
  4. 7 August 2014 at 5:42 am
  5. Let me get this straight… Nobody here is claiming that false rape allegations DON’T HAPPEN. It’s obviously something that does happen. People here are arguing that it’s rare…except it’s NOT RARE. Obviously statistics point to the FACT that more rape allegations have truth to them or are true. However, even if the number is as low as 2%–that doesn’t mean it’s something that is RARE. Do you know that only 2% of the world’s population is naturally blonde? Would you call having naturally blonde hair RARE? I suppose it depends on where you are–but 2% is hardly rare when taking into account the number of people that are raped.
  6. If 200,000 people make rape allegations, using the statistic of 2%, that means 4,000 people a year are falsely accused of rape. Of course the point that Tavris made in her speech at TAM is interesting–how remembering can have an effect on people’s perception. But let’s pretend that the world is black and white for a minute. That means that from the period of 2008-2014, 28,000 people would have been falsely accused of rape–in the United States alone.
  7. Yes, it happens LESS than actual rapes. NO, it is NOT RARE. The existence of these cases, and cases like PZ Myers here, give credence to Tavris’s point that we must remain skeptical and ask for EVIDENCE at all times. That doesn’t mean we’re rape apologists and it doesn’t mean we’re calling the accuser a LIAR (you should watch her speech, she does a great job of outlining this point).
  8. This brings me to Michael Shermer. PZ Myers discusses how he had known Shermer to behave badly at other events. He was a ‘cad’ I guess. He also published the account of a woman who said that Shermer kept her glass full (of alcohol). Perhaps these incidents speak to his character, but they CERTAINLY don’t make him a rapist. Perhaps Shermer thought he was being charming. Once again you have two differing perspectives here. (I know, I know–only the FEMALE’S perspective matters, right? Like the old story about Watson and the guy in the elevator… Except that’s not reality. Yes, we should be observant of others’ emotions and try not to distress them… Granted. However, there are times when one person is genuinely trying to be kind and is honestly misconstrued. Imagine a big, hulking man following you down a dark alley smiling widely. He might think his smile would let you know that he’s not threatening and that he would just like to return to you the wallet you dropped. You might think he’s a terrifying stalker.)
  9. Carol Tavis mentions how different actions are perceived by the various parties involved. Also, we (as the audience) will inevitably form an opinion about a situation immediately–even if it’s based upon unrelated evidence. Knowing what PZ Myers already thought about Shermer, it’s not a surprise that he would assume that this accusations were TRUE. He immediately published the anonymous accusation and put the full authority of his belief in the account behind the accuser.
  10. Skeptics immediately questioned the account. Note that this does NOT MEAN that they immediately came down on the side of the accused. Skeptics, however, did take issue with some aspects of the story and the way it was presented. It wasn’t first–or even secondhand. The letter is careful never to use the word rape. It’s anonymous and corroborated by anonymous sources. No one could question the ‘evidence’ being presented and it was never reported and thus there was absolutely no way to DISPROVE the allegation.
  11. Were skeptics WRONG to question the accuser? Absolutely NOT. Skeptics SHOULD question. That DOES NOT MEAN that they need to ‘take a side.’ However, most of these skeptics were labeled ‘rape apologists’ for not just accepting the account as it was delivered. And it was not delivered well. Even if the account WERE 100% true, it’s possible that one or both parties (being that they were likely inebriated) did not correctly remember or ‘misremembered’ events. Perhaps Shermer honestly believes that this woman consented and even remembers her consenting. The MOST COMMON way both MEN AND WOMEN consent is to simply not resist the sexual advances of the other person involved. Perhaps she thinks she resisted or said no–but never did. Perhaps she had sex with him, regretted it, and misremembered afterwards. Perhaps she was just raped. The point is that there is no way to possibly know what REALLY happened–as neither party likely knows exactly what happened.
  12. However–we’re rape apologists and not skeptics if we question the account? PZ Myers would have you believe so.
  13. We are supposed to take his word for it. He knows the ‘anonymous’ girl. She wouldn’t do something like that. He knows Shermer is a cad. Therefore, she was RAPED. No room for skepticism at all there.
  14. I wonder though… What if the girl that accused PZ Myers of rape had gotten one of her friends to corroborate the story? What if it wasn’t just ‘spur of the moment’? This was a way of saving her grade. She thought about it, she executed it…what if she had a friend willing to go along with it?
  15. Better yet, what if it was just someone with a bone to pick with PZ? What if this person made an anonymous phone call or wrote a letter to the campus police about him sexually assaulting her? There’d likely be an investigation. That’s more than Shermer got. Maybe this girl would make the letter public…perhaps using a trusted source as the method.
  16. One girl made up a LIE about you PZ. Another girl might make up a LIE about someone else. You don’t KNOW that she was telling the truth, you assumed it because you trusted the author and had preconceived notions about Shermer’s character.
  17. You decided to publish it anyway. It’s because in truth you’re NOT a skeptic. You have already shown disdain for the term as it is… You’re not a skeptic and you believe that feminism and skepticism are mutually exclusive.
  18. And that’s sad.
  20. #43 Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls
  21. 7 August 2014 at 5:54 am
  22. NO, it is NOT RARE. T
  23. Yes it is rare. What you want us to do is to disbelieve all allegations of rape.
  24. you assumed it because you trusted the author and had preconceived notions about Shermer’s character.
  25. Shermer’s bad actions toward women is well known. Unless you also act badly toward women, why try to defend the indefensible? Unless you rape to except in name only….
  26. Its so sad you can’t tell the truth and recognize the truth.
  28. #44 Daz: Experiencing A Slight Gravitas Shortfall
  29. 7 August 2014 at 8:07 am
  30. Perhaps Shermer thought he was being charming.
  31. Doesn’t matter what he thought he was doing. If he took advantage of her drug-lowered inhibitions to have sex with her, then he raped her. That the drug in question is alcohol is neither here nor there.
  32. Why is this simple concept apparently so bloody hard to understand?
  34. /end of thread
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