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Sep 19th, 2012
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  3. v14.3:
  4. -Fixed backup/restore
  5. -Fixed color and multipliers not sticking at boot with roms with native support
  6. -Fixed something else that I can't remember lol
  9. v14.2:
  10. -Fixed restore not restoring the main menu variables
  13. v14.1:
  14. -Fixed all known bugs(including the dreaded remount issue thanks to help from Imoseyon!)
  15. -Moved leantweaks main file to /data/leantweaks/leantweaks and made leantweaks(and symlinked lt) call it from there
  16. -Added version number to the main menu title
  19. v14.0:
  20. -Added wifi_pm mods support to the main menu(Added added it to backup and check menu)
  21. -Redid all toggles to now be menus instead of y/n. Looks a lot nicer and is easier to navigate.
  22. -Moved GPU OC to frequency menu
  23. -Added smart reflex toggling to kernel control menu
  24. -Added exit and remount ro option to all menus
  25. -Few other small changes.
  28. v13.4:
  29. -Bugfix build, nothing new
  32. v13.3:
  33. -Redid the color menu for easier navigation
  34. -Added color multiplier support
  35. -Added option to disable/re-enable multiplier safety
  36. -Added checks for new options and added them to backup/restore
  37. -Made a confirm option before backing up leantweaks settings (as requested!)
  38. -Redid installbb to install the busybox that comes with leankernel for better support
  39. -Couple of random small fixes
  41. Note from my tester(Byron): "The only hiccup wasn't LKT's fault, but it may be worth noting to users (and see if you can replicate). Basically I found that the LKT values for multipliers were sticking, but a second or so after boot, the color would revert. I cleared AOKP Rom Control data, and that resolved the issue. So I guess if a user touches the multiplier in Rom Control, that becomes a "set at boot" parameter going forward, even though the user doesn't have any option to disable that functionality."
  44. v13.2:
  45. -New script added to xbin, installbb which will use your included busybox to install a working version to the users phone without needing to use a busybox located in xbin to run leantweaks
  46. -Reverted GPU stock MHz to 307 because I hadn't realized that's what Imoseyon had made stock now (oops lol)
  47. -Fixed the GPU check not reporting when on 307
  48. -Added GPU check to the actual GPU selection menu for ease
  49. -Added current gamma state to the custom color menu for ease
  52. v13.1:
  53. -Added gamma control, gamma check, and gamma setting backup
  54. -Added vibration control, vibration check and vibration setting backup
  55. -Condensed the main menu with a new menu called "kernel control menu" which contains all live user changes
  56. -Edited the busybox installer menu to use the included busybox in /sbin/bb/busybox for more widespread support
  57. -Changed to default GPU setting to 384 from 307 (mistake from last version)
  58. -Made the aggressive UV values the same for the stable and exp kernels
  59. -Couple other minor changes
  60. -Updated SS in OP
  63. v13.0:
  64. -Added a live GPU overclock menu
  65. -Added GPU overclock to backup/restore
  66. -Added check for current GPU setting
  67. -Removed noop from the scheduler menu
  68. -Updated OP screenshot
  71. v12.5:
  72. -Upped the aggressive 1520 UV slot to 1280 to increase stability
  73. -Made Sio scheduler default (I found it better on standby battery)
  74. -Planning to remove noop from the scheduler option soon
  77. v12.4:
  78. -Added scheduler choice menu to the CPU manu
  79. -Added backup for the new option
  80. -Added check for scheduler choice
  83. v12.3:
  84. -Highly optimized hotplugx when setting it alone with lean tweaks
  85. (Leantweaks defaults: sampling rate=75000, up threshold=80, hotplug out sampling period=100
  86. -Added option to change hotplug out sampling periods value in governor scaling tweaks menu
  87. -Added check for hotplug out sampling periods value
  88. -Updated aggressive UV values (this is really only recommended for those with hw10, hw9 is better using the normal preset which are also imo's recommended UV values for the notrim kernels)
  89. -Also updated OP down a bit further on new UV values for preset and aggressive preset
  90. -Maybe fixed a couple of things? Can't remember. Very solid release! Tested by Jbird. (liquid dev)
  91. -Updated OP and moved old changelogs so the post isn't so massive.
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