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  1. No, no, NO
  2. Why does every site have to look like the new Reddit and the new Twitter...
  3. I don't want huge, rounded buttons that take up 20% of my screen.
  4. I don't want this "slick" and responsive design
  5. I want it concise, easy on the eyes, and as effective as possible
  6. Huge icons and text, randomly placed clicky things, and everything being moved when you scroll or hover around doesn't help with that
  7. Sites that do this lose their authenticity and uniqueness, in my eyes. Welp, just a way to keep those UI programmers busy with trying out new popular templates amirite
  8. And also those glitchy pop up menus... just... take me to the dedicated options page will ya?
  9. /rant
  10. There's just a couple of themes that are overused.... The "card" one, like Reddit, Twitter and Duolingo
  11. The one, you know, where it asks you to copy text when you highlight it, asks you to sign in with google and has this comment section at the bottom
  12. And there's the "you don't need to scroll we have javascript" ones. It's all one page, extremely slow to load, and you jumpfrom block to block with javascript (can we get a HYPE for the srolling animation though, f*n state of the art)
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